Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince William & Prince Harry

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince William & Prince Harry

Here is a round up of some tidbits and articles relating to Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

Both Kate and William added two appearances to their January schedules: On January 10, Kate will visit the Anna Freud Centre (her patronage), and William will visit a Centrepoint hostel (his patronage); on January 11, Kate and William will visit a Child Bereavement UK Centre (William’s patronage). I’m happy that both William and Kate are actually going to do something in January, and I’m happy that they are both starting their year by visiting their patronages.

Speaking of patronages, William has a new one: William has become Patron of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund. The Orphans fund began in 1870 as an Orphanage, which marks it’s 150th anniversary in 2020. The Orphanage closed in 1937 and became the present fund which marks it’s 80th year in 2017. The first Royal Patron of the Fund was Queen Victoria.

Kate has been granted an lifetime honorary membership to the Royal Photographic Society. She accepted the offer of an honorary membership last month. Amelia Christmas, spokesperson for the Society, said:

    “The Duchess is a great, positive role model for anyone interested in photography. She has proved her own skills with her portraits of her children, which are not just family snapshots. We exist to promote photography at all levels, whether it’s with a smartphone or a more expensive camera, and we’re here to help people improve their skills. So we hope that this will be the beginning of a future relationship with the Duchess because she has such a keen interest in the subject.”

Honestly, it’s hard for me to get worked up over this, especially after Christmas’ statement. This honorary membership is a PR move on the RPS’s part to promote that they are open to having people of all skill levels join their organization (as long as you’re will to pay the membership fee), not just professionals, and in that way offering an honorary membership to Kate makes perfect sense.

While Harry was in Africa this past summer working with African Parks on their 500 Elephants relocation project, he gave an exclusive interview and photoshoot to Town & Country. T&C spent six days with Harry in Malawi in early August (ending when Harry went to his cousin’s wedding). You can read the full article at Town & Country; here are a few quotes:

    On African Parks: “I completely fell in love with African Parks because they get things done. They make tough decisions, and they stick to principles. I don’t go on safari. I come so I can surround myself with people [working in conservation] and support them.”
    On hanging out with the crew: “I love spending time with these guys. Night after night, chewing the fat around the fire, about the pros and cons of the legalization of rhino horn, or the historic migratory paths of elephants, or the population explosion on the African continent. And also conservation back home, which is hugely important.”
    On the fear factor: “I’ve done this a few times before. Also, I’m fatalistic. If something is going to happen to you, it will happen. And I have such a respect for wild animals that it’s a privilege to be around them. Plus, the army taught me teamwork.”
    On the local people’s frustrations with the cost of conservation: “I completely understand those frustrations, which you would have too if you were constantly, desperately trying to provide for yourself and your family.”
    On his relationship with Africa: “I first came in 1997, straight after my mum died. My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags—we were going to Africa to get away from it all. My brother and I were brought up outdoors. We appreciate the countryside; we appreciate nature and everything about it. But it became more… This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world. I wish I could spend more time in Africa. I have this intense sense of complete relaxation and normality here. To not get recognized, to lose myself in the bush with what I would call the most down-to-earth people on the planet, people [dedicated to conservation] with no ulterior motives, no agendas, who would sacrifice everything for the betterment of nature… I talk to them about their jobs, about what they do. And I learn so much.”
    On working together on conservation: “Everyone has a different opinion; every country has a different way of doing things. But I do believe that we need a regulatory body so that everyone who owns or manages wildlife is subject to inspection and rated on how well they look after the animals and how the communities benefit. I know I’m going to get criticized for this, but we have to come together. You know what Stevie Wonder said: ‘You need teamwork to make the dream work.’ I use that a lot.”
    On conservation parks and the future: “These are very special places, but they are islands with a sea of people around them. I do worry. I think everyone should worry. We need to look after them, because otherwise our children will not have a chance to see what we have seen. This is God’s test: If we can’t save some animals in a wilderness area, what else can’t we do?”

I get the sense when both William and Harry speak about their love of Africa, that they love it so much because they don’t have the responsibilities of being princes: they don’t get recognized, they are free to be themselves, they don’t have responsibilities to others, etc. Also, from what they’ve both said, I get the sense that Harry cares more about Africa and wildlife conservation than William does. I still think the “think of the children” line is missing the mark, but I appreciate that Harry understands why not everyone is as enthusiastic about conservation as he is.

[Alexei Hay for Town & Country]

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  1. Sooo as I was saying in the other post.. lol…

    I agree on the point you made regarding how they seem to think of Africa as an escape from life therefore responsibility, but at least Harry takes up responsibility when he is there. I was very impressed at some of the things he says about conservation and I liked hearing what he did when he was there, and the work these other amazing people put in as well. They deserve much credit, not just Harry, but I like how the article wasn’t all about Harry: it used him as publicity and gave time to the organization, and others who work with it, not just about him and glorifying him either. It gives attention to the cause, which is why I think Harry agreed to do it. That’s the sort of PR these people need. “Look at this important cause. I–we–want your help!”

    I am glad to see W&K are actually working this month however meager. I wonder if it has to do with the trial about the photos.

    The RPS thing, I agree: it’s to show oh hey look everyone can join, let’s get publicity! At least they are not claiming Kate is some skilled artist. She’s a decent amateur, that’s all, and that’s fine. The problem is when people talk up a royal’s accomplishments or hobbies like it is the end all, be all, when 99.9% of the time it is mediocre at best.

    1. I thought the article was very well written in that it interspersed the Harry quotes with lots of information about the project and quotes from other people working for the organization.

      “She’s a decent amateur, that’s all, and that’s fine” – Exactly. And even amateurs can join the RPS, which was the point of the honorary membership, as stated by the spokesperson. It’s not meant to say Kate’s amazing; it’s just meant to highlight the fact that everyone can join the RPS.

      1. I really enjoyed the article! I had to laugh when you posted this after I’d posted the link in the other post. Great minds think alike! lol I liked reading about the organization, everyone in it, and how they use Harry to promote themselves…how when he is there, he can really focus on helping and not worry about other things he worries about (ie being photographed and bothered without his permission, etc). I can see why it would feel like a safe haven in a life where you know 24/7 there’s always someone looking for you, wanting a piece of you.

        Kudos to Harry, Vicky, and everyone else on their work. It was great to read what really is being done.

        I do find the sycophancy about Kate’s photography annoying but I’m glad the RPS didn’t frame it like that, despite the media doing so about everything regarding the Cambridges especially. The RPS is for everyone, and sounds like a cool society to join if you want to improve your photography skill. It sure is an art. I’ve been interested in getting a nice camera and taking a class but the times are so bad for me! I hope the RPS got a lot more attention which seems to be the purpose for having invited Kate to have a membership. I’m glad they didn’t make her an Honorary Fellow; then I could get some people being upset or annoyed by it. Otherwise it seems very silly. Get annoyed they are not working, don’t get annoyed at the RPS saving Kate $150 for joining. lol

      2. I agree about the photography society’s hunt for new members. I thought it interesting that they pointed out how with cell phone cameras people are taking more photos than ever. I thought the Kate mention was subdued.

    2. “but at least Harry takes up responsibility when he is there”.

      He helps out. All of us would kill for this kind of hands on experience. The article is really about ‘how I spent my summer vacation’. He has no responsibility except to do what he’s told and I am sure he is watched over carefully, just as he was in the military. In return, he gets to have fun and be entertained. Like no one notices he’s a prince? Like he has no bodyguards around that campfire?

      It is good that there is some info about the conservation efforts but I really wonder how much difference it makes.

      1. Exactly. Has he ever tried mucking into anything in Britain? He got treated like normal and to do stuff in the Army, right? So why not try it doing something else. Let’s get real here.

        1. I hate saying this, but just how “normal” was he treated in the army. At the end of the day, even if it’s just in the back of the mind, he’s still a prince of the BRF. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still treated differently, even if he didn’t ask for it. Will on the other hand, I’d be more surprised if he didn’t use the prince card at all.

        2. Walking with the Wounded started as UK service men and women, right? And he also started Invictus aimed for UK service men and women and it grew. Plus the unreported 3X a week at MOD rehab.

          I think he needs to start a UK-based charity to do X in the UK, but again as a personal project not part of royal duties.

          1. He actually hijacked our Wounded Warrior games to bring it to Britain and then expanded upon it. Without the hard work of the men and women I work with he would have nothing.

          2. Absolutely. Without the Warrior Games Harry never would have come up with Invictus.

          3. Yes, he did. Thankfully he admitted it freely, that he’d stolen the idea “from the Americans”. There are a few other things I think he should steal as well.

            – the grant-funded program that trained veterans in house remodeling to make homes of the elderly more energy-efficient

            – the group that works with veterans to channel adrenaline into extreme sports

            – the Dirt Free Farms, Veterans into Farmers, Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training

            I don’t know if there are groups doing those things in the UK, but if not, Harry should get on it.

    3. I don’t think it is specific to the continent of Africa. I think any place that was refuge for them after Diana’s death would have been treated this way.

      For William it takes the form of Jecca as his true north, the one voice he might actually listen to. The person he seems to put ahead of his cousin, his wife, and his children.

      For Harry it takes the form of conservation work and continuing their mother’s HIV and AIDS work through the founding of Sentebale.

    4. BC is due to release the cost of the Cambridge’s Canada tour to the public on January 13th. If I had to guess, these engagements on the 10th and 11th are to deflect attention away from that.

  2. It has been reported in some of the UK press that the Doolittles did actually take time out from their self imposed exile last week to visit HM at Sandringham. I don’t know whether they took the children or not. Also Zara and Mike arrived on Boxing Day when a lot of the guests had already left which makes sense but I don’t imagine they were there for anything more than a few days.

