Kate’s Remembrance Day faces + Did Kate skip the Royal Charities Forum to go shopping?

Kate’s Remembrance Day faces + Did Kate skip the Royal Charities Forum to go shopping?

Le sigh. When I put together my previous post on Remembrance Day, only a few pictures of Kate Middleton were available, all of which showed her with an appropriately solemn expression prompting me to think she had finally gotten her act together. Well since more pictures have become available, it is clear that indeed Kate was seen smiling and pulling odd faces during the ceremony. Let’s have a look:

At least her grin wasn’t so manic this year:


Why does Kate do this thing with her mouth almost every year?


She usually saves this look for the peasants:


At least there weren’t as many smile photos as the last three years, and thank god for no hair twirl.


On Friday, November 7, Prince William and Prince Harry attended the Royal Charities Forum at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Charities Forum is “the collection of charities, of which The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are Patrons”. It was founded in 2006 by William and Harry as “a way to bring their individual charitable interests together and to explore how they could best lend their support to them all in an effective and efficient way”. Even though the website says the Forum meets biannually (or every two years), there was a Forum in May at the Natural History Museum. Since the Royal Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry became the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Kate has attended these meetings. She attended the one in May. However, Kate did not attend the Forum meeting last Friday, instead she was spotted out shopping.

Granted, this was a Twitter sighting, so who knows about the credibility, but still, any possibility that Kate was out shopping instead of attending a meeting just makes her look bad and she can’t afford for anything else to make her look bad.

Now, there is an issue about timing – could Kate have been shopping at a different time than the meeting and there was some other issue preventing her from attending the meeting? Well, the Court Circular says the meeting took place in the morning, and the tweet went out at 10:35 AM, so Kate would have been out shopping at the time the meeting was taking place if the tweet is to be believed.

Court Circular - Royal Charities Forum

Ugh, Kate, why do you make it so hard to root for you? Get it together, girl!


Oh, one more thing. There were reports and sightings of Kate taking Prince George to the Bucklebury Farm Park over the summer, and then a family reported seeing her and George there more recently, after they were accosted by royal protection officers when their car broke down near Middleton Manor. Well it turns out the Park has now banned photographs of other children being taken on the premises to protect George’s privacy. Go here to read the Daily Mail’s story. What I find interesting is that while Kate was “so sick” at her parent’s house, she still found the energy to take George to the park occasionally.

PS. We will see Kate two more times this week. She will attend a SportsAid athlete workshop solo on the 12th, and the Royal Variety Performance with William on the 13th.

65 thoughts on “Kate’s Remembrance Day faces + Did Kate skip the Royal Charities Forum to go shopping?

    1. I know right?? I wonder where does Kate get the money for all her great clothes?? Charles pays for all the clothes she wears while attending events but who pays for her “civilian” clothes like this overpriced coat?

      1. My guess is Charles pays for everything, including the eternity band she purchased for herself, because you know William is a miser. If she wears any of it “on duty” Charles gets to write it off on his taxes as a business expense.

      2. Yeah, I’m guessing Charles pays for her stuff (we know he pays for her “working” clothes and paid for KP’s renovations), or perhaps the Midds still pay for some of it?

  1. I read recently in a very respected magazine that Kate attended a “low key party” in Berkshire, telling guests she felt fine, during the time when she was cancelling appointments due to suffering from HG. And now this, argh!!! when will the Duke and Duchess realize that royalty like politics is all about perception??? I get so frustrated with these two, when will they grow up?

    Some of the faces the Duchess makes are so funny!! It must be difficult not to make any faces at an event because the camera can catch something that only lasted a millisecond.

    I was kind of sad to read about the new rule at the Buckleberry park. While I agree no one should take pictures of someone else’s child, it will be hard not to do if the park is very crowded. And why did the PPO have to get so aggressive with a family when no picture was even taken? The D&D need to have a chat with their protection officers or this will start to leave a real bad taste in the mouths of those who pay their way. If Big Willy and Babykins released regular pictures of the Prince of Cuteness or at least had regular photo calls there wouldn’t be this clamor for pictures of the little terror. For all her faults Diana was pretty media savvy and released pictures of the her boys pretty regularly in exchange the media pretty much let them get on with their lives. We all know that the Duke has a hatred of the press (with good reason) but he really needs to make an effort to put this behind him and realize that he should work with the press a little more.

