Prince George turns 4

Prince George turns 4

Today, July 22, is Prince George‘s 4th Birthday! Kensington Palace released a new photo of George to mark the occasion. And because I don’t have time right now to write up articles on the last two days of the Cambridges’ tour, let’s look at this photo instead.

Prince George 4th birthday photo
[Chris Jackson]

The photo was taken at Kensington Palace in London at the end of June by Chris Jackson (royal photographer and husband of Kate’s PA, Natasha Archer).

Jackson wrote on Twitter: “I’m honoured that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen to release this portrait I took to celebrate Prince George’s 4th Birthday.”

KP wrote on Twitter yesterday when they released the photo: “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new official portrait of Prince George to mark HRH’s 4th birthday tomorrow ? TRH are very pleased to share this lovely picture, and would like to thank everyone for all of the kind messages they have received.”

Wow, has time flown. I remember waiting with anticipation during July 2013 and constantly checking Twitter to make sure I didn’t miss news of the birth. How is it already four years later?

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  1. Nice photo, but maybe a tad over Photoshopped?

    Hope you are getting some sleep KMR as you have a full life with the blog and your job? Stay well!

  2. He really is the most beautiful little boy. I love the fact that he is so expressive with his emotions. When he’s happy, when he’s worried, when he’s ecstatic……it’s all totally visible across that gorgeous little face. By all accounts when he and Mia Tindall get together (it doesn’t happen too often) there is utter carnage left in their wake. That’s the kind of story I want to hear about George. That he’s happy and having a ball and that he’s not being dragged down by that pair of anally retentive grown ups we call his parents.

    There does seem to be a special kind of love and connection between William and his son. Some of the most endearing photographs of William looking happy have come from his accompanying George in something. In fact William’s joy when he’s interacting with his children make him almost likeable again.

      1. Totally agree! That one is truly sweet. I find the official one rather stark because of the lighting and background. I knew Georgie was a complicated sweetheart, still wears his heart on his sleeve.

    1. What a wonderful pic! It really captures such a magical moment, with that expression of joy on his face.

  3. He has a lovely smile, and this is going to sound morbid, but this photo is giving off serious ‘boy in the striped pajamas’ vibes…

  4. What a cute photo of George!
    I hope he has a nice birthday and a happy childhood, that he can slowly grow into his future role.It’s surely not easy.

  5. I so enjoy this blog and all the hard work that is put into it but holy cow
    there sure have been some mean and snarky comments lately by a few people about Catherine and William as parents. It gets tiring reading all the negative comments.

      1. LizB, I agree with Mindi. KMR did an entire post on this subject and mean comments about parenting are tiring. Your suggestion that she not read the comments is not helpful. I have tried avoiding the comments myself and the experience is not quite the same. Reading the comments is what following a blog is all about–hearing a variety of opinion. That being said, opinion that is just plain mean and nasty should remain unexpressed, especially when it clearly violates the commenting policy that KMR takes great pains to maintain. Thank you, KMR for your excellent tour coverage.

        1. I agree the comments on their parenting is really tiring. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing since 99% of people have never even seen them in person let alone been with them enough to adequately judge their parenting. People apparently think it’s acceptable to make snarky comments about other people’s children (looks, behavior, personality, etc.) because they don’t like their parents. I don’t care for William from what I’ve seen of him but I can’t critique his parenting without sounding like a rabid hater (because from what I seen of it that aspect it’s positive or very normal).

          1. +1 Jessica, and all who are saying that the comments are too much. We don’t know anything about why they’re making the decisions that they do, and the negative assumptions speak volumes about the commenter and nothing about the royals.

        2. I don’t want to drag this up all over again but what is classed as mean by some is not always by others. For example today I have called the Cambridges anally retentive in the way they micro manage their children. It’s not mean, cruel or insulting. It’s their parenting style and you can find many examples to back that assertion up. The way they have issued directives and statements about what will and will be accepted with regards to their children even down to which play park they frequented in Canada, their photos being taken in public places such as the Royal parks, even the press photos they are issued. You cannot get a away from the fact that they are anally retentive parents maybe with good reason but their actions back up that statement. It’s fact. Now whether you think I’m being negative is down to how you choose to interpret my written views. You might notice that I often express myself using the feedback sandwich method and today is no different but I don’t think making a factual observation no matter how unpalatable it may be to some is what KMR meant when she asked us to think more about what we post. It might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s true, the evidence backs it up and in my view it’s neither spiteful or unkind.

          I hope that makes sense? Xx

          1. Mrs BBV, some people think any criticism of the lazy duo is a mean and nasty attack. These comments always seem to be from the posters who only show up here and there and not the long term ones. It’s no coincidence. Your comments have always been appropriate.

            The subtitle on this blog is that it is a critical blog not a sugar blog. Not everyone understands that.