    So it would appear that Willnot felt enough selflessness to visit his poorly grandmother. I didn’t include the PP in that as I thought he looked amazing on New Years Day considering he was recovering from his illness. 96 and still sprightly and dare I say it a bit faster on his feet than HM?

    Public engagement in January can only mean one thing……Mustique / St Barths in February. Either that or it’s time to get the children onto skis. ??

    1. It has to be Mustique! Carole’s birthday is at the end of January while Kate’s is at the beginning (in 5 days). I can’t see any other reason why they’re visiting a patronage now.

      I looooove that picture of Harry but I’ve got a feeling that if he and his brother had been taken to the Appalachian mountains, Alaska, small town USA, remote location in Australia, somewhere else after Diana’s death and funeral, he would be just as in love with the place for the same reason. I assume that whatever country he went to back then (psst Harry, Africa is a continent not a country ?).

      Also, I’ve read comments where Harry is criticized because his definition of hunting and conservation is vastly different than others (i.e. His is the “rich white kid” rendition while he has no idea what it’s like to hunt for his livelihood and provide for his family). Anyway, still love Harry and how he speaks so eloquently.

      P. S. Guess which birthday girl got royally sick during the night because she enjoyed dinner too much? Yup, this girl! Going back to bed!

      1. Happy Birthday, and feel better.

        Thanks for the reminder to Harry that Africa is a continent, not a country. This is neo-colonial speak, and insulting to the many and varied countries on that continent.

        I think WK visited the Queen (if they really did) because of all the criticism both about not going to Sandringham and not working.

        1. And if, God forbid, something happens to HM and/or Phillip this year, William will be kicking himself in the ass **and** balls for missing the holidays with her for the rest of his life and be publicly crucified in the press!!

          You’re welcome! It rolls my eyes when Harry (or William) just closes it over and says “Africa” instead of specifying which country they’re talking about.

          1. Many happy returns, Kimothy. And may the move go smoothly. including Missy settling in well.

            Wasn’t William on poor terms with Diana at the time she died? I’d imagine there’d be guilt there if so. You’d think he’d not want to repeat lost opportunities with an ill grandmother.

          2. Thank you Jen and yes they were on bad terms at the time (because of the press surrounding her regarding Dodi) and apparently, during their last phone conversation he said, “I hate you” and she told him that they’d talk about it when she got back. Sadly, she never came back.

    2. Many Happy Returns of the Day to you. Xx

      Isn’t it awful that we think they’re only working so they can get a holiday in? Mind you either that or the penny has finally dropped that the Great British Public are truly appalled at the way these two’s engagement tally is under half what William’s grandparents have achieved in 2016. Their were fairly mutinous rumblings in the press that whilst have been bubbling away since 2012 that had added piquancy due to HM & PP being poorly. Has anybody idea where the Royal Travel Agency is in terms of Kate’s holiday bucket list and what tour we are likely to see this year? I’ve not heard anything yet.

      1. To Kimothy, a belated Happy Birthday and a feel better message, too!
        Glad you celebrated and sorry you did not feel too well the next day.
        Be well and happy in 2017!

  3. I am happy that William and Kate are going to work in January! That’s a good start. They usually don’t start working until February (or maybe March, I don’t remember). Since its the New Year I’m going to be cautiously optimistic that they are going to put in more of an effort this year. I hope Harry follows suit. He currently has nothing planned for January as far as I know.

    I wish Harry (and William) would be more specific when they say “Africa” as if it’s one entity and not an extremely diverse continent of over 50 countries. After all, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean Libya or Somalia in the article. It has a very colonistic feel to it, especially given his position as a member of the BRF.

    The quote that struck me the most from the article was when the driver of the vehicle the reporter was in said something like white boys and their toys, try telling that to starving locals. I’m happy Harry acknowledges why other people, especially people living on less than $2 a day, won’t care about conservation. I still don’t think he or William gets it though. How could they? They have never had to work to pay the bills. I would love to see them work on projects that help with the local poverty. After all, poverty is the driving focus for why poachers do what they do. They aren’t doing it for fun. They are doing it to eat.

    All in all, I thought it was a very well written article. You can definitely see Harry’s passion. I think his yearly trip to do conservation is going to become a regular thing for him. It will be very interesting to see if he continues it when he gets married and has kids.

    1. If Harry and William actually had to confront local poverty within many African countries, they would have to face up to the damage that their very own ancestors had done to this continent in the past, which now makes Africa the impoverished continent that it is today.

      1. Colonialism and imperialism at its finest. I can appreciate it Harry’s passion for conservation. On the end the spectrum you need to see the poverty. The poverty and poaching to a degree go hand in hand. People are trying to survive. Yes it horrible that the animals are being hunt to the point of extinction. It’s not only poaching. What about the past of hundreds of years of hunting for sport? Rich, upper crust, hunting down these animals. They had a hand in this to. Where we are today. Also if William and Harry are so passionate about conservation then why they not speaking about the mass dying off of bees? Bees are a huge part of are ecosystem. If you do not have bees you do not have the everyday fruits, flowers, and coffee we enjoy so much.

        1. Eleanor, to your point about rich people getting their jollies by killing big game. I wonder if W&H speak directly to those groups of people about how killing these animals should be stopped.

          1. I can imagine that conversation. Don’t go off killing any big game in Africa. See ya next week for the boar hunt mates.

        2. That’s a really interesting point that you bring up. That is one of the criticisms brought up when the princes talk about conservation. Both princes seem to be concerned only with big game conservation in Africa. There are conservation efforts at home they could also champion. It would bring more authenticity to their work. My guess to why they don’t do that is that they aren’t concerned with conservation as a whole. They are only concerned with big game in Africa. And the cynicism in me guesses it’s because they want their kids to see these animals when they go on safari.

          1. It’s not just big game that should be a concern. They could try to expand upon conversation as a whole. Yes it a vast arena. So is mental health. Expand and broaden the horizon.

          2. I agree on a whole that William and Harry (and to some extent, the general population) only care about the charismatic megafauna in terms of conservation but any great conservation team can use that popularity to protect the ecosystem as a whole.
            I’d generally say that conservation needs to start at home, get the locals involved. Show that them that there is big money in ecotourism, not in helping poachers. Some countries have seen this value. The problem with Africa is that so many countries are the poorest of the poor, war torn, have major health concerns with HIV/AIDS epidemic and sporadic Ebola outbreaks. I understand that it’s hard to be concerned about the delicate web of life when you’re fighting for basic survival.
            I don’t think there is an easy solution; do they get involved with some schools? And why not talk about the deforestation and animal loss in the Amazon?
            I do know they come off as hypocritical as long as they continue their own personal hunting. If you care about conservation as a whole, you can’t just love the cuddly ones but also have to care about the creepy crawlers too.

          3. Exactly. W&H just want to look at the big animals and show the big animals to their kids. I mean, that is their number one taking point when they discuss conservation.

        3. Side note- my friend has 3 bee colonies that she lets me help out with. I get some of he honey at the end =) but it’s these urban beekeepers that are helping to pollinate the city.
          I remember reading an article in the U.K. About how they needed people to survey groundhogs! Why not do something like that? It would be local and it’s promoting the outdoors as well

          1. I can’t see W&H promoting bee conservation, although that is truly a deserving cause. Don’t Camilla and Kate use bee venom facials? To get the venom you have to kill the bees, lots of them.

          2. I read that they do. Don’t know if the article was true or not.
            I could actually see Charles more involved with bee conservation than the trio. It would tie in nicely with is organic and environmental work. I could actually see little jars of honey being served at Highgrove gardens tea and sold in the shop.

          3. I can see Charles involved in bee conservation. The boys not so much. I doubt if Camilla and Kate are having bee venom facials. I doubt they care. Charles has the passion and it’s not all about Africa. It’s in his back yard.

  4. Thank you so much for the Prince Harry quotes from his interview. I would not have known other wise. Wow he is just something else. Such heart felt discussions of how he truly feels. He is a good and decent guy. I can understand his love of Africa. I have so enjoyed quite a few books I have read about animals in Africa such as Born Free…etc.

  5. I think I am so jaded on W+K because we know there is a catch coming (vacation, clothes, etc). And it’s good they are visiting their charities. But what about the ones that get a visit once wvery two years? And the photography? Give me a break. Imho, they are grasping at straws to stay relevant.

    I love Mr. Rhiannon, but dude, please specify the country within the African continent. They are differences in regards to conservation and poaching among them. I do applaud and understand their love of them continent. However, it shoulf not be at the expense of their role in the UK.

    Thanks for the picture of Harry at the end, KMR.

      1. When Harry is talking about his love of Africa, he doesn’t specify a specific country, he just says “Africa”. I think that’s what Rhiannon meant, although I don’t want to put words in her mouth.

    1. “Gasping at straws to remain relevant.” Oh, Rhiannon, so true!
      I hope this is a wonderfully healthy year for you, dear lady. You have been through so much but have come through with shining colors. Good for you,

      Kate the photographer? I had to laugh. But, she and William are stepping up their game for January. I guess, as others have posted, that means a major holiday is on the way.

      Hoping HM is doing better. It is frightening for someone of her age to be so ill. I hope she is recuperating and getting the rest she deserves.

      Love the Harry words! Outstanding! He really makes William look even worse. And, he doesn’t even have to try. William is just so unlikeable. That saddens me, as I remember a younger and happier Prince. The death of his Mum really did him in and sadly, he does little to help himself and others. Something, his Mum would want, I am sure.

    2. “I do applaud and understand their love of them continent. However, it shoulf not be at the expense of their role in the UK.”

      I agree Rhiannon. They need to work more in the UK.

  6. I’m not a fan of Town & Country. The writers and editors constantly remind readers that only the poshest people get profiled in their magazine and most of the articles are drivel about has-been society people or botoxed aging beauties discussing the party circuit. And the quotes are ridiculous. “Most people don’t know how amazing elephants are.” I suppose if you read only T&C then you probably don’t know anything about elephants.

