William, Kate & Harry release Heads Together video series

William, Kate & Harry release Heads Together video series

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry “released” a new Heads Together video series called #OkToSay which sees various people discuss opening up about mental health problems. And by “released”, I mean Heads Together made a video series and released it, and the royals get credit for doing nothing.

William, Kate, Harry HeadsTogether campaign launch
[Photo is from the Heads Together launch video from May 2016]

The ten films in the #OkToSay series is part of the Heads Together mental health campaign. The films feature people from all walks of life talking, often with the person that they first opened up to, about the life changing conversation that helped them cope with their mental health problems – from anxiety, alcoholism, and depression through to loneliness, trauma, and bereavement.

The series of films includes: two moms of young children; musician Stephen Manderson (Professor Green) and Cricketer Freddie Flintoff; a journalist and her friend; comedian Ruby Wax and her husband Ed; two paramedics based in Blackpool; model Adwoa Aboah with her mom; a blogger and her mom; and writer Alastair Campbell talking with his partner, Fiona. The directors who have given their time to help create and support the films include Stephen Frears, Hugh O’Connor, John Madden, John Crowley, Paul Katis, and Sam Blair.

Alongside the film series, Heads Together published “the most comprehensive survey” of how people in Britain talk about their mental health carried out by YouGov – although I have not found a link to the results on the HT site. According to Heads Together, the survey shows that almost half of UK citizens (46%) have talked recently about mental health, with a quarter of them talking about their own mental health. Eight out of ten people who have talked about their own mental health found these conversations helpful. The findings show Britain is ‘opening up’ about its mental health but equally highlight some of the challenges that still remain. Men are less likely to talk than women and people aged 18-24 are almost twice as likely to discuss mental health than those over 65. Also, fewer than one in five people who have had a conversation have talked to their general doctor and fewer than one in ten spoke either to a supervisor at work or a counselor.

William, Kate, and Harry’s statement about the films:

    “Since we launched Heads Together last May, we have seen time and time again that shattering stigma on mental health starts with simple conversations. When you realise that mental health problems affect your friends, neighbours, children and spouses, the walls of judgement and prejudice around these issues begin to fall. And we all know that you cannot resolve a mental health issue by staying silent. Attitudes to mental health are at a tipping point. We hope these films show people how simple conversations can change the direction of an entire life. Please share them with your friends and families and join us in a national conversation on mental health in the weeks ahead.”

[Heads Together press release]

It was also revealed the Harry undertook a two day training course to help veterans suffering from mental health issues. A source said:

    “Through his work with the personal recovery unit he attended a two-day course about how to help people with mental health issues in the veterans’ context. It’s about mental health first aid: what do you do when someone comes to you, what words should you use, which direction can you point them in? It also went through the range of issues veterans face. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) isn’t the stigma that it once was, but it is sometimes used as a catch-all diagnosis when other issues such an depression and anxiety may be more appropriate.”

[Daily Mail]

Another engagement has been added to Kate’s schedule. On April 5, next week, Kate will join William and Harry in attending a Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey following the terror attack in Westminster last week. Families of those killed in the attack, together with other victims, witnesses and first responders from the police, fire, ambulance and NHS hospital services will also be in the congregation.

You can view the #OkToSay video series here. I’ve embedded a few of the films.

75 thoughts on “William, Kate & Harry release Heads Together video series

  1. How much more powerful would the royals’ involvement be if they had been in one of the films? The films are good – the bravery and eloquence of the participants is admirable. The royal connection/patronage is less so, and continues to detract from an important (if superficial and ill thought-out) mental health campaign. Destigmatising mental health issues is very important, but so is proper medical support. As my town is having its mental health facility closed, I’d quite like to see a high profile mental health campaign like this push for medical support, resources, appropriate infrastructure as well as ‘changed conversations’

    1. The three have issues of their own but will never admit it. The mask of superiority ascribed to anything ‘royal’ means that their lives must be intact, marriages and children perfect… poor mental health is for others. It’s complete nonsense, of course, but there it is.

