Harry and Cressida get papped at the Ivy, with Sam and Isabella Branson

Harry and Cressida get papped at the Ivy, with Sam and Isabella Branson

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas joined Sam and Isabella Branson the other night for dinner at the Ivy in London—it was Isabella’s birthday.  Harry refused, again, to be photographed with Cressida and walked well ahead of her.  They’ve been together for well over a year, and by some claims it’s been almost two years (the start of their relationship keeps changing, some say it started in May 2012, some say it started later, I don’t know).  We know you two are dating—you’ve been spotted out together in London and even did the skiing photo op that the royals love to announce the relationship—there is no reason to pretend you’re not dating by not walking together.  For the love of g-, Harry, be a gentleman and walk next to your girl!  What the heck is wrong with these Princes that they don’t like walking next to their ladies?

Harry also looked glum when walking out of the restaurant, and the article attributes that to the presence of the paps—because Harry doesn’t like being photographed or whatever.  But you know, maybe Harry should take that up with Sam Branson who held Isabella’s birthday dinner at the Ivy, where paps hang out all the time to get pics of celebs eating there.  Harry hates the paps and the press and everything else, but then doesn’t realize that the people he’s hanging out with are the ones calling the paps, or arranging meals at pap-heavy restaurants?  Harry (and William) has such a blind hatred for the press/paps that he attributes everything negative to them and doesn’t see the leeches and famewhores in his inner circle.

As for Cress’s outfit… is it weird that I don’t hate it?  The backpack is a strange choice for a dinner at a restaurant, but aside from that I think the outfit is fine.  At first I was all, “what the heck”, about the shoes, but looking at them more I kind of don’t mind them.  They’re fun and add a bit of whimsy to the black outfit.  As far as the clothes, she looks put together so I’m good with it.  I love her necklace.  I don’t get the whole “the ‘posher’ you are perceived to be the tattier you are expected to look at ‘smart’ places” thing, but whatever.  I would have gone with a dress or at least business casual for a birthday dinner, but I think Cress looks nice here.

Harry attended the Nelson Mandela service at Westminster Abbey on Monday.  He was representing the Queen in an official capacity.  I think it’s interesting that the Queen asks Harry to represent her instead of William.  At the Olympics closing ceremony it was Harry who repped her, while William was busy f-ing around, or whatever he was doing.  And now Harry is repping her here, instead of William.  I think that says something about who she likes and thinks is doing a better job at being a royal.

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