Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, Sophie, Letizia, Mary, Madeleine

Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, Sophie, Letizia, Mary, Madeleine

In this royal round up, I’ve got an appearances update from Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, Sophie, Countess of Wessex being adorable with some kids, New Years courts from Queen Letizia and Crown Princess Mary, and some cute photos that Princess Madeleine shared.

First up, the appearances updates: On January 9, Prince Harry, as Joint Patron of the Royal Foundation, joined the Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony Judging Panel at Kensington Palace. This was a no press event.

On January 17, Harry and Prince William will attend the inaugural Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony and will help present the awards They will also spend time meeting beneficiaries who have taken part in various endeavors over the last few years, as well as Henry Worsley’s wife and two children.

Also on January 17, William, Harry and Kate Middleton will “outline their ambitions” for Heads Together and “will open up the campaign to organisations to become supporters to help get the country talking about mental health in 2017”. Well finally. Finally maybe we’ll actually get some concrete goals from this campaign, because up until now there haven’t been any.

On January 24, Kate will make a solo visit to EACH’s Quidenham hospice in Norfolk to get an update on the progress of the Nook appeal, and tour the current facilities and will meet families who use the services.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, on January 11, visited the Ward Barracks in Bulford as Royal Colonel of the 5th Battalion The Rifles. Sophie visited them following their return from Germany. Six buglers from 5 Rifles Pioneer sounded a Royal salute before she received a Regimental update. Sophie received a posy and met young children from the Kiwi Primary School which is a 5 Rifles affiliated school.

While touring The Officers’ Mess, which is a place where families on the Base can come together to meet, Sophie met families and children. Sophie then took a tour of some of the equipment used by the officers, and spoke to Riflemen about their specialisms.

Queen Letizia started off her new year with the annual New Year’s Military Parade, Pascua Militar. The celebration, which is held annually on the Day of Epiphany at the Royal Palace in Madrid, dates back to 1782 during the reign of Carlos III when Mahón, the capital city of Minorca, was regained from the British.

The dress code for this event is formal, which requires a long gown, but since it’s a day event there are not tiaras or orders for Letizia. Leti repeated the gown she wore in 2015, this bespoke Felipe Varela teal gown with embroidery on the sleeves and down the sides. She wore her bespoke Magrit teal suede platform pumps and matching teal suede clutch.

Letizia switched up her look just a tad from the 2015 outing, opting for an updo and different earrings this year. She wore the COOLOOK ‘Sarin’ earrings (143,00 €).

I covered the Danish New Year’s tiara-filled Banquet, but there were two other New Year’s receptions which I never covered. I thought I’d throw those photos in here.

On January 3, Crown Princess Mary attended the New Year’s reception for the foreign diplomatic corps in a repeated/reworked gown from Heartmade.

On January 4, Mary attended the New Year’s reception for high ranking military, civil defense, and organisations. She wore a purple gown and cape from Lasse Spangenberg. The cape is the same one she wore over her gold gown on New Year’s Day.

Like the Pascua Militar, these two Danish receptions require formal attire, but are during the day so no tiaras – although unlike Letizia, Mary does wear her orders.

Princess Madeleine posted four new photos of her children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas, playing in the snow while on vacation. She posted the photos with the caption: “A very Happy New Year to all of you from Leonore & Nicolas!”

Princess Leonore Jan 2017 1 Prince Nicolas Jan 2017 1
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Princess Leonore Jan 2017 2 Prince Nicolas Jan 2017 2
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

PS. Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret‘s former husband, died Friday at the age of 86. [BBC]

79 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Kate, Harry, Sophie, Letizia, Mary, Madeleine

  1. would love your comment on the photo in ‘Hello’ magazine on the 4 Cambridge’s at the Middletons under the Christmas tree – was it real or photoshopped?

      1. It was in ‘Hello’ magazine – sorry didn’t notice the date – assume last weeks as I am in Africa and they take a while to hit the shelves!

