Cambridge Family join royals at BP Christmas lunch

Cambridge Family join royals at BP Christmas lunch

This is a very quick post about Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte arriving at the Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace yesterday, December 20.

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The Cambridges arrived together, with William and Kate in the front seat and George and Charlotte in the back with Nanny Maria.

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The Duchess of Cornwall arrived with Prince Charles.

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The Countess of Wessex arrived with Lady Louise Windsor.

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Harry and Meghan were also there – you can read that post here.

Apologies for the abbreviated post. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment.

170 thoughts on “Cambridge Family join royals at BP Christmas lunch

    1. She’s changed so much! I think she looks more like her brother now and the “Chatto” resemblance has faded, judging by the these quick pics. Very cute and I’m really hoping the best for dear little princess, that she breaks the “spare” mold and becomes something wonderful on her very own. And it will never matter who her paternal grandmother was except to note in passing. Have I got my head in the clouds? Fingers crossed I don’t

      1. “I’m really hoping the best for dear little princess, that she breaks the “spare” mold and becomes something wonderful on her very own.” Agree Ray. The Cambridge baby number 3 will mean Charlotte is no longer the only “spare” (I dislike this word). She has a strong personality, we can see this already. Very cute.

        1. Jamel I don’t understand what the spare actually means. It was used when I went around a stately home recently. Does it mean if something happens to the heir then there is another person to fill the shoes of inheritance?

          1. Laura, yes. The spare child is like an insurance policy incase the heir dies young or is unable to fulfill their duties and don’t have children to take their place.

            In the scheme of things, the spare, despite being the backup plan, is unimportant and often treated like a second class citizen compared to their heir sibling.

            Ditto any other children that come along after the heir and spare.

          2. The heir and the spare issue was supposedly a bone of contention between HM and Princess Margaret once David abdicated and Bertie became king. Young Elizabeth was pulled away to start learning all of that constitutional law stuff and whatnot and Margaret wanted to do it, too, but they were treated differently and separated a lot. I really feel for Margaret and the way her life ended up.

          3. Meghan: in one of the Queen at 90 documentaries, Anne admitted that their nannies treated her very differently from Charles.

            She said it so matteroffactly as she watched footage of her and charles as young kids playing with the nannies.

            Since Andrew didn’t come along until Anne was 10yrs, She was the spare at that point.

    2. Charlotte has changed so much in just six months. In this picture, she resembles Eugenie and the Queen Mother. I so wish there would be more candid shots (taken by professionals) of George and Charlotte interacting as siblings do.

      1. Anyone see the fairly recent photo of the little prince and princess of Monaco in a hug? It makes me wonder if we will ever see this kind of photo released by W&K.

  1. Is it just the light or does Charlotte look different? Seems she is changing fast as she grows, and if I’m right it makes the Christmas card photo even more disappointing.
    Does anyone know where Edward was?

    And thanks Mrs BBV for the heads up yesterday.

    1. I’ve read Edward was already at BP as was Andrew. Hasn’t Andrew walked from SJP/CH compound to the party before?

      The kids are cute. Wish we saw more of them.

    2. Andrew and Edward are based at BP. Offices and apartments so you won’t see them driving into this party unless they weren’t in residence or came in from an engagement elsewhere.

      Anne is based at SJP as are the Yorkies. Charles is at CH.

  2. Camilla looks wonderful in that green.

    Can’t tell what Kate is wearing, but her makeup is way too heavy as usual.

    Interestingly, veteran Royal reporter Richard Palmer noted Kate turns her head away from cameras much of the time, but this time she did not. Former Middleton mouthpiece and fave photog said Kate had to give the photographers what they want-she has stiff competition now. I even said it was odd Kate was so smiley. From Twitter:

    1. I figure that’s the reason – like you said, give ’em what they want, finally. See how Camilla is: straight-backed, smiling, people can see her jewels, clothes, and she looks happy to be there and happy to wave and smile to the crowds.

      I wonder why Meghan wasn’t doing any of that, though I think such behavior would anger William AND Harry if either Kate or Meghan did that with how paranoid they are and their hatred of media.

