Kate’s EIGHTH “Marilyn Moment”, SECOND bare bum photo hits the web

Kate’s EIGHTH “Marilyn Moment”, SECOND bare bum photo hits the web

I was going to update my previous post, but I didn’t want to sully it, since it was mainly about Kate’s Tour wardrobe, so I made a whole new post for this. If you recall from my previous post I mentioned an Express article that said there was a photo being shopped around of Kate’s bare bum from when she got out of the helicopter at the Blue Mountains while in Australia during the Royal Tour. Well… that photo has come out.

It’s by an amateur photographer apparently, and the photo is kind of fuzzy, but you can clearly see the lower half of Kate’s butt cheeks. I’m not going to post the photo but here is a link to the photo, and here is a link to the article it came from. I haven’t seen the photo on any other site as of the time of this posting, but should it be posted elsewhere or should a row over the photo happen, I’ll update the post.

So let’s run the numbers. By my count, this is the eighth (8th) time Kate’s skirt has flow up in the wind while she was on an official engagement, and this is the second (2nd) bare bum photo we’ve seen (not counting the France photos; those are different as she was not on an official engagement at the time they were taken).

The “Marilyn Moment” (or should we refer to it as the “Kate Moment” now? She’s done it far more than Marilyn did) list goes like this:
4 July 2011: Kate wore an Alexander McQueen nautical-themed dress to an appearance on Prince Edward Island during the Canada Tour in 2011.
7 July 2011: Kate wore a Jenny Packham yellow dress while getting off the plane in Calgary and meeting a young cancer patient. This also included a bare bum photo.
21 February 2012: Kate wore an Orla Kiely brown patterned dress for a visit to Oxford.
19 September 2012: Kate wore a Project D London floral-print dress to change planes in Brisbane, Australia after the SE Asia Tour in 2012.
11 May 2013: Kate wore a Topshop black and white polka-dotted dress to a friend’s wedding… while she was pregnant.
20 November 2013: Kate wore an Orla Kiely navy skirt to a visit to Place2Be, where she greeted children.
6 April 2014: Kate wore a Catherine Walker red coat, and a red dress underneath, while getting off the plane in New Zealand to start the OZ/NZ Tour in 2014.
17 April 2014: Kate wore a Diane von Furstenberg blue and white patterned dress while exiting a helicopter to visit the Blue Mountains in Australia during the Royal Tour.

She’s had two fly-ups every year since she married.

So yeah, eight fly-ups, two bare bum photos. Here’s my question, why doesn’t she wear underwear while on official engagements? Or is she wearing a thong and we can’t see it from the angle of the photo? And why FFS can’t she weight her hems? I just don’t understand the logic behind this. Why would she risk it? She knows she’d get major criticism for it, so why does she court this type of criticism? Or is it some type of FU to her critics? Like she’s throwing her bare bum in our faces just to piss us off (which I could totally see being a possibility; it would be super childish, but I could imagine people doing that–like some teenage brat who moons people just to make them cringe). I understand that there is some type of thrill for some people when they do stuff like this, but how does the thrill it gives one out way the negativity one knows one will get if exposed? I just don’t get it!

Dear Kate: please, please, please WEIGHT YOUR BLOODY HEMS!!

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  1. I just tipped TMZ off to the story, hopefully they’ll sink their teeth into it. They seem somewhat overly fond of bare bums over there, I figured it was worth a shot. Maybe we can do a grass-roots thing, everyone reaches out to a news outlet and recommends the story.

      1. Exposing her body again? This sort of acting out reminds me of behavior displayed by girls who have been abused. There is something very wrong here.

    1. Yeah, now that you mention it, I remember hearing that. I guess she was that childish brat I was talking about… it seems like she never outgrew that phase.

    2. You are hilarious! But to be serious her exhibitionism and prince william candalism betrays a deep unease between these two… It will end in tears: it is not normal for a woman to rely on exposing herself together attention, nor it is normal for a man to tolerate his wife exposing her privates … Something is rotten in the state if Danemark.

  2. This woman literally needs to find her big-girl panties and pull herself together. I simply cannot think of one logical reason that she refuses to weight her hems. This is no longer a mere oversight, this is happening because she WANTS it to happen.

    1. I completely agree with your assessment that she wants these episodes to happen. She could be forgiven if these skirt fly-ups happened as a rarity, but instead – we have come to expect them from her. The issue of (at least appearing) not wearing underwear I find insulting. She appears to have no regard for anything – the Royal Family, her husband, her child, tradition, the country & commonwealth, even herself. These episodes are no longer “Oops!” moments, but sheer degradation of everything I listed above.

