William, Kate & Harry open Global Academy

William, Kate & Harry open Global Academy

As we edge closer to Sunday’s London Marathon, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry‘s week of mental health continued as they officially opened Global Academy yesterday, April 20, in support of Heads Together.

The royal trio visited the newly opened state school, which offers academic and vocational training to prepare 14-19 year olds for careers in the broadcast and digital media industry, and met with students who help produce the Heart Breakfast Show and LBC’s Nick Ferrari Show.

William, Kate, Harry Global Academy mental health roundtable s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William viewed an audio project listening to EMI’s vinyl recording of early speeches of the Royal Family, and Harry visited a classroom where students were learning about the science of sound.

William, Kate, Harry Global Academy mental health performances s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate sat in with students working on a radio show with the theme of mental health. From the Daily Mail:

    “‘Is this an issue you knew about or had experienced before this?’ Kate asked. ‘Have any of you spoken to your friends or family about issues that have been bothering you? The important thing is to be able to start a conversation if there is.’
    “One of the students she chatted with was Oliver Monger, 16, from Uxbridge, who joined the academy when it opened last September and hopes to go into the film industry. He told the Duchess: ‘I’ve not really had a problem I’ve needed to talk to someone about, but meeting you is a new thing. I don’t really know how to speak to someone so high. I’m quite shy.’
    “Smiling Kate interjected: ‘I’m shy as well, so don’t worry.’
    “‘Is it quite weird having such a huge space and not having many people here?’ she asked. ‘You must feel quite special?’
    “Afterwards an exhilarated Oliver said: ‘That was just fantastic. It has really boosted my confidence. I had no idea what to say at first but she really put me at ease.’
    “The Duchess appeared very impressed by the facilities on offer to students, saying: ‘It’s just brilliant that they have the chance to put what they learn into practice. It’s the best of both words.'”

[Daily Mail]

William, Kate, Harry Global Academy opening s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William, Kate, and Harry then joined Global Academy students and Global presenters for a roundtable discussion about mental health.

Kate talked about helping young children express their emotions:

    “It’s having those age-appropriate conversations and bringing in the topic of mental health really at different levels. Whether it be at a happy level or a more serious level. It’s the same with younger children, and even helping parents to start these conversations from a much earlier age but through play even if their language hasn’t yet developed. Very young children actually don’t even have the language to express how they’re feeling, so it comes out in behavioural problems. So being able to find ways to address those problems really early on is great.”

Kate also talked about feeling isolated after having children, saying:

    “It is lonely at times. You do feel quite isolated. But actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you’re going through. But it’s being brave enough, like you obviously were, to reach out.”

Harry said:

    “I think the whole country has shown a real appetite to want to talk about this. We’ve sort of unlocked something. It’s like taking the lid off a boiling pan. It’s been simmering for a very long time and everyone’s desperate for it to come out. It’s just providing a mechanism. We need to prioritise mental health.”

William made a comment:

    “The strongest guys are the ones who can talk about it. The weak guys are the ones who bottle it away and it makes their lives spiral completely out of control. And it ruins their lives eventually. You waste a lot of your life worrying and stressing about stuff that frankly, if you have a conversation and talk to somebody it will make everything much better.”

[DM linked above]

William’s comment… First off, this is interesting considering Harry said in his interview from earlier this week that he bottled up his grief for so many years before dealing with it. But also, this type of comment does more harm than good. Because there are people who will read that and think that they are weak for not having dealt with their issues yet, and then that will drive their depression even more, and then they won’t get help. That may not make sense to everyone, and it may not be true of everyone who suffers from depression, but depression is a negative feedback loop and that is true for some people. I understand what William was going for, but he said it in a very unhelpful, tone deaf way.

They then watched performances inspired by the theme of mental health before William unveiled an EMI microphone, which was created for George VI in 1936, to officially open the Academy.

Kate wore a new red skirt suit by Armani, the Collezioni Women’s Suit ($848). She paired it with her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps and her Etui Bags nude clutch. She wore her Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings and necklace, and her Cartier watch.

Armani Collezioni Women's Suit

I actually like the suit, especially the jacket. I’d love to see Kate mix and match that jacket to other skirts and pants, too.

Rebecca Deacon made an appearance after getting married last month.

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  1. Sleeves are too short….again. I do wish the PoW would put a criteria on her grooming budget. IMO the use of another Italian designer when she already uses Dolce & Gabanna and Prada regularly Is very odd to say the least. Nice colour on her. Poorly accessorised.

    As for Rebecca……Cute outfit but way, way too casual for a Royal engagement.

    1. I’ve wondered, especially lately, how much “boosting the British fashion industry” still plays into her public persona. It was very obvious she was doing so circa 2011, to the benefit of completely unheard of brands as well as more established ones like Zara and Temperley and Alexander McQueen. I’m wondering if now she’s put her foot down, is wearing what SHE wants to wear, and doesn’t give a fig about the “Kate Effect” anymore. As though she’s finally ready to feel like the “princess” as that inevitable time draws nearer. In my personal opinion, she should stick with supporting UK designers, especially with the Brexit controversy. But perhaps I should give her/her handlers more create; maybe she’s trying to show that England will still be an active asset to the EU?

    2. I’m (unrealistically) hoping the new uk vogue editor will have better luck facilitating a relationship where she takes advice/tips from him

      1. That would actually be marvelous. She really, desperately needs some sensible guidance.

        I mean, how many red skirt suits does she own now? 10? 20? It would be great if someone with actual style stepped in to guide her. For someone as prominent as she, it is long overdue.

        Maybe he could even bribe her into lopping off six inches from her Rapunzel security blanket … er, I mean hair.

          1. And a good few red coat dresses too. I have to say red is her best colour for me but I think given her skin tone a blue / cherry red is much better in her than an orange red.

    3. I thought the sleeves were supposed to be a bit short at the wrist. They are on the model.

      1. Probably why she chose it because in so many of her jackets / coats the sleeves miss the wrists by a couple of inches which suggests she’s still not having things fitted and she has long arms. It’s such an elementary part of tailoring and she can’t even get that right. If she had a dresser and not a stylist these basics could be taken care of as a matter of routine.

        I meant to say I think Rebecca’s been on her honeymoon and somewhere hot too. She has a glowing tan in some of the pictures I’ve seen.

        1. Agree and I saw pics of Kate on DM and she is walking with her arms beside her, no cc, Thanks God. I always think Kate looks better walking like this.

          P.S. I like Kate’s suit, but Rebeca’s outfit, hum, no comment.

    4. I disagree. These appear to be bracelet-length sleeves by design. Long sleeves on this pattern would have looked prudish due to relatively high neckline. On the other hand, 3/4 length sleeves would have looked strange, since the design is tailored so close to the body.

      I actually feel Armani is a great fit for Kate: their designs are sleek and elegant, simple but refined. I feel like she tends to veer into that direction, and will have good success with the brand. Queen Leticia has a working wardrobe that is filled with Boss and Herrera, a mix of pant suits and skirt suits. Something in a similar configuration would be great for Kate, whichever designer ends up being suitable to her figure. At least this Armani suit is cut properly to her thin willowy frame: the darts are in all the right places, shoulder pads are placed correctly.

