Kate is STILL not in London!?

Kate is STILL not in London!?

Kate Middleton is an idiot, and the Palace are liars.  Do you remember when it was announced that Kate wasn’t going to be at the Percy wedding because she didn’t want to travel so far from London because she was afraid of going into labor early?  Well I called that line a bunch of crap back then, but now it is really apparent that that line was a bunch of crap, because Kate has no problem leaving London to stay in Bucklebury with her parents so close to her due date.  Kate is STILL in Bucklebury, and plans to stay there for the next few days, with William (that really is a shocker since they haven’t spent much time together during the entire pregnancy). 

Why is she not in London when she is supposed to give birth IN LONDON sometime soon?!  Richard Palner writes, “The couple plan to spend the next few days dividing their time between Bucklebury and their two-bedroom cottage at Kensington Palace in London, until Kate, 31, goes into labour.”  What does that mean?  That Kate is planning on travelling 106 miles (roundtrip; it is 53 miles from London to Bucklebury) every other day, while nine months pregnant?  Why can’t she just stay put in London?  Why is she insisting on costing the taxpayers even more money by forcing Metro police to stand guard outside her parent’s house when Kensington Palace is already protected?  Why is no one putting a stop to this, why aren’t the Men in Gray forcing her to remain in London where she belongs?  E! News (I don’t have a link because I saw it on TV) did a segment about the route Kate will take from KP to Lindo, and the differences between the day route and night route since Hyde Park is closed at night, but all of that would be moot is she goes into labor while she’s in Bucklebury.  Girl better get her butt to London and not have the baby in Berkshire.  To paraphrase @RoyalForumMoron:  if that baby is not born at St. Mary’s none of the skeptical royal watchers/bloggers are going to believe that that child is actually hers.

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  1. To be honest I getting tired of all the drama And the lies. I truly dislike her but believe not because she is a so called princess . I think her whole life was just spent to cach the poor ” big celery Will” . She just waited And waited
    She Could have so many possibilities , a carreer …… But she just wanted to be a silly doll
    That is very very sad…. What is even worst is that they call her ” role model”. Oh my !

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