Cambridge Family Christmas Photo

Cambridge Family Christmas Photo

After skipping last year, and drawing ire from many, the Cambridge clan decided to release a Christmas photo this year.

Cambridge Family Christmas Photo 2017
[Chris Jackson/Kensington Palace/Getty Images]

KP released this photo of Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte taken by Chris Jackson which has been used for William and Kate’s 2017 Christmas card. The photo was taken earlier this year at Kensington Palace.

Judging by George’s shirt and hair, I’d say it’s a safe bet that this photo was taken at the same time they took George’s birthday photo at the end of June.

Kate is wearing the blue Catherine Walker suit she wore for her trip to the Netherlands in October 2016, and Charlotte is wearing the same blue outfit she wore arriving in Germany in July.

In addition to the photo, KP also dropped the news that Charlotte will begin nursery school in London in January 2018 at Willcocks Nursery School. The Willcocks Nursery School has said: “We are delighted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen Willcocks Nursery School for Princess Charlotte. We look forward to welcoming Charlotte to our nursery in January.”

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  1. They all look so good! Kate looks so much better with the longer hair, the children look so cute and this photo just made me smile. Happy holidays everyone!

      1. I think this is a wonderful photo! I like how you can see each child’s personality. I like that this picture is formal. I feel like we get a good mix of photos of them in more casual settings and on tours in general so its nice to see the formal pictures.

  2. Kids don’t stand still, do they?

    Makes me think of that photo of Victoria and Daniel where Estelle has one foot lifted up, like she’s a bundle of energy about to run off.

    Here comes George?

    1. Look at Estelle in this year’s photo! Snow flying, huge grin on her face, and proud, smiling parents. Everything that a winter family photo should be – warm and happy.

  3. It doesn’t look like a professional photographer actually took this photo. The composition is off, with the kids heads and that of the adults way too far apart. The kids are also basically at crotch level of the adults. The background is too bland when you have them wearing pale blue clothing, except for William. The kids are cute but that’s about it. Maybe moving forward they should just have a photo of the kids.
    This looks like it was taken at a Sears family portrait studio. If they were going for formal, they failed because it looks cheap. And where is Lupo?

    Kate looks significantly photoshopped here too. Her eyes look to be symmetrical which they are definitely not in real life.

    Their ski photo was much better and more fun. Oh well, once the engagement photo is out no one will talk about this one any further.

    1. Let’s hope. Then again, The Duchess of Keen! may release a sonogram photo to get the attention back on her. Let’s just hope a Getty photographer doesn’t take it.

    2. Completely agree. Plain and bland, not a great picture overall. I mean, the kids are cute. Kate looks super skinny, so I’m sure she likes the picture.

    3. The photoshopping on Kate was the thing that I noticed the most. I used to be a professional photographer and one of the things I prided myself on was the ability to edit while still looking “real.” Kate’s face is everything my photographs were not.

      And the composition is where a very uncomfortable family would have started. But then we would have tried out different options— dad holding one, with another on the side of mom; the kids hugging; maybe moving the kids slightly forward of the parents. Chris is a talented photographer but I don’t think his forté is working with families, and certainly not those to whom affection does not happen naturally.

      1. It’s good to hear from a professional photographer. I only took a few courses back in high school, but this photo was just off for me on so many levels, regardless of what you think about the subjects of the photo.

      2. Hi Em

        Thanks for your comments. I was hoping someone who uses Photoshop professionally would comment. I’m a graphic designer so use Photoshop too and noticed that Kate was heavily photoshopped.

        The background is the “Seamless Background Paper” which photographers use, it makes it easier to cut around a figure when editing a photo. It makes me think they took separate photos and composed a group photo via Photoshop. William and George were obviously snapped together but it seems like Kate and Charlotte were taken separately? That would also explain why Kate and Charlotte don’t seem like they are connecting in anyway.

        Em, can I ask your opinion on something. It seems there is also something “off” about the photo of Kate and I was wondering if the photo of her has been “stretched”, probably only by 5 % or 10 % but my eye says there is something … What do you think?

        1. Yep, it looks like three separate images: William & George; Charlotte; Kate. background to be added later, maybe, but in this case, not.

          1. I knew you would be able to pick up the photoshopping Jen 🙂

            And if the image of Kate has been stretched then that would be what is making your designer’s eye feel uncomfortable?

          2. The shadows look wrong. PG’s leg has a heavy shadow based on light coming from the right. Where’s Williams shadow from the same light source?

        2. I’d be surprised if it was stretched only because it would then make her appear wider, which I think anyone would loathe. It is possible that her head has been enlarged a bit. I know that will sound weird or conspiracy-ish but I actually did it to myself on our family Christmas card! (And have in other photos.) My husband and kids have naturally giant heads and by comparison mine looks oddly small. So I sample the same shot and then enlarge my head and paste it on again about 20% larger. It’s super silly but makes me like the photos more. William naturally has quite a large head, as does George. The other odd thing is that her right arm isn’t seen, which would be accounted for by being behind William, but there’s no give on the front of her suit. I think that got fixed.

          1. I was thinking that the stretch was y = 110℅ and x = 100%. It’s subtle but if you use Photoshop enough you can tell.

            I didn’t think of just altering the head, clever move that 🙂

          2. This is all so interesting. Thanks to all who shared their expertise.
            It makes me sad to think that Charlotte was not actually photographed with her mother.

          3. That’s so funny Em. It’s always interesting to read the Photoshop comments. Kate’s jacket is pulled at her bust-line–why not “smooth” the fabric by lessoning the shadows?

      3. When K wears a belt she usually arranges it above rather than at her waistline. It is most noticeable when she wears a peplum jacket. The body below the bustline and above the hip looks disproportional.

    4. Agh I can’t stand any of their posed photos. This one especially somehow makes me feel very stressed. Somehow they make everything feel calculated but bland and yet very tense. Hard to describe but there you go. 🙁

  4. Godawful. Sterile. Devoid of life. Robotic-oh wait, that is just The Duchess of Keen! doing her usual Stepford wife routine.

    There is NOTHING seasonal or warm about this pic. Those two kids look like they want to run for the hills and I don’t blame them. Why is George in shorts? Why no long pants? And haven’t we seen Charlotte in that dress a million times?

    This photo is by a Getty photographer, yet it looks like amateur hour. I don’t blame him, as I’m sure he got plenty of “direction”.

    Can they drop their “status” for one minute? Contrast this to the warmth of the Swedish royal family. Hell, my cat displays more warmth toward a hacked up hairball than this family does toward each other. It’s not natural.

    I have to say most people on social media are snarking this pic to death. Of course, me being the cynic, it doesn’t escape me why this year of all years, William and his wife deign to bless us, the Great Unwashed, with the most basic Xmas photo op of all time.

    I see you two and it ain’t working. NEXT.

    1. Aristocratic children don’t wear long pants. They only wear shorts. George has never worn long pants. Maybe you haven’t noticed because you are too busy tearing apart Kate. And the children look fine!

      Also, I doubt the release of this photo has anything to do with Harry/Meghan. That is what I assume you meant by that last paragraph. I know you hate Kate, you make that apparent in every comment, but it doesn’t mean everything they do is about Meghan.

      Honestly, I have been one of the longest time commenters on here. I have a lot of issues with Kate and can be very critical of her. However, the pure hatred that is this comment and all from Leah make it apparent I need to take a break from KMR. I will be joining some of the other long time commenters. Critiquing is valuable and so are different views, but spewing pure hatred takes away from what this site was. So, I will be bowing out for a bit. KMR, I appreciate all you do and I know it bothers you too. But I will keep reading what you write at least :).

        1. Totally agree! It’s one thing to be critical when criticism is earned but being totally hateful is uncalled for and not the intent of this blog. I can never understand why , if someone hates Catherine so vehemently , they even bother to follow her activities, let alone take the time to comment.

      1. Just avoid Leah’s posts. Personally attacking another commenter takes away from the page, too. If you see her name, keep scrolling. Honestly. No one is forcing you to read her comments. Perpetuating the problem by railing on her isn’t going to solve it. A lot of us are cynical to the point of rolling our eyes at nearly everything they do. Hate is a very, very strong word and one I don’t throw around at just anything or anyone. Leah has very strong opinions and yes, could probably do to turn it down a notch, but I still wouldn’t call it hate.

        Knowing the Cambridge PR machine I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this photo release was strategic. It clearly wasn’t taken for the occasion of celebrating Christmas and was probably the shot they gave in frames to the dignitaries they met on the last tour. It’s impersonal and cold. They could have at least done something with different outfits that spoke more to family than to “We have graced you with our presence, now put us on your mantel.” Given the hype of the H&M machine right now, the Cambs are probably trying to stay relevant. Voila, a family photo to appease the masses. That’s not hate, that’s just an observance after years of watching their PR work.

        1. Meghan I agree and appreciate your calm analysis. We know Leah’s views so it is easy to scroll if they upset.

          Whatever the reason for the photo this year the result is awful. The kids are of course totally cute just like all kids to be honest, but the composition lacks any feeling of warmth or seasonal cheer. And while I’m often told off these days for daring to compare, the recent Swedish photos just highlight the sterility of this photo…IMO.

        2. Except she posts all over so it gets hard to avoid and attacks others. I’m just tired of the hate. We are supposed to be respectful of the royals at least when commenting. Royal dish is full of hatred, this site never was until recently. And I wanted to be honest since I have been here so long and won’t be commenting again. I know it bothers KMR but leah just ignores her wishes. Frankly the fact that people defend her highlights why im leaving. The lasts few posts keep having the same problem and the problem always surrounds the same commenter. That says a lot. Be critical but do it in a respectful manner or else it’s not fun anymore.

          You guys can say what you want. I won’t respond after this. I just wanted to give my 2 cents when leaving. It’s the holidays and no one needs this kind of negativity.

          Merry Christmas KMR and those who have been a great community the past 3+years.

          1. +1 Overit. I don’t comment often but enjoy reading the more balanced views from commenters such as yourself. The vitriol from this poster is off putting. I try to scroll past but this poster is quite prolific and it often means skipping entire threads to avoid them.

          2. I was very quiet reader since the blog was set up. I enjoyed reading all the posts and the balanced critique by most commenters. In the last six months I began to comment more often and overly positive because I feel a counterbalance is needed. So please come back commenting as soon as you feel like it- criticism as yours (and others) is what set this blog’s comment section apart from mere online bullying.

          3. Once again you display the behavior you deplore. KM will never know or care what we all say here, but calling out individual posters is sure to start one of those endless rows we all dislike.

          4. I agree Overit. It’s hard to scroll past when she prolifically posts and clearly sets the tone. It’s sad. I fear KMR will throw in the towel especially as the wedding gets closer and speculations and comparisons between the two women go into overdrive.

          5. I’ve pulled back a lot too. It’s really sad that so many of the people who helped build the community don’t want to participate anymore. Snark was one thing but it’s being taken to a whole new level. Like Overit said, it’s almost impossible to just scroll past Leah wholesale because she initiates new interaction over and over.

          6. I guess I’m just used to avoiding people whose opinions can get me too worked up. I’m a member of many FB and blog groups. Every one of them has that one person or two people who can be controversial and I just scroll. It only takes a second and it doesn’t make reading threads any more difficult. Either way, personal attacks are just as bad as what you’re railing against, and the cycle continues. If KMR really thinks Leah is a problem then she has – and has had – the power to remove her. Just like any other problem poster. She hasn’t, though, so I’m sure she has her reasons. I’ll keep reading and posting here because I made the choice that I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin this site for me. That’s a ridiculous amount of power to give to a stranger on the internet.