      Kate looked appropriate in this outfit: royal, but not fussy. No skirt fly-ups, no distracting elements of style, fairly demure. It’s all fine, and keeps the focus on the event.

      1. Prudish and a zip on the front? Not really on the same page are they?
        Some of the Royal rat pack have commented that the zip and the tightness of the suit were quite a sexy statement for interacting with children.

        But you are right Armani does suit her…..now she needs to find a pared back UK designer to give the same sleek lines for her public work. What she wears and buys in private is none of my business.

        1. That jacket was so tight that you could see the contours of her bra along the side and back as clearly as if she were not wearing the jacket at all.

          1. I think we were supposed to be tantalised by the thought of the zip being pulled down. Can’t say I see Kate as a sexy being but there is no doubt what with flyups, inappropriate underwear, flashing, too tight clothing, heels that sometimes she can’t walk in etc It’s an image she’s happy to create. I think especially about the too short Stella McCartney dress that and too high heels to the RAF Day they took George too. Definitley enjoyed teasing the boys in blue on that day. But there are a great many outfits that have been too tight, too short, too inappropriate and too much in the hands of the weather.

        2. Really? Nothing about this says “sexy” to me– it is a suit, an attractive suit that isn’t old lady looking, but not risquΓ© or sexy. A zipper versus buttons does not make something “sexy” to me… but maybe that is a view that differs between younger and older generations? I also think the sleeve length is intentional.

          1. I agree- beautiful skirt suit, perfect fit, very professional looking, nothing sexy about this look, just bright, youthful and appropriate!

        3. I think she was going for sexy as well. The jacket is far too tight, as Herazeus said the lingerie is on display. Couple that with the seaming highlighting the bust, the front zip, and the out-of-control hair. She was going for sexy as usual.

        4. I didn’t really see anything sexy about this suit. It is a bit tight, but not so much so that she looks inappropriate. I thought this suit was quiet sleek and youthful. It is a great business suit for a younger woman IMO.

  2. Will wonders never cease! Someone must have done some reading because Kate actually makes sense here!! Woot woot
    I also think she looks nice (except hair) but hope springs eternal! Rebecca deacon even looks nice! It must be bizzaro day in London
    My one gripe is I’m tired of kate always being between the two.
    Maybe Kate feels isolated because she and William have isolated themselves??

      1. Oh dear.

        It must have been QUITE nippy out, as that sweater looks thick and she is also obviously wearing a (rather ill-fitting) bra. Poor thing.

        1. She is much too bosomy for that sweater, too, and the outfit is appropriate for a teenager. I also did not like Kate’s suit. I hate bracelet length sleeves and the fact that the sleeves are too tight makes them ride up. The whole suit looks tight, hard to believe when she is so slender, or as if she needs a slip or better lining so it doesn’t cling.

    1. Kate being between the two men makes sense from a protocol standpoint, and from a symmetrical standpoint.

  3. Very pretty suit and I’ll even take it with the shoes, but that HAIR. She consistently looks like a bobble head. A sleek pony or simple low chignon would have been great. Nothing too fancy, just clean lines to match that suit.

    More word salad from the 3 Musketeers and Rebecca looks as awful as usual. At least the kids seemed to really enjoy this and got something out of it.

    1. The 3 Musketeers ! I love this nickname. Well done πŸ™‚

      I agree with you, she looks good but I wish she would change her hairstyle. Maybe at the Spanish State visit (if it isn’t canceled), when/if she meets Queen Letizia, she will realize what can be done to her hair.
      If it isn’t canceled, I wish to have black tie diner with tiaras.

      1. Oh looooordt. Kate and Leti. Kate will try too hard to out-sexy Letizia, but Leti gets that through sheer confidence. Kate has to throw herself at men to get the same effect , or throw in a few flashing episodes. I can’t wait to see the coverage. I want Leti to bring the Fleur de Lys tiara and rock that bad boy.

        1. I wish I could be a fly on the wall. I’d love to hear what Leti thinks of Kate. Leti’s actually worked in the real world and is all class and elegance. Kate? Umm… no where close to that.

  4. Is Rebecca still working for them? I also like the suit. It’d be nice if she actually does the mix and match. What are your thoughts on her comments about motherhood being isolating? It kinda reminded me of the time when George was born and the subsequent months after that. There were a bunch of photos of him and Kate playing and I wonder if that really was shade towards William who Kate has said wasn’t there much for George’s first months. It also made me wonder about the whether Kate actually has friends who are mothers. I know she has married friends but not whether they have kids. Possibly explains why Carole reportedly seems to have a large role in the Cambridge household.

    1. According to the KP statement, Rebecca leaves in summer. I think she just took some time off this spring to go on her honeymoon.

      I took Kate’s comment on being isolated as her saying that if you are having problems with motherhood it can often feel isolating because you think no one else is going through those same problems, but if you reach out then you’ll find many other mothers going through that same thing. But I’m not sure since I don’t know what set up her comment.

    2. I’ve always had a theory about Kate’s needing advice on motherhood even though she’s surrounded by professional nannies + uber Mummy Carole.

      It started around the first time she visited place2be which was around the time G was 3/4 months. They were having a series of lectures and invited her to do a meet and greet and perhaps attend the first lecture of the day.

      After arriving, it suddenly went out that she had decided to stay for the next 2 lectures – one newspaper was live tweeting the engagement and lots of different journalists were saying that her extended stay was a surprise and unprecedented for her and they were all suddenly having to stay as well.

      Kate was also heard telling Rebecca to make sure to take notes during the lectures.

      The next 2 lectures were about child development for 0-3mths olds.

      Her next few visits with place2be happened when their lectures/activities/ programme unveiling of child development coincided with age ranges of her son and or Charlotte.

      When i noticed the pattern of her visits, i started to think that this was her way of getting information without appearing to do so. Afterall, she is the perfect mother according to William’s own words, she has a professional nanny and she has an uber mother in situ. With all that help, plus a need to appear perfect, asking for help or saying the wrong thing is not something Kate could do, so attending a series of conferences that conveniently tell her what she needs to know is the best way to go about it AND maintain the facade to all, publicly and privately.

      That’s my theory.

      And when she says motherhood is isolating when we know how muvh help she has, it feels like a plausible theory.

      1. This is reminiscent of that time before marriage where she was sitting alone watching a polo match. When invited to join the rest of the party she responded,
        “I’ve got to pay attention to every second,” Kate said. “I’ll be discussing the game in minute detail later on.”

        This does fit with your theory, and your response below about using perfection as a way to be visible. This will happen if you have no sense of self to begin with. All you can do is be a cipher, an empty shell spouting off stock seemingly authoritative phrases.

        It is very possible that her interest in a day’s worth of lectures was a need to restore her image of perfection, which had become unbalanced when she became a mother. As you said, she needed to find the correct and right things to say again. I do believe that Willy’s abandonment of her was *the* factor in her feelings of isolation. It may also be why she thought he left, because she wasn’t a perfect enough mother in his eyes. And so, incapable of self-reflection, “she studied this game in minute detail” to restore her visibility to him, when she had all the kinks worked out. All the awesome support in the world should have been her bedrock, but without Willy’s she is nothing.

