Favorite Outfit Poll Results + upcoming appearances (or lack thereof)

Favorite Outfit Poll Results + upcoming appearances (or lack thereof)

We have a winner!  I have the Favorite Outfit Poll results.  The LK Bennett blue/white poppy print dress was the winner with 23.08% of the vote.

Rounding out the top 5 were: the Dove grey Alexander McQueen coat with 13.02% of the vote; the Roksanda Ilincic yellow/white dress with 7.69% of the vote; and tied for 4th are the Tory Burch black/white patterned dress and the Lela Rose white cocktail dress with lattice sleeves and peplum, both receiving 5.92% of the vote.

[1-5 reading from L-R]
Favorite Outfit Poll Top 5

People don’t seem to like Kate in green.  Both green coats she wore, the Erdem and the Catherine Walker, received 0% of the vote.  No one voted for either of those coats.

I’m a bit surprised at the results.  I’m actually shocked to see that doily dress in the top 5, and I’m not a huge fan of the Tory Burch dress either.  And I’m surprised those green dresses didn’t get any votes at all.

For my Top 5, I had:

  1. Tie between LK Bennet poppy dress and Emilia Wickstead teal dress
  2. Roksanda Ilincic yellow/white dress
  3. Zimmermann white day dress
  4. Catherine Walker red coat (even with the buttons, I think the color is striking and I like the shape of it)

It’s interesting what other people picked as their favorites.  Style is so subjective. Here is a pie chart with the percentages of all the outfits:

Favorite Outfit Royal Tour 2014 Pie Chart

I had a request to do a “Least Favorite Outfit” poll.  I haven’t put it up yet, but now I’m really intrigued what a “least favorite” poll would do.  I’m wondering how similar and different the results would be.  Obviously they would be different.  Just because no one thought the green coats were their favorite doesn’t mean those coats are their least favorite.  Hm… I’m really curious about this now.  What say you, commentators, would you like a Least Favorite Outfit poll?

Here are pictures/percentages of the remaining outfits:

[6-10 reading L-R — The red Spagnoli and the pink McQueen tied for 7th place]
Favorite Outfit Poll 6-10

[The three outfits tied for 11th]
Favorite Outfit Poll 3-way tie for 11

[The four outfits tied for 14th]
Favorite Outfit Poll 4-way tie for 14

[18-22 reading L-R]
Favorite Outfit Poll 18-22

In other news, William has become president of the British Sub-Aqua Club, and hopes George will learn to scuba dive at some point.  Apparently Will really loves scuba diving.  He is also scheduled for 3 events this coming week.  Depending on what happens, I might just wait and combine his events.  I don’t know how much there will be to talk about with him, especially at the Navy museum.  On Tuesday, though, William will be hosting a dinner at Windsor Castle, with people like Benedict Cumberbatch scheduled to attend.  Kate is not attending.  So Kate is missing another event where she would have mingled with celebs (I bet she’s hating that—I’d hate it too if I had to miss out on meeting Benedict Cumberbatch).  According to the DM, Kate was invited but turned down the invitation because she and William “want to keep their charitable projects separate in order to spread their influence as wide as possible.”  What?  So they’re not going to be doing any more (or at least very few) appearances together?  ‘Cause that’s not going to set off the “they’re living separate lives” alarms or anything.  I think that’s dumb.  In fact, I think it’s a missed opportunity for Kate; she could have gotten an easy, celeb-filled appearance to pad her numbers and tide people over until she decides to visit one of her charities again.

Speaking of when Kate will make her next appearance.  In this Express article it says Kate and Will are scheduled to take part in a 70th anniversary appearance with the Queen, Philip, Charles, and Camilla in France on June 6.  I can’t find any other confirmation on that, but for now I’ve added it to my new “Future Events” list.  That event is the only thing Kate even sort of has planned until August 4 when she goes to Belgium.