          2. I’ve noticed that there are several new posters on this blog who claim anything “negative” is mean. It looks like this blog is becoming a sugar site, which means I will stop coming here. The comments above these in line have all been nice. Here is a negative one,

            I don’t like this photo. George looks cute but that black background makes it somber. The BRF needs to look to the SRF on how to take joyful, heart warming photos of kids. It starts with having brightly lit, colorful backgrounds.

          3. “Anally retentive” is an incredibly insulting term, though, even if how you define it isn’t. Would the term “tiger parent” or “helicopter parent” work as well? It might not trigger the same sense of outrage and encourage posters to think more deeply about what you have to say.

            About the picture. He’s a cute kid. I don’t think I’ve met a four-year-old who wasn’t. This looks like a really good, but basic, school photo. His parents were clearly prepared for picture day, unlike my children’s, and he was in a good mood for the photographer — again, unlike my children.

            I wonder if Kate ordered the complete set of photos with the bonus key-ring?

          4. It’s not meant to be……it has it’s origins of use from Freud and his work around OCD. Something that we as a forum have discussed at length over the years in relation to Kate’s need to have order and perfection in her life.

          5. Critical thinking does not mean negative thinking. It means you examine the evidence with a critical eye to come up with your own conclusions. If doing that make me a sugar, fine, I’m a sugar.

            And, by the way, I’ve been reading this blog longer than most of you.

          6. Anally retentive based on what little we’ve seen? That’s ridiculous. I am one of those newbies who probably seem excessively pro-royal. The reason for this is that when I see something I don’t really like, I usually keep my mouth shut, as per good manners. I don’t love this photo, so I’m not saying much aside from glad to see the little guy with a big smile on his face.

          7. Thank you Maven. I think people see the word anal and totally over react but Freud’s work in this area set a lot of the modern treatment methods for OCD and it is everyday mental health language that has become more mainstream in it’s use.

          8. I don’t object to calling the Cambridge’s anal retentive. But I’d like to point out that Britain has had a lot of terrorist attacks. You don’t know who’s making decisions about where George can and cannot play, nor what security/intelligence considerations are behind the decisions.

            I saw many comparisons with the Swedish royal children. I understand. I like free range kids as much as anyone (and more than most). Nevertheless. Sweden and Great Britain are in different universes when it comes to terrorism… and have been for 30 years.

          9. Europe has had a lot of terrorist activity not just the UK so it’s one thing to say they don’t want George and Charlotte wandering the streets, but what justifies bringing them to foreign countries where the areas haven’t been secured to the same degree as KP or Anmer ? They are at a much higher risk when not in the U.K. beacuse they wouldn’t necessarily have access to all the potential security threats as compared to the UK where MI-6 and MI-5 have a much more direct relationship with the BRF.

          10. I think that there can be a difference between critical thinking of their parenting and mean spirited criticism. The people making the truly rude comments know that they’re doing it. They just don’t care enough to stop, regardless of that KMR came to a place that the blog itself could have been ended altogether. (And no, I’m not a fair weather commenter. They genuinely drive me batty at times, and I comment on that.)

        3. Yes, KMR did a whole post about it, it has been discussed over and over again – and people keep on clarifying what is seen as constructive criticism vs. “mean and nasty” to no avail. Why don’t we just move on instead of complaining about people not commenting the way we want them to in every single post?

          1. The same people jump on board when it comes to any comments about the Cambs in relation to their kids. Now that is really tiresome. It’s just meant to derail everything. At this point it’s whinging about the same old thing, over and over. Seriously, there are tons of other blogs where one can gush. But no, the trolls will come out at some point (not saying anyone here) to increase the chaos.

            Mrs BBV, I understood what you were saying in relation to the Cambs’ actual behaviour and I don’t see the need for you to have to defend yourself because someone decided they don’t like what you said. This topic is going to go off the rails, again. And here I was enjoying a lovely pic of Georgie who seems to blossom for a moment when the parents aren’t hovering.

          2. My favourite pictures are in the helicopter…..he looks overwhelmed with excitement & happiness. He’s a dear little boy. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the ‘Great Kate Wait’. There was a comment in the DM today by one commentator who alluded to a rift between Cambridge and Cornwall. The first time I’ve seen anything that suggests there may get be a problem behind Palace doors. I must admit I am really looking forward to the Diana Legacy which I think is this Monday on ITV? I think that might give us all a better feel for what the current state of relationships are. Xx

          3. What is not discussed is that Charles does not seem to see his grandchildren as much as Carole and Mike do. I could easily see William being the reason for this. How many cute pictures could there be of Charles hanging out with George and Charlotte and there are none.

          4. I can’t believe we’ve never seen a photo of Charles with George and/or Charlotte, holding either one of them. I know he was so excited about finally having a little girl to spoil and hang out with. We’ve speculated for years that Willy is withholding them from his father out of spite. This hinting about a rift is interesting.

          5. I would love for them to release a pic of Charles with his grandkids. Either in his garden or I read once that he has a faboo treehouse.
            Even the pic of the Queen and her heirs William and George were in the hinterlands-nowhere near Charles.
            I guess when he is King?

