POLL: 2017 Predictions

POLL: 2017 Predictions

Happy New Year!! I hope 2017 is a great year for everyone. As the first post of 2017, here are a bunch of polls on various topics to try to “predict” what will happen throughout the coming year. The polls are split into six categories: Kate’s engagements (royal duties); Kate’s fashion; the Cambridge children; royal babies; royal engagements (proposals); Other.

Kate’s Engagements

How many engagements will Kate make in 2017?

When will the bulk of Kate’s engagements take place?

How many of Kate’s patronages will she visit in 2017?

Will Kate give a speech in 2017?

How many Royal Tours will Kate go on?

Will Kate make a solo overseas visit in 2017?

Will Kate attend a State Banquet in 2017?

Will Kate attend the State Opening of Parliament in 2017?

Kate’s Fashion

Will Kate wear a new-to-her tiara in 2017?

Who will be Kate’s most worn designer in 2017?

How many times will Kate’s skirt fly up in 2017?

Cambridge Children

How many times will we see Prince George in 2017?

How many times will we see Princess Charlotte in 2017?

Royal Babies

Will Kate announce a third pregnancy in 2017?

Will Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie announce a pregnancy in 2017?

Other than Kate or Stephanie, who will announce a pregnancy in 2017?

Royal Engagements

Will Prince Harry announce an engagement in 2017?

Will Princess Eugenie announce an engagement in 2017?

Will Princess Beatrice announce an engagement in 2017?


Will Kate take part in Pippa’s wedding?

Will George take part in Pippa’s wedding?

Will Charlotte take part in Pippa’s wedding?

What will happen in 2017?

This is a bit of a catch-all question with answers I didn’t want to put into their own separate polls. You can choose any or all of them, or write in your own 2017 prediction.

What do you want to happen in 2017?

While the other polls in this article are what we think will happen in 2017, this poll is what we want to happen in 2017. This poll mostly includes things we want to see from Kate, but includes a few others as well. You can choose any or all of the answers, or write in your own (feel free to include things you want to see from other royals as well).

228 thoughts on “POLL: 2017 Predictions

  1. Interesting poll. Was surprised that I could answer each question with little hesitation. I must have had an opinion about each subject before reading the poll.

    Not much will change with the Cambs this year. Neither wants to do anything but be a country landholder. Or at least a country landholder with few worries about income and how to maintain their residence.

    1. Do you think Kate reads any of these blogs to know what the public thinks of her????

      If I were her, I’d want to know that.. Unless she couldn’t care less

      1. I think it’s pretty obvious she and William don’t give a whit about what people think. Kate sure said so in the engagement interview…

        1. Well Ellie, actually in Kate’s engagement interview there is a part where the interviewer ask her: “You know your family as you’ve said that you are very close, does it hurt about what’s said or do you let it run off your collective backs on the grounds that’s just what you have go to live with?” and Kate answer: “Well again I think, if you … the people around home are very supportive to us and you know those are the people who really matter to us, our close friends and family and I think if sort of they feel you are doing the right thing you can only be sort of true to yourself and you sort of have to ignore a lot of what’s said, obviously take it on board, but you know you have to be yourself really and that’s how I have stuck by it really.” This answer was seen by many people as Kate saying that she and William don’t give a whit about what people think, as you said. I have doubts if her words are really that she doesn’t care what people think or if she only cares most of what her close friends and family think. I don’t know.

          1. I agree. I don’t think her answer was saying she doesn’t care what people think, she’s just saying that one cannot get too bogged down by all the negativity that gets thrown one’s way and as long as you have people who care about you and support you, you’ll manage whatever gets thrown at you. That’s good advice, I think. Of course Kate is very inarticulate so her train of thought got jumbled to bits.

          2. I think that after the debacle of Diana and Fergie that Kate was probably given some instruction and part of that was that there would be a lot of negative things in the press merely because of her position and in order to cope, it is best not to read everything. I do wonder if Natasha reads the Kate fashion blogs, though.

          3. I actually think she has gotten even worse, Miss K. I watched her engagement interview recently and I was able to understand her accent better.

          4. Wasn’t there an article, years ago now, where Kate did read the press and was dismayed at the negative reactions towards her. She had been warned not to read them but did anyway, at least at that stage. I think you’d go absolutely nuts if as a public figure you took on board every criticism hurled at you. But there’s a balance in seeking out, listening to and evaluating the advice of more experienced people, from courtiers to speech coaches, to help improve your game. I don’t sense Kate has done that, preferring to rely only on her very insular family. She advances the family agenda at the expense of the position she married into.

          5. If their team was smart (and we know they aren’t) after a major event they should take 10 pro and cons statements/comments from various media outlets and read them to them. It keeps them in touch with what the people are saying and could help them improve/keep things they think are/aren’t working.

          6. The comments that are constructive, like making her accent more comprehensible because it’s obviously not natural to her, and actually preparing for speeches have been said for ages. Her people must know this but she doesn’t care. Her husband openly admits not reading the press briefings so there is only so much the PR people can do.

          7. I don’t think that I would personally read them. So much of what is said, particularly with fashion choices and how one moved one’s face and even really catty, derogatory things (and I’m not necessarily referring to this blog) would be overwhelmingly if read constantly. But isn’t that what her aides should be for, in this digital age? I would think that that should have been added to someone’s job description ages ago. I just read this amazing Vanity Fair article by one of the Queen’s former secretaries diagramming her day to day and yearly schedule breakdown, and he talked about some of the duties delegated to her private secretaries that assist her in her role. These included screening/sorting correspondence. Why not add looking at blogs/social media/news outlets to that list, at least for the young royals?

  2. As much as I want to see the Cambridges increase their work schedules I don’t see it changing significantly. Especially since I believe Kate will get pregnant again this year. She did work up until her last month (or was it 8) with Charlotte but I also remember seeing her look like it was taking every ounce of her being to just get out of the car.

    Harry will be busy with IG so he’ll at least look busy. With HM being ill with this bad cold if these three don’t understand that they have to step up sooner rather than later then there is no hope.

    I also expect Sofia to announce another pregnancy and maybe Madeleine? And just for the heck of it, Pippa will announce by the end of the year.

    Victoria will definitely get her party on for her 40th. If they invite the other royal houses Edward and/or Sophie will probably attend on behalf of HM. Can’t send W&K, they barely recognize the other royal houses.

    Will be interesting to see the results of the poll and how things wash out at the end of the year.

    1. I think that a third child will not happen because Will doesn’t want one. They have a boy and a girl and he is fine with that. I also think they avoided sandringham because they know they are going to have to take on more work and a third child won’t be much of an excuse for them anymore.

      With the Queen having a cold lasting a while, reminding everyone that she won’t be around forever, the press is bolder with their articles attacking how lazy will and kate are.

      1. I agree. People keep saying a third child will happen because Kate wants three, but Kate’s desire is speculation. William actually said he only wanted two, so I think that’s what they’ll have. Plus, we know that William is the one who gets what he wants and if he only wants two then they will only have two.

        BP just released that HM won’t be attending church today because of her ongoing battle with the heavy cold. Not good. I hope she gets better really soon.

        1. Agree KMR. William really said he only wanted two children, but people keep saying Kate wants three because “her mother had three children and she wanted that amount of kids too”. I don’t think a third child will happen.

        2. I’m worried about HM. 🙁

          I’m ‘up-in-the-air’ about a third child for the Cambridges and feel that it could go either way.

          1. I feel the same about a 3rd kid. Kate and Pippa are close in age, but isn’t James a few years younger? Maybe Kate wants the same kinda age gap between the kids. I can also see her not having a 3rd because she defers to Will on everything. But I can also see her manipulating her way into having a 3rd child.

          2. +1. One of them will prevail. But public pressure may or may not play a role. And, having had very difficult pregnancies myself, I can see how desire and reality can be in conflict too. When people ask if we’ll have another (we have three girls so somehow people feel compelled to ask if we’ll try for a boy) I say that even if I wanted to that the combined effects of nine months of hyperemesis plus at least a year of PPD is just too much for our family to go through again.

          3. My cousin and his wife wanted multiple children because they thought it was best for kids to have siblings. But the pregnancy was so terribly hard on her body that they didn’t have another, just the one. So yeah, even if you want more sometimes you just don’t because the reality is too harsh.

        3. True William has said he only wants two, but he also said he wasn’t ready for a second and then shortly thereafter the pregnancy for Charlotte was announced. Things can happen and it’s another way Kate could get one over on William in the realm of control.

        4. Things change. He totally could have said 2 and now that he has two he wants more. That’s what happened with my brother. On the other hand, I very much wanted 4 children. Told everyone who asked that’s how many I wanted. Then I got pregnant and had one. Now I very much don’t want 4. Maybe 2. With a many year gap in between.