I went back and checked how long Kate was MIA after her last tour in 2012.  The Asia tour ended on Sept. 19, and her next appearance was on Oct. 8—a 19 day rest period.  The Oz/NZ tour ended on April 25.  It’s now May 11.  It’s been 16 days since she was last seen, and there is no sign she will show up any time soon.  After the last tour, Will and Kate did a few joint engagements within one week after that 19 day break.  Will seems to be following that pattern this time, but Kate is not.  I have no idea when Kate will make her next appearance, but I sure hope she doesn’t wait all the way until June.  If they use the “maternity leave/taking care of George” line, I’m calling BS, because we know they have a full time nanny.  There is no reason Kate couldn’t take a few hours and make an appearance. I didn’t think Kate would make an appearance before now, and I was expecting a vacation (so if she took one, no big deal), but I was hoping she would have at least scheduled something by now. Something definitive and preferably in the month of May. Come on, Kate, you’re public wants you.

38 thoughts on “Favorite Outfit Poll Results + upcoming appearances (or lack thereof)

  1. KMR – I’m flattered you remembered my request about least fav dress! I am curious as to the results (so many choices). I can start you off with a tie between # 11 & 14. They are both beautiful dresses – but on a 14 year old! They are just too young for her.
    Both her & Pippa have worn light green dresses recently – & they both look terrible in them. They looked washed out in that color. The styles of both Kate’s green dresses were ok otherwise. I’d hope they both realize they look better in deep jewel colors like forest green, maroon, deep blue, etc.
    As far as Kate’s appearances/duties, that excuse about keeping their charitable visits separate in order to spread as much influence as possible is total BS. I believe they do this, in part, because of what Diana said regarding her & Charles. They were one of a few couples who literally worked and lived together, doing the same job at the same time, and sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. It led to many fights. I can absolutely see her point. However, by the palace using the excuse they did, they somehow make it like there is very few outings for either or both of them to choose from, and therefore, they need to be so selective. If Kate was really sincere, she could find daily duties, both with and without William. But she prefers to act like some old school lady of leisure, thinking this is proper and expected for her current station and title. I really wish the Queen & Philip would have an honest to goodness talk with her, detailing her obligations and expectations if the monarchy expects to still exist for “King William and consort Queen Kate.”

    1. I can understand how working and living together all the time would be too much; everyone needs alone time. But no one is asking that they do all their appearances together. But it just seems natural that some things be done together, like attending fancy dinners and such, why can’t he bring her as his date? It’s fine if he doesn’t, but don’t make some dumb excuse for it. The only thing I can think is that since they spent nearly the entire 19-day tour together, they are sick of each other and don’t want to be around each other, and that’s why they’re saying they don’t want to work together.

      I didn’t forget your request–nor the one about Prince Grumpy. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage getting enough photos of the Grumpy Face, but the “least favorites” I can totally do. Will put it up later today.

      1. If you’d like, I can help you look for Prince Grumpy faces. If so, would you just like me to post links as I find them? I’ll try to make sure they are single pics, not like the mistake I made last time (BTW: thanks for that tip!)

        1. That would be helpful. I think a Prince Grumpy poll would be a nice distraction in between Kate appearances.

          You can go ahead and post the photo links in this thread, or anywhere really, and I’ll see them.

          Thank you for the help. 🙂

  2. Wow, KMR, what an extensive analysis! I’m sure DoCs stylist(s) (for I’m convinced she has at least one) would love to get their hands on this information. Well done.

    Regarding her and PWs appearance schedule, at least they aren’t using George as an excuse. However, the comment does put Kate in the hot seat to get out and work.

    1. You’re right. If they are going to use that excuse, then Kate needs to make some appearances.

  3. I’m sure her diary will firm up as time goes on. Med4kmd is completely correct. If Willy and Waity don’t begin to bring up their public engagements (add in 1 a month to start, then increase gradually. Is that so hard?) to the level the public expects of “senior” royals, there won’t be much of an appetite for King Wilhelm V and Queen Catherine, let alone King George VIII and his future bride. The Queen’s courtiers like to say how they are running a “value for money monarchy” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). So what “value” do we get out of Willy and Waity? It’s why I totally call BS when someone claims they are “senior” royals. Hogwash. Senior royals actually do WORK. To me, senior royals are the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and their children and their spouses, b/c with the exception of the Princess Anne’s husband, they all carry out a schedule of public engagements. The Duke of Kent, who had a stroke last year and is 78, carries out more public duties than the second-in-line to the throne and his wife. Most Americans have never heard of him. There was very minimal press coverage of his stroke in the American press and not much in the British media. Everyone was focused on Waity’s outfit at the Irish Guards parade. Ugh.