    2. Perhaps Meghan could give Kate a make up session with her make up artist as a Christmas present !!! Meghan will have had advice on how to do make up for the cameras, Kate still doesn’t seem to have learned the knack, and doesn’t seem to want to. If I remember rightly she had a professional for her wedding but took it off and did her own…am I right?

      1. Meghan’s makeup was beautiful! Kate’s still too heavy and stuck in the ’00s. She wears makeup like a lot of girls I knew did in high school…

        1. Kate wears makeup in the same manner as her mother. They both overdo the eyes and have too much blush. She has a stylist so I do not understand why she persists with the heavy eyeliner.

        2. I thought Meghan looked beautiful! Loved her earrings. It’s a shame she was wearing one my trifecta of loathing labels.
          I wish the royals would stop wearing self portrait. At least this one wasn’t a lace little house in the prairie type outfit. Bleh just no

      2. Yes, Kate needs Meghan’s makeup artist right now, like stat. I personally think Kate did not look her best at all today and the Daily Fail published some unflattering pics of her, which is not like them.

      3. I think Kate took lessons because it was so highly promoted that she wanted to do her own makeup. I remember reading so much about it that I was kind of stunned at how overly rouged she was and how heavy her eyes looked. She hasn’t changed much. When she goes a little lighter (or doesn’t wear any makeup at all) I think she looks much better.

    3. It also shocks me that Charles and Camilla rarely wear seat belts….which is illegal and downright stupid, and sets a poor example. Going slowly, or just popping down the road is no excuse.

      1. I am defending a lawsuit where it was a low speed collision in a parking lot and the Plaintiff doesn’t seem to have been wearing her seatbelt. She has significant neurological injuries because of it. Contributory negligence will reduce any damages she is entitled to. In short, everyone wear a seatbelt no matter where you are going or how fast.

        1. We had a campaign in the very early days of seatbelts that I still remember..Clunk, click every trip. Didn’t they learn from Diana?

      2. When seat belts came with a new car, my family purchased, my father would not start the engine until everyone had locked. After a short time of grumbling, wearing belts/straps became a lifelong habit.

  3. If Meghan did that, they would take a pound of her flesh, calling her attention seeking, trying to upstage Kate, etc. Being a typical actress and not royal enough. Double standard.

    1. Wave or no wave the press got some stunning photos of Meghan. I do find it odd that the nanny has to go to a family lunch. I wonder if the little kids don’t sit down with the adults? I loved family get togethers when my Mum’s 9 grandchildren were running around , but I suppose the Queen wouldn’t like that.

      1. I figure that’s how it is – littles have lunch separately from the adults, isn’t that how they do it? My dad’s family does it this way, sort of, in that all the littles are at a few tables (when we get together, there are A LOT of kids!), but not too separate. Enough though that I was always the one to sit with my cousins because I was the one who could get them to behave! No nannies for us! lol

        1. It is reported (per HM’s former chef) that the young ones eat Christmas lunch at Sandringham in the nursery with their nannies. The chef described doing a separate turkey cooked for the little ones and called HM’s approach to children at dinner time as very Victorian. I imagine it’s the same at this lunch.

          I don’t feel too badly about the practice, personally—when I was a kid, I would have preferred hanging out with my cousins that I didn’t see too often and doing our own thing, as opposed to sitting thru a multi-course formal dinner with adults.

  4. I am not crazy about Maria being there. I mean, Kate and William can’t handle their own kids at a party? And she was also with them when they are some train station to. I just wonder how really hands on Kate and William are.

    1. I don’t think they are, or if they are, it’s when they feel like it.

      Lunches like this are adults and kids separated, I’m sure, so Maria and other nannies were there to supervise those kids while the adults get to enjoy. Kinda like how they never bring the little kids to church.

    2. I don’t know that they have a lot of choice in this case– I think how the Queen wants her lunch to go (assuming its true that she wants a separate room/lunch with the kids and then a more formal one for the adults) is how it will go. If I knew my kids would be separated from me at a lunch like this, I’d rather them have the nanny they knew than a random nanny assigned to watch all the little ones, if that makes sense.