      I’m not sure what the trio brings except recognition; they sure are not doing the hard yards. Nor do they appear to have anything more than a superficial understanding of the complexities of mental health in contemporary society. This is because their lives are so cocooned from those they supposedly represent. If you’ve never had to pay bills, look for a job, find affordable accommodation, juggle work with kids etc, go without, pay medical bills or wait for medical attention, what can you really understand?

      The charities’ work is excellent but the real problem lies in decreasing services for increasing need for mental health issues. As we’ve discussed in this forum many a time, finding the right professional support for as long as needed is the goal rather than a scatter-gun approach of just having a conversation.

      Does anyone know when money from the trio’s Royal Foundation will be released to the partners? They must be hanging out for it.

      1. +1000

        Yes, the people featured in the videos are brave and have done all the work for the lazy royal trio.

        I’m so disgusted with this trio of disfunctional idiots. As you say Jen, it’s apparent they all have serious issues of their own whether it be narcissistic entitlement, passive aggressive exhibitionism, or Peter Pan syndrome. Frankly, I don’t think they have a clue about mental health issues. But, hey, they can be as dysfunctional as all get out because they never have to live as adults in the real world. They’ll always be taken care of and remain swaddled in public funds until their dying days.

        1. With all due respect Indiana Joanna, Harry is a Combat Veteran. I am one myself. Unless you have been through a war, please refrain from labeling a combat veteran if you aren’t one yourself. Kindest Regards.

          1. I am a registered nurse who cared for seriously injured and ill veterans so I will continue to feel I can weigh in on Harry’s entitled status. Thank you for your service.

        2. None of them has grown up. I would like to ‘suffer in mink’ as well. They have access to the best, but believe themselves to be relatively faultless and not prone to peon type suffering. Every time they take the stage on this issue, I’m offended at the sloth, shallowness, foolhardiness and arrogance.

          Meanwhile Harry takes a *2 day course*, and still doesn’t get that it’s services that are needed, not conversation. How useful. Did any of them actually listen to these people in the video, did they really hear them? They bring first aid kits for trauma and think a plaster will take care of the wounds. Their implicit excuse for everything is that they’re there to ‘learn’. Like their immaturity, their MH cause is another example of failure to launch.

          1. I think it is helpful that he took the course. It may have only covered the basics of how to listen for certain words, but at least it is something. With him doing physical therapy with veterans, every bit of training helps him in learning to recognize the verbal signals that could otherwise be missed.

            Same is true with suicide awareness training. I’ve participated in one of those, and it was one solid day of learning how to listen to what is and isn’t being said. Just learning the most basic skills of words, phrases, etc. It wasn’t even the training of how to begin to help, but merely how to start listening.

        3. What comes after +1000? plus 1001

          I think Harry at least tries with his charities. I liked it when he remembered that little boy had wellington boots on his second meeting with him. He has proven himself. Both in the army and with the veterans. Kate looks very uncomfortable with people with disabilities. I remember the first time meeting a student where my mum did supply. Eye contact check, smile check. Well almost smile. But when he pointed out I had braces on my teeth he was pleased that I had a flaw too. Kate and William could have found time to attend. They are meant to care aren’t they.

      2. The irony in saying all you need to do is talk about your issues when we see them exhibit abnormal adult behaviour and pretend everything is great. Kate and Will in particular act like idiots in public and sadly are probably affecting their kids with their behaviour. Hopefully Nanny Maria can counter some of the dysfunction.

        It is simply lazy to not be a part of any of the videos. We know they have time for it. Or should when not shopping or in Verbier.

        Harry was at least smart enough to get PR to release info about his course. Will and Kate cannot even be bothered to do any kind of training. So lazy. This entire campaign is offensive.

        1. The PR backfired a little. I read some of the comments in the DM. People joked about Harry now being a doctor, and that he could be a surgeon with another week of training. I know he means well, but some of the PR statements read like Harry is now a professionally trained mental health medic.

      3. ++1000

        More the lazy entitled whiny and middleton, who hate duties, charities and helping others. Prince Henry admitshe is human, humble and show compassion care and kindness.

      4. The need for an infrastructure to treat and support is very very important. It is also a political issue and in this respect I think that a royal patronage is a barrier for the cause because the royal patrons can’t be political, they can’t push for changes in policy and state funding.

