Prince William takes job as air ambulance pilot because he’s a tantrum-y baby trying to avoid royal work

Prince William takes job as air ambulance pilot because he’s a tantrum-y baby trying to avoid royal work

Le Sigh. On Thursday, August 7, the Palace officially announced (although the press announced this months ago via “sources”) that Prince William will be taking a full time job as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. I didn’t cover it until now because, well, I was still processing. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Part of me wants to scream and yell, but part of me just wants to hang my head and stop following Will and Kate Middleton altogether. If they’re not going to give a sh-t about their royal duties, then why should I, you know? But I’ve noticed something weird with some people’s reaction to this news… they like his decision. What the what? Like, they’re seriously making excuses for his d-cking around. How is that even possible? This post is about Will’s new job and how dumb it is, but also about the excuses people are making for it, because they are in denial about the real reason he took this new job (hint: he’s a selfish brat).

Let’s start with the facts. William is taking a new job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance. He starts in September with new training, which is expected to take about six months. In Spring 2015, William will begin as an actual pilot with the company. He will be based at Cambridge and Norwich Airports and will fly both day (7am-4:30pm) and night shifts (4:30pm-1am), with a schedule of 4 days on/3 days off. He will start as a co-pilot but will transition to pilot after a period of training. This new job comes with a mandatory minimum two year contract. William will officially be employed by Bond Air Services–as EAAA is a charity–and be paid about £40,000/year. William will donate his entire salary to an undisclosed charity.

Getting into lesser concrete facts, a spokesman said: “This new job will be the Duke’s primary occupation, although his roster will take into account the duties and responsibilities he will continue to undertake on behalf of The Queen, both in the UK and overseas. This will include a foreign tour next year. The Duke will also continue his work with his patronages and with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. And the Duke has made clear that although he will be signing up for the mandatory two year contract, he hopes that the role will continue for longer than that.”

So… William will not be doing many public appearances, maybe he’ll keep up the current number he’s doing, but probably not. Re the overseas tour for next year, yeah because every pilot gets an extended leave like that with no consequences to their position. It’s not like William will get special treatment or anything. I have to question how much time William devotes to his charities/patronages. I doubt William does much. Maybe he attends a meeting here or there, maybe he’s briefed by his assistants and whatnot, but I highly doubt William is checking in with the offices or overseeing anything when it comes to his charities/patronages. Since he probably doesn’t do much anyway, his new full time job won’t interfere in anything. So they get to say it won’t interfere, but in reality he’s not that involved anyway. Yeah, and obviously William wants this job to last a whole heck of a lot longer than two years. He’d delay doing full time royal duties forever if he could.

Now moving on to the Kensington Palace issue. They spent £4.5 million renovating KP, and the excuse the spokesman gave at the time was that KP would be the Cambridge’s “main and primary” residence for many years to come. Except that with the new job being in Norfolk, Will and Kate are going to be moving full time to Anmer Hall. So what was the point of the £4.5 million renovation if they aren’t even going to be living there for the next two years?

The spokesman had to do some damage control, he said: “Nothing has changed. Kensington Palace will continue to be their primary and long term official residence. The Duke expects to do a fair bit of commuting.”

Hm… let’s talk about that commuting line. It is an hour’s drive from Cambridge airport (where William will be working) to Anmer Hall. An hour’s drive is a damn long commute. I have a friend who is currently doing an hour’s commute each way to his work–he f-cking hates it because it’s such a damn long commute. Notice how I use the word commute to refer to my friend’s drive to work. Yeah, THAT’S that commute that spokesman is talking about. William will be commuting an hour each way to get to his work from Anmer Hall. It’s not like William will be commuting from KP each day. I call BS on that spokesman claim.

Here’s another thing about the spokesman and the KP thing. The spokesman claims KP will be the long-term official residence of Will and Kate. Yeah, it will be. It will be the OFFICIAL residence… but not necessarily the one they will stay at most days.

Now on to the reception of this news. There were a lot more positive reactions than I was expecting. Some newspapers and reporters are still questioning the decision, but some seem to think it’s a great idea. And there were a number of excuses people threw out to defend Will’s decision to take the new job.

Will is taking royal duties to a whole new level, donating his time to help others, not just visiting hospitals and putting his name on letterhead. — Sure, okay. Or he’s just doing a job. There are tons of others who work in similar professions, but they aren’t touted as some great person giving to charity, they’re just doing their jobs. Hell, the other pilots William will be working with aren’t being touted as “donating their time to charity” even though they work for the same charity as William (EAAA), they’re just doing their jobs. Also, if one wanted to use this excuse, then why wasn’t William’s job in the RAF considered “taking royal duties to a whole new level”? It’s a similar job–flying helicopters to rescue people who need help. Is it because one is the military and one isn’t? Is it because he’s donating his salary with this one? If the salary donation is the only reason, then well played Palace PR. Also, and most importantly, we must take into account William’s intention. I’m sorry, I fail to see how William taking a job that affords him all sort of “privacy” so that he can evade public duties is “taking royal duties to a whole new level” and “donating his time to charity”. William isn’t donating his time to charity, he’s taking a job because it’s fun for him (he loves flying) and he gets to evade public duties for at least two more years. This job is not about the people, it’s about William. And that’s not charity.

Nothing is more noble than saving lives. — I can’t argue with this point, but I can say that if William wanted to dedicate his life to helping others in this way, then he should step aside and let Harry take his position in line. If William wanted a normal life, he could have one; he has free will, no one is forcing him to stay a royal. Yes, there are certainly family pressures–the Queen hates the idea of abdication and any member of her family stepping aside would cause her pain–but if William had the balls to leave, he could. The problem is, is that William doesn’t really want to live a normal life, at least not like you or I. He wants the “normal” life his friends have… you know, his privileged friends who never have to actually work for a living because they’re parents are rich, so they just get to party and vacation all the time, any work they do do is just for fun, and they don’t get photographed and certainly have no responsibility to the public.  I’m coming to the conclusion that William has no balls.  He may think he’s tough and in control and whatnot, but in reality he doesn’t have the gumption to really make a tough decision.  He’s still a spoiled little brat throwing tantrums and running from his problems.  If William really wanted to take control of his life, then he would make a firm decision and hold to it, even if it upset his family and even if it were hard.  William is like Justin Bieber: he thinks he’s tough, but in reality he’s just a tantrum-y little baby.

