Kate Middleton three-peats DVF coat for Remembrance Sunday

Kate Middleton three-peats DVF coat for Remembrance Sunday

Kate Middleton joined members of the British Royal Family to watch the Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph in Whitehall yesterday, November 13.

The Queen was the first to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph to commemorate those who gave their lives defending their country. This year’s service is particularly poignant as this year marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Jutland, the 25th anniversary of the Gulf War, and the 80th anniversary of the first flight of the Supermarine Spitfire.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles followed the Queen in laying their wreaths.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew also laid wreaths, as well as Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and the Duke of Kent.

The spouses and other royals watched from the balcony.

As I wrote up my article on the Festival of Remembrance and saw Kate debuted a new coat, I thought to myself that she would probably repeat a coat for Remembrance Sunday. And she did. Kate three-peated this black Lio style Diane von Furstenberg coat. She has now worn this same coat to this same event three different times: in 2011, 2012, and 2016.

Kate wore yet another pair of earrings loaned from HM – adding to Kate’s growing list of loans from HM. Kate wore the Queen’s Bahrain Pearl Drop Earrings, which were made from two pearls which were given to the Queen as a wedding gift from the then-ruler of Bahrain. These earrings were worn by the Queen as recently as last year’s Festival of Remembrance, and were worn by Sophie in 2012.

Kate wore a new hat, most likely John Boyd. I’ve seen comments that people dislike this hat, but, I mean, it’s fine. Kate wore her hair in a bun to her left side.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

PS. I have seen comments about a supposed nude photo of Meghan Markle going around, and I ask you please, please, please DO NOT look at it, do not share it.

If the photo is real then it is a violation of privacy and consent. Consenting to the person one sent a nude photo to, to view said nude photo does not equal consent to that person or anyone else sharing or viewing the photo.

If the photo is fake then it is a cruel and terrible thing to do to a person, and is spreading cruel lies.

If anyone posts a link to the photo or any article about the photo on here I will delete the comment.

98 thoughts on “Kate Middleton three-peats DVF coat for Remembrance Sunday

  1. I like this look..I actually think she is channeling Max from last year’s remembrance, with the big hat and the bun to the side.

    1. I also thought she was channeling Max from last year. It wouldn’t surprise me since Max was the one being praised last year and there were even comments that Kate should try a big hat like her. And lo and behold her look was very much like something Max would do with a big hat and side bun. Sadly I didn’t think it looked as good on Kate-the bun was larger than normal

        1. The hat’s brim is too flat which pulls the whole look down, echoing Kate’s turned down mouth. A shorter brim would have been better. The beauty of Max is she doesn’t pull everything off, but when she does, she’s spectacular.

        1. It’s beyond boring and needs to stop.

          Kate could have added a scarf, ditched the hat for a smaller one and looser but styled updo.

          I appreciated no laughing or hair playing as in years past so Kate is making strides. The point was on remembering and respecting those who gave all and serve. As should be.

          1. Beyond boring? What about creepy as you-know-what!

            Does she clear her internet search history every night or does William never borrow her computer? Because otherwise how has he not stumbled upon thousands of images/links to his mother at every event she ever attended?

            And worse, if he knows or even approves? My head just can’t go there.

            Not normal. Not healthy.

          2. No, this is not healthy. There is a way to pay homage to the memory of the late Princess Diana and a way that is so creepy.
            Truly, I cannot understand why Kate continues to do this. And, if I were William, I’d be truly disgusted. Honoring his Mum is one thing, but Kate’s constant duplication of wardrobe etc, is just stranger than I can explain.

            On a more positive note, nice to see a more dignified look on Kate’s face at the ceremonies. Truly, this day was all about those who serve and have served. Bless them all. Their families, too.

    2. That’s right, she’s so doing last year Queen MAxima, she’even took to her most similar coat to last year’s queen Max. 4-5 years in a row she didn’t let go of her dolly curls, and this year, voila..I also second that having new takes on her late (bless her soul) Mother in law, the chekered coats, the solid red dress, the going home after delivering baby dress, the golden leaf earrings, the gold pleated with pearl eaerrings, the balenciaga faux large pearl earrings, The Eyeliner (sigh).. it could go on and on.. in summary, she is in dire need of a Personality. she’s like the annoying friend that keeps on copying you that you wish she’d have her own mind..