      1. Serious question, here. I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a reason she would not make changes to her undergarment situation after the first incident, or definitely the second. Can anyone come up with a plausible reason why she’d continue to wear no slip (that would solve 95% of the problem, no?) or switch to straight skirts when she knows she’ll hit turbulence (like exiting aircraft and helicopters)?

          1. As you mentioned, Kate could be thumbing her nose at her critics and the RF for imposing restrictions on her. This could be her mode of rebellion by reverting back to form. There’s no way at this point that these incidents are accidents, and she makes sure she titillates the public by wearing thongs or nothing at all to further stir up the pot. As mentioned upthread, she has a history of mooning her classmates when younger and has the appropriate nickname for that. As well, she’d been constantly papped getting out of limos during her partying years similarly flashing her nether regions. Anyone else would have been instantly horrified and embarrassed if even one of these hem-flying incidents happened in public, and would have taken immediate steps to rectify it by wearing weighted hems and fitted slips. Not Kate; she obviously revels in these controversies. Knowing that her derriere is now the most famous part of her anatomy and the focus of photographers, you’d think she’d take precautions to deny them the money shot. What she wears beneath her skirt is not something that the world needs see. That this woman is willing to make the world her gynocologist reeks of deeper issues, indeed. And what does it say of William that he deemed this woman appropriate to become a royal and a future Queen Consort. What a mess!

        1. After taking some time to read some old articles from around the wedding, the only thing I can think of and that makes sense given her history is truly some level of exhibitionism. Someone brought to my attention that she was called “Middlebum” while at Marlborough because although normally shy & quiet, mooning while at school made her popular with the boys. I guess she was starting to mature into her “beauty” and guys started to notice her more with this action. Given that, she likes the attention these “oops!” moments bring, and since she cannot “moon” in the normal sense, she can childishly blame the wind and feign ignorance, all the while – loving the attention it brings. Pretty damn sad if you ask me. I’m sure there are other reasons, but putting my readings together with current events, this seems to make the most sense IMO.

          1. I am a clinical psychologist. When I comment that she is an exhibitionist it’s because I truly believe that is the diagnosis we would reach if Kate underwent a battery of psychological/personality evaluations. It can be difficult to understand, since “most” people have some degree of modesty. True exhibitionists actually get a thrill preparing for the exposure. Kate appears not to be wearing underwear in two of the photos…the yellow dress in Canada and the most recent print dress in Australia. If we take her refusal to do anything to try to prevent a fly-up, combined with no panties…she’s getting a thrill over knowing/hoping the wind will blow her dress up because she knows that if/when it does…a show! Someone who is not an exhibitionist would weight her hems and/or close the bottom of her coat and/or wear pencil skirts. The presence or absence of panties would be a private affair, a moot point. I realize many women “go commando” because their partners like it, it makes them feel sexy, maybe they just find it more comfortable. The problem is not her lack of panties…it’s that she lacks panties because she is looking forward to the exposure.
            Now, to everyone who is going to criticize me for making a diagnosis without ever meeting the patient…you’re right, it’s not professional, probably not even ethical. But I can’t help it. She’s the Duchess of Cambridge! Married to the future King of England! Bare-assed! Someone in KP needs to deal with her issues.

    2. Maybe she just likes having sex on the helicopter with her husband….and going without panties makes it a little easier. Maybe their relationship is way better than all of you are suggesting…and they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Didn’t you ever do anything a little risque with your husband after you were married….well, I guess you probably didn’t. Anyway, they’re just a young couple who likes to have fun too.

      1. Pat there is a time and place for those activities. No one wants to know or cares about PW and Kate’s sex life. What most care about is their respect for the Monarch and that their personal activities don’t interfere with their Royal Duties.

        1. CrazyAMG,
          I’ll give you that one, I can see your point…..I just don’t believe that she is an exhibitionist or that there are issues with her relationship which are causing her to not wear panties. Everyone is looking for a scandle….but it just may be poor judgement.

          1. It may have been poor judgement, and I would even give her the benefit of the doubt, the first time. But this crap has happened so many times over the last three years that at this point it is not “poor judgement” to not wear underwear with a flimsy skirt while getting off a helicopter, it’s a decision she’s making. She knows what happens with flimsy skirts in wind, and she’s already flashed us her ass so she knows to wear underwear, she just chooses not to.

      2. I really don’t want to think about there sex life. I wish I didn’t have to think about Kate’s underwear situation. I wish I didn’t know what her ass looked like. I wish she would have some respect for her position and realize that, like AMG said, there is a time and a place for that sort of stuff, and a public engagement is not it.