Donating his salary to charity is doubly admirable. — It would take William working and donating his yearly salary for 113 years to pay off the £4.5 million KP renovations. And that’s just the one house they won’t even be using now. That doesn’t include his police protection, and every other part of his life that is paid for by the taxpayer. Like I said above, well played Palace PR, because now all people are focusing on is the 40K William will be donating, instead of the millions he costs the taxpayer. It’s hilarious and sad that people think because someone donates a few thousand a year they’re hugely charitable, when they’re living in palaces and having 100,000 yearly clothes budgets and taking expensive vacations and costing millions to protect. For the record, I feel the same way about celebs. People think celebs are hugely charitable because they donate a million here or a million there, but then they make 20 million a year and live in huge houses (usually have multiple houses) and drive expensive cars and have expensive wardrobes. They’re not really that charitable.

He will have plenty of years for full time royal duties, let him enjoy his time now doing something he loves. — The problem is, is that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are 88 and 93, respectively, and are slowing down and William, Kate and Harry will need to step up their roles to compensate. And for William, it’s especially important that he learns how to be a full time royal. He is second in line and will need to understand his future role. Everyone is talking like they expect the Queen and Charles to live another twenty years, which is entirely possible (the Queen Mum was, what, 102 at the time of her death), but what if the Queen or Charles died next year, William would be completely unprepared. I think it’s stupid that he takes his role, and his future roles, so lightly. Also, look at Charles for an example of someone who took a seemingly boring king-in-waiting role and turned it into something he enjoyed. Charles took what he was passionate about and made that his focus, forming charities around his passions so he could preform his duties and still enjoy his life. William could do that if he wanted, if he wasn’t so focused on running away from his role.

Will is reinventing the modern monarchy/role of the modern prince. — LOL. That’s a similar line to “he’s doing it his way”. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Because it’s not a decision based on any sort of reason, but rather based solely on William’s ego and the idea that he knows best and no one can change his mind. He’s so focused on having his own opinions of his life and not letting anyone change them that he doesn’t realize that there are people who know better then he does what it takes to keep the monarchy–and his cushy existence–going. He’s like one of those Hollywood celebs thinking they know better than their PR person. When a celeb thinks they know better than the professionals, sh-t goes crazy and they end up having a major crisis and having to call a crisis manager to deal with their mess. It’s fine if William changes things up a bit, the monarchy is evolving and will need to evolve to survive, but he should really take into consideration the guidance and opinions of the professionals who know how things work.  Make informed decisions based on logic and reason, rather than decisions based on his emotions without taking any advice whatsoever.

The more real work he gets, the more in touch he becomes, the more respected and supported he becomes. — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s cute that they think William will ever be “in touch” with anyone who is far below him in economic class. And as far as being respected and supported, well I for one do not respect anyone who runs away from their problems. And that’s what William is doing, running away from being a full time royal.

Here’s the thing, William is selfish. He’s taking this new job because he loves flying, and he doesn’t want to do royal duties. This new job is simply to get out of doing royal duties. William is a selfish narcissist who thinks he should always get his way and that he knows better than everyone else. That is why he is taking this new job. It’s not because he’s “taking royal duties to a whole new level”, it’s not because he’s “donating his time to charity”, it’s not because he wants to get “in touch” with the people, and it’s not because he’s “reinventing the modern monarchy”. He’s doing it because he wants to. It’s all about him. That is the ONLY reason William does anything willingly. It sickens me that people are making excuses for him when it’s pretty clear that the only person he really cares about is himself. Stop making excuses for this tantrum-y baby.




I didn’t talk about Kate in this piece. If you think she’s going to be stepping up her duties, think again. There will be no increase from Kate in the royal duties department. A source said: “The duchess will continue to concentrate on the charities she represents, as well as the duties she undertakes on behalf of the Queen. But she also wants to focus on being a mother.”

Much like William, I highly doubt Kate really does much in terms of her charities. A meeting here or there, maybe some briefings. She only visits them publicly one or twice a year.

Of course there are people continuing to make excuses for Kate not working. But those excuses are ones that have been floating around since she got pregnant. I could go into a rebuttal, but we’ve already gone over those points so much, so I won’t.

102 thoughts on “Prince William takes job as air ambulance pilot because he’s a tantrum-y baby trying to avoid royal work

  1. From the CB article about this: The travel time is basically the same from KP or Sandringham to Cambridge Airport. Why aren’t royal reporters talking about that?

    1. I Google Earth-ed it and compared a straight line from Sandringham and KP to Cambridge airport, the KP to Cambridge airport is a few miles longer, but my measurements could be off. But given traffic and such, it’s probably a bit shorter from Anmer. But really that dumb job is not practical at all for either of their homes. But I don’t think that matters too much, the purpose of the job is to run away and hide, and Will and Kate have leaked that they feel trapped at KP, so I’m guessing they will make the move to Anmer for “privacy”.

      1. I think that you have said it all in your well thought out and balanced arguments; I’m always surprised that the British public can be so fickle about this family….quite apart from my (personal) total distaste of inherited privilege, the latest ‘move’ to the air ambulance job is just a way of deflecting all the bad publicity re KP, kitchens, vacations etc., it’s a ploy which their team of carers, or whatever one wishes to call them, must be increasingly frustrated at having to write the script for. In my view, Harry is far better suited to the Royal role – or is that history repeating itself? albeit for different reasons…

        1. It really is easy to draw comparisons between Edward VIII and William. Obviously the circumstances are totally different, but it does seem to be heading in the same direction.

      2. 69 miles vs. 52 miles each way, but the drive time is similar. We all know they did this to hide, but why aren’t the royal reporters mentioning this?

  2. I also feel they shod be stepping up to relieve the Queen. They need to learn all they can from her in the fee years they have left. Seems so selfish.

    I’m constantly amazed at a the kudos Kate receives for doing things tbe common way. She is common. She doesn’t really have humility in wanting to learn everything she can to raise a King.

