POLL: Least Favorite Outfit – Royal Tour 2014

POLL: Least Favorite Outfit – Royal Tour 2014

Let’s have a “Least Favorite Outfit Kate wore on the Royal Tour” Poll!  William is boring and I have no idea when we’ll see Kate next, and we already talked/voted about the outfits we liked, so we might as well talk about the outfits we didn’t like.  Yes, this is filler until Kate pops out of her hidey hole, but I think it will be fun nonetheless.  I’m super curious to see how this one turns out.

As with the last poll, I’m only including Kate’s dresses and coats she wore, because the skinny jeans are throw-away outfits.  A new poll this time around is the “Least Favorite Hat” Poll.  I thought I’d add this one in simply because I want to make fun of the Demented Bunny Ears hat.

Also, as far as site maintenance, I’m going to start using a “Continue Reading” button on the home page.  Each post with show up on the home page with an opening paragraph or two, then you will see a “Continue Reading” button in pink type that will take you to the rest of the article—as demonstrated below this paragraph.  I’m doing this so that the home page and the past posts are easier to navigate (when I scroll down the home page it’s hard/annoying to find a specific post because the posts are so long).

Before I get to the poll, I want to bring something up regarding comments.  All opinions are welcome here.  But please be respectful of each other and differing opinions.  And remember, when a conversation gets too heated, sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree.

I don’t know if anyone was on the old Glitz, Glam, and Gossip forum before it was closed last year, but I remember after Kate had announced her pregnancy and fake HG and was in hiding for a good while, that we started bickering with each other more and more and sometimes things got heated.  I also know that in the press, when the royals go away for a good while—in Jan. and Aug./Sept. each year when the Queen is on vacation and no one really does much—the press starts going a bit nuts and will make anything into an article (even more than usual).  It may be this pent up energy that boils over when there is a lack of royal work to comment on. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I’ve seen that happen before.  It’s for this reason (among the many others) that Kate should work more.

In any case, let’s have fun and chat about which Royal Tour outfits, and hats, we just could not stand.

1. Catherine Walker: Red Coat.
Catherine Walker red coat

2. Tory Burch: black and white patterned dress.
Tory Burch black and white dress

3. Alexander McQueen: Light blue coat-dress.
4. Jenny Packham: Black cocktail dress.
Alexander McQueen blue coat dress Jenny Packham black fern beaded cocktail dress

5. Erdem: Green coat.
6. Emilia Wickstead: Teal dress.
Erdem emerald green coat Emilia Wickstead teal dress

7. Luisa Spagnoli: Red skirt suit.
8. Rebecca Taylor: Navy tweed skirt suit.
Luisa Spagnoli red skirt suit Rebecca Taylor Tweed Jacket and Skirt

9. Roksanda Ilincic: Yellow and white dress.
Roksanda Ilincic yellow, white dress

10. Diane von Furstenburg: Blue and white print dress.
Diane von Furstenburg blue, white print dress

11. Zimmermann: White day dress.
12. LK Bennett: Blue and white poppy print dress.
Zimmermann broderie anglaise day dress LK Bennett Poppy Dress

13. Alexander McQueen: Dove grey coat.
14. No Id: Yellow broderie anglaise dress.
Alexander McQueen dove grey coat No Id yellow broderie anglaise dress

15. Stella McCartney: Blue dress.
16. Roksanda Ilincic: Coffee-colored dress.
17. Hobbs: Wessex dress.
Stella McCartney blue dress Roksanda Ilincic coffee-colored dress Hobbs Wessex dress

18. Alexander McQueen: Pink shirt and skirt.
19. Catherine Walker: Green dress.
Alexander McQueen light pink shirt and skirt Catherine Walker green coat dress

20. Lela Rose: White cocktail dress.
21. Temperley: Black coat.
Lela Rose lattice cocktail dress Temperley black coat

22. Michael Kors: Blue tweed coat.
Michael Kors blue tweed coat

Here are the hats:
1. Gina Foster: Red pillbox hat. Worn upon arrival in New Zealand.
2. Jane Taylor: Teal hat with fern detailing. Worn to church the Sunday before Easter.
Gina Foster Red Hat Jane Taylor Teal Hat

3. Jane Taylor: Grey hat with ribbon detailing. Worn to church for Easter Sunday.
4. Jonathan Howard: Dark blue hat with two pieces sticking out the back. Worn to ANZAC day service.
Jane Taylor Grey Hat Jonathan Howard Navy Hat

Interesting fact, Howard is an Australian designer. So Kate represented the host country with this selection. Too bad it makes her look like a demented bunny.

23 thoughts on “POLL: Least Favorite Outfit – Royal Tour 2014

    1. I can understand that, but then again if she wore something not conservative, everyone would freak out and criticize her for that. Like most people were saying how that pink outfit was far too low cut for an official appearance (it totally showed her boobs when she bent over to talk to a little girl).

      1. I think she could be a little tiny bit edgy and still look appropriate. At one point in the past couple of years she wore an outfit that, I think, demonstrated this. I can’t find the photo right now, and I don’t know the designer, but it was a dark brown coat, brown tights, and brown ankle boots…sounds awful in this description, but it looked great. Perhaps it was the tights and ankle boots, but something about it was interesting. I just don’t see that in all these other outfits.

    1. I know, right. I don’t like the doily dress, I don’t like the Hobbs dress, I don’t like the boxy green Erdem coat. There are more ones that I dislike than ones I like.

    1. Yes, that link worked.

      I was actually thinking about including grumpy faces from previous pics, too. There are a bunch of grumpy faces from the Christening.

  1. My prediction: Erdem coat. There are multiple bad outfits, but that was just horrible, not so much the coat itself but how ill-fitting it was.

    Hat #4 looks like a revise of “bunny-ears” party from her earlier days… 😀

  2. I really don’t like #11 and #14. I don’t like the entire look. Kate has beautiful hair and it usually looks great with everything she wears but it looked unkept in both of these pictures. Maybe it’s just the angles and lighting. Just looked again and I still don’t like them. PG is the cutest baby! Who could not love that adorable grumpy face!!

  3. now we know why kate never attended the dinner with william, those geoegeous women, kate cant stand competition !

    1. I was thinking the same thing after I saw how beautiful Cate Blanchett looked.

    1. GGG stands for “Glitz, Glam and Gossip”. It was a site Debbie and I used to frequent (Debbie was a mod). The person running the site shut it down a bit over a year ago.

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