Week in Review: the last week and a half of royal news

Week in Review: the last week and a half of royal news

I’ve been computer-less for the last week and a half.  It feels like I’ve missed so much.  At least I didn’t miss the birth stuff.  Here’s a list of some goings-on from this past week:

Kate is at her mother’s again.  She was reported as staying with her mother over the weekend because she just can’t handle being in London.  It’s funny that as soon as William is done in Wales and comes to London that she runs to Berkshire.  I think it’s a bit odd that she is away from London so close to her due date.  Remember, Kate only ever said mid-July, any reports of an actual date have been made up by the media.  But, it is pretty close to mid-July and babies can come at any time, so it is odd that Kate seemed sure enough that the baby would not be born over the weekend that she went to mummy’s.  Hm….  Suspicious, much?

Over the weekend, William played in two charity polo matches—one against his brother and one on the same team as his brother (his team lost both times).  The matches took place 60 miles and 100 miles away from London, respectively.  The media is making a big deal out of it, because this weekend was the dates that all the press had given as Kate’s due date, so they were questioning why William would be away from London on those days.  But of course, Kate was away from London, too, so….  And why is she never there to support William at any of his polo matches?  Diana was there to watch Charles, even when she was pregnant.  Well I guess that’s a topic for a different post.  LOL at the claim that Kate persuaded William to go to polo when he wanted to go to Berkshire with her instead.  William does what William wants, no matter what.  William wanted to go play polo, so he did.  It didn’t matter what Kate was doing.  But I love the PR trying to convince us he’s super excited about the birth and wanted to be with Kate.

Zara Phillips is pregnant!  She and husband Mike Tindall are expecting their first child in the New Year.  She is said to be about three months pregnant.  She plans to keep riding during her pregnancy, but will give up competing after an event next month. Congratulations to them!

There was a Coronation Festival (private viewing by the royals) and Concert/Performance… and the Middleton’s attended.  So this Coronation Festival is to showcase the best of British stuff (apparently it’s all the ‘royal warrant’ holders) and the royals had a private viewing of the stuff the day before it opened.  And the Middleton’s were there, too.  And then there was a concert/performance thing later, which the Middleton’s also attended.  And they didn’t just attend, they were sitting in the royal box—a few rows away from the Queen.  WTF?  It’s annoying when the Middleton’s get involved in royal activities (like being on one of the barges during the flotilla, at least they weren’t on the royal barge).  They are not royals, and never have any other commoner family ever been as involved and public as the Middleton’s have.  I don’t mean to be rude to commoners, because obviously I am one too, but the Middleton’s are such famewhores.  You know what’s most annoying about it, is that the Middleton’s were featured before the actual royals in the article.  Ugh.  Side note: apparently Kate was feeling so great she almost went to the concert, but decided against it.  More like William wasn’t going to be there and she doesn’t want to sit with the royals all by herself if she doesn’t have to (or they didn’t want her there), and she couldn’t sit with her family away from the royals because that would cause a media frenzy of questions about why she wasn’t sitting with the royals at a royal function.

Kate was spotted shopping last week.  LOL, she has time and energy for shopping but couldn’t handle any royal engagements in the last month because she was giving birth sometime in July.  I hate to compare these two women, but Diana was going out just some ten days before giving birth to William.  When will the press stop giving her a pass and start demanding that she work for all the perks she gets?

Kate has a check up last Monday.  I don’t know if this is necessarily that relevant, but I guess it’s interesting that they were able to sneak her in without the press seeing her.

LOL Kate and William’s local (to Wales) ASDA has reserved a special spot for them and the royal baby for when they need to shop there. Like William and Kate (especially Kate) will ever shop there again. It’s sweet of the place to do, but I doubt Kate will ever want to go back there. I don’t think she liked Wales that much.

Apparently Carole Middleton is trained as a midwife.  Ugh, the royal baby fever has got to stop.

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