        1. Maven, exactly. I’d forgotten about the polo.

          I remember Laineygossip saying how rehearsed the Middletons were because the perfect image had to be presented at all times.

          Needing to present as perfect doesn’t lend itself to asking for help when you need it.

          These lengths she goes, including foregoing the pleasure of polo, just to present as perfectly knowledgeable.

      2. Kate has lots of help with her kids, but I’ve never met a young mother that didn’t avail herself of childhood experts whenever possible–books, lectures, etc. Most of us young moms become intensely interested in child development theory, and it sounds like Kate is much the same.

        And while I don’t read any of Kate’s behavior as some sort of covert reconnaissance mission – I mean, the fact that she stuck around for extra lectures says that she was interested in the subject matter and wasn’t trying to hide it – but assuming that it was, I can chalk that up to another common trait among young, newish moms: a desire to look like you know know what you’re doing when in truth you have no f*cking clue. πŸ™‚

        1. Lobbit: her sticking around was comment-worthy, even to journalists, because until then she had shown complete disinterest in any of her engagements and carried them out as swiftly as possible.

          At the time, she had uber mummy Carole, a maternity nurse and a professional nanny looking after the baby. No lack of advice, anecdotal or professional.

          And this sudden interest demonstrates once again the self interest approach to Kate’s public engagements because with the type of help she has on tap, including ability to call on any child expert for a private audience to teach her whatever she thought she was lacking, there is almost no need for her to have attended those extra lectures AND made sure to tell her private secretary to take notes.

          Ps: place2be is not the only child development organisation in Britain so trying to avail herself of extra information without appearing to do so is why i think she attended those extra lectures.

          1. Oh, yes – I think I understood your point: Her interest in certain patronages is mapped to her personal needs. It’s entirely self-serving. I don’t disagree.

            What I’m saying is that the fact that she showed a marked and very noticeable interest in attending extra child development lectures–despite the fact that she has in-home expertise and could secure additional help privately–belies the notion that she was trying to seek advice covertly.

            And again, I do think that new moms can have in-house childcare and expertise, but still want to seek out knowledge for themselves.
            Nannies are caregivers–but they’re not child psychologists or theorists, and as a new mom, sometimes it’s the theoretical stuff that you’re after. You want to know a bit about theory so that you can apply it at home, on your own terms.

            I had my mom with me for a month after my son was born, and while she was brilliant, she had her own set ideas about child rearing–and I was determined to do things my way. “Arming” myself with the latest on…idk attachment parenting made me feel more secure in my approach.

          2. lobbit,

            I don’t see Kate as a ‘knowledge seeker”. She had experts, her mother and several nannies (developmental experts). I certainly don’t see her as anything but passive; she is not a curious person unless there’s something in it for her and guarantees a state of perceived perfection.

            This idea also fits in with her interest in detailed tennis tips for her kids with Andy Murray’s mother. George and Charlotte, who reflect upon her, will be perfect, too.

          3. @Maven – She may very well be passive and incurious, but your anecdote about her trying to get detailed tennis tips suggests that she can in fact be a “knowledge seeker” when it suits her.

            My sense is that, like most new moms, she has a vested interest in securing info that will make her a better parent to her children. But maybe your interpretation is closer to the mark: Maybe she just wants to give the appearance of being a perfect parent. Either way, playing the “knowledge seeker” does, in fact serves her interests.

    3. The comment about isolation struck me as well. My first thought was Willy’s absence for months and months after George’s birth.

      My second thought was wondering how she could feel isolated given the crowds of people around her and the fact that she ran home to mummy for weeks on end.

      My third thought is, yes, it would be isolating (and ironic) if she never “started the conversation”.

      1. I think you can be idolated in a crowd if they don’t speak to you unless you give the *correct responses and reactions.

        *correct = by their evaluation, not your own.

        That’s why being ignored is devastating. People will stop talking to you and eventually stop seeing you. You start to feel more and more awkward and desperate to say the right/correct thing to be included again.

        1. Even if you’re in a crowd and people are talking to you, you can still feel isolated.

          1. Rhiannon, Your above comment stayed with me. Please know that insights and generous nature really affect me in a positive way even if I don’t comment in response.

      2. Just because you have a ton of people around you at all times doesn’t mean you can’t feel isolated.

        1. Agreed. As a mom, I think this is particularly true of motherhood… there is a big stigma (or at least I felt that way) against saying anything other than how perfect and wonderful and in love you are right after the birth of your child. Or to be more accurate– you are required to either be blissful or you have full on post-partum depression… I don’t think I had PPD (maybe just twinges), so I didn’t want to tell people when I struggled and have them think I didn’t love my child (which I did) or that I wasn’t a “good mom” or whatnot.

          1. Totally agree. And I can only speak for myself, but I think the rise of mommy blogs and just the sheer volume of parenting information that’s out there online and in print puts a lot of pressure on new mothers of my generation to get EVERYTHING right. You’re supposed to be a perfect parent, to raise a happy, well-adjusted child prodigy — but you must be relaxed about striving for perfection, of course. You mustn’t ever appear to be uptight about it. That won’t do.

            Living with that pressure can be thoroughly isolating, imo.

          2. Mummy wars have been around forever.

            Internet just means it’s at your finger tips much faster, but my local library has an entire room of books on parenting and child development which makes me dizzy at the competing theories on how to raise the perfect child.

            The pressure to produce the perfect child for the era’s determination of what a perfect child should be has also been with us forever.

            Mothers should just give themselves a break and not worry about it. There is no perfect way, perfect child or perfect parent.

            You are doing a good enough job.

          3. @Herazeus, I’d go a few steps further to say that the internet means that the mommy wars and their attendant expectations and pressures are not merely at your fingertips–they are quite literally in your home, in your face constantly. Absorbing them via social media and various forms of online discourse is a part of your daily life in a way that a trip to the library or a conversation with another mom might not be.

            You are certainly right: the mommy wars are not new, but the internet has redefined the rules of engagement rather dramatically.

          4. I think a large part of the mommy wars issue is the use of the internet for knowledge and validation. It has made simplicity and wisdom hard. People are not equipped to handle that much info/misinformation. If I were young and not seasoned in the ways of information, I would be sucked into this ridiculous standard too.

            Do I think Kate spends time looking for mommy answers? Nope. She spends her time shopping. But she does want to be the perfect mother in Willy’s eyes as much as she strives to be the well taken care of perfect wife and consort.

          1. You can have lots of conversations; it doesn’t mean you don’t still feel isolated. That’s one of my problems with this whole HT campaign – just because you have a conversation with someone about your issues doesn’t mean that fixes them.

        2. I probably have never felt so isolated as when I moved into my first apt in NYC. With four roommates and so many people at work and just about everywhere, I still felt very isolated. Until, I finally learned where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. Even so, there were times…..

  5. I love this suit. It is youthful and something different. Although, once again she had to buy something new. She has worn something new every engagement. I just hope she wears this one again.

    KMR–Other sites are saying she wore her Rupert Sanderson Malory nude pumps not the LK Bennett Ferns. Although, honestly they all look the same.