        1. LOL….I think that you need a cup of Chamomile Tea right about now.
          Go have one and Have a great day!!!!

  3. Kate is an exhibitionist. She also may be narcissistic, I don’t know. She clearly gets a thrill over the mere idea that someone might see her naked butt and that is why she will not weight her hems or wear underwear. I can understand her saying FU to people such as we, who criticize her. What I don’t understand is why she would FU the Queen! Why isn’t the Queen “laying down the law”?

    1. “Why isn’t the Queen “laying down the law”?”

      I think this is a question we should be asking. I can’t imagine the Queen not saying something. But maybe Will tells Kate not to listen or something. I mean, Will is known for his tantrums, maybe he throws one whenever anyone tells he or Kate to change something?

      1. I think she’s got some guts saying HM has told her to “just enjoy her family.” Why don’t I believe this?

      2. And herein lies the problem, that William most likely refuses to listen to any advice and throws his tantrums. I can’t believe that no one has asked him to speak to his wife, or have tried themselves, unless he throws a hissy fit that discourages further intervention. If we think Kate is a mess, William is no doubt worse since he should know better since he was born into the role and should be guiding his wife.

        1. I agree with Feeshalori on the subject of William’s defiance. I’d be willing to bet that when he is criticized, or when Kate is criticized from the top, he disregards it as stuffy and old fashioned and a load of tosh. That said, with his temperament, I would also bet that he uses the Kate criticisms from his family against her whenever it might suit him. i.e. to make her feel badly during an argument.

    2. Dag, I completely agree. I think it’s great that someone with your knowledge is posting, too, btw. She is an exhibitionist.

      I also think a bare ass was exposed in the dress at the Australian airport when they were coming back from their Asian tour. So, in total, we’ve seen three photos of her rear end exposed.

      1. Oh, I hadn’t realized that, do you have a picture? I’ll add it to the collection.

  4. If weighting hems is too much trouble, a simple slip like she wore under the McQueen sailor dress should suffice. That said since i have the sailor McQueen dress, i can tell y’all that it comes with a silk under-dress/lining so seeing it under her dress was a fluke rather than any effort on her part.

    1. I’m with BitchyShoes, totally envious over here. I actually really like that dress and would wear it if I could get one.

  5. no need to make excuses for this woman, we are seeing the real kate, i hope william has realized how this woman is degrading the monarhy, what did william see in her???

    1. Easy, discreet sex.

      Also, she was the only one willing to put up with all his shit.

  6. Oh KMR “Et tu, Brute” Easy discreet sex?? Lets put this in prospective 8 episodes, 2 of which are actual bum exposures. Without knowing her total number of apperances, this would still reflect a very small percentage of exposure at royal engagements. The bottom line is she needs to wear the weights! What she chooses to wear underneath her dresses and for what ever reason is between her and her husband. Wearing the weights would spare us the view and wonder “why” additionally Kate, being a photographer herself” should know that these trashy photographers are going after the “money” shot and are using equipment to catch that moment. If she doesn’t understand this why hasn’t her mother or sister explained this to her. She is surrounded by idiots! This type of stuff shouldn’t happen. Come on Catherine you can do better than this!!!

    1. I disagree that her exposures are only a small percentage of her appearances. She flat out doesn’t do that many! And don’t go blaming “trashy photographers” either. Billy-boy bullies them and I am certain there have been more faux pas that have never come to light because of this. Any coincidence that most of the real flashing is captured OUTSIDE of England? I think not. The British press have bent over backward to protect these two incompetent brats.

        1. Why would you call the photographer “trashy”? The photographer was doing what thousands of other photographers do, trying to get a shot of one of the most famous women in the world. How is that trashy? Kate was making an official, public appearance. She knew what to expect, and privacy was not on that list. It really irritates me that you would malign the photographer! Who, I’ll bet, was wearing underwear.

        2. How ironic that you call the photographer “trashy” when Kate is the one running around with no undies and repeatedly giving everyone free looks. She freakin’ new that cameras were going to be on her 24/7 during this tour and yet she still did zip to maintain her modesty and dignity.

          1. There are professional photographers and there are trashy photographers. One that takes inappropriate pictures under a women’s skirt and shops it around to the highest bidder is a trashy reporter.

          2. This was not a secret upskirt photo taken on a train with a camera phone. Kate Middleton was on public property on a public event where she was paid by the taxpayers to represent them. She chose to dress this way and this photograph is the result of Kate Middleton’s choice. Her behavior is what is classed as trashy, not a photographer who found out days later that she’d accidentally caught this moment. And she has every right to make the choice to sell her photo.