    2. Hi, Lisa, I hope you are well. Have missed seeing you hear as much of late.
      I agree that Pippa will announce a pregnancy later in the year. I also am thinking that Sofia will announce another pregnancy perhaps in December, or late November.

      I find it difficult to answer the questions regarding Kate, as I think much will depend on how HM’s health will be in the New Year. I am hopeful that she and PP will do well but I also think they will need to cut back on their hard work. If so, is there any way that William and Kate can keep slacking? I am curious as to what you and others think.
      Lisa, I wish you the best in 2017.

  3. Overseas’ tours always give a chunky boost to the total, but several tour engagements in 2016 were pretty dodgy, or at best, slight: getting on/off planes, places that W+K have asked their hosts to arrange to visit ie for personal pleasure (in Canada and India/Bhutan), or just plain time fillers (looking at the Queen’s collection in the Netherlands). They deflect from the paucity of real engagement W+K have with UK people.

    The engagements need to be purposeful rather than decorative but I hold little hope of voluntary change unless the Queen’s health sees William, Kate and Harry forced by circumstance to take on more grunt work, stay longer and contribute more.

    1. Regarding your last paragraph, Jen- I wonder if they would actually take on more grunt work in terms of significant numbers. Firstly, how much grunt work have any of them done so far? Any at all?

      I can see them wheedling their way out of it somehow, like talking about restructuring, ‘streamlining’ and getting rid of the grunt work for its insignificance and ineffectiveness- in effect to accommodate their sloth. They’ve already established an umbrella organisation which allows them to do basically bugger all while acting as figureheads and reaping the glory while never being accountable.

      1. I keep giving this example of grunt work…

        Anne is Master/Patron of this bread and butter organisation of master Butchers. It’s a *livery company of the city of London. Before her, the QueenMother was it’s master/Patron.


        They’ve had a royal connection since the 12th century, not just a royal warrant. These are the types of organisations that support royalty. More than charities which are more visible to the public and are more glamourous.

        I can’t see WHK showing any type of interest in these types of organisations.

        *livery companies are similar to unions. Originally set up in ye old times. They comprise all the traders and merchants of London. Traditionally held alot of wealth and supported the monarch. When you read in history books that a royal went to the city of London to hold a speevh asking for support, it was usually to these unions.

        By the way, even if the royals can’t patron these organisations, they can extend royal warranties to them which are displayed on signage and logos of the organisations. Famously Harrods lost their royal warranties after Mohammed Fayed was so vile about the royals after Diana and Dodi died. Lost HM and POW warranties. For trade internationally, these companies have alot of prestige because of that displayed royal emblem because it says their services are good enough for the royal household. That patronage is invaluable even amongst diehard republicans.

        I can’t see how William as POW or monarch will judge who to give this patronage and why. Mind you, i’d say the same of Harry because he hasn’t shown any interest in businesses.

        1. Do you think it’s that they understand those patronages are important they just don’t want to do them, or that they underestimate how important those patronages are and think they can stay relevant with just doing work through their foundation?

          1. Considering they don’t understand charity patronages and think non-charity patronages are merely ribbon cutting, i seriously doubt they have ANY hope of understanding the type of supportive power held by these type of organisations.

            It’s not glamourous and they aren’t meeting glamourous people nor do these people need obvious improving help like the charity sphere so it is easy to think they do not matter.

      2. Maven, I have no hope of them doing grunt work – the kind Herazeus speaks of below, as well as being a genuine champion for those who have no voice. They just don’t have it in them and they have not been schooled enough about service. Grunt work seems to be taken up by the older royals. W+K (+H) will only do what they want to do which is (a) as little as they can get away with, and then only what they like, and (b) just winging it, no prep, no follow up. The Royal Foundation is exactly what you have described.

        So, what happens with the slimmed-down version of monarchy? Charles is off with the fairies if he thinks the trio will step up to the degree required. I can see the grunt work disappearing altogether and simply because of logistics, the RF model being employed across the board: others do the work, royals as figureheads get the glory. The unknown quantity in this mix is the public and whether they think this level of ‘work’ is acceptable and worth their money. Canada and Australia will peel off in due time, perhaps Jamaica and Scotland will too. This will leave a shrinking realm. Since the trio has preferred to look internationally rather than locally, this is going to bite them in their collective bums unless they switch focus to the UK.

          1. Northern Ireland and Wales are firmly in the UK. No moves to leave the UK any time soon, not even if we become a republic.

            Scotland is the danger, but there is enough of a united movement to thwart the independents.

        1. Well said, Jen. The public really is the unknown quantity. But would backlash be enough, and once it starts can it be rectified in time?

  4. I don’t recall seeing the poll for 2016. This was fun and interesting to participate in this type of poll. I would hope that at least someone from the Royals staff read all of these blogs. Thank you.

  5. First, Happy New Year Everybody. I wish you all health, peace and happiness in this year which is beginning.

    The polls “How many times will we see Prince George in 2017?” and “How many times will we see Princess Charlotte in 2017?” are actually very sad because we should be used to see the Cambridge children but not, their parents hide them so much that we speculate how many time we will see them. William and Kate are really ludicrous.

    In the poll “Will Kate attend a State Banquet in 2017?” I voted “No, Kate will not attend a State Banquet” because I read that only the queen’s children and their wives/husband attend State Banquets, not grandchildren, and the only reason William and Kate attended the banquet for the Chinese president was because Charles and Camilla didn’t. Is this information right? I don’t know.

    I really hope that Kate doesn’t become pregnant again, I would not like to see that “circus” again. It’s sad to use the word “circus” but unfortunately this is the way I see Kate’s pregnancies. And they already have the heir and the spare, a boy and a girl, so I think no one will be impressed.

    One more time, Thank You KMR for this post. Have a great day everybody.

    1. The Queen’s cousins attend State Banquets regularly. Charles and Camilla have missed State Banquets before without William and Kate stepping in to fill their place. I think the reason William and Kate attended the Chinese banquet, specifically, was because William personally delivered the invite to the President.

        1. That’s Charles’ reason for not being there, yes, but had William not delivered the invite to the President of China personally, Edward and Sophie (or someone else) would have taken Charles and Camilla’s place instead of William and Kate, as Edward and Sophie have done before.

          1. Presumably William was tasked with extending the invite, and therefore also tasked to attend the banquet as a follow-up

  6. Has nothing to do with this but the Queen is not going to church today. She’s still too ill.

    I’m worried about HM! Prayers for her to heal up quickly.

    1. I agree Ellie. I was concerned when the delayed they’re departure to Sandringham a day late. As well as them taking the helicopter instead of the train. Not seeing HM on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is little more concerning. I hope she feels better soon.

  7. Thank you so much for this post KMR! I find these polls really fun and have been looking forward to this one! I hope Kate continues to up her engagements next year.

  8. KMR just wanted to take a moment and say your Patronage page is outstanding. Well thought out and put together in a readable format. It’s very much appreciated.

      1. Second that, my fave place to visit, love the info and the comments. Love how commenters interact with each other.
        This must take some hard work KMR, so is much appreciated. Happy New year to all!
        Ps still no Queen 🙁 – 12 days and counting.

  9. Oh, I love polls! Interesting questions. I’m hoping Kate steps it up. Hoping but realistic that it won’t happen.

    Happy New Year to all!

    1. Happy New Year and the best in health to you, Rhiannon. You are such sparkling presence on this blog.
      How are you feeling? Don’t push yourself too hard. I bet your doctors are pleased with your progress and I admire your hard work. I just don’t want to see you push yourself too much!

      1. You are too kind! 2016 has been one heck of a roller coaster! I’ve graduated from PT and working out with my trainer. Remember my.goal of racing one race a month for 2016? GBS stopped me at 11. I walked 12 & 13.

        My biggest opportunity is to listen to my body. I get fatigued easily and still rebuilding strength in my right leg.

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Jenny! Your kind spirit is evident each time you post. I wish you and your family a Happy and Joyful New Year!

        1. Rhiannon, good for you. I am happy that you are working with a trainer and your spirit and determination are admirable, mon amie. I wish you continued progress and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

          Thank you for your kind words and all the positive ways your words impact us all. Your actions, too.

        2. We all pull for you, and worry when you aren’t commenting! It’s funny how even the people on the blog start to become “real” to each other, isn’t it?

    1. I don’t. 🙂 I don’t think harry is ready to marry anyone. I kind of feel that he still has some growing up to do. I see him getting married when he is 35 or so.

    2. I don’t. Whatever ends up happening between Harry and MM, I hope Harry’s future wife takes her time to decide if the BRF is really what she wants for her future.