      2. I enjoy reading the comments even if they aren’t what I think, they are often informative and educational.

        Parenting is such a touchy subject, everyone has their own ideas, so maybe we should take that into account, often no right or wrong answers just different.

        The only thing that bugs me about the cambridge s is that they keep the kids under wraps too much in the UK. I understand why though given williams history.

  6. A professional photographer? Usually it’s a picture taken by Kate, which I think is a nice idea. He’s a cute little boy with a sweet smile, but there’s something a little off with this photo. A more natural snap may have been better.

      1. That’s true KMR and I wonder why George birthday’s pictures are taken by processional photographers and Charlotte’s birthday pictures are taken by Kate. Whould be because George is the future king? If yes, I don’t like the idea of privileging the heir over the spare. This happened to William and Harry and I don’t like to see this happening to George and Charlotte. Of course I may be wrong.

        1. ahh the lot of the 2nd born =)
          Pluses and minuses
          I’m in my 30s and still the baby. My niece tried to tell my Mother that I wasn’t a baby and of course she replied I would always be her baby.
          My sister teases that I got away with murder whereas I tease that she got to do other things

      2. Thats really weird that they do it differently for each child. Charlotte needs professional pics too because the ones by Kate are not good. I don’t even understand why they would do it differently for each child.

    1. If it was a more natural photo taken by Kate or another family member, then there would be so much criticism about people saying Kate was an amateur, or that such candid photos with not such a good quality were not fit for a future king, like they did with George’s official baby photos from the Middleton’s garden.

      1. +1

        They can’t win. Never

        Here is s a beautiful photo of a lovely little boy. Normally people just adore it. Let’s do that here too without any criticism. It is a photo of a 4 years old, for G0d s@ke

    2. As someone said, the official one seems starkly photoshopped to the point of hyperreality. There’s a coldness to it. Now that one of George in the helicopter is awesome!

  7. I like this one – the 2 year photo was adorable but way too photoshopped (too light) and overcropped, the 3 year series were cute but he has far more joy in his expression this year. The one year picture is one of my favorite family photos.

    I also love the hellicopter photo from yesterday.

  8. Oh God, wonderful photo, that smile is everything. He looks like a sensible and shy boy in public and it was painful to me seeing him leaving that plane when the family arrived in Poland. It made me wanting to hug him. I really hope William and Kate give their best to this little boy (and his sister). It is always a pleasure to me see this little man growing up. Happy Birthday Prince George.

  9. Happy Fourth Birthday Prince George!! What a handsome little boy and I adore his smile. It really sums up his emerging personality.

  10. Happy Birthday to Prince George! I love this photo! Just full of joy and life. George must have felt very comfortable with the photographer, because the picture really captures a happy little boy.
    I agree, KMR, it doesn’t seem that long ago that everyone was awaiting the news as to whethter Kate delivered a boy or girl. Time flies!

    And, may you find time for your own special moments. You are one busy woman, KMR.

  11. Chris Jackson is the husband of Natasha Archer…. I wonder how his special access plays with the rest of the press pool.

    1. Yes, I know who the photographer is. I think George knows him because of Tash, so I think he was comfortable with the man.

      1. He has been able to photograph the family and be in situations to which others are not given access.

        1. Can you give examples please. I have seen many photos taken by him of members of the BRF but they’ve been at public events and I missed the “special access” ones.

    1. For someone who has a special interest in conservation there sure is a lot of waste here. Outside of perhaps one outfit from a Polish designer and one outfit from a German designer, the rest should have all been repeats of the extensive wardrobe she already has.

      They are supposedly attending to help with Brexit because the UK economy is at huge risk and she is just spending money like a drunken sailor. Where are the austerity measures for the BRF?

      Also has Kate taken the time to visit her neighbours at Grenfell Towers? Their lives are still pretty stressful right now and they don’t have a taxpayer funded palace to reside in.

      1. Kate hasn’t been at all and despite saying he would be back, William has been the once but that was five weeks ago. I guess the problem is it’s now been so politicised that it’s going to cause a right old rumpus whoever goes now. That’s not to say they shouldn’t but it will make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

        1. The people, their neighbours, need succour. Aren’t the royals above the rules and politics anyway? Or is that only when they get away with things?

          1. Well that’s my point really……it’s become such a political minefield that even a non political Royal with a good grasp of diplomacy could easily be dragged into a mess of their own making. And then you have Dumb & Dumber who wouldn’t be able to help themselves but say something daft. I imagining a Barbara Bush / New Orleans and Hurrciane Katrina style gaffe.

          2. She was touring a hurricane relief center and essentially said that since many of the people that were displaced were poor anyways that this was working very well for them…

        1. Well if they do go I would caveat that visit with strict instructions that they say nothing to anyone because they are with their constant use of word salad likely to offend someone or more likely everyone.