    2. I wholeheartedly disagree. What she wears (or doesn’t wear) under the skirts that blow up is everyone’s business since she is a Royal who is also one of the most photographed women in the world. She is a representative of her country and she needs to dress and act accordingly. And BTW, she’s not a photographer. She may have a camera and take pictures, but she’s certainly not a professional.

      1. Sorry about that I thought I read somewhere that she had taken these beautiful photos in the jungle or somewhere similar.

        1. AMG, she did take photos and published them on their website after their SE Asia tour, and I remember it’s been reported she has a keen interest in photography or at least she did until those photos were published.

    3. Let’s see, the first fly up was the McQueen nautical dress, July 2011… I’ll give her a pass for that one; things happen. The second fly up was the yellow Packham dress, July 2011, and that one showed her bum. I’ll even give her a pass for that one; it was only a few days later and they didn’t have time to properly assess and act seeing as they were on tour. But after that incident she and everyone around her should have seen there was a problem and fixed it. There should have been no more fly ups, no more bare bum shots, because they should have weighted her hems after the yellow dress incident. Or if she really doesn’t want to weight her hems, she should know to wear a pencil skirt whenever she is getting off a plane, helicopter, or any other time when she knows it will be windy, or there is even the slightest chance of wind. The percentage of fly ups to her total number of appearances** Does Not Matter. The problem should have been taken care of after the yellow dress incident.

      As far as what she wears underneath her clothes… that would not be any of our business if she didn’t make it our business by showing us what’s underneath there. If she weighted her hems and we never saw what she wears underneath her clothes, then it wouldn’t matter what she wore. In fact, I really hope I never have to know/see what she wears underneath her clothes again. I wish I’d never known/seen in the first place.

      I hope you don’t get the wrong idea from me, I’m not the type of person who wants her to fail just because. I want her to succeed. I want her to be a great Duchess who looks fabulous, acts appropriately, and does great work for her county and charities. But, unfortunately, that’s not what we have right now. And I will comment on the negative things until she changes them. But I would much rather talk about the positive.

      Re the easy sex comment: That’s likely how their relationship started (the see-through dress). And Will is the type of narcissistic, egomanial douchebag who would demand his girl drop everything to be with him whenever he wanted, or else (and so Kate unfortunately complied). I’m sure their relationship changed at some point. She became his confidant at some point, and she was very loyal, and yes, discreet. William values loyalty and discretion above all else. I think there was a definite comfort there between the two of them. Comfort can easily turn into love (in fact I would argue that if you’re not completely comfortable with someone, then you’re not in love with them). Do I think they love each other? Probably (I don’t know for sure, and no one can, seeing as we are not in that relationship). If you look at pictures of Will’s hand on Kate’s back (I’ll include links at the bottom of the comment), his palm is always flat on her back. That is a sign of that there is affection there. The hand on the back thing is a guiding thing, and not necessarily a sign of affection, but if William did not have any love for Kate at all, then he would either use just the tips of his fingers or he wouldn’t actually touch her and instead only guide by proxy, or “ghost-guide” if you will, where is hand would be near her back but not actually touching it. So I think they probably do love each other, and maybe aren’t very affectionate in public (Will seems to be the one who would be standoffish and not want to be affectionate in public), but I also think they probably get on each other’s nerves (but of course that would happen by now, they’ve been together for, what, 13 years) and I think Will yells a lot.

      To be fair, there is no way to know what their relationship is like, we can only guess from what we see, which is them in public and on display.

      **8 to 238, so 0.03%, if you want to know. You’re right, the percentage of fly ups is low compared to her total number of appearances. But that Does Not Matter. After the second one, there should not have been any more.





      There are others, these are just the ones I found first.

      1. Are you sure he is not just guiding her in the right direction and making sure she keeps up? If a couple are in love and working in tandem then is a guiding hand necessary?

        1. Of course the guiding hand is to guide her, but my point was that if he really didn’t like her he would only use the tips of his fingers or wouldn’t touch her at all. I’ve “ghost-guided” people before, but I don’t actually touch them. I would only flat palm touch someone I cared about.

          1. There are also plenty of photos out there where he is just using his fingertips to shove her the right direction, so it is still 50/50 in my mind.

    1. Yes, William is an ass. It’s the tendency to blame the woman for things more than the man (we should really work to make sure we blame the men equally in situations–which is why I blame Harry more than Kate for their individual nude photo scandals; if I judge equally, Harry is the one more at fault), so Kate gets a lot of the blame for every little thing, but we should really blame them equally, or William more since he is the royal and should know this stuff and be able to tell her.