          7. +1 Overit. Agree completely. I feel like I can’t even read the comment section anymore because skipping that poster’s comments means skipping a ton of comments/threads.

          8. Overit, I hope you still post and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Your words are quite astute and tap into the feelings of many.

            To those who say that “Vitriol is often used,” I remember commenting on that and I was told there was no vitriol, here. Really?

            I am also very upset by the way certain people have taken over this blog with their bullying and their very nasty comments. Yes, is easy to scroll by sometimes, but not always. And, it’s becoming harder and harder to do so.

            KMR is a site that many people have visited consistently for many years. It became a community of people who often supported one another through good and bad times. There were a few trolls who stopped by but usually just for a while. It is the Christmas season and I don’t like such anger and negative behavior now, or throughout the year. Just as you so nicely said, Overit. Yes, we all have our moments, but lately this has become unbearable. I tried to go away and then thought, no, I am not going to be chased off of a site I enjoy. (Thanks, Maven). But, the overall juvenile calling of Kate, “William’s Wife,” got to me The way Kate can do nothing right in some people’s very narrow and closed minds, too and how Meghan can do little or no wrong. And, if one criticizes her in regard to her bi-racial heritage, shame on them, but to make others feel that anything negative they may say, or think about her, is racial too is so wrong!

            I will criticize what I think is wrong with Kate, but I have come to think that I am fair, too. More and more I am realizing just how tough it must be to be married to William. Yes, she may have knows what she was getting into on some level, but things are really difficult for her, too.

            I’m tired of the anger and nastiness and beg you, KMR, to please consider some way to have this stop. You have written eloquently before on this subject and sometimes people are good about complying, and other times, not. It’s your blog, so do what you want. Just know that there are many of us who appreciate what you have accomplished here and would like to see things work in a less negative manner.

            Fair-minded people like Lauri, Rhiannon, Overit, etc, have all decided to stop coming by, or to rarely comment at all. Doesn’t seem right to me. But, that’s my opinion.

            Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

          9. It’s difficult to avoid Leah, since it seems like 75% of the comment section is her comments, replies to her comments. She’s toxic and it’s effecting the entire vibe of the site. This has always been a Kate-critical site, but we’ve never been mean-spirited about it.

            Leah’s overly harsh and unrelenting criticisms have done the seemingly impossible: made me feel warm and forgiving toward Kate.

          1. Reba, calling a human being, esp one you have have never met, toxic is hurtful and completely unnecessary. Don’t like what I say, don’t read it.

      2. Overit, you and your wise words. You are totaly right, what the Cambridges do doesn’t mean is about Meghan. I have my doubts about Meghan Markle and I already told my opinion about her before. I don’t hate anybody, I’m just being cautious about the type of Royal Meghan can be. Many people are saying she will “change the monarchy” forever and that the protocols and traditions are already being broken for her. Well I think this is concerning because the Monarchy are made just of this: protocols and traditions and if this is broken the Monarchy loses it’s sense, it becomes common. It already started the “Who is copying who” about Kate and Meghan and this is dengerous and unnecessary IMO. Meghan has much what to learn about Monarchy. Entering the Royal family is not a fairytale, it’s a duty and a commitment. The image people has of a fairytale is far away from reality. Meghan has to change even her style. I thought her outfit at the engagemnet awful. The coat looked a bathrobe and the dress was just meh. BUT I liked very much her outfit in Nottingham, the coat was nice and the skirt was great. It was simple but pretty to see. Nice choisce from her. The sad part was that behind the skirt we could see the line of Meghan’s underwear and I saw many people noticing this. She has to buy lingeries made to not mark when worn with tight skirts and dresses. My neighbor bought one of this underwear and it worked.

        1. Meghan should change her style of undergarments to avoid VPL. Goodness, at least she is wearing undergarments and not flashing the world.

          1. You got that right. And Meghan has yet to show her bare ass, which the Duchess of Keen! in all her generosity, has done, many, many, many times. if only she was so diligent about her duties.

      3. +1
        We should be balanced with our critic.
        There are positiv and negativ sides on every royal and we shouldn’t just bash Kate for everything she does, she doesn’t deserve such hatred towards her.

        1. Another “read and scroll” person here. I’ve been here for a long time, at least since 2014, and I’ve always enjoyed our community: it’s generally reasonable and balanced. I’m sad to see comments here that seem to vindicate all the bad opinions that adamantly pro-Kate people hold of her critics.

          1. It seems KMR is getting an increasingly number of comments that lean towards the end of the spectrum of pro or against Kate.

            Usually, I try to ignore comments when I feel a bit criticized, because I feel it is my fault I have opened my big mouth and posted something. What bothered me recently, was someone I really do not remember as a regular, telling me to “leave Kate alone” when I made a comment about Kate’s wardrobe spending. I may be oversensitive, but I question a stranger telling me how to behave when I have not been disrespectful.

            We all have royals we really like and a few we like less. If you read KMR regularly, we tend to know which team royal you tend to root for on a regular basis.

            Spoiling KMR’s hard work and the fun of the regulars who have been here for years needs to stop.

            I agree with the above comment about ignoring the really nasty stuff. Some people come here to dive bomb, start trouble and enjoy watching the damage. For KMR’s sake, and in appreciation for her hard work, we need to take back this site for our General KMR.

        2. Thritto on the read, scroll, and hardly comment any more, and I commented here before most of you found this place. I thought it was a blog that didn’t mind a little middle ground, but I think the comment section has got away from the original intent.

          Yes, we can scroll past. I know that, and I do. Now there’s a lot more to scroll past than there used to be is my point.

          1. +1 bluhare, you don’t know me from Adam but it was actually you that lead me to KMR years ago after I saw you post about the blog on another site! Like you, I was seeking a place to post that wasn’t over-the-top on either side of the royal spectrum. But for the same areasons above, I’m usually a read and scroll by visitor as well.

          1. I don’t know if I want Rhiannon back. She stole my boyfriend.

            Although now Meghan stole him from her, so maybe we should commiserate about it. 😀

        3. Rhiannon! I’ve missed you! How are you? Are you still doing your physical therapy or have you moved past that? Have you gone back to your racing/running?

        4. I’ve been commenting less and less as well. And I agree with those who find it hard to scroll past said prolific poster and still enjoy the content of the conversation. Ah well, it’s too bad, but the early years were fun while they lasted ?

        5. So good to hear from you. How is your health? Last time we heard you had successfully completed a half(?) marathon. I’m hoping all is good with you.

      4. Overit, when you see the name of a commentator that you don’t like, scroll by and don’t read it. Live and let Live. Some people on earth are examples of how not to live. 🙂

        1. +100000 Overit. I don’t understand why Leah follows someone she hates so much. It’s beyond rational criticism and it makes the comments section a nasty place for everyone else. I think her comments are bullying. It’s impossible to ignore. This community used to be so great, and KMR works hard to provide content, but I am going to take a break.

          1. I started reading said member’s first post and knew immediately who the author was without seeing her name.

            Frankly, I feel sorry for someone who has nothing better to do than be a sh*t stirrer. Said poster must not have much of a life because it appears that she directs all her energy spewing hate. Her posts are not legitimate critiques—just junk.

      5. This is so snarky of me, but I just try to avoid her comments and privately chuckle at how much effort it must take to write out ‘Duchess of Keen!’ so many times. The exclamation point alone lololol.

          1. Leah, I understand you don’t like Kate and I see a bit of the hypocrisy of folks being nasty to you about being nasty to someone else – particularly mocking you openly here on this board, in this same thread. People in glass houses and all that. Also when it’s comment on MMR berating you for making comments about racism. I am not a POC – and especially not a WOC, so I could never in a million years try to tell a POC what is or isn’t racism. That isn’t my place.

            HOWEVER, you may want to think about turning it down a bit. Sometimes you really do have thoughtful, constructive things to add. Sometimes it’s really over the top and plain mean. I would personally like to see you stick around but with a more measured critique. If you want to lob frustrations at Kate, you can always find a likeminded person and chat with them privately. Sometimes I have to sit on my hands where Kate the BRF as a whole are concerned, so I get it. But please, consider turning the dial down a bit and staying with us?

          1. Meghan, I will take what you say into consideration. I feel I have a lot to contribute as I have watched royals for years. And I am aware that I have upset others, but I also feel that some of those I upset are die hard sugars who will brook no critique of Kate.

        1. Do you ladies realize that by making fun of Leah right here openly you’re really not any better than she is? What we say about Kate is one thing because SHE’S NOT HERE. She’s not reading these comments. Leah IS HERE. That’s pretty low, y’all.

      6. Overit I completely agree and understand. I’ve been commenting less and less. I always enjoyed commenting on this blog. Until recently. I think I said this in post last week. That i miss the fun, interesting, a respectful conversations we use to have on here. Agree to disagree and leave it at that. Now it like snarky, rude, and nasty people on here. If people hate Kate so much why come on here? I’ve been critical of Kate over the years. Yet I will give her credit where credit is due. Constant criticism of the woman is over the top. If I read Duchess of Keen or William’s wife it will be too soon. So it time for another break for me. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

        1. Nah, some kids stay warm because they never stop moving, like mine. They hate wearing pants and will get actually quite sweaty if I dress them in the same layers I wear.

  5. This makes me miss long hair Kate. I would never guess that this was a Christmas card just by looking at it. For as much as media they use to differentiate themselves from the “stiff” Windsors to appear approachable and more modern, you would think they Christmas card would look more warm and engaging. I’ve seen stock photos with more familial affection and holiday spirit.
    At least the children look precious as always.

    “After skipping last year, and drawing ire from many..”

    Well after this, I doubt anyone will be dying to get a look at the Cambridge’s daily life. If Harry and Meghan were to release something happier looking, people will swear it’s because the heir apparent needs to be more formal and professional.

    1. “to differentiate themselves from the “stiff” Windsors to appear approachable and more modern, you would think they Christmas card would look more warm and engaging.”

      Great point, Peachy. “Modern” seems to mean more artifice, less reality. It’s starting to look akin to movie stars of yore, safe in their enclaves, who handed out glossy photos to the fans while their PR spun fairy tales around them.

    2. I thought it came out in January that they had used a picture from Canada for their Christmas card last year? Did I mix that up and they actually skipped the year?

  6. Is it the best photo of them…no. Is it over photoshopped…..yes. But they didn’t have to release any photo at all, so even though it is not my favorite photo and there are things to pick at, I am just happy they released a photo. They got flak last year for not releasing a Christmas photo and now this year they do and all people can do is be upset with it. So, I am just going to be happy they gave us a family photo!

    1. Because it’s not a Christmas photo. It’s a recycled shot from their last tour. Unlike Charles & Camilla, they didn’t even put out a natural or candid shot from one of the destinations. It’s so cold and blah. There’s no warmth to it. I’d rather they not release one at all than give us this horribly composed shot that says, “This is an afterthought, now bow down and give us your tax money.”

      1. I’m disappointed they used a photo of June, not November/December. I don’t know why Kate wants to hide her pregnancy that much.
        They look beautiful and happy, but of course, my expectation of a Christmas card is something different.And I think, most people or people who don’t follow the royals, would agree.

