Charlotte the diplomat as Cambridges arrive in Germany

Charlotte the diplomat as Cambridges arrive in Germany

On July 19, Day 3 of the Poland and Germany Tour, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte departed Poland and traveled to Germany for the remaining days of the visit.

William, Kate, George, Charlotte leave Poland cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

While George is totally over the whole tour thing, Charlotte is turning into a little diplomat, shaking hands with officials, accepting flowers, and even giving a little curtsy.

Below is a video of Charlotte accepting flowers and shaking hands.

And below is a video of Charlotte giving a curtsy.

The first stop in Germany was a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the German Chancellery. The trio posed for photos on a red carpet before going inside for a private lunch. Palace aids said it was an “extended discussion” and “lunch.” Upon welcoming Kate to Germany, Merkel asked Kate if she spoke any German, to which Kate replied: “No, no. Sorry.”

William and Kate next visited Brandenburg Gate – a late 18th-century neoclassical monument commissioned by Frederick William II of Prussia to represent peace – where they posed for photos in front of the gate before doing a walkabout with the gathered crowds on Pariser Platz.

Next, the royal couple visited Berlin’s Holocaust memorial where they toured the underground museum which tells the story of the extermination of six million Jews, spoke to survivor Leon Henry Schwarzbaum about his experiences, and walked through the memorial itself.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

From the Evening Standard:

    “Leon Schwarzbaum, 96, told them about life in the concentration camp, where his parents were killed, and showed them pictures of his lost family. ‘That’s me at four years old with my family and my mother and father, all dead. Killed at Auschwitz,’ he said. Mr Schwarzbaum, who was born in Hamburg but emigrated to Poland before the war, spent two years at Auschwitz from the age of 21, working as a runner for the camp commander, his pace and strength perhaps saving his life.
    “William and Kate asked him numerous questions about his time there. He showed them pictures of the bunks crammed into each hut. Kate asked him: ‘How many people slept in each bunk?’ ‘Six, six, and six, he replied, pointing to a row of three bunks.
    “He told the couple about the smell of burning bodies pervading the camp from the crematorium. ‘This was the chimney,’ he said, showing them a picture. ‘You could smell the chimney throughout the whole camp. It was a terrible smell.’
    “The frail survivor, who was liberated by American troops while on a death march near Berlin, lived in the US after the war but returned to settle in Berlin. He said it had taken him a long time to begin to talk about his dreadful experiences but he had started giving talks about 10 years ago in an effort to educate young people. ‘I didn’t speak for a long time after the war, he said. ‘Ten years ago. Very late.’
    “‘That’s a very brave thing to do,’ Kate told him.’Did it feel good to talk about your experience?’ the duchess asked him. ‘I see that young people want to know what was done at that time,’ he said.
    “William asked him about his thoughts on the Nazis now after all these years. He replied: ‘They destroyed my life. I wanted to study but I couldn’t study because the universities had been closed and the schools had closed. They took my jewellery and everything, my family.'”

William and Kate then walked through the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which contains 2711 concrete blocks representing a graveyard.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate then visited Strassenkinder – a charity which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including homeless children. They met people who were helped by the charity before meeting representatives from the Robert Enke Foundation and giving children lots of hugs.

William and Kate then traveled to Bellevue Palace where they met the President and First Lady of Germany.

The day ended with a Queen’s Birthday Party held in the gardens of the British Ambassador’s residence. William gave a speech which you can read here.

Below is a video of William’s speech.

For the day events, Kate wore a cornflower blue Catherine Walker coat and a blue lace dress underneath. Kate chose her Gianvito Rossi Praline pumps again, and her Cartier watch. Kate carried a new matching blue Jimmy Choo “Vivien Clam Satin Clutch” ($935)

For jewelry, Kate went with her Kiki McDonough Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings she debuted in Luxembourg, and a new Kiki Eden Blue Topaz and 18ct White Gold Flower Necklace (£1,166.67).

I think Kate looked very pretty for this part of the day, I don’t even mind the nude shoes here.

The last part of the day, though, was a no from me because dust ruffle.

Kate wore Alexander McQueen again, this time choosing a red Off-the-shoulder shirred cotton and silk-blend crinkled-chiffon maxi dress (£1,453).

Kate chose long red Crystal earrings by Irish designer Simone Rocha ($265).

Kate debuted another new pair of shoes, in nude, this time from Prada, but in sandal form – the Prada Quazo Sandals.

Charlotte with the little posy she got.

Charlotte shaking hands.

George also shook hands with some people.

But for the most part he seemed like maybe he just woke up from a nap and wasn’t feeling it at all.

Kate during the walkabout at Brandenburg Gate.

Photos of Kate hugging children.

Kate drinking at the reception.

I know Day 4 is already mostly over, but that post will come much later, I barely had time for this one.

261 thoughts on “Charlotte the diplomat as Cambridges arrive in Germany

    1. He and Charlotte are rarely in the public eye back home. Maybe it is just overwhelming for him. Maybe Charlotte is more extroverted….

    2. Maybe that’s just the way he is, some people are regardless of upbringing. I have one granddaughter who is pretty shy and one who will carry on full conversations with complete strangers 🙂

      1. +1

        Maybe George does not mix with many kids his own age. Or that Kate and William don’t talk to them. Kate seems more concerned with clothing the children. Charlotte did well, and only two years old.

        1. Just because George and Charlotte are brother/sister doesn’t mean that they have the same personalities. Other than looking a lot alike my sister and I are as different as night and day.

        2. Are you serious? George has been going to school since January 2015; he sees other kids his age all the time. I think it’s borderline cruel of you to insinuate she doesn’t speak to her own children when she’s home with them 90% of the time. George is just shy and Charlotte is less anxious.

          1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t see them being detached from their children, or any evidence that the kids don’t love, or are afraid of or not comfortable with their parents. I am a Wisconsin mom of 2-and how I raise my kids isn’t at all how Wills and Kate raise their kids, of course, but it’s a really harsh statement to say they don’t talk to their children. Women need to stop this mom shaming business. Just cause it’s different than how you do it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

          2. I didn’t mean to be harsh. The children looked very well cared for. It is just sad that George did not get something as well.

      2. +1. On a similar note, my daughter is typically very shy and quiet in group settings, but at home she’s the life of the party! People don’t believe me whenever I relay some story about her being loud and obnoxious, lol.

    3. Because he’s 4? Some people are shy by nature. It’s something you can work on as an adult, but not as a 4-year old.

    4. Because he’s tired, or bored, or shy by nature, or he doesn’t like crowds, or any number of things. Loads of people are just shy by nature or don’t like crowds.

      1. I can see the tired or bored possibility. But I have another idea. Keep in mind, I have never had kids so this is pure speculation on my part. Could part of the problem have been that Charlotte got flowers and he didn’t get anything? On another site, someone mentioned video where George tried to take Kate’s flowers and she held them away from him so he couldn’t get to them. He’s only four so not really old enough to understand that the flowers are kind of a “girl” thing.

        1. I think George would have liked flowers too. He’s four and it would have given him something to do.

          George is just more sensitive. My niece and nephew have the same personalities, my nephew is older and more observant and sensitive whereas my niece just plows in and isn’t phased as much by change.

          1. So very true, Rose. The people greeting them should have realized that and had an appropriate little gift for George, too.

        2. If she took flowers away from him because he’s a boy and therefore shouldn’t have them, that’s really pathetic and pisses me off…

        3. I read some people complaining exactly about this, that Charlotte got a gift (flowers) and George got nothing. I really feel for this little boy. He looks like he is not liking anything about this. I saw many people on DM, seeing George reactions, saying that William and Kate should have left the kiss at home. Like KMR said we don’t know the real reason for W and K take the children on this tour but for poor George it is looking like a torture (IMO) and the kids not even have a children party like in Canada.

          1. Maybe they should have given both kids a balloon- that would not be sexist and kept them both happy. What kid doesn’t like a balloon?

        4. I’m sure this will be unpopular but no guys get flowers so either do away with all flowers (I’d be on board on that) or you teach your kids that sometimes one will get something while another doesn’t. Like teaching kids about bday parties and gifts. One of my friends would have to buy their kid a gift before they went to a party?!? Uh no, that’s crazy.
          You don’t always get something and they’ve already been given gifts from the tour.
          Not everyone gets a ribbon, trophy award, gift or in this case flowers

          1. Agree with the sentiment, but I don’t think this is the time for the lesson. Too young, too much pressure, too many spotlights. Also disagree, some guys get flowers and enjoy it. And regarding the above comment about balloons, my kid doesn’t love receiving them! His step-dad has a severe latex allergy that puts him into anaphylactic shock. It sucks!

          2. I’m referring to Royal men. I’ve never seen flowers given to them, only women.
            And it’s never too young to teach certain life lessons.
            They don’t have to say life’s not fair -you get the kingdom and your sister gets flowers. There’s away to do even at that age and it honestly looks like he doesn’t care

          3. George is barely four. There is no way he understands that yet. You don’t give one child something and ignore the other.
            But the kids going were last minute so perhaps they didn’t have time to find something for George.

          4. I’m with you, Sarah. Since his father did not receive any flowers but his mother he can figure it out flowers goes to girls. A 4 year old is little but not moron. Also he could ask about it later so I don’t think he suffers from neglecting. And I don’t think this is the first time when Charlotte get flowers but George not. Overprotecting a child is a worse thing.