      1. If Kate has a psychological problem regarding her desire to expose herself, no amount of guidance from William can help her. For that, she needs professional counseling. If he’s encouraging her in this behavior as a means to an end, then his judgment is sorely lacking and he needs help himself.

  7. KMR I agree with the majority of your assessment above (well stated) however I disagree on their relationship. When you are a future King of England, there are women who would jump through hoops to sleep with you and as a one nightstand. Having said that PW didn’t need Kate for that. Also in the 10 years prior to their marriage I haven’t heard of one creditable account that he cheated on her ( this is where I support PW). I respect him for that. Also this IMO is evidence of mutual love and respect. The pics you posted of PW reminded me of the respect he has for Kate. When he wanted to go in a different direction he did the respectful thing and broke up with her. IMO Kate entered into this marriage as a full partner that would look to her husband for guidance and support, this is where PW fails. All his life he has been preparing for his role as King. Yet, it seems like he is doing everything in his power to make sure it doesn’t happen including taking on a role (Kate’s guide/mentor into the RF) that he is just terrible at executing. My final point, can some explain how PW and Kate can perform full RD when you have HM and PC trying to accomplish the same task. They would over shadow both and I don’t think they want to do this nor is it good for the RF if they did.

    1. “My final point, can some explain how PW and Kate can perform full RD when you have HM and PC trying to accomplish the same task. They would over shadow both and I don’t think they want to do this nor is it good for the RF if they did”. This argument does not hold water: 1) most of the people further down the line are out-performing them 2) Palace officials are on record multiple times saying they set their own schedule. They’re choosing to be lazy, no one is holding them back except themselves.

      One night stands (including the stairwell sex tape) are far less likely to be discrete. He had Middleton for discrete sex (even behind his official girlfriend’s back) for years. That does not indicate love and respect to me. It speaks to a selfish public man, known for his privacy obsession, who had her at his beck and call. She chose to allow herself to be treated that way for 10 years.

      Stringing her along for a decade, allowing her to be called Waity Kaity, multiple breakups, hitting on other women at parties while Middleton was there. William publicly dancing on a table and crying out, “Free at last” after the 2007 breakup (one of many). None of that speaks to respect to me. It speaks to a man who was dragging his feet and eventually settled for the discrete sex partner who was clearly NOT well-suited, trained, or capable of fulfilling the public role that was required.

      I’m curious: Why do people think William should know more about slips, hem weights, and how dresses act in windy conditions that she should?

      1. Hmmm 1) The fact is, PW and Kate are the publics interest. Sophie could do 500 Royal Functions a year and it still wouldn’t get the less then 100 by Kate. Line it or not it is a fact. So the issue of PW/Kate over shadowing HM and PC remains. 2) IMO this is a mistake by the RF their scheduled should be merged in order to be most affective. 3) I know nothing of sex tapes and other girlfriends while dating Kate, please enlighten me. 4) I don’t feel he was stringing her alone 10 years is a long time in a relationship especially at such a young age. IMO waiting until he was ready vs marrying so young. 5) Very few would be well trained to become a future Queen Consort. 6) That’s my point he isn’t the right person to guide Kate!

  8. One more thought anytime my husband puts his hand in the small of my back to usher me across a crowded room I feel protected and loved!

  9. with kate its NEVER her fault, its always someone else, it started with carole brainwashed her and bankrolled and helped her to get willy, now shes married to willy its the RF and willy who dont let her work! I call all these BS , shes a grown woman, university educated, was seen falling out of nightclubs and flashing her crotch to the entire world, how many times does she need to be told to put her clothes in order and her messy hair, she has the resources, money and time, waity just feels entitled and behaves like a royal by birth, thats why shes not listening!

  10. Crazyamc, Kate has to take resposibility for behavour! She is 32 not 2, obviously she she does not listen anyone! waity thinks she knows everything, nobody knows everything. We cannot expect bill to take for grown woman! For some unknown reason lazy has been overprotected & not made to face the cosequences of her actions! A friend of my thinks km might have asberger’s syndrome? I do not know? I am not trying to start rumors or destroy her repuation! I sincerely want lazy & bill to suceed! Halia

  11. spot on halia, she was clever enough to stalk willy for a ring, she knew the rewards were enormous, but all over sudden shes a stupid teenager who cant dress herself apropriately, , she wants people to believe shes stupid, am not buying it!

  12. Kate is neither playing stupid or stupid. She is a well educated women who understands the differences between what is right and what is wrong (IMO). My hope for her is that she learns from this and wears the weights. This isn’t much to ask of her and a very simple logical solution. Trashy photographers are waiting to catch that moment again, I hope she doesn’t give it to them!