    I agree that anywhere W&H would have spent time after the madness of Diana’s death would be memorable for them. And good for Charles sending them away to escape. Good for H for his work, but still find his shooting of any other animals for fun disturbing.

    I’m glad Harry is involved with conservation. It’s extremely important. But the author inserts him like some kind of product placement because the article itself is pretty mundane. Nobody would read this article if he hadn’t been featured.

    1. But that’s what royals are for, isn’t it? He’s using his profile to draw attention to the cause. It’s important that they included many details about the project rather than just focus on Harry.

      I agree about the shooting animals part, and him and William are so tone deaf to how this sends a mixed message to the public. But who cares, their fun comes first.

      1. My point is that T&C is a hack magazine that needs poshHarry to prop up sales. T&C only cares about the posh part. I would be impressed if National Geographic or Scientific American wrote the article. Then Harry’s message would contain real heft.

        The only species T&C cares about conserving is “His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales.”

  7. I don’t know why her honorary membership couldn’t have coincided with a visit to a photographic exhibition or charitable project. Surely there’s some way to shoe-horn camera ownership into their mental health conversation?

    1. Lol (hope you meant that tongue in cheek).

      Yes, W&KM do tend to mix up their scripted talking points and sometimes in the most inappropriate places like when she visited Ben Ainslie but talked to kids about their mentall health when the kids were there to learn about technology and engineering.

      1. Well, that provides evidence Kate doesn’t prepare for engagements either. SMH. She and William are too useless for words.

  8. Well, the New Year starts off with a bang for Kate and William Work! I assume these visits to patronages will be quick and painless for the duo, but at least, it’s work. Light and easy, work, but to them, W O R K!

    I was glad to read in (I think) Mrs. BBV’s comment above that they did go to visit HM< too. I hope they did anda that the Queen is doing better. Of course, people worry and wish her well!

    Kate being cited for such great pictures of her children made me laugh. I realize this was brought up in previous thread, but come on, those photos were not great!

    Harry's comments were well thought out and impressed me. He is not afraid to talk about his feelings and he certainly does more than his brother whenever he visits Africa.

  9. What Harry said about how he feels in Africa is the most deep going thing I heard of a royal. On the other hand, it’s also sad that he just have such a deep contact with nature and the true life far away from home.

  10. This honorary membership? I see it as another poster did, get Kate into the news stat! Note that she didn’t join all by herself, but accepted the honorary. Kate could have scored some points by declining the offer, but asking that the organization give a scholarship to a more deserving person. Personally, I think that would have given the organization the publicity it seems to want/need and Kate some kudos for her generosity and humility. I don’t know much about photography but her pictures look pretty average and she has a camera that all but carries her to the location, points out the best subject, and then might just tweak her makeup and hair before taking the picture. There are quite a few incensed people who are not impressed with this little freebie. The sycophants are out there of course, but they’d be swooning over her choice of toilet paper.

    1. I’m struck that she didn’t have the initiative to join the society in her 20s or 30s. Maybe she did. But I doubt it given that she’s just so insular in her thinking and actions.

      1. I’m guessing the passive goose will accept anything with the word “royal” in it. Yes, she didn’t care about joining before but is that ‘keen’. And yes, they actually used that word. Again. Ad nauseam.

    2. “Kate could have scored some points by declining the offer, but asking that the organization give a scholarship to a more deserving person.”

      I honestly think Kate would have garnered negativity either way. If she had done what you propose, people would have said she was rude for refusing to join them and “it’s for amateurs, too, jerk”. So yeah, I don’t think Kate can win at anything anymore. I tried to write a post pointing out some positives and no one would have it – everyone just talked about her negatives.

      1. I think the problem is multifaceted but essentially people (me) have a bitter taste in their mouth from recent events. And don’t want to give them credit for things they should have been doing if not in yr 1 at least by yr 2.
        1) it’s the end of the yr, their dismal #s came out, reiterating that they do very little. 2) they skipped Christmas with his elderly and sick grandparents but then did a total stroll with photags in bucklebury 3) no Christmas card 4) after the Canada trip almost all my goodwill and hope for them were used up. They looked bored out their minds on most engagements, we learned (what we all assumed) that they do not prepare for their events. Kate rudely passed off her flowers in front of the little boy who gave them to her and they had some zoo museum delete the Twitter after the kids had been there.
        That’s within the last three months. So I’m not feeling charitable in saying that sending letters are a win. Especially since I don’t think she wrote them herself. Or that her photography has improved? That’s what she’s relegated us to? Maybe you truly find those hits but I’m sorry, I don’t.
        The only wins I’m willing to give her are superficial. That she’s stepped up her jewelry game some what and her foot wear has improved as well but she needs someone to unscuff them.
        You’re a better woman than me because until she shows that she’s made a concerted effort to improve than I won’t give her accolades for doing the bare minimum.
        If she even just stepped up her # of engagements I’d be willing to over look a lot. It’s not just for her either, William and even Harry as well.
        So anyhoodles, my dissatisfaction with them came out in that post =)

        1. Hi Sarah…..quick off topic message but ‘Squidgy Pie’ is Bubble & Squeak and as always it didn’t disappoint. Can’t tell you how touched I was that you remembered. I like the sound of Squidgy Pie though. Xxxxxx

      2. The ‘hits’ were very generous on your part, KMR, and I get why you wanted to go in that direction. Most people didn’t have a bar of ‘the positives’ because there was little to be positive about. Doing something is not the same as doing it well, and five years in, the bar keeps being lowered and our enthusiasm is supposed to increase.

        1. The speech to Sportsaid was particularly excruciating; the one with the trio was meant to be a solo but at the last minute extra microphones and lecterns had to be found. No matter, the speeches were inconsequential.

        2. The Netherlands visit was a ‘make work’ affair.What was the point of the entire day? What was the take away? The action point(s)?

        3. The interview for the Queen’s documentary was Kate playing her demure little girl act, where she could only locate the Queen in relation to having her own needs met.

        4. Kate’s snaps are okay, but unmemorable if taken by anyone else.

        The BRF PR machine is relentless. Nearly every day something is planted across the media about something royal. Most of it is tosh – like this honorary membership – where the subject is lauded out of all proportion to their performance and abilities.

        The point of the PR is to insert the notion of the BRF as indispensable to people’s lives aka tradition. They do great charitable work! They care! They are so much better than the rest of us! Bow down and keep paying for their privilege! And shut up, peasants! But in Kate’s case, her ‘work’ comprised c. 80 or so hours over 63 days from 366 days (2016). There was no demonstrable care or understanding of anything – think Irish Guards, boredom on tours, lack of prep, and no demonstration of being better than anyone in any way. Ditto William and Harry.

        So they get all the material goodies and forelock-tugging deference from people for reasons past understanding but it doesn’t mean we should also lose the critical ability to assess them as anything but the lazy, useless spongers they really are.

        1. All four of those points were accomplishments for her. Yeah, she’s not great but she did show some progress even if it’s a little bit.

          Trust me, I know how depressing it is to only ever have people tell you how terrible you are, and even when you’ve done something that is an accomplishment for you to have them tell you you still suck. It makes you feel like garbage. It makes you feel like there is no point to doing anything because you can never do anything right and so you might as well just not do anything at all and just not even bother existing.

          1. KMR, I’ve been there too and it is soul destroying, especially when the critique is founded on spite, despite or rather, because of tangible accomplishments.

            I only ‘know’ you from your work here, and it is exemplary. Have no doubts. I can assume, with confidence, that the work ethic and thoroughness employed on this blog also carries into whatever else you do. So stand tall.

          2. KMR, I understand your frustrations and often feel guilty about being so dismissive of KM. I too have a narcissistic mother who even to this day when no one is around (because she needs to appear saintly) will get insane and berate and accuse me of off the wall stuff. And she is incredibly shallow. I have limited contact with her. But that’s been our relationship my entire life. So I do understand.

            But I agree with Jen as to why I don’t find anything positive about KM. At least you have accomplished something great by surpassing the British press in your reporting of the royal family with your blog. And most likely without financial help from outside resources.

            What has KM achieved without direct help from her mother, the BRF, the sycophants? Nothing. She is a cypher. She’s had years to show interest, but instead has been passive aggressively avoiding work all the while receiving millions in pounds of spoils. She is not interested in anything except taking. She is rude to people. She exhibits infantile behaviour and is reckless in her exhibitionism. If she had simply attended a few ribbon cutting ceremonies 3 or 4 times a week since her marriage she would not be held in as much contempt. But she shows no insight re: her public role nor any comprehension about who pays for her lifestyle. That is the mark of a very petulant adolescent.

          3. I do think a lot of us get too negative and I am trying not to be because that is, as you’ve said, rather soul destroying. I think people complain here because it is a safe space to do so, where usually criticizing royalty–especially the Cambridges–is verboten elsewhere and can even get you banned in places, even if it is well meaning and eloquent.

            I like that you did a thing about hits and misses and focused on the hits because it is good Kate spoke more and we all wish she did, it’s just the muddled message that is disappointing. When one can give so much but chooses not to, it frustrates.

            I hope this year is different for all the royals as a lot of them are pretty lazy, honestly. Though I sure wouldn’t mind having more talk about the awesomeness of Felipe and Letizia as an antidote!

            Big hugs, KMR. You are fantastic, and so is this blog! I’m glad I can post here and have made friends here. It’s lovely.