    1. That “senior” term is weird. I understand that they mean the one’s closest to the throne, but in terms of work the full-time working royals should be “senior” over the ones who barely do anything.

      I know she’ll add stuff to her diary at some point, I just wish it would be soon.

      1. That is what I consider. The Queen, her husband, her children and their wives are the senior royals. On rare occasion, I include Willy and Waity and Harry. The royals own views (or at least the heir’s) seem to be that the seven “core” members are “senior” (the Queen, the Duke, the Wales, the Cambridges and Prince Harry) and the rest of them can go hang or whatever. That’s why the York girls are “working” and rarely do public duties (living the life the Queen and late Princess Margaret were “supposed” to, all those decades ago before the Abdication). Of course in terms of press coverage, unless the Queen or Duke is ill, or there is a controversial incident (the Dec. 2010 mob attack on the Wales’ car, the Duke of York’s friendships with dictators and pedophiles), the only ones who get any press coverage are Willy, Waity, Georgie and Harry. Again ugh.

        1. “and the rest of them can go hang or whatever” — I bet Charles thinks this in between thoughts of “Did you see what happened in the Netherlands, Mummy?” and photoshopping the Coronation Crown onto pics of his head.

          Re only the Royal Holy Trinity getting press coverage. I find this annoying also. Sophie does so much great work and it’s barely covered.

  4. I vote for a least favorite outfit poll!! It would be much harder for me than the favorite one. I didn’t like much of her wardrobe (although I do agree with you on the Catherine Walker coat; it really grew on me) on this tour; maybe that was because it was so endlessly publicized!

    Did anyone see the article on Angela Kelly in the DM yesterday? Not only did it confirm that she worked with Kate on jewelry (not very well due to the lack thereof on the tour), but she made Kate sign for things she took!

    1. Yes, I saw it. Angela Kelly seems to be cut from the same yard of goods that Carole Middleton is, i.e. social climber. I strongly disliked the story in the article as to how she got the housekeeper who’d been there 5 years fired because she forgot to fill HM’s hot water bag. Not only that, but she lost her grace and favor apartment as well. And this was a lady who’s recently gotten married and earned British citizenship. The kicker is, HM wasn’t even upset about it- Angela heard of it in passing and went to town on the poor housekeeper over one small slip-up. I wonder how she would feel if she were fired under similar circumstances. After all, she’s not perfect.
      I’m not sure what to think about having Kate sign for the jewelry. I mean, what exactly does that accomplish? Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that one of the pieces (though I think there was only 1 Kate borrowed for the OZ/NZ trip) broke or was lost. Naturally, all these pieces are insured, so what exactly would be the outcome of Kate signing for it. I mean, Kate now lives off of PW and PC’s money, so it’s not like she could pay for the insurance/repair/etc for the piece in question. Further, I don’t believe the piece would be in Kate’s possession 24/7 – wouldn’t the person in charge of her wardrobe ultimately be responsible? So all in all, I can’t see the purpose in having Kate sign for this.

      1. I haven’t read the article–I’m going to go scouring for it in a bit–but the signing out thing is probably protocol. It’s just to keep a record of who borrowed what. This isn’t the same thing, but when I was in the “special collections” room of my university library working on a paper, I had to sign for the books I looked at (I wasn’t allowed to remove them from the library, I was still in the “special collections” room and I still had to sign for it). It’s because they are special, old books and the librarian needed a record because protocol demanded it. So Kate having to sign jewelry out was probably a similar situation to that one. I’m guessing.

      2. Agree with your comparison. I thought it was horrible she’d get that woman fired over something like that. Especially as the Queen didn’t appear to be fazed by it. I’ve read stories about how the staff can be worse than the royals with their attitude, but this certainly confirmed it.

    2. Wait, what article?! I must have missed that. How did I miss that? Do you have a link? I really need to read that article.

      1. I get where you’re coming from in terms of making Kate sign for the jewelry on one hand, as it’s all pretty significant jewelry and has historical value. BUT, it was the Queen’s personal jewelry, not owned by the state, right? If that’s the case, I think making her sign for it was overkill. Unless the assistant went to pick it up and she signed for it. That I could see.

        It does add fuel to the “Kate’s relationship with her in laws isn’t a bed of roses” theory, though.