        I think discretely funding one of the big interest organizations for mental health would be a good idea. Give money to an organization that has clout to push the political agenda they themselves are not allowed to.

        1. This is a very good point that doesn’t come up often enough in these conversations. Health care and mental health care services is a political issue. The royals aren’t supposed to be political. So. Donating funds and encouraging people to speak out about mental illness + “building awareness” is pretty much the limit of what these people can do.

    2. Future Crayon, you’ve touched on something I thought was a major weakness of this campaign from the start. When advocating for mental illness support, one naturally begins to advocate for more government money to be allocated toward more clinics, more medical staff, new treatments, more medications, etc… which comes across as critical of the current government and current policies. And the royals cant or won’t be seen being critical of the government. So this campaign, under the royals, will never evolve to anything higher than “raising awareness”, making it a truly ineffective campaign. For HT to take off, it needs to ditch the royals and delve into the dirty arena of NHS policy.

      1. Exactly. However well-inentioned they are, their hands are tied. Still, raising awareness is a positive thing, a first step.

        I grew up with a parent that was severely mentally ill and no one talked about it. I was literally raised not to talk about it and that culture of silence was so damaging to me. I suffered my first depression at 20 and I didn’t know what was wrong with me and thus I didn’t get that critically important treatment since an untreated depression ups the risk for another and each new depression increases the risk again and again. Now I have to deal with a condition that is near permanent. If I had known more and known where I could ask for help, my situation may have been different.

        So I’ll not lambast them for being involved in raising awareness. It is a small but important step – and yes it needs to be coupled with a proper infrastructure, which is a political issue that they can’t address directly but I have already addressed that in a post above.

        1. In the hands of anyone but these reprobates, they wouldn’t be tied. If they actually cared, they would find a creative way around interdictions. It can be done. But they actually don’t have the brain power or drive/don’t care. It would be like asking cotton wool to be resourceful. Sadly.

          1. The politics of this is incredibly tricky. No matter how clever they are, the politics are in the way and do cause problems. That is part of why this whole campaign isn’t working. They may be raising awareness, but they are actively taking donors away from the hands-on organizations. Then they get to decide who gets what funding, which can have political overtones.

          2. Didn’t William just this week summon a Minister of the Crown to KP to lobby on the issue of ivory trade? How is that not political? And hasn’t Charles lobbied politicians, many times, regarding his own concerns?

          3. Yes, those are political. As someone (Herazeus?) has pointed out, they’re not technically forbidden from some things until they are monarch.

            William lobbying the government to give money to a private charity (EAAA) so he could hide from his real job for two more years? Summoning a minister because of something related to Jecca (rhinos and banning ivory trade)? Good example of what he isn’t supposed to be doing, even with technicalities. He has no skills in soft diplomacy and since he won’t listen to advice, he doesn’t understand when he’s going way over the line.

            What they are getting into here is, as others have pointed out, eventually highlights the lack of resources available. That’s politics. If they’d like to close up the royal shop, there would be 600 million more a year available to help the people of the UK.

          4. Maven, then they can lobby for NHS or other services. It’s not out of bounds, as per your examples. Charles and the Queen lobbied for their own personal interests eg transfer of the Duchy of Cornwall, exemption from complying with the Freedom of Information Act. So the Queen has broken that rule?

        1. It’s just traditional (and safer) if the BEF keep away from political issues but it’s not banned or illegal. In fact it’s a shame they don’t have more influence sometimes, regarding the ivory trade for example. Overall they’re a complete waste of resources because they mainly use their status for their own benefit and live in a bubble, protected, grand and distant, with people fawning over them and pandering to their every whim. Do they really, genuinely care about mental health provision or anything that doesn’t directly affect them? Of course not!

          1. And apart from all that you have said – 100% correct – they believe they are special. So the lavish resources diverted to a bog ordinary group of underachievers also props up their egos to a ridiculous and undeserved level. It corrodes what little character they have.

