Kate went shopping at the Gap

Kate went shopping at the Gap

Kate was spotted shopping at the Gap the other day.  The Gap store is 500 yards from her Kensington Palace apartment.  She had someone drive her there and wait outside, on a double yellow line, for 20 minutes while she shopped.  There were three bodyguards with her.  She bought clothes for George, and a couple pairs of pants for herself–because she can’t go into a store with a women’s section and not buy herself something.  Obvs.

Honestly, I’m not going to begrudge Kate shopping for some relatively inexpensive baby clothes.  Babies go through a lot of clothes, and they grow out of them so fast that spending a ton of money on designer baby clothes is stupid.  The only time I could see spending a lot on baby clothes is if it’s for an official photo or something, but if it’s for everyday, then there’s no point.  I think it’s dumb when celebs dress their kids in designer baby clothes (I’m looking at you Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian), so no hate for Kate’s Gap baby clothing choices.

Now, as far as having someone drive her there when it’s only 500 yards from her house… I would do it, too.  No shade for not wanting to walk, especially if she would have had to cross a major street (I don’t know the layout of the area so I don’t know if she had to cross a major street or not).  If the driver was stopped at a no-parking area and idling as to technically not break the law, then that’s kind of a jerk move.

Kate also was seen shopping at Zara on March 27, according to this article and some people on Twitter.

In other Middleton news, if you want a laugh, check out the pictures of Tsar Nicholas Middleton with his marshmallows in this Evening Standard article.  I have to say, after reading the article, I kind of don’t hate James.  The things he says kind of make sense and I can empathize with the dyslexia.  I have to admit, when I first heard about the marshmallow business I thought it was ridiculous, but upon further thinking I can kind of see it being a thing–a niche thing, but it has it’s place.  It would be an interesting gift for baby showers or weddings or bachelorette parties–except that they say they don’t do dirty things, but if they opened that up I could totally see these being a bachelorette party type favor. I do find it interesting that James’ Boomf partner, Andy Bell, butted his way into the interview. The reporter says, “Bell has insisted on being present while I interview Middleton. Either Bell doesn’t trust me or he doesn’t trust Middleton.” I think there is a third option, Bell wants some attention. It may have been James’ idea to put the photos on marshmallows, but it is Bell’s technology that started the printing company. Maybe Bell just wanted to make sure he got credit? Or Bell is kind of famewhorey.

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  1. That is a cute article about James, great find! As for Bell’s motives, there are legitimate reasons to sit in on an interview (in addition to his wanting a little attention). Reporters do fill in the blanks sometimes with words they wish they had heard. Especially when dealing with a high-profile family such as the Middletons, a witnessing party will keep a reporter more honest. Another reason for a second party would be how much interview experience the subject has, in this case, the partner could make sure to keep the conversation steered in the right direction (i.e. on the business and not on Kate) or to clarify something that had not had been articulated in the best possible way. I’ve done PR, helped prepare subjects for interviews, provided sound bites and despite all that, when being interviewed myself, I’ve made some impressively idiotic statements. Sometimes things sound different out-loud than they do inside our heads. It’s always the poorly worded quotes that never seem to go away. And sometimes a second party will sit in just because the first few interviews are nerve-wracking. A subject will feel more comfortable with someone he trusts in the room and will give a better interview. But yeah, this guy also wanted his name in the paper.

    1. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. That’s why a lot of celebs keep publicists around during interviews, and even then they can say something dumb that looks terrible in print.

  2. Btw, journalists are sneaky bastards. I once fielded a call, told the reporter I’d call him back, I responded graciously to his standard nicety before we hung up, before I could make sure I had all the necessary facts to call him back, my meaningless little pleasantry was suddenly an official statement being quoted in media outlets around the world. He didn’t care what quote he got, he was just looking for something to plug into the story.

  3. I used to see Diana out walking in the 1980s round Kensington and Notting Hill Gate so Royals can walk if they want. Has Kate become too grand to walk now she has proved the heir? Or maybe she needs the car because she may get lost on the way home? As for the brother’s marshmallows? I’d say it was probably the other guy’s idea and he is using the Middleton connection to Kate to gain some publicity.