    1. This is the 14th time in 3 years. How much longer is it going to take her to learn this lesson? Or is it that she doesn’t see anything wrong in this behavior so she thinks she has nothing to learn on this subject?

      1. 14? I only counted 8. What were the other times? I’ll add them to the list.

          1. I took a look at them, and while there were a few I had forgotten about and will add to the list, I’m not sure I agree with all of them, at least not from the pictures posted. Firstly, I only count incidents from post-engagement, so the pic from 2008 doesn’t count for me. Secondly, a skirt moving as she walks or the bottom of a coat flipping over but not exposing anything doesn’t count to me.

            I’ll look into it more and see if there are other pictures from those events where her skirt comes up more.

            I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

          2. Some are related to the height of the slit in her dress or the depth of the plunge in her skirt, rather than just blowing up skirts. Again, if she’s flashing upper inner thigh or her bra on duty I’m going to call that inappropriate and an exposure moment.

            Gray wrap dress seen on this thread:

            White dress in Canada with the central slit (the dress she wore for engagement photos). When she got out of the car she was flashing.

            Flashing in the white Mouret (getting out of the car, walking out after the announcement of Mandela’s death). She had that dress custom made. She could have had them sew the slit a few more inches but no, girlfriend wanted to flash.

            The pink v-neck dress on the recent tour. When she bent over to talk to kids, she gave them an eyeful.

          3. Yeah, the pink Adelaide outfit definitely counts. She was wearing a padded nude bra that unfortunately shifted when she was sitting and she flashed some underboob. There were pics of teenage boys craning their heads to get a peak. Given that there were minors involved (technically minors), it exceeded my creepiness threshold, I didn’t download, you might be able to still find them online. I remember one with a teenager with dark hair, the front part came down to his eyebrows, he was a little Early Zac Efron.

          4. Well see, I would categorize those incidents differently. I was strictly talking about her “Marilyn Moments” when her skirt flew up, the incidents you are describing are in a different category. I’m not saying those incidents weren’t inappropriate exposure, because they are, most definitely, but they aren’t “Marilyn Moments”, you know.

            If we wanted to make an “Inappropriate Exposure” list, then we would be talking about a lot more than just skirt fly ups, including those incidents you mentioned.

          5. Thanks for the clarification, KMR. I was thinking general inappropriate and exposure moments, not just skirt fly-ups. Helps to have these definitions discussions so we make sure we’re talking about the same things. Pathetic that this is almost all there is to discuss about about this woman (indecent exposure incidents vs. Marilyn moments).

          6. How sad is it that we have to have this clarification discussion at all; she should not give us the cause for it.

            And yes, it totally helps to talk stuff out in a civilized manner.

  13. @crazymag if she understands right or wrong, why is she flashing her body parts to the whole world! And yes she tries to play dumb and behave like a teenager, its silly for a grown woman, future queen, too bad shes not youing, and we know shes educated! Someone needs to tell her its time to stop with her silly acts!

    1. I disagree. I think she just has a playful way about her, and frankly I think it’s refreshing and fun to watch. She just needs some weights in her hemlines and she’ll be set.

  14. I think it’s down to the materials used for modern dresses these days, in addition to the fact that she has been a little bit careless. After the first incident, I would have had weights sewn into my hemlines. So I will give the conspiracy theorists that she is careless. But I do not think, however, that she is inviting these incidents and that she craves the attention they bring. Kate has been very careful not to put a foot wrong for over a decade. She was bred to be a ‘goodie goodie’ and had the perfect mommy and daddy and all the whole bit. The last thing she wants is to displease the crown, that’s quiet obvious. So for those of you leaping to conclusions about her and claiming she’s some kind of mental case narcissist and exhibitionist, I really think you guys are the mental ones.

    1. Kate Middleton spent $150,000 of the taxpayers money in a single year on clothing. Much of that clothing was bespoke/custom, so was made to her specifications. She is the one who chose to purchase and wear this particular dress on public duty, which means she chose a lightweight dress for disembarking a helicopter. She had at least one other flashing incident on this tour – full frontal – in a heavier-weight coat dress while disembarking an airplane. She is the one choosing this clothing – some off-the-rack and some custom – and she is the one choosing not to weight the skirts or wear a slip. Those are her choices. No one forced her to wear DVF, she made a choice that resulted in this photograph.

      “Kate has been very careful not to put a foot wrong for over a decade.” That is your opinion and interpretation. Many others who have watched this relationship for 13 years are of the opinion that she has put many spike-heeled feet wrong. She has done very little to please the crown, particularly during the falling out of clubs drunk, flashing her crotch, not working, 10 year WAG Waity Katey era.

