DM poll: do people know what being royal is all about?

DM poll: do people know what being royal is all about?

I’m giving this article a post of it’s own because I went way too long with my comments on it to fit in the previous post.

The Daily Mail conducted a poll of 1,000 readers and game up with some interesting results–that are totally in line with what the DM wants, coincidence?

The results said Kate should “significantly cut back her Royal duties”.  What duties?  If she cuts back any more she won’t be doing any?

Apparently the poll also found that the people want the Middleton’s to be front and center in the baby’s upbringing.  Goodness, when will the madness stop?  This child will be a future monarch, not a future party-supply company owner.  It will be a ROYAL, not a Middleton!   Ugh, you know Carole will raise the child as she likes and keep control over it so that she can get more perks, and put a Middleton on the throne.  I wish the Queen would just b-slap Carole, that would be funny.

LOL at her doing engagements in the autumn “as long as she feels well enough”.  My Latin professor was back to teaching three weeks after giving birth.  That’s how you do it as a peasant.  Of course they Kate to the Queen’s pre-monarch maternity leave times and Diana’s maternity leave times—the Queen took three and a half months with Charles, two months with Anne; Diana took five weeks with William, four weeks with Harry—so Kate’s three and a half month maternity leave (if she’s feeling able to return to work by the autumn–doubtful, right?) doesn’t seem that strange (which is what including those facts was designed to do, make the reader think it is perfectly normal for Kate to take three and a half months off).  But it is ridiculous when you really think about how much work the Queen and Diana were doing before and after they gave birth.  They were doing so many more engagements than Kate.  Kate barely does any engagements even when she isn’t on maternity leave.  There is no comparing Kate to the Queen or Diana.  Look, I understand the purpose of maternity leave, and agree that every woman should get some time off before returning to work after having a baby, but it’s not like Kate has some hectic work schedule and a stressful job, she goes to places and poses for pictures and walks around for 45 minutes and then leaves.  How hard is that?  The most annoying thing I think is that the press keeps trying to convince us that she is some hard worker when she clearly isn’t.  They try and make it like she has such a busy schedule that she needs so much time off.  If she simply went back to her normal schedule of one-two appearances a month soon after the baby was born, she could still spend most of her time with the baby (who am I kidding, the baby will be with a nanny while she shops and gets her hair done) and still ‘work’.  It’s not like her job is that hard.

Referencing my title for this post: this poll (which, I will admit, was probably tampered with to suit the DM) shows how much the people don’t understand the purpose and job of the monarchy. They seem to think that the monarchy is just like them, when it never was and never will be. The royals do things a certain way for a reason (granted that reason is to keep themselves in power) and William and Kate’s tampering with the royal traditions so much is why William will never be king (in my opinion). If the monarchy were to become just like everyone else, there would be no need to have them around. No one seems to understand this, the monarchy is set up in such a way that that family is somehow ‘special’ and they have a divine right to hold power and be the head of the Church of England (whether you agree with it or not, that is the basis of their rule). Once you take that ‘specialness’ away and they are just like every other person, then they need not be in power nor be the head of the Church of England. By the way, this was all explained to William by a professor when he was in university… he slept through that class. The more William wants and tries to be ‘normal’, the more he is killing the monarchy. He’s a republican’s best friend, and a monarchist’s worst nightmare. And Kate is his little tag-along puppet that doesn’t see the repercussions of her do-nothing actions and thinks the perks will last forever. They won’t.

PS. Kate’s hospital stay will cost more than £10,000.

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