    1. Maybe. I wrote the fashion part up quickly early in the day and threw in the Fern because that’s what it looked like to me. But I guess since the other sites are all saying they’re the Malory I’ll change it. I’m pretty terrible about distinguishing between all of her nude and navy shoes – they just all blend together to me.

  6. I like this outfit, but I’m not a fan of this harsh red. Nevertheless, a comfortable choice.
    In my opinion, Kate did better here.I’m not sure if mental health is a a problem
    for everyone, but Harry gets surely much feedback for his interview.

  7. Kate looks OK, if quite unexciting. Rebecca Deacon’s fashion sense (or lack of it) is perfectly didplayed with that black and white skirt and nipple-showing underwear. And that is why Kate’s styling is so off – neither of these women display any penchant for smart business-like working clothes.

  8. Apart from more of “You should talk about it. Let’s talk. We should all talk”, I’m glad to see that Harry at least pointed out that it is just talk, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

    A couple of positives for Kate – it was kind of her to admit her own shyness to ease the nerves of the kid she was speaking with. If she would take note from that and be willing to *ahem* talk about it and work through it, she’d be taking steps in the right direction. As far as her outfit, she should have straightened her hair to match the sleekness of her suit, but other than that, I think she looked great.

    Oh Rebecca. Poor thing needs a shelf camisole under that sweater. It seems to be a bit thin and revealing. I’ll leave it at that.

  9. β€œThe strongest guys are the ones who can talk about it. The weak guys are the ones who bottle it away and it makes their lives spiral completely out of control. And it ruins their lives eventually. You waste a lot of your life worrying and stressing about stuff that frankly, if you have a conversation and talk to somebody it will make everything much better.”

    Oh William – I hate everything about this quote. People who can’t open up (or don’t have anyone to talk to) are weak? That it’s your fault if you can’t access support for MH issues and it ruins your life? That talking to someone about your problems makes ‘everything much better’? Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

    Harry’s comments are so much better. William’s highlight every problem I have with Heads Together – that talking and destigmatising should be one strand of a more comprehensive programme of mental health support; that not all mental health issues can be solved through talking alone; that people don’t always have a support network to draw on; that MH services are being cut and non-royals may struggle to afford private counselling and care.

    1. I’m so with you on this. The use of the word ‘weak’ around Mental Health issues is just a huge no no. I know it’s not what he intended and he was trying to be encouraging but it’s typical William Wails foot-in-mouth at work.

      1. Yes, his comment was cringe-worthy. Shows the danger of an ill thought out campaign conducted by ignorant amateurs who should let the experts speak.

        1. Blame the person who is struggling. What a great concept! Thanks, Wills!

          For one thing, there has been major overkill leading up to the marathon Frankly, how much more can we take? And, the advice to “talk about it,” is getting old. Very old. At least, Harry said a tad more.

          William, William, William. Your choice of words is terrible and in this case does more harm than good. Weak people don’t talk about their problems. So, they become weaker with the weight of their emotional problems. That is so insensitive and uncaring. Shows no true understanding of the cause he is so passionate about!

          I’ve had enough. The comments from the trio (except for when Harry hits an occassional home run) are grating on my nerves. So, is the look of boredom on the faces of them during the performance. William looked bored and perhaps, Harry was taking it in, but I don’t know. Kate, in the center, where she wants to be — center of attention — between two men — seemed to long for the performance to end. The way she appeared to be slanting to one side — toward William — showed that she really can’t be her own person — especially, if he’s in the same room.

          Get the marathon off and running, please For the sake of the cause, I hope it is a success, but I am tired of all this poorly thought out run up to it. Headbands, anyone?

          And, yes, Rebecca did not look professional! She was a beautiful bride, though. Bet she cannot wait for the gig to end.

          1. Between the ‘Start a conversation, Polly want a cracker?” slogan, pushing ugly headbands, and Pippa’s minute-by-minute pre-nup pap walks keeping us all breathless with excitement, I’m exhausted.

    2. I agree 100% Future Crayon. I actually took personal offense to this. There was a time in my life when I probably needed grief therapy but because I was bereaved during my Freshman year of college I bottled up my emotions in order to focus on passing my exams. I don’t think that makes me “weak”, it was my coping mechanism.

  10. Great day for Kate – nice suit, not a favorite for me, but still nice – but more importantly, what she said made sense and seemed well thought out. She seemed interested and engaged in the events of the day. She also, like the day before, walked with arms at her side, which certainly makes her look more comfortable. Today William was the “third wheel” of the trio.

  11. I love this suit. The cut and color are gorgeous. I also like the detail on the ribcage. My only issue is the sleeves. It looked like 3/4 sleeves vs bracelet length. She needs to ditch the nude accessories. It borders on basic. The wiglet looked okay. Still too much hair.

    I’mstarting to think that HT is more Harry versus Will and Kate. Harry understands the narrative. Kate speaks in broad strokes. She continues to perpetuate the myth of family stability equals no mental health issues. And William’s comment about the “strong guys”…he negated his entire visit. I would have been insulted.

    As far as Rebecca…On one hand, I like the skirt..I don’t have enough words or time to express my feelings. She looks like she is a college student who pulled an all nighter, fell asleep in the library and then rushed to work. Far too rumpled, casual and unkempt.

    Thanks for the detailed roundup, KMR.

    1. I agree with you about HT being more Harry’s wheelhouse. I’ll admit that I struggle to evaluate William and Kate in this context without bias, but Harry seems to have a genuine interest here that the other two are trying to share–or at least appear to share.

    2. Rhiannon, great description of Rebecca’s look. Not grown-up, businesslike or smart and professional at all.

  12. William (and, to a lesser extent, Kate) seem to look at life in a zero sum way. Those who talk about their mental health are strong, so those who don’t talk must be weak. George is boisterous, so Charlotte must be ladylike. Oh, now Charlotte is a dominant personality, so George must be dominated by her. Mental health can’t be looked at in this fashion, and William’s statement is extremely counterproductive. Sadly, this movement has so wedded itself to “start a conversation” as its purpose that it risks bolstering itself by dismissing or demeaning the other ways that the issues of depression, anxiety, or grief can be productively addressed.

    1. Willy consistently engages in black and white thinking. That’s the cognitive level of an adolescent. He should have had some tests done before he was allowed to run rampant on this delicate issue. It can be so damaging.

  13. First impressions from photos 3 and 4- the body language says it all. Both Willy and his anemic bride are closed off, turned away from the kids while Harry is sitting there relaxed and open- receptive.

    Meanwhile, every stagnant word the Cambs utter causes another brain cell to die of ennuie. What an incredibly apathetic pair. They are, indeed, like robots, bringing the body, programmed to spout off key words.

    I wonder if this flurry of sympathetic appearances has been orchestrated in the face of the court case in France in May. I really also hate how the Cambs are leeching off Harry.

    ETA: If you made a drinking game of every time you hear “start a conversation”, you would die of alcohol poisoning.

    1. It’s become tiresome and self-serving PR. I note the comments on the DM (okay, DM) call the trio out in no uncertain terms.

      If Kate was the mastermind of this MH initiative – as is claimed – she would (a) be far better informed and be all over it (b) really hit the ground with more engagements of substance, and (c) stop spouting a slogan ad nauseum and actually have real interactions with those she meets rather than the contrived tosh being dished up.