          TBH I’m surprised no one’s been back… is as you say a glaring omission. And of course come August most of the RF will ‘down tools’ until October.

          1. If they had any skills in diplomacy it shouldn’t be a political issue. They could do a private visit.willim’s ‘I’ll be back’ (followed by radio silence since) sounded like somebody without the least idea of what to say or do when heckled.

  12. Do you have to pay for the pics you use on here?
    I thought Tasha was her stylist? Or do those duties fall under PA title?
    If she isn’t who is? I’ve been haranguing the wrong person for their terrible job.

  13. A totally different topic, but I saw some photos of Kate and Pippa in their teens/young adult-years and they did always wear a new outfit, in every picture. How is it possible to earn such an amount of money to be able to have such a huge wardrobe? I know that Carole was always the only one who earned money in this family, but only with her online-shop, which doesn’t make you super rich in a short time.There also was Michael’s money ,but you could surely not live from it forever.
    Does anyone know how the Middletons were able to afford their life-style?

      1. Uncle Gary helped them out a lot and so the way he was treated at Pippa’s wedding was a disgrace. Not letting him attend the reception is just plain mean.

        1. Well they don’t need him any more, and havent in fact since Kate’s wedding so no need to invite him, that seat could be used by Federer or somebody currently useful. He’ll be kept sweet – but only just.

      2. Their money comes from Michael’s side of the family.
        Back three generations to the Luptons.
        The Luptons were merchants and property developers.
        Kate’s great-great-grandfather, Francis Martineau Lupton, was a wealthy mill owner. With his three brothers, he ran the family’s successful textile manufacturing business, William Lupton & Company.
        He also built a property empire, making a fortune. This fortune was subsequently divided into trusts.

        1. But I read that the money in Michael’s trust fund was really just enough to cover the expenses of his children’s education. It wasn’t a wild lottery type amount of money to set the family up in style for life.

        2. It must be something like that.
          I was just curious how they were able to do it, because in media, they always mention that Carole made so much money they could send their children to private schools.It made me wonder.

    1. They often shopped discount places, and shared clothing.

      After uni, they started to receive freebies from designers galore. That’s how they accumulated such a large wardrobe.

      Also, they hired clothing and hats. There are shops that will lend clothing and hats. Not ultra expensive like the type that celebs use.

  14. “William says: ‘If you are the Princess of Wales and you’re a mother, I don’t believe being chased by 30 guys on motorbikes who block your path, who spit at you to get a reaction from you… and make a woman cry in public to get a photograph, I don’t believe that is appropriate.”

    Read more:

    No wonder William loathes sections of the press.

    1. Oh my the Mail on Sunday today. Where do you start but I think we’ve got the rest of July and the whole of August with these themes so I guess we had better buckle up and suck it all up.

      I, as many of you know, have a great deal of love for Diana but I am not looking forward to the next six weeks which the cynic in me sees as the print media’s final attempt to suck every last penny from her memory. Nothing shifted copy faster than Diana when she was alive and in death the next six weeks will probably prove to be the biggest financial boost tabloids have had since the ten year anniversary of her death.

      Every last detail is going to be dredged up again and whilst many of us look back with real fondness her legacy, her private life, her emotional stability and her reputation will take another battering. As will the reputations of PoW, DoC and the rest of the RF.

      1. Just wait till the 25th anniversary. Media are not going to let Diana rest, nor will her boys as long as they all can make hay of it.

        I feel for you, Mrs BBV. It’s not going to be pretty.

      2. I feel as Diana poisoned today as i was in 1997 when it was my job to read about her every day.

        ….but there is whitewashing here. Not least by William.

        Sure, the paps were out of bounds, but she also regularly invited them in and teased them to a frenzy. We didn’t have privacy laws of any sort back then – remember when a pap climbed into Brad Pitt’s garden to photograph him and GOOP as they enjoyed naked breakfast on their verander? Or Jackie O being papped completely naked on holiday and the picture printed in the dailies – that was the norm back then, and no one complained or batted an eyelid at the invasion of privacy.

        Then there were the confessionals all over the media. Relentless and unrelenting either directly or via friends. The staged outings that happened to show a’ happy Diana with her sons in ultra mothering mode’…..these trips had already happened without media around and or could be arranged without mefia attention, but that couldn’t serve her purpose to be the best.mother.evah! She had to call the paps to record the moment with no thought to the ensuing chaos which could be parlayed into ‘diana most hunted’.

        Then there was the fact that she refused RPOs. Repeatedly. The Palace was really concerned at her being chased down the street and the ease with which the paps could get to her and in her physical space and asked her several times to restore her RPOs to her to control the situation and to stop the paps gettjng at/ to her. She turned them down every time and in the meantime played the ‘diana most hunted’ game in the press.

        We call out celebrities who do that these days because we are wise to these tactics. How many pap pics of the royals do you see accept where the RPOs are completely unawares that picture was taken or the royal in question has arranged for it? Not to mention the Palace power to enforce non- printing of any pictures. All this was available to her then as it is to them now.