          4. I agree with Jen, you can be proud of this blog. I know it’s not the same as a parent’s approval but it’s a job well done still.=)
            I don’t want to be an I hate Kate and all she does type of person and until the Canada trip, I used to find one positive with every outing. I just can’t any more.
            To me the hits/misses are as subjective as art or beauty. Okay, they were hits for you but not so much for me.
            I think it’s funny that you picked her photography skills as a hit when essentially that’s a leisure activity. So to me, that’s rewarding bad behavior. When one has over 300 days off out of the yr, I’d hope they would be accomplished at something. Instead of her honing her photog skills I’d rather her work on her public speaking or ya know, work.
            All of her misses aren’t so insurmountable that she shouldn’t have been able to accomplish them this year. She either doesn’t see the need for improvement or she just can’t be bothered. Both are problematic for me.
            I still appreciate your outlook tho =)

          5. There is a standard in society that is the cultural norm for expectations about people and their behaviour. There are norms for work and professionalism, for relationships of all sorts.

            With due respect, as I understand it, the standard you are setting for Kate is not for an adult, and is meant to be therapeutic in some manner. Even though we know nothing about Kate personally except for her behaviour.

            Implicitly she is being infantilised by this abnormal (away from the norm) standard, and the implicit message is that in some way *she* is abnormal and thus, we should take extra care and not judge her by normal standards.

            The problem with the BRF and the Midds is that no one treats her like a grown up and there are no consequences, just endless ‘encouragement’ which in her case, is in fact, enabling. Using one’s own experience to assess her behaviour tells us nothing about her, just about you. She really is just a cipher and we only have her behaviour to hold to standard. If we knew her personally it might be another question.

            We are criticising her behaviour for we don’t know her at all, though we can guess a lot about her and her personality that is simply common sense or predictable.

            I understand that you want to give her the benefit of the doubt (therapeutic view), but at some point, she is what she is and it’s not pretty by normal standards and the probability is it’s not going to change.

          6. Then, honestly, what’s the point in following Kate if she’s never going to change and she just makes us angry? Why bother caring enough to follow her and comment on her? All she does is bring negativity into our lives, and she’s never going to change, so wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we just stopped caring? I think it would. It’s not worth our time if we get nothing out of it but negativity.

        2. Well, I guess, KMR, everyone follows her for different reasons. What you perceive as negativity is merely a critique to others. It’s not just negativity because there is thought and reason behind it. It is not vitriol. And let’s face it, a lot of what the Cambs do is outrageous. Should we deny it? They keep giving us the ammo, and I am sure none of us expected it to go this way.

          From my perspective this site has become very robust and the thoughtful comments and critiques are a major draw. You can go to other sites where people are happy to elevate Kate. Secondly, people do give her pats on the back for a few things, usually visual. They also often rave about others, are way positive, just not where The Great Disappointment is concerned.

          Thirdly, I think this has become so much bigger than just about Kate. Basically, the Cambs have inadvertently blown up royal behaviour and we finally get a peek behind the door and behind the excessive PR. We now follow the dynamics in this nasty dance of the BRF v the rest of the world. It’s a blog like this, with terrific *reporting* that has opened the eyes of many.

          If people want to espouse a therapeutic view, that’s fine. They do that on other sites a lot. I understand it, I just don’t buy it and I guess some others don’t either but no one is stopped from espousing it. We all are entitled to our opinions and that’s the best thing about this site. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

          1. For me, the draw is the blog itself, the commenters, the insight I get about the royal family (from people who know a great deal about the royals such as Herazeus), the cleverness and outrage of Jen who lives in a Commonwealth country, the online community. Personally, W, KM, and H don’t affect my life at all. I guess it’s the sum of the parts which is KMR.

            The blog is much more than about KM. You’ve created something quite extraordinary.

          2. I couldn’t articulate it better, Maven.

            Together with the robust, warm and thoughtful comments on this site, your third point is a significant draw for me: the collision of a recalcitrant William and Kate with an all-pervasive PR machine charged with both patching up major missteps and keeping the ‘fairy-tale’ alive. It’s even more interesting when placed against the current zeitgeist prodding privilege in all its guises.

            Critique does not equal negativity; in this case, it would be derelict to do anything but critically unpack the PR narrative that relentlessly praises Kate. Where some may see an unconfident woman afraid to tackle anything for fear of failure, I observe a
            Kate who exhibits a ‘learned helplessness’ as a shield to critique. The little girl voice, ‘William is so kind and sweet to me’ (2012), deferring to William in not being able to press a damn button (WTF) or sign her name without approval all infer fragility. And the fragile can hardly be held accountable; it would be mean. Negative. Kate is rewarded and avoids facing her demons.

          3. I don’t think all that highly of the Cambridges but I don’t consider them outrageous either especially when compared to the likes of Edward VII, Edward VIII, Edward VIII’s brothers prior to their marriages and Queen Victoria’s wicked uncles. They also pale in comparison to William’s own parents, William’s uncle Andrew, his ex-wife and William’s great aunt Margaret.

            A big factor in the intense scrutiny the Cambridges get is the times we live in, namely the internet age where cyber coffee klatches are formed and people “gather” to discuss royals, celebrities, other public figures and topics that interests them. If this type of internet had been around in at the height of the War of the Wales or during court cases involving Edward VII, the royals would be breaking the internet a few times each year. IMO the current environment is as much if not more about us (the cyber coffee klatch) than them.

          4. I agree with all of this.
            I completely appreciate all the work KMR does with the blog, including the tiara info which I never really followed before, but the major lack of work ethic exhibited by W and K is so outrageous it really does need to be called out every day. The constant excuses and sad attempts at PR may fool some, but it is fooling fewer and fewer people as these 35 year olds continue to do little of value and receive so much in return.

            I still like Harry and think that he has actually done some good work, with IG, while I acknowledge he isn’t perfect and only really “works” in the royal family way, which isn’t really arduous work. But his brother can’t even pull that off.

            Even if it’s negative, venting about the lazy duo is still less depressing than whatever the crazy Cheeto is doing, so it is still positive in a way.

  11. “Africa” is a series of holidays with little accountability for Harry, that is all. And he gets to camp out and bum around with the ‘boys’ chewing the fat around a campfire. And he doesn’t have to pay for it!

    “To not get recognized, to lose myself in the bush….”

    You could do that on all the thousands and thousands of acres your granny owns across several countries. But of course, they don’t entertain you there.

    “And I have such a respect for wild animals that it’s a privilege to be around them.”

    Tell that to all the innocent creatures like wild boars, the pheasants, the grouse, the little birds, the large deer, and G-d knows what else. Your respect is conditional. Freaking hypocrite, this makes me so mad. Boyo is full of privilege and clueless. The more he speaks the less I like him.

    Did anyone notice that Harry prefers “Africa” to the UK? Could he make his disdain for all things UK any plainer? Now wonder he barely spends time there. He’d rather be anywhere but there and it’s not because he can’t be himself. It’s because he’s accountable for his time and has some duties and can’t spend all his time being the aristo wastrel he is.

    1. I agree with every point you made. The people if the UK have given him so much privilege. You’d think he and his brother could at least fake like they have appreciation for it. The whole reason he can go play with the animals in the Bush is because the people of the UK pay for his entire existence.

    2. I agree Maven. That’s why one of the things I said on the “Predictions” post is that I want Harry to work more in the UK. Sometimes I feel like Africa is Harry’s Disneyland, he speaks about it in terms of a vacation.

      Totally agree with him being a hypocrite. I just can’t reconcile pictures of Harry hugging a rhino with the fact that he went on a shoot ’em up trip to Bavaria. Harry and William are both hypocrites.


    I hesitate to share this article because I know whenever Meghan is mentioned it can be divisive, but…

    How hard would it be for Meghan to tell her brother to shut up? This is tacky and embarrassing. I didn’t say anything the last time he spoke, but this is too much now. Get this guy an NDA Meghan! Good grief. Obviously Meghan is close to her father, she posted a picture of him holding her as a baby on her Instagram on Father’s Day this year. So Meghan, tell your dad to tell your brother to be quiet or it will ruin any chance of a future with Harry. The one thing a royal girlfriend and her family need to be above all other things is discreet. Blugh.

    1. Yes she does. Unless that blind gossip piece from about a week ago was correct and this is part of a PR campaign to revamp her image. Who knows? I stand by my original assessment that the PR handling of this relationship by Harry and Meghan has been so bizarre.

      Though it does bring up an interesting side point. It says he met her father 6 months ago while he was in Toronto. There weren’t any reports in July that he was in Toronto which means he went there secretly. It again brings to light just how many secret vacations William, Kate, and Harry take. I have a feeling Harry isn’t going to like all his secret vacations being outed. It’s going to reflect just as poorly on him as it does William and Kate, especially if there is no increase seen in his official duties.

    2. Why do you think she has any control over what her brother says? She’s supposed to slap an NDA on her brother? Because he wouldn’t just run to a news outlet and tell everyone what she’d tried to do?

      A royal girlfriends family must be discreet? Have you heard of the Middletons?

      1. The Middletons never were this bad. James Middleton never gave an interview about how William met his dad when Will and Kate first started dating at St Andrews.

        KMR has also made statements on Twitter and in the comments on this blog about how they should NDA these relatives so it can be done and I am not the only person who feels this way. This is getting ridiculous now. Every couple of weeks her brother and/or sister gives interviews about her. Meghan had no problem getting an attorney’s advice when she helped Harry write that statement. Why can’t she get a lawyer to help her get her family under control? Unless Carter is right and Meghan actually wants her brother to speak to the press. But if you look at what most people have to say this is not helping her image and is only making her family look more indiscreet.

        1. Say what you want about the Middletons, but no they were never this blatant. They didn’t sell old photos of Kate to the press 6 months into the relationship, and her siblings weren’t giving on the record interviews about how William was meeting their parents.

          I don’t know Meghan or Harry so obviously I do not know how much either of them care about her family giving on the record interviews and releasing pictures of her. Only time will tell if this ends up affecting their relationship.

          1. Yeah, the Midds may have called the paps on themselves and leaked info to the press, but they never sold old photos of Kate or gave on the record interviews. As much as we dislike Kate’s family they have not acted the same way as Meghan’s family.

