Kate and William attend “Mandela” premiere amid news of his passing

Kate and William attend “Mandela” premiere amid news of his passing

I want to preface this post by saying that the news of Nelson Mandela’s death broke shortly before the end of this event, he was 95.  I also want to preface this post by saying my heart goes out to Nelson Mandela’s daughter who was at the UK premiere of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; it is awful that she couldn’t be with her father when he died.

Now don’t think I’m cruel, but life must go on, and so I am going to cover this Kate appearance like any other.  Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom tonight (Thursday) in London.  The film is based on Mandela’s autobiography and stars Idris Elba—who is getting Oscar buzz for the film. William and Kate did a meet-and-greet with the people involved with the film. I wish I could see video of Idris meeting the Cambs, you know Idris is a monarchist and spokesperson for the Prince’s Trust. I’ve long to know what he thought of the Cambs.

Kate wore a cream Roland Mouret, long-sleeved gown with a thigh high slit in the front.  She previously wore this dress to a dinner in May 2012.  She paired the dress with black pumps, a black clutch and a $35 Zara fake crystal necklace. The necklace certainly is a statement piece, too bad it’s fake. I mean, good it’s fake because she didn’t get a huge, expensive piece of jewelry to wear, but bad it’s fake because I love nice jewelry. She wore her hair in a loose ponytail.  Now, I hate to go the “you criticize her for wearing her hair down, you criticize her for wearing her hair up; she can’t win” route, but sadly I don’t like the hair.  It’s nice that she actually put it up, but it looks awful.  If you’re going to wear your hair up, make sure it looks good.  A nice slick-back ponytail would have been great, but the pieces hanging down in front make it look far too sloppy for a premiere.  It looks like she put her hair up to do the dishes or something, not to go to a film premiere.  And why is it put up like that anyway, with the hair flowing normally until it randomly goes into the pony?  Is it that she can’t do a slick-back pony because of her weave?  I don’t know, the hair is too disheveled to go with the dress and accessories.  I do want to commend her for holding her dress as she got out of the car to prevent any flashings given the position of the slit.  I know it seems totally obvious and of course any woman would do that, but then again common sense isn’t that common and our dear Kate needs to be praised for anything she actually does right.  So good for you girl.

Both William and Kate were appropriately sad when they exited the theatre, they were told of Mandela’s death shortly before the screening ended, and William made a statement before leaving: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueL_Rr05ah0&w=560&h=315]

There were plenty of pictures of a sad Kate leaving.  I hate to say this, and I may just be horribly jaded, but I wonder if this was real emotion for Kate or if someone told her to look sad and so she did.

On a side note:  Kate was spotted taking George out for a stroll in Kensington Gardens yesterday (Wednesday), Lupo went too.  Is it weird that my first instinct was to wonder if George was actually in the buggy?  God, I’m so jaded when it comes to this woman.  Kate clearly knew she was being photographed, she’s staring at the camera in most of the shots.  I wonder who she was waving to, the nanny?  Security, telling them to stay out of her pictures?  LOL, I realize that most of the pictures are cropped close, but not all of them, and in other photos of Kate walking in Kensington Gardens a security person was walking right next to her.  These are exclusive shots that are clearly by a photographer, not some random person on the street using a cell phone (as her other KG shots have been).  I wonder who took the pictures.  Do you think Kate knew about them, like she wanted to be photographed as a normal mum taking her baby out for a stroll?  Side side note: why can’t this moron keep her dog on a leash? EDIT: I found another photo of Kate during her walk, this time with her bodyguard. I wonder why he kept such a distance in the other photos when he’s quite close here?

4 thoughts on “Kate and William attend “Mandela” premiere amid news of his passing

  1. No baby should have been allowed out in cold and very windy London yesterday.They closed the barriers due to tides and wind.That buggy was empty
    and as fake as they Zara necklace

  2. I think William looked genuinely sad when he was speaking, especially taking into account that the’s never met Nelson Mandela. Kate just looks pathetic (like always really) and as if she’s had to take a que from someone to look sad.

    You’re also not alone in thinking that there was no baby in the carriage. I think it was just a PR move. George is 5 months old and has never been trotted out the house except for his christening. Now all of a sudden she’s pushing his stroller. She’s not above doing anything for PR so I wouldn’t be surprised if she were pushing an empty carriage. If George is in the carriage then once again she does not make one look at him. Same with the christening, she’s just trotting along and smiling at the cameras but not one glance at Prince George. All of the other royals have looked at their children and gazed at them lovingly but she’s too busy eating up the cameras.

    1. Re taking emotional cues from others, Kate has done that numerous times before. It’s like she doesn’t know how to respond emotionally to any given situation so she has to let someone else respond first, then copy them.

      That whole buggy stroll just seems off. Good to know it’s not just me.

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