    I think every adult person on the taxpayers payroll should be working full time, or be booted from taxpayer funded residences.

    1. I totally agree re booting those who don’t work from the taxpayer-funded residences.

      I don’t really understand the whole praising the common thing. I guess it gives hope to the Cinderella thing, but really it’s stupid. If the royals are so common, then why are they getting the taxpayer money?

  3. William the Reluctant is at it again. The only way that I would be okay with this farce if Kate were to step it up. I think that everyone has given him far too much grace after Diana’s death. Don’t get me wrong, I love Diana, but the press has spoiled him rotten.

    Given the recent pictures of Kate and George, I’m surprised that he didn’t get out the legal guns.

    1. Everyone has treated Will with kids gloves since Diana’s death, and Will knows it. He knows he can get away with most things by using the Diana card, so he uses it all the time. There will come a point when that card won’t work anymore. I can’t wait to see what he does when that day comes.

      1. I agree; the guy has a serious ‘mother complex’ going on and needs to get it seen to….maybe no-one has the guts to take him on one side for a little fireside chat??? I cold quite see that being an ongoing problem…

  4. Hello !
    I’m reading this blog for a while now, but I have never commented. First of all, I must say that I quind of like Kate because she seems to be a very good mother and wife, and I like the way she brings some normality in the british royal family; that said, I often deplore that she doesn’t do more visible work.
    But in this case, I must say that I admire William for having the courage to say that he doesn’t want to be a full time royal right now : I think it is a good idea to work in a place where he will be a real help for people for some years before he becomes prince of Wales. Of course he will have time to perform the royal duties due to his charities (not so sure this is correct english…), but he will be a very important assett to the association. So it is a kind of win-win contract.
    But I would think it more perfect if Kate would have taken the same engagement, for example as a visitor in hospitals in this area. She could go and read some stories to children, or visit elderly persons, twice or three a week.
    As for them having two houses, I think we mustn’t forget that there a not common people and will never be. They live the life that the upper class always lived, with one house in town and one in the country (even in Dowton, they come sometimes in London !). The Queen goes to Windsor for the WE, and Prince Charles has also a house in the country (which name I forgot…), so I don’t really care if the Cambridges benefits from this arrangement too. As far as I’m concerned, I would love to have this opportunity !
    I think we must see this in a positive light (isnt’t it always better ?!), as a way for William to meet real people and engage himself to british people – it is kind the same as the Queen did during WW2. He will have plenty of time to be Prince of Wales or King in the years to come. As for the argument of being unprepared, a lot of kings and queens weren’t and, well, they just managed, didn’t they ? 😉
    Have a nice day, and sorry for the poor english…

    1. Where is the positive light in two lazy 30 somethings taking everything they can from the taxpayers and refusing to do their royal work in return?

      They are living this life of luxury off the backs of the taxpayers, that’s that big difference. They wasted $6 million of the taxpayers money on Kensington Palace, knowing full well they were planning on running away to Anmer.

      If they would like to give back everything that is funded by his royal connections – three houses, her clothing, their vacations, the security staff – then they can live however they want. As long as they keep sucking the taxpayers dry, however, they are required to step up and do their royal jobs.

      HM served her country in war time, vastly different from William running away from his royal duties. William has taken a job away from someone else, and by giving all of the salary to charity, he is mocking the idea that most people have to EARN a living.

      BTW I think your English is great!

      1. Well, there are two points where I desagree with you, My2Pences : first of all, I don’t think that the money employed to renovate KP was wasted. After all, it will be their home for a long time, even if they have Anmer. It is like saying that the Queen should not renovate BP because she has Windsor. But, that said, I’m not a british taxpayer, so I can afford not to care because it´s not my money. Actually, I think I would prefer it rather than having to support the ridiculous little fool that we have as a president, but that’s an other story…
        The second point is regarding the nature of the service. I think I was not clear enough in my first post. Of course I didn’t want to compare the work the Queen did during the war with William´s job, but I think that both ways are an engagement towards british people. He is not going to work for a private bank, or councel agency or whereever he could make a lot of money (although he is giving it anyway to a charity) but for an association which aim is to save lives. I think it says a lot of his empathy and his eagerness to do something usefull.
        And I’m not sure he is taking the job of someone else : he won’t cost a shilling to the association, so if they want to employ someone else, they can, can’t they ?
        Anyway, thank you for your answer and your kind words about my english: Jane Austen, Roal Dahl and the Friends episodes were my teachers, and kind of the best ones !

        1. “And I’m not sure he is taking the job of someone else : he won’t cost a shilling to the association, so if they want to employ someone else, they can, can’t they ?” There was no job available, they have admitted the position was created for him. AND he is taking the full salary and donating it to charity – not this one, other charities. That means they had to raise EXTRA money to pay William.

          If they weren’t going to live in KP, there was no need to renovate. They could have an apartment in Buckingham Palace for the rare times they are in London – like Anne, Edward, and Sophie do.

          1. That’s what really bothers me about this; that the charity created the job for William, paying him a salary that they might not be able to afford, and he’s donating it to another charity. The better solution in this farce would have been to pay him a pound or some tiny stipend that wouldn’t have depleted the charity’s resources if he was so interested in working at a normal job. Why accept a salary from one charity to ultimately donate it to another? You can just see everyone twisting themselves into a pretzel to accommodate Fly Boy.

          2. “Why accept a salary from one charity to ultimately donate it to another?” — Right? Seems stupid. If he wasn’t going to actually keep the money anyway, they might as well not pay him. Or just pay him a dollar or something.

      2. Also, HM was 19 or 20 when she trained as a mechanic in the military. William is now 32. The time when he was allowed to do what he wanted without having to worry about royal duties is long gone (or at least it should be).

    2. Hi and welcome! Your English is good, don’t worry.

      Yes, a lot of Kings and Queens weren’t prepared… because their predecessors died young/unexpectantly or there were no children/the children died first or what have you. But William has this great opportunity to learn from both his grandmother and his father and be one of the most prepared future kings. Why on earth, when given the choice, would anyone chose to be unprepared over being prepared? If you know for a fact you will have a certain job one day, it seems silly to waste the opportunity to be prepared for it. Charles understand this, William does not.