    1. “Some of the faces the Duchess makes are so funny!! It must be difficult not to make any faces at an event because the camera can catch something that only lasted a millisecond.”

      I kind of feel a bit sorry for Kate some times because even if she makes a face for a second it gets captured on film and posted all over the internet. Like the smile photo, unlike previous years I only found one photo with a giant smile on her face which means she probably only had that smile for a second, and was most likely the product of talking to Camilla, not her randomly smiling at nothing (which she’s done before at other events). Yet the smile photo is all anyone cares to talk about.

      But it is funny the faces she’s probably only making for a second that wouldn’t even get noticed had they not been captured on film. I find most people make ridiculous faces when talking, and seeing still photos of people talking are hilarious.

  2. In fairness to the officers who spoke to the family outside of the Middleton home, the threat level for terrorism is high at the moment (second highest level on the scale, second only to the highest when an atrocity has occurred) so it will quite rightly be standard practice to be “on” any suspicious activity. A large car parked illegally outside a potential target is suspicious until proven otherwise – and I am certain the Officers acted accordingly. Loathe as I am to say the Middletons are important, they would be considered a target as they are Grandparents to a future King (and in-laws to a future King).

    As for Kate, I am so cross with her for yet again being Duchess DoLittle. Shopping rather than a six-monthly charity meeting? Seriously?!

    I am ashamed of her and of William – they both behave like spoilt, entitled, thoughtless brats.

    I so wanted Kate to be a good Royal. Why can’t she be like Sophie? Sophie works hard AND looks great – she manages to help charities raise attention and also hits the brief for good photos for the papers to print. It’s not hard.

    1. I have come to respect Sophie for her efforts to do something with her time other than going on holiday, shopping and staying with her parents.

    2. Hi Chic Happens,

      I agree with you regarding the incident outside of the Middleton house, I was refering to the incident at Buckleberry Park. IMO the PPO were unnecessarily heavy handed.

      I too feel for Sophie, she does such wonderful work and is a great representative for the royal family. I wonder if her or Edward get jealous about the lack of media coverage of the charities they visit or overseas tours they undertake?

      1. Hi Lauri

        Oh for sure they get jealous – it would be natural too. Even though Sophie understands how the system works, it must still grate that the DoLittles are heralded unfairly.

      2. I’m sure Sophie logically understands why Kate gets more attention, but I’m sure Sophie gets frustrated with the lack of coverage for her charities when she works so much harder than Kate.

        1. I wonder what will happen to Sophie and Edward when HM passes. If Charles is really going to prune the working royals back to just his line, what happens to S&E?

          1. When the Duke of Edinburgh passes, Edward will inherit his title – which is why he wasn’t made a Duke at his wedding. Thus, the title passes through his bloodline. With it comes the Award Scheme and legacy that Phillip built up. Camilla wouldn’t take this on as a Queen – so in this way Edward retains status and Phillip’s legacy continues. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Eugenie ought to nail down those rich fellows of theirs because I don’t think Charles and William want dependent nieces and cousins.

    3. I think it’s important to point out that Sophie had a career and a life before she hooked up with Prince Edward. She even ran her own PR business, so she understands what The Firm is about (it’s all public relations) and how to generally conduct oneself appropriately as to not cause controversy and create a bad image.
      Kate has had none of that. She has NO friends besides her mother and sister. She’s obviously never been expected to do anything that didn’t benefit her personally She’s been spoiled her entire life by her at best well-meaning and at worst meddling nouveau-riche parents g. I’m sure Kate thought the marriage would be all glamour shots, couture outfits, and travel. And she’s now pissed off that it’s work. REALLY HARD work sometimes and sometimes boring work and that pisses her off. And William enables her.
      If I were the Queen or Prince Charles I’d sit her down and tell her exactly what is expected of her and if she can not and will not roll with the program, cut off the clothing, expense, and travel allowance, and give those appearances to the Junior Royals (Sophie, Beatrice, Eugenie, Anne and the rest) who do sincerely care and will make a effort. In other words, FIRE/SUSPEND HER from representing the royal family until she shapes up. Time for tough love.