          1. Sorry – just saw it in a copy in a coffee shop – and as it hadn’t been splashed over the rest of the media I wondered if it was Hello being ‘creative’! and felt sure KMR would be able to tell us.

          2. Sorry, I don’t know which photo you’re referring to so I can’t say. I haven’t seen the photo you’ve described.

          3. It was it the Jan 2nd issue – page 59 – and when I managed to download it – it is definitely a paste-up using pictures from earlier in the year against stock images of a roaring fire and and parcel laden tree. I am not a Hello reader – but do they often do this sort of thing – not very respectful to readers unless made clear that it is, in popular parlance ‘fake news’!

  2. I like Letizia’s dress.The photos of Madeleine’s children are cute :)The mountains look as if they spent their holidays in Switzerland or was it somewhere else?

      1. I just reqd that Maddie released those pictures in response to the pap pictures taken of her family on this trip. I really do wish the paps would leave them alone (her and all the royals that actually *allow us into their lives*).

    1. I agree, Letizia’s dress (and posture) are always impeccable and suitable to her role (unlike others one might mention)

  3. Sophie looks surprisingly good in fatigues and is always very sweet with children. From what I’ve seen, she takes her military appointments pretty seriously and has met her regiments quite a few times, both here and back when they were in Germany.

    1. She’s also visited them (the 5th Battalion) at least once in Afghanistan. I thought she’d visited them on one of the Caribbean tours, too, but can’t find any mention of it now.

  4. Love the photos of the children : it is normal photos with no retouch and not overthinking in order to make the children perfect. They are natural.

    I love this one that you had not posted :

    And I like the last article of T. Sykes :

    I love seeing Sophie in engagement she seems so charming and interested in her work and I love the earrings of Letizia ( her collection in general)

    1. Tom Sykes puts common sense into words. However, for two people who have never had to work at anything (possibly excepting uni degrees and Sandhurst) and who are having a difficulty understanding the public expectations around their public work, any go at a public work should be widely applauded. I agree that we need to keep expectations high for the Cambridges, but critising them for starting 2017 as they should is the quickest way to a one off. Most people would be loathe to repeat an action if they are criticised heavily.

      Regardless, from the reports that PW will not be renewing with the EAAA this year and that a move back to London in the cards, I suspect the Cambridges have been told that their halcyon days of hiding in Norfolk without the expectation of work are coming to an end. By whom have they been told this is the question. My suspicion is PC based on the antics at Christmas.

      On this thought, does anyone know when unofficial tallies of engagements started? I’d like to see comparisons engagement numbers between PC and Diana to PW and Kate at their respective life stages. So a comparison of PC and Diana when PW & PH were 3 and 1 to PW & Kate now. Although, the comparison will be off since PC was (and is) son of a monarch and the PW is a grandson of a monarch. Still I’d like to see the difference.

      1. I think what it was interesting for me is that journalists and some spectators are surprised that they work so early. And that just this fact is considered like a miracle: they don’t need to be criticized because they work early but they don’t need to be applaud because they work early. Don’t know if I am clear?

        I thin that the DM made an article about K and W work less than a half that D and C did… at the end of 2016. Not sure about the credibility of this article.

      2. The comparison based on rank is not a good one considering the idea of ‘royal work’ is a new one. By this i mean your comparison of William vs Charles based on son/grandson of monarchy.

        Some royals were/are more hardworking either for public reasons or because they genuinely wanted to work.

        And vice versa. And some didn’t work for very specific reasons such as Bertie ( Edward 7) whose mother Victoria didn’t want him to work and did everything she could to stop him working. Mind you, she felt the same about all her kids working and deeply resented and was jealous of any positive reports and acclaim they received whilst carrying out royal duties.

        George V and his Bertie ( the Queen’s grandfather and father) were hardworking because they recognised the need to use it as a way to survive. David, the heir, worked sparodically, but mostly partied yet no one ever told Bertie, the spare, to work less than David. Ditto other members of the family.