      Since the wedding, she has lied to the taxpayers multiple times, ducked out on duty, been shockingly lazy, and flashed 14 times on the job. If you flashed your employer 14 times on the job in 3 years, would they consider that “a little bit careless”?

      Note: At least one of the people commenting on her mental state here is apparently a clinical psychologist.

      1. It sounds more to me like some of you just love to hate this girl for whatever personal reasons you have. Jealousy, projecting your own perceived inadequacies onto her, etc. These apparent ‘crimes’ you claim she’s committed are absurd and no big deal at all.

        I don’t think she’s an incredibly accomplished person, and I think monarchies are downright ludicrous because they stand for a few controlling the many and hoarding wealth, but I think she’s harmless. I think she’s a sweet, naive girl who fell in love with a prince and in our sick society that’s the biggest thing that could happen to most girls- a prince giving them romantic attention that is. So she clung onto it and wouldn’t let go. Because it was too ‘big’ in her eyes to let go of. I feel badly for her if anything, having been humiliated for so long and with the alleged cheating. The whole this is a giant charade and it’s incredibly entertaining for most of us so that’s why we keep tabs on it.

        1. M123 Well Stated!! I do have a deep respect for the current Monarch. She has been Queen since 1952. A women with that level of influence since 1952 is something to respect IMO. Her challenge now is to keep the RF relevant. Hasn’t been easy for her considering the group she’s dealing with. I’m sure Kate is to be blamed for this as well….because the blood royals can do no wrong!

        2. She is a 32-year-old woman, fully capable of making her own choices and mistakes. I will not infantilize her by calling her a “girl” and pretending she is not responsible for her own actions.

          And no, I do not hate her nor am I jealous of her. Getting really tired of that being thrown around as a valid response to logical discussion. Kindly do not make assumptions about my feelings or beliefs, you will never be correct.

          1. intense or passionate dislike.

          1. the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.

          The Tyranny of You’re Just Jealous

    2. I know I sound like a “Kate basher”, and perhaps I am. I was an ardent supporter until about the last year. I’ve lost patience. You said some of us are “leaping to conclusions” about her. I disagree. My conclusions are based on 13 years of watching and reading. I’ll admit I’m fascinated by royalty and I’ve read every item I could find about her since she was identified as William’s girlfriend, and I’ll bet most, if not all, commenters on here are equally or better informed.

      You say she has been “a little bit careless”. Perhaps we’re just arguing semantics, but I would call the first bare bum episode “careless”. Can you name even one other member of any royal in any country who has repeated episodes of bare ass, skirt-flying “carelessness”? And we’re not talking 2 episodes, or even 3 episodes…KMR has documented 8!!

      “The last thing she wants is to displease the crown”. How do you know that? Can you point to some evidence, an interview perhaps? Her behavior does not support your claim.

      My claim that she is an exhibitionist is based on her behavior, in response to KMR and other commenters asking the question, “Why does she keep doing this?” Of course I could be wrong. I’d love to hear other valid theories, but I don’t think “oops! She’s just careless” is one.

      1. I am in agreement with M123 on this issue. I continue to say this;Kate can’t be compared to anyone else. There is no other Royal (maybe PG) in the world that has the media and the world watching them as does Kate. This is a fact and not just my opinion! Additionally there are 1000s upon 1000s of photos of Kate with no bum exposure!
        Dare I say the percentage of bum photos vs non would be negligible. IMO your best argument would be on expectations on her royal duties and if she is delivering the numbers. The only person that benefits from the bum picture is the trashy photographer who took it.

        1. I don’t think it’s fair to call the woman who took that photo a “trashy photographer”. From what I’ve read, she’s not a professional photographer, wasn’t in the press pack and got a damned lucky shot. We can all have our opinions about whether she should have sold it, but she got $100,000 (Australian?) for it, and said she’s donating it to the fire relief fund. Saw this on Celebitchy today. So apparently, Kate is a very charitable person because she just caused a huge donation to be made.

          Is that trashy? Kate’s bum is going to help quite a few people.

  15. the thing is kate flashing is all over the internet and several newspapers around the world, and many are publishing pics of her history of her flashing ways and some have the nastiest coimments immaginable………… I think we are more than lenient on her on our blog, we only want her to dress appropriately and work more , is it too much to ask for one engagement a week, she can still shop, decorate, and have more than enough time for her family geez!

