Will, Kate and Harry view the poppy installation at the Tower of London

Will, Kate and Harry view the poppy installation at the Tower of London

The young royals continued their WWI commemorative events yesterday at the Tower of London. Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry visited the Tower to view the ceramic poppy installation “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” by Paul Cummins. The installation will consist (the last poppy will be placed on November 11) of 888,246 ceramic poppies–one for each British fatality during the war. The poppies are all handmade. The poppies are available to buy for £25, with the proceeds going to six service charities. According to the Royal Historic Palaces website, 10% from each poppy plus all net proceeds will go to the charities. If every poppy sells for £25, they will make £2,220,615 for charity.

Now me being my cynical self, I can’t help but wonder why only 10% of the £25 is actually going to the charities. Does it really cost £22.5 to make each poppy? Where is that money going if not to the charities? Aren’t they using volunteers to make the poppies, they shouldn’t have to pay anyone, right? I realize there is the cost of the product to make each poppy, but does that really cost £22.5 per poppy? That seems like too much for the amount of clay and stain they’re using for each one, right? Is the rest of that money going to the Tower, to fund upkeep and such? If so, then I could get behind that, seeing as preserving that history is important, but if not then all the proceeds should go toward the charities. This is a problem I have with a lot of charities, that most of the money you give is not going toward the people/places/animals you are trying to help. It kind of reminds me of when Kim Kardashian did a ebay sale or something where she auctioned off her clothes “for charity”, but really only donated 10% to charity and kept the rest for herself. Sorry about that rant, I hate to take away from the beauty/sadness that is the installation (it really is a beautiful sight, and sad to think about how many people died), but I always question the way charities are run. I only donate once I’ve really investigated where my money is going. I questioned Sofia Hellqvest’s charity, too. At least the poppy thing is upfront about how much is going to the charity, unlike Sofia’s which is a bit sketchier. That being said, 2 million is a lot of money, I just wish more of the people’s money was going to the actual charities. Anyway, let’s get back to the purpose of the post.

Will, Kate, and Harry toured the installation, met with the representatives of the charities, and each planted a poppy. I have to say, Will and Kate’s jobs are pretty damn cushy. I mean, all they do is show up and chat to people, look around, and get their photos taken. It’s really not that hard at all. I don’t know why they complain so much about it. Is it just that they don’t want to be told what to do, so they rebel against the chusiest job in the world because their parents/grandparents/advisers tell them to do it? What is wrong with them? Huh, I’m really ranty today. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack this post with my rants. Let’s do pictures and video.

Kate repeated a blue LK Bennett dress from February–the one that kind of looks like a flight attendant’s outfit because of the lapels. Eh, at least she’s wearing a straight skirt. You know, Kate has a ton of cute dresses but for some reason only repeats ones I’m not in love with recently. I wish she’d dig around in that gigantic closet of hers and brings back some of the cute pieces from a few years ago. Kate brought back her Stuart Weitzman navy Muse clutch and sapphire and diamond Diana earrings. Kate wore a new pair of navy suede Jimmy Choo heels. Kate has other navy suede heels, but these have a thicker heel. Kate has about three different pairs each of navy suede pumps, black pumps, and nude pumps (for the nudes, I think she had way more than three pairs). I hate to get all picky, but she really needs to up her shoe game. I know there are royal protocols about footwear, but still, she could have more fun with it. I guess she’s not a shoe person. Another new piece was her necklace; it’s Mappin and Webb “Empress Mini White Gold and Diamond” pendant, which retails for £1,850. It’s cute, much better than the other Mappin and Webb necklace she has. PS. She really likes blue, doesn’t she.

Mappin and Webb Empress Mini White Gold and Diamond pendant

Kate planting her poppy.
Kate planting a poppy
[Tower of London Facebook]

Kate at one point touched her face under her eye. The press latched on to the “she was wiping a tear” thing, but she could have just been brushing an eyelash or something. Who knows. Hopefully it was real emotion. PS. The Ginger in a suit doesn’t do it for me for some reason. Usually I love a man in a suit but Harry looks best in a polo shirt.

For kicks, here’s Kate being greeted by one of the escorts. Not only did the woman curtsy to Kate, which is funny, but they wore the same color. Twinsies!