          2. I don’t know how she can control her adult siblings. She can’t be blamed for that.

            And while the Middletons were more discreet, they still use the royal connection as much as they can which is actually tarnishing the image of the BRF. The parallel court was a far bigger deal to the future of the monarchy than rogue relatives giving an interview.

            The Middletons also have enough power to hide their connections to the DM and the sketchy Uncle Gary stuff. MM doesn’t have that clout.

          3. The Middleton’s outwitted and outplayed everyone. They also had the ‘home ground’ advantage of understanding how the aristocracy worked and mimicked that to the letter. To give context, I think Kate only told Pippa in the early stages. The Middleton’s are a tight, insular unit and that’s why they got what they went after.

            Meghan and Harry would have been wiser to keep the relationship quiet from everyone, especially, to be fair, from all the ‘friends’ who were quoted well before Meghan’s family. She could have asked them to not speak to anyone out of family loyalty but they are clearly not run by a Carole!

        2. The Middletons have always been far worse, from taking royal discounts, demanding freebies, selling royal-themed party tat related to things in KM’s life after the wedding, the games around the first public (drunken kiss) between W&K knocking the Uncle Gary sting operation off the front page, and their close relationships with certain paps and reporters.

          Meghan Markle has two older half siblings, a generation away from her. She doesn’t appear to have much of a relationship with either of them. Those two people have chosen to go to the press to make money or try to defend her, we really don’t know.

          None of this is her fault and all of it is out of her control. If she went after any of them for an NDA, they might sell the story of her trying to do that to the press.

          As I said elsewhere, I’d rather read his harmless comments about his little half-sister the potential princess than Uncle Gary’s comments about Kate Middleton’s prowess in the bedroom.

          The Markle family, in all of is extended craziness, has thousands of miles to go before getting anywhere near the Middleton shenanigans of the last 20 years.

          1. NOTA I’m with you completely on your views on MM and her family. I really don’t understand the venom shown against her.
            I’m British and I would rather her than Kate. She’s a normal human being, she works , she has rent/mortgage to pay, she does some charity work and like so many normal people she has some difficult family relations. Is she perfect? Obviously not, but I like her, from what little I know.
            Mixed race, American, divorced… great , 21st century princess and she wouldn’t be the first 21st century person to make a successful transition to royal life. I’m a huge fan of Leti for eg.

          2. I guess I sympathize with MM here because I know that if I were ever in a similar situation I would have some crazy relatives go to the press and make up stuff. Not immediate family, but lots of cousins and some are weirdos. You don’t choose your family, only your friends.

    3. Like I said before, I think we will have to keep an eye out for PH and not in a good way He seems to have visited toronto quite a few times He probably takes as many vacations just as any other member of that family. If I were raised in their position I’m sure I’d live that same privileged life. However I think the younger working royals should really learn how to balance privileges and duty. I wish they’d be open about such things so that lines wouldn’t be blurred like it happened awhile ago with PH and visits to the caribbean and toronto.

      I think part of the reason W&K to an extent PH privileges rub m the wrong is because they try act so normal , when clearly they are not like us. Even, if if they did have that life I think they would miss their privileges. They should embrace what they were born into than trying to be something they are not. They are royal and are not normal people, their children will not be normal. They will always have a duty to their country wether they like it or not. and the sooner they understand that, I think things would be easier for them rather than have to run away.

    4. Well, according to her estranged (and equally mouthy) half-sister, the brother hasn’t been in contact with Meghan since she was a child and isn’t particularly close to his Dad. So he doesn’t actually know anything. And given the estrangement, Meghan and her dad aren’t in a position to tell the brother what to do. I imagine any attempt to muzzle him could make an already fraught situation worse.

  13. ”AFP January 3, 2017
    Nanterre (France) (AFP) – The trial of six media representatives over the publication of topless photos of Prince William’s wife Catherine in France that caused a scandal in Britain was on Tuesday delayed until May.

    The lawyer for two agency photographers, who only recently took over the case, obtained the four-month delay in order to prepare the defence.”

    >> Isn’t this near the sister’s wedding date?

      1. The dm had a tiny article yesterday saying it had started, but i guess it started long enough for the defence to obtain delay.

        The DM article had these two quotes from lawyers(paraphrasing):

        For the Cambridges:”…..the cambridges were furious at being photographed at an intimate moment of marriage…..”

        For the paps”…….the cambridges were naked in full view of hotel staff and the road….”

        I think that prediction that the more salacious photos will be discussed publicly may be fulfilled.

        1. What I still want to know is why either of them thought it was acceptable to have an ‘intimate moment of marriage’ outside when there were staff and Royal Protection Officers inside and on the property. I think we all know she was giving him oral sex but to be so brazen that they could have mortified another member of staff that encountered them demonstrates that they neither cared if they got seen, they didn’t care about who caught them would likely feel. Being snapped by the press is the least of their crimes. Once again it just smacks of not giving a damn about anybody but themselves. I guess ‘don’t frighten the horses’ ever occurred to them such is the level of narcissism being exhibited here.

          1. I think we can safely say they both are exhibitionist to some point. If my dress flew up and I flashed the world, I would be so mortified that I would do everything I could to ensure that it never happened again. Yet Kate has repeatedly had the same “mishaps”

          2. There is enough evidence of ongoing exhibitionism to suggest that they blatantly get off on public exposure – as we have seen more than a dozen times from Kate – and now, performing oral sex in view of people who are obligated to protect them, but can’t protest. It’s all a bit of a power game too, I suspect, making their RPOs uncomfortable.

            THE DM is being coy with its article. I checked it again just now to see what the public comments were like, and only 9 comments are up, the same as yesterday, all heavily moderated. Clearly, the screws are on not to reveal much, including why W+K were there is the first place instead of attending the Paralympics or the excuse given for blowing off the Games, prepping for their Malaysian tour.

          3. Oh my gosh….Do y’all really think that they have pictures of oral sex? I honestly never knew that until I read what you guys had to say in the comments on KMR. If those pictures come to light it would be a hell of a lot worse than Sarah Ferguson and the toe incident with that Texan.

            I have for a very long time been convinced that Kate is an exhibitionist. What with her time as Kate “Middlebum” at school, the strutting down the catwalk in a see-through dress, and allof her flashing without underwear. I just mentioned that the other day to someone and they said “How could a princess walk in front of dozens of photographers without underwear on????” They were in shock. And that is how most people think: If you know that you are going to an official event with photographers capturing your every move, you don’t not wear underwear. That almost makes it seem like she wants it to happen.

            And when Kate had her first flashing incident….Well for me, I would learn after just one mistake to always wear underwear, put weights in my hems, and I would probably be so paranoid that I would wear old fashioned slips too for good measure.

            No one deserves to have private pictures made public without their consent. However, if what you guys are saying is true and Kate took off her top and bikini bottom and performed a sex act outside when a butler or protection officer could have seen them? That is horribly crude and indecent. It is almost like they wanted to get caught.

            Jen: the Daily Mail has been moderating comments and also messing around with green and red arrows. I have noticed the number changing and people have commented about it, too.

          4. Consenting to the staff seeing them does not equal consent to random people taking their photograph and publishing it for the world to see. It does not matter if W&K did what they did in front of people they consented to seeing them, the photographers still had no right to take and sell those photos and the publishers had no right to publish them.

          5. KMR

            Meh, I’m glad they got caught. I hope they get pilloried in public for a very long time.

            I doubt they ‘consented’ to the staff seeing them. They just considered the staff as insignificant, not even human beings. What I find monstrously offensive and indecent is that the staff did *not* consent to see them naked or in the midst of a sex act. They’re not serfs. What about their rights as human beings, respect for their sensibilities? It’s like forcing someone to watch porn.

            The Dolittles possess no common human decency and treat others like things They need to be exposed in every way- let them see how it feels. Kate, being a raging exhibitionist, is gonna love all that exposure.

            If I had seen them I would want to sue for post traumatic stress. Just so many yucks.

          6. None of that gives anyone the right to take photos of W&K in that moment and publish them.

          7. I’m with KMR on this. This is getting awfully close to victim blaming. Yes they were wrong to skip the Paralympics and if they performed sexual acts in front of unwilling people that is also wrong, but that does not mean photographers are allowed to take pictures of the couple and sell them without their consent.

          8. So in the section above people are mad that MM’s family is giving interviews, but aren’t the actions of W and K, even if we ignore the topless photos, still far worse to the royal image? I think when an actual member flashes on multiple times while on royal duty , it’s worse than a relative talking about how their sibling loves Prince Harry.

            As for the incident itself, I don’t know if there is a reasonable expectation of privacy where they were. I haven’t seen the setup, but if it’s true that they were facing a road and the pool area was exposed to that road, then it becomes a harder argument.

            Regardless of whether or not the paps were in the wrong, we do know that they don’t seem to respect their staff by doing this. It’s a lot like how they didn’t want to meet the staff of the Yukon hotel, who had worked so hard for them. So nothing has changed in that regard from 4 years ago.

          9. I’ve thought for a while now that the fly up skirts that show her lack of underwear (or maybe a thong) have been a thing between William and Kate. He dumped her because she was boring. She could be fulfilling his need to have a “naughty” wife but at the same time because she didn’t think far enough ahead the wind exposed their little game. The major problem is that she continued to let it happen.

            I don’t care what they do in their private lives. I do think it’s rude to carry on like that if front of staff. Really feels like they consider them part of the furniture instead of people who they employ that probably want no part of what they are seeing.

            Just my two cents worth.

        2. I wonder if the Cambridges are going to regret pursuing legal action. I’m sure neither of them want that discussed publicly. Can they request a gag order be placed on the trial?

          1. Their lawyers are likely to request a publication ban of the trial details, but I don’t know if French courts grant those.