      I call BS on the ‘I’m shy too’ moniker. It’s just another swf of Diana, this time ‘shy Di’. Who are you really, Kate Middleton? Anyone in there?

      William’s comment was appalling but, in case we were in any doubt, exposes his abject ignorance of mental health and preference for auto pilot ‘start a conversation’ crap. Or should that be co-pilot.

      1. I didn’t read the “shy” comment as copying Diana. I read it as her trying to make the kid feel better by saying she feels the same way. People do that with kids all the time.

          1. Diana was not shy….she said so herself. The press dubbed her Shy Di because she kept her head down because she was taller than most people

            I think Kate’s performance has vastly improved during these last two engagements. It’s easy to be a lounge chair psychologist, analyzing snippets of conversations and facial expressions on still pictures. I think she unestimated what it would be like to live the life she does and we probably have no clue what it’s like either. I’m not trying to be her cheerleader…I am disappointed in her work ethic and hope she will grow into the role.

      2. Great points.

        Also they and their PR are such brazen liars, why should we believe this? I don’t. Look at Kate’s behaviour and flaming disinterest in humanity and actual thought and problem solving. It’s ludicrous. But she and her image continue to be well taken care of while she sits around shopping. What a sweet deal!

        1. Exactly, Maven. Their time for being trusted has long since expired. And as you say, Kate has never, ever exhibited an interest in humanity, other than herself.

      3. Honestly I don’t think any of them came up with it. Kate was involved with place2be and Harry with veterans and their issues. I think their staff was seeing the comments and rumblings about how all three need to step up their game and engagements and figured look there is this common thread. Let’s throw in male suicide for William and make this a mental health campaign. Give them all something to do. I still really feel as though this entire thing us just a PR exercise for them. If it weren’t, all this recent stuff from this week would have happened sooner.

        1. Yes, I believe their PR led by Jason Knauf came up with this gem. It fits with every other tone deaf and lame attempt to elevate them to celebrity status and justify their existence. They are all getting paid to support charities, which is a perverse notion if you think about it.

          BTW, the ‘male suicide’ aspect that Willy took on especially sticks in my craw because….what the heck happened? He hasn’t mentioned it since the inception of this travesty. Harry has done way more with his charities in terms of emotional consequences than this glib excuse for a carer.

      4. I don’t buy the “I’m shy, too.” Instead it smacks of conversational narcissism. Why can’t she focus on other people without mentioning herself all the time?

        I think a better word is reticent. She’s reticent to work because it’s a foreign concept, and requires public assessment (we all deal with criticisms every day), requires thinking hard, and challenges her belief that she’s perfect. For everyone else in the real world, it’s a daily reality of achieving small victories, making mistakes, adjusting to compensate for those mistakes, having people get mad at you, slowly making allies, learning new skills, making a fool of yourself sometimes, getting up out of bed for work on the days when you want to stay in bed. KM doesn’t want to do that because it’s so bloody difficult. (Sorry, the “bloody” just sounded right.)

  14. While I like this suit just fine, it doesn’t really “go with” what William and Harry are wearing. It looks to me like Kate put on her 80’s power suit, when imo a nice pair of trousers and a colorful blouse would have looked perfect.

    I watched a video with the 3 of them today and apparently this bringing together of their work under the mental health umbrella was Kate’s idea. She was the one who saw the underlying common thread of their “work”, which was mental health issues, and brought them together. So Kudos to Kate, well done you!

    1. I was really really hoping to see the geometric print Banana Republic skirt with the cream blouse outfit again. That was such a winner *and* she looked great in it. Maybe with a half up do, a bit of volume on top and a bit of curl on the bottom.

    2. To be fair, William and Harry dress horribly and are very often under dressed. So this begs the question, is she appropriately dressed for the occasion and the men are under dressed, or vice versa?

  15. I am growing very tired of her asking these people if they have started a conversation. She does it in a way that’s prying and I feel is disingenuous. “Have any of you spoken to your friends or family about issues that have been bothering you? The important thing is to be able to start a conversation if there is.” How many times have we heard this or something along the same lines as this? Asking if they have ‘started a conversation’ is the key note to the campaign, but perhaps a better line would have been “do you have people that you feel safe to talk to? Has it helped you at all?” rather than a flimsy statement to buzz in the idea of the campaign.

    Mental health is very important but I am tried of this Kate The Do-Gooder campaign. She can’t properly fake interest or learn new ways to talk to people who have very real problems.

    Jason, I know you read this.
    We know you read this.
    Kate, perhaps you’re reading this too.

    Please get better. Get better at working on a great cause. Get better at feigning interest in people. You have an incredible platform to do a wonder of great work. Get up and go it.

    Edit: I don’t like to criticize people or nit pick in general but it’s bothering me that an important cause is treated frivolously.
    Another Edit: I really enjoy this blog. Thank you KMR for hosting us and thank all of you for forming such a great community.

    I’m on a roll today. Yesh.

    1. Maybe people should rebut with “Kate have you started a conversation about your own issues? ” Because she is a 35 year old with serious hang ups and all the help in the world to fix them.

      To have any credibility with an issue like mental health, you either admit that you have issues you still need to work on, or like Harry, talk about steps you have taken in the past. Pretending you are a normal person when obvious signs show that you are not (poor body language, fake accent no one understands,, hides behind hair, etc etc) blows anything that might be said out of the water because the people saying it are hypocrites. The messenger is an important part of the message and William and Kate suck hard at this part.

    2. So, agree. It’s like the typical parental questions: Are any of your friends doing drugs? Having sex? You can talk to me. Yada, yada, yada. And, how many of the kids open up — unless, a safe and secure bond between parents and kids has already been established.

      I totally agree that making such an important issue so frivolous is harmful. I”m cranky, too!

  16. I’m pleased that it appears that she talked more and with more substance/empathy. Speaking more and looking polished even if certain parts of the look weren’t my favorite make this engagement a win for me. I like all the things the trio are doing this week for the marathon/heads together, but I wish it had been more spread out over the past month instead of all this week.

    1. Hi Megan, I worry that once the marathon is over W&K will retreat back to Norfolk and that will be that. I’ve noticed that Kate doesn’t have another engagement until mid-May but imo now’s the time to keep the momentum of this cause moving forward not left hanging.

      1. Totally agree. I think this year (with a few big exceptions… like Will’s Commonwealth service/ski gaffe) has felt to me like they have been making more of an effort and been more engaged. I want them to keep it up and stay at it steadily!

    2. I understand the flurry of engagements in the lead up to the marathon, but all the interviews and videos coming out this week makes everything look like a PR blitz. They really should have spread them out over the year. For instance, I think Harry’s podcast should have happened last May or June to really start off the campaign. But this week there has been so many videos and interviews that they are all bleeding into each other and getting lost. If they spread them out I think it would have been more effective in keeping the issue in the news for longer.

  17. β€œβ€˜Is it quite weird having such a huge space and not having many people here?’ she asked. β€˜You must feel quite special?’