        William can feel however he does about his mother, but he really needs to gain some perspective on the situation. Especially now we have some laws in place.

        Someone should send him Ken Wharfe’s book. He was Diana’s RPO for 10yrs and often counselled her against putting herself in situations that scaled UP public/ pap interest. William was locked away either in boarding school or in a royal compound and or was never privy to the machinations and wranglings of Diana/ RPOs that caused or escalated or de-escalated these situations.

        His irrational hatred of the press is based on a mirage which he believes despite the reality or factual evidence. And he doesn’t distinguish the different types of media.

        Cause and effect. Something he needs to understand about his mother’s relationship with the press.

        He also needs to learn how to handle the press to his advanrage rather than tarring everyone with the same brush.

        Also, overall, if these extracts are a true reflection of their feelings, those boys need several more years of therapy.

        1. William needs to follow the advice he gives for Heads Together and get some psychological help. It is not healthy to be this angry and bitter about something that happened 20 years ago and is influencing his actions today in a negative way.

          1. I think Charles William and Harry all need to do some family counseling. There is obviously some not so subtle underlying issues at large

        2. William reacts like the adolescent he is. He keeps the sainted Di narrative going because it fuels his rancor which suits his purposes. He doesn’t want to reflect, he doesn’t want to move on, he wants to wallow in her life and death and his victimhood. He wants to continue to fuel his resentment about the fact that he’s in line to be king, with expectations of labour and self-sacrifice, such fuel of which Di is really one small part. Now, he resents the press, he resents his father, he resents his duty and future. Crybaby.

          I am already feeling such ennui on the tedious rehashing of a very old and limp story. It’s not even good gossip or a great soap opera anymore. Been there, done that.

          Meanwhile, Harry and Willy see fit to resurrect one really ugly corpse. They throw it back on the pyre and ignite it with their feckless, careless outrage- this will never, ever make her look good. This justifies their existence and sloth and excessive wielding of power- they really are bullies.

          Even their beloved mother gets thrown under the bus in service to their egos and infantile feelings. They are ungrateful, arrogant, self-centred wretches. She doesn’t deserve this exhumation- it’s ghoulish. Neither does their father who will be thrust again into the limelight and pilloried. This is not the way of adults.

          I really hope we don’t end up rehashing this ad nauseam. It’s so pointless and empty.

          1. I’m already tired of the nonstop Diana. The boys use her as a get out of jail free card and the media and public lets them.
            Can we talk about Kate all of a sudden wearing more pieces of Diana’s jewelry. They do nothing with chance with regards to Diana’s memory and we all know that given the chance, Kate would’ve dived into the Diana vault at first chance, so the question is why now?
            My reasoning is pretty cynical. Either it feeds the nonstop Diana remembrance going on or at the core William is a jerk and now that Harry is in a pretty serious relationship wants Kate to be seen in her pieces first.
            I also want to know did the divide them up or are they sharing the pieces. Enquiring minds and all.

        3. I agree with you, Herazeus. I just read that book and I think it’s one of the more objective books out there. He obviously had a lot of affection for her, but he also saw her down side, although he was polite enough not to talk about it. He has quite a lot to say about the paparazzi and how her death probably wouldn’t have happened had she still had RPOs.

        4. Jackie O did want to sue regarding the naked photos taken of her on Skorpios but onassis counselled her otherwise, according to many biographers. Some say onassis set it up as he was sick of paying her legal bills against ron gallela, he reasoned once everyone had seen her naked she would shut up and put up.
          That said there is no evidence jackie ever colluded with the paparazzi like Diana did.

    2. William loathes all press. Paparazzi, legitimate press, regular people with a camera phone–it doesn’t matter, he hates them all. He’s had security confiscate phones and bully people! Diana wasn’t that bad and Diana sure used the media, calling them to tell them where she was then sobbing about the harassment. (Not like I’m saying how people behaved towards her is okay, it is not, but she kinda got herself into a lot of those situations. Like how William would tell them, ‘Come on then!’ and have his driver go off, with Kate, when they were dating; they’d be pursued; he’d sue.)

      This is all going to be very ugly and I think make the BRF’s reputation drop again as it did in the 90s, when before Diana died people were fed up with her antics, affairs, and drama.

      1. Every time the royals have confessed or opened the curtains to show how normal or relatable they are, it’s been a disaster for the monarchy. This goes for HM and Philip back in the 60s.

        1. Oh, God, that television show! I want it to see the light of day sometime, how awkward it must have been. The one clip on YouTube is so awful it is good.

          Opening up to an extent, I believe, is good; but airing your dirty laundry and complaints is not. I’d imagine people want a relatable monarchy, yes, but we do not want to know all of your business, thanks. You are not celebrities.

          1. She regretted that interview, but a mistake she made in the past will continue to haunt her memory forever thanks to these two dolts. Out of respect for the fact that she is very dead and not a serial killer, that thing should be buried and only viewed as an artifact. At this point, it’s simply voyeurism.