    3. He may, sooner rather than later. At their age, it can happen quickly. You are at the point of marrying, you find the person, and you get married. I think he will always have childlike (vs. childish) aspects to his personality. That doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to get married, as those things will never go away.

      He’s spoken of wanting to find the right person, to get married and have kids. I think marriage – to a person who will help him to continue to grow and focus – would be good for him. MM could easily be that person.

        1. He needs someone who will make him pull up his bootstraps and be worth her. He doesn’t need a Yes Girl, he needs an equal. Like Letizia has been so good for Felipe. Thus far, MM seems capable of that to me. No matter if the tumblr fan girls like her or not.

          1. @Nota, you have your opinion, I have mine. But it seems like your opinion is a fact which I kindly have to disagree.

          2. I get it Kitty. Your opinion is that you don’t like her and everything she does is wrong. That’s fine.

            As she’s only been in the public eye as royal-adjacent for two months, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for awhile and see how this pans out.

          3. I’m curious kitty, because I don’t remember seeing you post a single positive thing about Meghan Markle or this relationship. In any of the places I’ve seen you post. What do you think she does right?

      1. If he’s getting all broody, then it wouldn’t take much to get him married. I do agree, he needs someone who will challenge him to be better or he’ll turn out like Wily (typo stays). It would be a fairy tale come true. The media and PR tried it with Kate, with that ‘a lovely commoner will bring fresh life and blood to the ossified RF’ boondoggle.

        I hope Harry marries soon because I want some spectacle. Heh.

  10. Thank you for this poll, KMR! And Happy New Year, everyone. I enjoyed answering the various polls you put together, particularly the last two. I did write in two suggestions. The first prediction, I said “Queen Elizabeth Dies (Hopefully Not)”. I do not want this to happen, at all. God forbid. But the Queen has been looking frail for a while and I am worried about her. There comes a point in a person’s life when all of their peers start passing away and it is incredibly stressful and sad on the elderly. The Queen lost two close friends in a short span of time including Margaret Rhodes and then she got sick and had to miss both Christmas church service and now New Year’s. This is very unlike her. I have a bad feeling that even if she recovers from this “cold” if it is indeed just a cold, she may get sick with something more severe later on this year. I believe that if/when Philip dies, that would put even more stress on her. I hope and pray that we do not lose both or one of the Duke and the Queen this year. And, furthermore, if the Queen does not recover from this cold. William will never be able to live down how he disrespected her on Christmas day with the Middleton Rival Court. Not to mention that he wouldn’t even spend Boxing Day with his 95 year old grandfather.

    The second thing I wrote in was “Harry works with more UK causes.” Harry’s popularity/reputation took a bit of a hit after statementgate. So Jason Knauf, if you are reading this, we love the work Harry does with Sentebale, and the Invictus Games is great, too. But tell Harry that it might help his image if he took on more work within the UK. I know Harry likes working in Africa, but he is a British prince and I have seen quite a few people say for a very long time that they wish he did more work at home and not just abroad. Find him some good charities/causes within the UK. And just like I have voted that I want to see William and Kate work more, the same goes for Harry. When Harry shows up, he shines. He has his mom’s charisma. Unfortunately, I also think he has William’s spoiled and petulant side. But I am hopeful that people close to him have said that he listens more than William does. So Edward Lane Fox, help Harry get his reputation back on track and tell him that since he doesn’t have a job OR a wife and kids, there is no excuse for why his numbers should be so low. The royal trio may not like it, but sometimes they have to show up for the ‘boring’ events where they just unveil plaques and shake hands. But whether they like it or not, it is their job. And in the real world, we have to fulfill our responsibilities in our professional lives even if we sometimes find it boring. It’s called work ethic.

    Thank you again for all your work, KMR. I have tried to apply to comment on some other forums and blogs, but some of those people are downright crazy. I have been commenting for almost a year now and I have enjoyed it because the community here is sane and rational. Will, Kate, and Harry’s staff would be smart to come on here and read what KMR has to say and what these comments say because most of us are rooting for Kate (and Will and Harry) to do well and we like to give constructive criticism that would actually help them if they listened to it. KMR is one of the few places where the blogger actually writes about the causes and issues the royals are trying to work for, particularly mental health, whereas many other bloggers and professional journalists just focus on Kate’s newest beige clutch bag.

    My personal biggest disappointment of 2016 (beyond Kate skipping the EACH Gala) was when Kate visited the Netherlands but did not give a speech, provide an interview, or allow cameras to film her leading a roundtable discussion. Kate, if you want to talk about mental health, then you need to talk about mental health. That’s the only way to get your message across. I understand not being a natural public speaker or having stage fright, but you need to work on this because it is so very important. The only thing the media focused on was you wearing a pearl earring in front of “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. And that is because you didn’t give a speech or interview or let the cameras see your discussion. You can’t just be the silent, pretty princess standing behind William. That may have worked a century ago, but today we want to hear your voice.

    I want to end on a positive note. I think George and Charlotte are adorable, even though some people project their negative feelings about Will and Kate onto how they see George and Charlotte. I must admit Charlotte is my favorite and I am glad we got to see more of their personalities this year. I think William is making an effort not to appear so sour. His interview on that talk show in Vietnam was good. Will, Kate, please try to do something like that but in the UK. A few years into their marriage, Diana and Charles gave a sit down interview. it’s on YouTube. Maybe the sixth anniversary of your marriage is a good time for you to consider doing that? Sit down with the reporter who interviewed you on your engagement day and give us an update on what life is like six years and two kids later. I think it would be lovely if you can be relaxed and a little more open. It is a shame most people didn’t pay attention to Vietnam, because that interview was a good one and I only just recently watched all of it.

    1. Yes, I too think the Queen might die in 2017. And if she does, Philip may follow shortly. I do not want this to happen, but they are old and, lately, not in good health. Perhaps 2017 will see a new monarch.

      1. Gosh I would be so sad if the Queen passes, JET Texas. But I am also interested to see how this all plays out once Charles becomes King and William is heir.

    2. I believe that the Charles and Diana interview six years after they married was to dispel rumors that their marriage was on the rocks. We now know how sincere that was. As far as Kate not giving a speech in the Netherlands, she was most likely never asked to or she would have. I know that many of you would not agree but I think she knew what she was in for when she married William and really wants to please.

      1. Kate led a roundtable discussion in the Netherlands but did not allow cameras to tape it. Therefore, all that the media were left to report on was what clothes Kate was wearing. Again. Because if Kate doesn’t speak, we have no quotes to discuss so all we can talk about is her clothes.

        I think Kate really wants to please, yes. But not the public or the Queen. She really wants to please William. And to do that, she has transformed herself into a throwback 1950s stepford wife who is seen and not heard. She defers to William on everything including when she should press a button, when to wave or smile, etc.

        I want to see Kate shine by transforming herself into an empowered, intelligent, articulate 35-year-old mother of two. She needs some help right now because before her marriage she was known as ‘Waity Katy” and after she has become “the Duchess of Doolittle.”

        My advice to Kate and her team is that they need to get Kate to speak more. Particularly about her mental health causes. Kate barely does anything when you compare her to other royal women from around the world. And as someone who has close connections to mental health, I find her lack of work ethic off putting. She may say that she wants to end the stigma about mental health, and that is a good thing. But if she really believes in breaking the silence like her team says she does, then she needs to get out their and talk about mental health and break the silence herself. We need to hear Kate’s voice and we need to hear her in interviews and speeches tell us why this cause is important to her in the first place. I am also skeptical about how much Heads Together is really doing to benefit this issue.

        1. Yes, I agree that she should speak more. She could use her position to further the causes she is involved in. I don’t want o compare her to Diana as they are two very different people but look what Diana did to lessen the stigma of AIDS by saying, “…and you can hug them. Goodness knows they need it.” I’m sure Kate is as nervous as the rest of us when speaking publicly but she needs to work on that. She could have any one of several professional voice/public speaking coaches. Did anyone see the Diana and Peter Setellen tapes? I think they should have remained private but they did demonstrate her desire to improve herself and make the most impact in her charitable pursuits.

          1. I did see those tapes. I was shocked by how much Diana revealed to him. I don’t think I would ever be comfortable pouring my heart out to a total stranger like that, she told him some very personal things. Yet, this most likely illustrates how desperate Diana was for someone to confide in. I felt bad for her because she seemed like she really needed to talk. But I do respect that Diana had the humility to recognize that she needed some professional help with her public speaking. At least she made an effort to improve.

          2. I saw the tapes. They met something like 16 times before he proposed? No wonder their marriage failed. I thought the most telling bit was when Setellen asked her why she was interested in helping charities, and she laughed and said because she didn’t have anything else to do. Off camera, a young William chided her.