      They even tried to claim William was actually taking his role seriously, with that Cambridge course. They claimed William wanted to do that course so he would be more prepared for when he takes over the Duchy of Cornwall. But who knows how many times he actually went to his lectures, and we never did hear about the end of it. They promoted the crap out of his starting that course, but not a peep about the completion of it. Makes me think he never completed it.

      Also, if William were really taking this job as an opportunity to meet real people and be engaged and whatnot, that would be one thing, but he’s really only taking it so he can get out of doing royal duties. It has nothing to do with the people and everything to do with William.

      1. Here’s the thing about being the Monarch of Britain – there is no skill set required other then to be nice to others. We sort of all learned that in the first grade. Elizabeth took on the role at 25 with no formal education in her background. Elizabeth is basically the country’s hostess – showing off the wealth of the country at State dinners and traveling around to put out a few “well dones”! Quite honestly, I think we are all prepared to be the Monarch of Britain.

        1. I respectively disagree with the statement that no skill set is required for the monarch of Britain – particularly as it applies to Queen Elizabeth. As described in Sally Bedell’s recent biography “Elizabeth The Queen,” Elizabeth was rigorously tutored in English law and history by respected scholars in preparation for her future role as monarch. Bedell also provides examples of the ways in which Elizabeth has exerted a positive influence in Commonwealth affairs behind the scenes. Elizabeth commands enormous respect and admiration because of how she has embraced and fulfilled her role. Charles gets that, and, as others have noted here, has prepared himself well with his charities and interests and by being of service to his country. William, sadly, seems to be pursuing a desultory path to the monarchy – one that would lead to the fluff “host/hostess” role. And, yes, most people with good manners could perform that role.

          1. The Queen, as a monarch, has no influence on the Constitution – her participation is to see that her and her family’s position is maintained. Her participation is not for the good of THE people, but for HER people. I agree the current monarch is useful as a diplomat – Elizabeth’s parents came to America because they needed support to fight the Germans and the usual channels were not getting the British Government what they wanted. War works differently these days and is really a global War Inc. and you’ll note this by the RAF reconfiguration.

            I don’t know that Charles has the gravitas outside the Commonwealth to be a statesman – we won’t really know if the government trusts him with diplomatic affairs – but he will be in charge of the swell parties thrown at Buckingham, so there’s that!

  5. Sorry for changing the subject, but did the clueless cambridges snub the new king of spain? Some think that billy & lazy were very rude Felipe in Belguim! What is your opinion? Halia

    1. I saw a picture of them meeting him, I think. I really don’t know anything other than that. If you have info, please share.

      1. From the video, it looked like they didn’t even recognize him. But William has to know who he is because I understand his father and Felipe are good friends.

        1. Oh, wow. That is rude. Will and Kate really should be prepared for stuff like that. They should look at pictures of everyone who would be there and learn their faces and names so they don’t seem like rude a-holes when they don’t recognize people.

          1. Yep, which is why they need to get off their privileged butts and put the pedal to the metal in performing more royal duties. And being prepared for the few that they actually do. Shame on them for not acknowledging/recognizing the king of Spain!

  6. 1) “taking royal duties to a whole new level” = taking royal duties to the lowest level seen in generations

    2) “Donating his salary to charity is doubly admirable.” = Mocking people who earn a living by showing he doesn’t need the money like the peasants/taxpayers do

    1. Mocking the people who really need to work for a living – excellent way to put that. People see his donation of his salary as a positive, but really it’s just a mockery of the hard work real people need to do to survive.

    1. “The sad truth is that many are beginning to suspect William just does not have the duty gene — and that it may not be his great-grandfather George VI’s blood that pumps through his veins, but that of Edward VIII.”

      Shots fired.

      Clearly William (and his press office) have pissed off certain royal reporters enough for them not to fawn anymore (the Sun paper is still fawning, though.). The cracks are really starting to show.

      1. Comments stuck at 358 for 12 hours, clearly DM unwilling to allow freedom of speech and are messing with comments/arrows behind the scenes.

        Great comment on that article that a reporter shoudl investigateL
        “dallasbotswana, Gaborone, 1 day ago
        As the ex-wife of an EMS pilot I know first-hand how scarce these coveted positions are. Yet in a job where skill and experience is paramount, this appointment would have been a shoe-in, with no interview or shortlist process. It also means that one worthy or worthier candidate is now without a job so William’s gesture of donating his salary is an empty one. There are good pilots out there who actually need the job and need the income – he needs neither.”

  7. KMR thank you for a wonderful write up! I agree with you 100%. How sad is this. PW wants to enjoy the privilege but refuses to do the work. The ambulance job is a cover. IMO he decided against taking the salary and donating to charity to cover up for not working full time on that job as well. Who can complain his salary is going to a good cause……how sad. I can only hope that after spending time away from the spot light and living as a Middleton for a few months that he changes his mind again.

    1. I was wondering this also, whether he would actually work the full time. He almost got fired from the RAF for not keeping up his flying hours; he was hardly ever there. So when the palace used the excuse of him having to work, it was usually BS. He totally gave up on the Cambridge course. I really don’t believe he will be working the full time at this new job. It’s really just a BS excuse for him to d-ck around.

    2. You are very right, Crazy. If ANYONE really thinks that Will is going to work full time at this job, he is very much in denial. Neither of the Lazy Duo has ever worked full time, at anything. Ever. Will will be careful for a while to be photographed in his helicopter or in his uniform with co-workers and not be photographed partying or vacationing. However, he always gets lazy and screws up somehow in a public way.

  8. I’ve been reading up as well. The vibe I’m picking up is that someone donated the helicopter and created the position so that Prince William could have a job. The training period is until the new helicopter is delivered. Don’t know who the patrons were – but then we never did learn who paid for Camilla’s Ray Mill House – it was always reported as “friends of Charles”. Meanwhile, he lost his other rescue job because the RAF turned it over to private contractors (I believe an American firm?). Seems most likely that this gap year was really all about setting him up for something he wants to do.