        1. This time though it seems Will and Harry are courting the press…maybe they regularly get so many requests to talk about Diana they thought the public was clamoring for it, but in reality, I think most people aren’t.

          I think it is a nice idea to mark the anniversary of her death by doing something in her memory – Harry could have an AIDS event, for example. William could have a Centerpointe event. That way, yes, they are honoring their mother, but they are also very much in the present day. Instead, all the interviews of them looking back and the dedication of a fountain seem like they are mired in the past.

          1. Paps do and say all sorts of horrifying things to get a reaction.

            None of it justified and i don’t think anyone believes Diana (or any person) deserves to be abused or spat on to get a reaction shot.

            Videographers are even worse than the paps. They really go out of line.

            A few years later when Harry and chelsy were exiting clubs and there are photos of him throwing punches because of the horrific things the paps were yelling at him to get that reaction. In one famous incident, one tried to trip him up.

        2. This is the first time anyone has ever mentioned being spat upon in relation to Diana. It has been reported in the case of other celebs, though. Perhaps William is conflating stories.

        3. I remember reading years ago they called her a see you next tuesday too. I don’t know how people put up with it to be honest.

          1. I wasn’t familiar with that euphemism bluhare.

            Off topic: it infuriates me that female genitalia is used in this way to denigrate and humiliate . . . but that is a discussion of a different kind.

            An article in The Independent dated 3 May 1997, “How To Snare A Princess On The Run” details how English paps hunted Diana daily.

            The comparison of big game hunters sprang to mind.

            The article ends with the eerily prophetic lines:
            “If this harassment continues, her story could no longer just end in tears. Someone could die, and it might not be a paparazzo.”

    1. I’m crawling into my hole already. I don’t like all this; it feels mawkish. I think Diana was a star and that’s how we should remember her — we will not see the likes of her for a while.

      1. I’m with you, bluhare.

        I also read how Diana was hounded unmercifully by the paps. They used the “c” word and called her loony. I cannot imagine sitting in my car and having such vultures descend upon me and use such foul and disgusting language.

        Who are we to jusge Diana and how lonely and sad she must have felt in her life. From all I read, she was alone on many holidays. She was always looking for true love and it eluded her. Everyone in life has issues to deal with, but few are put in the spotlight the way she was.

        Her boys loved her and miss her. I don’t want to judge that. Everyone has their own road to walk. We each might behave differently in a similar situation, or we might soar above our pain. But, to say, “I would have done things in a healthier way, or I would have coped better,” is irrelevant because none of us (I don’t thin) are Royals and none lost our mums in such a way. I do think the paps haunted her and pursued her to her death. A drunk driver of the limo, Dodi, who should have insisted they stay put and spend the night at the hotel, and a lax bodyguard did their part in this tragedy too. And, Diana, she should have been more careful. She had two young boys who depended upon her. But, really, none of us really know what her life was like. We read things. We assume things. But, we just don’t know.

  15. I think William and Harry want to control the narrative of their mother. I understand that. She is their mother, &they want her to be remembered fondly. I would feel the same way.

    1. Yes, but Diana wanted to control the narrative of her marriage…it doesn’t work out…the more you open up and share with the press, the more they dig. Will and Harry talking about their last conversation with her, for example, will only lead to more speculation, i.e. “Where they really on good terms?” Or “how much regret do they live with?” Also, the intense focus on her life rather than legacy means their father and stepmother will once again be in the news for the 1980s/1990s dramas.

      I agree with you that Will and Harry are trying to guide the press into a positive, Diana was a great mom, type of narrative for the anniversary of her death. I just worry that it may have more complicated, messy consequences than they thought.

      1. Re: the consequences, I doubt they care.

        They come off looking great while subconsciously vilifying their father who is still very hated, despite, you know, Charles being a loving, good father unlike his own.

        1. Fewer folk these days believe the pursued Princess line et al. Time has marched on, people have the advantage of seeing how manipulative the BRF were and still are.

          I understand those – like Mrs BVV – who have genuine affection tempered with an empathetic understanding of Diana. But William and Harry are still in some bubble where they think the public at large is still grieving. The sons have played the mummy card a bit too often to the point where it now looks manipulative and vengeful. If they truly want to honour their mother they could adopt her work ethic.

          1. I would agree wholeheartedly that the Mummy card has been played too often and because she’s never been left to rest her reputation has suffered and many of the public have had saccharine overload and become cynical of her and her motives. Goodness knows I have and I was on her side for the most part. I’m dreading the next six weeks.

            I’ve said this many times but when she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid. I loved her warts and all but I am certain she was no walk in the park and she pushed PoW close to breaking point. For all that’s said of PoW he’s a decent man but we all have our limits. He reached his after God knows how much provocation.

    2. Palace insiders have already confirmed what was said in that last phone call with William.

      They had an argument. William really let her have it about her antics in the South of France and her courting the media.