        1. Angela Kelly isn’t a social climber. She was in the Army, then joined the Household as a maid. She holds no title and never will, though she is a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order. She replaced “Bobo” McDonald, a Scots woman who was literally with Elizabeth from infancy to “Bobo”‘s death in 1993 in Buckingham Palace. She was the Queen’s Dresser, giving her control over the Queen’s wardrobe and one of the very few staff to see HM every day. All the older royals live their lives surrounded by staff. They see them far more than their brothers or sisters or parents. Bobo was the Queen’s eyes and ears, feeding her bits of information and gossip about the Palace staff and serving as an informal “gatekeeper” and friend. The Queen Mum and the Countess of Snowdon were also very close to the Queen; the Queen and her mother talked on the phone every morning. Since their deaths, the Queen has relied increasingly on Angela Kelly as the article states. It seems a bit worrisome that she has such influence over her but she would never reach Rasputin’s level of influence over the Tsarina of Russia, and it’s natural the Queen would confide in her. Believe me, if someone was supposed to give me a hot water bottle every night (though I prefer heating pads personally) and after decades of it being done day after day, it was missing from my bed at night, that person would not have much longer to be in my employ. The fact that Angela Kelly ensured the maid’s sacking and not the Queen herself is not necessarily because the Queen disapproves but because she is said to loathe confrontation and being the bearer of bad news, which is what Angela’s for. The one area the Queen still has ABSOLUTE control over is the Royal Household. If she wants someone gone, they are gone. Read “Elizabeth: A Woman Who Is NOT Amused” and you will understand where I get my information from.

        2. I could see having people sign out personal items. I lent a cousin a few DVDs once, didn’t write down what he took, then he took more without asking the next time he was at my house. I only realized this once he gave them back to me, because there were ones he gave back I didn’t even know he took. But there were a few I remembered having that were not in my possession after he returned the DVDs, that he said he never took, when I knew he had to have. Then he moved out of state with the DVDs he never returned. Now I write down what I loan people to prevent that crap happening again. But that’s just me.

          As far as Kelly making Kate sign for whatever jewelry she took… That fern brooch was a gift from the Women of Auckland to HM when she visited NZ in 1953. It may be a part of the Queen’s private collection, but I doubt it. Seeing as it was a gift from a country while HM was on tour, then it most likely belongs to the Royal Collection Trust and technically owned by the State, as all other gifts of such nature. And even if it is in her private collection and not officially owned by the state, I doubt she keeps it sitting in her room or something; it’s probably housed in a vault/safe somewhere (where all the jewels are kept), meaning it would have to be checked out whenever anyone wanted to wear it, including the Queen. Of course, that’s just my speculation, I’m not sure where those things are housed, nor do I know all those protocols. But Kate (or anyone for that matter) having to sign for expensive pieces of jewelry like that makes sense to me (no matter which collection they are in). I don’t think it’s anything to think negatively about Kelly, or Kate, for.

          Of course, I don’t know what other jewelry Kate took either, since the fern brooch was the only piece of royal jewelry she wore in public the entire time.

  5. My least favourite would be #5, the green Erdem coat. The colour is not bad, but not the colour that looks best on her. I dislike the shape – its too boxy . The zipper all the way down is too much. I also don’t like the seam details on it. She looks so closed up it makes me claustrophobic! If she wore it open or unzipped a bit, I think it would look better.



    1. I think I said at the time that I was surprised she didn’t belt that coat seeing as it is so boxy. I’m not a fan of the exposed zipper either.

  6. I notice that the most favorite outfits are all streamlined, A-line, pencil skirt style, as opposed to the full skirt and pleated skirts in some of the other outfits. This isn’t logical, but I feel like the full-skirt style is better suited to young (and very young) women. Kate’s age, 32, and even more importantly, her status in the RF, just make me think she should aim for sophistication and simple elegance.

    The idea that Kate and Will separate their appearances to increase their influence isn’t even logical.

    1. I for one think Kate looks great in those streamlined/pencil skirt-type dresses. I know she prefers the fuller skirts, but she looks best in a streamlined skirt. Clearly the people think Kate needs to mature her wardrobe up. If Kate followed what the people like, then she wouldn’t have any more fly-ups either.

      I feel like their excuses are always BS, but they’re getting dumber and dumber.