  2. It’s nice if people get help and feel better but I think this organisation does most of the work. The three royals are just patrons of course but it would be great if we would see them really involved, with passion and understanding. If I would need someone to talk to, it would surely not be Kate or William, perhaps Harry.Kate seems just to do it because she has to show that she works and William seems amused most of the time, not taking something serious, not a feeling that you’re wellcomed.

  3. Conversations only work if there is some9ne properly listening too often people end up more stigmatised and isolated than ever. People gain courage to speak then end up crushed again sometimes with disastrous consequences. The royals seem very ill informed.

    1. Perfectly described. More often than not people are discouraged and isolated in their suffering, especially within relationships. It’s a very unsafe feeling and experience, leading to further withdrawal. It becomes a double edged sword, and life emotionally precarious.

    2. This is what I alluded to upthread. It is important that Harry did get some kind of training, because you cannot begin to help until you are trained in how to listen properly. All too often the cues are missed.

  4. The royals’ effort in this campaign would be more useful if they chose a particular area to focus on for a significant period of time. Perhaps they could help raise money which could be used to fund initiatives targeting a specific group of people. I feel like more could be done with this initiative.

    1. Harry has been working with veterans for several years now, both physical and mental health. That is his focus. That W&K have tagged along for the ride is what is helping to muddy the waters.

  5. Harry at least attended the press viewing and reception of the videos last week. Will and Kate couldn’t even bother to turn up for that.

  6. The Mental Health First Aid Training (ALGEE method) is a valuable and wonderful tool & I personally think it should be taken by everyone- just as CPR training is widely available so should be the Mental Health First Aid. Another, good training for general public is safeTALK, to identify someone you know who’s at a risk for suicide, noticing the signs, opening up that safe conversation & directing them to available resources. Oftentimes, when a person talks of suicide, it is a cry for help and they’re hoping that someone notices and helps them to stay alive in a safe & healthy manner. So I am glad that Harry has the sense to recognize that he should do these basic training if he’s going to be a representative of mental health awareness.

    1. If Harry, indeed, took the workshop you describe, why isn’t what he learned, the proactive stuff, part of his schtick? All we know is that he was ‘learning’. Is that the focus then- his ‘learning’and how wonderful he is for his effort?

      Because it sounds like, to me, that this continues to promote the Royal Party Line, which is to make your suffering self insanely vulnerable to all comers. End of.

      1. Maven, I took a day long suicide awareness training. Day long, just to begin to learn how to learn to start listening properly. To boil a two-day training down into a PR soundbite? That would be dangerous IMO. He’d be stepping far beyond what he is trained or able to do.

  7. Prince Harry has vaguely discussed his time in the military, and the toll it has. Yes, it is vague and somewhat impersonal, but at least he has discussed some of his struggles. He also discussed his reluctance to talk about his mothers death. When he held that BBQ, at Kensington Palace, for Heads Together he said that he hadn’t really addressed his mothers death until a couple of years ago.

    Harry has definitely gotten more personal than Prince William or Kate. However, I agree that they could be doing more. It would have been nice if the royals were in some of the videos, but then the videos would have not been what they are because the trio (mainly William and Kate) would repeat the same thing they have been saying for close to two years!!! — It would have required effort on William and Kate’s part and we know they are not really “keen” on anything.

    The whole Heads Together initiative is something I still do not understand. What is their goal other than to “start a conversation”? I also think they need to work better with their charity partners (the organizations that are under the Heads Together umbrella). Everything seems to disconnected.

    Also, it is poor that William and Kate could not attend the screening of the videos, that they are so “passionate” about. Really, really poor.

  8. I think it is wonderful that people shared their stories on film. To me, the Cambridges really add nothing to this whole campaign because they seem ill-informed and just say the same things over and over about mental health. While I think Harry feels as entitled as the Cambridges, even though he keeps telling us he knows he has been born into great privilege and wants a normal life, I do think he is more interested in the issues he is committed to and has a desire to learn more about them. If this initiative was Harry’s alone it would probably have more focus and legitimacy. Having the Cambridges along on this campaign is like dead weight.

    1. Will and Kate add very little to this campaign. I will remember this the next time Kate makes reference to “our work”.