      I imagine that haunts him because he wasn’t nice to her in that final phonecall.

      Also, What Ann said.

      The press has rarely shown restraint when offered a closer look behind the curtains.

      It’s feeding the beadt unnecessarily and has never worked out for any famous person who did.

      Keeping schtum about private matters in the sense of not discussing them in the media is how sensible celebs survive.

      See how much Tom Cruise’s career was ruined by his need to let it all hang out and discuss his feelings and then some with the public.

      Prior to this, he had a rottweiler of a publicist who wouldn’t ket anything into the public domain. Consequently, everyone had a good view of Tom until he fired her and went against her advice.

      Most A-listers remain revered because they employ those same tactics. The minute they start sharing, nevermind oversharing, they lose the public.

    1. Obvious media manipulation attempt. But she rehearsed it well. Her line on there being “three of us in this marriage” is the most aired video of her speaking.

    2. While the content of the information would’ve been humiliating to the young William and Harry; I can see why Diana would’ve given the Panaroma interview. The royal family had taken a 20yr old as a sacrificial and virginal bride and pretty much left it entirely to her to manage her marriage with a husband, who was adulterous to her from Day One. No wonder Diana thought it was time for payback and to hit the royal family where it hurts: their publicity. Why would she remain silent and complicit, so that this family could continue with their lies of honour, duty and tradition?

      I know there are commentators here who dislike Diana, or who magnify her many faults and forget her achievements in a short life of 36 years- those commentators like to say that Diana wasn’t some innocent 20yr old marrying a much older and worldly prince, she wanted to be a princess and then queen at any cost and knew what she was doing. I’ll ask you consider: how mature and sensible were many of you in your early and mid-20’s? Especially if you came from
      A troubled family background like Diana, who didn’t have the relationship with a family that could be termed as emotionally supportive? A lot of the media courting and other mistakes she had made were done when she was in her 20’s and early 30’s? Who is to say that she was alive today, she wouldn’t look back on her media games and her emotional neediness and feel that she had acted recklessly and she has since matured?

      1. Well said Red Tulip. I agree with you. I think she’d just had enough of them treading all over her. I’ve always said if they had all and particularly Charles supported her properly before the wedding and after things may have been very different. Camilla has a lot to answer for imo too. I know that’s unpopular On here where we have so many Camilla sugars.

        1. What about Diana and all the marriages /she/ ruined? (and of course the husbands who cheated on their wives with Diana!)

          Pointing fingers at Camilla and Charles means you have to point fingers at Diana and her lovers, as well.

          It is all a mess. I am more concerned with being cynical with these two men, yes, not boys, MEN, using their mother’s memory for good PR while knowingly trying to destroy their father’s reputation he had to build up after the War of the Waleses. It shows a level of cruelty Diana wouldn’t like.

          People will be shouting about William taking over for his dad again because of all this crap. Not good for the monarchy. It makes William and Harry look especially bad.

        2. Yes, I think so,too.I never liked Camilla acting innocent.If she would have cared for Diana, she would have never did those things in this way, even if she loves Charles.
          And to Ellie, I don’t think she would have cheated on Charles if he would have treated her correctly.She loved him.That made it worse.

      2. Yes, well said. She felt helpless and nobody would have talked about it if she wouldn’t have. I don’t like people who silence others when they talk about problems.And Charles acted ruthless.He knew he would break Diana’s heart.And no matter how he behaves as a gentleman today in public, we all know his other side, thanks to Diana. I can understand William and Harry to not be able to forgive their father wholeheartedly.

        1. William and Harry should focus more on the present and the future instead of dwelling on the past. When’s the last time they mentioned that they love their Father & he is a good & wonderful father who has always been there for them? Would it take Charles’ death for them to start glorifying him? I’m not trying to erase what Charles has done but let the past stay in the past because people deserve second chances. I was sad to know from Camilla that Charles to entertain the grandchildren by reading the Harry Potter books. They were HER grandchildren & not George & Charlotte. William will regret the was he mistreated his Father just as he has regretted the harsh words he said to his Mother during their last phone call. William never learns anything, does he? Forgiveness is the best thing for the soul. Don’t let the overwhelming love & coloured memories of their Mother destroy the love for their Father.

          1. Nope, they never speak of him, despite him being a loving, involved father. William keeps his children away from his blood family, because he sees himself as a Middleton.

            I always got the impression Harry is close to Charles, judging by how Charles bursts with pride talking about him or supporting him at example Invictus, but Harry seems to have drunk his brother’s poison.

          2. Hi Ida, I agree completely, W&H will one day regret their actions. As a I mentioned below, my children lost their father in their teens and as the parent who was left behind to pick up the pieces seeing the memorial tattoos, having a grandchild named after their late father, reading the heartfelt poems I do wonder if it will take my death to open their eyes a bit. I’m not bashing my kids, we’re very close but the endless tributes do hurt and I imagine they hurt Charles too.