      1. Interesting idea – would we even know if Kate were suspended from royal duties? She does very little now – following up with the few charities she committed to and accompanying William to his duties. We’ll see if she is asked to do anything by the Queen next year. Also, we may overstate the importance of having your picture in the paper. I don’t think you can get in a more powerful position then sitting at the Queen’s table during a State Dinner. And that’s where Sophie was while Kate went to some awards show. Visibility does not equal power.

    4. Very true about the RPOs just doing their job about the car that broke down. And who knows what they were really like to those people, all we have is the one account of the incident.

      I’m surprised she couldn’t go to the meeting. I mean, it’s a semiannual meeting that only lasts at most a few hours and she probably doesn’t have to talk much, if at all.

      I want to root for Kate, I really do, she just makes it so hard.

  3. So the picture of Kate eating her bottom lip made me laugh. I watched the video of the women on the balcony and Kate fidgets with her lips constantly. I wonder if it is a confidence thing or maybe a boredom thing? I’m sick of people saying she looked sick on Sunday. I thought she just looked pensive and bored. Not sick at all, but that’s my opinion.

    @Lauri, I read the same article. And I was shocked they actually reported that she felt fine because they normally only praise her in that magazine!! I wish people would stop babying her and giving her the excuse that she can miss things because she is ‘sick’. If I remember right too I thought that same person in the article commented on how well Kate looked.

    If she missed the forum because she was sick than she should not have gone out shopping later. I think she just chose shopping over work. I am getting so tired of her work ethic. I like following Kate to see what she wears, but I am getting really tired of how little she does, but how much praise she still gets. Call a spade a spade.

    1. Hi Overit,

      Well it was an article about how she’s bounced back and is the smiling princess yet again. I don’t think they intended to criticize Kate but wanted to let us all know that she’s feeling better. πŸ™‚

    2. People are saying she looked sick? I thought she just looked super bored.

      When I was looking at previous years’ Remembrance photos I noticed that Kate did the same lip thing in years previous. I think it may be a boredom thing. Like, she gets bored she she fiddles with her mouth.

  4. I think she is just moistening her lips. Maybe theyre just dry in cold weather. No big deal. She actually did ok on Sunday. Didn’t laugh maniacally, no hair twirling like a child, and best of all, no flashing!!

    Shame about the Bucklebury Farm. Ugh.

  5. I watched our Remembrance ceremony and Princess Anne was present to rededicate our National War Memorial. She read a short note from the Queen in both English and French. She had a purse on her left shoulder which I thought she didn’t need to bring along. She was very respectable and looked at ease chatting with the veterans. No big huge custom made poppies just the same as those worn by us here in Canada.

    I thought of the Duchess and couldn’t figure out the big grins, hair twirling and all the focus on expensive, fashionable clothes.

    But then Diana was VERY much a clotheshorse before she became a workhorse. So time may change a person. For Diana, it took at least a very bad marriage, not sure what will it be for the Duchess.

    1. Yeah, but Diana had become a workhorse long before she reached the age that Kate is now. Regardless of how long you’ve been married, your age should correlate with your maturity. The media seems to be content to let W&K languish in a state of perpetual childhood.

      1. That’s because Kate never worked during her 20s when she should have been experiencing the world and growing as a person. If she had, she’d be a much better Duchess now.

    2. Diana did take a few years to come into her own work-wise. But the times were different then. There was no 24 hour news cycle, and no internet, so she was allowed the time to grow into her duties. Kate doesn’t have that luxury. Not only does the 24 hour news cycle and internet exist now, but with the Diana precedence of “hard worker” lingering over everything, everyone expected Kate to be Diana-level right away, and weren’t willing to let her grow. Unfortunately, Kate has now been at this 3+ years and she should have grown by now.

      1. I’m sorry, but Diana wasn’t given any time to acclimatised to royal duties. She completed 200 engagements in her first year plus got pregnant with William. She didn’t slow down until her separation when she pulled out of patroning all, but 6, of her patronages.

        Her work record can be researched in the archives.

        The reason people assume she was a slacker in her first few years or rather that she didn’t work so hard is threefold.

        1. Her work can be divided into pre and post that AIDS handshake in 1986. That was a global wake up call. Until that moment, many people only looked to her for fashion and didn’t pay attention to her engagements. After that, they started to pay attention to her engagements and consequently she’s been saddled with a poor work record prior to that handshake.