  7. Why in the world would a wife not attend a dinner that her husband is giving? This is the second time. It just strikes me as so odd and the “spread their influence” excuse is the lamest thing I have ever heard. I literally LOLed! These two are about as stingy with their influence as any two people ever. If dinner with the rich/celebrities can be considered “work” then we really have been sold a bill of goods about the RF. I get more disgusted every day.

    1. Right, fairygodmom! You’d think that attending a dinner being given by your hubby/spouse would be one of the most relaxed scenarios that could be attended. Just about everyone is sitting a majority of time, conversation tends to be fluid as many can join the conversation, food & drink is a great excuse for not talking (if uncomfortable with that, which I think Kate is), and she would be able to graciously excuse herself early, if needed, giving the excuse that it’s PG’s bedtime (or something along those lines), Plus, as the palace powers that be seem to be starting to include when they wake up, eat, step outside of KP, etc as Royal Duties, attending such a dinner would look good, adding to her numbers. It just astounds me more and more how much W&K are benefiting themselves without giving back. And the sycophants known as royal correspondents love to use terms like “grueling,” “robust,” “interest,” “exhausting”, etc when describing the few duties Kannot & Willnot do accomplish, is a slap in the face to the rest of us who genuinely work our butts off for the pennies we are paid, and the thousands we “owe” through taxes to support such “national treasures” and their handlers.

    2. I find this very odd as well. Whether it is your friends dinner party, or a country officials event, it is expected that the couple is co-hosting. I would find it odd to go to an event where one half of the couple opted-out of the event just because. It would be one thing if they were working out of town, or had something that they couldn’t get out of.

      But for Kate to just not be available – just because – seems very odd. It doesn’t seem like they support each other. Isn’t part of marriage/being in a couple mean supporting each other?

    3. It doesn’t make sense to me that Kate would skip an event that would be super easy, fun, and would plump up her numbers.

      I really think that maybe since they spent so much time together on their tour, that they really just want to spend as much time away from each other now as possible, and that’s why she refused the invite.

  8. and did two these ever WORK in their tour, forget about those outfits, they dragged george around as a shield, so that they could get away with a lot, so what if she wore pretty garments, and so are the other royals and celebrities who visit AUS, iam sure by now they only remember george and are wondering what did this two leave behind, anything of substance, ???

  9. Their recent behavior does seem a bit odd. Dare I say, she may be in the early stages of pregnancy. Just a guess. Excellent job on the analysis of Kate’s OZ/NZ wardrobe. Green is a difficult color to wear!

    1. Kate has some great green coats, but these are not them. I think these two are too bright. Kate looks great in darker, jewel-toned colors.

      As for a pregnancy… we’ll see I guess. Will said recently they wouldn’t have another one for a while yet, but he could have been lying. I wouldn’t put it past him to get off on lying to the press.

      1. William lies to the press all the time. it’s how they filter out the leaks in their circle.

        So don’t believe everything published because it’s a way for them to tighten their circle.

        Whoever leaks the ‘story’ or ‘titbit’ is promptly ejected from the inner circle.

        1. I’ve heard of that whole “lying to see who is leaking to the press” thing before, and i believe it. I think it’s stupid, though, since once that “test” becomes a known thing it loses it’s ability, since it is such an easily beatable “test” if you know what the test is.

          But even more than weeding out “leakers”, I think Will likes lying to the press because he gets some sort of sick pleasure from being a dick to the press. He hates the press. He blames the press for killing his mother, and for all the other crappiness in his life (even though that isn’t the press’ fault; they only report his actions, he’s the one who does dumb shit).

          That “waiting for baby #2” thing was actually said by Will to a member of the crowd while on tour, not to someone in his circle. I could totally see Will lying to the crowd member, especially if he knew that crowd member was going to immediately talk to the press, but that’s a whole different scenario than the “lying to see who leaks” thing.

    2. Pregnancy was my first thought, also, but it seems unlikely she would be allowed to get pregnant prior to the Australia/New Zealand trip. Considering how ill she was during George’s first few months, I’ll bet she was told she could (will) get pregnant now that the tour’s over.

  10. I’m not wealthy or royal neither area friends but in my experience when one person chairs or hosts an event unless its for a woman’s or men’s specific organization the spouse is always there. Super awkward. These two make me even more glad to be an American, they are such an embarrassment.

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