          5. Again the comments on here are so nitpicky. George isn’t always going to get everything he wants. So what that Charlotte got flowers and he didn’t and there’s nothing wrong with Kate keeping her flowers. My God. This boy will be the future King of the UK, people will be throwing things at him for the rest of his life.

          6. Anyone who has dealt with a four year should know that logic and reason don’t always work and so if you don’t want fits sometimes being fair to both siblings works best. I don’t think anyone is saying Kate is to blame for George not getting flowers, but the organizers forgot they were dealing with kids, so maybe giving them each a balloon or something might have made George less fidgety. Plus it is sexist to just give women flowers and not men. There is no reason a four year boy wouldn’t want flowers too. We should be challenging traditional stereotypes of masculinity. Not reinforcing gender stereotypes.

      2. I love that George is not about that life… it gives me life, lol. Yeah he seems shy and a little bit overwhelmed… and Charlotte is just beyond darline, you can tell she gets it, so sweet!! They both stole the show.. and as for Kate and William..Zzzzzzzz it’s the same really just insert different country name. Ps am not so sure that’s all together a bad thing though… anyway thank God for those kiddies.. otherwise zzzzzz

      3. +1

        Wonder why it is a question basically. He is shy. This is not a sin. And not his parents “fault”. I don’t understand people criticizing a little child’s nature.

    5. Probably a combo of shy + tired (just woke up?) + not understanding who these people are + nervous because of the cameras + being encouraged to say hello to/shake a stranger’s hand + jealous of sister Charlotte because she got a bit more attention? **shrugs shoulders** Just a hunch that it could be all of these or it could be nothing at all.

      Either way, I feel bad for the little guy.

      1. I agree with all of the speculations about George: being tired, being shy, perhaps just having woken up from a nap. He may also pick up on any anxiety that his parents feel. I know my son does, and he’s just about 2 weeks younger than George. I have encouraged my son to say hello and shake hands with people he sees on a regular basis (i.e. the farmer’s market), and even after a year of knowing and talking to these people, he is still shy sometimes.

    6. Different personalities, but as this is the life they have chosen, they need to ensure the children are appropriately exposed to crowds and dignitaries – perhaps in the UK when they are not jetlagged, at more low key activities. George might be at the age where he has dropped a nap, but not past the age of needing one!

      1. Yes, Lisa. I do not understand why Kate and William shield their children from press cameras, rarely granting any photo ops at all; yet the few PR appearances they choose are in extraordinarily intimidating circumstances with long lines of dignitaries and curtsies and the expectation for the children to perform for the adults’ pleasure. I wish they’d plan more photo ops with the children doing fun, childish things–playing, petting a dog, climbing a tree, running on a beach. Charlotte probably did not like it all that much either–she’s just very young and seems to have a more easygoing nature–right now, anyway.

    7. It seems pretty common in my experience for 4 year olds to be much shyer and self-conscious than 2 year olds. Around 3.5 to 4 is typically where they start showing more signs of embarrassment and such.

  1. Love the curtesy and love the snuggle hugs, even for kids wearing face paint! I frowned at the red dress and I’m usually a minimum of neutral at her outfits. Those squiggly wedge straps must be in style. When she wore them to the oceans gig I thought she looked like she’d just walked off the beach with sea weed (or trash!)wrapped around her ankles. Yeah, I’m not usually negative but that red dress. Woah. She appears confident at least.

  2. I think both Catherine and William look like they are enjoying themselves and are completely engaged with one another. Catherine looks happy and more comfortable then we have seen in the past. I find it refreshing that she was laughing and hugging the children. As for her clothing I have absolutely loved everything so far.
    Charlottes with her little bouquet of flowers is over the top cute.

    1. I was actually picturing a Hawaiian luau when I saw the dress. Pretty (and the color looks good on Kate) but doesn’t seem quite appropriate for the occassion.

      1. I like the color of the dress, but I just can’t get behind the style. I could make old country music references all day about it!

    2. All I could think about was the Little House on the Prairie look from the 70’s. I am dating myself but I hated it then and I really hate it now.

    3. I was actually thinking Farrah Fawcett on a Charlie’s Angel’s episode, where she goes undercover and has to dye her hair brown.

    4. LOL

      “Left that red dress in the 70s for a reason”


      I wore something very similar to a school dance in the 1970s too, no worries cos I left it there!

  3. The kids are so cute. I feel sorry for George who seems anxious and shy. Why bring them if they won’t enjoy it and will be afraid or nervous? When they have no experience with this kind of thing, really? They’re hidden away! (I know. PR and attention. Poor George. I get why Charlotte is the favorite, not just being the girl; she’s not shy. I still say George is a mini-Charles in personality. William probably hates that.)

    Kate looks decent in everything but that awful red thing. Far too informal for a garden party for HM as representatives of HM. Reminds me of a long fancy beach cover-up. It’s nice to see Kate not so cold and stiff, but warmer and more open; I wonder what has changed other than being entertained constantly on tour. William seems his usual surly self.

    1. Poor George, I feel for the little guy. He seems an alert, sensitive sort, and looks shy, and he’s been thrown into the deep end. Charlotte seems more social and laid back, typical of a second born, and probably is ‘well-taken care of”.

      1. Something tells me he’s a sensitive soul, like his Grandpa Charlie.

        Charlotte is absolutely precious with that small bouquet!

    2. Bring him because it’s tough to be away from parents/children for so long at that age. And I think the quick tarmac visits are probably good exposure for the kids. No expectation to stay and visit for a while. But I also would love to see them do more kid-stuff with the public in England.

      1. They left him at home at 8 months old to go on holiday. They’ve left he kids before – William for Charlotte’s first Easter, remember?

        They should have left the kids at home without disturbing their routine, it messes up little ones a lot. I recall Charles and Diana not bringing their kids on subsequent tours since it was so hard on little William.

        1. Leaving the kids at home sometimes doesn’t justify doing it every time. As a parent I try to minimize these times. These kids might have a harder time being away from their parents, we don’t know. Perhaps they like to use the quick tarmac meet and greets as practice for bigger events?

          1. They wouldn’t have been accused of keeping their children at home all the time, if they had left them at home this one time. Canada is one thing, but a flight that is 2 hours away from their home doesn’t make any sense. They should be exposing their children to public duties in England. Instead it appears as if they use them to either get a pass or as props and that isn’t good for anyone.

          2. The children being used as props is blatant PR. There is no need for them to be on these tours at all. They are too young for anything resembling ‘duty’. There is ample care at home, with nanny Maria and the Middleton grandparents, and the option of daily Skype calls for the few days their parents were away.

          3. Tarmacs are noisy, there’s a cacophony of sound. There are a ton of photographers and many looming strangers. From quiet countryside to this? That’s called throwing them into the deep end.

            Meanwhile, small country fairs or little garden openings would be a good start to acclimatise them, and keep it fun. But nooooo. It would also mean the parents would have to actually work at guiding and wrangling their kids sans nanny. In public.

      1. What changed?

        umm, she’s seen Leti and she is as a Queen? Or Kate’s met Meghan and realised it’s time to pull her socks up?

        Who knows?

      2. Trying to +1 @Maven above. I don’t think we usually agree so I wanted to make an extra effort here. Fair point on tarmacs being noisy and not super comfortable. I was just thinking of how quick they are. I agree that it would be nice to see the kids out and about more, fairs, gardens, playgrounds- yes. Disagree that they avoid it because they don’t want to have to wrangle the kids though, we don’t know what their reasons are.

    3. It seems like she is much more warm and open on engagements outside of England. Maybe she feels more pressure at home? I don’t think after 6 years that is a good excuse, but it might be the case.

  4. It’s not just about George and Charlotte but does anyone know what Royal children are up to during these tours. Sure we’ve seen them at engagements with their parents but otherwise? Just waiting at hotel/embassies for their parents to come back with their nannies or are there any playdates or other things to do? Especially during a longer it seems a lot of travelling for little things to do and fun.

    I really like the blue outfit. Blue is in general a colour which suits many people well. Also like red on her but this dress… not my fav.
    Followed the news a bit here, but most headlines where about George, Charlotte, outfits, W+K in love and working hard, so it is often the question what the point of royal tours is and what stays at the end. Sure, it can be done well.. representing the country and monarchy, promoting brands, help exchange in economy, science and so on but often it also seems like nice holidays.. an expensive one.

    1. Well, on German TV tgey said that they were playdates with children/relatives of the ambassador while George and Charlotte were staying at the British embassy.
      And in Canada they went to some kind of zoo or playground with the nanny.

    2. This is in no way a holiday; soft and cross-cultural diplomacy is work and very important. As for the kids I hope Nanny Maria has found fun activities for them at the hotel or at a nearby park. It looks like the media has done a good job respecting their privacy so even if they do venture out you won’t see the photos.

      1. A rowing competition? Parties? Let’s walk through a square! That’s a holiday.

        One charity visit. ONE. Yeah, that’s work, alright.

        Charles and Camilla would have done far, far better at this. Harry would have. Their tours have more substance and interest to them than this; this is all about entertaining William and Kate, who judging by the comments they’ve made in conversations with Holocaust survivors seem pretty ignorant still.

        I mean, for them, this has substance, but it’s still all about amusing them, for the most part. Other tours have done very well for soft diplomacy. I don’t see that with W&K.