      2. It’s as if they had planned not to release a photo, but something changed their minds. So they madly rummaged around in the drawer for a decent photo to send out willy nilly. There doesn’t seem to have been any intent to release a holiday pic.

        1. Exactly, and that’s what bugs me so much about this. It’s not a holiday picture (unless you count it as one from their ‘holiday’ to Germany and Poland). It’s a really old shot, goodness knows one of them has changed beyond recognition and no doubt the kids have too – children change so much in just 6 months. But we’re not allowed to see them are we? Why? The cynic in me thinks there may be money to be made in withholding current kid pics, time will tell. It’s just annoying that we, the taxpayers, are once again given the middle finger by the Cambridge’s privacy obsession. What harm would a current family picture cause?

          Yes the kids are cute but that’s 6 months ago seen it already cute. We should be allowed to see them more than once a year!

    2. There was a black & white photo of the Cambridges last year with Lupo running across. Was that a Christmas portrait of the family? Charlotte was doing something by herself on the left side of the photo. That little princess looks so independent in this year’s portrait. She’s standing straight, not holding anyone’s hand & looking straight at the camera with a quizzical expression. She’s already showing character at 2 & 1/2 years old!

      1. There was a black & white photo of the Cambridges last year with Lupo running across. Was that a Christmas portrait of the family?

        It was for a the July 2017 issue of British GQ.

      2. “She’s already showing character at 2 & 1/2 years old!” Well, she didn’t get it from her mother, that’s for sure.

  7. The last thing this photo says to me is “Christmas.” “Sterile,” “Institutional,” “Cold,” and “Detached” come to mind, and that’s just the parents. It’s jarring to see no one physically touching Charlotte. It speaks volumes. Nothing about this says warm, loving family. It’s all business and Photoshop. Kate’s sooooo Photoshopped. Would it kill them to actually put together a real holiday photo instead of releasing what was probably their framed photo given to dignitaries on their last holi-tour?

    The kids are adorable, though. Charlotte is the spitting image of her great-grandmother!

    1. I think Charlotte is a mixture of so many women in her family: HM, Lady Sarah Chatto, Carole Middleton and Pippa Middleton-Matthews! I’m curious to see her spirit and personality develop over the next few years.

        1. Awwwww I never noticed that! 🙂

          Edit: what’s interesting/funny is that Eugenie looks more like Sarah and Beatrice looks like Andrew/more Windsor but, because of the hair, the idiotic press just simply flips it and says that Bea is like Sarah and Eugenie is like Andrew and though they might be personality-wise, they aren’t via looks!

          1. I had never thought about it before but you’re totally right! Shows how much we buy into press narratives, even when we’re aware of them!

            I think that Charlotte looks most like Sarah Chatto.

          2. Beatrice: red head who looks like Queen Victoria

            Eugenie: brunette who looks a lot like her own mother (Sarah, Duchess of York) and the Queen Mother. 🙂

        2. Interesting. I don’t see any connection at all. Funny how people see others differently. Thanks for posting the photo link, though.

        1. Charlotte has that, I don’t like saying smug on a child, but the smug look William always had. I bet she’s challenging, to say the least. She looks like her dad with that glint in her eye. I hope she is nothing like her father, however, who was an awful child!

          1. Ellie, dear God, you’re right. Why was William awful as a child? Did both parents or just one overindulge him or was that just his natural temperament?

          2. I think his personality plus being over-indulged. Billy the Basher, etc, the Queen had to step in and tell Charles and Diana to make him behave; Charlotte seems far, far sweeter than her dad, thank God, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing a child or anything because I’m not, she seems like a sweet, spunky little girl. But she has that look to her that William has.

          3. Leah, you don’t know? I thought you knew everything about the Cambridge’s down to exactly what they are thinking.

            Actually, the was the first reasonable comment I’ve read by you…thank you.

          4. Ellie, I think that a child feels if something is wrong between the parents, especially if it’s not a secret.
            Plus, Diana always wanted fun for her sons whereas Charles was stricter, Diana didn’t always respected that.It could be that the children lost some respect for him in these early years.So, it must have been harder to give these boys rules if one partner makes fun of it.

  8. As I said before: cold, sterile, bizarre choice. No warmth, and the only personality is in the kiddos. I just find it an odd choice but thinking about how obsessively paranoid they are about privacy they do not want us to know anything about them, their lives, their family, nada. Just this JC Penney studio portrait that is really…dull and bland. Why don’t they have a real Christmas photo? Yeah, the 2015 one was photoshopped and Charlotte pasted on there, but it had a bit more life to it than this. Taken in June. For the tour. Weird.

    Charlotte’s nursery is very expensive! It’s right next to KP. I wonder why they chose that, and Battersea which is very far, for George. Looks like a good school for her.

    1. I don’t like saying it because for whatever reason I will always hope that they’ll end up being decent people at some point, but… I think this was a spur of the moment PR move to combat the H&M mania. They get little reminders now and then that they can’t hole themselves up in KP or Anmer and expect the public to give them adulation and continue to toss their tax money into the royal coffers. If they don’t play this right they’re going to find themselves unemployed and we all know neither of them has any skills to make it on their own. Throwing out the occasional photo of the kids will only work for so long.

    2. To me, this is another example of William, perhaps more than Kate, drawing the line between the public/”professional”/”working” aspect of their lives and their private/personal lives. Everything is staged, controlled, manipulated. Another illustration of, like you said, how obsessively paranoid they are about privacy. The starkness of it seems to suggest that this need for privacy, or secrecy, by William has gone up a notch or two.

      At least with the children, their personalities are shining through. I’m sure that if his birthday portrait was taken on the same day, George had had absolutely enough of posing and was itching to run off to better things.

      Also, this picture, although vastly different from that early family photo of William, Kate, George and Lupo looking out a KP window, makes me feel sad in the same way: That we are seeing a family trapped by William’s paranoia and need to control.

      1. I agree i can see it being William’s taste. Mainly bc When Kate releases her own photos they usually have a bit more life in them, regardless of what you think of her photog skills.

  9. The photo is bland and IMO all the blue is too matchy. They do all they can to hide away from public view and this photo goes along with it. If you release boring shots then no-one much is keen to see the next photo. It is pretty much what I would have expected.

    1. Even a different outfit that wasn’t a freakin’ BUSINESS SUIT could have changed this photo completely. They’d still look cold and distant in this pose but at least they’d look more like a family than a business team.

  10. I’m liking this photo.. At least we get to see some sort of family togetherness… Even if, perhaps it’s photoshopped.
    Charlotte is so Feisty and fun looking! Would pinch those cheeks if I can!
    Kate looks really good too….. Neat and crisp.
    Thanx KMR for this picture update and neutral comment…

    1. Neat and crisp. Just want Santa ordered! The photo, imo is awful. Yes, the kids are the stars. Charlotte is a little dynamo and George, though incredibly needy of his dad, is a cutie.

      I said in another post, I would love to see Charlotte with William in any photo. And, George with his Mum. The only time I have seen William really attentive to his little girl was when she was crawling up the steps of the plane when they left Europe. He was behind her helping, but then, Kate took over.

      The picture is sterile and not very holiday-oriented. It does not scream Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joy to the World. It just is bland and indifferent. Why did Kate wear such a similar shade of blue to the backdrop? She just blends in, except for her engagement ring, which is always on display. I’ve seen her show much more affection for her darling children, and I wish it were on display here, too. William does seem to adore George, but does he have any closeness to his precious little girl?

  11. I think the photo is very much in the tradition of BRF Christmas photos. We are so very much used to the sugary perfect pintersty portraits that we (and I too) feel this photos is a bit cold and detached and a tad to business like for (the pinterest) Christmas.
    Bland backgrounds and straight poses aren’t the current style, but I don’t think anyone has to pose in the more intimate way that is in right now, especially if you send this out to strangers. The Cambridges will only show us a rather bland fassade and they are probably right to do so.
    The colour-coordinating is a bit too much for my liking and I am a bit bored of all the blue all the time. I am surprised that Kate looks older than in the normal pap photos from engagements. Maybe it is because her make up is more nude than I recall her doing it?

      1. Interesting read, Em, thank you! 🙂

        What I noticed in the Cambridges pictures (and comparing them to generations before) is how cold and distant they seem (except King George & Queen Mary but that’s how it was done then) in their pose/body language…..even the camera is so far away from them compared to the other pictures.

  12. The photo looks as if they had cut out each family member from a different photo and then glued them together into one picture. This photo could be an advertising poster for a film like ‘Desperate Royal Housewives’. Due to exaggerated photoshopping, Kate looks more like a Barbie doll than a human beeing.
    Anyway, I am a fan of Charlotte. She seems to have more personality than the entire family together.

  13. A few things –

    Individually, they all look good, even if William is clench-smiling the way my 18 month old does when we tell her to smile for the camera. Also, I like Kate’s hair shorter (even when “shorter”, it’s still quite long).

    I’m not a fan of the photoshop and they don’t give the impression of any family “together-ness”, which I have to assume that is what they were going for, because they are very dedicated to the bland, “you will not know anything about our lives” look. Which is fine, but I don’t want to hear any whining from the Cambridges or Windsors when it comes back to bite them in the @ss and the public at large is unhappy and their popularity continues to go down.

    There is a happy medium between “the Cambridge business associates wish you a pleasant holiday season and here is a picture of us from the summer” and full-blown overly Pinterest style Xmas photo extravaganzas. I know people will be unhappy with me for making a comparison but – please, just look at other royal houses (LIKE THE SWEDES). But again, Will and Kate are doing what Will and Kate want *shrug*. It’s not like they live under a rock.

    I thought they were going to put Charlotte in the same school as George. Is she not old enough yet?

    p.s. Love Charlotte’s shoes!

    1. She’s only two – too young for kindergarten even. Interesting she’s being sent to childcare while Kate will be on maternity leave. Perbdks Kate is keen on a very short maternity leave and straight to work!

      1. Ah, ok. Where I live, kids start school at 3, but it’s common to have “daycare” run by the school.

        If Charlotte is anything like my daughter, I don’t begrudge Will and Kate sending her for a full day at the nursery! She seems like an outgoing child who would benefit from the additional activity and exposure to other people.

  14. The photo is fine, I think. Charlotte looks so mischevious. The repeated children’s clothes are interesting – when Kate spends a fortune on herself. It’s unusual frugality but upper class I suppose so she’ll do it. The same branding of old tradition = legitimacy by harking back to the 1950s when the Queen was divinely popular.

  15. This photo is OK.The kids look cute.Nothing about it says Christmas or holiday.The adult subjects look too stiff and maybe Catherine should consider tying back her hair.It is nearly always over her face and hides any earrings she wear.

  16. The photo is alright.

    The best part of the picture is William’s hands on George’s shoulder and George looking like he can’t keep still, that seems to be a theme.

    Has William inherited Charles’ sausage fingers?

    I think that an additional photo with just William and Kate would look nice, despite Kate being photoshopped, they look good together in the photo.

    Again the photo is alright, but if I knew in advance that Chris Jackson took the photo, this would be a letdown because he has taken better photos than this.

  17. Reading some of the comments on here I will repeat what I said over at MMR, that the diehard Cambridge fans are as bad as the diehard Harry & Meghan fans!

