Prince Harry launches competition for wounded veterans, spends Valentine’s Day with Cressida

Prince Harry launches competition for wounded veterans, spends Valentine’s Day with Cressida

Prince Harry was at the Boultbee Flight Academy yesterday where he viewed Spitfire planes and toured the facility and talked to people.  He was there because he created a scholarship through the Endeavour Fund to “ensure that wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women have the chance to rediscover themselves through physical challenges.”

Harry was given a tiny jumpsuit for George.  It’s a cute thing to do, but seems a bit weird to me since Harry is not George’s father.  But whatever.

Harry also attended a special track day for injured servicepeople at Goodwood Motor Circuit where he drove a blue, vintage Astin Martin, a red Jaguar, and a black Lamborghini.  I’m a bit envious that he got to drive those cars around the track.  That would be so cool.


Onto some other Harry news:  Harry and Cressida spent Valentine’s day together.  Cressida picked up a $30 meal at Marks & Spencers and then went to Kensington Palace.  They had a quiet, low key date.  She reportedly wore jeans, a dark blue coat, and her hair loose.  No shade there.  If they like being casual then good for them, not everyone wants to dress up and go out on Valentine’s Day.  I don’t think they’ve had a fancy date that we know of.  Usually they are dressed casually.  They also went to Cirque du Soleil the night of Cressida’s stepfather’s funeral.  Harry didn’t attend that with her, but took her out later.  I’m not going to link to the article with pics of Cressida going into the church because I kind of think it’s an a-hole move to print photos of someone grieving—especially if they are a relatively private figure like Cressida, who isn’t a royal or even a real celeb.

In other news:  A picture of Prince Harry holding a gun standing with a dead buffalo he’d shot has come out.  Not sure if the picture had been released before and is getting play now because of the “hunting trip right before the wildlife conference” controversy or not.  Anyway, KP didn’t officially comment, but unofficially a royal aide said, “It would be a great shame if the publication of this picture were to detract from the efforts being made by the three princes to curb the appalling illegal wildlife trade.  Like his father and brother, Prince Harry has always been a strong supporter of the campaign to protect endangered species.”  Yeah, Harry doesn’t give a crap about wildlife either, yet still promotes saving endangered species.  Again, the animals he shoots aren’t illegal, but it does show some hypocrisy in his devotion to saving wildlife.  How can they care so much about one part of wildlife, but not others? It doesn’t look like this controversy is going to go away.

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  1. i honestly think he does a better job than willy but he goes unappreciated, willy is all fun galas and film premiers, i believe harrr would have made a btter king, he connects with people from all walks!/

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