        1. I do enjoy following Clarence House on twitter. I knew Charles and Camilla worked much but didn’t know what engagements they do during a week as media rather focuses on outfits so it really gave me an idea how work done by Royals should look like. It’s not about media, crowds, new outfits but about caring, helping, bringing attention to charities, good causes, places… and I feel like the tour is lacking this.

          And I even agree that this kind of diplomacy is important but it has to be done right. At the end of the day it shouldn’t be about fun (nothing wrong with having fun too), seeing nice places and getting some flowers. Look at other Royals, who do they take with, what do they talk about in speeches, who do they meet. It’s ofc not all bad,but it could be a lot better imo.

        2. @Ellie

          I’m not going to get into this with you. I think it’s fine (I also love you how ignore the Concentration camp and memorial visit) and no Prince Harry wouldn’t have done much more than what they are doing. His Caribbean tour was very similar to this one. Anyway my opinion remains the same; this is not a holiday.

          1. +1 Jessica. I think it’s appropriate for different royals to do different things. And yeah, @ellie conveniently forgot a lot of serious parts of this trip. Also, I for one would never do so many things in one day while on vacation! Their day one schedule sounded awful to me, even if some events were fun.

          2. The threw in two visits regarding the Holocaust and all of a sudden this is a tour with substance?? I can’t believe that they wouldn’t have seen a concentration camp before this year, but it’s the Cambridge’s so they only go if they are forced.
            So the two Holocaust events were precisely for what? To remind those who don’t necessarily remember in England? They seem to be one-offs so they don’t appear to be the holitours that they always do. Let me give you an example of a day on tour w/my grandparents when we lived overseas…Go to Dachau, have McDonalds for lunch because my grandfather want’s German McDonald fries. Go to Salzburg and need to change hotels. Ask front desk a good place to eat and they tell us that there is a restaurant up near the castle that is a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Eat there and then I tell my grandfather to get a head start and to always go right. He goes left and we lose him. My grandmother goes crazy because she’s 80 and we lost my grandfather in Salzburg. Talk to the front desk and they dispatch their son to take me to look for him. As we are discussing this we get a call saying that they found a little old American man in a bar. The bar is called Bud’s American Bar. My grandfather’s “name” is Bud. He makes 30 friends who all yell good-bye Bud when he leaves.
            Did you all forget what we did initially? Of course because we were on holiday.

          3. @Springs Tour

            Again these tours are created jointly by Kensington Palace and German authorities; stop making it seem like Will and Kate created this schedule on Trip Advisor. There’s nothing lacking in substance about visiting a traditional German market and the rowing competition between twinned cities, Heidelberg and Cambridge. Again soft and cultural diplomacy is usually considered the better aspect of their job so there’s nothing wrong with them having a good time; that’s kind of the entire point.

          4. They couldn’t even be bothered to hand write a message at the first concentration camp and at the second visit she tells a survivor it must feel good to talk about his experiences… in a concentration camp. Great job Dr Kate psychologist!

            There was very little serious about this trip and nothing that will have an impact on Brexit. Angela Merkel will not fondly reflect back to when Will and Kate rowed a boat and then decide to give in to U.K. demands during negotiations. Even if the UK government set this up, they are delusional in perpetuating the myth that these two have any effect on politics.

        3. I was gonna say. I was just in Berlin 3 weeks ago and saw all the EXACT SAME sights they did and then some. Unlike them, I doubt I’ll have the chance to go again so I hauled a$$ while I was there to make sure I saw everything I wanted to. This isn’t work. It’s a holiday.

          1. You met with the Federal President and attended a function at the ambassador’s residence? How lucky! The stem cell research lab must also have been fascinating. I bet you got to do it all without having your every move scrutinized, photographed, and picked apart. That sounds like a holiday to me, NOT being surrounded by iphones snapping pictures everywhere you look.

          2. @Rose are you seriously attack someone AGAIN because they say something that you don’t like about Kate. So transparent that I have to wonder if you aren’t Carol or maybe the Russians.

          3. Visiting a concentration camp is not work but a privilege and Kate’s dumb response to the survivor at the second visit shows just how little she comprehends the magnitude of what they lived through.
            Dr Kate queen of Heads Together may think she is an expert in psychiatric issues, because all you need are parents to raise you properly and to talk about issues, but the reality is that she and her husband are two of the most maladjusted and immature 35 year old adults on the planet. They have extreme privilege and have no idea how the regular folk function, with things like working daily for at least eight hours, caring for their kids themselves, having to pay bills, not having security guards, having to use transit and not choppers.

          4. With all due respect, springsmom, I believe the poster disagreed what the person said, and did not attack the poster personally.

            Are we not allowed to disagree? She’s actually right; I imagine miss k did not do those things.

            Critical thinking only goes one way here?

          5. @bluhare the problem was the poster’s tone, very sarcastic & condescending. Not appropriate in this community, created by KMR.

        1. I am sure Angela Merkel is going to think about Will and Kate when she negotiates Brexit with the UK…. um no. This is a waste of time. And what are Will and Kate going to do with the stem cell research visit or concentration camp visits? Are they going to start initiatives to increase stem cell research or anti fascist programs? No they won’t.

          Just like their visit to the indigenous peoples in BC turned into sweet eff all in terms of doing anything for them following their tour to Canada. It was a waste, just like this visit.

          These events were set up to have them nod and look concerned as with all the other tours, nothing comes from them. Kate gets a new wardrobe though. So it works out for her.

          1. This won’t have any affect with Brexit policy but that’s not the intent. It’s just to facilitate good nature between UK and other European nations; I appreciate that the Head of State is separated from Head of Government so the PM doesn’t have to waste time doing this. That’s why the positions should always be separate.

            This isn’t directed at you but a lot of people don’t seem to understand that cultural diplomacy can be mostly fun so here’s a link to the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy.


            Cultural Diplomacy (or “Diplomacy between Cultures”) has existed as a practice for centuries. No longer relegated to the periphery of the international relations discipline, cultural diplomacy today is a vibrant and innovative academic field of research and has successfully established itself as a stand-alone theory and practice.

            Whilst the term “cultural diplomacy” has only recently been established, evidence of its practice can be seen throughout history and has existed for centuries. Explorers, travelers, traders, teachers and artists can be all considered living examples of “informal ambassadors” or early “cultural diplomats” (for example, the establishment of regular trade routes enables a frequent exchange of information and cultural gifts between traders and government representatives).

            Such deliberate efforts of cultural exchange can be identified as early examples of cultural diplomacy. Indeed, any person who interacts with different cultures, (currently or in the past), facilitates a form of cultural exchange, which can take place in fields such as art, sports, literature, music, science, business & economy and beyond.

            Through the interaction of peoples, the exchange of language, religion, ideas, arts and societal structures have consistently improved relations between divergent groups.

          2. @springs mom- what I said pales in comparison to the way people attack Kate in these comments, and I don’t see you calli g out those folks, but you jump to respond to mine. I didn’t break the comments rules. Please don’t just respond to tell me I’m attacking someone, tell me how you disagree and why.

          3. I bet the Cambs have no idea what stem cell research is. I raised an eyebrow at the news from KP that they had an extended talk with Merkel. I’m sure it was about the kids.

            Willy doesn’t even read his briefs. They are ignoramuses and won’t put in the effort. I guess the countries needed a fluffy photo op and they picked the perfect people for it.

          4. They absolutely have a say in what they want to tour. They did it in India (with lots of ‘private time’, like at the monastery) and they did it in Canada. Their tours are puffy and fluffy to entertain them, and they give nothing back except their photos, sometimes in a frame.

      2. ” Upon welcoming Kate to Germany, Merkel asked Kate if she spoke any German, to which Kate replied: “No, no. Sorry.”

        That is some first-class diplomacy.

        1. I wouldn’t expect Catherine to know any German. I’m not sure why Ms Merkel even asked; I guess she didn’t want to assume she didn’t know any.

          1. Most people take the trouble to learn a few “salutations” for a country they are visiting – ie Hello and Goodbye and Thank You, Beautiful, and most importantly “do you speak English” in the language of that country . . . I’m in my late 50’s and I find it has helped . . .

        2. It’s poor form and speaks to disinterest and the ‘being taken cared of’ mentality that W+K insist is their due, absolving them from any real prep. Everything is on their terms… but they bring absolutely nothing to the table.

          Surely it’s simply polite and diplomatic to learn at least a few phrases of the language of the country you are visiting for work? But if they’re too lazy to learn anything, well, that says to me that they don’t see their tour as a diplomatic mission at all. And let’s face it, it’s not. These tours rack up numbers for the royals and provide media coverage, making them appear relevant, visible and therefore worth maintaining by the UK taxpayer. Nothing tangible is ever cited from coming from these visits, and certainly not tourism. It’s nothing but royal self-aggrandisement with the financial burden being transferred to foreign countries.

    3. What engagements have the kids been on? We see them get on and off planes, although yeah, I can see that being counted in the CC for them as well as their parents.

      Meanwhile, their parents have been passively enjoying a holiday with platinum* entertainment and adoring/curious tourists. All at the countries’ expense. And they get oodles of gifts!

      *TY Herazeus

      1. I do remember Estelle joining her parents and the Danish Royal children being with at engagements in Greenland – like said it wasn’t just a question on George and Charlotte. I was just curious and wanted to know if someone had more information on that topic.