          3. She also took lessons from Richard Attenborough, the actor/director.

            Typical of Diana, she had several people help her with the same thing.

            If i recall, she ended up seeking help from about 5 different people.

            Jet Texas: it was 13times in six months.

        2. She needs an intensive in depth education on the vast topic of mental health. Then she needs to decide what facet of it to focus her energies on. THEN, educate herself further on that. I would be happy to hear her intelligent input on this cause of hers anytime after that. But first things first, and no more winging it in an expensive outfit and calling it good.

          1. Except the press has lowered their standards so much they praise her anytime she opens her mouth. It is ridiculous.

            And she still has no credibility to speak on the issue of mental health when she is a bag of issues herself. She is not a well adjusted 35 year old in any sense of the word.

          2. Sure. Just think of how intelligent and well-informed she sounds when she speaks about art, a subject to which she devoted years of study.

            I think you’re right, Ray, and I would love to see that happen. I’m just running out of optimism that she’ll ever be much more than hair.

      2. Leopard’s don’t change their spots. The few teachers who have spoken out about her said she was of mediocre intelligence, not memorable, nothing to write home about.

        The most memorable thing she did was get a talking to because she loved flashing her naked ass at the boys to get their attention (earning the nickname MiddleBum). Her energy was put into how she looked and trying to get in with the aristocrats. Oh how the times have not changed.

        The 15 years of William being the same type of person has only cemented it, but the seeds were sown before they met.

        Neither of them is a workhorse and never will be. They are not engaged with the world around them, don’t care about anything but themselves as shown time and time again. She could have chosen to do anything, with the rumored money from her parents providing the financing. She could have done that and had a flexible schedule to always make herself available to cheating William.

        She chose instead to do nothing for a decade while waiting because that’s what she likes. Shopping, getting her hair done, exercising, watching TOWIE, going to on vacation. She doesn’t like working, never has. That isn’t William’s influence, it is her natural make-up.

        I doubt sincerely that she “led” a roundtable, just like she didn’t do anything for the HuffPost event. Someone else did the work, she showed up, said start, and everyone else did the work.

        I understand people wanting them to live up to the promise of what these two should be, but W&K don’t have it in them.

        1. Totally agree, NOTA. What I expect is for them to live down to my expectations of continued sloth and mendacity. There is no ‘there’ there. Never will be. The BRF is nestling a pair of duds.

        2. I was bored so I went looking through some of the blogs like Royal gossip and royal Dish and decided to look at the older posts from 2012. Well guess what. The same complaints about them not working, Will being sketchy with his work schedule (RAF in this case) and Kate not doing enough even though she wasn’t pregnant at the time etc. It’s been five years from that. They aren’t changing. Not of their own volition. Charles is going to have to crack the whip or else they will continue to shirk engagements. I don’t expect the Queen to bother at this point. She has to focus on her health.

          The Sun article is great in that it compares them to Charles and Diana when their kids are roughly the same age. W and K just look really bad here. And to dare say it’s because they want to spend time with their kids? That is a joke. The engagements don’t last that long meanwhile William can skip Easter with the kids to go to Jeccas wedding party. Please. What dedicated father does that? And let not forget the insult to parents who have to work full time and don’t get palaces and 200k clothing allowances.

          I hope the press continues because nothing changes unless the lazy duo is publicly shamed into changing.

        3. I agree with what you are saying, Nota. But my thought process is this: If I don’t try to be optimistic and hope for the best in the spirit of this being the New Year, I may be tempted to stop following the Cambridges all together. So I am trying to hope for the best because what else do we have to hang on to but hope?

          How many times can we keep seeing the same ol’ same ‘ol? After following them so closely for a while now I can predict exactly what will happen each time. Crotch clutching? Check. William micromanaging everything and generally being a control freak? Check. When in doubt, claim that George and Charlotte enjoy everything that the people W and K talk to happen to enjoy because W and K don’t know how to talk about anything else. Check. William openly admitting he doesn’t read his briefing notes or even bothered to watch a Bollywood film, thereby revealing that he really and truly couldn’t care less? Check.

          I want to keep reading this blog and commenting on it, so to do that, I have to be hopeful that something might change. Otherwise, we would all lose interest, in W and K right? I’m sure it must be hard for KMR as a writer to write about Will and Kate because the two of them are so very boring. The royal reporters themselves like Richard Palmer said that Will and Kate are boring. Look at how other bloggers are barely writing about the royals anymore. They have lost interest. That Canadian tour was a snoozefest and we had someone from Vietnam comment on KMR that they didn’t even know William was in Vietnam. It barely made the news.

          This is a case of “be careful what you wish for.” William wants to be totally and completely left alone. And now, that’s exactly what he is getting. The public will eventually stop paying attention as well as the media. When that happens, the monarchy will really be over because the young royals simply have to find a way to be relevant in order to continue this institution.

          1. Palmer wrote during the “workshy William articles” back in February and March, that William would be okay with the Monarchy gone.
            His unwillingness to step-up and his minimal effort when working are evidences to that.
            He will wait until HM is gone to step down. Unfortunately him stepping down will probably bring the monarchy down. ( I used down far too much :D)

        4. +3.

          Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over – in this case, observing the same behaviour – expecting a different result?

          The Netherlands trip looked like a ‘make work’ scheme to get Kate doing something, anything but there was not much to do and therefore, nothing to achieve except a few photo ops.

          But if little or insignificant pressure is placed on W+K (and Harry) to do more, and with no consequences, why should they change? And if the UK public still wants to fund them, no matter what, why should they change?

          1. Exactly, Jen. That’s why I don’t fully agree with Cookie’s observation above that if we don’t hope, there’s no reason left to follow.

            To me the point is that it’s the dynamics that are intriguing and the changes in the BRF/monarchy and how we perceive it all especially now that W&K have inadvertently exposed the Big Lie- the sloth, the rampant greed, the self-preservation, the entitlement, the fact that the BRF believes it matters more than country and people.

            Will any pressure on W&K occur, continue? How long before the public and reporters get a clue? The queen is coming to the end of her reign. Stuff is happening. IMO, this is the best time to hang around as the transition begins and perhaps greater exposure is imminent The queen will be the end of an era. What will happen next? Ah, it’s great to be a commoner and a spectator. Pass the popcorn. Ha!

          2. Maven, yes! The sloth has been exposed via William and Kate. As to whether the public really understands the depth of deception depends on how much power the BRF can exert on press and for how long. I’m sure journalists on the royal beat know all the dirt, inside out. But of course, self-preservation rules. At the moment, apart from stray snipes, the press praises them for just turning up, and keeps feeding this narrative continually. If a real journalist decides to pull down the curtain, watch out. Then I’ll get the popcorn.

          3. The UK press may be controlled by the BRF, but in the age of social media they can’t control what the foreign press will say. People magazine is sycophantic for now, but who is to say they won’t trash the BRF to make the Trump family look better? And the commonwealth press doesn’t rely on the royals for their jobs, and so if there is waste that affects their countries as well, they are likely to report it. Just like that ipsos survey in Canada saying that now a majority of Canadians want to drop the BRF once the Queen passes.

          4. Unfortunately, the hope seems to be that someone else will force them to do better. That HM or Charles will get them in line. That the press will take off the blinders and report the facts. That pressure from royal watchers will matter to their PR team. It does make for interesting viewing and commenting, doesn’t it?

            None of that adds up to these two changing their spots and becoming intrinsically better human beings. Harry needs someone to encourage him to do better (just like Charles needed), but at heart he seems a better person and committed to doing something with his privilege. W&K? We can hope that it might happen, but what would it take to make that (miracle) occur?

          5. The BRF PR has such a hold over the ‘free press’ that the latter is reduced to merely propping up the tightly woven, all-pervasive narrative that the monarchy is great and good.

            The press provides a firewall for the likes of W+K who know they are in a pretty much untouchable position unless (a) another member of the BF enacts a strategy to take them down and/or (b) the public balk loudly at something outrageous that they do. The French topless scandal just might do that: caught lying; caught on holiday (again); ditching Paralympics of all things (such a bad look, smacking of discrimination); activities on the balcony not exactly in keeping with the ‘demure duchess’ label. Otherwise, William and Kate will not change. The die is cast with those two. When people show you who they are, believe them.

            The counting of engagements by days provides a stunning picture of well-paid indolence. Meanwhile, there is no transparency of funds, amount of work done for one third of a billion pounds each and every year, and so on. The BRF has everything pretty much on lock-down. It would take a fantastic forensic writer to pull it apart for all to see.

          6. ”AFP January 3, 2017
            Nanterre (France) (AFP) – The trial of six media representatives over the publication of topless photos of Prince William’s wife Catherine in France that caused a scandal in Britain was on Tuesday delayed until May.

