Royals at Remembrance Sunday

Royals at Remembrance Sunday

The second Sunday in November is Remembrance Sunday in the UK and commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and servicewomen in the two World Wars and later conflicts. The Queen led the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall remembering those who died during conflicts. A two-minute silence was observed at 11 AM before the Queen, other royals, and politicians laid wreaths at the Cenotaph. There was a parade of service personnel and military bands, and a 10,000 strong march of servicepeople and civilians. A member of the choir fainted during the ceremony. The choir boy was attended to by first aides and was okay.


The Queen laid a wreath at the Cenotaph and as she left, the crowd gave her a round of applause. The Queen was joined by other members of the royal family including the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex, among others.


A number of politicians joined the ceremony as well. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Labour leader Ed Miliband, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, John Major and Prime Minister David Cameron.


The wives of the royals watched the service from the balcony at the Foreign Office. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge were all in attendance.


Kate continued her new clothes trend with a new Alexander McQueen coat. Kate wore the pre-fall 2014 “Double Breasted Overcoat” ($2,785.00). Kate recycled a Jane Corbett hat, her sapphire and diamond earrings, Mappin & Webb Empress pendant, and Poppy brooch.


Kate, Camilla, and Sophie at Remembrance Sunday
[Kate, Camilla, Sophie]

Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph
[Ministry of Defense Twitter]

Remembrance Sunday service
[Army in London Twitter]

Tower of London Sea of Poppies
[Tower of London Poppy Installation]

45 thoughts on “Royals at Remembrance Sunday

  1. This is my first time commenting on your site. I found your site recently and have really enjoyed browsing prior posts. I follow several other Kate Middleton sites, but this one is so refreshing because you call Kate and the other royals out on their BS. On the other sites if one dares to say anything, I mean anything, slightly critical of the Duchess you can expect to be drawn and quartered!! And God forbid if you bring up her lack of work ethic, on one site it is strictly forbidden, you will challenged to a duel at dawn!

    Anyhow, on the event at hand. It’s wonderful to see the Royal family paying tribute to the many men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their Queen and country. All to often, it is easy to forget the price that has been paid by so many for our freedom and liberties. As the daughter of a Marine and the mother of a submariner, these types of events are very emotional for me.

    On to fashion, I thought Kate looked very appropriate today. It was a nice touch to use the poppy given to her in Australia. When she first received that brooch I was hoping she would use it for this event. So glad to see she didn’t have the sausage roll curls from last year, her constant fiddling with them threatened to overshadow the entire Remembrance Day event in the media.

    Thanks again for a great post! I look forward to following your site for a long time to come.

    1. Lauri, I have had the same problem on other sites. In fact I remember seeing you on them, great minds think alike ;). I actually got blacklisted from commenting from one site even though the site owner says she welcomed diverse comments. God forbid you say something about Kate’s vacations. Other sites make it so obvious they think Kate is perfect and they don’t want to hear any criticism, even if it’s true. It got nauseating. So welcome.

      Speaking of other sites, did you notice that Sophie and Kate are wearing the same coat? Sophie ‘ is looser and Kate’s is tight. People are trying to say Sophie is wanting to dress like Kate. Which i think is silly. Kate’s style is not unique enough to say that Sophie is copying her. They both dress lady-like. Besides who knows if Sophie bought that coat first and Kate is trying to be like her? I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed it.

      1. Hi Erin,

        I’ve noticed you on other sites as well! It’s nice to see a familiar face (or name).

        I did notice that Sophie and Kate were wearing the same coat. On Kate’s coat it is pretty obvious that the buttons were moved over to make room for her baby bump and it seemed to me that the fabrics might be different. I don’t think that Sophie is trying to copy Kate, Sophie has her own unique sense of style. The coat they both wore today is very tasteful with a classic cut and elegant lines. It’s a coat any woman would want to wear irregardless of the Duchess wearing it. To me both women are their own unique creatures and it’s a pity that some feel the need to tear one down in order to build the other up.

        1. “To me both women are their own unique creatures and it’s a pity that some feel the need to tear one down in order to build the other up.”

