Princess Michael, part 2: William, Kate and Harry’s living arrangements

Princess Michael, part 2: William, Kate and Harry’s living arrangements

I decided to break this post up into two parts, because it was getting far too long for one post (even though I have done long posts in the past).  It seemed like it should be broken up, the first post was about Princess Michael, and this second post is about her comments on William, Kate and Harry.

So, on to Princess Michael’s other comments: the Daily Mail led off with her comments about how she’s picked out suitable replacement wives for her husband to marry should she die first, but I don’t think that’s all that scandalous. I mean, I could say she’s an old European aristocrat, there are arranged marriages (she claims hers was “arranged” by Lord Mountbatten) and all sorts of other things. But honestly, if I could pick out who my partner would marry if I died, I would. So even from a non-European aristocratic way, I get it. No big deal.

I want to talk about the stuff she said about William, Kate and Harry.  She talks about William and Kate’s apartment at KP, which used to belong to Princess Margaret.  She said:

Right where Princess Margaret was! And you know, I was very much behind that. Because it’s the nicest apartment… And, obviously, the boy was going to marry one day. He’d need the best apartment, surely. A lovely big garden…  And also, I thought she [Kate] would get the wobblies if she moved next door [into Diana’s former flat].  You know, with [the ghost of] Diana…  Anyway, that apartment, it’s not the best. Whereas Princess Margaret’s – wonderful.

What I glean from this is that William got the best apartment, because he’s the direct heir.  If Harry would have married first, he probably would not have gotten the biggest and best apartment at KP.  Princess Michael’s comments show favoritism to the eldest child: he’s the oldest, he’s the heir, he should get the best living area.  Also, she agrees with us (or at least me) that it would have been really creepy if Will and Kate had moved into Diana’s old place.  This favoritism is a normal part of the monarchy, and since Princess Michael is an old European aristocrat, it’s totally normal.  In fact, the unusual one is the Queen who supposedly didn’t favor Charles over his siblings, whereas the Queen Mum totally did.  The Queen Mum favored Charles, and she favored William (and I’d bet she favored Elizabeth, poor Margaret).  I, as a normal American citizen, think this is utter bullcrap, but I understand why Princess Michael would think this way.  So I’ll let her slide.

The Harry stuff is interesting.  She says:  “Gloucesters, who I think will leave… they’re rattling around this huge space.  And I think Prince Harry might go there, then they’d [William and Harry] be next door to each other – very good move.”  What I’m curious about is if Harry and the courtiers are actually wanting and preparing the Gloucester’s apartment for Harry when he marries, or if this is simply Princess Michael thinking out loud.  Like, is Harry thinking heavily about marrying Cressida and moving into the Gloucester’s apartment when that happens, or is Princess Michael merely speculating on what she thinks would be best but not what anyone has actually said or put in motion.  Because the comments could go either way.

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  1. I think she’s just speculating and coincidentally having some truth to her words. The Gloucesters are an senior couple and they could be wanting to downsize like a lot of senior couples do. If they do leave & Harry wants the place, maybe he’ll be offered it whether or not he’s married to Cressida or some other woman. I know that growing up William experienced a lot of favortism over Harry (and the Queen was one of those people who did it) but this situation has nothing to do with favortism. Kensington Palace is NOT owned by the Queen so she can’t just give anything to anyone. The queen had to buy out a charitable organization that had bought the space so that William could have it. I know quite of a few royal skeptics/critics who think that he pitched a fit to get it along with the upgrades or maybe he just asked and she said yes b/c she’s used to giving him what he wants. Who knows.

    1. That’s true, the Historic Royal Palaces owns KP and had offices and storage in apartment 1A before Will and Kate moved in.

      I wouldn’t put it past William to whine and complain until he got his way, he seems to do that a lot. I also bugs me that the Queen keeps giving in to Will and never puts her foot down on his lack of service as a royal. Instead of telling him to get his sh-t together she gives him a knighthood and a mansion at Sandringham, on top of the mansion at KP.

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