            The lawyer for two agency photographers, who only recently took over the case, obtained the four-month delay in order to prepare the defence.”


            Near the sister’s wedding date?

    3. “I have been commenting for almost a year now and I have enjoyed it because the community here is sane and rational.”

      I so totally agree. Also thoughtful and tremendously knowledgeable and informative. It reminds me a little of the sorely missed Enclave24, the first of this kind. I’m pretty sure some of us are now commenting here.

      Great comments, Cookie!

    4. Excelent words Cookie. And you are right, most of us are rooting for Kate, Will and Harry to do well. Yes, our comments are because we really care about their holes as Royals and we hope for them performing their Royal duties correctly. Many people think when we make a criticism is because we “hate” the person but the reality is that we want the person to make it right. In any case we are trying to help them, at leats it is how I see it.

    5. I just don’t see that Harry took a PR hit after his statement… Example…his documentary was a continuation with the press love affair with him… — look at the way the press spun the whole work load report… they called Kate and William lazy but that Harry clocked the most travel miles… I firmly believe now that people are projecting their feelings /prejudices on who Harry is or not dating.. as if anyone he dates will never be good enough … I noticed it with the comments on here on his last girlfriend as well. More than William people feel like they own Harry, so whenever he dates a girl she becomes the villain … it’s seems to be a trend…

        1. @kitty what I am saying is that, the statement did not make a ding in his popularity and that he is very much beloved… less we forget that William made a similar statement about Kate around her 25th Bday when the press thought they were about to be engage and were camped outside her house.

          1. @Jojo, then what do you think took a hit in his popularity. Because it seemed like it happened after that statement.

      1. He took a hit with some fangirls online, but not with many royal watchers nor with the general public (that really doesn’t care either way). As a poster on CB put it, some are just upset Meghan stole their internet boyfriend.

        1. @notasugarhere EXACTLY… Well said… after all a couple of months ago Most had no idea who this girl was, in terms of her show etc… and now people have all these “well formed” opinions about her base on what I don’t know

      2. I think it’s more mixed. Some press outlets praised him for that statement and others have called it disastrous. The average Briton I don’t think is emotionally invested in who Harry dates or marries, especially as he’s not going to be king.

        That documentary was planned and shot before he and MM even got together. So I don’t think you can say anything about how his relationship affected it either way.

        I think the Harry has traveled the most miles was very neutral. The articles I read weren’t praising him or criticizing him for it. They just very matter of factly stated that he traveled the most followed by how much everyone else traveled.

        I think if anything hurt his reputation, it’s that he took that detour to see MM after he had Jason lie to the press pack. Whether or not you think he was wrong in doing that, he was so stupid to leave himself open by doing that. That is SO easy for the media to spin something negative. They still mention it in almost every single article about him and Meghan. If he makes a pattern of it and the press continues to spin it that he’s violating protocol and misusing tax dollars that will hurt his reputation far more than any statement.

      3. My problem isn’t with who Harry is dating per se but the way he handled his relationship came at a time when I was starting to change my opinion of him in general and his handling of the relationship didn’t help.
        He can no longer skate by on his affable personality, it’s time for him to grow up, work harder etc. what he got away with in his 20s is no longer charming to me. The long winded statement and jetting off to see her after official tour was a poor decision and more juvenile behavior on his part.

        1. Sarah, I have to agree. The ‘outing’ of the relationship was clumsy; their respective PR handlers are hopeless. Best to just be discreet, see whether there is something beyond lust, and then as a strong unit, go forward. I note Serena Williams has become newly-engaged; as public figures, that relationship seems to have been quietly gone about and credit to them for their personal discretion.

          What is charming at 20-something can appear dissolute at 30-something. Irrespective of his brother and sister-in-law, Harry needs to commit to doing something substantial and accountable full-time and at home. I applaud Invictus and Sentebale, but it’s not a solo effort; there are teams employed to do the grunt work.

        2. @Sarah I agree. Now you can see why majority aren’t warming up to this relationship and MM. I don’t see a wedding at all.

          1. Is it okay for people to attempt to break into her home, make racist under handed comments, call her straight out of Compton? I think although the wording of the statement was lazy, it’s not at all okay for anyone to be treated like that just because she is dating him. The statement was needed.. although it opened the floodgates. I am in an interracial relationship and the stare comments are cutting… its 2016-2017 he had to stand up to those comments otherwise it would be shameful. Also none of us know Meghan nor harry and know their dynamic of their realationship.. but as I said before we are projecting when we say what the majority of what people are saying @kitty ,,, lol in the end time will tell… it’s fun watching and discussing/ disagreeing (respectfully of course )… 😉

          2. Thank you jojotravels. The verbose statement should have been cut down, but what he said needed to be said. Even other reporters and publications were calling out the Compton statements, even while also taking Harry down a peg for the statement.

          3. I don’t think the idea of the statement was wrong. And it helped shut down the whole “it’s just a fling” comments as well. The racism by the UK press was unacceptable and had to be called out.

            I think the only real misstep was taking the plane to Toronto after the tour, or at least he should be clear in terms of who is paying for that.

          4. Am I missing something here? I don’t think anyone on this blog has ever suggested that the racist press thrown at Meghan was acceptable. The criticism regarding the statement has been on the execution of the statement not the fact that he called out racism.

          5. Why all the disgust at the trip to see his girl? He would not have done it without permission. Look at a map …Caribbean to Toronto to London makes far more sense for all sorts of reasons (time, airmiles, the environment etc) than going across the Atlantic three times just to keep people happy. I am sure both the queen and Charles were made aware of his plans, and he was back in time for his pre arranged engagement. He had just completed one of the most successful tours for HM, and worked far harder than W&K.
            I like MM and I did know who she was because I love Suits. I think they will marry. I’ve predicted an engagement this year but think the wedding will be 2018.

            Time will tell.

          6. Carter, there was a lot of criticism elsewhere. This may be one of my favorite blogs, but it isn’t the only place where the issue was discussed.

            The rampant, racist attacks against MM were unchecked – and some people participated and enjoyed the attacks. That Harry should stay quiet, not be in that relationship at all due to her ethnicity, etc. In some places it was a free-for-all. That’s why the statement was so necessary.

          7. Birdie,

            Most negative comments I have read aren’t focussed on the idea that he visited his girlfriend, but more on the problem with breaching palace protocol which actively discourages combining personal and business travel. Or that he misspent taxpayer funds by cancelling his seat on the flight to London and booking another to Toronto. Misuse of taxpayer’s money is what irritated me, although I read in the ?Telegraph? that ‘any incurred costs to the public were met privately’. I still would like a definitive answer to whether the taxpayers were reimbursed for the empty set on the plane to London since the above statement could imply anything.

            There were also negative comments about his press officers answering “yes” to direct questioning about Harry going to London from Barbados when in fact he was going to Toronto from Barbados. Whether Harry lied to his press officers or asked them to lie for him is irrelevant, since both actions qualify as questionable behaviour.

            I want to be clear I did read a few comments on forum and blogs stating horror that Harry should visit his girlfriend, but they weren’t the majority. Personally, I’m indifferent to whether he visits her as long as he doesn’t spend extra (UK taxpayer’s money) to do it.

          8. I agree with Linds. It wasn’t that he visited his girlfriend that was problematic. He could have gone anywhere and visited anyone, and it still would have been problematic for the reasons stated above. The protocol may seem silly, but that’s not really relevant either. There are some rules/protocols at my job that I find stupid and silly but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to follow them. And if I didn’t I would be disciplined and fired. The lie also didn’t help.

  11. Other: Although I know it’s not possible right now, I want William to give up the throne, or be pushed out. I want him and his similarly empty and venal wife to disappear. I believe that what you see is what you get. It’s not going to get any better and probably worse (rape and pillage of the Duchy, endless lies, open contempt for the realm and public, fatter head).

      1. If it were me, I would say for his heirs, as well. I have no confidence that William and Kate would raise children with the right preparation to lead, even as a figurehead. Moreover, if George and Charlotte retained their rights to the throne, William could continue to enjoy their royal benefits without any responsibilities of his own with regard to engagements, patronages, etc.

          1. There is no such thing as switching places. If William decides he doesn’t want to be King, he will leave the line of succession. Logically, his entire line should be removed. How can a father who doesn’t want to be King can prepare his own son for that role?

    1. I’m with you Maven. This is who they both are intrinsically. Lazy, spendthrift, entitled. He doesn’t want the job, neither is willing or capable of fulfilling their roles without being resentful about the whole thing.

      They and their children should walk away. No point in keeping their kids in the line. If W&K hate the job, they won’t raise children who will embrace it.