          This. Women are always pitted against each other, unfortunately. But it’s like, can’t we just appreciate both?

          1. Dear katemiddletonreview,

            I completely agree with you!! It is such a shame that women feel they have to compete with one another, of course the media doesn’t help either. Not all that long ago the were comparisons between George Clooney’s new wife and Kate which was so silly to me.

          2. It is really quite sad how they are compared. The Daily Mail has a story today following the similar coats from Sunday, where they are saying Sophie has ‘upped’ her style due to Kate. It is so stupid. Kate wore a pink dress in 2007 and Sophie wore one in 2012, so she must have gotten inspiration from Kate. LOL. Why can’t both women just dress nicely and leave it at that? One does not have to copy the other:)

          3. Hi Overit,

            I saw the same article. I frequently copy the style of one of the women in my office. She has great fashion sense and unfortunately I have none. Of course I don’t wear the exact same thing, well expect one shirt that’s the same but that was on accident not on purpose 🙂 I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s reasonable to think that perhaps Sophie liked Kate’s style and wanted to incorporate some of that same look into her wardrobe while still keeping her own signature sense of style. I am currently stealing Lucy Liu’s style from her tv show, with my own twist, and I don’t feel one bit ashamed of that :):) Having just turned the big 50 I was so ready for a wardrobe change but there was no way I was going to wear something to short or tight or youngish, but having some inspiration certainly helped point me in the right direction.

          4. The media likes girl fights. And ugh with the amal/kate comparison, but funnily enough the DM had amal win that fight. Odd.

            I saw the DM article about Sophie copying Kate and rolled my eyes.

            I think it’s totally cool to incorporate someone else’s style into your own. If you like something someone else is wearing then why not get it for yourself?

      2. Lady Erin,

        I did notice that the 2 coats were similar. But of course Kate will get more coverage. But I don’t follow the Countess enough to say who is copying who.

        The Countess was quite “humiliated” by Diana who accused her of copying the latter’s style when the Countess enterred the royal family.

        1. Was Diana mean to Sophie? I mean, Sophie would have been around while Diana was still alive because Sophie was dating Edward for years before they married, but Sophie didn’t enter the family until after Diana died.

          1. Lady KMR,

            This is from one documentary I saw a long time ago. I don’t quite remember the whole thing. At that time, Sophie had her hair short and slicked back and she did look like she was copying Diana in some PR pix.

            Apparently, correct me if I am wrong, in the royal family at family gatherings, you are “allowed to talk according to your station/rank”. From the documentary, everytime Sophie said something, Diana would “use her higher station” and shooshed Sophie off. And Diana said things like “there she goes copying me again” when she saw Sophie.

            After watching that documentary, it confirmed to me that Diana seriously, was not a Princess of all people as the media elevated her to be.

          2. Do you remember the name of the documentary?

            Wow. Diana definitely had a mean streak in her.

      3. I think it’s interesting they both wore it to the same event. But other than that, it’s a nice coat, I would buy it if I had that much money to waste on one coat.

    2. I post plenty of criticism on Duchess Kate and have not been run off. Well, a poster tried her hardest to get me to leave, but she doesn’t know me very well and that’s not the way to get me to leave. Charlotte has been nothing but nice to me, actually. I agree with you about this site, though. Criticism, yes, but not the full on “say something nice and pull back a bloody stump” you get at other sites. It does cut both ways!

      And I challenged someone to a duel at dawn last week, but it wasn’t for saying anything negative. 🙂

      But it’s nice to see your name!

      1. ““say something nice and pull back a bloody stump”” – That’s happened to me before on another site. Say one nice thing and suddenly you’re a sycophantic Kate supporter.

    3. Hi and welcome! It is pretty ridiculous how some of those sugary Kate sites are. But it’s equally ridiculous to see how some of the really anti-Kate sites are. I fall rather in the middle – usually with a slight anti- leaning only because I do call her for her BS.

      It is nice to see the royals attend events in commemoration or celebration of the armed forces, they sacrifice so much and deserve to be highlighted. I rather like that poppy brooch and think it’s great that she brought that back. It’s nice to see her wear items that were gifted to her.