  2. The earrings loaned by the Queen look lovely, but I wish Kate had the buttons of this coat changed as I disliked those shiny buttons the first time I saw them and I still dislike them now. Her big side bun looks very uncomfortable with that kind of a collar, like she couldn’t move her head properly. Not quite sure what to think about the hat. It’s nice to see her wearing a proper hat, but it’d have looked better with a different kind of updo in my opinion. Camilla and Sophie’s hat choices aren’t the best either if you ask me. But I love Sophie’s poppy brooch! And Camilla’s jewellery – does someone know anything about the earrings she’s wearing?

    1. I love those earrings! When I first saw a pic of her I thought, wow she’s stepping up the jewelry game. I didn’t realize they were the Queen’s no wonder I like them! Camilla has some great baubles

  3. The side-chignon always looks ridiculous with all that extra fake hair Kate has. I miss the nicer updos from that Southeast Asia tour in 2012. It really ages her, along with the makeup though I notice she’s had a slightly lighter hand with the blush brush lately.

    I love the earrings.

      1. I don’t see what the big deal is with Kate adding hair pieces since Victoria and Silvia do it all the time with their updos.

        1. I’m not a fan of most hair pieces. On anyone. But this look in particular for Kate just makes the bun look so large. It just isn’t flattering. A person can overdo it with too much hair pieces and she did. The proportion is way off with the rest of her head.

        2. I actually think the bun looks nice on its own, but it looks like it was getting stuck with the high collar. Adding hair pieces to updos is ok I think. It serves the purpose.

        3. I think with Kate there’s SO much it looks absolutely silly. For some glam tiara event it’s fine, but every day like this it looks like a massive wig on her head.

          I don’t like how Sofia ever does her hair, hairpieces or not, though. Victoria does it sparingly, which is fine. Kate–there’s something about all those wads of fake hair that just reinforce how fake she is, to me. It’s sad the only thing we can talk about are her clothes and her hair. I want some substance. πŸ™

          1. Don’t forget that most tiaras were made during a time when women had a lot more hair. Especially in the Belle Epoque when a LOT of tiaras were made, partly because of the tiara rule of Edward VII’s court.

        4. It’s the proportions.

          As with everything, she overdoes the volume of fake hair pieces such that it’s too big for the size of her head.

          1. I agree. Someone got heavy handed with the amount of tracks. Believe it or not, you have to keep head shape and current hair texture as a guide. To top it off, it’s not blended well and is ratty.

  4. Love the earrings. And I love the side bun, but probably because when I have long hair it’s a go to for nice occasions because I really *do* have that much hair.

    Also love Sophie’s dress. I love that type of neckline.

  5. I’m glad she repeated a coat after yesterday’s coat debut, and even though it was the third time she’s worn it, I don’t care, it’s a beautiful coat!

    Though, I hate the hat. I’ve never liked those massive hats on her.

    And what is up with her eyebrows? The right one is flatter and thick, the left one is thin and arched…

    1. The brows are so bad. Doesn’t she look in a mirror? The one side of her face looks like it could be jacked with Botox (and perhaps it is) but the arches don’t match at all. She has people to work on this. It’s not like she doesn’t have access to the best.

      The brows distract me so much from and otherwise respectable outfit that isn’t new. Ok the lump of hair is a bit much too. Doesn’t look real, but it’s really the brows. Carole… fix this.

          1. I said yesterday that my aesthecian said sisters not twins but Kate’s were more cousins twice removed!! Even more so in these pics!!! Yikes! She has access to the best
            One’s not only thinner than the other, the arch is different and one starts farther in!!
            If they eyes are the window to the soul he brows are the drapes!

      1. I haven’t seen close-ups of Camilla and Sophie so I might be totally wrong but it looks as if they all have a darker right brow. Maybe because it is in the shadow of the brim and they painted it darker so you still can tell it’s there? So it could have been an accident and she/her stylist just overdid it.

        1. The brims are casting shadows, but the problem with Kate is not that one brow is darker than the other, but that one is much thicker and less arched than the other. Much, much thicker. Like it hasn’t even been shaped at all.

      2. Overall, Camilla, Sophie and Kate were dressed appropriately for this event and they all did look nice, as this was not a day about fashion.

        The hat brims do cast shadows, but I can clearly see that Kate’s right brow is so much thicker and lacks the arch. Maybe the hat was falling on to her right brow and got the brow makeup all smudged. I don’t know, but it jumped out at me immediately.
        I know we all focus too much on Kate’s clothing but there is nothing else. Where is her commitment to mental health of youngsters, she has done nothing and has no relevance.

