Zara Phillips takes daughter Mia Grace to the races

Zara Phillips takes daughter Mia Grace to the races

Zara Phillips and little Mia Grace Tindall went to the races today.  Zara attended the Barbury point-to-point races in Wiltshire.  Two of her horses and a horse owned by Princess Anne were entered into the competition.

Zara looked bundled up and cozy and Mia was in an outdoorsy pram.  I tend to believe Mia is actually in the pram, because Zara checks on her and people look into the pram so there must be something to see in there.  You know, I wouldn’t even bring that up if Kate hadn’t made me skeptical of babies actually being in the prams for the photo ops.  Not that Zara’s was necessarily a photo op, she had horses competing so of course she was there, and if she was going to be there all day then of course she brought Mia.

The royal reporters were saying we were going to get a photo of Mia, but we haven’t yet.  Maybe we will get one when she’s christened.

There is a line in the article that makes reference to Kate, and it is the most amazing thing ever:  “Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge however, Ms Phillips appears to be taking a sensible approach to losing her baby weight and showed no sign of extreme dieting.”  So basically they are calling out Kate for dropping the baby weight so quickly using extreme dieting, and commending Zara for being healthier about her weight loss.  This is such a nice dig at Kate.  Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it, because it only says “Daily Mail Reporter”.  Darn.  Oh well, still a great dig. And I’m glad that the reporter isn’t being harsh on Zara regarding weight. Pregnant women can’t win when it comes to weight, and famous pregnant women always get crap from the media. I know I’m doing the same with Kate regarding her weight since I said taking a pot shot at how quickly she dropped the weight was a great dig, but I want to say that it wasn’t really about her weight, I like it because the press, especially the Brits, hardly ever criticize her and usually put other royals down to build Kate up, so it was nice to see the opposite.

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