          3. Hi Queen Lauri! Did you remarry after your husband’s death? If so, sometimes your children will think that you do not honour their father’s memory since you’ve moved on so they have to pick up the slack to immortalise him. This is just my opinion. You deserve better than this. My Father died when I was 18 with h 2 other younger brothers. We regretted not being able to show our love & appreciation for him because of his sudden death. As the remaining parent, our Mother became the centre of our world even after we got married & had kids. She had a stroke during the last 10 years of her life so our schedules revolved around her needs. We love and respect her so we gave her our best & there were no regrets when she finally passed away. We have passed on this legacy to our children on how to treat your parents. William & Harry may love their Father but they don’t respect him enough to make him happy. So sad……

      3. When I saw that interview at the time, all I could think is, “You go girl. Stick it to them'” I was young and on her side. I thought she had guts.

        With more reflection, perhaps it wasn’t the best choice. But I can still see how, with the absolute power that the BRF and ‘grey men’ wielded, she was an insignificant, annoying bug who did not know her place. Big mistake. It was like David and Goliath except it was about revenge not championing an underdog.

        I’ll always be ambivalent about it. Anyone who could make the queen treat her death with a gesture of respect and brute force her to acknowledge the passing coffin by bowing her head against all protocol was doing something right. But what a pyrrhic victory in the end. So sad.

      4. Diana was 34 when she gave that interview. Far from being a reckless youth. The only good thing that happened as a result of it is that it finally irritated the Queen enough for her to push the Waleses for a divorce.

        1. So younger than Kate is now yet many people still allow for Kate to be learning, growing, finding out what might possibly interest her? Whatever people may think of the private side of Diana, and I am a self confessed sugar who acknowledges her issues, she did so much more good in her short life. Kate is just a clothes horse, who although better educated than Diana seems clueless and unable to express a coherent opinion most of the time. Diana knew her short comings and worked on them, Kate just doesn’t seem to care and now does Will.

          1. It’s clear Catherine’s shortcomings are apart of her image. When she first started making ‘speeches’ and the media commented how awkward and nervous she was apparently a lot of people found it endearing (i.e. she’s not perfect and more relatable). I think it pushes the ‘simple girl, married the prince’ narrative. A lot of people critique Princess Mary for being a perfectionist because she tries really hard and wants to be seen as a competent professional. It’s sadly a double-edged sword. I think even the Queen is fine with her sometimes fish out of water display because it makes her very dependent on Will. She’ll never be anything like Lady Diana and Prince Charles and The Queen love that. On the other hand Queen Margethe beams at the level of competence, pride and confidence that Princess Mary and Princess Marie show (but they didn’t go through an ugly public affair and divorce like the BRF).

      5. Wow, Red Tulip, I love what you wrote. I agree with all you said.
        And, yes, as Birdy points out, Diana managed to do a world of good in a very short time. To criticize her emotional issues and not be thankful for her amazing way of drawing attention to issues like AIDS and landmines, is just negating the beautiful and caring life that she led.

        1. I’m very vocal about my dislike, but it comes from a place of knowledge.

          Perhaps i don’t have endless empathy or sympathy and that fuels my opinion of Diana, but it wasn’t always the case.

          In the beginning i was a sugar, but 2 things set me down this path,

          firstly Camilla on the news being pelted with food and being abused by the public – murderers are better treated!!

          Secondly, that Panorama interview.

          They made me realise that this was not a nice person no matter her personal issues and her sympatheticly sold to the public circumstances.

          Then it became personal. I know people who are still shell shocked from working or attempting to work with / for Diana. Not to mention having to read about her every single day as part of my job description. Very hard to maintain the magic once you’ve seen behind the curtain.

          There are areas where i still have tonnes of sympathy for her, but there many more areas i go the opposite way.

          And like i’ve said in previous posts, i’m poisoned by her. Not in a good way.

          At best, i wish people would come to a more balanced view of her, myself included.

          As she is dead, lest we forget (coz media and her sons), balance is the best we can all hope for.

  16. I’m curious how next weekend’s trip to Belgium with Prince Charles will go for W&K? I can’t imagine that Charles is thrilled with the never ending talk about Diana. My children lost their father when they were in their teens as well and while they didn’t have a particularly close relationship with him, he was their father and they still miss him, or maybe they miss the thought of him, the thought of what could have been? Anyhow I sympathize with Charles, it’s tough being the surviving parent you never know quite what to say, especially when your, now adult, child has these memories that may or may not be quite based in fact but base more on emotions and feelings.

    1. Thank you for that reference Constance.
      I enjoyed reading it.

      I had noted the colour coding during the tour especially after it was pointed out by another commenter that it has become a “thing” in group photography portraits. In this instance, the family’s clothing is used to “present a coordinated picture of friendship and cultural awareness.”

      I don’t find this strategy offensive in any way. However, it did make me appreciate the amount of thought that must have gone into planning their wardrobe for this tour.

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