    1. Hi Cathy

      I agree. Diana may have been photographed but I don’t believe she was ever accosted while out in public. Until recently Kate was always out shopping (not that you’d see this gal in the library or an art gallery) with minimal bodyguards nearby.

      Probably royal security is sniffing the wind and sensing discontent amongst Kate Middleton’s future peasants. Note that she is now being constantly referred to as ‘the mother of the/a future king’. That phrase alone grates on ones nerves and implies that she is worth more than the crown jewels. Makes you want to run and hide…..

    2. Re Tsar Nicholas and his marshmallows, I think Bell had the printing company but was doing refrigerator magnets or something and it was Middleton’s idea to do the printing on marshmallows. But as far as hooking up with Middleton to gain some publicity, yes I would say so. Middleton brings a name that gets him articles and attention, something Bell wouldn’t be able to manage on his own. To be honest, it’s a smart business strategy, it gets them more publicity and sales.

      Re Kate’s taking a car. I know defending Kate isn’t the popular opinion, but I have to defend her on this one a little bit. To be honest, I would take a car to visit a house down the street, for the simple fact that I don’t want to walk (for whatever reason it might be that day). I would certainly take a car to go to the produce shop right around the corner because I’d have to cross a fairly busy, multiple lane road to get there and I would feel uncomfortable doing so. Granted, I’ve never lived in a town where you can and do walk everywhere, but still. I feel like I can let the “taking a car 500 yards” bit go since it’s not that big a deal to me. In fact, I would be a hypocrite if I criticized her for that since I do the same thing.

      However, having her driver idle outside the shop for 20 minutes instead of parking in an actual spot IS a sign of being “above” having to actually park like the peasants. So for that she can totally be criticized.

      1. People do use public transport in London (buses/ tubes) or walk as the streets especially round Kensington Palace (down to Ken High Street) are narrow and busy. It can be quicker to walk so those who use cars can find their journey may take twice (or more) as long. Using a driver is pretentious especially for such a short journey. If there was a security reason for using a car then would it not be a security risk for Kate to be in Gap shopping? She could have chosen the items online and had them sent to Ken Palace. Were THREE protection officers necessary too?

  4. Re: Poor Wee Jamie Middleton

    Please don’t buy his sob story. Every one of us knows someone who bears the weight of trying to live with a learning disability. James has had resources available to him from day one that the vast majority of the others do not. Aptitude testing and dropping the ridiculous business notions would be a good start and for all Carole’s so called brilliant mothering skills she should have been on top of this from the first realization.

    Pulling the self made card with the gooseberries is lame too and is an insult to anyone who HAS to do fieldwork in order to survive.

    Roll up your sleeves James, dare to cross your mummy and learn a trade. You, above all your family, would probably do the impossible and win the respect of the British people.

    This is shaping up to be yet another one of the million excuses for any of the Middleton kids to do something worthwhile, independent or not, of someone elses funding.

  5. so does this means george will never be taken for a walk, in his life, waity spends a lot of time in the malls the terrorists can still get her there, another excuse for a lazy do nothing character?

  6. Wouldn’t you draw more attention to yourself with 3 bodyguards, with back cars etc.. Seems very much like overkill. Diana often use to duck out of KP, what is wrong with Kate these days? If you try and be too inaccessible as her and William are acting when they are seen in public this is the result, the paparazzi go crazy with a simple shopping trip. Stupid really, you only have to take a look at her expression in one of the pic’s of her face, she doesn’t look too impressed at being spotted.

    1. Maybe that is their strategy. Be as inaccessible as possible and force the paps hands with their confusing and contradictory rules. When things go pear shaped, William will throw down the mummy card and freedom of the press is removed permanently.

      I would not put it past them, considering the other tricks they’ve pulled thus far involving the press. Still waiting to see if the photographer who took the pictures of the nanny in the park will face prosecution. If so, it means that any photographer trying to photograph William and Kate Middleton *anywhere on public property when they are not ‘on duty’* might end up facing legal charges eventually.

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