    2. I hate to say it, but I do think having Kate involved gets HT more press. I wouldn’t be covering it here if it were just Harry or Harry and William.

    3. I’m not going to fault them on this one. If any one of them had participated in one of those videos — especially William or Harry — it would have blown up and got into all sorts of things from the Diana days and taken the focus away from the actual message, which is talking about it. I think it’s good that they let ordinary people do the talking on this one, and let the actual campaign happen.

      Also, lending their name gave it more oomph that it probably would have without them. And while I will side-eye Kate mightily for talking about her “work” with it, I absolutely think it’s a great campaign and one of the best things they’ve done so far.

  9. I would like to credit Harry for taking the course. I wish that William and Kate would do something similar in regard to their particular fields of mental health. (William’s interest in how mental health affects men and Kate on mothers and kids).

    While I do think it is important for people to feel it’s ok to open up and discuss what is bothering them and to remove the stigma for doing so, I know, as others have said, that it’s vital that programs be available and that cuts are not made in mental health.

    Perhaps, they will see this and try to open up their participation in other aspects of mental health. I say, “perhaps,” with a bit of hope. I only “hope” someone encourages them to do so.
    Those who shared their stories are brave and will surely help others. They deserve to be thanked for their work on this issue — for sharing so others don’t feel alone and understand they can be helped.

    I don’t wish to comment on any mental health issues the trio may or may not have. Only, wish to reinforce the idea that cuts must not continue when it comes to treating anyone who needs help.

    Also, when we thank members of the military for their service — also first responders — I hope we do so sincerely. Everyone who serves should be given the respect and gratitude he/she deserves. Without dedicated service, where would any of us be? I am humbled by what so many do and have done and will continue to do.

  10. Shouldn’t the annual report for their royal foundation be coming out soon? I look forward to seeing how much of the funds went toward promoting these three (yet still labeled as “charitable giving”) versus the actual amount distributed in grants to the charities.

  11. I feel this is Harry campaign, but they had to include Will and Kate. Because they don’t want Harry to out shine, the Cambridges. The Cambridges didn’t attend any course, why are they doing this anyway?

  12. Harry’s taking that counseling course is great. I hope he continues and takes longer courses to be able to really help. He takes it very seriously, and this proves it.

    I’ve made it clear how I feel this HT thing is useless. It’s all PR for them, using people to make them look good, and act like W&K work and have anything intelligent to say. At least Harry does, and goes beyond the schlocky “we need to talk mental stigmaaaaaa” crap. I think a lot of it is them trying to get help for themselves with a PR campaign to cover it, like Kate going to things that only relate to her children’s current development, you know?

    About the Tuvalu thing that was mentioned – their budget includes money for the Order of Merit, so basically W&K had to buy their way to some order nobody knows about. I find this hilarious and pathetic all at once:

    New funding approved in the 2017 Budget
    Government has committed the following additional resources to policy priorities within the
    Ministry in the 2017 Budget.
    The additional funding reflects the impact of the increase in the Governor General
    Salary and Acting Allowance.
    Increase funding of $30,000 will be provided for Tuvalu Order of Merits.

    Taxpayer money used to give them an order so they have something to wear at State dinners?

    1. “At least Harry… goes beyond the schlocky “we need to talk mental stigmaaaaaa” crap”

      Does he, though? I’ve missed some Harry stuff, but in the HT stuff I’ve covered he’s saying the same thing the other two are.

    2. Kate couldn’t earn an Order herself (basically wait for one), so they are taking advantage of this budget line item to make her look more important in photos? Argh!

    3. Well, we were wondering what Kate had done for Tuvalu. Now we know. She – via UK taxpayers – has bought an award from the Tuvalu government. Why hasn’t a media outlet picked up on this? This woman is ridiculous.

      1. No. It is the Tuvalu government which is budgeting the 30K for the medals, not the UK government. I’m actually covering this in my next article. That excerpt Ellie quoted is from the Tuvalu 2017 Budget. If the Tuvalu government wants to give Kate a medal, then she is not ridiculous to accept it in the same way lots of royals accept Orders from various countries.