        1. When the Danish kids did their tour of Greenland they were older and stayed with their parents for all the engagements. It was mostly visiting with the locals, I remember Prince Christian doing a race with kids and the whole family singing a local song with school kids. There was also a group lunch; you should YouTube that tour, it was lovely. When Charlotte and George are 4 and 6 they could start doing mini tours that isn’t overwhelming.

  5. I find George utterly adorable…..he exudes a whole gamut of emotions. I hope to God that the RF don’t groom that out of him.

    I would have loved the McQueen without the ruffle. The Catherine Walker with lace dress……yawn. When is she going to wear a repeat, our recycling Queen?

    Every day she has pulled a themed outfit one way or another. Talk about taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. No subtlety or panache has she? A small but genuine concept that Diana tried to incorporate in her dress is now a major style of dress for Kate. Anyway I’m sure when this tour has finished all these ‘nods to host outfits’ can join Canada * 2, Nepal, India & Paris in the never to be worn again wardrobe.

    BTW five engagements in June and two were Wimbledon. I don’t think her engagement totals are going to be much to shout home about come the end of the year.

    1. So much for another year of them eager to fill their dairies with engagements =) don’t they disappear in Aug? Then they’ll have to acclimate to being in London…

      1. Regarding the low enfagement numbers, you need to revisit Harry’s terrible Newsweek interview.

        There is a passage in which he compliments the Queen whilst also saying in plain black and white that when William is King, they won’t ge doing anything of the sort.

        That passage speaks to why their engagement numbers are low no matter how old, sick and tired the older family members who could use a slowing down of tgeir schedule.

        It is a strategy. A deliberate one.

        By the time we get to William’s turn, the low numbers, if they are still doing any engagements, will be the norm.

        1. Then I do hope they aren’t expecting anything like the amount of taxpayers money they get now. No work no pay. Just like in the real world.

        2. “Regarding the low enfagement numbers, you need to revisit Harry’s terrible Newsweek interview.
          There is a passage in which he compliments the Queen whilst also saying in plain black and white that when William is King, they won’t ge doing anything of the sort.

          That passage speaks to why their engagement numbers are low no matter how old, sick and tired the older family members who could use a slowing down of their schedule.

          It is a strategy. A deliberate one.”

          I have been living in England for close to two decades now and as the years pass more and more people are moving to the republican side. People are less forgiving regarding the large sums of money that go to this family. I would be surprised if the Monarchy is able to turn this around. Yes you see large crowds in other locations but for events in the UK not that many people turn up anymore and no one is deferent to them. Kate has been asked some very awkward questions buy people who have been forced to attend events. A few events where Harry turned up you could see huge gaps in the people. I laugh now at the barricades put up because it is overkill.

          I for one would love to see the money go to people who need it. Plus I do not see why I have to pay the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace twice. In the sovereign grant provisions are made for the upkeep. So why did they not? Plus we are the tax payers are not allowed to see the full accounting. Lets not forget that Buckingham Palace, Kennington and others are open to the paying public. Where does that money go?

          Oh and whilst we are at it. Why fund a family that will open Buckingham Palace for children’s parties if they are rich enough to pay. We are not fooled that Andy paid for it. We are talking about a man who is known to sell his soul and the royal family time and time again to shady governments, convicted criminals etc.

          Sorry I will get of my pet peeve.

        3. You know I can’t see Meghan being too happy at sitting on her arse shopping for clothes, colouring in and making chutney. They really need to relook at this in The Way Ahead group because they are taking the shortest route to a Republic with this muddled thinking.

          1. I’m convinced they’ll get away with it. They’re already setting the groundwork, hence the giant PR machine. They want sugars and cultists to worship at the altar of their royal celebrity, not citizens. How does one stop a PR juggernaut?

          2. Maven, it depends on how long people will buy the monarchy ruse. What will stop a PR juggernaut is a less apathetic and critical citizenry demanding accountability plus media refusing to print PR rubbish as news. Personally, I’d delete royal reporting as a job since it’s mainly rubbish.

            I suspect life people in the UK will sooner rather than later put a line under it all after Charles. It’s unsustainable luxury given to one family with very limited abilities out of the pockets of people who deserve more. It’s an obscene use of public money.The UK can surely have a HoS (appointed or elected eg Ireland) without the extreme expense attached.

    2. The real Queen, not the non-recycler, often incorporated a subtle nod to the countries she visited, too. Maybe an embroidery flower on her dress. Never was it hit-you-over-the head literal.

  6. I love the cornflower blue, although I think the coat and hairstyle look a little dated, she has been mixing it up better of late. The red dress is not to my taste, but she looks happy and well, which is good. The children are doing well, it can be overwhelming for little ones. Another stripey top and skinnies for the boating!

  7. Has this tour even had huge coverage? I feel like this tour won’t doing anything for Brexit in my opinion.

    1. Well, in my German newspaper they had a whole page with a big photo of Kate, 3 (!) Of george and 1 of charlotte smelling her flowers. And tge converage here is enormous, special TV programms about tge royals replacing other things etc.
      The ARD, one of the biggest TV channels, even briadcast today’s afternoon (boat race etc) live.

      1. Oh well then! But the point of this tour is about Brexit and charming the countries leaders. I don’t see that.

        1. Well, they definitely charmed the German people. I doubt that this will have an influence on our political leaders, but still 🙂
          The crowds that came to see them were also massive:
 (just 1 example, there were also so so many people at locations like Clärchens ballhaus where it was known they would not do a walkabout and meet people. Hundreds of people came to see them exit a car for a few seconds)

          1. Darling, for some reason the site won’t allow me to directly reply to you:
            There were so many people waiting in front of clärchens ballhaus ehich is not a popular tourist spot like the brandenburger tor where they also went. It is more of an ‘insider tip’ so they definitely were there for william and kate.
            This is just one example.

          2. There are often crowds of people to see movie actors at TIFF when Toronto otherwise is pretty chill with the actors who film movies there. A crowd often gathers a larger crowd and since these two have never been in Germany it was a curiosity more than anything. The second Canadian tour garnered far fewer people because the novelty was worn off. Same would happen here too.

  8. It’s hard for me to get excited about this tour. William and Kate manage to make the most exciting places boring.
    More of the same. Doesn’t kate have the blue coat in a different color? Same ol coat dress, same ol hair style same ol Kiki. I would like to know if the new jewelry Kate’s worn was her personal jewelry or bought for this trip, which I guess is still her jewelry…
    The two outfits she branched out on one had the madonna cone boobs of the 80s and the red had a 70s disco vibe. So maybe by the end of the tour we’ll have made it to 90/00 style?

    1. I don’t get excited about this tour either, Sarah. And one more time Kate doesn’t give one single speech, she only stands there smiling, touching her hair, and showing her outfits. A simple manequin like someone has said. And her mania of walking with her hands touching each other is really irritating. It looks like she is cleaning her nails.

    2. Honestly, tours just aren’t that exciting. Other than it was the first tour I covered, the Oz/NZ tour wasn’t any more exciting than this one, and excitement for that tour fell off a cliff by the time they left NZ and headed for Oz. Their NYC trip was not exciting. William solo to China was boring as hell. India wasn’t that exciting. Canada wasn’t the exciting. Harry solo to Nepal and the Caribbean was mostly boring. Even Charles and Camilla’s tours aren’t that exciting. Tours just aren’t that exciting.

      1. I think tours are exciting when they are interesting, or when you learn something. It helps when the royals in question are really happy to be there and really participating, versus being shown around which seems the thing for W&K&H, not interacting or giving my speeches or really…giving YOU much to write about except clothes and they went here, and there, and that, too.

      2. I actually weirdly like Charles and Camilla’s tours but I think Clarence House does one heck of job of promoting/tweeting them.

        1. I like C&C’s ‘hail fellow well met’ attitude. They muck right in showing curiosity and engaging others and just looking like every moment is enjoyable. Their social skills are to be envied. I bet it’s easy to talk to them, especially Camilla. They laugh a lot and they also really look like a team, on the same page, comfy with each other. That kind of good cheer is infectious. In their way, they bring something to the table and give something back. They are not there to be entertained. Oh, and I bet they read their briefs.

        1. I was just about to add that. They were so exciting in fact that all the UK TV broadcasters would do a one off tour special programme so we could see how popular they were abroad and what they’d been up to. (Well Diana really.)

          1. I find Charles and Camillas tours interesting even if they don’t get much coverage. Camilla with the female guards on the Middle East tour was really memorable, but I also remember plenty of moments from their other ones…like Australia. With Kate and Will, I just remember them at Ayers Rock and carrying George off planes.

            I think Harry’s tour to Nepal was really great.

          2. All I remember of the tours is Kate’s clothes. And how poufy the tours were, and how passive they were, never contributing much of anything to the tour except a photo op. Plus, the endless tugging of forelocks.

  9. The highlight of this whole thing was Charlotte receiving the flowers. She is so freaking adorable.

    As for the red dress…looks like something I’d wear to a resort while I’m on vacation or strolling near a beach. It doesn’t fit with the event, and next to William it looks even more informal.

    This tour is so lackluster. It’s so…boring.

    1. WHOA I didn’t even notice she had on earrings (with the red dress) when I saw the pictures on Instagram. I only noticed them now with these HQ large pictures. It’s been said countless times but her hair is obscuring it, and it’s a shame because it looks so pretty.