  6. I’m not sure what to think about this look. Somehow the hat with the hair dumpling on the side look imbalanced. She seems to lack – inner and outer – harmony. The way she dresses is always too something…wide, narrow, long, short. It’s the same here. The neckline of the coats makes her neck look too short, the brim of the hat is not wide enough, the wiglet dumpling is on the wrong side of the hat…. IMHO this is a miss again.

    1. I agree, Greta. Although I love the side bun, there’s too much going on on her neck area. IMO she should have opted for a collarless coat. The one she wore on Saturday would have been a better fit.

  7. I love Sophie’s look. She looks so classy but even more importantly I love how she takes today so seriously. She actually teared up. She is a good representative of the BRF

          1. Oh, sorry. I mixed it up because in Gernan newspapers they were writing about “moved and teary Kate”. I didn’t read the comment above properly.

      1. I thought besides the emotion of the parade of veterans, it might also have been watching the Queen and D of E, to both of whom she is very close, and knowing their service is drawing to a close.

  8. I like the outfit on Kate, I think the larger hat looks sophisticated. I think she looks a bit tired, but other than that, the make up and eyebrows look fine. Sophie always looks good, although I did worry that she’d be too cold without a coat!

    1. Without intending to be mean or cruel, her natural face without botox has a tired cast to it. Her fathrr’s face is the same way. They also tend to jowls and droopy eyelids which increases the ‘tired’ cast to their faces.

      When they smile or in Kate’s case uses botox, everything lifts UP and they appear less tired or not tired at all.

      Throw in the media photoshopping Kate more or less according to media whims and you get a tired looking Kate one day or a not tired looking Kate on a different day and many times the same pictures posted without photoshop in the first hour showing her looking tired and re-posted a few hours later with photoshop looking not tired at all.

      It’s always better to look at video to gauge the true picture.

      1. “It’s always better to look at video to gauge the true picture.” You are totally right Herazeus. I’ve seen a lot of photos where Kate looked sad, tired and disheartened, but when I saw the videos of those same moments she did not look that way. It was just a photo taken in a second that it seemed that Kate was sad, discouraged, tired, etc. Videos show a different picture of the photos.

        1. I felt the same way about Queen Letizia for a long time. I thought she looked cold and uninviting. Someone here recommended I watch a video and it totally changed my thoughts on her.

  9. I love Kate’s hat; I think it really does suit her, especially with the up-do side bun. Not too sure about the coat style with those buttons, but that’s me. Camilla looks very stylish, again her hat looks great on her. Sophie’s coat/dress is lovely and looks well on her, her poppy broach is a nice touch instead of the usual clutch of paper ones.

  10. Sorry but isn’ t Sophie cold with no jacket???

    I really don’ t like Kate’ s hairdo,but maybe it’ s because the extensions she wears that she can’ t put her hair a bit up.

    About Meghan’ s picture: I haven’ t seen it and I won’ t but IMO you just don’ t have to put very private or embarrassing pics on the internet, I’ ve never took a naked pic, I’ ve never sent any sexy/nude pic to my bf, I’ ve never sunbathed topless. It’ s not prudery, it’ s caution.

    KMR I really love your work!

    1. Imho, if some.wants to take nudes they have the right to. However you need to make sure your cloud or drive has tight security and or firewalls. I’ve never taken one for this very reason. If it were sent to another person and they shared it? Well that makes that person is a jerk (trying to find a nice word for it).

  11. Umm – at least it was low key in all senses – but these are occasions the Royals are meant to make a statement and Kate didn’t – except maybe the borrowed earrings – but you can’t see them

    1. I love the borrowed earrings. The hat’s not bad from the front. But then I look at Camilla and she rocks it, especially the bling, in every way. She knows how to make a statement, while Kate is just…there- so unprepossessing. Perhaps it’s because she’s not really there in spirit.

      It should be pointed out that this time her behaviour looks appropriate to the occasion unlike other years. At least in these photos.

  12. I find these ceremonies to be both beautiful and moving. They make you both thankful and grateful for the vet’s sacrifice.

    HM looks wonderful. I’ve been getting misty eyed looking at her lately. Cam looks gorgeous (I want her earrings)and Sophie is perfection. I just love that neckline. As far as Kate. ..I just don’t know. That hat is great but the hair is wrong. The bun is way too thick. I like the coat and collar. At this point, hope is lost for her stylists.

