Poll results: least favorite outfit/hat (+ upcoming appearances)

Poll results: least favorite outfit/hat (+ upcoming appearances)

Here are the poll results for the Least Favorite Outfit and Least Favorite Hat polls.  I’m including a few Kate and William things at the end of the post—an upcoming engagement, a possible new bum-gate, and a possible new career path for Will.  So, onto the poll results…

The winner for Least Favorite Outfit is… not surprising at all: the Erdem green coat with 19.19% of the vote.  Yep, not surprising; the coat is boxy and the zipper feels out of place and/or unfinished.  No one seemed to like this coat—not even William; he said it was “too bright”.
Least Favorite Outfit Winner

Rounding out the Top Five:

2nd:  Catherine Walker red coat with 13.13% of the vote

3rd:  Lela Rose white dress with 10.10% of the vote

4th:  Catherine Walker green coat with 8.08% of the vote

5th:  Alexander McQueen light blue coat with 7.07% of the vote

Any surprises here?  I knew the green Catherine Walker coat would take a hit.  It was the only other outfit to receive 0 votes in the “Favorites” poll.  So I’m not surprised to see it in the top five here.  The red Catherine Walker coat also isn’t surprising—it’s that flight attendant thing.  I’m a bit surprised to see the Lela Rose white dress (the doily one), not because I don’t think it should be here (I do), but because this dress was also in the top five for Favorite Outfit.  Interesting.

Least Favorite Outfit 2-5

The rest of the field, from 6-22:

6th:  Zimmermann white day dress with 6.06% of the vote

7th:  Alexander McQueen pink shirt and skirt with 5.05% of the vote

Tied for 8th with 4.04% of the vote:  Jenny Packham black cocktail dress; Diane von Furstenburg blue and white print dress; Roksanda Ilincic coffee-colored dress; Hobbs Wessex dress

Tied for 12th with 3.03% of the vote: Emilia Wickstead teal dress; Rebecca Taylor dark blue tweed skirt suit; Roksanda Ilincic yellow/white dress; No Id yellow broderie anglaise dress

16th:  Michael Kors blue tweed coat with 2.02% of the vote

17th:  Luisa Spagnoli red skirt suit with 1.01% of the vote

Tied for 18th with 0% of the vote: Tory Burch black/white patterned dress; LK Bennett blue/white poppy dress; Alexander McQueen dove grey coat; Stella McCartner blue dress; Temperley black coat

Interestingly enough, the Zimmermann white dress came in 6th on both polls.  Both the Stella McCartney blue dress and the Temperley black coat ranked low on both polls.  The best I can figure is that while no one really liked those outfits, no one really disliked them either.  Ranking about the same on both polls (that I haven’t already mentioned) include the pink Alexander McQueen separates, the coffee Roksanda Ilincic dress, and the no id yellow dress.

[click on the photo to enlarge it to read the type]
Least Favorite Outfit Royal Tour 2014 Pie Chart
Favorite v Least Favorite comparison

No surprises with the winner for Least Favorite Hat.  The Jonathan Howard Demented Bunny hat won with 50.62% of the vote.  I’m a bit surprised by how many people didn’t like the Gina Foster red hat, which received 34.57% of the vote for second place.  But then again I probably shouldn’t be since so many people compared Kate to a flight attendant when she wore that one.  The Jane Taylor teal hat and grey hat came in third and fourth with 9.88% and 4.94%, respectively.  I’m not surprised with the order in which the hats landed.  If I had to rank the hats by my favorite, it would be the grey, teal, red, dark blue.

Least Favorite Hat
Least Favorite Hat Royal Tour 2014 Pie Chart

This coming Thursday, May 29, William and Kate will visit Scotland.  As the Earl and Countess of Strathearn they will visit Strathearn, Perth and Kinross.  They will visit Strathearn Community Campus, they’ll visit MacRosty Park, and they’ll visit Scotland’s oldest distillery, the Famous Grouse Distillery.

At least Kate is doing an appearance in the month of May, but it’s just too bad she had to wait until the end of the month.  Aside from the Tour, this will be Kate’s fifth (5th) appearance this year.  From the beginning of January until the end of May she will have made five (5) whole appearances.  Damn.

It has been confirmed that William and Kate will be in Normandy for D-Day commemorations on Friday, June 6.  They will attend a veterans’ tea party and the Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings at Gold Beach.