      1. The earrings with the red dress were a huge waste because you can’t see them in her mop of hair. So dumb to do that. Wear the hair up or partly up to show off the earrings. She does this way too much.

      1. I just read it over on her blog and it made me LOL. Their early-marriage tours were exciting (i.e. Australia). They’re slowly progressing in blandness.

  10. Just wait til you get a look at the dress kate is wearing this evening, it’s a German designer but it is the most dreadful thing I’ve ever seen. I just can’t see any redeeming feature, be interested to see what others think!

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree. The cut and the colours, it just doesn’t look good. I don’t know why she would pick a dress like this, there have to be better designers here.

    2. Forget Kate’s ugly dress, did you see the guy’s silver shoes?!? Kate needs to hire him for her stylist!

    3. I really like it, actually. She hasn’t done too badly with the accessories, either. The clutch and belt work well without being matchy-matchy, the earrings and bracelet are almost okay, and the shoes would be better in black, but it’s one of her better efforts, I think. Still don’t like that midi length, though. Pattern, colors, and pleating look good on her.

      1. Like usual, the midi length is jarring because she raises her waist so high. Like usual, the proportions are off. She takes a harmonious ratio and makes it cock-eyed. From crumpet to frumpet. It certainly doesn’t make her legs look longer.

    4. The dress plus metal belt plus a pearl bracelet plus beige shoes. None of it goes together. I like the dress, though.

  11. I actually applaud the red dress, although I don’t personally like it. The “Mexican Fiesta” look with the strapless ruffle is being shoved down our throats here in the US form Saks to Wal-mart, ad nauseam! (Along with those ridiculous”cold shoulder” tops. And bags that look like they are made form Navajo saddle blankets. I have always wondered if there is some super secret world wide fad conference that dictates this? It has never ceased to amaze me how almost all the clothing manufacturers manage to get on the same “trends” at the exact same time. I’ll pass, personally but Kate is definitely “on-trend” with the red McQueen. Sadly, it reminds me of my Jr. Prom dress too much. Thanks for your diligent coverage, KMR. It is always a pleasure to read your blog. Be well everyone.

    1. Everything I know about fashion I learned from “The Devil Wears Prada” and the devil herself gives a monologue regarding how high fashion trickles down to the masses. I remember those print saddle bags from a few seasons ago where they almost looked good carried by the instamodels.

    2. You would be surprised but in many respects there are conventions that discuss what will be the next hot trend. For a company I worked for we use to attempt every year to attend the conference that decided on what colours would be the lasted on trend colours for the next couple of years. Once decided you would start seeing the on trend colours start popping up everywhere: fashion, paint. etc. So I am guessing that as there is one for colour why not for everything else.

    3. I had noticed this trend also Anastasia.
      It is not a trend I particularly like.

      Having said that, the dress did it’s ‘job’.
      Kate certainly stood out from the crowd.

  12. I can’t help but feel that Kate’s evening choices have been off this entire trip – almost like she didn’t get the memo on the dress code. The night of the cone boob dress – everyone seemed to be dressed more casually than she was. The night of the 70’s boho dress – everyone was way more dressed up than Kate. I even saw some ladies wearing hats.

      1. Yes, her evening fashion has been so blah lately. First the state visit with the pale pink with flared sleeves and this red flop. Her day wear has been slightly better but forgettable. However, I did feel sorry for the little boy, and I wonder what the purpose of the children’s visit – to humanize a rather cold couple? I don’t see that this trip will make any difference in what kind of Britexit will be finally negotiated. Anyway, George is so infrequently seen in public that a sudden trip like this could be overwhelming for a 4 year old with a much different personality than his sister.

  13. Interesting to read people’s comments as I have not been bored by this tour – Kate has tried new things fashion-wise and has seemed far more approachable and engaged with others. It’s a good mix of fun events like pretzel making and serious ones like meeting Holocaust survivors. I like the photos of Kate hugging those who came to greet them.

    I agree it does nothing to help Brexit.

    When I first saw the red dress I said oh no, as I was worried it would stand out as too casual, but it seems the party was somewhat casual in atmosphere. I think Kate seems confident this trip, something I have not seen often, and it’s really lovely.

    The red dress is so expensive though for something you could find at any store as maxi dresses are in.

    And, more Kiki…sigh. The blue dress is a good color, and she looks pretty, but it’s another coat dress to add to her collection.

  14. Charlotte is such a cutie; what a nice idea giving her a posy. I hope George, at a more self-conscious age isn’t being told to be more like his sister. If his parents approach their jobs as important work, he should soon pick up public behavior.

    You know my love of Catherine Walker, so I thought the coat was lovely, and thank goodness we didn’t see much of the lace dress. Please, Kate, ban the bun, and through away whatever nest it’s made of.

    What is the point of a dust ruffle? This dress would have looked better without it. I liked it, but then I lived through the 70s and liked the look then, too.

  15. I think Kate would do very well to try to learn another language. That used to be one of the hallmarks of royalty…they were cultured and committed to learning how to communicate with people from different places.
    I get that it is hard, especially as you get older, but for royals it used to be part of the job too. Will and Kate are not royals in that sense, though. Will can at least string together some French, but Kate is not so cosmopolitan.

    1. According to the children of Normandy (I think — somewhere in France with graves) Kate’s French is better than William’s or Harry’s. But that’s not saying much.

      1. Yeah, and many Europeans speak multiple languages, with the exception of France and GB. The trio just represent their country. It serves them literally no purpose to learn any other language because everyone they must converse with speaks English, or they’ll easily find a translater who speaks English. The Belgian royals needs French and Dutch (both is spoken in the country) and English, so they speak it, like most Belgian citizens… Kate will honestly gain nothing with learning French or German, cause every frenchman and ever German speaks English.

        1. No one is saying she has to be fluent, especially when her English is barely understandable, but as someone posted upthread, learning a few polite greetings and phrases is not out of the norm for any international traveler. Especially one representing her country on behalf of its monarch. It shows interest and respect for the host country, & a desire to expand intellectual horizons, which frankly we have not seen from her. She certainly cannot use the excuse of not having the time or resources to do so. And I personally don’t consider learning new things “gaining nothing”.

    2. Will could barely read a speech in French when he was in Canada. People who speak French would barely be able to understand him.
      Charles and the a Queen are fluent. Will is not even close. Hopefully Canada is out of the Commonwealth before we need to worry about a head of state who can’t speak the language of a quarter of its people.

  16. These are my thoughts on the visits being down to Brexit. Yes in many ways are they are but not the way we would think. In international law there are soft laws and hard laws. soft laws are not legally binding but non the less help within the legal system. Hard law is law that is actual legal instruments in law. These tours are equivalent to soft law…in theory that help people to focus on what should be done. In a round about way I am trying to say it is a charm offensive. It is to win the hearts and minds of our fellow EU countries so that during the negotiations respective governments will not be so harsh in their demands.

    Now will it be effective? That is another question. Who knows because it cannot be quantified. Every EU county is making their own demands. For example France is not even hiding the fact that they want to steal the London City business as it is quit the revenue generator, Spain want Gibraltar, Ireland wants an open border etc. We are not even discussing the ridiculous bill they want us to pay for years on end; last count was 100 billion. And we are not even allowed to see how this is figured. Whilst the EU is stopping what should be coming to the EU we are still expected to pay and support and adhere to.

    I am not convinced all the expense of sending the royals abroad for a tour is wise use of money but then I would not operate the way the Tories have. I am not even sure they have done their homework on the negotiations. At one meeting they showed up with no paperwork. Seriously who does that? When I undertook negotiations for my law degree we were taken through the entire process for major negotiations that take years and so far the UK has made every beginners mistakes. Maybe they are attempting to lull them into a sense that we are incompetent to then surprise them with their skills. But not sure that is the case.

    1. Part of me doesn’t think Brexit will even happen; the EU wants to punish Britain as they bring in so much money to the EU, and so they are acting like petulant children, and the Tories are not prepared and realize this is a total quagmire and a mess. Is it worth it? I don’t know. (My British relatives all voted out, for the most part.)

      I don’t understand why tours like this are supposed to somehow butter up the Germans. For what? They’re already friendly relations. Using Brexit as an excuse, I guess? I don’t get it, it would make more sense if they visited business organizations and stuff like C&C do on their tours to promote business ties between the UK and Germany or the UK and Poland rather than some tenuous meet with start-up folks.

      Sorry if that was too political KMR!

      1. Meeting with start-ups and charities reinforces the idea that Britain is good for the disadvantaged and youth of Europe, whether it’s part of EU or not. The boat race, hair, and pretty clothes are meant to show Britain as energetic and vital. These would be subtle cues to encourage friendly relations at the bargaining table.

        I have my doubts about how well it will work, but the Cambs are following gov’t instructions probably about as well as they can. Neither of them seem to be capable of much more than this, at any rate.

        1. I doubt whether the Cambridge’s will affect hard-nosed negotiators one iota; they just don’t resonate in real lives. They are merely an expensive distraction: the manufactured crowds complete with supplied British bunting and flags out of the air. Because, you know, Germans and Poles have such things immediately to hand… The UK would be better sending the best and brightest of UK achievers on such missions to promote entrepreneurial exchange.