  5. Kate and Meghan may have youth and beauty on their side but to me Camilla looks wonderful. So did Sophie. I loved Camilla’s green frock and her beautiful brooch.

    Looking through the Daily Mail pics I noticed one of the royals in a backseat with a child on her lap. It is bad enough Camilla and Charles didn’t wear their’s but having a child on your lap while sharing a seatbelt is dangerous imo.

    1. That’s crazy. Especially with all the media and spectators and a potential to having to hit the brakes quickly to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

    2. Charles and Camilla could walk to BP if they wanted, and so I guess they feel the short drive from Clarence House with the police outriders, etc, it doesn’t much matter, though I’d sure wear my seatbelt! I mean, it’s a five minute walk from CH to BP. I’ve done it. It’s fun to walk through Green Park 🙂

        1. Yeah, I don’t get why. Even if I’m driving through the parking lot I put my seat belt on. Maybe just older people don’t ‘get’ it, my dad will not wear his sometimes and I freak out. (He is Charles’s age almost exactly, they’re a month apart. He likes to go on about how HE was fine as a kid with no seat belts, no car seats, etc. Head desk.)

          1. I wish people would stop with the ageism. People are irresponsible and pigheaded and get themselves killed in every generation. Let’s call them what they are- not ‘old’ but morons.

      1. Here’s a perfect example of royal entitlement, thinking themselves above the law (nothing to do with age). Never mind the optics, did they ever give a thought that they are highly visible role models? This is irresponsible anti-social behaviour, but then, they are gods in their own minds and the minds of many others. To be clear, I usually love the double Cs.

    3. I noticed that, too, but they were in a taxi, so no car seat I imagine. I’m not sure about this, but because of where the seat belt would be positioned on a small child not in a car seat, it might be safer for that child to be seated higher in an adult’s lap, and seatbelted (new word) that way. Did that make sense? It’s very late here and I’m very tired lol.

      1. I was thinking what if the car stopped suddenly. Passengers would be thrown forward. The child would be crushed between the seatbelt and the weight of the person on whose lap they were sitting.

        1. That is true. It’s just so difficult being with little ones in the city: the taxis, the buses, the subways–none equipped for securing children safely.

  6. I always find these car pics slightly voyeuristic. I wish they would release a group photo. Having said that, I think Camilla has mastered the art of showing us what we want, her bling and a good look of her outfit.
    I think the kids have grown a lot since we last saw them. I always find it strange that Nanny is there for the family lunch type outings. Similar to the parent who takes the nanny to the park (or shopping) with them.
    Was Zara there?

    1. Zara’s nieces were there, Sarah. There are photos of the royals on the Daily mail website.
      Charlotte is peeping out the window as if to say what is going on? George looks very shy. I love it. Louise is growing so much and I like that photo of Sophie and Louise. Especially as I wear glasses. Sophie is not afraid to show herself wearing them.
      Camilla looks festive in green. I wonder whom qualifies for the Christmas lunch and why does the Queen host it?
      If you don’t mind me asking how do I personalise the avatar. Is the correct word. Please.

      1. I wonder whom qualifies for the Christmas lunch and why does the Queen host it?

        It looks like all the descendants of George V. My guess is that the Queen’s father hosted his and his sibling’s families (except the Duke of Windsor) for Christmas at Sandringham and the Queen continued that tradition, but because the family has grown so much (the Duke of Kent alone has three children and eight grandchildren) they have outgrown Sandringham and as a result she now hosts this lunch. Plus I would not be surprised if the various offshoots prefer to spend Christmas with a closer circle of relatives.

        1. In my previous comment I said that it was the descendants of George V who go to the Christmas luncheon hosted by the Queen, and that seems to be the case except that the descendants of George V’s daughter Princess Mary, the Princess Royal don’t seem to attend.

      2. Laura, kmr sent me a link. I can’t remember now what it’s called. Kimothy might know since hers is changed as well
        For a while there where so many sarah’s posting it was confusing me because I was thinking I didn’t say that!!

      1. I agree – there have been such photos in the past and it would be so historical.

        I also hate the car shots and wish they would allow a photographer to document the arrival of the guests at the door – as they do in other countries. That would diminish the value of the car shots for photographers and let us see the outfits of the ladies and decent expressions.