Some pictures of Will, Kate and Harry walking through the poppies.
Will Kate and Harry Tower of London poppy
[Tower of London Facebook]

Will, Kate and Harry Tower of London
[Rebecca English Twitter]

God Kate’s posture is terrible. Like, I used to make fun of her for it, but now I just feel badly for her. She really needs to correct that, it’s going to cause her terrible pain. She looks halfway to my Aunt Jean, who had osteoporosis and was super hunched over.
Will Kate and Harry Tower of London poppy installation
[Tower of London Facebook]

A view of the poppies at the Tower and how enormous the installation is.
Tower of London poppy installation
[Royal Historic Palaces Twitter]

Here’s a video about the poppy making.

54 thoughts on “Will, Kate and Harry view the poppy installation at the Tower of London

  1. So does Britain not see the irony of needing money for support for wounded serviceman and families when they invite their rich family who suck up public funds to refurbish palaces and buy helicopters for their own personal use – to open the installation? I’m guessing they don’t.

    1. LOL. And they picked the laziest of the rich bunch, too, with the worst financial PR after the disaster of the KP renovations + helicopter + move to Anmer.

    2. kate middleton has been hailed in the hall of fame in vanity fair. it’s much better that she’s in the HALL OF SHAME, FALL OF FAME, HELL OF FAME. after all the wind blowing of skirts and wardrobe malfunctions? imagine if she’s to be wearing the crown of QEII her dress is blown by the wind AGAIN for the nth time!!!!

      1. She’s been on the Vanity Fair best dressed list for the last 4 years or something. I guess they just whitewash her ass flashing.

        1. The Best Dressed list used to mean something. Now it’s all about selling magazines and doing so by catering to pop culture. How disappointing.

          1. I agree with Dag’s comment about the media catering to pop culture now. It is indeed disappointing. I long for the good old days when Vogue featured truly beautiful models on their covers, not vapid Hollywood celebrities. Although she has not been featured on a Vogue cover, Kate seems to be championed by the media and in the polls more in the manner of a “celebrity” than a royal lady. Sadly, I guess that’s what sells.

  2. The Duchess posture is so bad due to how thin she has got, she is all bent over, she makes pencil slim close fitted dresses look baggy. There is something seriously very wrong with a woman of her maturity so very underweight. It is having an effect on her looks she is very lined in the face for someone of her years, if she thinks looking that skinny in the tights leggings etc.. is attractive she needs to think again. You can get away maybe with that look when you are 16 or so but not her age, and certainly with not who she represents, very inappropriate. She was softer and prettier when she was a little more rounded, that photo is terrible of her

    1. I used to laugh at her terrible posture, but now it just makes me sad. She really needs to do something about it.

      1. In the “twinsies!” picture with the older woman, you’ll notice both of them have the exact same posture. That woman has the excuse of age and what really appears to be upper-back issues (perhaps a hump due to a curved spine?), whereas Kate is just … sort of lumbering around like a rail-thin Frankenstein.

        1. Kate’s posture isn’t as bad as that woman’s, but it could be if she doesn’t correct it now.

    1. I saw that. I’d be interested to see what he actually writes. My guess is it will be mostly about the Queen, given that he was *her* aide, not Charles’. I’m surprised he’s even writing a book though, given the amount of NDAs I’m sure they made him sign.

  3. She would look fine if she went softer on the makeup, have the hem shorter, lower the heel, pull back her hair, and wear a hat/fascinator. She needs to look at Sophie, Char, and Mary for inspiration. As far as tears; I don’t buy it. All that mascara and liner got clumped up.

    1. She really needs to change the way she does her makeup. She wears such heavy eye makeup for day events, and it’s the same heavy makeup for night events. There needs to be a difference, no one needs super heavy eye makeup during the day.

    2. I was sort of surprised to find myself thinking, “Why doesn’t she have a hat on?” Then I sort of chided myself for being so archaic as to expect the woman in the trio to cover her head. But, really, she looks too “posh” for the tenor of this appearance. The signature dolly curls parted down the center. It’s like she’s dressed for afternoon tea — while walking through a sea of “blood” poppies signifying the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Her handlers so consistently miss the mark, and I just cannot comprehend how that is possible. Surely these people can afford the best PR advisers in the world, right?

  4. I don’t hugely mind this dress itself- of her outfits, it’s among her best “working royal” choices. But, this outfit is suited to meeting people at a school or a ribbon cutting. Did she not have anything more elegant for this engagement?

    1. If I remember correctly, that dress comes in white and purple also. I’d prefer those colors over this blue. It’s a nice dress, with a straight skirt that is rare for her, and works well for school events and such–the last time she wore it was at a school.