        Charles could have gone either way. Work hard like his grandfather and great grandfather or party like his great uncle and great great grandfather. He chose the path of work whilst William has chosen the other path.

        The fact that Harry and other lower ranked royals are choosing to work, duties or privately, demonstrates quite clearly that no one is stopping William from working.

        He has shown no passion for anything work related. Further, he is bored by the things he initially claims to be of interest and soon quits them. Without these royal duties and the need to be seen to be working, he would be a gentleman of complete leisure. I can say that with confidence because he has shown no interest in anything away from royal life apart from leisure. Everything else is just a dip in the toe then claims is of interest.

        William suffers from coming after a hardworking father and grandmother. We make excuses for him because it’s simpler than accepting that he is workshy.

        How many excuses have been made for Kate for the years since she graduated through to this year? Are we starting on excuses for William? A man who has repeatedly said he actively avoids his duties, who is often covered by Anne when he turns down invitations, not to mention the Queen’s invitations he has turned down eg Parliament – twice we are told he’s turned down that particular invitation. A man who barely shows up for his own patronages, not to mention the not reading his briefing notes?!?

        These excuses are all plausible, but they are not true.

        1. “We make excuses for him because it’s simpler than accepting that he is workshy.”

          Yet his *behaviour* proves over and over again that he is workshy.

          I can’t get over this it is so puzzling. Many people go down hard on people on welfare calling them shiftless and lazy no matter how hardworking they are or desperate their circumstances. Meanwhile here we have a shiftless and lazy bum whose welfare depends on taxpayers, but he has a title, so of course, he cannot be workshy.

          The continuing worship of a title astounds me. So are the endless justifications people make for 2 people who are midway to 40 years of age. The whole thing has been a real eye opener for me, both lazy, feckless royalty and idol worship. This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen sloths outside of a cage. I doubt that most of us have ever met or known people like this, so fortunate and yet so wasted.


            The headline of this article has now been changed to
            Full-time royal Prince William will do LESS than his father: Prince, 34, to end career as a helicopter pilot but he will not fulfill as many duties as Prince Charles, 68, because he doesn’t want to ‘elbow him out of the way’

            Which sounds like spin from Jason. I imagine William has had an almighty Wales sized tantrum about being pushed into fulfilling his Royal role. Those who believe that the Christmas antics of the Cambridges were as a result of some ultimatums are not far wrong IMO.

          2. I’ve just seen the changed headline and i’m having poor Jason vapours.

            Someone should be fired over that headline and not a member of the media.

            The original article had a somewhat sympathetic headline in that at least it acknowledged that he was resigning one job to work another (yes, i know…the usual annual bs article. Poor journalist who drew the short straw to write it)

            The headline changed article is damaging not just in the changed emphasis on less work, but the content.

            William imagines he can outwork Charles OR is so popular he can cause Charles to be skipped?

            That latter comment is why Diana was divorced. HM went ballistic over her making that comment in the Panorama interview and ordered the divorce pronto.

            For William to invoke that……..

            I hope they come down on William like a tonne of bricks.

            And if this was Jason’s doing, a firing is long overdue.

          3. Well, it’s years of constant brainwashing isn’t it? Each and every day, some media outlet is extolling something unique and special about W+K. The BRF has reach and massive PR. Even if it washes over you, you’d need to be vigilent and critical of mind to actively reject it. Language is carefully used too. The phrase, ‘young royals’ is used so often to describe the trio, when, as you point out, two of them are five years off 40, and the third is not far behind! It’s done quite deliberately so as yo give the idea that they are too young to take up the slack of whatever ‘work’ means in royal circles. And last year, the term ‘demure’ was often used to describe Kate, again smuggling the idea into our minds that she is some fragile, ladylike snowflake.