        1. Thanks for the correction, KMR. I’ll look forward to your post. For a poor country to spend that amount on medals is astounding; presumably it is to create interest in the country though its tourism capabilities are very limited (irregular flights, no resorts). Plus it could go underwater.

  13. While I must say that I am a bit tired of the “getting people to talk about their mental health issues,” thing, I will say that if more people are doing so and doing it because of what the trio is doing, that is a major plus.

    However, I also am thinking that more funding needs to happen and less clinics and programs need to be helped, so they don’t go by the wayside.

    Harry gets my thumbs up for taking the course and I am also someone who wishes that W and K would do something similar. I somehow believe the three are serious in their efforts, but I am not sure each gets the importance of championing such a cause. It’s more than just showing up to a few events, or lending one’s name to such an important issue. The people who shared their stories have courage and deserve thanks. They are doing

    Perhaps, W and K, even Harry to some extent, really don’t realize how much more could/should go into their signature cause. They may be basking in the glory of the success they think the Heads Together campaign is making. I am sure there are strides being made, but so much more could and should be done on such an important cause. Maybe, I expect too much. Maybe, we all do, but I refuse to really think so. They are so sheltered from reality and I am certain they receive praise up the wazoo, so, they start to believe that praise and think they are doing enough.

    1. But that’s the genius/problem with this campaign. Are people actually talking about mental health because of them or because of other factors? I’ve read numerous articles about funding problems in the U.K. For mental health programs so maybe people are talking about that? Or are people talking about if various other outliers that have lifted the taboo on it? News media?
      I’ve said before I think they like this cause because there is no quantifiable way to say if it’s a success or not and if so is truly because of them?
      Yes, we talk about it here but it seems like most of us would’ve been talking about in some settings regardless

      1. Mental health awareness had gotten some traction here in the US before these three jumped on board. Partially because our lazy media speculates that mental illness must be behind every shooting here, and mental health advocates have been pushing back. I think someone on their PR team realized they could jump on the trend in its beginning, and ride it to PR greatness.

    2. The receive praise for turning up so their grasp on reality is not going to be strong. But the cynic in me thinks they know they’re just skimming along, looking busy without being productive, sure in the knowledge that their PR will create the appropriate headlines.

      1. This has been my suspicion as well, Jen, all along. Just look at the endless and persistent string of lies from their PR. It never stops these days, this monumental snow job. It’s not cynicism, it’s perspicacity.

  14. This HT campaign is not cutting it for me. They’ve been saying “talk to someone” for about a year (has it been a year? Less? More?) but then they don’t suggest what people should do next. Also, like someone up thread mentioned, what if one confides in a person, only to have them use that information against them or belittle them? Then what? That person who did the confiding will become even more withdrawn and just torture themselves (mentally and possibly physically) for thinking they could trust.

    W, K & H should’ve been in this video but no, they want to let the public think that only others have mental issues–they sure don’t. Out of the three of them, Harry seems the most sincere because of his long-time involvement with the military and veterans. Will & Kate? Don’t make me laugh. I’d love for them to open in an interview or off the cuff but alas, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    Finally, and this is just me thinking out loud, but why haven’t either of them addressed the fact that family members of those suffering mental health issues also get affected? Have they and I’ve just missed it or have those individuals been lost within the cracks? I’m asking because I’ve seen it within my own family (my dad’s sister, long story, let me know if you’d like for me to post it). It makes me sad but I know that their is nothing that I can do to help until they are ready to admit that they have issues (not just the person going through the mental issue).


    1. The idea that family members are affected too is something I wish more people talked about in various subjects. I’ve never seen it really talked about with alcoholics, how the family members are greatly affected. As that is an issue that I personally deal with, I wish more people talked about it and how people can get help there. I don’t recall HT talking about family members being affected by a person’s mental health problem. I wish they would.