  16. I am an American and am quite fond of Kate, BUT she is no longer a teenager…grow up Kate, wear underwear, put weights on those dresses, wear your hair up while performing royal duties (there are some great hairstyles out there), vacation less, quit relying on Mommy less, assume more royal duties, become a patroness of those charities that make your heart sing, and quit making excuses that you can’t because of Prince George (you are’t the first woman to have a baby and you most certainly won’t be the last. Most of us had to work 40+ hours a week outside the home and still take care of our family without hired help). GROW UP and become a role model to the world.

  17. What if Kate is incapable of growing up? If this is the case then she needs to be quietly
    shown out the back door of the palace and ordered to divorce. That, really, is the only other option if she continues to repeat this deviant behavior in public. Shame, for at one point Kate had such promise but is clearly not suitable for the role of Queen consort as of May 2014. At least admitting this unsuitability of Kate as a Royal would free her to marry a wealthy businessman and become a true WAG (wives and girlfriends) trophy 2nd wife. Prince William too could get on with finding a dignified wife who would be right for him and also be able to uphold the decorum of public duties involved as a Royal.

    1. Thank you Pat and Offended for helping me find my voice in all this. I agree with both of your comments. My whole life I’ve been fascinated with the concept of royalty, lived through the Diana era, lived in London near KP for a time. Thongs, no thongs, nasty photographers, good photographers, put on underwear, I don’t care if she wears underwear, nice butt, too much cleavage, nice shoes, hate her shoes, slip, no slip, change your makeup, lower your skirts, your skirts are ok, show some thigh… These are the only conversations people have about her. She has lowered my impression of royalty so
      much that I can’t even give her one ounce of respect anymore. To me she is a fake and a phony. She is only good enough to show up at an event and wear tailored mostly expensive clothes, smile pretty for the camera, and shake hands, greet small children. That’s all she is capable of doing. Talk about a false idol. I too consider myself somewhat of a feminist and I know nudity is perceived differently around the world but she does nothing for women when you look at her lousy work ethic combined by her lack of appreciation and respect for her title. She does nothing for anyone except herself. I don’t think she hopes for wind. nor do I think she prefers the world to see her naked butt. However, I think she is so incredibly out classed and under skilled in her position that she isn’t even aware this is happening. She did show confidence up until the naked France pictures and the supposed HG– after that it’s been lies, excuses, and a slow and steady ride down hill for her. Makes me wonder what’s really going on. I believe we aren’t being told the truth. Sorry for the rant.

      1. “I believe we aren’t being told the truth.”

        I agree. It would be fascinating to know what really goes on behind closed doors.

  18. why? Why? Are they calling this woman “queen of hearts” since when? Please that belonged to only DIANA, they should stop using DI card on her, diana was loved by the whole world,let her rest in peace!

  19. Seth I agree with you. Diana earned that title. Kate hasn’t done anything to be called something so enduring. Get to work Kate the public awaits your next move!

  20. I wonder when the middleton family will come out of hiding? Kate looked awful today, i think lazy got yelled at for flashing. Yelling has not affect on her behavour.

  21. the thing is gollddiggers have no soul, they are after money and fame, (waity does not care about anyone even willy “except george her meal ticket” she knew once the ring is put on her figure, she will forever live in a life of luxury with or without divorce, I honestyly find her shrewd! No soul, no heart, nothing!

  22. I think waity is misbehaving is so she can live in the lap of luxury without working. lazy is hoping the courtiers & royal will be so humiliated, they will never ask her to work!

  23. First of all, I’m not a woman, so take your insulting comments (ie. “Mean Girls”, etc.) and keep them to yourself or stuff them down the darkest hole you can find. Second of all, I am well versed in the history of the Royal Family (as are many others on this blog). Katie and Willy show the type of people they are by their actions, which the British taxpayer pays for and the Americans have to hear about on their “entertainment news” every day. I find it very interesting that you claim not to care about the people who comment on this site (over 100 at last count) then spend 500 words (the length of a short essay) explaining how you don’t care and think we are essentially all nuts. If we choose to spend our leisure time doing this, that is our business. If you don’t like it, kindly don’t ever come back on this site again, as you clearly don’t want to be here as your words above show. As for getting psychological help, our mental health decisions are our own business, not yours. It is very interesting that this site has struck such a nerve with you that you feel the need to spend 500 words attacking it. That is evidence of your current mental status, not mine. Best of luck to you in securing something worth your time aside from attacking me for how I choose to spend MY time.

  24. Dear Commentators:

    My sincerest apologies for those “Willing Taxpayer” comments. I was dealing with other issues and did not read those comments fully before approving them. Comments that use hateful speech and name-calling are not tolerated here. It’s fine to debate an argument/opinion, but personal attacks are not permitted. I have removed the comments in question. Again, I am sorry I let those comments slip by me in the first place, and am sorry for the offense those comments caused.

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