      2. That is another reason I like the SRF so much. They take family photos, often. Dressed down, dressed up, they present a united front, even though we know there are tensions behind the scenes.

          1. Carl-Gustaf doesn’t like his daughter being the Crown Princess. He was against changing the inheritance rules but the government voted and they passed. He still thinks Carl-Philip should be the heir, despite being 2nd in birth behind VIctoria. CG has also been a terrible husband to Sylvia, she’s had some unfortunate results with plastic surgery, there *might* be some issues regarding Sofia. The most public is CG’s disdain for a woman taking the throne when there’s a male heir available.

  7. December = grey days and grey people – hope the temperature was warm. And some decent food = the royals are cheap in that respect

  8. Kids face changes so fast around that age. Charlotte looks so darling. I am telling you that girl is running that house. A strong girl, I hope they foster that, if my assumption is correct.

  9. Family looks great! Kids are so cute!!!
    Was it really necessary though to bring the nanny? I guess if W&K wanted her to join to celebrate then that’s cool but if it’s to mind the kids during Christmas dinner it’s a bit…Odd and I’ll leave it at that.

  10. In these photos, I see Charlotte resembling Eugenie. She’s very cute. Kate looks far more relaxed compared to past years, and William was smiling too.

    1. Such beautiful pictures The photographer is talented.
      But Harry and Meghan are also doing a great job, they are not shy to show emotions.
      Pictures in which you can see and feel love or happiness are the most precious ones.

    2. They look so in love. You know the negative comments will start by saying her sheer looking top is not appropriate, Meghan is showing off and they do not have the same decorum as W&K at the time of their engagement.

      It seems W&K had it easier in 2010. The internet comments seem to get uglier each year.

      1. But I have to say, Meghan often wore sheer looking tops in quite a time. It’s not that I don’t think they are pretty, perhaps not appropriate for royal events, but I wonder why she chooses them several times.

      2. I do find her outfit very celebrity-ish, I guess. Not appropriate for an engagement shoot unless it’s super formal and the guy is dolled up too. And honestly it looks like a figure skating reject costume with she sheer top and sparkles covering important parts. Lol If she’s in a gown why is harry in a regular suit?

          1. I hope this gown was a loan from the designer, the way actors get a loan of an expensive gown for the Oscar’s red carpet, or she paid for it herself with her salary from SUITS.

            I think she looks beautiful, but it did look like a choice that would bring criticism based on the style and price.

          2. The dm article (take that with a grain of salt) said it was £56,000 and “privately purchased” of course who knows if she paid full price for it
            These pics also reiterate how much I like Frogmore.

      3. To me the design of the top reminds me of an ice-dancing figure skater.

        It already looks dated as a result.

        I don’t understand why she didn’t choose a classic look even if she had to wear a ball gown. She’s been spot on with her outfits so far and looking timelessly elegant.

        This one is figure skater and too hollywood for such an *important photo.

        * people forget that she is part of our history now. With a chance at the crown even if it’s remote. Charles slimming down the monarchy means Harry and MM can’t fade away like other spares had to do. A photo to be hang in the official ambassadorial residences of the commonwealth and they goes with figure skating ice-dancer?

        Grrl, less hollywood, more public servant.

        I now fear for the wedding dress.

        1. I agree – quite about from the supposed price of the dress and the fact royals aren’t supposed to use loans (witness Diana and the borrowed jewels in that early official portrait and the embarrassment that followed) why on earth is she wearing an evening gown in the daytime when he’s wearing a suit. It’s so Hollywood tawdry flashy – the antithesis of royal dignity.

          Whilst I like the pose of them sitting together and accept the black and white as they seem desperate to prove their love physically (my mum would say those who have to show the most, have the least underneath!) But in that informal shot she is clinging to him like a dog she is afraid will run away, almost pulling him over, and he obviously knows this is wrong.

          I realise she is an exuberant, happy girl, so thrilled to become a princess (and hopefully to be married to Harry) – but some decorum is going to be necessary once this honeymoon phase is past.

          The queen and Philip have done fine with one chaste kiss and a few meaningful expressions over the course of seventy years.