          Since young people globally have been left high and dry by successive governments, they will need to be entrepreneurial in order to survive rather than be reliant on being an employee. Universities can no longer claim to be the one and only investment to better futures, and are changing their PR spiel to graduates needing to be entrepreneurs, thereby absolving their responsibility for the glut of graduates, poor standards, et al.

          1. Jen,

            I agree with you in respect of everything you said. I think there are several generations who will be left high and dry in this neoliberal globalised economic and political system. It is only there to protect the 1% elite at the expense of everyone else.

          2. I don’t buy this was a boost for Britain tour. It was a tour to boost the sagging Cambridges, who are facing increasing criticism by a public more inclined to question the monarchy. And that’s why they brought along their top public relations trump card, the kids.

        2. “The boat race, hair, and pretty clothes are meant to show Britain as energetic and vital. These would be subtle cues to encourage friendly relations at the bargaining table. ”

          This is creepy to me.

          The funny part is, Germany has great relations with the UK. So the point is? I don’t understand how the Cambs show Britain as energetic and vital. This reminds me of propaganda, that fair haired, vibrantly healthy, superior race we cannot speak of. (Just saying that was my first thought.) They have nothing to do with plebs, but I guess they do represent the master race to forelock tuggers.

          The reality is so different and I can’t believe that negotiators wouldn’t know the lay of the land. I really want to know what Willy and Kate discussed with young Polish entrepreneurs (sadly, you are right, Jen, that universities have failed young people). If the Cambs represent the UK, what did they have to offer? What did they say? We know nothing. Usually one hears something. What did they bring to the table?

          This is just more bread and circuses, IMO. It’s trying to revive something to distract from the awfulness of people’s lives and extremely tense times. In effect, all this trip has done is to make the British monarchy look important again thanks to a concerted effort from government allies. Still celebrating the queen’s birthday? Over and over again? I mean, really!

      2. Ellie,

        “Part of me doesn’t think Brexit will even happen; the EU wants to punish Britain as they bring in so much money to the EU, and so they are acting like petulant children, and the Tories are not prepared and realize this is a total quagmire and a mess. Is it worth it? I don’t know. (My British relatives all voted out, for the most part.)”

        I think that Brexit will happen but will it be “soft” or “hard”? My thoughts are hard because the working of the referendum was Do you want to remain or leave the EU? Thus, it did not leave room for any other option but hard. We have serious issues going on right now as it appears the entire government is in meltdown. It is Teresa’s fault for calling the snap election. I cannot believe i am saying this because I believe in full transparency especially when it comes to governments but this government needs to start having their squabbles in private and have a united front. Believe me the EU is using ever advantage and I think that when it comes down to it we will not have a deal because all 27 member states must agree to the deal. As we are not going to give up Gibraltar, as the people who live there want to remain under UK law, Spain will not sign off. The boarder on Ireland, I cannot see how it can be anything but a hard boarder which will affect a lot of business on both side of the boarder.

        Might I also suggest that the EU is not as fantastic as one would believe. They are corrupt, hemerage money, and are not as legally progressive as one would think. If we look at UN member states there are 193 and further look at UK Commonwealth countries which have 52 member countries. Both are larger markets than the EU. There is no reason why we could not rebuild those links. Lets face it within the Commonwealth there are quit a few up and coming and resource wealth rich. it is the arrogance of the EU to the think they are the “end all be all”. I would personally ship the Queen and Charles out to get relationships even stronger with the Commonwealth countries and start making treaties with them again. The EU has stated we cannot but lets face it when you get a divorce and are separated each start dating.

        Overall there are a lot of the population who want a hard Brexit the difference is they are not as vocal as a small minority in the remain camp. I know a few people who voted remain who now believe in leaving. How much it will affect the UK after we fully leave will be difficult to say. There will defiantly be winners and losers on both sides.

        (Sorry for not talking about Kate’s looks. )

        1. The problem with expecting the commonwealth countries to step in to help the U.K. would be why? The UK is a very small market with the EU and for instance Canada is working to make sure they have a deal with the EU whether or not the U.K. is a part of it. Historical ties only gets you so far and if it isn’t monetarily sound to deal with the UK on its own, then that leaves the UK at a huge disadvantage when it comes to negotiating trade deals.

        2. I agree with all of what you said re: the EU. I think it is a mess and will eventually fall apart. In the long run I think leaving will be good for Britain, but the government is not doing well in negotiating; because it seems to me the only option is a hard Brexit, that’s what leaving is, isn’t it, so any other option seems a bit pie-in-the-sky. I don’t think anyone believed it would pass, nor that they would truly pursue it; it was, afterall, only a referendum. They have no real plan because they were caught with their trousers around their ankles! And it must be a nightmare to disentangle yourself from such a mess; the EU has become far more than it was intended in the beginning, not evolving but eating things up. The basic idea is very good but with time and corruption (because let’s face it, all politicians are corrupt as heck!) it has become a mess. But is it worth it for Britain to leave the mess, and try to get out of it with their own mess, or stick around? Who knows…

          1. Sorry KMR about the politics talk.
            UK was looking a lot stronger at negotiating before the snap election. It was a risky gamble that backfired and made May a lot weaker. The EU will use her low governmental support to push for a soft Brexit I think.

        3. There have already been trade discussions established between the UK and Australia re. Brexit. Please don’t send royalty over here; they cost too much plus the time of forelock-tugging has long passed in this part of the world. They are quaint curiosities, yes, with a few mainly elderly ardent monarchists, but that’s about it. From Nic919’s comments, Canada is in a similar position. A recent (oddly monarchist) PM here lost his job because he gave a knighthood to Phillip – an act that disgusted Australians as subservient forelock-tugging and considered almost treasonous and anti-Australian.

          The thing is, when the UK dumped Commonwealth countries to join the Common Market back in the day, it left those countries having to forge other economic relationships. Our economies and population now reflect a truly multi-cultural mix. We have forged our own identity distinct from Britain. We are a Pacific nation with close Asian ties rather than an outpost of Britain. Unless we have UK grandparents/parents, we have no right to work in the UK; we are aliens. Connections cut. Brits may well be devastated when the Queen dies, whereas we, at the other end of the world, will be sad out of respect. Also, our papers are not full of royals on a daily basis like they are for Brits; they are generally filler articles in the entertainment sections.

  17. I may be in the minority here, but I loved the red dress. Although I don’t like those ruffles at the end. It was a nice departure, and it was nice to see her wearing an off shoulder dress. I thought the blue coat/dress was meh. I said this in the previous post also, but Kate seems so much more engaged than Will. I’ve seen some videos, and she seems to be the one in control, with her hand on his back and the one who is talking more. I’m also glad she gave all those children hugs. Hopefully this will continue, and won’t be a one of thing. Because I’m liking this new, relatively improved Kate. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yes, me too, I think she’s a lot more open and it’s good to see. William is his usual angry, surly self who seems to look at everyone with the “how dare you peasants” expression.

      1. Kate is having fun. Almost nothing is asked of her except to show up on Willy’s arm (her fave position). She just looks more open (like with Ben Ainslie). That’s my theory.

        1. +1 Maven. She was not so happy at the state dinner for Felipe & Letizia when she knew the spotlight would not be all on her (hence the low cut designed for attention dress) & she had competition from (a) much more beautiful, appropriate, regal woma(e)n (I include HM & Camilla in with Leti, but KM, and most of the rest of the world, are too shallow to do so). And she had the fun rowing activity to look forward to.

          1. And Willy was in a land far, far away from her at the other end of the table. And she was hidden behind pineapples and massive flower arrangements/candelabra. And she had only one person beside her to speak to, one she couldn’t escape by moving on- the onus was totally on her. Trapped! LOL

  18. This just seems like a bizarre tour to take the kids on. There’s so much flying in a short amount of time that it would make me cranky, much less a 4 year old. Plus all the holocaust stuff makes it a strange choice for children, especially when you consider that they don’t take them to things back home that would make sense for them to come to (wasn’t there a playground or something Kate opened recently?).

    I’m inclined to think this was a choice by the British government to get a little goodwill with Brexit going on. It seems like it would be a hassle for Kate and William to have the kids and we know they don’t mind being separated based on past behavior and don’t like their children being seen. Of course, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first utterly bizarre decision this couple has made.

    Love the blue outfit on Kate, btw. The red dress looks like something from the 70s to me. I really like the hair choices she made with both outfits, though. And Charlotte with the flowers? OMG, I can’t even. It’s too adorable.

    I feel bad for George. Flights are boring, and travel is straining, especially on kids. I don’t know why they don’t start out slowly with him. Take him to a half hour or hour long engagement playing with kids at a charity or something before throwing him into a multi-day, multi-plane trip, multi-night-in-a-bed-that’s-not-his-own trip. Kids thrive with the dependability of a structured life and this trip is a big wrench in all that, and it’s not like a vacation where he can be coddled and the atmosphere is relaxed.

    1. Richard Palmer raised the issue of Will and Kate visiting Poland while the government is going after their Supreme Court wanting to dismantle it. A picture of those two smiling with the president behind this initiative may also be viewed as tacit support of reducing democratic rights.
      The UK government wasn’t thinking very much when they sent them here.

        1. Tourist season so a lot of the crowds were probably visitors. I think this is why a lot of tours don’t take place during tourist season, it sounds like such a nightmare for everyone involved–the logistics must be even worse.