  2. All the Royal women look great…very regal!!! KMR do you know why the Queen has 4 Poppies, Camilla has 3 and Kate/Sophie have 1. Is there any significance to this??? IMO, Kate had the best brooch!

    1. I do love Kate’s brooch. I don’t actually know whether the number of poppies has a significance.

      1. I’ve noticed the number of poppies each of the royal ladies has worn on her lapel has varied year from year suggesting there is no significance other than aesthetics.

      1. Apparently neither Kate nor anyone on her staff knows the brooch is not a poppy or else she wouldn’t wear it in place of a poppy during remembrance outings.

        1. Just like she wouldn’t offend her host country by wearing the wrong dress if they paid attention to the courtiers William thinks know less than he does…

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong but someone gave her this brooch and probably told her it was a poppy, and someone gave her that dress and told her it was from the island they were on, so that just proves that Kate and all of her staff and the person who gave her this brooch, if they indeed thought it was a poppy, are all idiots who don’t do proper fact-checking. Of course Kate wouldn’t give enough shits to check anything, but also her staff give no shits either apparently.

            Clearly we’re all smarter than Kate and her entire staff.

        2. But it’s red KMR…do you want her to actually think beyond that?? Come on she’s recovering from life threatening HG and being forced to go back to work with a husband she despises. Geez…cut her some slack (rolling my eyes)

  3. Well, it looks like she didn’t giggle or twirl her hair today. That’s an improvement. We’ll see if she can keep it up.

    I always appreciate the queen’s involvement in Remembrance Sunday in particular, given her experiences with the Second World War. I imagine she spends the day deep in her memories.

    1. No hair twirling, no giant smiles; maybe she’s finally improving, at least at this one event.

  4. And I really give the Queen credit for today’s involvement given the terrorist death threat against her. But she never backed down from adversarial situations, and always put duty as her priority. This is an occasion that’s very close to her heart, I’m sure, given those experiences during the war.

    1. Yes, massive respect for not being frightened off by terrorists. But I’d imagine the Queen has faced plenty of threats over the years and just gets on with her duties because that’s the type of woman she is. Sidenote: Didn’t Queen Victoria have multiple threats on her life?

      1. Queen Victoria had eight assassination attempts against her, between 1840 and 1882. Only one slightly injured her. The Queen has had a number of plots against her (Australia train plot in 1970, IRA plot to assassinate the royals at Balmoral in 1980s, Al Qaeda more recently) but the closest attempt (such as it was) was Marcus Sarjeant in 1981, “inspired” by the assassination of John Lennon and the attempt against US President Reagan. The last serious attempt against the royals was the violent attempted kidnapping of the Princess Anne in 1974. Usually politicians are higher profile targets than the royals, since the politicians have actual authority in the day-to-day operation of the government.

    2. The Queen and her family survived the Blitz. She also had someone shoot at her while she was on her horse during a parade and didn’t get kicked off of it. She’s a tough old lady. Not much rattles her.

  5. So on to the Queen. What does she have in her purse?

    I remember watching something I believe about Scotland. I think it was something about after the coronation the Queen visited Scotland. There was no fanfare, no pomp and pageantry. The queen with usual attire (no gown, no jewels..), I believe carried the crown and in her left arm was her purse.

    That didn’t go down well with the Scottish subjects. And in the painting afterwards, there was no purse on her left arm. In these remembrance pictures I saw the Queen’s purse and thought why did she have to carry the purse. Wouldn’t it look better to honour the dead soldiers with both hands carrying the wreath respectfully?

    1. Hi Beatrice,

      I’ve seen pictures and documentaries about the Queen and she even carries her purse inside BP, which is her home! I guess the place is so large that it would be to much of a bother to walk back the mile or so to her rooms to get her compact or reading glasses. 🙂

    1. Photos of Kate smiling had not come in yet when I put the post together. Since then I have seen photos of Kate smiling. It seems the women talk to each other while on the balcony and make each other smile and laugh. They all need to shut up if you ask me.

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