        3. Why anyone would think this is a good idea, much less people followed 24/7 by security, with staff and so on at this house, /and/ a view of the road… is beyond me.

          It’s gross!

          1. I don’t get it either. I have nothing against oral sex (hell, gave my ex some great head back in the day) but we did it in the privacy of my apartment!! We would’ve never done it in public!!

            Like someone above me said, perhaps this was a “power trip” for them, in terms of teasing and testing the RPO with ‘ha! Look at what my wife and I are doing! I dare you to do something about it!’

            William is going to regret pursing legal action.

          2. How are we defining view of the road? From what I remember (please someone jump in and correct me if I’m wrong) the road was 0.5 miles away, and they were only visible with a long lens camera. While I personally would not have sun bathed topless, especially if I was as photographed as Kate, but in my mind they had a reasonable expectation of privacy from the public.

          3. Could this be cultural? Are French as offended by nudity and sex as the Brits and the Americans? If not – perhaps the staff just went blase and carried on…

          4. At the time, I remember that there were many comments about how lots of women sunbathe topless in France.

          5. My issue is not what they do within the confines of their marriage and I don’t think the public will be too upset about that either but what really enrages me is that they compromised the staff and as Jen says it was almost like a piece of power play that the ‘little people’ had to just accept if they stumbled across it. I mean what if someone was to go onto the balcony to freshen drinks and came across that cosy scenario? It’s just not a fair and decent thing to do to your staff and they must have known they were about. It’s all so icky and voyeuristic, almost as if they were getting an extra thrill from their illicit behaviour. The skiving off the Paralympics and the paps catching the incident are separate issues to me. What this demonstrates is a continued disregard of others feelings and their sensitivities……something William and Kate have repeatedly shown they have no regard for.

    1. From the DM article

      “The former hunting lodge is a hotel with its own staff, but at the time the Duke and Duchess are believed to have been the only guests.”

      If it legally is considered a hotel not a private home, that may change the legal ballgame.

    2. The only thing that showed from this event is that W&K like to lie to the public to keep up an image.The cambridges were suppose to be at an event for the paralympics. Their excuse was that were preparing for an overseas tour and thats why they couldn’t make that event, but clearly they were not preparing or anything, they were vacationing when they were suppose have been on duty.

      Other than that, just because they fib and manipulate the public doesn’t mean their privacy should have been breeched.

      I know the Cambridges make it so hard to defend them, but in this case their privacy was breeched and they have a right to take an action against it.

      1. It’s similar to two years ago when a bunch of celebrities’ phones were hacked and their nude photos were stolen. So many people laid the blame on the celebs (the women, of course) for taking nude photos with their phones. But that’s not the problem. They had every right to take those photos. The hackers had no right to steal them and distribute them online.

        The Cambs had every right to sunbathe topless (or whatever) in the backyard of Linley’s private estate (which is surrounded by trees and a mile from the nearest road). Just because we may or may not agree with what they did doesn’t mean they didn’t have the right to do it. The photographers and publishers had no right to violate the Cambs’ privacy.

        The argument is whether or not W&K had an expectation of privacy: thinking they were alone/with people they knew and consented to seeing them V being in a public place and expecting random strangers to see them. The argument is not about what W&K did on the balcony – as long as it’s not illegal and they consented to it then they can do whatever they want, even if we wouldn’t do it ourselves.

        1. I know here in the US they would not be guaranteed any expectation of privacy. I wonder what the laws are in France. I hear they are stricter than the UK, for one.

          I still do not understand what in God’s name goes through one’s head when they do stuff like this when you know you can be photographed.

          Part of me sympathizes, but then part of me says well, they totally lied about why they skipped the Paralympics, which is a habit of theirs.

          I just figure being public figures like that, and where people /can/ see you, means you have no expectation of privacy. Ever. I mean, weirdos have taken pictures of royalty through windows and so on! /That/ is disgusting. This, I don’t know, you’re on a balcony, and in view of a public road…

          The thing about phones being hacked, God, that made me mad, it’s not their fault! (Though I do not understand why one would take nude photos on their phones in general and definitely saving them to the Cloud means people can get access.) Anyone know what happened to the guy who hacked into Pippa’s iCloud? I know the police went after him but I don’t know what else happened.

          1. I’m with you, Ellie.

            Sure, they should be able to expect a decent level of privacy but William and Kate know more than anyone how careful they need to be, especially since they were in France on the down-low in the first place. Because, lies. All the more reason to make sure you’re not seen!

            My sympathies are not with them because they continue to pursue frivolous law suits, the latest being going after the photographer who took a picture of George on a policeman’s motorbike. It all smacks of payback, enabled by deep pockets and the entitlement of their status. As a couple, they get away with a shocking amount of lies, disgusting work ethic, and just mean-spirited behaviour. They are not the kind of people I would choose to know or even meet.

            Whatever the outcome of this trial I hope the British people are made aware that their precious future heir and wife, whom they support, would rather lie and go off sunbathing than support British Paralympians. I hope the full extent of their activities is revealed. And I hope the French law doesn’t cut them any favours. William and Kate need to learn some harsh life lessons.

          2. If W&K lose their lawsuit, the lesson they will take from it is that they literally cannot go anywhere without people invading their privacy and they should seclude themselves and their children even more than they already do because not even the law is on their side.

            What W&K did while on that vacation in France in 2012 is not relevant. It’s the fact that they took the vacation at all that is relevant if what you want is to expose their lies. The fact that the lawsuit exists is enough to prove that W&K lied and bailed on the Paralympians. We don’t need to know anymore than we already do what they got up to while on that vacation.

            W&K didn’t sue the photographer who took the photo of George on the motorbike; Kate filed a complaint with Ipso against the news outlets who published the photo.

          3. If the pictures were taken in the US then the Cambridges could have taken action because the pictures were taken with a long-lens camera, I am not saying it would be a slam dunk win but it would definitely be actionable.

        2. All along I thought that the pictures were taken at a home owned by Viscount Linley, Princess Margaret’s son, now I am seeing it referred to as a hotel. So I take it that the property is a private home that also gets rented out, or there are parts of the property are used to accommodate paying guests?

          1. From what I understand, it’s Linley’s private estate, which he rents out to people. It is not the same as a hotel like we would normally think of a hotel. It’s still a private estate.

          2. From the DM article

            “The former hunting lodge is a hotel with its own staff, but at the time the Duke and Duchess are believed to have been the only guests.”

            As I wrote above, if it is legally a hotel that may change the ballgame.

          1. Rhiannon: This is the same pictures from 2012 of Kate sunbathing topless in France. The new development is that Will and Kate want to sue (I think) and that took a few years before it could go to court, it is just now going to court. The discussion on the thread is about how it isn’t just topless pictures, but pictures of Kate taking off her bikini bottom (which is already on the internet and has been for a few years) but the British press didn’t report it.

            Additionally there are supposedly pictures of Kate performing oral sex on William on the balcony and someone else on this thread says that after the oral sex Will and Kate moved inside to have sex but with the doors still open and you could see everything.

            So *I think* what we are talking about is how maybe Will shouldn’t have sued because now people are going to hear about the oral sex pictures. I didn’t know about that until I read people talking about it here on KMR. For four years I just thought she was sunbathing.

            IMO, it may have been best of Will didn’t sue *if* this now means that the whole world will find out about the oral sex pictures. He may have made the situation worse by suing.

          1. Thank you Cookie. Yeah, he needs to leave it alone. He is going to open Pandora’s box. And based on his relationship with the press, these pics could see the light of day.

  14. I am having such a hard time trying to find redeeming qualities in William, Kate and Harry these days. I guess it is a plus W & K are actually visiting their patronages in January, however, I am sure they will just parrot the same empty platitudes in any speeches they make. I would fall over if either of them said anything of substance.
    I understand that Harry loves Africa and is interested in conservation there, but what about conservation at home, I am sure there are many endangered wildlife/plant life species in the UK and its commonwealth (not sure how to say that) that would love to have him speak out about this. Also, I do have a problem with him going on shoots, but I guess it is okay in his book as long as it is not in Africa, so I find that hypocritical. If he loves Africa so much, when his father becomes King maybe he should just go and live there and find a job with an organization that protects wildlife. Having him as an employee would be a big boost to any organization. He has enough of a personal income to live very well and then he could just give up the royal life . Besides, I think it is time he made a commitment to some type of work and this would be a good solution. In addition to that, his leaving would also make room for Beatrice and Eugenie to become working members of the BRF and my instincts tell me they would both be very successful doing this.
    The bottom line for me is that W/K/H really need to become responsible adults.

    1. If the slimdown campaign is true, Beatrice and Eugenie would never be allowed to be working royals no matter what. The working royals would be: Charles, Camilla, W&K, Harry&spouse.

      Once W&K’s kids are older, if the slim down continues like European royal houses, Harry and spouse would be surplus to requirement by age 50.

      He’d do well to keep creating these non-profits, so he and spouse can work at them in their post-working-royal phase if it ever came to that. If that means he moves to South Africa, so be it. But moving Harry out of the way will never make room for B&E to be working royals.

  15. My whole thing with the RPS is that if she’s so interested in photography as we are repeatedly told, why didn’t she get a membership herself? Or better yet, become their patron? The RPS has a history of royal patrons. Or she could have easily said, “No, thanks, I’ll join myself, why don’t you award the membership you were going to give me to someone who wants to join but is in need?”

    Maybe the PR office at RPS is as bad as the one at KP and no one talked to KP about this ahead of time, but I doubt that, which means that she knew about it and declined to do anything that is actually helpful for a society that advocates something we’re told she’s really interested in. Instead she’ll just keep on with this whole mental health thing, which is such a great fit. I mean, someone who has spoken publicly less than a dozen times telling people to just talk about their feelings makes total sense.