            It’s really interesting that people will make all manner of excuses for W+K, insisting that funding royals begets all sorts of good, while resenting those who have so few choices in life. I still can’t fathom why people are so enamoured by the trappings (titles and bling) rather than substance of character. We are not very evolved as humans. But yes, William and Kate are nothing but an impost, lazy to the bone. They have learned that (a) birth order has ensured that they have the upper hand (b) there are no consequences to being lazy (c) there is a PR firewall and any number of snivelling sycophants to mop up their mess, and (d) the Windsor’s will hoodwink the public out of money and duchies.

            The poor you mention – part from being work fodder – exist to be humiliated, to be ‘othered’, and police the rest of us into not becoming the ‘undeserving’ poor. Read some Zygmunt Bauman; it will become monstrously clear.

          4. Do any of us look at the world around us and think, “Nope, no problem, nothing wrong here. Nobody needing help, no more charity work to do. I’ll just sit on my derriere and twiddle my thumbs until people working for charity now retire in 20 years. Then I’ll get to work helping people.” ???

            The idea that there is nothing for them to do, that the other royals have grabbed up all the work and they have nothing to do? Ridiculous. There is always more work and charity work to do, you just have to get out there and do it.

            Also regarding rank limiting work (comment further up the thread), doesn’t hold up as others have already said. See all the other royals further down the succession who work more than W&K. Even when Anne outdoes Charles in number of engagements, overall she isn’t doing more for the country. She does her engagements, then goes home and pours her time into her private property. Charles does the engagements and things like Prince’s Trust, Duchy Originals, Dumfries House, etc.

          5. I think William could safely double if not triple his #’s and not outwork Charles! I think there is no threat there =) the fact that they try and say they can’t do more and that people believe it, is was is really disturbing

          6. ” Even when Anne outdoes Charles in number of engagements,overall she isn’t doing more for the country. She does her engagements, then goes home and pours her time into her private property. Charles does the engagements and things like Prince’s Trust, Duchy Originals, Dumfries House, etc.”

            Wow, notasugarhere, that’s thought provoking. It sounds like a battle between quantity and quality. I had no idea.

            Prince Charles genuinely has made a difference. The proof is there about his care in the causes that you cited but more importantly in his personal proactive engagement.

            Diana showed care as well, though more glamourous and not that taxing in terms of crafting a vision. So has Harry with Invictus especially. But bottomline, Charles put money where his mouth is- in the UK, and labours to make his vision come true. He seems to be the only one.

        2. Since this “move” won’t take place until August or September I imagine that W&K won’t carry out many engagements this year in order “to prepare” for their big move. And then of course, they will need to time to settle the children into their new surroundings and new schedules, so yeah, I don’t think we’ll see a big upswing of engagements this year, in fact imo, they will much fewer than usual.

      3. I would be very surprised if they moved to London full-time ever, frankly. And it isn’t necessary. Edward and Sophie, Anne, Andrew – they all appear to live outside of London most of the time and manage their royal engagements fine.

        As for moving for the children’s schooling, I also don’t see that in the cards yet. William and Harry didn’t start at Wetherby until 4 1/2 and 5 years old. I don’t see them starting their son there (if they send him there) until he is at least 5. They might start him at 4 1/2, but that won’t be until January 2018. He wouldn’t be 5 until Fall term 2018.

        I can see them waiting at least that long, or until January 2019. That gives their daughter one full year at the preschool in Norfolk before moving to the preschool at Wetherby. If they start her at preschool at a similar age, which would be January 2018. I don’t see them sending her to preschool Fall 2017.

        1. I agree. Since time immemorial Royals have had a second base for weekending, or their four days in the capital and three days in country retreat. All this is nothing more than page fodder to fill the pages in a somewhat quiet New Year. The off the record comment about William not wanting to upstage PoW is more newsworthy and revealing about Royal relationships than speculation about what William may or may not do when his EAAA contract is up in March. IMO the papers would do better to investigate what really went on at Christmas re. Sandringham v Bucklebury.

