Princess Charlene attends charity ball with Prince Albert, other Monaco royals

Princess Charlene attends charity ball with Prince Albert, other Monaco royals

This is my first Princess Charlene post.  Here we go.  Princess Charlene of Monaco attended the annual Rose Ball in Monte Carlo on Saturday.  The Rose Ball, or Bal de la Rose, is a charity fundraiser event in aid of the Princess Grace Foundation.  The foundation supports emerging talent in theatre, dance, and film by awarding scholarships, apprenticeships, and fellowships.  The foundation was established in 1982 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, following Princess Grace (nee Grace Kelly)’s death that year.

Princess Charlene was at the Rose Ball with her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco.  Charlene wore a one-shoulder, navy dress with black ruffles.  She wore diamond and (I’m guessing) sapphire drop earrings that are a similar style to the Ocean Tiara that she got as a wedding gift.  I wonder if the earrings were a part of the set or if a part of the tiara was converted into earrings—I know parts of the tiara are detachable, so it’s possible I suppose.  Charlene looked nice.  I’m not a huge fan of ruffles cascading down the body, but she makes it work.  It must be noted that Charlene and Albert danced together at one point.  She wrapped her arms around him and everything.

Other royals at the event include Charlotte Casiraghi—daughter of Princess Caroline (whom I will discuss below).  This was Charlotte’s first appearance since giving birth to a son, Raphael, in December.  Charlotte is not married, by the way—her partner did not attend the event.  For the event, Charlotte wore a silver, strapless Chanel Couture gown and an embellished shawl.  She opted for minimal jewelry.  Uh, ok.  I hate this dress.  It looks like someone took some think plastic tarp and wrapped it around her and called it a dress.  It has no shape.  It’s terrible.

Charlotte’s brother, Pierre Casiraghi attended with his girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo.  Pierre is Princess Caroline’s second son, her first son is named Andrea—he did not attend this event.  Beatrice wore a peach gown with matching fur stole and some nice jewelry.  I’m not sure if I like the dress—I don’t like the fur shawl, I just can’t with fur shawls in 2014, way too old; they remind me of the 1950s/I Love Lucy days.  I love the jewelry, though.

Princess Caroline is Albert’s sister, and the first-born daughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.  Princess Stephanie is Albert’s other sister—she did not attend this event.  Caroline wore a black and white patterned dress with a grey and cream silk cape/robe.  It works for her.

Links:  Hello article.  HuffPo article.  Daily Mail article.  Getty Images pictures.

6 thoughts on “Princess Charlene attends charity ball with Prince Albert, other Monaco royals

  1. OMG, Charlotte’s dress looks like one of those silver things people used to wrap themselves in that were supposed to “melt away the pounds”. I really have any issue with fur shawls making such a comeback. I blame Elizabeth Hurley for the trend, she’s been showing up everywhere with them wrapped around her. I have objections with fur to begin with, but even without the cruelty factor, they really are so grandmotherly. They always look like they smell of Chanel No. 5, Bengay and peppermint candy.

    1. LOL, yes on Charlotte’s dress. It’s terribly wrinkled, too.

      I agree about the fur shawls. I don’t like fur for a number of reasons, the cruelty being only one. I just don’t see why anyone would wants fur around their face. And it does seem really old lady-y.

  2. charlene is just a very elegant, classy woman, with chrisma, and she tries veryy hard to work on her charities, i dont get why she get all the hate especially from uk citizens,!

    1. Agree with you Adam. She always looks impeccably groomed. I think she got away with wearing that dress to the Rose ball, not many people could. She has lovely posture and a good figure, she has shape and is not bent over and starved looking that is why she can carry off what she wears, if it is not so much in the mainstream. The most important thing though is the fact that she is very hardworking and puts a lot of effort into the charities she represents, that should not be forgotten.

      1. I don’t think many people could have pulled off those ruffles the way Charlene does. Charlene has the stature to work the ruffles and not be overpowered by them. Anyone else would have been swallowed by the ruffles.

  3. Adam, i agree with you! Princess Charlene is dedictated,hardworking, wonderful
    and an asset to the royal family & Monaco! Well waity is lazy and married, that is
    about it with her?

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