    Another line of thinking I came across that I think has merit – is that these “rescue” positions he takes on directly relates to his emotional states regarding his mother. i.e. he is trying to rescue her. Who thinks it is a good idea for a fellow who lost a mother in a car crash, to fly a helicopter to the scene of a car crash? Especially a fellow who is in direct line to the throne. It was reported his mother relied on him heavily as a child because of his father’s mistreatment of her (if you believe the story about him shoving tissues under the door for his mother) and she passed away when he was 15.

    So, yeah, I agree this is all about William and not so much about the people of Britain.

    1. Yes, the position had to be created for William. Given that they had to create the job, it seems kind of BS-y for him to even take a salary, even if he’s donating it to charity. Because the charity, that relies on donations to operate, had to drum up another 40K a year to give to William. This whole thing really is a bunch of BS.

      Yes, I heard that Diana used to lean on William with her problems. She really shouldn’t have done that. He was child and not capable of handling that kind of emotional stress from a parent. I would argue that in a way, that is a form of emotional abuse. I’d feel sorry for him if he hadn’t turned into such an ass because of it. I realize that kind of thing can really mess with your head, but you need to realize that it’s messed with your head and get help and change it. But William has chosen to indulge it and use it as an excuse. And yeah, I would argue that William is still that little boy who wanted to be a policeman instead of a prince so he could protect his mommy. William has a ton of mother issues. Maybe that’s why he hates royal duties so much. Maybe he hates his family for what they did to his mom, so he runs away and causes problems so get back at them or something? Who knows, but from the outside he just looks like a prick.

      1. I think those reports are highly exaggerated and from the pro-Charles side of the story. Did she tell him more than she should, quite possibly, but not as much as we’ve been led to believe.

        For the most part, William and Harry were away at boarding school during the War of the Walses. She couldn’t have been pouring her heart out and crying on her son’s shoulder every night – because he was away at school.

      2. I think you are right about it. He may not realize he is doing that. Most damaged people don’t realize their behavior is a result of the trauma. They think what they do is perfectly fine.

    2. Technically he didn’t lose the job to contractors. William left in September 2013. The private company wasn’t taking over until the start of 2015 with full takeover by 2017. “The new service run by Bristow will be fully rolled out by summer 2017.”

      He left his SAR contract early, not repaying the £400,000 ($670,000) debt for training, and we cannot blame the contractors for that.

      Conversion note: The EAAA salary £40,000 is €50,000 and $67,000 USD.

    3. He got a helicopter from the Queen for his birthday this year. Maybe she was trying to appease his needs for flying them with that gift as opposed to his getting this job. But I imagine that she or PC arranged for the money to be given to the charity for his salary. I am sure of it. Because it doesn’t make sense that he takes it from one charity to give to another. He could have volunteered for the post and no money need pass. But he wanted to be officially employed. He must have his way, of course. I think he is emotionally damaged by his experiences of his parents’ fighting. He must feel very guilty somehow and that creates internal conflict for him.

      1. Except that he was away at boarding schools for a lot of their rows. His police officers had to make sure to take away the newspapers before he could see them in the morning. He’s emotionally damaged b/c he’s his mother’s son and she was a psychologically unstable and damaged woman.

        1. Seth,
          That is exactly how I think of Diana. None of this People’s Princess for me. She was a press/attention seeking nut involved with a rich playboy Muslim – both were foolish and reckless and killed by his staff in a drunk driving accident. She’s left a damaged and foolish and reckless rich playboy son who is going to be flying helicopters to drunk driving accidents. Here are a couple of sons who have perished in flying accidents – Onassis, Kennedy…

  9. I just don’t get how they can call this his primary occupation, and still undertake royal duties. We all know how he was sooo short when working for the RAF (what was it 150 odd rescues and 1300 flying hours in three years). Air ambulances are called out way more often, so there is no way there will be any effort and energy to do any royal duties surely? Or, as the case will be coz he can’t do nothing to help the royal family for the next two and a half years, this is a “full time job”. It surely will not be working the same hours as everyone else, won’t have he same holiday allowances as everyone else. To do both, they are surely both part time, as and when jobs.

    1. There is no way he could work the full time job and have the same leave/vacation time as everyone else AND do his royal duties (even if he doesn’t step them up, just keeps them at the current level) and take as many vacations as he takes. I predict the palace will use the excuse of the full time job for William to do even less duties than he does now–and in turn Kate will probably do less as well. But I doubt he will actually be working the full time. As with the RAF, he will take a lot of leave. Really, this whole thing is total BS.

  10. Here we go again. He really ought to renounce his succession rights so he can live a “normal” life. When the Princess Margaret wanted to marry Peter Townsend, the Government was prepared to let her. She and her descendants would have been removed from the line of succession. I think it’s time Willy do that. Prince Harry, though he loves to party, has far more of a common touch than Willy and seems more dedicated to the royal life. I have no idea how or why the Queen and her courtiers approved this. I would throw his punk behind out of KP and Anmer Hall (Anmer belongs to the Queen, as Sandringham and Balmoral belong to her, Willy simply has a lease on it) and tell him to become a Middleton.

    1. Seth, you raise the question I have…why doesn’t the Queen call William in and tell him the way things are going to be? I can see Charles giving in to William’s every whim because of his own guilt about his and Diana’s failed marriage. But what about the Queen? I can’t believe she is happy and proud of William’s choices. This is a case of the tail wagging the dog.

      KMR…can you shed any light on this?

