Camilla hopes for the end of the week/Kate writes a letter/Uncle Gary is a lunatic

Camilla hopes for the end of the week/Kate writes a letter/Uncle Gary is a lunatic

Camilla did an engagement in Cornwall and while revealing a plague to commemorate her visit, said, “We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.”  All the press outlets are jumping on that saying that the baby will definitely be here by the end of the week.  I want to point out that she said HOPEFUL, they are HOPEFUL that the baby will be here by the end of the week; not that it for sure will be here by the end of the week.  Goodness, people, get a grip.  Seriously, the #GreatKateWait (someone started that hashtag on Twitter and I think it’s funny, it really is fitting) is getting to these reporters.  Or is it the heat in London outside the #LimboWing (another Twitter hashtag that is funny and oh so appropriate)?

Kate ‘wrote’ a letter with an “impassioned plea” in Place2Be’s newsletter about how she’s looking forward to be a Patron of their charity and how many problems children of poverty, etc. have.  I read the actual letter and it didn’t really seem like an ‘impassioned plea’ for anything, it seemed like a nicely written mission statement about her choice to join the organization as a patron.  Of course, it was probably not written by Kate, but by one of her staff members (Rebecca Deacon, anyone?), and then the signature was stamped on afterward–because you know Kate is too busy shopping and staying with Mummy to bother signing anything herself.

LOL! Uncle Gary says he’s “the least dodgy man on the planet” since he’s a self-made business man who cares about his family.  That would be great except that he’s also a man who provides drugs and prostitutes (of questionable legal age) to wealthy businessmen at his home (La Maison de Bang Bang–which translates to “the house of sex”).  Uncle Gary also thinks that Kate is having a girl, but admits to not knowing the sex.  He also insinuates that Kate and Will know the sex of the baby but aren’t telling anyone; which is contrary to what the palace is saying, that Kate and Will do not know the sex of the baby.  I wonder which one is lying?  Gary is a creep, and an idiot. Why are the powers that be not doing something about him? Why do they let him continue to give interviews that link his horribleness with the Royal Family? LOL at namedropping Camilla, like he’s so tight with her *rolls eyes*. PS. Gary was drinking throughout the entire interview.

Here’s a piece of information I missed from last week:  The palace has officially announced that Kate’s baby will be styled “His /Her Royal Highness Prince/Princess [Name] of Cambridge”.  Not surprising, right, since William and Kate are officially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  This will put an end to people saying it could be a prince/princess of Wales (like how William was a prince of Wales before his marriage, and like how Harry is a prince of Wales currently *not The Prince of Wales, that’s Charles, but A prince of Wales*).  I don’t know where that got started but clearly it was started by someone who did not understand how titles work in the British peerage.  Anyway, the Daily Mail has some really great historical information about previous prince/princesses of Cambridge in their article.  It’s worth a look.

Zara Phillips, contrary to previous reports, has decided to stop competing for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She was supposed to compete at an event next month but has decided to pull out of all upcoming competitions.  Spokesperson said it had nothing to do with any medical problem, she just decided she didn’t need to continue since she’s qualified for next year.  She will continue to ride privately, though.

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