Princess Madeleine of Sweden gave birth to a girl!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden gave birth to a girl!

Congratulations are in order for Princess Madeleine of Sweden and husband Chris O’Neill.  They welcomed a daughter on Thursday, February 20 at 10:41 pm EST.  She was born in New York at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.  Chris was there during the delivery.  Mother and child are doing well.

This is excellent news.  Congratulations to Madeleine and Chris!  I can’t wait to hear the name.  I’m always interested in the name.  I hope we get some pictures, too.

By the way, Madeleine’s baby girl might not be in the line of succession.  I didn’t know any of this prior to reading this article, so I’m going to quote directly:

    According to the rules of succession, a king or queen in Sweden must be a descendant of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, be raised in the kingdom, be protestant, and is not allowed to marry without the king’s and government’s approval.

    O’Neill, who was born in London, maintained his US citizenship following his marriage to Princes Madeleine. If their child only takes US citizenship, she cannot be included in the line of succession.

    Their child would also be barred from ascending to the Swedish throne if she doesn’t grow up in Sweden or if she is raised Catholic, the religion of her father.

Madeleine’s daughter would be quite far down in the line of succession anyway, behind Victoria and all of her children, and Carl Philip and all of his children, so I don’t think it will really matter all that much, but it is still interesting facts that I didn’t know.

Anyway, congratulations again to Madeleine and Chris!

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