  19. On the whole Kate looks great. Not everyone is going to love every outfit. She also seems engaged and warm.

    1. Exactly! There will never be everyones approval on everything she wears …
      I think Kate looks engaged and more interested!
      Let’s give credit for trying…

      1. She will be trying forever because there will never be everyones approval. Actually that is her royal job. The sad thing is even is she knows this fact there will be always people who think she could be perfect fo everyone everywhere and everytime. My only problem about her and all princess’ who married a prince as a commoner that I think there is NO reason I would give up my life for a golden cage slavery as being a royal. But this is just me.

      2. Nope I won’t give credit to a grown adult 6 years into her “job”, who only now is putting in some effort. She chased this life for 10 years. They like to think that they are normal ppl, normal ppl would’ve b en fired from their jobs if they gqve WK’s performance.

        1. True. I wish people would stop infantalising Kate like she is some fragile flower. It’s her job to turn up prepared and professional, put others at ease, display interest and genuinely communicate. She – and other royals – are in service to the people, not the other way round.

          The bar shouldn’t be lowered but raised because of the public nature of the role and the enormous benefits accruing. As you said, she chased this man and his lifestyle for a decade. Granted, the BRF doesn’t want another Diana and are probably happy of the beige nature of the woman, but then, they are not the shelling out the millions, are they. They should be overseen in every respect by an independent body re. work, money, the lot.

  20. For me this whole day was a miss fashion-wise. While I like the blue coat, I think the sleeves are just a touch too short (even for 3/4 sleeves) on Kate and the length overall is a bit short as well. To me it give the effect of being ill-fitted in terms of the length- like it was meant for someone much shorter than Kate.
    I also really don’t like the red dress. It looks very, very casual to me, like a maxi you would throw on for a backyard BBQ.

  21. George is so adorable he reminds me my godson who is 4 too. Both of them live their shy period. Charlotte is a cute little lady I loved her little curtsy. I am glad Kate gained some fat. Over 30-35 years old a little fat is help to your wrinkles to smear. Lately Kate has been happy, engaged, touchy, comfortable, relaxed. She and also Will smile a lot. Kate posture is not ok but she improved and I can see she trying to pay attention to her own posture. That is not an easy thing unfortunately I can understand her situation.

  22. Eh, I’m not convinced what Charlotte is doing is actually a curtsy. There was nobody standing there, so who was Kate gesturing to?

    1. I agree; it wasn’t a curtsey. It looks like she was just bouncing around like a toddler or might have had to go to the bathroom. She still looks more comfortable than George.

    2. My thoughts, too. Why should Charlotte curtsy to Willam’s backside ? It seems more like Charlotte being playful and their PR team or the sugary press named it a curtsy.

    3. It didn’t look like a curtsey. She’s a lively, bouncy kiddie. She’s already being defined and stereotyped. All for the sake of the royal genius, I guess. She can’t just be a kid; she has to be one with magical powers (Okay, I know that’s a bit OTT, but really, she’s just a kid.)

      1. Oh for God’s sake. She’s barely two years old. Her mother prompted her and Charlotte gave the beste rendition of a curtsy that she could. A slight bob. Come on, it was cute! So is Charlotte. So is George.

  23. Question here: Kate was asked if she spoke any German. Of course, she couldn’t even be bothered to learn a few lovely phrases like we tourists do. Was Willy asked that, too? It’s not fair to spotlight her failings without spotlighting Willy’s, IMO.

    1. Will did use a tiny bit of German in his speech. That was better than “No, no. Sorry.” I would expect any person out on even a soft diplomatic trip to learn at least some basic bits of the host’s language.

  24. Lost amidst so many comments about why George is shy, whether, or not, a two year-old tyke really did curtsy, and Kate’s wardrobe choices, are the very touching remarks of Leon Schwarzbaum. I cried when I read them, KMR. Thank you for including them. I can only imagine what it must have been like to sit across from him and hear his words. Two visits dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust can’t help but have impacted the Duke and Duchess. It is my hope that they never forget what they saw and heard and that the world becomes a better place because we are all capapble of researching this horrible part of history, visiting museums and concentration camp sites ourselve and having our hearts touched, our minds educated and our lives enhanced by feelings of wanting to make the world better in any small ways that we can. Together, good and kind people are powerful.

    KMR, I believe you mentioned you had a new job. This blog is full-time in itself. Where do you find the time? When do you sleep? Wishing you success. Whatever you do in life you give it your all. Thanks for making time for us.

  25. KMR I know you’re busy but the Belgiums had their national day and the Royal Fam looked beautiful. If you could throw in a mention that would be cool, I like to discuss other royals.

    1. I hope so too. I love the Belgians and seeing the children. I have high hopes for Elizabeth (I’m still awed by speech in 3 languages).
      And Everyone looked good, especially Mathilde. Her dress reminded me of Maxima but it worked for me.

      1. I just noticed my embarrassing typo = *Belgians not Belgiums.

        What languages does Princess Elisabeth speak, English, French and German?

        1. And Dutch. Dutch, German and French are the official languages of Belgium. Add English, and that makes her speaking 4 languages.

  26. I have read this blog for several months now because it is informative, well written and KMR´s posts are critical but in a moderate way. So thank you KMR for your efforts.

    The comments-section however bothers me to no end. A huge part of the comments regarding the children and Willams and Kates parenting simply disgust me. To scrutinize the behaviour of two very young kids to badmouth their parents is NOT ok. We see only some random pictures and have simply no idea about the Cambridges family live. Maybe George and Charlotte simply miss their parents when both are away for days or weeks? My niece and nephew are five and three years old. Although they are taken very good care of by the whole family, they cry in the evenings when mommy is not there to take them to bed.
    George is four years old. At that age some children are shy, some are outgoing, some like to throw tantrums without a reason and so on. To say that he is neglected or treated badly by his parents is unfair and cruel.
    Another thing is to say that the tour is a simple holiday. Honestly, who would want a holiday like this? It´s work and it is stressful. Besides I do not think that it is their decision where and who they are going to visit. It is surely prescribed by Clarence House or other PR advisors.
    And lastly: I was in Heidelberg yesterday and I saw William and Kate personally. While William seems indeed a little bit reserved – but very polite and by no means unfriendly – Kate is a lovely, kind and polite person. She gives handshakes, talks to the people and is very pleasant. And she is really really beautiful in person. Much more than in the pictures.
    It is totally fine to critisize them for their amount of work. But to all the Americans: In Europe, at least in Germany where I come from, it is totally normal to drop out of work for a few years to raise your children.

    1. Thank you for this well thought out comment. I agree with all of what you have said here. Maybe it’s a simple as they would miss their little ones, or maybe the little ones miss them. It’s hard to know from a few still photos or video snippets what the true dynamics of a family are. Heck, it’s hard to know what happens in the home of your neighbors, for that matter. Focus on her engagements, her outfits, etc. but leave the parenting out of it.

      1. No one dissed their parenting. Some people wondered if George felt left out about the flowers. And then solutions were provided to a theoretical case. Others wondered if it was best to take the kids or not given George’s distress. It’s normal to wonder. All your alternate explanations are just as valid.

        Certainly no one dissed the kids and there was no more scrutiny than is usual for royals. Take a look the scrutiny surrounding other RFs not just the Brits. Everyone gets scrutinised because this is a gossip blog.

        People gave their reasons why they thought this was a holiday. It’s an opinion/critique, not an attack.

        I must be missing something here.

    2. Wow, that’s interesting that you were actually there. I hope you got some personal photos. Not surprised to hear that William was more reserved than Catherine; you could see it in the photos.

    3. “But to all the Americans: In Europe, at least in Germany where I come from, it is totally normal to drop out of work for a few years to raise your children.”

      That may be a thing in Germany, but definitely not in France, so I’m glad you amended your “in Europe” statement. But it has to be pointed out that they are not normal citizens – they are royals, representatives of their country and supported by British citizens. They shouldn’t be compared to us ‘normals’. They should be compared, though, to other royals, and by this metric, Will and Kate fail miserably.

      I agree with you about judging them based on a few photos and videos and generally think the comments are a too harsh on Will and Kate’s parenting.

    4. I thought that people dropping out of work, mostly women, was due to the low availability of places in kindergarten until school starts at 6. And that women, up to this day are still expected to take care of the children. Correct me if I’m wrong ?

      1. I am German and most women I know stop wirking after they have a baby, and start working again part time as soon as the child enters kindergarten or preschool. It is probably still more traditional here and I am happy for the families who can afford one parent to stay at home and raise the kid. (Although nothing is wrong with the child going to preschool or some sort of daycare either)
        It is not only due to a lack of daycare places, but simply because this has traditionally been the way is goes here.

        1. I think it is great if a mother takes care of her children by herself. Carole, for example, did it.I think she wanted to be at home most of the time.Plus, it must be hard for a stewardess to have children and work..I couln’t do it.

      2. Ellana, I don’t understand your comment concerning the fact that up to this day, women are still expected to take care of children. I’m a mom. I want to take care of my daughter. Nobody forces me to do so. The bond between a mother and her children is very strong . I am lucky because I can work part-time from home. My husband and I live without things that other couples who both work have. We do it, because that is what we want to do. I’m sorry, but it really bothers me when people say that a woman is “expected” to take care of her children. Again, I want to take care of mine and I am grateful I can. I know not every woman can or wants to do so full-time, but this is a very touchy subject for me. I am not coming down on you — just on this idea that so many people seem to champion. Nobody is “expecting me to do this.” I just do it!