    At the very least she could have released a statement thanking the RPS and drawing attention to the fact that they promote amateur photography and it’s such a great form of self-expression, blah, blah, blah. But nope. Seriously, if breathing required any kind of effort, I doubt she would have lasted this long.

    1. Do we know who released the information? Did it come from KP or the RPS?
      I agree about her paying or she could donate/sponsor a child from one of her patronages that likes photography but can’t afford the membership. It’s always those that can afford it that get all the freebies. =(

    2. Did RPS come up with the idea or was the idea presented to them by the palace PR to build up Kate? I’d go for the latter. The only time we know of where Kate has mentioned photography lessons was when she lied about having them with Testino, who flatly denied it. Not for Kate lessons with just anyone. She is delusional about her superiority, and enabled by sycophants and paid PR flunkies.

    3. Hahahahaha Lilibet it’s funny what you said about the breathing part. Well, while i personally am mollified that Kate wasn’t just given another unearned award, privilege; I agree with you that she would’ve gotten easy and positive PR if she “donated” this membership to a young person from one of her patronages, who’s into photography. If Kate truly cares for photography and wants to better herself in it, she can ask her Dad in law to pay the membership fee for her.

  16. One thing I was thinking of – I notice every press release about the Cambridges visiting something associated with this mental health kick they are on is about ‘learning’. Wouldn’t you imagine they would have more to say or do than, you know, show up and ‘learn’? How about say some interesting things and communicate ideas? Instead of ‘let’s end the stigma,’ how about talk about schizoaffective disorders, bipolar disorder, etc. But nah, depression and anxiety are just easy and ‘let’s talk about our feelings to end the stigma’ stuff is far better than, you know, using one’s position to do something like get big names together to discuss things…

    I just imagine the sort of thing Charles could/would do with an initiative like this. Too bad these three don’t take advice or inspiration from his work and example.

    1. Because that would mean actually contributing something = more work on their part. It’s all lip service and ‘learning’ means getting away with nodding and smiling = little effort.

      1. Yup.

        It just is so disappointing. You look at Charles and all he has accomplished and William has done what? Nothing. Harry at least has charitable legacies he is heavily involved in like Sentebale and Invictus, but William doesn’t do jack. He’s the heir to the heir, he can’t! Yeah, right, look at the charitable EMPIRE Charles has built…

        The excuses just keep on coming.

        They want to ‘learn,’ but do nothing more than that for as you said, it’s real work doing more than showing up and listening to people and saying inane garbage.

        So, so frustrating. If I had a position like this I’d move heaven and earth to DO things with it!!! This is why Harry can get away with far more in my eyes, he has done stuff with it despite his mistakes and stupid decisions.

        1. Ellie, it would be a privilege to be able to serve others in such a role. I agree with you. If W/H/K actually did substantial amounts of work over the year no-one would begrudge them private time. I think they are resting on the solid work done by people running Sentebale, Invictus and the Royal Foundation far too much. And also expecting the royal PR machine to be a firewall against exposure for lack of work. In short, they are the wrong people for great jobs.

          1. I don’t think The Royal Foundation does very much does it? Except gives out money. Hm, this makes me wonder if the accounts for last year have been published!

            I wish they would all step up, but I do not see it happening until something monumental happens. Even when HM dies I do not expect them to pick up a workload like Charles’s or Anne’s. Those two prove one can do so very much with the position they are in, and why I wouldn’t begrudge them very much because they do their job, do it well, and it does take up a lot of time when done properly so to speak.

            I can only imagine the sort of things I could do were I in their shoes. It is sad they squander such opportunities, especially W&K in m eyes more than Harry but Harry ought to step up as well.

          2. There’s a good number of categories under the Royal Foundation and then a number of charities grouped under each of them. Heads Together is relatively new. The next lot of accounts should see what’s been given to the charities under the HT moniker – in addition to the money raised by the Telegraph in their Christmas appeal.

            If I understand correctly, the charities fund themselves separately but get extra from the RF. When WKH rabbit on about how great HT is, they are referring to the charities’ individual efforts. Someone (can’t recall where) said that HT had raised the profiles of these charities and this had resulted in more people contacting them for help. However, the charities didn’t have the resources to accommodate the increased demand as money from the RF had not yet been distributed.

          3. Sentebale and Invictus are not under the royal foundation, they have merely received some funding from them. Not sure if there is confusion on that or not. They are independent non-profits that are technically Harry’s private work, not royal work.

            The Foundation appears to just accept and give away money, but doesn’t do anything itself. They funded a report about this, gave a grant here, etc. They don’t have enough money to have staff, really, because it was barely over 1 million.

            The new person they’ve brought on? I don’t know if she’s going to be paid, or if this is considered high-level charity work for her (ie. she does it for free for the status but she’s keeping her day job). They don’t appear to have enough money in the Foundation to pay her a salary.

          4. It was barely over 1 million from the wedding, but if you look at the most recent accounts they’ve brought in many millions since then. In 2015, they raised over 4 million pounds. Also, in 2015, they paid a staff of 14, with one person earning between 140,001-150,000.

          5. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but will do so again, since the royal foundation (I refuse to capitalize it) really disappoints and upsets me: Only 54% of the foundation’s total expenditures for 2015 went directly to the charities. That was it–just slightly over half. The rest of their funds went to promoting their foundation (meaning themselves), fundraising and support/administrative services. The only ones really being served by the royal foundation are the royals themselves.

          6. Simply because I have no respect for it. If I were to write the complete name of the foundation (with the titles of royal trio) then I would capitalize it only because that is its correct formal name, like the American Red Cross or The Nature Conservancy. But as it is run now, the foundation does not deserve any signs of respect IMO even in the form of courtesy capitalization for its abbreviated name, if that makes sense. As ridiculous as it might seem, it’s my way of making a point.

          7. The Foundation should aim to give at least 65 percent of their cash to charity, but they’re a relatively new organization so I’ll give them a pass for now.

          8. That would be an improvement over the dismal 1 million, but not necessarily enough in annual interest income to pay someone of this level. And it was 100 WHF and others who raised much of the money and chose to direct it this way; it wasn’t this trio out raising the funds.

          9. Are Sentebale and Invictus officially Harry’s charities? Is it not a conflict of interest then for the Royal Foundation to be doling out money to those 2 with Harry as one of the founders of the RF? Have they been first in line to get the $$$?

          10. Nota, I find it confusing. Invictus is listed under ‘Projects’ on the Royal Foundation site; if it’s a private activity, why is it there? I couldn’t find Sentebale listed at all.

            The mission statement says the RF will fund projects of interest to the trio and I’m guessing that overrides the independent non-profit status of Invictus.

          11. Invictus at least receives funding from corporate bodies, the Ministry of Defence, and the lottery fund; and for Invictus in 2016 the GWB Foundation provided a ton of cash to get it going in Orlando. I don’t know who’s helping front the money for 2017 but I assume Jaguar/LandRover is still involved as a sponsor. I think TRF gives a bit of money through fundraising Harry has done for Invictus, I’m not sure.

            I don’t know about Sentebale, or W&K’s initiatives like William’s Tusk Trust Taskforce thing.

          12. Ellie – you won’t see the accounts for 2016 until mid-2017. The auditing firm will check their books, file the tax returns and make the needed annual filings for the charity.
            The RF is a relatively young foundation. Funding origins are in the PD foundation and the funds raised in connection with the royal wedding of W&K. Some of the funds in the RF are restricted. That means that the funds will not be relased until certain conditions are met.

            For example:
            Your charity group has a fundraising scheme where every coat sold by the Fine Coats Company will trigger a $10 donation to the Computer For Every Child charity. The RF will match all donations up to a 500,000 BP limit. The scheme runs through 31 January because that is what the charity stipulated.

            3 things can happen in the RF accounts. 1] All matching restricted funds show no movement on the books before 31 December. 2] At YE2017, only some of the restricted funds were distributed and the remainder was released to the unrestricted category or returned to the donors. (Donors to a restricted fund are told what happens to funds if goals are not met.) 3] At YE2017, the match was met and the restricted fund is depleted.

            If you were the charity, would you want to receive a pound for pound match to your fundraising efforts even if it does not achieve the goal or would you say ‘never mind’ and go it alone, hoping for the best? I suspect you would take the match whatever it is. And, you don’t have the bookkeeping expense for that collection.

            The RF has investments that are funnelled to it. They do receive funds from other organizations. Unrestricted funds are passed through. Restricted funds (see above) are passed on. Do you expect employees to work for a wage that is less than what they could received at a for-profit firm? Should they be denied the usual employee perquisites? This isn’t the early 20th century where benefactors could direct their employees to work on a charity scheme outside of work hours and for no additional pay.

            The RF is no different that any other entity that is combining funds from an old entity and setting up the new entity. There are costs for consolidation. Because one of the goals is to produce income to be distributed in an ongoing scheme, there are expenses with setting up income producing avenues. While that happens, spendable assets are reduced and fees incurred. The ability to donate to other charities will be reduced for a bit.

            It’s going to take a few more years before the rhythm of income and dispersal becomes stabilized. In the meantime, you have the ability to download their annual financial statements to review what they have done and compare it to prior years. The bottom line is that the foundation is theirs; they control who gets their funding; their contributors do control what is contributors’ money. If the RF mishandles it, charities will know and break off the relationship. The RF will have no reason to exist and become defunct.

            The timeline for the RF to be successful should be longer than the 4 years thus far. Lastly, it is not the public’s concern who gets the money from the foundation. If WK&H wish to contribute a big chunk of unrestricted funds to a particular charity for the year, it is their perogative. Unrestricted funds is their money. They could favor one charity over another for a year. So what? It is their charity. They can direct funds where and when they wish to whether it is Sentebale or Invictus or any other charity. You won’t be asked to contribute to the RF. You would be contributing to a restricted fund (like the RF’s association with the London Marathon) whose expenses would be paid by the RF without diminishing outside contributions.

