Kate wore a tiara for a diplomatic reception

Kate wore a tiara for a diplomatic reception

Holy crap, Kate was invited to a diplomatic event and wore a tiara!  That’s right, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Underwear Flashes, sported a tiara for the first time (in public, that we know of) since her wedding day.

She attended the diplomatic reception held each year at Buckingham Palace by the Queen for the 172 foreign missions accredited to the court of St. James in London.  Each year these dignitaries get to attend a lavish reception held in their honor and meet the members of the royal family.  This is the Cambridges first time attending any type state banquet; we were told previously that they would not attend any state banquets (where they break out the tiaras) until they were full-time working royals (which neither of them currently are).  But screw that, Kate got to wear a tiara!  And not the tiara that she wore for her wedding day, that one is on loan in France.  Instead she was lent a new tiara for tonight–the Lotus Flower, or Papyrus Leaf, Tiara.  There is no clear name given, and both have been used to refer to the same tiara, apparently.  So now Kate has worn two different tiaras!  I bet she’s thrilled with that.

The tiara originally belonged to the Queen Mother, and was redesigned from a necklace given to her as a wedding gift.  She wore it while Duchess of York, then gave it to Princess Margaret.  Luckily the tiara didn’t go to her children or get sold and instead went back to the Queen’s collection.  It is quite a beautiful tiara.  It looks very dainty, with just three pearls thrown in for added flair–two at the bottom and one top, center.  It has a lotus flower, or papyrus leaf, design, hence the name(s).  I like it much more than the Halo Scroll Tiara that Kate wore for her wedding day.  The Lotus isn’t my favorite, but it is up there.

The Queen loaned the tiara, and the earrings, to Kate for the evening.  I wonder if this is the tiara Kate will wear from now on to all state events, or if the loaner is a one-time deal, like the wedding tiara was. Kate wore her hair in a half-updo style–at least it was off her face, but I’d still like to see her in a full updo for big events, especially when wearing a tiara.  She wore an ice blue, bespoke Alexander McQueen dress with lace.  There are no full length pictures of the dress, but I wish there were, it looks like it might be pretty, but we’ll never know (unless she rewears it somewhere else).  The palace has not released photos from inside the event, and probably won’t.  Shame, I love tiara p0rn and would love to see all the ladies in their jewelry and tiaras.

PS. Prince William was there, too. I totally forgot him since I was blinded by the tiara. LOL, I think that’s why royal men get so angry with their wives, because they totally pull the spotlight away from the royal man. You know Charles hated the fact that Diana got so much more attention than he did. I bet William is the same way. Or is he? Do you think he likes that Kate takes all the focus off him? Does he like it because he can bullsh-t around doing god knows what while the world focuses on Kate? Hm…

EDIT: I just thought of something I hadn’t thought of before (because I was blinded by the tiara), I wonder what Kate talked to the dignitaries at the reception about. I’m sure she got a ton of Prince George questions, but other than that… probably just some superficial nonsense. I doubt she had anything intelligent to say, but then again, did Will? How much intelligent conversation can come from a royal? I’m genuinely asking. Because while both Kate and Will went to university, neither of them seem all that bright. Will does seem more informed than Kate, though. At least William can say things without making really dumb comments about smelling tea by smelling it. I would really love to know what Kate talked to those people about, there were probably some really hilarious moments. And, OOOH!, I wonder if Kate had a run-in with the Queen or any other royal. I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever Kate interacts with other royals, because you know they don’t like her all that much, and they can be mean. Oh, Princess Anne would be amazing.

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