    H&M are the new kids on the block so naturally everyone is interested in what they are currently doing. But this too will pass after a few years & once they all start hitting their forties. Meghan is not going to save the monarchy, she will follow her husband’s lead. And those of us who have been following the younger royals for a while know that Harry is just as lazy & entitled as his brother, the only difference is that he is more personable. Leopards who are in their mid thirties do not change their spots. William & Harry have been consistently outperformed by their elderly grandparents and older relatives, which is disgraceful. How can we praise & idolize two men in their thirties when their grandparents who are in their 90s and their father who will soon turn 70, are doing more engagements than them? They are a joke!

    This is why I find it laughable that we now have two warring factions fighting over people who are average at best. Yet each set of fans tries to tear down one couple to make the other look good. Of course the media will jump on it & try to create a divide because it sells papers, but we all need to stop sipping the Kool Aid where the younger royals are concerned. There is nothing incredibly brilliant about William, Kate, Harry or Meghan. None of them are pioneers of anything or leaders in their field. All four of them will be living an over privileged lifestyle for the rest of their lives while doing limited work compared to the average citizen, and they will be praised to the hilt for it!

    1. When you think about it, this whole “being royal” and the concept of monarchy is strange.
      I always wonder who had the great idea to say “I’m king, I’m better and richer than you, follow my rules”. Why did people didn’t fight against it?
      If someone is a good and fair ruler, it’s perhaps a good thing for the masses to have someone over them, but our whole European monarchy consists of the same families, there is no eagerness anymore.
      I always liked the monarchy, but it lacks of meaningfulness.

      1. I think that your last sentence sums it up. Despite the dissonance, there is something that people living in monarchies like about having a monarch and a royal family and the institution remains for that reason rather than people actually thinking that the monarch and her/his family are better than them and provide profound meaningfulness.

      2. Oh my god I have always had this exact same thought. Like years and years ago someone just decided “yep..I’m the best” It’s quite laughable really. We are all human, we all breathe the same air, we are mortal beings at the end of the day. I would love to ask THRHs “do you really consider yourself higher than me?” as per “your highness”.. It’s such a daft concept really.. that said I love it. It being the monarchy.

        I think the Queen is truly a remarkable woman who has taken her role very seriously – her sense of duty is so admirable. Sure they live vastly privileged lives, but their lives and the fables of Charles and Diana, Fergie and Andrew etc in the past twenty years provide us with ample escapism from the (sometimes) dreariness of our own existences..

        1. No! Dear God, does no one study history anymore? Europe spent centuries in constant wars over who would be emperor or Caesar or king. A good leader could make the difference between death by invaders or famine or infighting, and slightly less death by those same means. It was only once the monarchy lost actual power that people didn’t care anymore.

          1. +1
            The monarchy’s role nowadays is certainly questionable. It is really more what they represent (i.e., centuries of kings and queens who put England on the map and defended it) that gives them their illustriousness. Their only responsibility now is charity work/giving back. I hate to say but William and Kate fall flat here. It really is the very least they could do, but they just behave exactly how you would expect spoiled, entitled people to behave.

      3. Royals did not choose to be born into the family, just like a child does not choose to be born in poverty. But to whom much is given much is expected.

        There is no accountability regarding how many engagements the royals do or what their job spec should be. Every year it is revealed that W,K, H are doing the lowest numbers but there are no repercussions. The Queen unfortunately has had a hands-off approach and every royal is pretty much allowed to do as they please.

        It is clear that with the royal foundation which the threesome (soon to be foursome) have set up, it is just a ploy to cherry pick & do less of the mundane stuff. In order words they want to work less! They would rather show up for a movie premier but not a local town event. Showing up for an engagement once a week for an hour or less simply doesn’t cut it in the modern world. They should be doing engagements every day, and be seen by the public who are paying their wages. It’s not like they have to be there for more than an hour! These people barely work then go on extended vacations, and no one holds them accountable. And it really annoys me when the laziest of the bunch are the ones being praised! The younger royals just want to be celebrities, and with Meghan on the scene they will be treated even more like over pampered superstars.

        Once the Queen is gone I think/hope there will be a long hard discussion of what we expect from the royals, because I doubt the public will allow this to continue in its present form.

      4. Lovely Blossom I think perhaps people didn’t fight against it at the time because of the divine right of kings or the idea that the King is God’s represenative on earth. There was religious basis for it.
        But most people don’t feel that way anymore so the monarchy is on much shakier ground.

    2. I don’t agree with your first sentence but I agree with pretty much the rest of your post.

      To be sure Meghan has her detractors but IMO they are greenhorns (or more indolent) compared to the anti-Kate brigade on KMR, and it looks like Kate is a hot topic on MMR as well. I dunno, perhaps that is because Meghan hasn’t been around long enough for the antipathy towards her to be as intense as it is towards Kate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. We’ve had 7 years for Kate to disappoint us over and over again. Meghan is just getting started. I am hopeful that she will step up and “work” as much as she is allowed, and I certainly hope she works to push that boundary. Will she change the monarchy? No. Kate was touted as the golden one and she turned into a polished turd. Do I think Meghan will do *better*? Absolutely. I may be wrong. Time will tell.

        1. I think Meghan changes the monarchy by just being there-American, biracial. That is huge. But do I think she will be better than The Duchess of Keen! in her role? Yes. Already, she is leap years ahead of The Duchess of Keen! re being personable, enthusiastic, actually interested in other people and speechmaking.

          1. I agree. Meghan is comfortable meeting and speaking one on one with people, she can handle crowds and she can give a good speech.

            Kate, (Bless Her Heart), has an awkwardness that almost seems to get worse as the years go by. For this trio to tout mental health, I wish Kate would get some cognitive therapy to learn methods to relax in crowds, or get a life coach to try to gain some confidence.

            I just hope Meghan and Harry really step up and work. They can do so much good. Their personalities alone set them apart from the reserved Cambridge’s.

            The walk to church on Christmas will be telling. No, I am not pitting Kate and Meghan against each other, but it may give us a clue about their relationship. I have always thought Harry had a kind heart and Meghan may be the same way. Kate could use someone in the BRF close to her age and someone who makes her feel more secure.

            Who knows, Kate may be far more uncomfortable than I have realized these last several years. She seemed more comfortable in 2011. It makes me wonder if William (who seems to have passive-aggressive tendencies), may have added to Kate feeling increasingly insecure in her approach to royal duties over the years.

          2. I think the walk will be very telling as well. I can’t wait to see what Meghan wears and how she and The Duchess of Keen! will be toward each other. The media and others will be analyzing the pics and body language for years to come.

            What I have always noticed was how remote The Duchess of Keen! has always seen from other BRF family members during the church walk. I remember one Xmas, either Bea or Eugenie stepped in front of The Duchess of Keen! on the church steps and received the dirtiest of looks.

            I don’t think The Duchess of Keen! has ever been a people person and she shrinks in the public eye. However, she is almost 40 and needs to get over it so she can do her duties. She needs to do more than say plaititudes and she needs to take intiative and stop looking at William for approval or encouragement before she dares to do anything on engagements. I don’t understand it.

            You would think The Duchess of Keen! would try and take pride in her work or make effort, but nope, same level of disengagement at every turn.

        2. @Meghan,
          I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me but based on your response it seems like you agree with me more than you disagree.

    3. +1, All About Eve.

      I’ve said it before (before Meghan) and I’ll say it again- who would choose someone like Harry when he has little to recommend him except fabulous wealth and status (and slaughters innocent creatures for pleasure)? He is a gilded slacker like big bro. So a woman who seems more accomplished than the royals yet chooses to marry him makes me wonder.

      There are no breaths of fresh air, no saviours, only hedonists and opportunists, IMO. The monarchy as we know it is dead. All that’s left is an empty shell and that’s what the Cambs’ photo symbolises for me.

      1. “There are no breaths of fresh air, no saviours, only hedonists and opportunists”.

        Perfectly said, Maven. The BRF’s intel will know it is living in precarious times, hence the PR assault controlling every narrative through a cowed UK media. Meanwhile they are shoring up their financial futures: “gimme those Duchies before UK citizens work out they actually own them!”

        And the ‘highness’ of a few would be amusing if it were not so unjust. The trick for monarchy these days is getting people to keep believing in such anachronisms, fall in line and keep paying. Convoluted protocols and physical manifestations (jewels, palaces etc) distract the eye and confuse the mind into unthinking subservience.

        As for Harry and Meghan: the love story will be spun and spun.Immature slackers are not attractive, despite their publicly-funded wealth. Who wants to waste her life being a matrimonial nanny?

      2. Well, he’s also tall, decent-looking, good with children, funny, a veteran, founder of multiple charities, and friends with the Obamas. I’m all for class warfare but your narrative seems a little thin.

        1. Well despite his lazy tendencies I agree that Harry has a lot going for him. I think he is good with people, not just children. Especially, I think he is good with the elderly he always takes the time to listen to them.

      3. Harry is 33. If he hasn’t stepped up by now then he isn’t likely to do so in future. Having a ‘fun’ personality does not excuse laziness & entitlement. People need to stop making excuses for Harry & treating him as if he were a child. He has been giving plenty of opportunities to step up but he hasn’t. He like his brother simply do not have a strong work ethic and it becomes harder to inject that into someone as they get older.

        Like all royal spouses Meghan will take her lead from her husband, and if Harry is not going to step up then neither will his wife. Meghan is not going to stop Harry from hunting, going on extended vacations in Africa, and disappearing for days with no clue of his whereabouts. Meghan has happily joined Harry on four vacations this year & those are just the ones we know about. She was also there with him in Botswana last year when he was supposed to be ‘working’ at taxpayers expense. Harry has not changed his pattern since he started dating Meghan, so why would it be different after they are married? People always think you can change someone after marriage, but if you speak to any married couple they will tell you that this is rarely the case.

        1. Time will tell. I hope Harry and Meghan become the young working royal couple the BRF needs.

          This last year or so, they seem to have devoted themselves to their long distance relationship. I say, have your honeymoon and then get off to work.

          William and Kate were given a good deal of time before many started to call them out on their excuses for lack of work.

          At this point, I think many are less inclined to give Harry and Meghan the same length of time to prove themselves as a full-time working royal couple. I am ready to give them the benefit of the doubt for a *year*. For now, I am excited for these two and wish them all the best.

  18. I’m pleased that they released a Christmas photo. I personally don’t mind that the photo isn’t “Christmas-y”, it doesn’t bother me. I think it’s fine to just release a nice family photo for the holidays.
    However like most Cambridge family photos, this one just misses the mark, at least for me personally. The composition feels a bit off and I think Kate is a bit too photoshopped. I wish that they had the adults sitting with the kids in their laps or standing in front of them so that their faces were closer together. To me the positioning just looks ever so slightly odd.
    The children however are adorable and it’s nice to get to see a bit of their personalities shines through. Overall, I’m happy they released a photo and the issues I have with it are very minor I would say.

  19. Like many have said: the kids are cute (you can tell that Charlotte has spunk to spare!) but that’s all. I don’t expect them to be all lovey dovey but I wish it showed some Christmas cheer. Kate has clearly been photo shopped like there is no tomorrow. George appears to be a shy, sensitive little boy (much like his Grandpa Charlie) which gives me some warm fuzzies for some reason.