        2. Yeah, I’m thinking this is all bushwa. The only thing we know for certain is that they will find ways to avoid ‘work’.

          Bottom line is that Willy does not believe in the monarchy or his role. Worse is that he keeps everyone stringing along because he’s too greedy and entitled to cut ties.

  5. Sophie’s smile is heartwarming. I especially love the bottom right photo of her hugging the baby close. She looks comfortable with kids, as I imagine she would, being a mom of two. She demonstrates that being royal is not all about dresses and tiaras. Thanks KMR for covering Sophie today.

    1. I agree 100% rysch! Sophie is my favorite of the BRF! She seems to be so warm and natural with everyone she meets. Her and Camilla are the two members of the BRF that I would love to sit down and have a glass of wine and chat with 🙂

    2. She’s really wonderful, I love seeing Sophie at work. Mainly because she never makes it look like an unwelcome intrusion on her time. One of my favourites was the WI(?) event she attended with the Queen and Anne- they looked chummy and close and were truly enjoying the day.

      1. I like Sophie, too. The pictures of her riding into Buckingham Palace after her charity ride for the DoE’s Challenge were great. Her son had his arms around her waist and didn’t want to let her go. She has a reputation as being somewhat grand but I think that she takes her position very seriously.

  6. “Finally maybe we’ll actually get some concrete goals from this campaign, because up until now there haven’t been any.” IKR? In fact they should’ve done this when they launched this campaign last year. Up until then they were all “let’s talk about mental health and stuff but actually we don’t know how to do that so we’ll just do stuff with mental health and be done with it.”

    1. Exactly! You’d thinking when brainstorming twith coming up with this campaign that would be the 1st thing they would have done?!?

  7. Great pics all around. I’m not crazy about Letizia’s dress, but boy, her posture is so perfect it screams regal. It’s rare that I don’t like Mary’s clothes, but I think the blue dress (is it a re-working?) just doesn’t work. Like the cape ensemble though. Daytime formal events are hard.

    What could be better than Sophie in fatigues with kids? Her warmth just shines through.

    And best for last, Madeleine’s kid snaps, so adorable. This is what we miss of the Cambridge kids.

    1. Mary’s dress is a re-working and I cannot decide about it. I think the waist treatment is elegant and flattering, and she has it on 2-3 dresses now.

      The original was all the lace-overlay fabric, complete with jacket. It looks like brocade, but close up it appears to be lace over a smooth fabric. The re-working allows us to see the waist better, but I’m torn. I’d like it better if the top was the darker gray of the lace instead of the lighter gray of the underlay fabric.

      I like how the Danes rework some of their gowns; reworking instead of buying a whole new gown can be clever and save money. I’m hoping she ditches the short sleeves on her gold gown (also worn for New Year) and replaces them with 3/4 length ones. The short half-sleeves are too juvenile for my taste.

  8. Question: Why is Kate going to EACH to get an update on the Nook appeal? As patron would she not be updated regularly? Or is this one of her “learning” trips?

    Sophie is so wonderful with children. Letizia really rocks that dress. Madeleine is one proud parent showing off her happy snaps.

    1. Letiza has such great posture, she could rock a potato sack! I have a small picture of her tacked to my computer at work to remind me to sit up straight and walk tall and proud. 🙂

      1. That’s a brilliant idea. I might do that and put one on my fridge too.

        I love the fact that Letizia & Charlene are not born royal but in many cases shows more regalness than those they marry into. A great example of putting your mind and self discipline into achieving something if it matters enough to you. Ladies you are such great role models. Xx

  9. Sophie holding that little girl! How lovely!
    Leti in that beautiful gown? Smashing.
    Mary’s choice in gowns does little for me. I would have liked the caped number in a different color, though.
    The photos of Nico and Leonore are precious. Maddie is considerate to allow the public access to such sweet photos of her kids.