      1. I would raise the same question also! this is all beginning to look very silly indeed….we have a Royal, who doesn’t want to do Royal duties, but fly helicopters; the salary he would get for doing that is going to charity(???), so the amount is being realised…but going from one charity to another(weird if you ask me…) he’s going to be a ‘full time’ helicopter person, but do those Royal duties he is called upon to help out with (whatever that means…) he’s going to live in the country house, not KP, which has just had a whole load of cash spent on it as a ‘full time residence’…really someone is taking the P*** he’s either in or out – what a waste of space…

      2. My best guess is two-fold. One, the Queen had to become Queen at a relatively young age… she was the youngest monarch since QV. Her husband the Duke of Edinburgh had a happy career in the Royal Navy and she had a happy and relatively low-key life carrying out public duties and following Phillip to Malta where he was based. But after only four years of wedded bliss, her father, George VI, died quite suddenly. As you may know if you saw The King’s Speech, he smoked heavily and died of lung cancer at the age of 56. She was a frightened young girl who was suddenly Queen and she received quite an education from the royal courtiers in how things worked, due in large part to fear of another abdication. So she may feel Willy and Waity should take an extended period to be with Georgie Porgie and enjoy married life as long as possible My other theory is that Her Majesty is 88 and is steadily handing over royal duties and control of ‘The Firm’ to Bonnie Prince Charlie (the Prince of Wales) and Willy. She feels (justifiably in my view) that she has done her bit and should slow down more. She might also feel a bit guilty that Bonnie Prince Charlie has been ‘King-in-Waiting’ for long enough and wants to let him take more control. Also I read somewhere (quite persuasively I might add) that Willy has his mother’s mood swings and other emotional characteristics. Though the Queen did genuinely care for Diana, she also feels Diana did great damage to the monarchy and wants to avoid Willy stomping out and running to Middleton Manor, so like any indulgent grandparent, she indulges. Also b/c he may be King one day, she favors Willy over her middle grandchildren. That’s just my take. Personally I think it is beyond disgraceful and I am praying at night that Willy and Waity end up abdicating and leaving the throne to Prince Harry. But it’s all just my theory. KMR might be able to theorize better.

        1. Seth,

          You are very astute and I have enjoyed this blog because of the many intelligent opinions. I think you read the RF very well and you know your history. I have always been fascinated with English history because of my English grandpa who received an OBE from the Queen for his work in World War II. He and many gentlemen of his time were very in love with their young Queen. She was their Madonna so to say. She has been a pillar for such a long time. But times have changed, and it will be interesting to watch how the RF unfolds. It is truly amazing how they’ve held on to the power and riches all these years. In other countries, the RF pays for themselves. They certainly could afford it.

          1. Studying royal history is my equivalent of reading a Danielle Steel novel; useless information but very relaxing. They definitely could afford to pay for a lot of it themselves and they do, but the mixing of public and private income makes it hard to know what is what. For example Queen Mary and the Queen Mother acquired a lot of diamonds and tiaras. They passed them on to the Queen, who either has put them in her private collection or given them to the Crown, which is separate from the Crown Jewels. Ugh. She never actually ‘earned’ the money she has, aside from the inheritance from her parents, which her mother certainly never earned. Ugh. The Queen Mum is a fascinating character. She was quoted once as saying “Work is the rent you pay for the room you have on Earth.” She had Clarence House, Royal Lodge, Windsor, Birkall, Balmoral, Castle of Mey and Walmer Castle, Deal. Fifty employees saw to literally her every need and desire. She had enough 18th century silver, art work and porcelain to fill a museum. What in heaven’s name did she actually do to earn it aside from marrying Bertie? Nothing as far as I can tell. Cutting ribbons, having lunches with Lord Mayors, tea with pensioners in old-age homes… is that worth five homes? The Dutch Royal Family have a stipend which is essentially a salary, for their official duties. Why not for the British royals? I know there is a Sovereign Grant, but the costs of the British monarchy versus the other European monarchies seems extremely high.

      3. The Queen likes to bury her head in the sand when it comes to dealing with her family’s problems. It took years for her to actually do anything about the Waleses. I’m not sure why she takes this approach; she must not like confrontation. She could be taking a “let them figure their own shit out” approach, but really that’s stupid when it comes to the RF. She should rule with an iron fist lest her family ruin themselves and her by causing so much PR damage.

        Also, I think she let’s Philip run the family for the most part. So apparently it’s Philip who doesn’t know jack shit about keeping his family in line. Or he just doesn’t care.

        Whoever is running that family is a moron seeing as the family members cause so much damage not only to themselves but to the family as a whole and the person running the family doesn’t do anything to stop it.

        1. Don’t forget, monarch or not, the Queen is 88 and probably just doesn’t care anymore and might not have it in her to tackle William, given her predilection for avoiding confrontation. Add age to that and you might have one tired elderly lady who just wants to hand things over to her son. I’m sure the same scenario can be said for Philip at 92 who is probably in no condition to be dealing with a recalcitrant William. This all seems to be resting on Charles’ shoulders who’s making a muck of it all for not dealing with his son.

        2. The Queen is a Guardian-Inspector based upon the Keirsey Personality type… as am I. We tend to be passive aggressive, disliking direct confrontation and using ourselves of exemplars as to proper conduct. I highly doubt Philip is running the family… he still gets around but he’s 93 and has considerably handed matters over to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Of course another possibility is that whenever the Unholy Trinity does any work at all, they get the lion share of the attention. Bonnie Prince Charlie has wanted there to be a focus on the more substantial work of the family, especially himself and Camilla. So it’s possible this is to try to deflect away from the tabbies writing about Waity’s hair or dresses all the time. Good luck with that, since as we’ve gone over many times on this blog, what else is there to talk about with her?

  11. I would also add HM probably recalls the difficulties/challenges the RF faced when The Duke of Windsor abdicated. Changing the line of succession could destroy the family and PH may not want the top job. I don’t know, it would be nice if the BRF would just say “PW would like to be King one day. However, at this point in his life he wishes to spend the next few years focusing on his family. As a result he and Kate will not be performing any royal duties. Additionally they will continue to take funding from the taxpayers”. Just be honest, it may not be right, but I would respect them for their honesty vs. this BS they continue to put out.

    1. I red somewhere that Willy actually promised Harry he wouldn’t abdicate for him. Of course now that he has an ‘heir’, he and Waity could continue to live their life of dissipated luxury and advise Georgie Porgie from behind the scenes.

      1. Thanks Seth I completely forgot about PG! That make abdication impossible. I would hope that PW/Kate would not have their son take on that responsibility because they just refused to do so.

          1. Seth, Why can’t William abdicate either to his son or just abdicate his line like Edward VIII did, although he ended up not having children. Times are different now. People ultimately won’t care if William steps down for someone else who really wants the position. Most likely PC will live another 24 years and PG will be able to decide if he wants the job or not. Plenty of RF members to do it if he doesn’t want it either as I said in my other post.