    1. The photos of William and Kate are often extremly photoshopped.It’s something I don’t like and would also not like if other royals would do it.
      I miss those days where photoshoping was not possible in such big ways.The people looked much much more natural, not like smiling dolls.
      And those days you couldn’t see the pictures before they were developed ! I had always so much fun as a child to.look at photos which weren’t plannend ×) It costed a lot of money for pictures you didn’t need, but it was great fun.

      1. I sooo miss the days of the darkroom. Lightroom and Photoshop do help in some ways but there was more care taken back then, rather than just clicking away. And the smell of those chemicals! For me they just smell… like something I loved.

  20. The Cambridges usually have no theme for Christmas cards – a couple years ago it was clearly autumn, last year was a shot from September in Canada…

    It’s a really nice picture of a family that is too photoshopped. I often think that with the official photos of the Cambridges. The George baptism photos come to mind, as does the photo of the children with the Queen. They seem to like photos that could almost pass as paintings.

    But, we get a sense of the children’s personalities in this photo, which is cute.

    No wonder Kate is seen by the BRF as a very talented photographer, however….her photos of the family are of similar quality as the professionals they have hired like Testino. I think some of the candid press photos we have gotten, like George grinning on the heliciopter, are the best ones instead.

    1. Like you, I prefer the candid shots of the children – George rolling on the grass at polo and laughing out the window before the trooping, Charlotte hugging the balloons in Canada.

      I do like this photo well enough but don’t find it memorable – and it doesn’t seem traditional for British royals to use a Christmas setting – Charles and Camilla also use a photo taken during the year. It does seem slightly grudging to use a photo that was obviously taken for another purpose – photos handed out to embassies and the like are always formal like this. It is a slightly ‘cool’ photograph due to the colouring – a photo doesn’t have to be seasonal to be warmer. But I hesitate to say less formal because those photos taken in the butterfly house looked like a loo paper advert to me. My favourite was the Christmas one of 2015 – I would use that photographer again.

      I don’t think the British royals – not just William and Kate – have found a recent photographer who has a great ability to capture the family as the great photographers of the past did.

      1. The photo that was taken of William and George outside the door of their home on George’s first day of kindergarten was outstanding. Same photographer as this one, yes?

        1. Yep, also Chris Jackson. I think he’s a skilled photographer but based on other composition issues in the past, I don’t think he does a lot of families.

  21. I love that Charlotte looks impish. The children are so cute and William looks like a proud father.

    However, the background and Kate’s gray suit are not exactly festive. This just doesn’t look like a Christmas photo. Couldn’t they take a picture in November in front of a wreath or a Christmas tree or something? I am shocked that Kate was an art history major. Surely she must be familiar with the portraits of Victoria and Albert with their children in natural poses playing all around them.

    1. You do know that nothing in those paintings is natural though? They simply ordered the picture they wanted and the painter delivered. There were no hours of sessions with the family. There is a good chance this scene never occurred. Wealthy families, especially in this position didn’t have much contact with their offspring (at that young age) anyway.
      My point is the Camp‘s release rather cold pictures but might be warm parents, Victoria and Albert bought a warm family painting but were rather cold and absent parents (from today’s point of view). Pictures tell us only so much.

  22. I think this picture is okay. I wish the parents had been sitting with the kids standing because as it is, the height difference makes it seem awkward particularly for a formal portrait. If it was just a casual out in the garden picture with all of them standing I don’t think I would mind so much. What bugs me about this is William and Kate’s skin tones. They see to be an odd color that doesn’t really seem natural. Is this the result of photoshop? While I get the theory behind photoshop, I am not real sure about the effects.

    One thing about the picture being from earlier in the year – I vaguely remember reading something about the Queen choosing the picture for her card in the summer so that the cards are ready for her and Phillip to begin signing while they are at Balmoral. Apparently, the volume they send out makes for the need for a larger lead time than the rest of us would have. Don’t know if this is true and since I don’t remember where I read it, I have no idea about the accuracy of the source.

  23. The photo we chose for OUR Christmas pic this year was taken in October – we were heading out to a family dinner, I gave everyone the once-over and thought, “Oh hey, we’re all dressed sort of nice-ish, let’s take a quick photo!” It’s definitely not Christmas-looking, but everyone’s dressed neatly and smiling in the same direction (a rare occurence) so that’s the pic we went with. I can’t speak for the Cambridges’ mindset, but if there was similar thinking involved I couldn’t say I’d blame them! 😉

    It’s a lovely picture of the four of them but I agree this portrait is pretty bland – not sure the need for the white backdrop – but then again everyone’s picture looks boring compared to the Swedes!

    1. We did the same thing this year for our Christmas card- just used a nice family picture from September. My husband and I have two small children so it’s definitely hard to get everyone dressed up, smiling and looking into the camera at the same time!!
      I agree, not as dynamic as the Swedes, but I think they did a photocall so that’s going to be more interesting of course. It would be nice if Will and Kate did something like that but I think they are much too private for that and it doesn’t allow for much control of the photos I would think.

  24. It must be almost damn near impossible to get the two kids to stand still long enough. I think that Charlotte resembles a young Queen Elizabeth sooo much!

  25. Charlotte, does look sweet yet impish. I wonder how the dynamic will affect those two children when the new baby comes. George grabbing William’s finger looks like he wants reassurance. William and Kate just look disconnected but overall it is a very stylish photo. At least they published a card this year.

      1. I agree with Cookie. William will be head of the church and because of that, there would be nothing wrong with a seasonal photo. And isn’t the majority of the UK Christian?

        1. Isn’t he going to be the king for all UK citizens? The caption says – holiday photo, even the photo of Charles and Kamilla is not Christmas related,

    1. I’m sorry I don’t know which posters are Brits, Americans….etc . But here in the U.K. we very much celebrate Christmas , not Happy Holidays. The Queen’s traditions revolve around her faith, especially at Christmas and Easter, and until or if things change Will is future Head of the C of E, so he can , should and IMO must say Happy Christmas…..we celebrate many special days for other religions, but should remain proud of Christianity…and I say all that as a non believer of any faith.

      1. I wish we said Happy Christmas in the US instead of Merry Christmas. I don’t know why but I just like it better. Sometimes I say it just for the heck of it.

      1. I have never said that the Royal family will not celebrate Christmas, of course they will, we have seen them attend services, my line of thought was that this photo was released as a photo which goes on a card sent to numerous people, some of them might not celebrate Christmas. Has any of the royal photos released as holiday photos had any religious motives?

    2. Looking at BRF Christmas cards of yore in a comment above, none of the chosen photos looked Christmasy. They were mostly good photos of the family. So I will stop complaining about that, but I still don’t think it is a good photo.

      1. I agree that the photo itself is not the best photo of this family, it could have been at least more recent, I just shared my thoughts as to why there were not any Christmas related items on it

    3. +1 I understand what you’re saying. While we all know that they celebrate Christmas, it’s not only Christians that fund the BRF. There’s nothing inherently wrong with putting out a photo that’s neutral in that respect. Christianity is not and should not be the default. The photo is bad though, lol.

  26. I’m not a fan of this pic but that’s more on Chris than William and Kate. I guess they get the blame for okaying such a blah pic. The kids are the best part
    Side note: I’m not into Star Wars but I found the casts stories about the KP party funny. Here’s the link for peeps who
    haven’t seen it and care to.

    1. This reminds me of that picture of some boring crackers on a table at the pre-India event. KP sounds like they really are stingy with food! But, glad the family members of cast were invited too.

      1. I loved the bit “where is the proper food” bwahahaha
        That spread for the Indian party was the most anemic looking party spread I’ve ever seen. It was like it was an after thought. I guess the celebs didn’t get much better so they’re equal opportunists in their lack of party fare =)

        1. Harry is given an honorary military captainship, I think. It’s a big deal and a good thing for Harry. Perhaps now he can be in Trooping the Colour properly. 🙂 If it is the same as an honorary colonel in chief position, not sure if it is…

          Harry’s done some meetings lately that are published on the Times CC, but not on the online CC. So he has been working in a sense.

  27. I don’t understand the photoshopping. Kate is a very pretty woman, she doesn’t need that help and the result looks plasticy. Thank goodness for impish Charlotte and George about to escape because they add humanity. I don’t mind the blue theme, seems like the Danish royals do color coordinating, too. I do wish Kate would get her hair off her body, and the ends look scraggly here. I wonder if William is like Philip and has very little patience with posed photos.

      1. Gee, I wonder why. (That’s sarcasm). Reading tabloid analysis and internet comments about her tends to even make me insecure about my own looks, as much as they call her haggard and old or too girlish or too frumpy or too thin or too apple-cheeked etc. just the amount and severity of the scrutiny is insane… it seems like she would have to be somewhat superhuman for it NOT to make her insecure. I mean, that kind of scrutiny also contributed to Diana’s bulimia. It sort of makes me heartsick thinking about how that kind of hyper-critical mindset reverberates into people’s real life perceptions of themselves and the people around them: if someone who looks better than 99% of the general public gets savaged like that, what hope for the average person.

        1. Kate invites that criticism because her looks are all she gives us to work with. If she’d actually step up and do her job we’d have something else to focus on.

  28. Well, this is a fabulous photo from the accounting dept of the Cambridge Widgets firm of Milton Keynes. Mr and Mrs Cambridge hope we enjoyed the widgets this year.

    1. Lol! @Herazeus

      This picture is (IMO) devoid of personality, warmth, or heart really. I understand they are obsessed with privacy. Fine!

      There are many parts of the palace which are public, yet festive, with richly decorated trees, lush greenery, and bright red sprigs of holly etc etc.

      Anything except this void of blank nothingness.

      1. I looked at photos of BRF Christmas cards over the years. Most of them are taken throughout the year and do not reflect the holiday.

        I think it was in 2007, Edward and Sophie Wessex were criticized for their photo looking cold and boring.

        Comparing the royals from Sweden, the BRF does not seem to reflect the joy of the season with their cards, or the charm that comes from holiday family photos.

    2. LOL Herazeus. My first thought was the prototype for a life-size LED advert display on the airport concourse wall with the headline ‘Welcome to’ someplace-on-this-island. I was looking for the logo of the luxe hotel group in the lower corner of the photo. Either that or a life-size cut-out for display in the entrance hall of a local convention center extolling UK products. It is an oddly disconnected in-the-clouds composition. No sense of space, location or time.

  29. If the endeavour is to preserve to monarchy, Team Cambridges’ strategy of continuously deploying stale, brazenly over-photoshopped images does not seem like a winning idea.

    There is nothing endearing in this image, with exception of the children. It looks as if, once again, they’ve added different members of the family separately. As with the spooky yard image where William and George were sharing a laugh, Lupo was dashing through the background of the yard for no particular reason, Charlotte was staring off on her own, and Kate was posing like she was at a Vogue shoot, this image too does not sell cohesive family unit. With exception of William and George – the way George is holding his father’s hand is very sweet (again, like the spooky backyard image, where William and George looked to be sharing a nice moment, entirely separate from the rest of the image).

    If they are comfortable with one another, why can’t they show it? Is William *that* privacy obsessed that God forbid we see the natural interactions and personalities of his family? A new image with Kate pregnant would have been a nice touch, I think. But perhaps she is too vain for that? Her face is so heavily touched up that it took a moment to realise what exactly was different.