  10. Oh for the love of God, ‘doesn’t want to elbow him out of the way’? That ranks right up there with ‘I don’t want to outshine the bride’ crapola. Who on earth do these people think they are? There’s more than enough ‘work’ to go around, so many people need help and these parasites are making these excuses? I know a lot of people blame their ‘handlers’ but why does an institution supposedly awesome for the Commonwealth need handlers in the first place? Stopping now. Too irate.

    Since this covers other ‘royals’ I was speaking of the Cambridges and the ‘firm’, which I’m fairly certain goes w/o saying but saying it anyway:)

    1. Judging by the comments on the DM most people see that comment for what it is. I look forward to the EAAA colleagues telling their story when the lazy sod moves on. RAF colleagues probably are covered by Official Secrets Act but EAAA may talk.

      1. EAAA colleagues did start talking a bit in the beginning then their CEO changed to someone who is friendly with William. (I believe it was the CEO. I just know someone in charge now locked those stories down because they have connections to William.)

      2. The comment made by a co-worker about William was a rare moment of honesty about anything royal. Hope there wasn’t a witch-hunt for the co-worker; it’s a small staff at EAAA. With the new royal-friendly CEO, that would never be allowed to happen again. The Golden Prince can’t be tarnished.

        Was it inadequate number of flying hours or disinterest that William didn’t progress from co-pilot to pilot? Or is the pilot there as extra security in case of technical problems?

        1. You need to have and maintain a requisite number of flight hours to progress from co-pilot to pilot.

          William doesn’t have them. As we saw in Canada on their first tour, when he flew solo, he nearly flew into some trees which was surprising considering all the PR claiming he was a fully qualified RAF pilot.

          With that type of background, he should have progressed to pilot in no time, but remember, he needed extensive training with EAAA before they let him start in the first place which also demonstrates how little he did at the RAF. And he never progressed from co-pilot.

          1. And if he were a fully qualified pilot he wouldn’t have taken so long to get his license with the EAAA. He wouldn’t have needed to take all those exams and make up those flying hours to get his civilian license. It’s shameful, all the lies to cover for his crap.

          2. Thanks Herazeus for the clarification. It certainly provides evidence that William was not at work often enough to move up. Still, I see here and there, articles calling him a pilot. I imagine most people don’t know the difference or see the error.

            I had no idea about William almost crashing into trees! If his skills were so poor, he would have been a danger to people as well as to himself and should not have been indulged.

            It must be really hard on EAAA co-workers, former RAF peers, and senior personnel having to skirt round safety regulations and standards (by that I mean having to build in added precautions) to accommodate a spoiled man who possesses insufficient ability and an under-developed work ethic.

            And Ellie, I agree that it is shameful the lies that are told to keep this man’s ego intact.

  11. KMR, is there any chance you can also cover some of the engagement’s/visits carried out by Princess Beatrice. I found an article before Xmas about how she carried out 69 visits in 2016 but only 7 are classed as official. They included Forget me not hospice ( her patronage) lunch, chefs for kids cancer benefit gala, lunch hosted by the British consulate N/Y, the Oscar’s book prize judging panel & reception, English national ballet school, Buckingham Palace garden party for the not forgotten assoc. The Queen’s young leaders award ceremony and even a Centre Point Gala@the palace at KP with William – Kate wasn’t there! Bea even under took a 9 day visit to Nepal, India & Bhutan on behalf of a sight saving charity – also meeting the ruling Royal Family. Its such a shame the media doesn’t cover them more instead of concentrating on the Cambridge’s then doing nothing but moan about them! From the photos I’ve seen shes so natural, to me she would be a hard working ambassador for the country!

      1. So hrhprincessbeatriceblog.tumblir is your website then? Its really quite eye opening. I have to admit I’ve always liked the York girls since they were babies. By the way, I think a book about Bea & all her charity endeavours is a great idea – I think people will be surprised at just how much charity work she does already!