We might have another bum-gate on our hands if this Express article is true.  It is reporting that some pap got and is trying to sell a photo of Kate’s bare bum while she was getting off the helicopter in the Blue Mountains, because the helicopter blew up her skirt to expose her bum to anyone around.  There were pics of Kate holding her skirt down at the time.  The Express is saying it’s a new “invasion of privacy” issue, but that’s BS.  She was in public, on public property, while on a public engagement; there is no expectation of privacy there.  Who knows if this is true, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  But it really is getting annoying having to talk about this over and over and over again.  If she just weighted her damn hems we’d never have to talk about her bare ass again.  Sigh.  You know, I really hope this isn’t true.  Here’s a question, though, why does she not wear underwear while on official engagements?  Or was she wearing a thong which exposed her butt cheeks?  I never want answers to these questions; just wear underwear and weight your hems, please, Kate!

It’s being reported in the Times that William is going to take a new job instead of go full-time into royal duties—because William is a baby and is throwing tantrums by refusing to do his royal duty and go full-time.  Reportedly, Will plans to take a job as an air ambulance pilot with the East Anglian air ambulance service—which is near Amner Hall.

In the interest of full discloser, I haven’t read the entire article.  I don’t have a subscription to the Times so I was only able to read the first five paragraphs.  If anyone does have a subscription to the Times and can read the entire article, please let me know if there is anything of interest in the rest of the article.  From what little I got, it doesn’t look like Will is going to be stepping up his royal duties anytime soon, which means neither is Kate.  So I guess that “busy summer” the royal reporters were talking about is out the window.  Damn.

25 thoughts on “Poll results: least favorite outfit/hat (+ upcoming appearances)

  1. i was looking at that pic of her and william coming off the helicopter and shes holding down her dress, she really looks like a silly 19 year old going on a date with her boyfriend, waity really needs to stop her acting and behave like a grown respectable mother, wife and duchess, shes annoying!!

  2. I think the best thing I saw related to that Times article was on Twitter. I follow royalwindsor I think it is, and they commented about what kate would do if he does indeed take this job, more royal duties or persue a career of her own! It made me laugh the thought of kate wanting a career! The biggest problem I have with the job being near Amner Hall….I just cannot imagine kate wanting to live there full time, away from London!

    1. “royal duties or persue a career of her own” — Hahahahahaha, like she would chose either of them. If Will takes another job, Kate will do what she’s done up till now–nothing. She’s continue on with a few engagements here and there, but mostly she’ll be a “taking care of George” and whatever else she does (shopping!!).

      I agree that I can’t see her spending a ton of time at Anmer. I think she’ll visit, of course, but won’t live there full time. She loves London, and shopping, so I think she’ll live there full time. Will will live at Anmer full time, and they’ll live apart mostly. At least that’s what I see happening if Will takes that job.

  3. If the article is true, how can being an air ambulance pilot prepare him for royal duties? I always figured they preferred the country to London and as time goes on it will be clear that Amner is more the DoCs permanent residence.

    1. Correction: William prefers country to London. Kate was flying to London for shopping as much as she could, often for a few days, when they lived in Anglesey.

      1. Yep, it will likely be the same with Kate flying into London while PW works. Interesting -it seems they need that time apart, because flying air ambulances usually require long shifts – just like his prior job. Now, while every couple needs some time apart (it’s healthy), I just worry this will be another excuse for them to be living ultra major lavishly while proclaiming they are “just like everyone else.” While it would be nice for her to increase her duties, I don’t think she will, as living in the country will be the PERFECT excuse to avoid them (oh, it’s too far), she’s taking care of PG, etc. Unfortunately, I only see more of the same for the upcoming future.-

        1. That’s the problem I see with Will taking this new job, Kate won’t step up her duties because Will won’t. Gah, they are so annoying. I want to punch Will in the face.

    2. “how can being an air ambulance pilot prepare him for royal duties” – It doesn’t. Will’s just being a big baby and doesn’t want to take on royal duties.

      I can see Anmer being Will’s primary residence, but I can’t see it being Kate’s, she love shopping too much to leave London forever.

        1. You know, he could go full time royal and still fly every weekend if he wanted to. I’m sure there are places that would let him fly any time he wanted. Hell, the RF has helicopters to fly the royals to appearances and stuff, why can’t they let him fly one of those copters on the weekends? There is no reason, other than Will’s lack of wanting to be a working royal, for him to not be a full time working royal.