          1. You’re kidding right? There is no need to be so stuffy and Meghan is not desperately clinging to Harry. They are equally into each other. And neither Harry and Meghan are “desperate to prove their love.” I can think of very little more insulting than that sentence. I guess others hate to see a happily engaged couple or don’t know what it looks like. Loosen up for God’s sake.

            Harry and Meghan are not the Queen and Prince Phillip. Things have changed as they should. Let Harry and Meghan be who they are.

            And there is nothing wrong with her decorum. This is 2017, not 1871. Times have changed and things have to evolve. Not everyone is stiff, staid and lifeless. And good for Meghan for having joy and being vivacious. We need more of it.

            If Harry and Meghan are fine with how they are, that is all that matters. And I don’t see them complaining.

          2. Leah: it is not hysterics.

            This is history. Staid and boring, but that is what it is.

            The very same qualities you are applauding are the same qualities that rub British people the wrong way.

            And they will be used against her if she doesn’t rein it in.

            We are not asking for Kate’s frigidly cold and formal public persona.

            We’ve been down this road before with Fergie.

            The headlines about MM at this stage are eerily similar to the headlines about Fergie minus the racism.

            And when the press turned, those same qualities were used against Fergie.

            And being hollywood more than public servant is not a good look when you are already facing a public hostile to hollywood.

            You have to dress for your audience if you want to win them over. This outfit is party girl, not public servant representating a nation of reserved people who will judge you negatively for perceived extravagance of person in self-presentation not to mention austerity so price of gown, borrowed or not, is an own goal mistake. Especially at christmas when every supermarket in the land is upping their foodbank drives etc

            She was doing so well too.

            This is why i am soured. Too much of one thing and basic, demonstrative misunderstanding of what she’s taking on.

          3. Ok. Well I am American and I am not reserved. I think Meghan will learn. I remember Fergie too-vaguely-and I don’t think they are similar. Fergie had serious issues Meghan doesn’t have.

            I also think that while Meghan made a misstep, it was just that. I am sure and hope she will rebound, but I won’t write her off. Meghan was/is doing well, but everyone makes mistakes. If you don’t, you aren’t human. I think there is a learning curve and I am going to give her two years, as I gave Kate. I mean, I would expect Meghan and anyone who is not a bred royal to make mistakes. I mean, hell, even blood royals make errors. Andrew, anyone? And what Meghan did is not like the whole Sophie-sheik thing either.

            Plus, Meghan made a lot of money on her own from her show, from endorsements, etc. IF she purchased the gown on her own, fine. It’s her money, her business. She spent her own money and harmed no one. No taxpayer is out of money.

            Again. I love her vivacity and cheerfulness and enthusiasm and get up and go. I just can’t fathom how and why they are negative qualiities. I mean, what’s not to love?

            Herazeus, don’t tell me you are forever turned off because of this one thing? It would make me sad as you are my ultimate favorite.

          4. My objection to the dress is its obscene cost. Regardless of who bought it, whether she or someone else, it strikes me as profligate and intemperate.

            Who *needs* an expensive dress like that? No one. For me that converts to almost $100K CAN. It’s not even that stylistically outstanding. It’s certainly not iconic. And it doesn’t have diamonds sewn into it. So, why, when there are so many to choose from at a reasonable price that would have been stunning, appropriate and classy.

            As Hera points out, Meghan doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of her position which should be a sobering thought. It makes me wonder if she actually knows anything about the UK and culture and customs and royal ways. It’s a far different sensibility from America or Canada. In all that time with Harry, did she ever leave the house, and did she just hang with his crowd?

            Hopefully she will get an advisor. Looks like she needs one. I do find the cost of that dress very telling.

        2. I think everyone is having hysterics over one photo. Goodness, we should all calm down. There will be more photos of Harry and Meghan to be hung in official buildings.

          I don’t fear for the wedding dress at all.

          1. I agree with Herazeus up-thread. Megan’s choice of clothing for the engagement picture is regretable. She had an opportunity to review contemporary engagement pictures of recent royal couples. Most of the women wear either daytime outfits or more dressy, knee-length cocktail attire. Megan will have many formal occasions in the future. I wonder why someone did not advise her to make a better choice for the first official pictures. I did like the photography.