        2. Kate has been so coddled and the bar set so low that people revise their memories of Diana, without researching, so that Kate is comparable or comes out on top. I’ve seen on tumblr people posting comments saying Diana barely worked in her first few years and therefore it’s OK for Kate not to work.

        It’s amazing to me how despite the availability of resources and those resources being public, that people still say Diana didn’t work in her early years.

        Diana’s tally for her first year equalled the first 3 (THREE) years of Kate’s tally, with pregnancy on top of it.

        Kate was lauded for her first speech of unmemorable lines to preschoolers whereas Diana’s first speech was given 6mths after her wedding IN WELSH to a group of businessmen in the welsh Assembly!!!!

        No one thought to give Diana a breather, time to adjust, ease in etc. Frankly, that entire era was about working and being a superwoman whether one was a princess or a cleaner. It was unheard of that one couldn’t cope and couldn’t or wouldn’t do the job especially after an 8yr long interview because that was the primary reason given by William for why he took so long to propose.

        1. When I said “grow into her duties” I didn’t mean Diana took years to get her work schedule up, I meant Diana probably made mistakes before she became the seemingly flawless worker we remember, and took time to shake the clothes-horse image and project a work-horse one. When people think about Diana, they remember her badassery in her dedication to her charities, but it took years to develop that image, and she probably made mistakes along the way and for sure said something stupid at some point. My point, which apparently I didn’t say well, is that Kate has been expected to be post-AIDS ear Diana immediately, so when Kate didn’t work hardly at all and made a ton of mistakes when she did work, she was harped upon. Kate wasn’t allowed to make mistakes as I’m sure Diana was (and other royals who have admitted that they sucked when they first started doing royal duties: Anne, Edward). But I never said Diana didn’t work hard as soon as she was married. She did work hard, but it took a while for her to “come into her own” and truly develop that work-horse image that we all remember (and compare Kate to). Diana’s hard work in her early years and learning from her inevitable mistakes is what made her into the hard-working woman we remember.

          Kate has made a tone of mistakes and hasn’t learned from any of them. If Kate had come out with her second speech and blown everyone away, then it wouldn’t have mattered that her first speech sucked. If Kate didn’t still say dumb shit to people, then it wouldn’t have mattered that she asked if she could test the smell of tea by smelling it. If Kate never flashed anyone again, then that first flashing in Canada would have been a one-off blip on the radar. Kate’s problem is that she doesn’t learn. Diana learned and grew, and it did take her time to come into her own, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t work hard right from the start, it just means she got better over time.

          1. Diana was a 19-year-old girl thrown into a media super storm with no support from Buckingham Palace, no SO14 security detail, no assistance, no preparation of any kind. Kate is university-educated, had a scheming, shrewd mother behind her, an SO14 security detail from 2006 onwards (which was absolutely unprecedented for a non-royal, funded at taxpayer expense, while they cut out “minor” royals like the Duke of York, Earl and Countess of Wessex, etc.), and spent seven years flitting from one thing to the next waiting for William to pop the question. By the time she was 32, Diana had had two children, had been Princess of Wales for 12 years and had been separated from Charles for a year. Katie gets ZERO sympathy from me. Absolutely ‘0’. None at all. She is incredibly lazy and self-centered as is Willy. What happened to his Air Ambulance pilot plaything? Did it drop by Cambridge to pick up his agriculture course?

      2. Diana did 200+ engagements her first year, while pregnant. I’m tired of this revisionist history trying to make Middleton look good by bashing Diana. Diana was a lot of things, but lazy wasn’t one of them. And for her first few years, her wardrobe was dictated by the Queen Mum, so whatever was spent on clothing was on orders from that formidable woman.

  6. I hate to sound unkind, and I am definitely not a fan of her or William, but she looks TERRIBLE and has since she gave birth to George. She has the hard look of someone who drinks and smokes entirely too much, eats unhealthy when she does eat, and that can not be hidden even under the most expensive couture outfit. If she’d ditch that gawdawful black eyeliner and get a better hairstyle (she’s not 25 anymore) it would help. She looks like she’s in her mid-forties.

    1. Hi Julie,

      I do so wish that someone would pry that black eye liner pencil away from all of the Middleton women. It’s such a hard, harsh look and doesn’t do any of them any justice. I saw a picture of Pippa awhile ago without any makeup on and thought she looked so much better, years younger.