    How great would it have been if he’d replied, “I could ask you the same thing.” πŸ™‚

  18. Kate looks nice. The bright orangey-red is a bit hard on the eyes, but the suit is cut nicely. It’s a bit clingy, but I can’t judge since I usually go for a tighter fit myself. Unpopular opinion: I never have a problem with her hair. She likes big, full, long bouncy pageant hair. That’s just her thing, and it’s fine. Her quotes read well–almost erudite, and she looked quite engaged in that video as well.

    William’s comments…as said in the OP, I think I understand what he was going for–I think he was trying to reframe emotional expression as a sign of strength, but…yeah, it was all poorly-worded and not at all helpful.

    I know people tend to criticize the trio for the brevity of their visits, but I honestly feel like these walkthroughs are sort of awkward for everyone involved, and there’s just no need to stretch them out. Everyone is straining to make small talk, ask good questions, give good soundbytes, put on a good show…I suppose that’s just the nature of royal engagements, though.

    1. I agree with almost everything you’ve said. I don’t mind Kate’s hair always being down. Honestly having my hair done with all the bobby pins and hair spray always gives me a headache. If I were in her position I would absolutely wear my hair down most of the time. I had my hair styled down for my wedding for this reason.

      On the one hand, I see why people get up in arms about the drive by visits, but on the other hand I am not sure it really matters. What is accomplished in a 30-45 minute visit that isn’t accomplished in a 2 hour visit? Both get the same amount of press and sound bytes. Also, both are complete excuses of work. I would laugh in someone’s face if they called one 2 hour visit in a week work just as much I would if someone called one 45 minute visit in a week work.

      1. Totally agree! I get that folks want to see these royals make a serious effort, but these engagements are really just a bit of theatre – it’s not actual “work,” so it really doesn’t matter how long it goes on imo. And lengthy visits could be disruptive: staff members’ time is valuable, too – the hours they spend hosting members of the BRF leaves them with less time to do their actual jobs.

        1. They don’t get a pass for being royal and indifferent in my books. Also the argument about disrupting the real work? Not buying it. If the royals are not engaged, not adding to the day, then yes, it doesn’t matter how long they stay and I think that’s what you’re saying- that they are a total waste of space.

          1. Oh, I’m not giving anyone a pass. Engagements like this are good PR for the Royals and for the organizations that they choose to highlight–but that’s their sole value. So imo stretching these dog and pony shows over hours just to mollify critics that actually believe that royal engagements count as real work would be a waste of everyone’s time. Because, in the end, even if the royals are engaged and attentive, they aren’t there to roll up their sleeves and help run these organizations.

  19. Maybe, it’s the weather. Cool and rainy where I live, today. But, darn, I am getting tired of all this hoopla. The PR surrounding the Royal Trios involvement in HT is really grating on my nerves. I’m cranky, like you, Ray. And, I hope you found that cheese!

    Enough is enough. But, perhaps, not for the sugars. I am sure they are all riveted to all that is going on with the threesome. And the kudos will continue as to how they are helping so many people!

    Nothing new here, is there? The same old plea to not be afraid to talk to someone….. ok, and then, William hits men over the head calling them weak if they don’t. God!

    The thing is that I really believe (W and K, anyway) that they are making an enormous difference and helping tons of people. Well, if they are, forgive me for being so jaded. I should be happy for all the people who are coping better thanks to the Royal Connection to mental health issues. Forget the fact that they really don’t have a solid handle on mental health concerns. They’re telling people not to be afraid to talk and that’s more than a start!

    I just hate the recent aspects of this campaign First Harry admits to his problems coping with Diana’s death, then William calls out the stiff upper lip types, and finally, Kate discusses the issues pertaining to new motherhood, without really discussing anything, that is….

    They don headbands and even happily drape one around a postal box at “home,” and then continue to spread the word, by attending yet another event, in which, they looked out of place and jut spouted the same messages, while on automatic pilot, it seemed.

    Whoever put this campaign together needs to rethink things . Or, am I just looking for the dark chocolate too hard, the way Ray was seeking the cheese in her fridge?

    I better talk to a family member or friend about how out of sorts I am feeling, today. Yes, yes, that is exactly what I will do. That, or head to a local shop and buy myself a huge box of chocolates, which I won’t share with anyone!

    Sorry, all. I’m dealing with major pms. Hey, have they thought about that for another part of the campaign? No, I forgot, it does impact my emotions, but it’s purely physical. PMS. that is.

    1. I did find my cheese, mary elizabeth! Along with some nice water crackers and red grapes and it was just what I needed (I was feeling like the crabby person in those Snickers commercials!).

      I would definitely buy a nice box of your favorite chocolates (Purdy’s Himalayan sea salt chocolate caramels in milk and dark are my go to’s) and find a good hidey hole for them. That way when a girl is having mixed emotions and just needs *something*, you know you have that! Just really try not to eat them all at once or it can get expensive haha.

        1. Oh God, you’re right Hera! I need to get with the program already πŸ˜‰

          PS- OK, I’m going to beat this horse a little longer, but wouldn’t “mixed emotions” be a really perfect name for a cocktail? Something not too strong- with salt *and* sugar round the rim? “Wow, these mixed emotions are really overwhelming me today. I’d better take it easy” or “I’m barely feeling these mixed emotions today. Can we talk about that? Because I’m really on top of these things right now and feel like I could handle more with no problem!”

          sorrysorrysorry- that is the last I will mock- I promise!! It’s just…the door was left so wide open…

          1. Lol.

            I’ll take one mixed emotions and another emotions, hold the mixed.

            …but seriously, i’ve learnt more about mental health on this blog than anything these 3 people have said. Harry has articulated better than the other two, but nothing new am afraid.

            My thought is that they are conflating *normal emotional processes with mental health and that is why there is no part that tells people how to go about seeking help beyond a chat with a mate.

            *normal = i doubt anyone is living the life of rainbows and sparkles. Life throws mixed emotions that are easy and hard which may be easy or difficult to deal with.

            For the issues they describe, an organisation like the samaritans is brilliant as is childline, but if you have medically diagnosed (diagnisable) issues, talking is not helpful. Or rather, talking to your GP is more helpful than a chat with friends.

          2. You said exactly what I mean to say in a 100% nicer and much more dignified way.

            The “conversation” has become very watered down and mental health is a vast landscape. Would have been best if they’d each found their own foothold within it in which to focus their energies. Where is this all going to go now that the marathon is over?

      1. Ray,

        You had to mention Purdy’s salted caramel chocs, my go to present for the sick or distressed. I used to live a couple of blocks away from the factory. I have since moved east and am feeling a terrible loss and smacking myself upside the head for not taking greater advantage of the luscious bounty.

      2. Hello Ray and so happy you found the cheese! Thanks for the Purdy’s tip. Will have to search them out. In the meantime, I owe a huge thanks to Jenny and Maddie for stopping by with a small box of dark chocolates, which contrary to my initial post, I did share!!!!

        LOVE, LOVE LOVE your cocktail idea. Sounds perfect! Tell your fave bartenders, all!

        And, Hera and Ray, I agree about this campaign.

        1. omg, I just checked out the Purdy’s website. I must convince my husband that we MUST move to Canada. Between those chocololates and the goodies from Butter’s Bakery…. Canada has to be heaven on earth.
          BTW, I checked out BUTTER CELEBRATES from my local library and made one of the cakes for Easter. What an amazing cookbook. The recipes are to die for and the photos of the creations are just sublime.
          Everyone is still raving about my cake. It tasted great, but mine didn’t look half as beautiful as the one in the book!