      1. Oh my gosh. I so love this. Though I can almost guarantee based on the framing that they cut off the top of the photo 🙁

    3. I ??the black and white one. The other isn’t to my liking. She’s dressed in a ball gown and he’s in his every day suit. Now if he was in a tux that would be somethinelse.
      They’re all great pics tho

  11. Kids look adorable! Charlotte still has those sweet, apple cheeks that I want to pinch or kiss! Lady Louise is growing up so fast! William semi-smiled at the press and Kate waved! I heart seeing the extended members of the BRF, especially Princess Margaret’s adult children.

    So…..guess who is going to (FINALLY!) mail out Christmas cards to some of the BRF today? Yup, me! Here’s who I’m going to send cards to: HM & Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla (don’t worry, I’ll use her title), the Cambridges, Harry & Meghan, Prince Andrew, The York sisters, Earl and Countess of Wessex and family, Princess Anne. Is there anyone else you think I should add? Should I attempted the Swedish or Spanish royals? How about the Japanese Imperial Family? Thoughts?

    1. It will be fun to see if you get anything in return. Please, keep us posted. I would send a card to Victoria, Daniel and the children.

      1. Yeah, especially since Daniel and I have that transplant connection. 😉

        I’ll definitely keep you all posted! I plan on writing a little letter and include it in each card (with my return address!). I think I’m going to include Sarah, Duchess of York on my list since I’ve always had a soft spot for her.

        1. Oh how lovely of you Kimothy 🙂 Let us know about any feedback please. I wouldn’t really know what to say in the Christmas cards. I agree, with the group photo of the BP Christmas lunch. It would be good to see all the family together even if it is just a photo.

          1. I’m writing a bit about myself (my transplant, illnesses, highlight for me this year was meeting my donor family) and thoughts on charities they support (example: Prince Charles w/ Cystic Fibrosis, Camilla with reading and the annual Christmas tree decorating event, you get the idea). I’ll let you know what happens!

          2. Kimothy. One of my cousins on my mum’s side had a kidney transplant. I don’t have a lot of memories of Kimberley as I am much younger than her but I am in touch with her children, her parents who are my aunt and uncle and sibling.

          3. If you feel it’s appropriate, will you tell Camilla that you know of others who also adore that Christmas event?

          4. I did mention the Christmas tree event (and how much I love it) but not that others enjoy it and the card is already sealed, ready to be mailed off. Oops!

          5. That is kind of you, Kimothy. One of my memories is when my auntie said to me that Kim has been naughty. She did some ironing on her own and burnt herself. I was only around 4 years old at the time. I was puzzled how being independent was wrong. I mean isn’t that a good thing. 🙂 Don’t we all aspire to do our own ironing.

        2. You’ll probably get the most heartfelt and meaningful reply from Sarah York. Lovely girl with the kindest heart. I always feel such sympathy for her and what she’s endured. Ok she’s had her moments too but she doesn’t get up in the morning and think ‘how can screw up today?

          1. Well, with all of them I give the basic intro “my name is blank and I received a heart/double lung transplant on X date due to blank illnesses at such transplant center” blah blah…..then later on I say (paraphrasing) “the most meaningful event for me this year was, after over 20 years of searching, finding my donor family on Facebook and meeting some of them during the first weekend in July…..the first hug with my donor mom and two donor siblings lasted forever….” and I somewhere compliment them on a charity they’re devoted to that I am connected to in some way or appreciate.

            **shrugs shoulders**

            I heart Sarah too. She really is a people pleaser who just desperately wants to be loved.

      1. Swedish royals (Victoria and family, Maddie and family, and, to be fair, CP and family) are definitely on my list but I don’t know much about the Dutch. Who would you suggest I write to?

        1. after I said that I got to thinking do the Dutch even send out Christmas cards? I don’t remember them in the past roundup that KMR usually does for the holiday cards post.
          I’ve seen on social media that when some peeps have written the girls they’ve responded but I was thinking more Maxima and WA

        1. I could be wrong but I think she means the Bhutan royal family. Because they’re adorbs!
          Nepal did away with their king about 10 yrs ago or so. Added that one of the Nepalese princes shot and killed 10 family members which I think probably facilitated the move from monarchy to parliamentary.