      1. Okay, glad it wasn’t just me who’d noticed this.

        Example: your sibling is a 36 year old adult and in a horrendous moped accident while on their honeymoon that kills her spouse and leaves her paralyzed on her right arm. She also has a 5 year old son via a former relationship. After the accident and immediate recovery, she has numerous surgeries far away and leaves her young son in her brother’s care for so long, he has to be enrolled in Kindergarten and her brother’s daughters treat the boy like the brother they never had. The surgeries are a success, the pain in the arm is lessened, and she even learns to drive with one arm. She’s unemployed but independent. She then meets someone.
        She marries again, everyone is happy and then she become pregnant. The moment that the pregnancy happens, it was as if those surgeries had never occurred and the pain in her arm is back to where it is immediately after the accident; searing and seething with no relief in sight. On top of that, when her son was just a baby, she was diagnosed with arthritis in her hands and she was such a heavy smoker in her teens and early 20s, that her lungs collapse twice before she turn 25 years old.

        She miscarries soon after announcing the pregnancy, tries fertility treatments (none work) and goes the adoption route twice. Her son now gains a baby brother (born locally in Massachusetts) and baby sister (born in Korea) and he is a wonderful caretaker to his siblings.

        Fast forward: it is now nearly 25 years since the moped accident that changed her life. She’s had other issues health-wise related to the arm (mainly, tripping over her niece’s foot while joining others in a game of basketball and no doctor wanting to touch her for a year and when one finally does, he makes a pass at her), and she now has gangrene on that arm, barely eats, is losing teeth and is overly dependent on drugs. In fact, she takes so much that if the person she was before the accident could see herself now, she would be horrified, unable to recognize herself. It appears that she’s only holding on to see her youngest child (and only daughter) graduate high school, which will take place this June. Her husband is, sadly, an enabler and, unbeknown to others, her nieces don’t like him and never have (he has a temper and other things bother them). This has taken a toll not only on her but her immediate and extended family. There used to be brief moments where her former self would emerge but those times are now few and far between. In fact, during Thanksgiving, she physically couldn’t get up and everyone had to go to her so that they all could say grace together. Her brother doesn’t even tell people that he has a sister.

        That woman? My paternal aunt. I know it sounds sh!tty but I’m glad I’m here in Tallahassee and away from everything going on in Tampa. My mom updates me and I’m very close to Madeline (said girl cousin) but it has taken such a toll on all of us, especially Dad and Nana.

        Stories like this need to be discussed.

      2. I’m on the record for saying I don’t believe this campaign will ever go beyond “raising awareness” for two reasons.

        1) W&K don’t have the work ethic to learn more. Neither will delve deeply into their mental health category (males/kids). Harry has taken baby steps to learn more about veterans’ health. Kudos.
        2) They can’t/won’t be seen as critical of the NHS, so they won’t discuss policy, financing, staffing, treatments, etc….

        I would restructure this campaign and start to break down the various mental health maladies. Maybe devote 2-6 months talking about 1 illness: Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar. Talk about the causes, treatments, life with the illness, resources (for those affected and caregivers). Of course, people who have these illnesses already know a lot of this. But this is the only way to broaden the discussion without advocating for change in the healthcare system.

  15. I hope this didn’t count for their numbers!
    First, as we said okay people are talking about it 1) are they talking to the right people 2) what next? Just talking about it isn’t going to necessarily make things better
    I was seriously considering working the U.K. (Sent in paper work) but everything I read, the NHS seems to have some serious funding/staffing issues . A nursing shortage seems eminent with Brexit looming as many nurses aren’t guaranteed they can stay. So soon they’ll be in iffy political territory if they start addressing shortage in funding and programs. which IMO can be a whole other issue
    Second. A two day program? Yes that is somewhat commendable buuut-it’s a 2 day program. I know you need to start somewhere but if this is something he’s passionate about why not enroll in some psychology courses? I’m not saying he needs to get degree (unless he wants one) but they tailored some classes for William so I’m sure they could do the same for him.
    Out of the three of them, I think Harry actually has a true interest for this cause especially when it comes to dealing with soldiers and ptsd. It’s a shame that gets lost under the ambiguity of the whole campaign and with William and Kate, who show neither a real interest nor have the compassion that is needed to go with a campaign like this

    1. I wonder if Harry could enroll in courses, I figure he could – I hope he does – but he also has no degree so it’s not like he can waltz right in. Can’t see as many strings pulled for Harry as there were for William who didn’t get the grades to get into St Andrews.