    2. I honestly don’t see William on the throne. Whether it’s by abdication or the people finally voting for an elected HOS.

    3. William isn’t going to be pushed out. If anything is going to make William step up it is going to be a real threat of loss of money and status. Besides William isn’t so popular with some royal watchers due to his reluctance and petulance, but I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of people in the UK and across the commonwealth don’t care and don’t pay attention. For example, I read Reddit. The average redditor is not a royal watcher. Every once in a while something about the BRF makes the front page, and the comments are always HM will seemingly live forever, and Charles is a wack job who is too political and should step aside for William and Kate. And Harry is a drunk who people would like to party with. Polls show that William is still very popular.

      I think the only way William is going to not end up on the throne is if the monarchy itself gets abolished.

      1. Within 5-10 years of HM passing, I think the majority of the Commonwealth countries will pull out and the UK will vote on a referendum to abolish the monarchy. I believe it will pass unless there is a change in public perception of Charles (and Camilla), not William since he will not be the most visible member of the monarchy at that moment.

        That said, the people arguably benefiting the most from problems at Kensington over the last several years are Charles and Camilla. I am seeing comments about them being ‘tireless workers’ on other blogs and forums. And while the switch up to tallying engagement by days rather than events by the red tops this year did not exactly help them, being compared to the younger royals who only worked half or less of the number of days did help.

        On a side note, I prefer the reporting by engagement days rather than events since it reveals how little the Royal Family works in reality and what kind of ‘value’ the taxpayers are getting. I want to be paid to only work 3-4 months out of the year and go on holiday the rest.

        1. Hey Lind, You are so right about the beneficiary of KP incompetence.

          Prior to the wedding, the public had no clue to William. There was an assumption, never corrected by the Palace, that he was Diana’s sympathetic lovely son.

          Based on Diana’s tales of him and resemblence. Any negative stories were immediately pulled or bounced off him.

          Plus JLP often traded bad William stories for bad Harry stories.

          Either way, there was very little real information about him.

          I’ve always maintained that the wedding was the coming out of William. Harry and Kate.

          Before then, Charles and Camilla were not much liked and or it was easier to overlook them or believe any negative reporting.

          Diana’s spectre was still a very strong hold on public conscious and their narrative.

          The articles calling for Charles to be skipped in favour of William popped up frequently and many people would have supported such a move pre-wedding.

          You would never dare say that Camilla was a decent person because even those who claimed to be apathetic had a negative view of her.

          After the wedding, people had a good look at William, Harry and Kate. Especially William and Kate.

          And realised that in comparison, Charles and Camilla weren’t so bad. Their poll numbers and favourability started to rise and have continued to rise.

          Meanwhile WK’s numbers keep falling.

          And most importantly, the calls for Charles to be skipped have fallen off completely.

          Anyone who suggests such a thing is thought kooky at best.

  12. Happy new year one & all. Brilliant poll, will be interesting to see how 2017 pans out for William & Harry in particular, especially with it being the 20th anniversary of their mother’s death.

    1. I feel dumb. Why is this 20th anniversary a big deal? I don’t get it. I mean, it’s not even like it’s the 25th, silver anniversary of her death.

      1. People tend to ‘celebrate’ deaths & some other important anniversaries in multiples of 10! Generally birthdays after 21 are celebrated that way that’s why we celebrated the HM’s 60th,70th,80th,90th etc and will celebrate her 100th. Its also a big deal when you celebrate your 30th,40th,50th,60th wedding anniversary etc. We generally remember someone 10yrs, 20yrs etc after passing. Plus with the boys celebrating the 10th anniversary of their mothers death, we knew they would celebrate the 20th, and as happens a couple of things have been announced for later this year.

          1. To be honezst, I would hope both him & harry would be doing more by attending events/engagements that are specifically in memory of their mother. Diana is still much loved by some in the UK, so I expect KP will be receiving more requests for the boys presence – even if it is to plant a few trees!

      2. I think perhaps if they are going to “celebrate” than it should be her birth, not her death. It’s getting a little creepy.

        1. Its not her death that’s being celebrated its her life, what she did with it & all the charities & people she helped. In a way its an extension of her funeral when all her charities came together & remembered all she had done for them – one of which was ironically East Anglia Children’s Hospital.

      3. I expect a physical memorial of some kind, which Harry has talked about wanting. There are already two (children’s play ground and fountain both in KP), but apparently he/they want another.

        1. I wonder if whatever is being planned for the 20th will attract the public fervour of the past? It’s clearly a huge milestone for Diana’s sons and they want her memory to live on. But twenty years on, to many Diana is someone they’ve only read about or perhaps recall a little. I thought that after the 10th anniversary, it would be more fitting that William and Harry commemorate their mother more privately. It could be bruising if they see the inevitable lessening of interest in Diana compared to their own constant memories of her.

          1. They haven’t done much to keep that memory alive though, have they? Well, okay I do believe Harry did talk about her and her work recently. I vaguely recall that.

            Would Diana be proud of how they’ve honoured her memory and legacy?

          2. Maven, I think the only reason William works with one charity is because it has the Diana Award. The only thing with her name on it, so he’ll pay it a tiny bit of attention.

            Don’t forget, the tasteless baby clothing line with Diana tartan and Charlotte dresses. Approved by W&K. A tiny percentage goes to charity, so we’re supposed to pretend this isn’t a tacky way of making money off his late mother and their child.

          3. I think maybe so. People are still obsessed with Diana, and think Charles is basically Satan, and he ought to step aside for hos wonderful, down to earth, charming, intelligent son William who has a job and such a beautiful, perfect family! 😉

            I about threw up, but that’s the gist of public opinion about these folks outside here, some forums, and comments on the DM. A shame W&K don’t work with the goodwill they have but I guess they think their PR is enough, since people do think they’re wonderful and hard-working. If they even tried I would feel far more generous to them, but as I’ve said before, I don’t think either of them care whatsoever about anything but themselves.

            It will be interesting to see. We may be in London this fall, so I’d like to check out the Diana exhibit. Kensington Palace was practically empty when we visited. I expected to see far more tourists. Buckingham Palace on the other hand was packed!

          4. Considering that Will idly didn’t care enough to read his briefings connecting his mother opening the Glasgow reproductive clinic to Canada’s Sheway clinic, and the goodwill naturally stemming from her son “continuing in her footsteps,” it’s a joke to say that W&K care anything about Diana except what keeps them in line for succession.

            Line of succession is just a living game of chicken. There shouldn’t be any big deal about the people choosing a different figurehead because that person is a cultural figurehead. It’s not the end of the world, and makes a lot more sense than elevating two people who act like children throwing a “what are you going to do about it?” attitude.

            The people can offer the crown to Harry or Zara. Both would do a better job and Will can sleep easy.

            The DM article hitting the workshy Cambs is an early sound-off to 2017, and could be from concerns about HM passing in the near future. W&K aren’t going to change overnight. He’s not going to instantly start taking daily duties while Kate suddenly develops into an eloquent speech-giver.

          5. I wouldn’t say they care about it, necessarily. They care about the PR that goes with it. If they really cared, he would work with it constantly instead of just for photo ops. The fact that he didn’t read those briefing notes and didn’t know the place he was visiting was related to the Diana Award? Shows that he doesn’t care about it.

            Sunny with a great deal of goodwill and masses of PR, they might be able to get away with trying Harry on the throne. Might. They could not skip Andrew, Beatrice, Eugenie, Edward, James, Louise, Anne, and Peter just to get to Zara.

  13. Some of my answers are/were contingent on no pregnancy announcement and no death announcements.
    Those two things will impact work engagements in both directions.
    I liked all your questions in regards to what we would like Kate see to do. You should have added which of their staff needs to go (hair stylist, stylist, Jason knauf) all three imo
    Here’s to optimistically/naively thinking this is the year they’ll change for the better

  14. Dearest KMR, thank you for the detailed, clearly written, thoughtful articles you post. It is much appreciated.

    Now for this poll predictions, i’m afraid my bar is set so low that i can’t pick any choice provided. For simple reason that Kate is predictably unpredictable. For me, she’s achieved what she set out to do ie not give me expectations of fulfilling anything or following any sort of pattern, repeat or otherwise.

    So my answer to all the poll predictions is that she’ll do something, but she’s too unpredictable to pin down with regards what she will do.

    From that perspective, and the low bar she’s set, i guess anything she does will be a win in my book because i do not expect her to do much of anything outside of obligatory family events like Trooping the colour. Infact, the only predictable thing about her will be the fashion. Same ol’ same ol’.

    Surprisingly, i feel William is more consistent. Outside of family events, he will definitely do Tusk, centrepoint and something wildlife. After his contract runs out in march, he will take another gap year before signing up to another contract with same or different company.