    Thanks for a great roundup, KMR.

  13. Glad she wore the hair up since we can see the earrings and it makes it different from 2011/2012. I don’t mind the hat. This event is probably one of the ones that will never focus on fashion anyhow, but I’m glad she changed it up a little this year.

    Also, the three poppies are said to be in remembrance of her own paternal uncles; if so, I like the personal touch. I’m not sure of this, though, as Diana also did this?

  14. That picture of Meghan is Fake, it’s photoshopped and was uploaded to a site, approximately, one year ago – this site publishes photoshopped pics of famous female individuals from nudes to sexual acts, it’s very graphic and disturbing; not to mention is completely disgusting that someone would do this to anyone.

      1. +1 Wrong is the only word to describe such a vile act. Since I respect this site and know that KMR is one of the real deals I didn’t even go looking, Meghan is right now for all intents and purposes a private person, granted an actress but not fair game for this sort of rubbish.
        I know I am possibly a minority of one here but tbh I can’t stand Sophie.
        I love love love the pageantry, and in my opinion Britain excels in it.
        I don’t think that Kate would **dare** to move so much as a facial muscle, she has to have learned at least one thing from the past.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Still don’t look at it. It’s disgusting and cruel to fake that type of thing, and giving the site clicks will only encourage them to continue.

  15. I like big, real hats, so I like Camilla’s very much. I should like Kate’s but I think it’s on at the wrong angle because of the bun. It’s more interesting from the back, but wrong hair with that collar and hat. I really dislike Sophie’s percher hat, looks in danger of sliding down her face.

    I did notice Kate’s eyebrows. Between them and her heavy eye makeup, she reminds me of a Disney villainess. She would look much younger with a more natural look.

    For some reason I’ve become much more conscious of the Queen’s age, Charles’ too.

    1. I also love real, big hats as opposed to the fascinator. I find them quite flattering on Kate. I liked the grey one she wore in France earlier this year quite a bit. I think the bun is what throws it off here for me. The fake hair makes it look too big. I think a bun with her natural hair or about half the extensions would’ve been more flattering.

      I wish she would meet with a make up artist and get some tips. The heavy make up makes her appear more tired. I also feel like she does darker eye make up for sadder events. Almost like theme dressing with her eye liner…

    2. I agree that I like Kate’s look from the back except for the hair. As practically everyone else has said, just way too much hair and it just looks incredibly fake.

      Glad to see that she at least, after five years, has appeared to understand the importance and solemnity of the occasion. In the photos published, no inappropriate grins, giggles or fiddling with the hair.

  16. I think Kate looked regal for this event! She was dressed appropriately and the hair was a win for me. It looks like a different kind of bun than what we’ve seen before. Those earrings are fabulous and I think she had the right hair and hat to show them properly. She’s earned a W for win from me today

  17. I am more interested in paying respect to those who served their nations than to what Kate and the other ladies wore to this Remembrance Ceremony. Does it really have to come down to the wearing of the bun, or the re-wearing of a coat, or whether or not she is channeling Max or being her own big-hatted wonder?

    I’m sorry, but it really irks me to no end that all there is to discuss about Kate is what she wears or didn’t wear, how she styles her hair or what what her earrings were or weren’t. I don’t blame people here. I just think it is very sad that she has managed to do so little of merit during her marriage so far and that so that’s what we mostly have to discuss when it comes to her attendance at various services/events.

    I thought the looks on the faces of HM, Prince Charles and Prince Harry summed up the respect veterans deserve, not just on days such as this one, but every other day, too.

    Lately, I have come to realize that I get suckered in way too quickly into jumping on the Kate fashion band wagon and I really want to stop that. I intend to comment on her appearance, clothing, etc in the future, but I want my world to reflect more than that.

    Mary Elizabeth and I are doing pro bono PR for a major fundraising effort in our area that focuses on helping returning vets find housing in an over-priced market. The effort is also doing much to promote the idea of Hiring Vets to local businesses. I want to become more in this life than a person who critically analyzes the comings and goings of someone I don’t personally know. I hope I am expressing myself in a fair manner. I know this is a critical blog about Kate Middleton and it is written and researched so well. I congratulate KMR for her fairness and her ability to keep things cool during angry times. I also think that comments are mostly fair on this section of the website and serve a purpose. Aftger all, I believe it’s probably a fact been proven, I believe, that someone at KP is paying attention and Kate’s actions often have improved as a result of many fair criticisms.