    They are not endearing themselves to their subjects if this is the best they can produce.

      1. Leah, do you never have anything nice to say about the Cambridge family? It’s easy to say one should scroll on but it’s hard to read this great blog without encountering all of the nasty things that you say. You are entitled to your opinion but it is just that. Others think differently and you are not always right. In fact, you are boring.

          1. I hope my comment falls on the right place!. I agree about the ganging up on Leah. In as much as folks dislike her comments passionately, perhaps Leah feels the same towards KM and is expressing it. Ive been a reader of this blog for 2 and a half years. I do enjoy comments, just feel no need to comment as i would be echoing most feedback.
            I do appreciate this blog a lot, and thank KMR and all participants.

      2. I’ve read this blog for years and commented from time to time. I respectfully ask that you all quit bashing Leah. I don’t think her opinions are outlandish or even especially mean. What I think is mean is ganging up on her and telling her off and telling her that KMR would be better without her. I am deeply disappointed that kind of discourse has occurred. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

        1. +1 Attacking someone and insulting them makes you no better than the person you’re beating up on. The reactions are just as bad, if not more so, than Leah’s posts.

    1. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post of the Swedish RF, I believe this is William and Kate’s way of telling the public “We are not going to let you, the public, in on anything in our lives. This is how we plan to run this monarchy when it is our turn and you had best get used to it.”
      In their obsessive pursuit of privacy I believe they do not give a rat’s patoot about how they are perceived by the public. They will pick and choose their appearances, spend lot’s of money on clothes and IMO, they will have no qualms about needing to prove they are Mr. and Mrs. Just-like-the-rest-Of-Us. They are very much into their title, class and privilege and what that affords them. Unfortunately, I foresee Harry and Meghan following this pattern as well.

        1. They may run the monarchy into the ground, but I think it will not go away any time soon. William and Kate will just be hugely unpopular and irrelevant and great fodder for comedians and social commentary, but I truly believe they do not care as long as they can continue to live in the style they are accustomed with all the money and titles.

          1. Polls are only as good as the sampling they use. Recent elections showed that (trying to preserve the no politics on the blog rule here). I always take them with a grain of salt, especially because U.K. posters often anecdotally report different opinions among their acquaintances at large. But then, is that also a flaw in sampling, as we often surround ourselves with like-minded individuals which would then make it confirmation bias?

      1. I missed your comment yesterday, but I was just thinking the same thing, that the largest difference between the SRF and the Cambridge photos (not just these, but in general) is that the SRF uses these opportunities to let people in, in an admittedly controlled fashion. You get the feeling, both from the video and from the photos, that you are being invited into the family, and getting a glimpse behind the tiaras. The Cambridges seem to use the photos as a way of distancing themselves from everyone. In this case, using photos that were clearly out of date, but not candid, as well as a blank backdrop, is very distancing. I think they all look fine, and the composition is fine, but even if it were a brilliant composition, without subjects that are open, a photograph will always look sterile. When I am being charitable, I assume that W and K are just private people, and don’t want to live their lives in public, but then I wonder why they continue to take tax money, and don’t just step away from the fray completely.

        1. I don’t think the Duchess of Keen! is particularly private. If she had married a different man, someone more personable, she would be forthcoming. This is all William.

    2. I think they live in such a bubble, secure in the thought that their privilege will only increase as time passes. And should nothing change in the UK and beyond, that indeed will be their future.

      William is only prepared to engage on his terms and has been enabled to do so all his adult life by the Queen and Charles. If the Cambridge’s were advised to release a Christmas photo, they consciously offered the most formal image, devoid of character and context of their family life. It also looks like a composite, with Kate heavily Photoshopped. It is a Cambridge concoction rather than Chris Jackson’s artistic vision.

      The hypocrisy is that the Cambridge’s will drag their infant children on tours for no good reason except to exploit press interest, yet scream privacy whenever it suits.

      1. Brexit is going to affect a lot of things though. The UK people aren’t a bunch of lemmings who will continue to tug the forelock to the BRF. The Queen is respected because of her service for decades. And she’s not arrogant. Charles might work a lot but he is more arrogant and the Diana divorce hurt his image. William has ridden on the coattails of being Diana’s son but many more people exist now who were born after she died and won’t really care about a long dead woman. His arrogance is starting to show more and more and Kate being a cipher who doesn’t work much doesn’t help. If he is determined to isolate himself and work as little as possible but continue to take up excessive funds, the worm will turn and it won’t be pretty. He seems like his great uncle David right now and unless things change, he could run the BRF into the ground.

        1. Nic, I LOVE you, but little of William reminds me of his uncle David. David, I think was a really, really stupid man with no common sense. I think William is craftier and more manipulative than his uncle.

        2. They’re still very, very popular and the majority of people think Charles is the devil incarnate, so William and Kate will be fine I think. Charles will be the problem because so many people hate him thanks to Diana’s narrative of things. Nobody cares about his work or anything he’s done, he cheated on England’s Rose, and documentaries still harp on this, and go on about how he hates his children and never did anything with them, the nonsense about Diana raising them, they’re Diana’s boys, look at these golden children who are man-children now but forget that, “Diana’s boys”. 😛

          1. There is very strong PR supporting that line, Ellie. I don’t know what it would take for folk to grasp the sad reality of ‘Diana’s boys’.

        3. Nic919’I agree with you, except queen’s service. Tbh, I don’t really know what she has done that is worthy of praise in her long reign. The only remarkable thing about her is that she’s outlived better leaders than herself. Even Diana in her short life left a more lasting impact than QEII.

        4. The fallout from Brexit will have huge economic repercussions. Only England Wales voted for Brexit; how long will Scotland and Ireland stay in the UK when they see their destinies elsewhere? Nothing is permanent, least of all political unions. I was reading the other day that many of the establishment elite believe the monarchy will be abolished in their lifetime.

          William reminds me of Andrew: he is arrogant with a huge sense of entitlement yet blind to his own very limited abilities.

          1. Kitty……probably by the likes of me and my ilk that believe in it come what may as the thought of a Presidential figure is just too awful to even contemplate.

            It may need drastic change and isn’t always relevant but I want a Monarchy, believe in a Monarchy and that it’s the Monarchy that keeps our profile in the world so high.

            What it’s going to look like without HMTQ makes me very nervous but more from William on the throne than PoW.

          2. Ireland became a Republic in 1922 – Northern Ireland is in the UK. Sorry a technicality but as an Irish person one I felt obliged to point out…

          3. Mrs BBV, as an American I find it pretty funny I agree with you. I do like the concept of a monarchy! (Is that weird?) Maybe it’s my monarchist family influence, who knows, but sometimes I think a monarchy can be quite good. I think for the most part, for example, Felipe has done an excellent job.

        5. We should not forget that all European monarchies have been on the edge of abolition at least once since WWII. Beatrix coronation was accompanied by huge demonstrations, in Spain were big discussions when Felipe took the throne, even in Sweden the abolishment of monarchy is a hot topic from time to time.
          My view as being from a non monarchy country is that I would rather pay for a monarch as representative because they at least bring some tiaras. That is the only difference- but we don’t elect our head of state, it gets elected by other elected people, so no big difference in my opinion. I will not get deeper into the issue as I hope I haven’t already violated KMR‘s comment policy.

          1. Exactly. Boundaries and alliances are always in flux. Just read the daily news. In the face of constant change, I can see why some find comfort in a monarchy and look to one family to represent a country’s identity. For me – from a Commonwealth country embracing egalitarianism – the very principle of royalty is wrong and out of step with a merit-based approach to leadership. The Irish Presidential approach appears solid, though, to be sure, not sexy and lacks the bling. I prefer a good mind at work, ethical and a supporter of lifting everyone.

            We can see from the BRF inmates how setting them apart from society so lavishly, glorifying them for just existing really messes them up. They never have to find their mettle in life. Instead, you have Harry saying he and his family bring ‘magic’ to the masses; how patronising but so lacking in humility too. I wonder if he has ever considered what his life would be had he needed to rely on his limited abilities?

      2. “I think they live in such a bubble, secure in the thought that their privilege will only increase as time passes. And should nothing change in the UK and beyond, that indeed will be their future.”


        That’s the crux of the problem. Like the queen before him, William thinks he is untouchable. In the queen’s case, Diana’s death forced her to make changes, no matter how begrudgingly.

        But now, William is using a powerful PR juggernaut to do all the labour for him. Like the queen, he has to be seen to be believed. But rather than in person, it will be through social media, conning the people millions at a time. Rather than the truth of his royal presence, he manufactures lies and fairy tales. No wonder Harry thinks that the peons will be restored by his “magic” as if it’s the water of life, while they suffer and starve.

        By rarely bringing the body to the suffering and poor and humble (bread and butter visits) they further raise themselves up from the people, from humanity, smug in their belief that they satisfy their roles in a ‘modern’ way.

        Unlike Mrs BBV, I don’t believe that the monarchy *is* England (the UK, the Commonwealth). The disparity is too great as is the disconnection. England (the UK) is a creature we barely know thanks to the overwhelming domination and overlay of glamour and celebrity that is settling over the realm instead of human connection. The royal image is being maintained and sustained by PR while William and his peers continue in their indifferent, profligate ways, sneering at the needs and dreams of the great unwashed. It is all done to justify their theft of billions.

        Let’s face it, how many of us would be interested in someone with a title but without the bling and opulent environs? That’s all that William and his peers have to offer us now, and ironically the little people are paying for it- sustaining this venal bunch of welfare kings and queens. I no longer have an emotional attachment to the monarchy which has shown itself to be corrupt and faithless.

        I can’t imagine what it would take for the likes of William to wake up to the reality. He certainly doesn’t have a single doubt about his entitlement as future sun king. And no matter how many real victims are out there, he will always be the victim King.

  30. That really doesn’t look like Kate to me. If this had been an individual portrait, I don’t think I would have instantly recognized that as her. Very disappointed and confused that this is what they chose as a Christmas photo.

  31. big applause for victoria and daniel for finding the right balance between privacy and public attentiveness and engaging the kids in a playful way. i dont wanna talk about william and kate but their development in the last two years is awful. they look unapproachable and so perfect that they can not take them for real people. I can really understand that you want to protect your children and yourself, but they overlook the fact that they look just arrogant in Christmas cards like these. where william and the children are still human. Cathrine looks thin and photogeshopt no longer naturally but like an unreal woman. she looks awful. the whole picture looks as if it was an official picture as a thanksgiving for the trip to germany and neither cathrine nor william lust had to find a new term for a christmas picture and said ok then take this. For the British people, that’s just heartless of the two. You should not forget who and what makes life possible in carelessness. I’ve always been a huge fan of the two but I can not support the development of the two

    1. It’s most likely tomorrow, judging based on the pattern from the last couple of years.

      1. Stupid question….Why do the queen hold the Christmas lunch lunch in Buckingham and then another Christmas dinner etc just a few days later Sandringham?

        1. Because the lunch includes ALL of the BRF, even the most extended of the extended members. The Sandringham Xmas celebration is more pared down and lasts several days.

          Does anyone have any insight into how Charles might continue or stop any of the Xmas traditions?

        2. There isn’t room at Sandringham to house the entire extended family. So the BP lunch includes the entire extended family, and then only the closer family stays at Sandringham.

          1. I’ve read others invited to Sandringham stay at the other houses like York Cottage which is really a house, where George V and Queen Mary lived as Duke and Duchess of York. She hated that place!