        1. Here’s the main Blog:

          Well, thank you for the encouragement. I’ve been working with an outline and with many notes, it’s almost overwhelming on all the info. I’m a bit surprised myself at how much she’s done for someone young and even as a young teenage/child she always seemed to think it was her purpose to help and spread the happiness so to speak.

          1. Thanks for the main address. Its no surprise though really, when she was young both her parents, her mother in particular used to take her along on engagements & get her shaking hands, presenting prizes & greeting children – similar to how Diana used to take the boys along with her. When I saw the article on the Indian tour I thought then how down to earth & hands on she was – then I found the piece you did on Bea/Harry. They’re so alike. Did you know that it was Harry that helped a baby Bea take her first steps whilst at a polo match!

          2. It was in royalty & Majesty magazines, if you leave it with me I will see what I can sort out. There were also pictures of William pushing Bea around in her pram as well.

          3. What a great idea! May I suggest that, as you sort through your notes, you create a list of questions for B. Then formally request an interview with her (I bet she’d be fine with Skype, if you can’t make it in person) and use her answers to guide your outline and rough draft.

            Best of luck with the project. I’ll buy a copy.

          4. That’s a great idea. She would definitely go for it if you say the book would also promote her charities & possibly a small donation to be made!

      2. @poppy, you could try emailing me at

        @graymatters Well, I did write to Princess Beatrice for Christmas. I did mention as more of after thought about my idea for a book that the main focus would be about her charity work and how if maybe the DOY office could help me out a bit. I have yet to receive a response, it usually takes a while. Or could be one of those rare instance where somehow my letter was missed, but the DOY office has always answered my questions, They even sent me a polite rejection once to the idea of Princess Beatrice having an official website. So, I’m sure they’d politely decline if they didn’t want to be part of the project.

        Although, I’m told I shouldn’t have mentioned my idea because if they reject it, I couldn’t publish my book or something to that effect. Not sure if that is true.

        1. I think you could still write the book, it would just be without her cooperation. Books have been written about other royals without their cooperation! I can’t see why she would say no especially if its helping promote her charities. The only reason she may decline is the ongoing situation with the gossip about official engagements & Charles – worried bout over shadowing the top 5!

          1. Will give you quick overview of info i sent earlier, there’s a main picture on back page of royalty magazine issue vol 8, no 12, September 1989. Thats a full page pic ( pap shot )of Bea’s first public “toddle” with Harry holding her hand. Can’t see a photographers name on that one. There’s also a smaller picture in majesty magazine issue vol 10, no 5, September 1989. That one is unfortunately taken from behind but name of photographer on that is Nunn – I assume that’s Trevor Nunn. They were taken at Guards Polo Club, Windsor while Andrew & Sarah were on tour in Canada. I have trawled through every combination I can think of on google to see if the pics are on the net but cannot find them anywhere! Let me know your thoughts please.

        2. Aww, that does sound so adorable.

          Out of curiosity you wouldn’t have the Tatler magazine issue Bea did awhile back would you? I’ve been looking to get my hands on some good scans for my Blog.

          Sorry KMR for hijacking your thread >.<

  12. CP Mary looks stunning as always…it’s clear that she knows her own style and what works for her – and the same goes for Queen Leti. The Royal babies are so precious!

  13. Princess Mary looks divine. Always so grand. Loved seeing that cape twice and styled differently (but then she is tge master at this). The second time it was a bit “too much purple” but her blue sash added the needed different pop pf color… Gorgeous Mary! (as always).

    Queen Letizia stunning, as always too – not a fan but I always recognize what a good job she does.

    Loving Maddie for sharing pictures of her kids and her good wishes for the new year. Leonore is one of my favorite royals and boy, she’s a big girl now.

    Sophie always amazing with kids… Doing her MIL proud, I’m sure.

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