            The RF is controlled by WK&H and only they have a say in how it’s run.

          13. I think there was question regarding the 250,000 donated by Charles. It may have come from the Prince’s Trust. If that money had been donated to PT for certain projects, then moving that money from PT to the new royal foundation is questionable.

            Invictus has been explained above. Sentebale was founded by Harry and Seeiso when Harry was 19. It may receive grants from this new royal foundation, but it is an outside independent non-profit.

  17. I can understand how H & W seem to use their conservation activities as an excuse to ‘get away’ to favored destinations in Africa. It’s a big continent with vast expanses that are home to some of the largest animals on earth.

    Their visits draw attention to groups and governments attempting to protect and preserve these animals. If you want an example of how 40 million wild animals can be become nearly extinct in less than 50 years you have the example of the bison in North America. Humans did that to one of the largest animals on the continent.


    I do NOT want to open a discussion about all the associated reasons for the near-disappearance of bison.
    The directed conservation efforts that H & W draw attention to in Africa are attempting to prevent a similar event there.

  18. My friend is a member of the RPS and was required to produce two significant portfolios to gain her status, and then met with adjudicators to discuss her work. She was admitted then paid the fees. I haven’t had a chance to ask her views about the honorary membership for KM : my friend put a lot of work into the submissions and had to wait for confirmation that she was ‘worthy’ of the level of membership that she applied for.

    1. If that’s true just to get a membership then the spokeswoman lied that the Society is for everyone including amateurs.

      Are you sure your friend did all that just to get a normal membership and it wasn’t for something else? When I went looking through the RPS site I saw where you could sign up for a normal membership, but then there was a separate section where you could sign up to present your work and have it discussed and judged and then you got a special accommodation or something along those lines (I don’t remember the specific word they used). The section where you present your work and are judged was where afterward you get to use letters after your name because you’ve earned a special accommodation (accreditation?) from them.

  19. Perhaps I’ve got this wrong but I get the feeling that both Will & Harry yearn to be bums in Africa, where they can live incognito with no responsibility. I knew Will felt this way for a long time but I’m disappointed and surprised by Harry, I thought he understood the responsiblity he has due to his position of privilege, obviously not. Deep down both brothers are exactly the same, the only difference being one is warmer and charismatic.

      1. All is his doing, both brothers have proved they are not the sharpest tools in the shed…Harry is less bitter because he knows his future is not set in stone like his brother’s.

        1. I think the Cambridges are on the decline, Harry may follow if he continues to follow their lead. All three need to step up, most thirty something people have a purpose, I struggle to see theirs – it’s no longer cute or acceptable that they work less than two 90 year olds and two 70 year olds…

        2. And that’s the genius of their PR: a lot of ppl still see WK as a breath of fresh air. Although as their low work numbers are released and Will and Kate lose more of their looks, the non royal watching public will turn on them too. If DM comments are anything to go by, people are starting to dislike them.

        3. While the trio still outrank Charles and Camilla, their popularity has been falling since 2012 and Charles has been rising. More telling and worrisome is that the recent past spring polls, where much of the public monarchy support (80%) was found to be tied to HM, not Charles, William or Harry (or Kate). I’ll be very interested in upcoming polls since I think we’ll see a drop in the trio’s popularity. 2016 was not the best year for any of them.

    1. They don’t want to live like bums. Bum implies no money. They like their trust funds and free flowing money from daddy. They want to live like their friends: trust fund kids with no responsibilities or commitments.

      1. In a nutshell, yep.

        There’s an easy solution if the royal gig is too much: leave and live off one’s own means.

      2. I think Will’s definition of a bum is someone that is free to do as his wishes, no scrutiny and no expectations. As he is dim he doesn’t realise bum implies someone poor, he definitely envies his rich friends.

        1. William also doesn’t seem to realize these rich friends especially those with these estates and so on have jobs and very hard ones too keeping everything running. They are more educated than he is, for sure, and take their responsibilities in stride.

          William would rather be, say, Lady Alice Manners who parties constantly and has no responsibilities rather than her father the Duke of Rutland or her brother who will inherit it all one day. 😉

    1. All that money could have been added to the $100,000 given to charities that help indigenous youth and newcomers marking the royal tour. But $2 million for 8 days of…sightseeing? SMH.

  20. Can I just ask how it is known that there are photographs of WK in an intimate moment. I remember at the time a friend of mine telling me because friends of hers abroad had heard it but I didn’t believe her.
    It now seems she was right. I have to say although I think the photographer did invade their privacy it seems extremely foolhardy to engage in such behaviour outside of a private room.
    This is not victim shaming as I think they had a reasonable expectation they could not be seen, but nevertheless it seems strange to me. Perhaps they had been drinking and just got carried away.

    1. The photographer hinted they engaged in oral sex on the balcony. *shudders* And decided not to publish because they were too intimate. I remember articles at the time and the photographer’s home being ransacked by police and so on to take the SD cards the photos were on. Anyone else remember this? It’s been scrubbed, of course.

    2. I understand a range of photographs were taken: some topless sunbathing, others of oral sex before moving inside though the doors remained open and therefore they could be seen; pics of Kate taking off one bikini bottom and putting on another; Kate leaning over the balcony looking towards the road as the pics were taken. The British press would not be able to publish such images or mention more than the topless pics.

      The Cambridge’s don’t seem to have problems with peeing in public or exposing themselves on many occasions with no underwear. Or wearing tight crotch-enhancing pants (William) or gynecologically-explicit pants (Kate). So I don’t buy the embarrassment line. However, when possible, they’ll fight the media. One DM poster summed it up well: “I know she has a right to privacy but she should also be more vigilant. She knows how this goes.” Just hope the UK taxpayer isn’t funding the legal fight…

      If W+K hadn’t lied this would never have happened.

      1. It really is like a police state when Willy is involved with the press. And if DM’ s heavy handed comment monitoring and poor reporting is any indication of how other British press outlets will cover the trial, we’ll need to get news of the trial through French newspapers. Anybody here speak fluent French?

        1. Am fluent in French (my mother tongue). If help is needed concerring the French newpapers trial report, will gladly help out!

      2. I mean, to be captured on camera in flagrante on a hotel balcony is completely idiotic for sure, but it’s undeniably embarrassing as well – for the entire BRF.

        I had no idea that these were anything more than topless pictures and, but if they were… more than that, then I understand why they’re fighting this so hard.

        1. If William had half his Mother’s common sense he would cut a private deal and get the negatives back as Diana did with pictures that caught her topless sunbathing. But William’s ego is writing cheques his lawyers will no longer cash. Harbottle & Lewis have withdrawn their free legal service to the couple. I don’t know whether that extends to the whole family but the Cambridges so abused their relationship with HB & L that they now have to pay for services that were once considered an honour to provide free of charge. All I can say is they must have been racking up some bills for one of the countries leading firms to forgo the prestige of representing them. Especially in legal and financial service a Royal patronage is worth a huge amount.

          1. H and L represented Kathy and Bill in separate legal matter just a few months ago (according to their website), so I think the relationship with the Royal family is intact.

          2. my perspective was that they still represent them just not for free anymore. For whatever the reasons, they now have to pay for services rendered.

          3. I’m certain their HB & L services aren’t unlimited freebies anymore. As I understand it they are paying for all the legal work that involves going after the media / paps etc. I’m sure they still have a relationship in as much of the legal work is more mundane staffing / property / charity issues but gone are the days where they can expect HB & L to pick up the tab for every legal whim that William’s latest tantrum entails. Very easy to litigate if you don’t have to pay the bill yourself isn’t it?

      3. “If W+K hadn’t lied this would never have happened.”

        I disagree. The headlines and stories were not about the pictures proving that the Cambridges were shirkers, the headlines and stories focused on there being topless pictures the Duchess of Cambridge. I doubt if the Cambridges went to France after several months of hard work, and a photographer was tipped off where they were, that it would matter a whit whether they were there for well deserved r & r or playing hooky.

        1. No. The incident in France would not have happened had William and Kate honoured their commitment to attend the Paralympics. They begged off those events citing a need to prep for an upcoming tour to Malaysia. Now, prep can be undertaken anywhere, even France, but that was not made known and the pictures looked more like vacationing rather than work. It’s laughable to think that the Cambridge’s went to France “after several months of hard work”. And, in hindsight afforded by a further four years of ‘work’, we know that the Cambridge’s do not prep, preferring to ‘wing it’.

          Anyone holding a position of public responsibility and trust should be held to a higher standard. The Cambridge’s lied to both their hosts and the country, putting their personal pleasure above honouring commitments. They should be accountable for their choices. For me, the issue is about reneging on duty and then lying about it.

  21. Good on her and William for visiting patronages in January. Now if Harry would do the same. I was disappointed by the engagement numbers for all of them, particularly when it’s distributed by number of days worked. It really makes me wonder what the royals do with the rest of their time. I hope for better numbers this coming year.

    I’m not convinced about William’s connection to his new patronage. Since there is no orphanage, I don’t know what appearances he will make. A fundraising gala? Although it is a nice gesture, it sounds as if it will be a name only patronage. With a few letters written for appeals, etc.

    I appreciate that Harry is involved and put focus on a conservation project, but I am disappointed that article whitewashed the underlying need for 500 Elephants. I wish he had also brought light on the discussion of underfunding anti-poaching efforts on the Malawi parks since this is the other piece of the puzzle. To be clear, it’s fabulous that they moved the elephants to Nkhotakota to relieve overcrowding, but disturbing if the elephants will just be poached the minute they are released. But I guess underfunding of anti-poaching efforts would not be of interest Town and Country readers?

    And now if the trio would only be seen working. They’ve been on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks and the Princess Royal already has engagements.

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