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Kate Middleton Prince William

Does Kate Middleton spend her free time coloring?

Yesterday, November 29, Prince William was in charge of doing the investitures at Buckingham Palace, at which William told one woman that Kate Middleton likes to color in coloring book for adults.

Kate Middleton Prince William Princess Charlotte Elizabeth

Prince William loses beauty sleep to Princess Charlotte (updated)

Prince William did some stuff the last three days. I was going to include William’s stuff in the British round up part 3, but the post got too long, so I split it up. The Duke of Cambridge traveled to Switzerland for United for Wildlife, he did an investiture at Windsor Castle, and he visited […]

Kate Middleton Prince William

Kate spent £1 million on KP and doesn’t like the paint, apparently + William preforms an investiture while Kate attends a party

This is a catch-all post for some Will and Kate news before I move on. Kate apparently isn’t happy with the color scheme in her newly redecorated Kensington Palace apartment. They spent £1 million of taxpayer money to fix it up, and now she wants to change stuff. A source said, “she wasn’t happy with […]

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