    2. Being under a lot of stress can do that, too. New baby plus horrible marriage with a lousy husband – she may think she’s under a lot of stress. Kate did say that she was grateful she could drink again since giving birth to George; I wonder how much she drinks? Also, she was a smoker before George, I wonder if she’s gone back to that? She doesn’t really take care of herself.

    3. Hi Julie,

      I think a big part of the signs of aging has to do with her weight. She doesn’t have any fat on her body, fat which helps plump up the skin in turn filling out wrinkles. I’m certainly not saying she needs to gain a lot of weight but probably 5-10 pounds would be a big help. She might also want to keep in mind that as women enter the menopause years having the few extra pounds can really help with some of the nastier symptoms, but of course she has many years before she needs to worry about that πŸ™‚

      I would also love to see her wearing less eye makeup. She was so lovely and fresh faced while her and Will were dating.

  7. What jumps out at me from these photos is that Kate is not aging well. Her makeup is so bad that it just makes her look even older. And the constant fidgeting with her lips is a sign of no class….apparently no one ever taught her that a lady doesn’t fidget. I also think she’s bored to tears because it isn’t about her.

    1. Everytime my husband sees me biting my lower lip he would remark with disapproval. Now reading your post, I am reminded not to bite my lower lip. :))

      That’s what I thought too. I was over at what Kate wore and they had some really big close ups. I was looking at the the pictures of her coats on yahoo and the Duchess’ looks have declined. She should try not to raise her eyebrows, grimace ….

  8. She has a very defined bone structure which makes her look older faster. Even though she takes plenty of vacations and doesn’t work I’m sure she is still very stressed from navigating the royal family and constantly being watched by the public. She was used to vacations and shopping when before she was royal because her parents sponsored that you’re off life for her. She should have been taking speaking lessons and learning other languages, geography, etc. On top of that she has not lived healthfully and she’s given birth which will drain the nutrients right out of you.

    Basically, she is doing all of the wiring things I’d get goal is to maintain her beauty. She should increase her value to the royal family through work. She also needs to choose some good advisors regarding her public image and demeanor in crowds. If she doesn’t then she will have a breakdown, she and William will get divorced, or both.

    1. I think she thinks she’s under a lot of stress. Being in the royal family, the constant public scrutiny, George, lousy husband… just adds to all the stress. That and she’s obsessed with staying slim which means she’s not eating healthy. I really think there is major trouble with the Cambridge marriage which adds to her stress. She bought that eternity ring herself, even though it was originally claimed to be a gift from William, which just means that William is a horrible husband and actually makes me feel sorry for her.

      1. I hope your comment of “she thinks she’s under a lot of stress” is sarcastic. Waity does nothing to be remotely stressed about.

        1. I think her body and appearance obsession is unhealthy. For instance, she has kinky curls and all the pictures of her in public are these long straight tresses with bouncy curls. That takes a lot of time and effort to affect. She was never this thin when she was dating William – she had a curvy athletes body, not a stick model body. Her public look is not natural. As for the jewelry, I think most women pick out their own jewelry and the men pay for it… I remember Diana being offered a tray of jewels to pick her engagement ring. Elizabeth was giving the same treatment to pick out her own wedding gift from one of the shieks. I think one thing we can all agree on is that Kate certainly doesn’t use her own money when she shops – she’s never earned any. As for William as a husband – well his role model was Charles — where was William suppose to learn how a good husband behaves?

        2. I added the “she thinks” on purpose, because I don’t think she’s under a lot of stress, she should be able to deal with the stuff she has going on no problem because there isn’t much going on in her life, but I’m sure she thinks she is under a ton of stress because she doesn’t know what real stress is. To her, having some chick show up to the same wedding in the same dress as her is probably super stressful.

  9. Do you think William is pushing her away from events like the charity forum on purpose? He looks bad but if he can take away her media advantage then he has the upper hand and won’t look quite so bad during a divorce or if he’s caught cheating. His advisors would likely not intervene for her.

    1. I think there is definitely trouble in the Cambridge marriage. It’s possible William didn’t want her there, so she wasn’t. I think if William wanted her there she would have been, no matter what she wanted. Of course if William asked her not to attend, they’d never release that, which would only serve to make Kate look bad. Shame, they really should be supporting each other because her looking bad only makes him look bad.