        2. So sorry yes I did mean Bhutanese. Thank you Sarah.
          King Jigme Namgyal Wangchuck, Queen Jetsun Pema and their young son Crown Prince Gyalsey are just the most adorable family.

          1. Agreed! That little boy is suuuuper cute and the king and queen are beautiful but wonderfully humble in character/mannerism. Okay, when I’m done with the BRF and Swedish royals, I’ll try to send out a card and letter to the Bhutanese royals. 🙂

      1. You know you’re doing a bit too much copy and paste when: the address has “HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge” but the letter starts out “Dear Prince Charles” Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Glad I caught that!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Okay, ’cause I did. Here is an update and list of royals I sent a Christmas card and letter to:

          Prince Charles
          Prince William
          Prince Harry/Meghan
          Princess Beatrice
          Princess Eugenie

          In each letter, I wrote a little “my name is blah blah….I received a heart/lung transplant…..highlight for me this year was finding my donor family on Facebook and meeting them in person…..” and I fit in something I admire about them via a charity of theirs. You know whose letters were hardest? William and Kate and I’m not being snarky when I say that. For Charles, I wrote about his being Patron of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a disease many of my friends have. Camilla’s letter talked about my love of reading and the annual Christmas tree event at Clarence House. Harry and Meghan? Invictus Games and how they remind me of my own Transplant Games of America (their letter was the lengthiest). Sarah? Children in Crisis. For Beatrice, I talked about my dog, Missy, because I know that she has a Terrier too and regarding Eugenie, I mention the fact that I too have scoliosis but was unable to have surgery. For the Cambridges, it was just so difficult because their charities either don’t interest me or I didn’t want to be all gushy and insincere. For William, I mention the BAFTAs (though, IMO, he’s been a horrendous president) and Kate, I talk about sport because I know that is something she’s good at.

          I had one more stamp left so I used it to mail off a card to a childhood friend of mine who is going through some issues regarding his job and family/personal life. He’s trying to sell his newly-built home fast because he got a promotion and has to move but, IMO, he still needs to lower the cost of his home because, while it’s nice, it just isn’t worth the money plus, his wife is being screened for breast cancer and they have two little girls. An almost 4 year old (her birthday is the day after mine and yes, it’s weird for him) and a 2.5 year old.

          I realize I just went way off topic but if you could keep my friend and his family in your thoughts and prayers, I would really appreciate it.

      1. I read the NYU article and it doesn’t go far enough in explaining the genus of blackamour.

        It started as a way for wealthy people to show off their wealth in the form of a gaudily dressed black person who was fetishised as though they were a pet. Usually small children or dwarves. Their costumes were inspired by moors of the mediteranean regions, but accuracy wasn’t that important.

        This eventually translated into decorative arts such as jewellery of home decor or paintings or sculpture.

        All depict and emphasise the servant nature of the slave, gaudily dressed to show off his master’s wealth.

        I was so shocked that William and Kate had a blackamoor painting in their drawing room complete with a plaque ‘the negro page’. They (or their staff) realised it’s potential to offend moments before the Obamas walked into the room and apparently scrambled to remove the plaque, if not the actual painting.

        You’d think Kate with her art historian degree would know some art history, but apparently not.

        But even if she didn’t, the black page in the painting is very obviously dressed and posed to show him off as he looks after his masters’ horses as *they* converse.

        The Queen got rid of the blackamoor lamps that were often in the background of so many photos as she received important people and was photographed / video-ed in various rooms of her various palaces.

        Blackamoor is egregious in inception and treating it as cute art is really bad.

        Btw, some people have taken to saying that brooches represent Balthazar, one of the Magi, but this is a recent PR campaign to give them legitimacy.

          1. Leah: It’s a tourist attraction most of the year except for one week a year when Charles visits.

            You can rent it out as a holiday let, but the QM’s bedroom is off limits.