    2. In her biography “Elizabeth The Queen,” Sally Bedell describes how Elizabeth would host William for weekly Sunday teas, when he was a student at nearby Eton. At these teas, Elizabeth would mentor William, discussing English history and his future role as monarch. I think that there is a strong bond between Elizabeth and William, and that the Queen hopes that she has planted seeds that will one day bloom and flourish. Elizabeth is a patient woman and a woman of deep faith, but she is also pragmatic. How this all works put over time with the monarchy remains to be seen. I really think that the Royal Family might function like the College of Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church. If the Cardinals can elect the Pope from among their number, then surely the Royal Family could elect a monarch from among theirs. While I would respect Charles as king, my vote would go to Anne!

  12. Due to the chaos that happened when Edward abdicated I doubt that The Queen will not be wanting William to renounce his succession rights. The Queen Mother was quoted as saying that Edward’s abdication and her husband having to take the throne was what shorted his life as he was not prepared. I’m sure the Queen will do all she can to stop that happening again. She feels she in the job for life so will not pass the role over to Charles early either.

  13. And the irony of all this is that his wife is not helping him either in anyway, shes just dirt under his feet, dont they realise by the time they become king and queen, they will be competing with the likes of Princess leonore of spain, princess estelle of sweden and what will people say to see such an old couple messing so much!!

  14. Thanks to all of you who answered my question about why the Queen doesn’t do something about William. I look at her with admiration and respect and I see a strong woman. I tend to forget that she is 88 years old, and, as many of you pointed out, she’s probably just plain tired. I agree, also, that Prince Philip is probably no longer ruling the family…he’s old and tired and his health is declining. So, it’s up to Charles to lay down the law to William, and I don’t see that happening for many reasons that we’ve all talked about.

    And to reply to Adam, isn’t it a shame that William didn’t marry someone with substance, someone who could have helped him? Someone like the Queen Mother?

    1. If he married someone with substance, she would support his abdicating a job he doesn’t like. These times and circumstances are very different that when Edward VIII abdicated. Wallis was an unacceptable choice for the Queen given everything about her and they were friendly with Hitler who I understood promised to restore Edward with Wallis to the throne when he took over Britain. These circumstances are very different. If a person doesn’t feel suited to be King, why should he have to? There is no shame in that and there are plenty of other relatives that would take on the job. So I don’t see why anyone, including the Queen, feel shame if this particular heir decides to do something else. I bet Prince Andrew would be doing cartwheels if he and his daughters got a chance. To be honest, Princess Ann would be the best choice to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Too bad Britain can’t have elections as to which royal should succeed.

      1. Definitely either of them would be fine. I think Prince Harry would be a good King. He’s more down-to-earth than the tabbies try to portray Willy and Waity as, he’s an actual soldier as opposed to Willy’s playing and he seems to be interested in continuity and tradition more than Willy and Waity. If Willy renounced his rights and Georgie Porgie’s, Harry WOULD become second-in-line unless he did something to disqualify himself. Otherwise Parliament would have to step in. Having Air-Miles Andy take over would be a stretch, but the Princess Anne is 11th in line of succession; it would be absolutely unprecedented for the succession line to be bumped down from the 4th qualified person and go through both her brothers and their children. She would be the best, b/c she has a full diary and actually gets what being royal is about. Some in Scotland suggested her as a monarch if they become independent and wish to retain a monarch but not Elizabeth II.
        And King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen’s mother) were almost as friendly with Hitler as Wallis and Eddy. They were very pro-appeasement to the extent of sending a car for Chamberlain after he returned from Munich, so all three could take curtain calls on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and cheer Chamberlain’s”peace in our time”. It was considered a scandalous breach of protocol because it gave the King’s endorsement in current politics, which is constitutionally forbidden in Britain. Almost everyone–EVERYONE–in that era were pro-appeasement because they had experienced the horrors of the First World War and were Hell bound to try to stop the second. The Queen’s brother Fergus had died in the war, the King had served in the Royal Navy, including during the Battle of Jutland and the Sandringham Company, comprised of workers and farmers from around Sandringham, had been killed during the Gallipoli Campaign. Abdication is simply not done.

        1. I didn’t realize that George VI and his Queen were friendly to Hitler. But I understand those times. They were dangerous and appeasement would seem the easier route at first. But in any event, abdication shouldn’t be such a problem now. The RF are just celebrities in the vast public’s eyes. Granted the Queen has to sign the laws and open Parliament, but she is not the politics anymore. And everything is changing. Divorce is now allowed. Non virgins are allowed to wed into the family, Catholics can marry and first born girls get the throne. If the heir isn’t into it, what would the big deal be to allow abdication, other than you would have to have all the Parliaments of the Commonwealth agree to it. That might be too much of a pain. But maybe they can make the law so the heir can abdicate easily as long as there are descendants of Sophia of Hanover available in line which there are plenty. It is just a suggestion. It is ridiculous to have a throne forced on someone, especially now-a-days.

        2. Airmiles Andy becoming King is not a stretch.
          HrH Prince Andrew has done literally thousands of engagements on behalf of the Royal family for years on end, with professionalism & dedication.

          1. Practically speaking it is a stretch as long as Bonnie Prince Charlie, Willy, Georgie Porgie and Harry the Hellraiser are in line of succession ahead of him. Eliminate the first four though and then he’s in.

  15. Ken Wharfe goes after him too. Of course, he makes the mistake of blaming his handlers, rather than William himself.

    “No, Prince William. You don’t want to be like normal people”

    “William, his wife and his brother are experts in the field of royalty, and however much they display their loom bands, they are not normal. He should listen to his grandmother, get out there, use his position and raise money for his charities in a royal way – and not rely on stunts seemingly encouraged by sycophants.”

    1. If the usually sycophant Daily Mail and his mother’s former bodyguard are saying he needs to step up, he REALLY does. I mean does he need to have courtiers walk behind him as he goes about engagements for him and Waity to realize what they have to do? Man up Willy.

  16. It seems I have read a few tidbits the last few months that the Cambridge’s were hiring extra help. It does seem odd they are hiring more secretary’s, etc if they are not increasing their royal duties.