      1. White and purple would have been much nicer to see. I’m kind of sick of seeing her in blue- royal, navy, everything. Between this and the Stella McCartney dress, I almost feel like she’s purposely chosen this blue shade as deliberate branding with Diana’s ring- to make it hers and be identified as part of the royal fabric. I also think this is her safe choice, but it’s repetitive.

        1. She definitely prefers wearing blue. Didn’t William say his favorite color was blue? Maybe she wears blue because William likes it?

          1. Kate was asked about her fave hue. “I don’t know if I have a favorite color.” She turned to William and questioned, “What’s yours?” William answered, “Definitely blue.” Kate mused, “I think mine is white.”

            She is just so dim.

  5. Thank you for posting the videos! I really enjoyed them. I think that Kate looked great and her dress/jewelry and shoes was a good look, however, I do agree with the comment that it’s not appropriate for this event. Outside of that, I think THT did an awesome job! Your other point about how easy PW/Kate job is and why they don’t embrace it, well they have nothing to bench mark their royal duties against (neither one of them has really worked), therefore, they don’t appreciate the privilege. As far as the ginger Prince, IMO, he looks best in his military uniform.

    1. I like my Harry in a polo and white pants and riding boots… and all sweaty after riding a horse. That’s my favorite Harry.

      I really like the new necklace Kate debuted; I hope she brings that back.

      Very true about not having a benchmark to know what a privilege their lives and jobs are.

  6. I’d prefer her in floaty skirts. She looks way too old in these shifts. The dress has fitting issues especially the 2 gigantic diagonal draglines from the bust to the waist on both sides. This is probably the worse fitting dress I’ve seen on her.

    And I agree with the shoes. They’re boring. I just had a pair of shoes custom made with 3.5 inch heels. I am scared just looking at how high they are. How does the Duchess survive with those sky high heels? But her shoes are Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman etc… and they’re not suppose to hurt your feet right?

    1. I have no idea how Kate navigates in those enormous heel she wears. I mean, she’s walking a lot during these things. But I guess she’s used to them.

      I happen to like the flared skirt silhouette that Kate favors, the problem is that Kate doesn’t weight her hems and then we get photos of her ass at public events. Because she refuses to weight her hems to prevent flashing people while at official royal duties, the best thing for her is to wear a straight skirt.

    2. I agree Waity has fitting issues with the bustline of this dress- because she doesn’t have one. The overall cut of the design would really flatter someone with curves and a little extra weight. This dress is a nice choice, but because she’s already skinny, it brings nothing flattering to her figure.

  7. My grandfather lost his brothers in WW1, my other grandfather lied about his age so he could enlist and fight. All this for a smirking lazy piece who couldn’t even bother to tidy her hair up? Kate shows no respect at all! Or does she even care? Sorry but I’m even more unimpressed ith her. The installation looks amazing and is good to remind people just how many were lost but did Kate really have to be there too?

    1. I wish Prince Andrew had been there with Prince William & Prince Harry as Andrew also does a fine job of being a Royal as well as
      former soldier.

      1. You should spend a bit of time reading up on Prince Andrew and his associates because he is the LAST person who should be representing Britain for any purpose. Seriously, if you think he does a “fine job” as a royal, you haven’t been paying attention.

        1. Prince Andrew was in the position that Prince Harry currently is, for years. It wasn’t so long ago that Prince Andrew was the dashing poster boy of the Royals and he did an admirable job to do with the Falklands war in addition to his foreign affairs stints representing England abroad. The man’s long term track record of YEARS of service is something to be remembered. People commonly underestimate Prince Andrew……he’s still on ‘team Royal’.

          1. Yes, but also remember Andrew’s connection to skeevy characters and the fact that he wasted a ton of money flying first class with all his advisers and protection officers during his many, many overseas trips. He’s had his fair share of scandal.

    2. I noticed Kate’s grey hair at this event. She clearly hasn’t had her hair done recently. I guess the last time she had it done was on July 2. I don’t know why she wouldn’t get her hair done before going to Belgium and meeting the King and Queen. It’s not like she didn’t have time or anything.

  8. Agree with you on Kate’s hair! Must also point out that it looks like PH forgot to have his suit dry cleaned!! It’s all wrinkled and frumpy compared to PW. These small details are unacceptable. Kate should have her hair appointments on a routine schedule (this has happened before) and how is it that PH’s suit looks like this?? Not a good look for PH (who I really want to give a pass because in watching the videos, PH is way better at relating to and engaging people than PW/Kate).

