Queen joins Obama and other heads of state for D-Day commemorations (DoE, Charles, Camilla, Will & Kate join in)

Queen joins Obama and other heads of state for D-Day commemorations (DoE, Charles, Camilla, Will & Kate join in)

Obama helps Queen, Putin is sidelined

“These men waged war so that we might know peace.  They sacrificed so that we might be free.  They fought in hopes of a day when we’d no longer need to fight.” – President Obama.

On June 6, 1944, the Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy.  To mark the 70th anniversary of that day, about 20 heads of state and world leaders gathered for a commemoration at Sword Beach.  There were a number of events the world leaders participated in, as well as meeting veterans.  The Queen laid a wreath at a memorial at the British War Cemetary in Bayuex.  President Obama made a speech at Omaha Beach.  There was a lunch for the leaders, and a group photo was taken.  The header photo is a photo of the Queen walking down the steps after the group photo was taken—yes, that’s Putin standing all by himself while others help the Queen down the stairs; really says it all.

[Video of Obama’s speech; transcript of the speech]

As far as British royals go, Prince Charles and Camilla joined the Queen and Duke of Edinbrough in Normandy.  There were other European royals, including (but not limited to) Queen Margrethe of Denmark and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (and Queen Maxima) [W-A is the man behind the man in glasses and Max is the woman in yellow in the photo].

William and Kate were also on hand for some D-Day commemorations.  They were not in attendance at the official ceremony, but rather attended a tea party with veterans in Arromanches and an event at Gold Beach where William laid a wreath.

There was a State Dinner in the evening; it was in the Queen’s honor.  The Queen wore her Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara and gave a speech.

Queen at State Dinner
[President of France and the Queen; photo from Elysee twitter]

In order not to pull focus from the commemorations (even though we’re still going to talk about it), Kate chose previously worn pieces for her outfit.  She wore the light blue Alexander McQueen bespoke coat she previously wore during the Tour, a black hat she previously wore while pregnant, and her sapphire and diamond earrings.

William and Kate in Normandy
[photo from Emily Andrews twitter]

Today really is about the veterans who fought and died for our freedom during World War II.  I cannot do them justice, so go here for great pictures and summary of the day’s events.

The Queen was in Paris yesterday.  Here is an article about her visit.  I want to draw attention to this photo, the best photo of the Queen and Philip ever.  They’re adorable.

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15 thoughts on “Queen joins Obama and other heads of state for D-Day commemorations (DoE, Charles, Camilla, Will & Kate join in)

  1. Thanks for the first photo showing New Zealand’s Governor General (he’s the Queen’s Representative in NZ) and Barak Obama giving the Queen a helping hand down the stairs!

  2. I was able to watch a little of the ceremony on television today, and I was deeply moved by all of it.

    And I’m really, REALLY glad the networks that I watched kept the focus where it should’ve been and didn’t turn it into a “Countdown to William and Kate”.

    If you haven’t seen it, France sent the US one million rose petals that were dropped on top of the Statue of Liberty. I would’ve loved to have been there to see that:


    1. Those petals are amazing! I love that they did that.

      I’m glad they didn’t focus too heavily on Will and Kate, too. That’s why I didn’t really want to focus on them either, because it wasn’t about them.

  3. For those of us who love bling, the Queen really broke it out yesterday with that fringe brooch during the day and the tiara, necklace and earrings at night. Incredible.

  4. Does anyone here think Kate (or anyone close to her…Mum? Pippa?) reads this blog and people’s comments? Does she have any kind of a fashion advisor? Why is she wearing that hideous blue coat with the enormous pockets and flaps? That coat was 5th out of 22 on KMR’s poll of least favorite outfits from the Down Under tour. I hereby volunteer…Kate, if you are reading this, please let me come and be your stylist. I will actually work for room and board and the chance to cuddle George now and then.

    1. Oh no, Dag! She will work you into poverty and most likely won’t listen to your good advice. Most people that work for the RF don’t get paid much anyway. It’s supposed to be the “honor”of working for them and there is a ton of catiness between the long time workers and newbies. No fun at all.

      1. They are also given free meals. Some people are also given a place to live.

        1. Yes, about the free meals – but I don’t think it’s 3 meals a day – only relative to your shift. The grace & favour apartments I believe only apply to long time workers (more than 5 years or more).

          1. I figured as much, re the grace and favor apts. Kind of like a reward for time served or something.

    2. Sigh, those pockets and flaps are terrible.

      The media was reporting that Kate’s fashion adviser was some young personal assistant whose fashion sense Kate liked. Well, that chick isn’t doing a great job. Kate really needs someone more fashionable and knowledgeable to help with her wardrobe.

      1. That blue coatdress was worn during the AUS/NZ trip, so on the upside it’s good to see Kate recycling her wardrobe not to take attention away from the event by wearing something new. On the downside, that outfit is a cross between a mechanic’s overall and a housedress with those hideous deep flapped pockets. She’s so thin that all those details just overwhelm her. I hope she retires it for good now after this occasion.

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