          At this rate, I will be needing a major sugar intervention in the very near future. Thank goodness my PMS cravings come and go.

  20. With the exception of Twinkle-Toes’s dumb comment about weakness, I think this engagement was a success for this cause. Like others have commented, my fear is that the momentum will disappear after the marathon. Truthfully, I do not have any great expectations for the 3 of them and I think this is as good as it will get. I will say that Kate does seem to be a bit more engaged, and I know this sounds awful but I believe she is really trying to get her hands on that Royal Family Order, especially before the now-rescheduled Spanish State Visit. On the fashion front, this was a good look for Kate, she did not look like she she was being strangled by a high neck and the suit had a modern vibe, again, since I expect no glimmer of imagination from her, the lack of accessories, nude tone shoes and purse and that mop of hair are just who she is. My last comment is that, maybe Rebecca Deacon was good at her job, but what a mess, as usual she looked like she needed a shower and her top looked dirty and worn out. She looks totally unprofessional and is a schlump, so I think her leaving is not a bad thing.

    1. Rebecca has certainly taken the maxim to never dress better than your boss to heart. I’m going to miss her turning up at Royal engagements looking like she’s just climbed out of the tumble dryer and lost her comb.

      1. No matter how the royal is turned out, i never, ever thought i’d ever see someone working for such a conservative institution turning up to work dressed the way Rebecca dresses. If this is what her public facing clotheses look like, imagine the days she isn’t facing the public.

        Taking maxim that work wardrobe is fairly formal compared to off-duty wardrobe, how badly dressed is she at home?

      2. This should have been dealt with a long, time ago…..I guess she’s going out with a bang. Instead of dressing up, she’s dressing down.

    2. Boston Brahmin,

      I’m curious as to your reasoning that this event was a success. Also, do you mean PR wise or in terms of help? What evidence do you have to that effect?

  21. Pros: Kate looked great (style, color), spoke and actually made sense/good points.

    Cons: William talked out of his butt!!! My eyes bugged out and jaw dropped when I read what he’d said! Geez Louise! Talk about “Foot In Mouth” disease!

    Like others have said, this flurry of videos, engagements and interviews is hard for me to keep up with and, honestly, it has made me tired. (On top of it, we’re officially in the busy season at work which is also wearing me out but on the plus side, I’ve been able to walk to and from work nearly every day AND keep my apartment clean! Yay!! Oh, and my fur baby Missy is, of course, still well taken care of and apparently has a new boyfriend! (She can find a guy but mama can’t? πŸ˜‰ )

  22. Did anyone see the video they filmed for Heads Together that had to be subtitled? You can barely understand a word she says – it’s painful to listen to.

  23. Not a fan of the suit jacket at all. It flattens her chest, and is too tight. The pencil skirt looks relatively good, too bad the entire thing is made from cheap fabric. I would have expected more from Armani. Accessories are boring. The hair is ridiculous. Just wait until you see what she has on today – jeggings, boots, and the most awful peplum lace monstrosity I think I’ve seen yet.

    1. So not a fan of yesterday’s appearance then? ??

      To be fair it is only Collezioni……probably a Giorgio Armani student ran it up in a sweat shop at lunchtime. But I don’t like it either and the more I look at it, the more the fabric and the pleating on the breasts of the jacket reminds me of something a pole dancer would wear in sleeveless dress form.

      As for today……I think she got dressed in the dark. That blouse was a total mismatch with those jeggings and boots. Maybe she thought ‘I’m only going to be on the radio so it doesn’t matter what I throw on, nobody will see it?’

      1. Words fail me on this blouse, but hey, at least it was not another red, white or blue striped top, even though it cost as much as the striped top she wore this week. To me Temperley = Prissy .Also, Kate is back to the no-lipstick look, I guess the lipstick was only for that little film they did for HT. Too bad, it brightened her up.

      1. Hope so…..not seen a full length picture of her yet but just her sat cross legged. If she wore proper trousers instead of jeggings I would forgive her an awful lot of faux pas because the jeggings is up there in my top ten of fashion fails from Kate.

    2. What fresh hella is that $550 thing? A mashup of Edwardian doilies and a lace frill across her chest?

      The pants may be slightly looser around the calves, but are still so tight around knees, thighs, and hips/crotch as to create horizontal creases and whisker lines.

      1. Oh, that blouse…. Words fail me.

        And, yet another PR stunt. It’s getting old rather quickly. If they did hire a PR firm to get this week off and running, never, ever use that agency again!

        Does the word overkill mean anything to anyone?

        That, and the total lack of knowledge of mental health issues. Everyone is forever talking about the dumbing down of America. I guess other areas around the world are being affected, too.

        This entire campaign is totally useless, imo.

  24. It seems this is more about feeling to K&W then mental health. I just got off a Delta flight and she looks like the head stewardess.?

    1. I don’t like the Dynasty-like suit either. Looks like it’s made of cheap fabric. And the tailoring is awful. In other DM photos it pulls and the jacket is too short on her long torso. I also don’t like the orange-red color.

    2. At least, it wasn’t a United Flight, Fiona.
      Loved the correlation between Kate’s suit and the Delta Flight Attendants. I guess she is her Mummy’s daughter.

  25. So I know William’s comments have been discussed, but I’d like to add my two cents. This campaign has become more and more problematic for me as the royal three have actually started to participate, and I couldn’t pin point why.

    I agree that destigmatization is important, especially for people who are suffering from mental diseases (and I wish that all of these campaigns would start acknowledging that depression and anxiety are not the only mental diseases, schizophrenia, paranoia, anorexia etc. may be harder to relate to, but are also exist). However, the more these three discuss mental illness, the more shallow the discussion becomes.

    I’m attaching a link to an article that finally articulated my discomfort regarding this campaign, but for those of you who aren’t interested, the main thrust is “please don’t try to normalize severe suffering”.

    Just as is mentioned before, I feel like there is a distinct lack of direction and instruction in this (well meaning) campaign. I’ve been on both sides of a discussion regarding suicide, and in both instances a script would have been helpful. Even suggestions, like it’s ok to be silent. It’s ok to say you don’t know how to respond. It’s not ok to make it about you and your experience with depression.

    Also, I know people here love Harry, but if he was willing to discuss his mental health problems, why didn’t he make one of the official videos for HT? I can’t imagine HT rejecting his offer to participate.

    Sorry if this was too negative and/or repetitive.


    1. “please don’t try to normalize severe suffering”.

      This is *exactly* what the Tiresome Threesome, in their ignorance, are doing. Eve, that says it all. I am sure I am not the only one who feels offended, affronted, aggrieved by the what they haplessly trot out.

      I don’t have an issue with the emphasis on some mood disorders, specifically depression and anxiety, but like you, I have a massive issue with selling those disorders under ‘mental health’ as if this is everything.

      They could have focussed on depression, suicide and anxiety. Period. Not on mental health. But they didn’t. Because their PR team are that ignorant and so are they.