          2. I feel kind of bad for Elizabeth’s cousins who spent Christmases at Sandringham as younger people but then essentially lost their places as others came along. I hope they had the insight to see that the grandchildren’s families would want to be there, but still, I’d be a bit sad. I haven’t paid attention in the last few years to see if Sarah Chatto is still there but I hope that for her sake she has plans for after the Queen dies, unless she and Charles are very close.

          3. Leah, because it’s got a lot of small, pokey rooms and I remember reading a comparison to a rabbit warren! Sandringham House itself, as well, is like this, York Cottage on a smaller scale. It was not meant for a family, really, so that’s why Mary disliked it so much.

            I think HM does invite the Linleys, Sarah Chatto, etcetera, they’re just unobtrusive. She invites Sophie’s widowed father as well.

          4. Ah I see…. I dont Blame Kate and William for switching it up once a while, spending time with her family etc on Christmas it seems like Sandringham is very regimented. But who knows

  32. I thought this photo looked very cold too and Kate’s face specifically looks so photoshopped compared to everything else in the photo.

    Also, I think it’s interesting that the British press is calling them out on it too. The links below are both from Daily Mail but they’re saying the same things that everyone here, including comparing them to the Swedes. It seems like the press is calling the Cambridges out more often in the past couple months. Sometimes subtly with just a line or two in an article or sometimes blatantly like these articles. Anyone else seeing that too?

    1. To me the picture looked sterile. Charlotte looked like she got photoshopped in, Kate’s arm is missing and the family’s body language don’t seem in sync, you know what I
      Mean? I like William the most in this photo, he’s genuinely smiling, holding onto his son and is leaning in towards Kate. William looks like he’s in a Christmas card and he’s happy to be there. I wish the background was outside of their home or fireplace or a

    2. The Daily Mail does nothing than gossiping about celebs and royals. And never in a good way. Their comment section is a pool of very sad people who are not ashamed of using the worst (even rassist) language.

      1. I said nothing in that comment about The Duchess of Keen!. I was talkiing about Meghan only. And if you find my comments childish, don’t respond. Ignore and keep scrolling.

      2. I read Leah’s post as commentary on the unscrupulous reporting by the Daily Mail and having little to do with Meghan or Kate. To be sure, Leah doesn’t even *mention* the name Kate.

        These aggressive responses are so out of line. I’m sorry, but I can’t not say something.

        1. Me too – I find Leah’s commentary beyond acceptable- full of hate – and actually a bit disturbing. I further don’t think it’s acceptable to merely scroll on, as same gives passive acceptance to her utterly vitrolic views. She needs to be called out on them and appropriate action taken.

          1. Then get it touch with KMR and explain your concerns to her and stop dragging this board into the Leah Show. Whether you approve or not Is irrelevant. You are not here to moderate anyone and you undermine KMR with this behaviour. She and she alone will deal with the issue as she sees fit on HER board, not you.

          2. Why is she allowed to continue posting here? I am all for uncensored freedom of speech, and I’m assuming KMR is as well, but Leah’s comments border on racism and bullying in my humble opinion from what I’ve seen. I stepped away from this board for a few months, and I’m heartbroken to see what it’s become since I left, and it seems she is the #1 antagonist.

          3. Take it up with KMR privately and stop ruining the board with this constant bickering. You may not like Leah’s style but I don’t see her causing personal arguments between posters, picking on other posters and causing unrest on a personal level.

            If you believe her comments aren’t suitable contact the moderator and stop trying to police this board yourselves. It’s not your job and believe me as an outsider looking in the constant isolating of Leah is looking like racisim and bullying from some of her detractors too. It works both ways.

          4. Agree with Mrs BBV. Whenever I hear “all for free speech,” I know a but is coming. You don’t like her opinions, fine. The personal attacks this one person is subject to are the same crime she is accused. I don’t see racism or bullying on Leah’s part; I do see bullying on the part of her detractors.

      3. She said nothing of the sort and it was actually a very fair comment. Your hatred of her is quite disturbing. You don’t want to see nasty comments but you yourself spew them with no problem. Leave Leah alone and take it up with KMR if you have a problem. Attacking another poster in such an awful way isn’t any better than what you’re accusing Leah of. Leave. Her. Alone.

    1. @ Leah, I agree. The DM does seem to take pleasure at taking digs at Meghan.

      Its always interesting to me when and where the press chooses to call out the Cambridges. They seem to be very tolerant of W and K, yet sometimes…kablooey!

      1. How on earth am I racist? I have never said anything racist toward Kate or William or Meghan. I happen to be a woman of color. Not that people can’t be racist, but I am not and have never done anything to portray myself as such.

        this concern over what I post is unreal and I can’t believe how I have become a focal point. If you don’t like what I post, move on. this is not a sugar site and never was.

        Charlotte, it is not your job to police me in the least. And why are you allowed to personally attack me? Ignore me if you don’t like what I post. You and Susan act like I have murdered a family member of yours.

        1. @ Leah. Yes, you seem to have become a bit of a lightning rod.

          I like your posts and support your right to have an opinion. Just like everyone else does.

          I mean, isn’t that why we’re here? To agree to disagree, to have our own point of view and state it to strangers over the internet 😉

          If we all thought alike, what would be the fun in that 🙂

          1. Thank you, Elaine. I am a harsh critic, I know. But I will give credit where credit is due. I admit there is not much Kate can do right in my eyes, but I will applaud her when I feel she has done something well.

  33. We know so little real inside info about williams and Kate’s personal life, that to assume takes some nice amount of creative imagination. A picture doesn’t really get to the bottom. It’s all a nice facade.
    We can only imagine, debate about it,agree or disagree, but the truth of their relationship and family dynamics cannot be based on pictures, media or their public appearances/work.
    Don’t think we’ll ever know unless some insider leaks information.

    So…folks…….happy imagining, criticizing or applauding. I find commentators imaginative observations fun and thrilling.
    Have fun all and thx KMR for providing us with the unbiased info.

  34. I think it is a cute picture, everyone looks nice and as if chaos is being held back by a thread. I kind of like the clean background, but I’ve been bombarded with holiday cards showing 10 different photos and dogs and props and busy backgrounds, so this is kind of refreshing.

  35. Somehow, it is hard to imagine W and K sitting for hours, day after day, personally signing holiday cards. This card exudes hostility toward the English people and their traditions–as if they had gone out of their way to express nothing. To grudgingly give the bare minimum, when it would be so easy to be more generous with their “subjects” — why would they not have an outright photocall once a year for the holidays? Their whole purpose as royals is to embody the British people, to add to the sense of national identity and continuity (so I understand). Kate looks exactly like a Barbie doll in that outfit and William looks somewhat like Ken. The two little children also look pasted in. It is as if they were in front of a green screen in a movie shoot, and another backdrop would be put in later. What continues to amaze me is the opportunities they miss where it would take so little effort to create huge good will.

    1. I think William and Kate are too caught up being aggrieved to consider being generous to others. The opportunities missed to extend goodwill cost them virtually nothing. However, if sharing just a little of their lives – handsomely provided by the public – is so distasteful, for their own mental health they need to step aside and become private citizens. You’re right: they have gone out of their way to express nothing.

        1. I was woken up by my husband clipping his nails and was feeling quite cranky but then I thought I’d check on the blog and voila! Thanks for posting Mrs BBV! I love seeing everyone.

          1. He’s waking up at 4:45am to exercise before work, which I applaud. But I seriously need to get ear plugs because I’m waking to the tiniest noises and I need at least two hours of sleep more than he does.

        2. I agree. She is always so willing to work with the press. Funny after all she has been through, she never developed a hatred of them.

        3. It’s reported that Camilla has adopted HM’s strategy to sit up straight and a bit forward in the car’s seat so that the photogs get a better view of whatever outfit and jewels are worn. Camilla also always looks out the car window with a nice smile, rather than straight ahead. I wish all the royal ladies would adopt this practice.

          1. Camilla has perfected the art of the car photo! I love that we’re always able to see her jewels and at least a good shot of the top of her outfit

        4. Camilla always looks awesome in the car photos – nice smile, perfectly framed in the window, we get a good look at what she is wearing.

          Kate – as a future queen consort – could really learn this from her.

          1. Ok, if they were to start hiring body doubles for the kids, can you even imagine the frou fra that would erupt?!

      1. Oh my, Charlotte does look just like a little Bea peeking between the car seats!

        And I always love seeing photographs of the Duchess of Gloucester. I know next to nothing about her, except that she always looks so smart and polished.

      2. She does look like Beatrice at a young age. Even my husband thinks she is a very cute little girl. He doesn’t give a darn about the BRF since Diana, but a photo of Princess Charlotte was on the news and he thought she was adorable.

      3. I didn’t see it until the photo posted below but now I do! I’ve always thought of Bea as having larger eyes, but there’s definitely something about the shape, especially when she’s laughing. I just typed in “York princesses laughing” into Google and oh my. There’s some pretty hilarious stuff there.

      1. Meghan looks GORGEOUS. Can anyone ID her earrings? A gift from Harry or maybe something from Diana’s collection? That top Meghan is wearing however, is not the business.

        This might be what Meghan is wearing:

        And possible ID of her earrings:

        Margarita is also gorgeous. She will be one to watch, for sure. God Bless Camilla for always understanding the press and always smiling and waving.

        I am shocked at how closely papped Harry and Meghan were. Why can this never happen for the Diplomatic reception, so we can get a closer look at the gowns worn?

        I am wondering, is it possible to walk from KP to BP for the lunch or is it too far?

        Lastly, is Kate wearing fur?

        1. Not really a walk I would make, especially in heels and a tea dress for Christmas lunch. H & M would be mobbed. They weren’t there for very long either.

          I’m thinking Harry isn’t a skinflint and that he will be very like PoW and be giving Meghan a lot of jewellery throughout her life.

          Surely HMTQ will be giving her jewellery on loan here on in for birthdays, Christmas etc….pieces that will be Meghan’s use for the duration of her marriage / life. I imagine PoW indulging both his DIL with jewellery too.

          I’m still bothered about Bogart though. ?

          1. I think Harry will be very generous with Meghan.

            Re Bogart, we don’t know the story. I am not going to judge Meghan. It is very possible and highly probable Bogart is with her ex. The main thing is, we know the dog is being cared for.

            Meghan strikes me as caring and I don’t feel she would just abandon her dog. If that was the case, she would have left the other one as well.

            And hell, we don’t know that Meghan doesn’t face time with Bogart or constantly check on him or get updates. We know nothing, so we can’t judge.

          2. No I know…..I just want the whole story so I can judge.

            I don’t accept he’s too old to fly as he could come over on a private plane or by ship. But I think it’s probably a dog custody issue with her ex as she clearly loved her fur babies immeasurably from the photos and Tig.

            I bet you Harry gets her a dog to keep Guy company and if he’s really smart he will go to Battersea to get a rescue dog for her. Not only is Camilla patron there it sends a message that is close to her heart about rescue dogs.

          3. Would it have killed her to say that Bogart is staying with someone who has loved him from the beginning or something? What kind of PR do they have that they couldn’t spin it to their advantage? Or do they want to ‘whitewash’ her and make her virginal, as if she has no exes at her age? Yeesh.

