Kate spent £1 million on KP and doesn’t like the paint, apparently + William preforms an investiture while Kate attends a party

Kate spent £1 million on KP and doesn’t like the paint, apparently + William preforms an investiture while Kate attends a party

This is a catch-all post for some Will and Kate news before I move on.

Kate apparently isn’t happy with the color scheme in her newly redecorated Kensington Palace apartment. They spent £1 million of taxpayer money to fix it up, and now she wants to change stuff. A source said, “she wasn’t happy with the result [of the paint], and one room came out with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge. She’s blaming it on her hormones [cough] before the birth [cough cough].” They’ve reportedly hired some fancy designer. Honestly, the article is as much about this guy as it is about Kate, so I’m not sure if this article is accurate or if it is a plug by the designer to get some publicity–it might be both, they may have hired a designer and he wants attention for it. He’s supposedly also going to decorate Anmer Hall. Going back to the cost of all this, a KP spokesperson said, “the cost of any interior decorating and furnishing would be covered privately by the Royal Family. [The £1 million of public money was spent on] essential structural work that needed to be completed by whoever moved into the buildings.” So there’s that.

Prince William attended/conducted an investiture for the ladies who created Netmums, a parenting website.  According to the ladies, he was talking about the importance of parenting websites and how he and Kate and their friends use parenting websites. Do you really think William uses a parenting website?  Like, I don’t think William cares that much.  Also, William isn’t taking care of the baby, you know, he has people for that.  And even if he is taking care of George, he has a bunch of nannies to ask questions when he needs assistance, why would he need a parenting website?  Maybe I’m being too cynical, maybe he does use it.  I don’t know.  At least he’s working.  An investiture isn’t hard work at all, but it’s better than shopping.

Sir Marcus Setchell—the man who delivered Prince George, and was knighted for it—has officially retired, and he had a party at the Hype Park Hilton to celebrate.  Kate attended, in an “unofficial capacity”.  So it won’t count for the Court Circular numbers, right?  I checked the Court Circular and it wasn’t listed.  I’m going to check back later to make sure they’re not counting it.  Because that would be stupid if they counted it.  But I feel like that’s something they would try and get away with, to pad her numbers, so I want to make sure they don’t.  Oh, by the way, Setchell said his most memorable arrival was sextuplets, not the royal baby.  Lol.  #Burn.

4 thoughts on “Kate spent £1 million on KP and doesn’t like the paint, apparently + William preforms an investiture while Kate attends a party

  1. I do not know what to say? I am very very speechless!
    lazy is sticking the the british taxpayers with the cost!
    This makes me very angry and i do not live in there!
    I feel very sorry for the taxpayers! I am angry at billy,
    daddyand grama! Do they have any backbone, are they
    insane! Please explain to me why this is not stopped period!

  2. yes its shocking that its allowed to happen lazy keeps adding nad things on her really awfull CV. She is a golddigger and thats what golddiggers do, hunt, sppend, waste other peoples money Pathetic?!!

  3. Stupid girl is meant to have an arts degree, but she has no idea about colour? the apartment should have been decorated by a professional not by someone who has no idea what she is doing. Where are the advisors who should be helping her or is kate to thick to take advice?

    1. I know, right. For someone with an art history degree, she sure knows little about art. But to be fair, if the paint she picked out was a specific color, like beige, and once painted had a purple tinge, I can understand not being happy and wanting to redo it–in fact, I’d go yell at the paint people for that mistake. However, if she just randomly picked purple, then that’s her own damn fault.

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