    2. I think this entire campaign should have been guided by an actual mental health expert. A psychologist or counselor with SOLID experience in educational leadership–who would be well-versed in facilitating public discussions about mental wellness and illness–should have been present for every single talk, lecture, and panel discussion the trio has attended. It makes sense for W/K/H to provide a platform for these discussions and to participate in them, but they shouldn’t be leading them.

      1. Well said! And so true.

        But then the royals would actually have to put some work and thought into it. It’s one thing to be led by a psychologist and another by PR. You’ve uncovered once again, how largely inept and insincere this campaign is.

        1. maven, now that you mention it, I wonder if the fact that a corporate PR pro is coordinating this entire thing isn’t part of the trouble here. I’m awfully biased but I swear I read something about them hiring a marketing pro from the beauty industry. I think someone with expertise in non profit communications might have been a better fit.

      2. Yes! Thank you. Exactly that. I didn’t know how to say that without it coming out as if I didn’t want the royal three to speak. I get that they bring attention, and that the news will report what they say more so than what the expert says, but there had to be a better way, whether it was vetting their remarks through an expert, or releasing their own videos on their feed highlighting the experts comments.

        I’ve worked on campaigns before. They are hard work, and require planning and coordination to be successful. This feels very amateur. Yes there should have been an uptick in activity prior to the marathon, but this deluge after at least a month of silence is not effective. I don’t get the strategy. I know KP has PR people who should know better.

        1. Thank you for that article.

          I also read the blog post referenced in the article which brought me to tears in the simple way it explained the point.

          If i had twitter i’d twit both at KP.

  26. I really like this suit on Kate; I think red is my favorite color on her. I’m digging the pencil skirt, too. (And is it me, or has there been less crotch-clutching these last few events? It’s an encouraging start, one can hope!)

    I appreciated her remarks about age-appropriate strategies for children; kids don’t always have the language skills to accurately communicate to adults what they’re feeling, and sometimes big emotions get expressed through behavior. As the parent of a child who sometimes got singled out as “the problem kid” at school while struggling to manage his sensory issues and anxiety, I feel strongly about this point.

    William gets a big sigh from me… like you said KMR, I understand where he was trying to go with his remarks but the delivery was way off.

    I don’t feel comfortable commenting on Rebecca’s outfit.

    1. Yes Amanda, there has been a noticeable lack of crotch clutching lately thank god, now I would like to see some improvement on the posture front.

      1. Baby steps?? LOL My yoga instructor’s always telling us “shoulders back and down” in class and I find her voice in my head constantly throughout the day whenever I catch myself hunched over. Shoulders back and down, Kate!

      1. If I were Kate, I’d demand my money back from the voice coach. She’s incomprehensible and it’s constantly being remarked on.

        1. I don’t think she took elocution lessons to be a great orator. She took them to sound posh-to her that was/is more important.
          They hailed her as the great middle class princess so she should’ve forgone those lessons and just worked at being comfortable with public speaking. I think part of the problem with not understanding her stems with her trying to focus on her faux accent.

          1. +1. It is all about artifice, not being real. Looking the part, not being the part. Ultimately there is no point to her.

          2. She’s trying to ‘model’ the posh accent for her children. Mommy’s little HRH’s cannot sound mockney or (whisper it) common.

            So its got to be the slur-like-your-drink-Uncle-at-Christmas accent for George and Charlotte Princeling.

        2. So I’m confused. The article made a point to say Kate didn’t have elocution lessons, but did use a voice coach. I’m not sure I understand the distinction, but I assumed the implication was that she wasn’t merely concerned about her accent?

    1. There has got to be something going on behind the scenes for the press to be throwing these pot shots instead of giving them credit for their work here.

      1. I agree. The DM just had two more articles, one (very unfavorably) comparing BRF females, especially Kate with European women who married royalty. And another asking if Kate was planning to give the Queen more chutney for her 91st. Its all very passive agressive.

  27. I agree with your comments about William’s statement, KMR.
    I was traumatized and terribly bereaved when I was a freshman in college. In retrospect, I really needed grief therapy. But because it was my first semester of college and I had finals to study for I buried my emotions and became a workaholic. I focused on my work because I had to. If I didn’t, I would have fallen apart and I wouldn’t have been able to make good grades.
    I take personal offense to William saying that if a person bottles up their feelings they are weak. There are many reasons why a person would bottle up their emotions.

    If a woman is raped and she doesn’t speak about it for years because she was so badly traumatized, does that make her weak?

    If a man was molested by his father as a child and he doesn’t say anything until he is in his thirties, does that make him weak?

    I just didn’t like William’s statement at all. It sounded judgmental.

    1. I’m so sorry you had such a hard time of it. The fact that William is so thoughtlessly, irresponsibly, cruel while nominally advocating for destigmatization is absurd and highlights the importance of at least some training before people start spouting generalizations about mental health rather than discussing their own personal experiences.

      Some people need to talk, some people need to focus on other aspects of their lives. There is no “one size fits all” way to grieve. You only have to change your coping mechanisms if they start to negatively impact your life. And YOU are the only person who can decide if that’s the case. It sounds like you were able to successfully navigate a very difficult time in a productive manner and did not allow it to define your life.

      I keep remembering William’s “joke” when he admitted that neither he nor his wife did their research prior to engagements. I almost wish he’d stayed away from such a sensitive issue.

      I can only assume many of th HT partners are cringing as they hear these interviews.

  28. Hera…..you know you said you wish you knew more ore about the Queen Mother? I love these anecdotal books by staff. This is the second Equerry who’s done one and she sounds such a minx.

    My favourite story was when they had an unexpected fire alarm at Sandringham in the night. Everyone evacuated and they were doing the roll call outside. When asked if she was coming down her maid said ‘no but she has sat up in bed and put her pearls on’.


    1. Thank you for sharing that Mrs BBV. I think that is a wonderful story, pearls!
      I read a book on the Queen Mum I think it was called Behind Closed Doors and it was very interesting, how the QM actually lived. She really was a real character, God bless her.

      1. I was watching 20/20 tonight and during the commerical break they showed a promo for the last 100 days of Diana to air on may7.Martin Bashir is interviewing Richard Kay ,lady Colin Campbell,Tina brown and etc. think I’m gonna watch just to see what they say now

  29. I would like to “start a conversation” about whether all the recent sharing by the Royal Trio of their personal mental health experiences is even helpful to their cause. I thought Harry’s discussion about nearly having a nervous breakdown was authentic (at least at first). But when that followed with the W+K pile on, it all started to seem overly orchestrated and possibly unauthentic, sadly.

    1. For me personally, some of what Harry said in his interview earlier this week resonated with me because I’ve felt the same way. But it wasn’t helpful in the sense that it would help me deal with my issues. None of what William or Kate has said has resonated with me personally, and it doesn’t help me at all. But I don’t know what other people think and if it’s helping them.

      I think they should have spaced this week’s stuff out over several months. It’s all just too much to drop in one week. As it is, I’m kind of forgetting most of what’s been said because there is just so much of it coming at me this week.

      1. Agree 100% this stuff should have been spaced out, for many reasons. By rolling it all out in the same week, they have managed to grab a lot of media coverage. But that coverage is focused on them personally and seems to have brought little attention to the charities and resources that they are trying to promote.

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