The Midds will be the best grandparents ever! Oh, and the Queen and Charles are around, too.

The Midds will be the best grandparents ever! Oh, and the Queen and Charles are around, too.

Ugh, this article deserves a post of its own it is that awful.  It is titled, Queen and Charles will dote on child, but spends the first chunk putting down George V and Mary as horrible and unfeeling grandparents and then spouts on and on about how great and doting the Middleton’s will be as grandparents.

It claims that Kate will spend the first six weeks after the baby is born at her parent’s house in Bucklebury, which is a rumor that has been going around for a while.  It says that because Kensington Palace hasn’t been finished that they will have to stay somewhere and they might as well stay with the Midds, the only problem is the security—they will have to beef up security at their house.  That is stupid.  They should not be at the Midds.  First, because they are two 30 year-olds and shouldn’t have to run to Kate’s mum for everything.  Second, because the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for the police to secure a private citizen’s home.  The taxpayer already pays for all the security at all the palaces, they shouldn’t have to pay extra just because Kate can’t handle any adult responsibilities and wants to stay with mummy all the time.  Of course, Kate has been staying with mummy for a good chunk of the marriage so I guess the taxpayer has already been paying for extra security at Middleton Manor.  Ugh.

Oy, I just can’t with this quote: “A friend said: ‘With William losing his mother, Carole hopes to be twice the grandma to make up for it.’”  You know, I’m sure that’s how Carole widdled her way into Will’s brain, by making him think she was a replacement for the mother he lost.  Will really likes the Middleton’s because it gave him that normal family that he had always longed for, and apparently he and Carole have always been close.  Seriously, he didn’t want Kate, he wanted her family.

The article ends with some nice bits about Charles and Camilla and the Queen and Philip and how they will make great grandparents/great-grandparents.  There is a nice quote from Charles about his grandmother (the Queen Mother), he called her wonderful.  That’s sweet.  From what I hear, the QM doted on Charles much more than she doted on Anne, Andrew or Edward.  But still, it’s a nice human thing to say and is nice to hear from someone like Charles, who often seems like a robot.  The article also mentions the Queen and how she dotes on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren because she didn’t see her children that much due to her duties.

I don’t know, it’s an article based on people’s sycophantic quotes and speculation that is designed to make all parties look better.  And it puts the Middleton’s at the top of the article that is supposed to (going off the title) be about the Queen and Charles.  Ugh, I expect more from you, Phil Dampier!  This one just annoys me.  Putting down the older royals to build up the current royals is one thing, but to build up the Middleton’s?  I don’t think so.  *Warning: Historian rant* I get that George V and Mary seem cold to us, but that’s how things worked back then.  If the Queen and Charles want to be loving grandparents, I’m all for that (being a lowly peasant myself) but you don’t have to put George and Mary down.  I really dislike when people put the way historical figures did things down for no real reason other than because it’s different from how we do things now, there is no reason for it and clearly those people don’t understand the historical context of those figure’s actions.  *Historian rant over*

Anyway, another piece of sycophantic press.  I’m really getting sick of all the sugar.  I can’t wait for it to be over.  Of course, then we will have a ton of sugary baby stories.  Get ready for that.

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