        1. jenny : I meant it in the German context that Holly mentioned. I studied German and a bit of civilization/history and was a bit surprised by what she said.

          In classes and having been in Germany, when upon touching the subject of low-birth rate, I learned that German women nowadays preferred to have a career or wait longer before having children.
          With low availability of Kindergarten places (even if a law exists to reserve places), and school starting at 6, most women are expected to stop working to take care of the children.
          This stems from the “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” politics from the 30’s (M from Germany correct me please) and I expressed my surprise at Holly.

          It is vastly different from France, where child-friendly policies have existed since the 18th century and are working well. I was placed in a “garderie” when I was 6 months because my parents were working.

          Now, personally I don’t have children so I cannot say much. I agree that women being expected is a ridiculous notion. What bothers me the most is the father’s role, that is often forgotten.

          I come from a traditional family, where women are taking care of the house and the men being the head of the family. I have been fighting against these stereotypes as soon as I could understand why I was bothered by these ideas.
          To me, if I were to have children, it is because I desired it and that me and my partner were ready for it and not because it is expected (like my mother says) and would love for both us to bond with our children. I am glad that you can spend time with your daughter and bond with her. I wish nothing but the best to you and your family.

          1. Ellana: you are correct about “tge 3 Ks – Kinder Küche Kirche” (kids kitchen church) describing what most women’s ‘job’ was seen as. Not so much anymore and definitely not in the big cities, but in the suburban and rural areas where I live it is still a thing. But this is always the case – people from small towns tend to be more conservative and traditional than those who live in the big city. I’m sure this is the case not only in Germany but in many other countries as well?

          2. I was not criticizing you. I was saying that this idea that some people resent that women are expected to take care of their chlldren does not jive with me. Thanks for the explaation of the Greman situation, though.

            My husband and the husbands of my friends to their fair share of childcare, too. I think I am just constantly feeling (here in the States) that I have to justify my desire to stay home with my family. It really annoys me because every person should do what she feels is right for her and her children and I don’t care to have others negate what I do — which often happens when working (career-types) are horrified by my status as a stay-at-hone mom. Not saying you did that, btw.

            Thanks for your post and best to you, too.

          3. jenny : I am sorry that you have to justify your choice of being a stay-at-home mom. If you have the means to do so, then I think it is great. I am sure that lots of these criticizing women are jealous of you (except the career type, they just want a career).

          4. Thanks for your very warm comment, Ellana. I am sorry if my words prior to this came across in a possibly negative way. I was not saying that I thought this of you, just others who constantly dismiss stay at home moms here in U.S.

            Maybe, some are jealous, as you said. I don’t know. It is truly what I want to do, so I should just dismiss those comments and let them run off like water.
            A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a party and two women who knew me in my college and early career days actually said,” Geez, sorry you are stuck at home. You used to be someone, Jenny.” As if I am nobody now!

            I appreciate your kindness and send good thoughts and happy wishes to you. Make it a good day!

    5. I know people who have met William and Kate, and some who knew them (peripherally) at uni; I’m glad your experience with them was positive, because the stories I’ve heard were to the contrary! Kate does seem warmer than William who always seems very put out that he is on display, while I think she loves the attention.

      I don’t agree with the kids missing them considering they have gone off on holidays and William has ditched the whole family on occasion to go partying; thus the cynical attitude towards them, and their parenting. Nobody here doubts they love their children.

  27. This might have already been posted but here’s a pretty good write up on the Royal Tour planning process. It pretty much works the same when any Head of State or Government visits another country.

    “The UK government usually covers the cost of the international flights that the royal party and their team require in getting to and from the country they’re visiting, but the host nation covers the majority of costs. The theory goes that they have invited the royal party to visit, and the resulting publicity will showcase their country as a tourist destination and draw positive attention to causes and initiatives.

    This is why colorful, photogenic activities will always be favored, because the pictures will be more likely to be used in news outlets around the world. Case in point: Prince Harry racing against Usain Bolt on his Caribbean tour.”

        1. Yes, it is her and it’s not just a loss of weight in her face that has changed Kate. She has had some subtle and very good plastic surgery done. Her mother chose a damn good plasatic surgeon to make the transition that seemed to be what the going look for a Princess is. Kate’s face does not smack of a major nose job, or other cosmetic changes. Things were more naturally enhanced. But, it seems that enhanced, they were!

  28. Hi KMR. I hope all is well with you. I am a huge fan of your site and always look to it first for the most informative and up-to-date coverage. I was surprised that you have not finished your tour coverage yet as normally your posts are so speedy. So, I am just wishing you well and letting you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put into this blog.

      1. Isn’t he adorable? I want more pictures like this of a happy, sunny boy, not an anxious, somewhat sad little guy.

    1. I actually have a problem with Chris Jackson being in the pool that takes royal photographs.
      First Natasha is a crap stylist and I use that term loosely, she needs to be fired right after the hair stylist. So just complicates thing all around.
      I think they clearly started favoring him after their relationship.
      I know this is no different than all the other nepotism and those you know type situations but it just reeks of all kinds of wrong.
      Bright side tho is a decent pic

    2. I was shocked that they released a photo, seeing as how we’ve seen George several times this week!

      He is quite the handsome little fellow! I can’t wait until he starts losing some of his baby teeth, those little gap-toothed smiles are too precious!!

      Thanks for sharing Ellie!!

    3. I dislike it. There is no context and thus I find it alienating. He actually looks older here than in the recent pics, so surprising. My gosh, they do grow so quickly.

    4. That really is an adorable picture! So nice to see him happy & smiley and not overly stressed & anxious. Happy Birthday to George!!

      (thank you for the link)

  29. This will sound a bit mean, maybe, but I’m so happy Charlotte had a temper tantrum today! I’ve been getting sick of everyone acting like she’s a perfect child and only George has any behavioral issues (this is more an issue for reporting than anyone else). They’re both little, they’ll both act up, especially in stressful situations, which a tour certainly counts as!

      1. The full video shows Charlotte throwing a bit of a tantrum, then Kate scolding her, then Charlotte dropped to the ground.

      2. I think it’s more, Look, she behaves like a normal kid. They’re little ones who are in a new place, unfamiliar surroundings, it’s no wonder she had a meltdown, poor girl. It’s a lot on little kids.

        I feel bad the media goes with W&K’s talk of George being the bad one, Charlotte being the good one; they’re children, let them be children. Charlotte was probably tired, cranky, and Kate took away something so she wasn’t happy. She’s two. It sucks it’s filmed, though.

      3. Sorry if I didn’t express myself clearly. I didn’t mean I was happy she was upset, I was happy that it wasn’t just George. I feel bad for the way he is portrayed. Personally, I think they’re both little kids, and I don’t find them having some tantrums to be either unusual or problematic. I actually thought Kate handled it beautifully.

        1. I got your meaning and I agree. It’s not just George but also Kate and Will’s attitude towards George that are negatively remarked on so I also hope this helps people remember these are children. They will have meltdowns.

        2. You were quite clear, it’s just that there are some newer posters here looking to pick fights right now and misunderstand you. Long time readers of this blog site have commented on how Will and Kate seemed to portray George as the difficult child whereas Charlotte was the perfect little princess. It was quite normal for her to be tired on this trip her reactions just showed her to be a normal kid. Meanwhile George was the “good” one. Hopefully they can drop that narrative of George being difficult, or at least stop making public comments about him being difficult to the press. He’s just a kid too. Not a perfect kid but not the worst one.

          1. Eve, I thought you were very clear too. I did not misunderstand your intent.

            These children are so rarely seen – except on tours – when they are dragged off and onto planes for nothing, nothing. at. all. except to boost their parents’ popularity. The press, taking its cue from W+K’s trite, sexist narratives of ‘bad George, little lady Charlotte’, then whips up some stupid drama from the most mundane of moments. Of course both these children will have meltdowns, be tired etc. It points to the undeniable truth, as we have seen, that the children are far too young to be doing this kind of thing. It served no purpose but to distress, tire and disorient them.

      4. Both kids are toddlers, they are going to have temper tantrums tone point or another, it comes with that age… ALL parents can relate to that moment when your kid looses it at the worst moment. I found the whole thing relatedable and adorable.

    1. Funny, I didn’t think George had any behavioural issues at all, nor does Charlotte. Agreed that they are just being kids. I actually don’t think anyone here thought there were behavioural ‘issues’.

  30. My favorite part of the tour is that they visit both: the Holocaust site in Poland, and the memorial in Germany. Both nations, among others, carry huge scars from that war. Behind all the talk of victims of the Holocaust, the huge shame that Germans live with, and will live with for a long time, is not often mentioned. The German survivors and children and grandchildren need our compassion and attention, in addition to what we give to the Holocaust victims and survivors. Both must be remembered and included into the conversation, lest we forget how perfectly normal people can be turned into monsters through dire economic straights followed by brainwashing and abuse.

  31. If George is perennially called the difficult child and Charlotte a little darling, that hurts both kids.
    George gets a negative image. Charlotte, is expected to be good, no matter what and will try to placate others her entire life. I agree with others. They are both kids who are under the stress of a tour and the media is watching their every little move. I bet they will be happy to get home!!!! Mom and Dad, too.

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