            Here is a wonderful interiors blog discussing it’s history and renovation (scroll to halfway down the page for Castle Mey info.)

            Sadly, still has blackamoor statues in the public rooms and the landings.

            I think Charles restored it to its original splendor whilst decorating it exactly as QM wanted it.

          2. Mrs BBV: right back at you.

            Btw, that same blog has an update on the interiors at Balmoral.

            I can see why POW wants to give it to the nation because HM has let it go to seed. I realise she’s the war generation, but come on. Real estate has to be maintained. Balmoral has carpets laid down by Victoria fgs!!!

    1. Ugh. I saw on the thread yesterday that her dad was an SS officer so in my eternally optimistic way I’m hoping she’s the worst outlier. But as I often remind myself, I’m about as rosy Scotch-Irish as one can be, with the exception of a small offshoot of Cherokee. I can only begin to imagine what a life full of micro-aggressions would feel like. And *that* performance by the PMofK is way more than micro to me.

      1. Isn’t that princess Michael of Kent that much married, scheming, gold digger? Not surprised that she would whip out the Blackamoor jewellery! She probably thinks that tolerating Meghan’s company as a lunch companion and not expecting Meghan to serve her food like she would’ve in olden times, is good enough. Nasty woman and she has a mean, evil looking face too. Hope Harry and Meghan throw this gold digger and her spineless fool of a husband out of KP, once Charles becomes King. This woman has just started in her racist attacks and she won’t stop until she doesn’t learn a hard lesson.

  12. I like the pictures of William smiling and Kate waving. Charlotte really changed, a sweet little girl.
    Meghan looked stunning.
    I would love to attend these Christmas dinners with the whole family, especially as a child.
    Plus, always wear seatbelts!

  13. Just looked through the Getty Images collection. Is it my imagination or do the Cambridges have way darker window tint than anyone else (especially compared to the PoW & Camilla’s Car). Wouldn’t be too surprising I guess that’s pretty typical Cambridge behavior.

    1. Ooh, thank you! There’s so much to see these days. I hope it’s not too stressful keeping it all up. I wish I could give *you* an end of the year donation!

  14. I am happy Kate smiled and waved, regardless of her motivations, which we could speculate on endlessly and it still wouldn’t matter.

    Camilla looks fab as always.

    1. I have read that it was earmarked for Philip, in case the Queen died first. However his “cottage” at Sandringham would seem to be more logical. I think Frogmore is more a museum than a home.

    2. During their dating years, Charles purchased an estate, Harewood Park, intending to give it to them as their country home. He renovated it etc, but they split up and that was that.

      Here are afew articles about it:

      Fifi: Considering Frogmore was the Duke of Windsor’s private home, i’m not sure HM and PP want to stir up that hornet’s nest.

        1. Harewood Park was purchased by the Duchy of Cornwall, not Charles himself, and it seems like the intent is to develop the property to serve as some kind of model for redevelopment.

      1. Edward VIII / the Duke of Windsor is buried at Frogmore, along with several other royals, his home in Wndsor Great Park was Fort Belvedere. It is an awesome home but it is being leased out to a non-royal couple, and yeah it is probably fortuitous that it is being leased out to non-royals and the BRF doesn’t have to entertain the thought of the home being occupied by a high profile royal.

    1. If you are referring to Harewood Park, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea for Harry and Meghan. It’s been denied, but I can believe that Charles intended for William to live there but it did not pan out. I think William living there makes more sense because William is in line to inherit Sandringham and Balmoral, but since that was decades off, and with William being a future Duke of Cornwall, I can see where there was hope that William would live on the property and the property gain exposure by having William and his family be the occupants.

      I think that Harry would be better off following the Anne and Andrew model, and that is have his parent purchase property for him and that will be his property to pass on to his kids (or as in Andrew’s case, sell the original gifted property and then buy another property which will be passed on).

    2. William refused to live at Harewood Park because it wasn’t close enough to the Middletons, so goes the story, and knowing William and Kate it’s not much of a stretch They rather wanted to kick another family out of their home and badgered HM into it, who of course, agreed.

      Frogmore I think is a wedding reception location option, Autumn and Peter’s was there as well. It is a lovely house.

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