    I predict we shall not see the kids more than twice unless there is a tour.

  15. Slightly off topic but say the Queen passes before Philip. Would Charles still give the DoE title to Edward on Philip’s passing or could he give it to Harry?

    1. If the title merges with the crown upon Phillip’s passing, Charles can recreate the title for anyone, including Harry. I would hope he would uphold his parents’ wishes and stick to the plan that it gets recreated for Edward.

    2. Title holder keeps their title until death.

      No one can do anything about any of these titles until Philip’s death.

      As this is a royal dukedom, it’s not inheritable, so it’s upto Charles to honour his mother’s wishes and recreate it for Edward.

  16. Off topic. Can someone tell me if Camilla was royal or related to royalty before marrying prince charles? Or just in upper social circles?

  17. This wasn’t available in the poll but I’d love for it to happen in the coming year: Princess Beatrice finds a guy who isn’t shady (ex-boyfriend before Dave Clark), or use her for her connects/as a cover-up (I hope this implication doesn’t get me in trouble, and I apologize if it does, but I think you get my drift).

    I’ve mentioned a fair few times that I’m sympathetic to the York girls and would love for Beatrice to find her own “Prince Daniel/Chris O’Neill” so-to-speak. Someone who brings out the best in her, encourages her, makes her happy and have that happiness shine from within when she’s out and about. He won’t be anyone’s first pick, but he’ll make her shine in so many ways.

    I also want the press to cut back on all the crude they throw at her but that just might be wishful thinking on my part. Sigh….

    1. I still have the fanfic hope that Beatrice ends up with the Thurn und Taxis heir. Incredibly wealthy, hidden away in Switzerland and Germany most of the time. Doing charity work but not hounded by the press. Gloria TNT vs. Fergie would be epic. Alternately, she could end up with the new 7th Duke of Westminster.

      1. OOOOO I love this. Though, I don’t think Bea has to necessarily marry a millionaire. She should have quite a bit of money on her own. Due to The Queen mom and the Divorce settlement. Not to mention I’m sure she will inherit more money from the Queen and her father. Although by her social circles The likelihood of her marrying rich is very high.

        I just hope she finds an added happiness with someone rich or not . She seems generally like a happy person . and I hope she continues her charity work I like how Eugenie is expanding her patronages and I hope it continues

        1. He’s had at least one long-term girlfriend, but they have amazing control over what is published about them so little is known about it. His father was proudly bi-sexual. Whomever he prefers, odds are he will eventually marry a woman and have heirs.

          1. That’s true. It’s not much written about Gloria’s children, but Gloria herself and her work. I think it’s a good way. The last time I read something
            bigger was Maria Theresia’s wedding.
            But I think if Great Britain is involved in such a high way like the wedding of the Queen’s grandchild to him, it would cause bigger press.

    2. Well, Madeleine found her Chris after her fiance let her down very publicly, so I think Bea will find happiness. Maybe she should take a leaf from Maddie’s book, move to New York, where she will have more privacy and buckle down to some serious charity work.

  18. I know that we are meant to be discussing Kate but there was a question as to whether King Harald will abdicate. I can’t imagine anyone wanting Mette-Marit to be Queen. Highly unsuitable methinks.

      1. She hardly works, is constantly on vacation, has had at least one lover (an American millionair) during the marriage.
        She has build a network of millionar jet setting friends, whom she relatively often visits.
        The rumour is that King Harad would have abdicate a few years back, but the situation with Metter Marit was very volatile at that time.

        1. Interesting. I rarely pay attention to Mette-Marit so I didn’t know any of that.

      2. I think her attitude in general can be problematic. She often thinks rules and laws don’t apply to her. Old-school royal that way. Haakon even commented on her apathy in the wedding speech, so he knew going in that it was part of her character.

        She is conveniently afraid of flying for some work events, but has no problem jetting off to NYC to secretly attend the Met Gala. No problem flying to Italy to vacation with Donatella Versace. She does these on her personal time, she’s allowed to do that. But when she uses fear of flying to get out of work, it looks like an excuse to skip work events.

        The surrogacy event was a biggie too. She used her diplomatic passport to go to India and claim her friends’ twins from the surrogate, claiming to be the nanny. The friends’ paperwork hadn’t gone through, someone had messed up.

        Surrogacy is illegal in Norway, but the future Queen Consort used her diplomatic passport to go to India and participate in something illegal in her country. I understand and sympathize with why she did it; doesn’t make it right for a government official to do it.

        1. Wonder what Haakon saw in Mette-Marit, in order to marry her and make her his future Queen? I definitely would say that it was not for her supposed ‘beauty’, for sure.

      1. Aren’t they all? I don’t remember that all royals release their cards to the public. It is often someone who receives the card who photographs it and shares it online.

        1. I don’t live in the UK so could someone fill me in: do any of the royals send Christmas cards to the entire public? Like it just comes in the mail to everyone? Or has it always been that these cards are sent to people in response to people wishing the royals merry Christmas?

          1. The cards tend to be sent to family, friends, staff and members of the public their staff nominate to receive such cards.

            The nominated public can be as random as a lolipop lady or a business person or members of the media. From Charity to office cleaners. It’s incredibly random in some ways because you need to have had some contact with the royal household in some capacity to receive a christmas card.

            That is how seemingly random people receive cards. The cards are not released publicly, though CH has started to do so as a PR strategy. And i guess WK followed their lead last year and made a point of announcing this year that they wouldn’t.

            The only reason we know they are sent is due to members of the public publicising it and in this day of socia media, putting it on twitter where the media sources it. Like the Harry card.

          2. I believe theres a christmas card for the public, where if you want you can write them and they’ll send you a simple photos card with Christmas greeting on the back and another is for private use for friends, family, people they meet, etc. The private ones have more detail, like the one linked abovetc

          3. I’ve never heard or seen public vs private christmas cards per your description.

            The wording inside might be different as it does when signing for friends/family vs strangers, but the same image goes out.

          4. Last year, the released Christmas card photos from W&K and H were not the photos used on the cards sent to members of the public who wrote to them. The released Christmas card photos were used on private cards and different photos were used on the public cards.

          5. I only remember one card from each of them last year. The KP garden photo of W&K+kids. Harry standing next to the plane with the senior pilot in it. Charles and Camilla’s was the one with the cute side hug. Anyone know which ones those were, public vs. private?

          6. I don’t know about C&C, but the fall garden photo of the Cambs that was released in Dec was their private card. The public one sent to people was the family of four shot from Charlotte’s christening. Harry’s private one of him with the pilot that was released was his private one, but the public one sent to people was a shot of him walking and it was the same photo used for his birthday card.

  19. Kate’s been made an honorary life member of the Royal Photographic Society.

    I wonder if she’ll do any engagements, ie visits, with them?

    1. The story has been scrubbed from the mirror newspaper which means it was or is probably a fake story.

      OK magazines is about as reliable as the Globe newspaper from the USA, and only one Aus/NZ paper is carrying the story.

      Fyi: the mirror is not a royalist paper. None of the royalist papers are carrying the story which would be big news if it were true.

      On the flipside, the fact that the children were mentioned as the reason for the award might ge a reason to pull the story because this is a private thing and not of public interest.

      1. It was on USA Today and some other outlets with quotes, so maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not?

        It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s fake /or/ true considering the accolades royals get for doing nothing or being mediocre (not just W&K but in general). Her skill isn’t great but they act like she is some fabulous photographer who is into the art, so her going to some exhibits for example of lesser-known photographers to bring attention to them would be nice if she was a member of the RPS. The Queen is patron.

        1. The Royal Photographic Society would lose all credibility if it awarded anything to the talent-free/ work-free zone known as Kate. In the ‘waity decade’ she opined about becoming a photographer but did nothing to realise that ambition. Didn’t she lie about having lessons with Testino? He denied it. Examples of her work are, at best, point and click.

          It’s sickening that anyone has to bow done to such ridiculous aspirants to mediocrity. And given Kate does f*** all for her patronages, it’s bad staff work on the part of the RPS to think she’d lift a finger for them. It’s all about her big ego, baby.

          1. Truly happy snaps, point and click, nothing more. And not visually interesting snaps at that. Her ‘portraiture’ is a laugh. She is appallingly ignorant about light which is everything in photography. It’s good to be future Queen.

            It boggles my mind that someone loves to live in a sea manufactured with lies and fantasy and possesses pride in nothing except catching the big fish.

      2. Here are the tweets about the RPS.
        ”RPS ‏@The_RPS 9h
        HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has accepted lifetime Honorary Membership to The Royal Photographic Society.
        Gert’s Royals ‏@Gertsroyals 11h
        Duchess Kate made honourary member of Royal Photography society for snapping iconic pictures of Princess Charlotte http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/kate-middleton-made-honorary-member-9548676#ICID=sharebar_twitter …”
        I did view the above-referenced Mirror article this morning. It was not a current date and appeared to be an archived story. It has since gone 404.