  17. Does anyone think by moving to the country, that they think that there might be more privacy? I wonder if they are trying to hide something? I have no proof!

    1. There definitely will be more privacy in Anmer, like there was at Anglesey. The local populace has dealt with having the Royal Family as neighbors for over a hundred and fifty years (Sandringham was bought for Prince Albert Edward and Princess Alexandra in 1862) and tend to be “pro-royal”. Anmer Hall, as part of Sandringham, is private property. Any paps or other unwanted persons who come onto the property can be prosecuted with criminal charges if the Queen presses them, same as any other homeowner who has an intruder come into their home. Of course that is very rare, even with the paps, but still within the realm of possibility. It’s part of Willy’s “I’m normal, leave me alone” crap. I doubt there is anything going on they want to hide, except maybe Waity’s bare rear end from being photographed again. The late Countess of Snowdon (the Princess Margaret, the Queen’s deceased sister) once said something to the effect that if she wanted to take off her clothes and sunbathe, her family owned enough estates in the country that there would never be a photo of her breasts floating around. And I don’t think there was (none that were splashed across the front page of the newspapers while she was in Britain… don’t know about Mystique).

      1. “8,000-hectare Sandringham Estate … open to the public free of charge every day of the year.”

        Anmer Hall and its immediate grounds may be off limits, but the church (#17) and war memorial (#6) and the rest of the grounds are open to the public. Anmer is very near the church but not shown on the map. If anyone trespasses on the Anmer grounds, I assume yes they can be prosecuted, but legally people are allowed pretty close.

        No doubt William will have protection officers out checking every tourist’s camera to make sure that if they photograph the church, they do not get even a corner of his garage in the picture.

        1. Yes Sandringham is open to the public but so is Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, even when the Queen is in residence. The police make sure to keep the crowds far away from the Royal Family’s private quarters and I’m sure the state-of-the-art security systems, panic alarms and patrols will deter any would-be curiosity seekers–though people who mean to do harm to the royals may be another matter. In less than a year there have been several breaches of security at Buckingham Palace, and recall in January 2012, the body of a missing Norfolk girl was found on the Sandringham Estate, relatively close to Anmer.

    1. I agree they are running and/or hiding. There isn’t anything about this move that shows support or commitment and understanding of their royal positions. I hear there is a book coming out in September detailing evidence that a surrogate was used. If she tried to use a surrogate a second time she wouldn’t get away with it. That combined with her butt flashing and lack of skills or work ethic as a royal I can’t understand why she is still admired by anyone. The move just seems really selfish to me given all of the money they are using to renovate their homes, buy their clothes, take vacations, and everything else they receive as free perks. Also we were told Kate was busy working on increasing her portfolio of solo engagements it seems like this contradicts what we are now hearing- that there are no plans for her to do so. They do one thing and their press say something else. This couple is becoming less of a strength for the RF. They had so much potential but over the years they seem to be retreating. I wonder why.

      1. I can’t believe they would have used (or will ever use) a surrogate womb, if for no other reason than it couldn’t be kept secret…too many people would have to know about it and at least one of them would “talk”. Someone asked Ann Landers if she thought two people could keep a secret and she replied, “Yes, if one of them is dead.”

        1. I loved Ann Landers. Sure it would have to be an elaborate undertaking to hide a surrogacy, but they do have the power and means to do it if anyone could. But if they were going to do it again, hiding in the country would be a way to try. I can’t say for sure that is why they are going there now. It is just a thought. Like the thought how does a blue eyed and bright green eyed set of parents get a dark brown eyed child that has his own looks by the way. I know there are exceptions reported about genetics and eye color. But it is interesting in any event given the surrogacy rumors. None of the grandparents have those dark eyes either. But I admit, there are genetic exceptions reported in some articles I’ve read. Who knows! Would be interesting to see the reactions of the public if it were. Maybe they wouldn’t care at all.

  18. We’re all discussing a potential abdication in historical context and how the Royals feel about it…it occurs to me that the reason Will won’t abdicate is because Carole Middleton and Waity Katey will never allow it. She wasn’t waitin’ for nothin’!

  19. The Parliament should stop giving handouts to those not doing any royal duties. Payment should be made based on amount of work done.

  20. Actually Parliament doesn’t pay for any royals anymore. And the Prince of Wales always paid (and continues to) for Willy and Waity and Harry, aside from police and military protection. The Sovereign Support Grant pays for the entirety of the Royal Family’s public expenditures based upon the income of the Crown Estate year-to-year. Parliament pays nothing. So much for incentive.

  21. This comment is by far the best one on the Daily Mail’s website. It is from Labarynthine.

    Totally agree Amanda. I am in East Anglia and have seen EEAA in action a number of times (and support them with donations). They fly into very tight spaces and so use a small helicopter with room for two medics, patient and a single pilot. So surprise! A spanking new EC145 is arriving at Marshalls Airfield in Cambridge which holds two pilots, three crew and one patient for William. As William will only meet minimum training requirements after his course this is indicating he will only be flying as co-pilot and the extra ‘medic’ is a protection officer. Further it’s an hour and a half from Sandringham to Cambridge on a notoriously busy road. Perhaps the new chopper bought by the Queen from SSG will be used to drop him off? It’s all total nonsense and EEAA should realise the only people who profit from this sort of ‘celebrity royal’ endorsement is the ‘celebrity royal’, not the charity.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  22. Oh c’mon people….give this poor guy a break….his mummy died. OK, so she baited the papparazi and allowed herself to be driven at breakneck speed by a drunk….his mummy died and since he is the only one in the entire universe ever to suffer such a loss he should absolutely be allowed to live a hedonistic life style and his every whim should be humored. If he wants to play with his whirly birds again and risk people’s lives who are we to say ENOUGH! This is the most incredibly arrogant thoughtless and downright dangerous act on the part of a selfish, whiny, petulant man/child…..he is putting lives in danger….and now we’ll probably be ‘subjected’ to waity’s worrying herself skinny about her prince and the horrible woes of being a single parent….

    1. It’s man-child, not man/child. The latter implies he is both, when he is a child in the body of a man. Otherwise spot on. 🙂

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