            As long as we don’t know the true story I am always going to cast a gimlet eye on Meghan. What could be so shameful? The story just doesn’t make sense considering her resources. For me this is a deal breaker.(Slaughtering animals for pleasure is as well, so I guess I wouldn’t hang with or marry either one of them, ha!)

        2. Leah,

          I just want to say thank you for calling her Kate rather than one of the preferred nicknames you use. It is a little thing, but your comments today about the Christmas lunch read much less vitriolic towards Kate than usual. It lets me hear your criticism of her (too much blush, etc.) without being so put off by your tone and aggressiveness of your comments. I’m trying to give credit where credit is due and applaud you for taking a slightly more civil tone– I hope this comment doesn’t offend.

          1. Megan, thank you. Look, I am trying, I decided to call Kate, Kate today. But also notice, I criticized Meghan’s dress, which I am not fan of. I am a Meghan stan, but I will call her out if necessary.

            I also feel that calling Kate just that, will give my, ahem, “fans” much less ammo.

        3. I think that dress is heinous but I don’t think Meghan has great style herself either. Makeup looks nice, earrings are pretty.

          1. I don’t think Meghan’s style is sophisticated or worldly. It fits with the environs she came from which seem to be more about be being glamourous and fashion forward. For example, I thought her makeup for the luncheon. although beautiful, was more fitting for a cocktail party than the middle of the day.

            I wonder if she’ll get a fabulous international stylist. I wouldn’t want Jessica Mulroney on my team.

          1. Whoever does Meghan’s makeup-and I don’t believe Meghan does her own makeup for events-needs to do Kate’s, because once again, Kate has put that blusher on with trowel.

          2. How do people still not know how to do blush? You smile, you dab. I think it must be a result of a too small brush.

          3. I thought blush was the easiest thing in the world until last week when I had a make up session with one of (and I kid you not) world top make up artists.

            His work is on the covers of Elle, Vogue and it’s a long story but I was gifted an afternoon with him. He spent as long on my cheeks as he did my eyes and used 4 different blushes to get the look.

            It was one of the most magical experiences of my life but there is no such thing as natural or simple make up. I take my hat off to Kate if she has been doing her own make up for the last seven years because being camera ready is a minefield as I discovered last week. At the very least she must have had some tuition.

      2. Agreed! But the face that Charles Armstrong-Jones is making? Hmmm…….

        Edit: I know he’s 18 but sheesh…does he really have to make such an expression?

        1. Oh Kimothy, when I saw that photo my first thought was good luck to his parents dealing with such teenage surliness. I know photos capture only a millisecond of time, but he looks like he could be a real royal challenge.

          1. His mother is a chilly one. The very definition of an icy blonde. She makes Grace Kelly look mild by comparison. Never looks like she’s had a fit of giggles her life I’m afraid.

          2. Just things I heard. Their marriage looked like it was heading for divorce a few years ago according to gossip columnists. I don’t think she has a reputation for being easy going. She was a beautiful bride but as she’s aged she’s looked increasingly severe and you rarely see a picture of her smiling.

      1. Such a darling little girl! This is why I wish we had a more updated Cambridge family Christmas portrait – just look how much she has changed in the few months since the image at the top of this post!

      1. They don’t. Two daughters are Maude (goes to same school as PGeorge) and Isabella who will be 2 next month. The person writing the photo captions doesn’t seem to recognize the family members. Sophie was in a serious auto accident several weeks ago. There has been no word on her condition in the press. The blonde-haired woman in the car with Freddie is not Sophie.

        1. Poor Sophie! My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Incredibly insensitive of the person who did the captions. Now that you mention it, Sophie is a brunette!

    1. Kate was smiling and waving and William wasn’t as much of a sourpuss as usual. Yay! I’m not sure about Meghan’s dress. Judging by the little bit that I see I think it’s probably hideous. I have no words for Princess Michael. My God.

  36. I will only say this once. I think if we ignore and do not respond to a poster/posters who are very vitriolic, confrontational and toxic and are only able to to express their thoughts in the nastiest of ways with no constructive thought behind their posts then perhaps by not giving this person/persons the attention they crave they will go away.
    I think KMR has done a wonderful job with her blogs and for those of you who are considering no longer posting, I hope you rethink that and maybe take a break but do not go away completely and let these others have the power. We cannot let them make this a platform for their hate.
    I truly cannot understand why this person/persons has made it their mission to spend so much time writing over the top nasty posts. To this person or persons, I say, “Lighten up!” While it is obvious we are all interested in the BRF for the good and what we perceive as the not-so-good when you stop to think about it, we all have our opinions, but we do not really know these people, so how important are they in the context of our own lives. Let’s keep this blog fun!

    1. Well, everyone has a different definition of vitriolic, confrontational and toxic apparently because the cofefe about a certain poster seems overplayed in my opinion; but then I don’t get the vapors easily.

  37. Not sure if this has been discussed already but Princess Michael wore a blackamoor broach today. WOW. How hideous especially since she’ll likely be meeting Meghan for the first time.

      1. Well this is going to cause a right Royal rumpus when the papers pick this up. And I doubt Harry is going to be too happy either. What an utterly crass and thoughtless thing to do.

        I can’t decide if it was deliberate or stupid.

          1. She should not be invited. This was intentional and Meghan does not need micro aggressions coming from within the family. I bet Harry is pissed.

          1. Princess Michael is beyond malicious. Remember how she told those tourists in NYC to “go back to the colonies”? They were black. She’s racist through and through.

          1. I’m not so sure……PMoK has been a figure of press dislike for a long time. She’s a way to kick the RF without getting too close to the throne. If you want to make sure it gets onto the press agenda I would tweet Richard Palmer or Niraj Tanna. Or even Dickie & Vickie Arbiter and ask them what they think? It could snowball put in front of the right people.

        1. I wonder how he felt about The Painting in W&K’s home when the Obamas came to visit. Talk about insensitive and tone-deaf. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

    1. And it was so huge! Impossible to overlook. Who would ever choose to wear such a thing in this day and age anyway? Says quite a lot about Princess Michael.

      1. Agreed. It was huge. And hi vis. Front and centre. It says volumes about Princess Michael. Whether it was a deliberate or stupid choice it was most certainly insulting.

    2. I check out baubles on Bentley skinner and they have a couple of brooches on there that are of blackamoors and I’ve always thought “who would buy/wear one of those in this day and age” I could get it if you had them in your family and passed them down but don’t think they should worn. Especially in this setting.

    3. This is horrible. There is no excuse for this at all. I don’t care where this woman was raised wearing a blackamoor brooch is straight up racist. The Queen should cut her off from the money for this gross and intentional insult.

      1. I hope something happens where Princess Michael has to issue a formal apology to Meghan. Does she attend Xmas at Sandringham? I hope to God she doesn’t wear that blackamoor brooch there. I mean, honestly, why doesn’t she just wear a sheet over her head and cut two holes in it? it’s the same thing.

        1. Apparently, Harry and Meghan left the luncheon early. It was noted and talked about on Twitter. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I wonder if that brooch and maybe some attending drama was the reason.

          1. I know they were first to leave having been last to arrive but Kate & William left 15 minutes after them.

            I doubt there was a big punch up with Harry calling PMoK a ‘slaaaaaaggg’ and HMTQ shouting ‘get outta my palace’. For our international friends I’m paraphrasing a national soap opera that shows in the U.K. called EastEnders.

            Revenge is much more subtle than that. Like giving her the poorest, smallest rooms next time she comes to stay. Although I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if a strongly worded letter of disappointment was exchanged between their respective private offices.

        2. No…..not on the Sandringham guest list. The place is so small and she’s so far down the order of precedence she would be housed in a portacabin in the grounds.

        3. She probably would if she could and if someone challenged her she would innocently say……”this old thing, it’s all I could find to wear we’re so poor these days.”

    1. And Lainey is basically Meghan’s mouthpiece, isn’t she, veery close friends with people who Meghan is friends with? The Mulroneys etc. Interesting. Kinda like how the Daily Fail is a Middleton mouthpiece.

      1. Lainey has addressed that on her podcast. They’ve been to one dinner together several years ago. She’s not her mouthpiece and it’s pretty insulting to compare Lainey Gossip to the utter filth that is the Daily Mail. Do you read the website? It’s actually really insightful.

        1. I’m laughing how it’s insulting. I said it is comparable because the Middletons use the Daily Fail as their mouthpiece, as I believe Meghan or her friends use Lainey Gossip because they’re all friends. That’s where the story of Kate blowing off Meghan came from. There’s been a lot of discussion on the latter.

          Just ’cause I’m not brown nosing Meghan doesn’t mean I’m being insulting. Good Lord y’all. Everyone is taking ‘sides,’ and it’s very silly.

  38. Well, when the Obamas met George, Harry, William and Kate last year, a blackamoor painting was hanging in the living room of Will and Kate’s apartment. It was discreetly removed before the Obamas came to visit.

    1. They actually had the huge painting The Negro Page.up when they came to visit. I think they tried to block the title of the painting.
      Shows how incompetent their whole team is that they didn’t think of these things before hand. Also, they have access to some great art yet that’s what they want hanging in their place?

        1. I agree. I also get that art hx encompasses a lot but for some one who has a degree in it, I find her lacking in that area. I always thought retired me would love to be a docent in an art museum =)
          I can also recognize several factors at play: who picked it? was it picked becuase they thought it complemented the biege walls? One of those, it’s been up forever and we never noticed things? Liked it because there were horses in it so maybe fit the whole horse and hound look Kate likes?
          Whatever the reason, I know that if I had one of the largest collections to rummage through s for my personal use, this one wouldn’t be at the top of my list and I love Dutch painters!
          I found the whole thing an epic fail for everyone involved.

          1. No one else wanted the picture either. But the tones were nice and there were horses and rolling fields and it went well with the walls so they took it. Probably didn’t pay attention to the details. There may be so many other paintings in their residence that this just didn’t register as unsuitable when it was hung on the wall.

        2. Well, it’s fairly public info that Kate didn’t study much but William’s bits and pieces. She was known to cheat quite often on her schoolwork.

  39. Has anyone seen the versions of the photo placed in different backgrounds? They are placed underwater, in space, on an ice flow and many more versions that have been popping up all day. Some are quite clever. The DM had some of them in an article. The nice blank neutral background lends itself to ‘artistic interpretations.’ 😉

    1. How does this make him the worst? He’s just joking around…

      “Please sir, will you gallop with us?” the little girl asked, before William stood up and showed off his gallop — much to the delight of his wife, Kate Middleton. Kate couldn’t stop laughing as a blushing William briefly dance-galloped from his place in the Royal Box. The cast of Annie followed his lead and galloped off stage themselves.

    2. The look on his face makes him look like he’d murder everyone with a glance whilst doing it. Goes along to make himself look hip, funny, etcetera when he really wants to just go hide away in his Anmer Fortress away from us plebs!

      I wonder if he was angry about it later. Kate sure had a blast laughing at him and we know William hates being laughed at. He is just not a nice person.

        1. I watched the Royal Variety Performance.
          Will and Kate were put on the spot a number of times by Miranda Hart (and by a couple of the comedy routines).
          Will played along, was a good sport and had the audience roaring at his expense.

    3. I thought it was kind of William to play along with the adorable little girl’s polite request. I do not care for W&K much of the time, but it would look rude if he declined the little girl.

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