        The RPS Twitter account is still showing the entry. Its web site links to that Twitter account.

        I do recall that she had previously been extended a membership to the RPS and there was commentary that she really should take the membership to improve her skills. The published articles about her photography also mentioned that she had a new camera.

        1. What is wrong with these organisations that grovel to such ridiculous people? Why do the royals need to be constantly propped up with awards they have not earned? No wonder there is no change for good from W+K with such simpering sycophants on hand.

          1. Isn’t it fairly common to give royals (and celebs, let’s face it) honorary memberships and fellowships to those organizations? Science and arts societies. Same with honorary degrees. It’s just what is done needless of talent or interest.

        2. Telegraph has it now.

          ”Duchess of Cambridge’s family portraits earn her membership of Royal Photographic Society”

          Gordon Rayner, chief reporter
          3 JANUARY 2017 12:01AM

          ”…the Duchess of Cambridge has been given the ultimate recognition of her skills, with a lifetime honorary membership of the Royal Photographic Society.”

          ”She accepted the Society’s offer of an honorary membership last month…”

          ”The Duchess is also entitled to submit her work to a panel of experts for consideration for a distinction. If she passed, she would become a licentiate of the society, entitling her to use the letters LRPS after her name.”

          From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/03/duchess-cambridges-family-portraits-earn-membership-royal-photographic/

          1. I find it slightly nauseating that thy pretend her pictures “are the most widely published in the world,despite the fact that taking pictures is no more than a hobby”
            because they are superb in their execution but hey, maybe because she is really the only one allowed to take pictures of them? That might be the correlation between the two.
            Bleh enough already

          2. I think her snaps of the kids are cute but they look like any other non-professional mom with a nice camera.

            It’s pretty ridiculous pretending she’s some photographic genius. Reminds me of the Middletons peddling the story of Kate working with Testino, who was WTF about it and denied it.

          3. Hasn’t Kate been deemed the royal doing the least amount of work? So this is an award to deflect from her laziness, I’m guessing.

          4. How nice that Keen Kate receives an honorary lifetime membership with this association, when her pictures are nothing awe-inspiring, shocking, artistic or noteworthy in any way. And neither the subjects that she photographs are beautiful/stunning looking- they are just average. Why would this silly woman-child even deign to improve, when she gets praise and accolades thrown at her for doing the minimum amount of work; when other photographers have to spend great many years putting in consistently top-notch work to get the honorary membership and distinction?

            Wonder if Helicopter Willie used his EAAA salary to “donate” to the Royal Photographic Society, in exchange for this lazy woman’s membership?

            The only lifetime membership this woman should be awarded is the Society of Gold-Diggers or the Society of Call-Girls Worldwide.

          5. I’m surprised they didn’t release a picture of the kids by the wonderful photographer Kate to deflect from the low work # articles. That’s their usual mo

          6. Sarah, the DM certainly did just that, even releasing the embarrassingly awful Borneo snaps. As for the RPS, the news is not on their site (yet).

            Clicker Kate joins professional Annie Leibovitz as a lifetime honorary member, effectively placing a clumsy amateur and a visionary artist in the same frame. Wow.

            Is the Palace PR putting the hard word on the RPS (the Queen is their patron) to award something – anything – to Kate to deflect from her 2016 work effort?

      3. My bad. Apologies to all and especially Ellie. Woke up this morning to find all the royalist papers are now carrying the story.

        I will say that it made me giggle when they mentioned her ‘enthusiasm’. Disappointed they didn’t mention her ‘keenness’.

        And whoever mentioned the ridiculous claim of her photos being widely distributed is right. They are widely distributed because she is the only one allowed yo photograph her children and holds copyrihht to the image. Since the children are of public interest to over a billion people, of course tge image will be widely cirvulated. What BS.

        1. Did they hold their noses when they made that decision?

          I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club she is ‘honoured’ by. Such a sycophantic, cynical move, spitting in the eye of genius, art and a gifted membership (I presume). They just cheapened art, professionalism and the integrity of the society itself.

          Imagine what message they’re sending out to aspiring photographers and every mediocrity out there.

          1. …..but the society received tonnes of publicity worldwide. Possibly more publicity than they could afford. To them, this sucking up was totes worth it.

          2. Anyone can purchase a membership, though – so I think their integrity is only marginally compromised by giving her one for free. :P. Totally worth it for the PR imo.

          3. Sure, the RPS did receive publicity but for those who see privilege and entitlement extended to numb-nuts such as Kate who neither deserve nor have earned such an honour, the organisation would be held in contempt. For others who automatically reach for the forelock at the mere mention of royalty, it’s a bit of an ‘own goal’ – they’ll no doubt choke on their own drool.

            So what’s better: (a) not knowing anything about a photographic society or (b) thinking the photographic society has compromised its standards just to link itself to a really lazy woman with no discernible talent? SMH.

    2. From what I remember, Kate was already an honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society. She was definitely an honorary member of something. I saw it when I was looking up her patronages on the official royal website back in January last year. Since they changed to the new (extremely shitty) website, they removed it from her patronage list. But it was there a year ago on the old website.

      1. There is the problem with not having an accessible digitized archive. Web published articles just disappear into the ether. Agree that the British royal family web site is a lightweight piece of design junk. Purposely formatted for tablets with never-ending pages, hidden navigation and obtuse connections it is a masterpiece of obfuscation.

    1. Ooooh, how very interesting! I wonder though if she was brought on board to “increase their workload” like the DM implies (can’t see the royal threesome selecting someone for that reason) or if she was chosen to mainly increase the royal foundation’s global profile, as she did with the cosmetic company. She sounds wonderful, but if she is truly ambitious, determined and opinionated, I predict a major clash with KP!

    2. There have been 3 director changes at the foundation within a year. (Director and trustee mean the same thing for this foundation.)

      1 April 2016 Robin Berry Janvrin the Lord Janvrin retired
      He also withdrew from the board of the National Portrait Gallery in July.

      14 Dec 2016 Simon Patterson appointed director
      He is Managing Director at Silver Lake Europe LLP.
      Also a director for The Natural History Museum (among other directorships)

      14 Dec 2016 Demetra Pinsent appointed director
      She is an Independent Non-executive director at Capital and Counties Properties PLC
      (Not yet shown on web site as director as of 3 Jan 2016)

      There have been 9 directors on the board in the past. Demetra would make 10 unless there will be a resignation or an increase in the number of directors.

      The other significant change is the resignation of the foundation’s auditors.

      1. I wonder why the auditors resigned?

        The opening statement of the article is odd. In the first half it rightly states that Kate’s numbers are the lowest of all royals: “Facing criticism after it was revealed she carried out half as many days of public engagements in 2016 as 95-year-old Prince Philip…”

        The second half implies that she is trying to solve an issue of poor work ethics at KP when the sad reality is that Kate, William and Harry do as little as possible: “…the Duchess of Cambridge may have found the perfect woman to instil a work ethic at Kensington Palace.” I get the sarcasm, though would not be amused if I was unfortunate enough to have to pick up after the trio.

        The new director, with her “ardent royalist” husband, won’t be criticising the lazy trio.

        1. Also she’s not working at KP. She’s working specifically for their foundation. That’s completely different than working for them in their KP office.

      2. Correction

        This: ”(Not yet shown on web site as director as of 3 Jan 2016)”

        Should have been: (Not yet shown on web site as director as of 3 Jan 2017)

        Year typo. Arrgh!

      3. I’m not sure that “director” and “trustee” are interchangeable in terms of the organizational hierarchy, though. The Foundation has a list of trustees on its website and a separate, administrative staff listing as well: a CEO, director of programming, etc. I’m honestly not sure which group this “new hire” has joined.

        1. In the foundation’s annual accounts it states that ‘director’ and ‘trustee’ are the same. That’s why I put it in the post. (Page 27 of the 2015 Accounts.) The term is used interchangeably and can be confusing.

          One more change in personnel:

          ”Peter Hunt ‏@BBCPeterHunt 30 Dec 2016
          Nick Booth — who is leaving his job running William, Kate and Harry’s Royal Foundation — is made an MVO.” Twitter

          Is Demetra taking the departing Booth’s position as Chief Executive Officer on the ‘Executive Team’?

          1. That’s my best guess! And I’m sure all will be clear soon enough, but the article describes her rather ambiguously as “director.”

  20. Wish we could vote twice. I voted for what I think will happen if she does’t get pregnant but if she does it’ll completely change things.

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