    1. I hadn’t even noticed Harry’s suit until you mentioned it. (I am not a huge Harry fan, he is just OK, IMO.) You are so right! It does have sort of a just-picked-this-off-the-floor-and-threw-it-on look. LOL!

    2. I didn’t notice that, but yeah. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like him in the suit.

  9. One more thing, Kate is very comfortable wearing heels. Remember she likes to prove this every chance she gets by wearing heels when playing sports!

      1. Kate has a long back and short legs. If she were to wear a dress with a regular waist-height (instead of the raised waist on her garments which sits unnaturally below her bustline) you would notice Kate’s long back.
        The heels are also to make her legs appear longer.
        If you look at photos of Kate when she was still a nobody it is obvious that she has a long back and short legs as she had not yet at that point adapted her clothing to give the illusion of longer legs. Ha, the woman is a FAKE ! (but most people in fashion circles do know these kind of dressmaking tricks.)
        –observations of a a dressmaker here.

        1. I disagree with the “short legs” comment. There are several pictures of Kate in a bathing suit that IMO shows that her legs and torso are in proportion to each other. She does have the slight curvature in her spine that may make it seem otherwise. The older lady in blue has osteoporosis.

          1. You can disagree but designers agree, short legs, long torso. The measurement from her feet to her crotch (for lack of a nicer word) is the same or shorter than the length from her crotch to her shoulders.



            Look at pictures of Queen Mathilde to see someone with legs proportionally longer than her torso. Note, Mathilde is wearing flats in this picture, not heels. The length of her legs from bottom of her foot to crotch is greater than the length from her crotch to her shoulders.


  10. her hair to me is the biggest problem, why not tie it back, princess victoria of sweden does it all he time, waity hair make her look messy and too pagent lke., and she should try to change high to low heels, other princess does it all the time, leti and char do it all the time! And lastly its a no no to appear in sky high wedies to jump around, playing volleyball, jumping over tins, its very risky!

    1. My2Pence Kate Middleton is not and will never be 5’9” or 5’10” unless she has on heels. I agree with the fact that there is a lot of “smoke and mirrors going on with her height”. IMO she is about 5’7″. If you have a chance google picture of a 5’10” Nicole Kidman standing next to Kate or take a look at pictures of a 5’9″ Cameron Diaz. Its clear that Kate isn’t 5’9″. So if you apply measurements of a 5’9″ woman on to that of a 5’7″ woman your measurements will always be off, IMO.

      1. CrazyAMG: The British Vogue link that My2Pence provided cites Kate’s height as slightly over 5’8″, which seems about right. The proportions cited in the other links My2Pence provided are relevant to Kate’s leg-to-torso ratio whether she is 5’7″, 5’8″ or 5’9″ tall. Kate may have beautifully shaped legs as a result of a dedicated diet and exercise regime, but her legs are undeniably short relative to her long torso. There is nothing wrong with that; it just is what it is. The “smoke and mirrors” dressing techniques which you and others have noted only contribute to what many consider to be “fake” about Kate.

      2. Yes, both articles definitely overstate KM’s height. I think 5’6″, from photos of her next to William when she’s wearing shoes that add 5-6″ to her height. Queen Mathilde is rumored to be 5’10” (I think she’s really 5’11”)

  11. I hate it when people have to bow or curtsey and smile to her. After all that booze and drama that her life has entailed, she is not a good role model at all.

  12. u earn respect, you do not demand it, examples of women who earned respect, Diana, leitizia, maxima, even charlene had to earn it, and yes L would never ever curtsy to waity!!

    1. None of those women you mentioned would ever curtsy to Kate, because they all outrank her. I agree about having to earn respect.

    2. It makes me laugh when I see photos of people bowing to Kate. Monarchy is so phony, your status is elevated by your closeness to the crown, regardless of who you are. By the logic of ‘right to rule by birth,’ I should be able to be the head physicist at NASA controlling the shuttles, even though I can barely make it through advanced science and maths. Say NASA ran their system like the British ruling class does, if my father was the last one, I could be the next, even if I’m slow in said occupation. It’s just illogical and absurd. Kate is a normal, average citizen and getting respect and reverence from complete strangers for no reason at all other than her association. If I ever met a ‘royal’ I would treat them like any other person. No way in hell would I bow

  13. I don’t think any of us would look fantastic in natural sunlight with high res photos, but she does look older than her age. Whenever she’s photographed indoors, however, she looks quite young and supple. Ah well we can’t all have skin like Jessica Alba

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