    1. Don’t blame him for being upset with that one. Yes, it does look like he is yelling at her. I’d bet he yells at her a lot. Too bad none of it seems to sink in. But then again when someone yells at you constantly, you tend to ignore it after a while.

    1. Oh wow – good find Halia. It really does look like he is “having a few words” with her. You know, I am starting to believe that she really believes she is some kind of real Disney-like princess, where all the cute animals – like fluffy rabbits, sprite fawn, and of course, the all important birds-in-waiting, who will magically appear to hold down her skirt/make any last minute repairs, all while she is walking. Doesn’t she get that whenever she is around an airport/planes/helicopters – the wind picks up and that can allow for her skirts to rise? There are reasons for the Royal Protocol of dress, and having longer hems is one great example. Kate looks good in longer skirts, and Diana showed that you can be very fashionable while being a royal. Again, I don’t expect her to be like Diana, as those are awful big shoes to fill, but she does bring alot of it on herself by ALWAYS wearing that sapphire engagement ring.

      1. Kate could be fashionable, and show off personality with her style while still keeping withing royal protocol, she just doesn’t. She really needs a proper royal dresser–not some 20 year old PA–who can force her to wear appropriate outfits. And weight her damn hems!

        I don’t think she should have to not wear her engagement ring. A lot of women wear their engagement rings a lot. It’s not Kate’s fault William was too cheap/lazy to pick out a unique engagement ring for her. Granted she probably wanted Diana’s ring, but still, William is a lazy, cheap bastard.

        1. About the engagement ring, I didn’t mean to make it sound like she shouldn’t wear it – but it holds such strong memories along with strong emotions that most people who remember Diana have a hard time seeing it on someone so different. Of course, it is hers now, and she is free to wear it. I just feel that because every pic of her shows her with it on – the circumstances really can’t help those that want to make Diana comparisons. And to be fair to Kate, I think it’s good to try to minimize that.

          1. True, that ring does bring up memories of Diana. But I think those comparisons will be made regardless of whether Kate wears her engagement ring or not.

  4. Very good overview of least favorite outfit and hat. Hopefully we want see that green coat again! I agree with you Kate needs to relent and wear the weights! It only takes a nano second to give her detractors fuel to flame their desires to paint her in a negative light. As far as the comment on her engagement ring, I like most women, have rarely taken mine off since my proposal. Why should Kate be different! PW is an ASS sometimes. Again in a nano second he fuels the flames against his wife by his public display, surely this could have been done in a private setting.

    1. I’m fearful we’ll see one of those green coats again next St. Patrick’s Day. But hopefully she’ll repeat a different green coat instead.

      I really don’t get why she refuses to weight her hems. There is no logic there. The only thing she gets from not weighting them is negative, she gets nothing positive from it (unless she just likes to piss people off and flash everyone).

      1. Agreed. Do you think the pictures are real or photo shopped? Kate hadn’t been seen since the tour so someone could be trying to create a story???

        1. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it’s photoshopped.

  5. I do not feel sorry for her at all, The sooner she & her family are gone the better! That family will bring down the whole royal family. I wonder if her little game is by misbehaving it is live of the british taxpayer by not giving back? Her behavour is getting worse & worse & the queen has to allow a divorce baby or no baby! Sarah Fuguson was never this bad & she was thrown out! Sarah must better by watching this ignarant woman! I am very suprised that waity’s has been silent i wonder why?

  6. exactly a woman who stalked and waited for a ring for a decade , only to embarass the UK and commonwealth like this, is this the legacy she will always be remembered for, everytime she goes on tour, this woman cant work, cant socialise with RF family, cant dress properly, cant give a proper speech, only spends and spends other peopes money, she is not a royal by blood, and she behaves like she has a right to do anything she wishes, including not working, william needs to let her go, this is becoming too embarrassing for an important institution like this one,

  7. I posted the article and here’s some replies I got on Facebook:
    Royals are just people, and people aren’t perfect.
    If I got a penny for every time my dress has caught a breeze, I’d be loaded. Shame on the people who make a big deal out of it.
    Who cares lol; so judgy.
    She could be wearing a thong, it’s her butt cheeks not her who haa, not that serious.

    I can’t believe people. Guess class has gone out the window.

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