      1. Ellie, I didn’t know that William didn’t have the grades to get into St Andrews; interesting, though unsurprising. And from accounts, St Andrews had to push him all the way through.

        Harry would be able to do a degree, even if his grades from Eton were not great back in the day. There are options for folk who’ve not done well in the school system for a variety of reasons, via paths open to everyone eg a bridging course that helps build knowledge and study habits before going on to uni, as well as getting something called Recognition for Prior Learning that gives credit for prior experience. Harry would also be given assistance for his dyslexia.

        Should he choose, Harry could undertake study part-time, given his royal duties. Studies show that mature learners achieve at a much higher level than kids out of school; they have the benefit of having lived, grown up a bit, and know what they want out of a course. I’ve never thought Harry stupid, just not in a school that could best cater to his style of learning. However, I suspect he has other priorities these days. Nevertheless, the option is there without the royal card needing to be played.

        1. I’d actually love it if Harry went to college at this point! I get that college isn’t for everyone and that one can still be brainy and not need the degree and just the opposite is true (case in point William/Kate) it could be a great case of never too late to get a degree. Most schools in the states have admissions preference for vets and the fact that he’s Harry would probably open doors too. He could get a degree in wildlife conservation and learn about all the other animals besides those on Africa that need to be saved ?
          But I agree, I think he has other priorities now

    2. I think if he went beyond a certain level of training he’d get in trouble. Get himself in line for all kinds of lawsuits, etc. A 2-day training is somewhere to start, just learning how to start learning to listen properly to the veterans he is helping at the rehab and meeting through his work.

      It was probably announced to get other people interested in doing that training. But if he went beyond that, took psych courses, and something went pear-shaped with a veteran he worked with? They cannot afford what might result, the damage that could be done to an already hurting person, that kind of publicity or those lawsuits.

      Again part of why this whole campaign is poorly-structured and a bad idea. It seems to be W&K piling on to Harry’s work with physical and mental health for veterans, but it is too big and too much of a (pardon) minefield for them to be working in. Her first speech out caused a negative ruckus, fell back on dangerous stereotypes. This area is too important and too delicate for this HT campaign to be successful.

      What they should be doing is going out there and helping the professional organizations fund-raise. Not sticking their oar in, stealing the donors, and taking credit as an umbrella organization. But that would be too much actual work.

      1. I’m not saying he needs to do counseling with soldiers but get a background so he’s more knowledgeable.
        One could counter that they fact they don’t have the background to talk knowledgeably on the subject is just as dangerous and part of the reason it’s not successful. Their trite catch phrases do no good at this point.
        If you don’t have the knowledge what would make it great is when people talk about their own personal struggles, makes it relatable, so address their own issues with MH but their ever cumbersome need for constant privacy seems to prevent that as do their need to present themselves to the world that all is wonderful in their world. I guess lifting the stigma doesn’t apply to their own issues.
        I agree tho, at this point they should just stick to fundraising because I don’t think anyone really knows what charities are under the umbrella and part of the benefit of having a royal patron is name recognition so they aren’t reeping the benefits that way

        1. I think if he went further, into formal training like psychology courses, it would still end up as a political minefield. Getting some basic training, learning on his own. Anything more and he’s stepping into could-get-in-legal-trouble territory.

  16. I want to thank KMR and everyone on this forum who discusses mental health in such a helpful and informative way.

    I feel humbled by your resilience and your strength.

    I feel i am learning about areas i hadn’t given much thought to.

    I also feel that i am learning how i can help people in my life based upon your experiences and what worked for everyone.

  17. Regarding this filming (or any filming) including Will, Kate, and Harry more… Maybe, just maybe, the BRF is still haunted by this debacle from 1987, which was a charity event but made the young 1987 royals look ridiculous. I’m not saying that W+K are eager to work and are being held back by the establishment (lol!), but maybe there are more insider rules regarding what royals are involved in by way of events, especially filmed? Probably not, but I can’t imagine HM or Charles forgetting about A Royal Knockout anytime soon and the ridicule the BRF received. I do think these filmed HT pieces are better with the royals actually in them as distractions.

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