    1. I swear to god I thought biannual meant every two years, but I looked it up and turns out biannual does mean twice a year. Biennial means every two years.

  10. Since Charles ….. there is now a precident for divorce/blatant disregard for family. I like the man, but not the husband/father. William chose poorly….he seems stupid and Kate and her family appear vane. Contrast this to Edward and Sophie….even the Princess Royal. We are seeing stupidity/shallowness vs class, humility, respect and above all WORK ETHIC.\

  11. after the spare is born, theres nothing left for kate, no breeding, no work ethics, aging fast, it will get worse for this lazy woman!!

  12. There is absolutely no threat to the Middletons that require public resources to be spent on their protection. They are not public figures and are not deserving of police protection any more than any other private subject. When their son-in-law and daughter are King and Queen, PERHAPS then they will warrant police protection. But at this point, they are just nouveau niche parasites clinging to their much more deservedly famous in-laws. I don’t care what the terrorist threat level is. They are wealthy enough to hire their own private (unarmed) security officers. During this time of heightened terrorist threat, taxpayer funded public police officers should be spent on protecting the public, not self-important vulgar rich people who are vaguely related to royalty.

      1. The Prince of Wales (Charles) is the heir-to-the-throne. George is 3rd in the line of succession. Please don’t confuse this. This is very important. The media can say whatever they wish and do. We should not. The Prince of Wales is the heir apparent. If he breathes life for one second more than Her Majesty, he will be His Majesty. He is the heir apparent and the most important royal after the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. George is an infant.

        1. I pointed out that they are not protecting the Middletons, they are protecting George. If George is not there, the protection is not there. Charles has had protection since he was born – when he was 2nd in line to the throne and when he was 3 he became heir apparent. Of course royal children are targets – especially ones in direct line of the throne. My statement is correct, George is heir to the throne.

          1. Sorry that is not correct. There is only one “heir-to-the-throne”: the Prince of Wales. Prince George is in direct line of succession to the throne, which is different. They are also protecting the Midds b/c they think they’re royalty. They aren’t. I’m sorry LadyBlueRibbon but your view is not accurate. Best!

  13. Here are a few of my random general thoughts: First, it seems odd to me how “unexcited” they both seem as they anticipate their second child. Shouldn’t they be thrilled, beaming? I don’t see that at all. Second, when I look into Kate’s eyes, they look vacant to me. Like she isn’t there. Extremely odd. Third, I believe she is trying harder to carry on the perception that she is still “suffering from HG or accute morning sickness” with her facial expressions. Finally, going out on a limb here but I have had 4 kids, first ones twins. Her “bump” seems huge at 15/16 weeks. I was barely showing and I’m not rail thin like her. I’m not trying to start rumors or scream consiracy and I do recognize every body is different etc but that stands out for me too. Cheers everyone!

  14. Kate’s Remembrance Day Faces?? I am sure that if this website had a focus on Camilla or Sophie, similar types of facial expressions could be posted. I’m not going to knock Kate for this appearance. She looked great and her conduct was appropriate. As far as her marriage to PW, all relationships have ups and down. IMO he loves his wife (and I am not a PW fan)! The entire Middleton family believe they are royals and need the perks associated with the role. The Queen or PC should step in and correct this before it really gets out of hand.

    1. Actually, Camilla and Sophie held it together pretty well this year. They did speak to each other for a bit, and Camilla talked to Kate for a bit, and Camilla sort of half-smiled/grimaced while talking to Kate, but neither Camilla nor Sophie pulled many faces. I honestly tried to look for pics of Camilla and/or Sophie making faces and/or grinning in order to be fair, but there weren’t any. Trust me I looked, I was planning on writing a whole thing about it but there weren’t any to comment on. There have been years past when Sophie was smiling just as much as Kate, but she was not talked about like Kate was. But not this year. Overall, I think all three ladies did a much better job of holding it together than in years previous.

      1. KMR thank you for the follow-up and your due diligence to always present the entire facts. I resend my position on Kate’s facial expressions in comparison to Camilla and Sophie.

  15. KMR, please tell me that you will cover her engagement from earlier today. She had the nerve to say something along the line of this is the one thing that she can do because she’s pregnant. She said this to a charity that supports disabled athletes. Two steps forward, 50 steps back.

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