    However, I am speaking for myself and in this particular thread, I just don’t care what Kate wore.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. I agree, Jenny. It’s very easy to go down that rabbit hole regarding Kate and her satiorial choices. There is nothing else. I have given up hoping for her to find her niche. I commend the other royal ladies because their work makes the world a little better.

      I wish you and Mary Elizabeth the best in your efforts. Spporting vets is so important. Their experience is vital to any company and they need to be able to contribute. Our vets deserve the best. I’m glad you are doing this meaningful work.

      Also, please give little Maddie a hug from her Auntie rhiannon ?

      1. Dear Rhiannon,

        Thanks so much. You always light up this comment section with your joyful view of life and your kind and caring ways. How are you feeling?

        Miss Madeleine and I send you much love. And, Mary Elizabeth and I are so happy to be doing what we can to help veterans in whatever way our efforts bring. I am feeling better about life each time I dig into this issue.

        Sending much love,


        And, hugs from a certain little girl, too!

        1. I’m doing okay. Had a little setback. It had me a bit down. But then I had to look at it this way: 1 setback in 5 mos is not bad. And there are others who have this experience live with worse.

          I feel the same, Jenny. Your spirit and warmth is evident. I am always happy to see your comments.

          1. Rhiannon, I don’t blame you for your initial down feelings due to a health set back. However, you bounced back and I hope your health continues to do so. You have been through so much and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there and know that there are better days ahead, I am sure. You know the importance of a positive attitude and that is a gift, for sure!

      1. Thanks. MAfromtheSix and we are excited because two fabulous veterans just were offered very good jobs. This is something that makes everyone’s day, I should think.
        And, SpringsMom, I appreciate your comments and the major challenges you and your loved ones face. I was not saying that this blog was wrong in any way, just that I was not interested in talking about Kate’s clothing, appearance, etc, on a day that was meant to honor veterans. I just wish she had more going for her than her fashion interest.

        We agree to disagree, which makes the world more interesting. Thanks for your thoughts and best to you.

    2. I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. Most of my friends are vets or are married to them and I have volunteered, quite extensively, in the non-profit field with regards to vets. This is a blog about Kate Middleton, and unless she’s a vet, then I don’t see why we shouldn’t be discussing her or the event. I think we are all adults and can choose whether to read the article or not, or to find our own sources for information regarding veterans and the organizations surrounding them.

      I came on here for distraction and was hoping, that even with it being Veteran’s Day, that I could read and enjoy a few moments to get away from, which to me, is truly another reminder of what I lost.

      As for the fundraiser, it’s always appreciated and it’s pretty easy to raise funds for veterans which is nice. With VA loans expanded upon it makes it much easier for most to afford homes. Employment needs are an ever present reality for veterans. They do receive hiring preferences, most of the time, but jobs can be difficult to come by in many areas.

      We did manage to expand upon educational benefits, which would make employment within easier reach. Unfortunately many vets have medical issues, both physical and mental, can make employment difficult.

      I, for one, enjoy the site regardless of the day. πŸ™‚

  18. In my opinion, this day is not about making a statement in the world of fashion.. it is a day of remembrance. A day to remember those who fought for the freedoms that we so much take for granted today. What my eye in these pictures was not drawn to Catherine or William. But to Harry, Camilla, and Sophie. The two wall flowers just fill in the ends for me. No presence. They actually look bored.

    1. Yes, Eleanor. I concur and kudos to you for always having a kind,caring manner, too. The day was one in which remembering those who fought for freedom needed to be at the front and center. Seems, every day needs to offer homage to vets, too.

      1. Thank you Jenny. A very kind comment. I really appreciate it. I think the world is lacking in kindness and compassion. As well I agree we should pay homage every day to men and women. Who put their personal safety and well being on the line. They deserve the utmost respect and gratitude from all of us.

        Ray,i agree with you. Sofie, is always present. A kind woman. With a kind heart and soul. That is something that comes from within. Beaming from the inside to the outside.

    2. My eye was drawn to Sophie, not only did she look truly chic she was actually PRESENT. She attended these Remembrance Day events with her whole heart and was fully a part of them and everything they represent. I so admire this lovely woman.

    1. Of course there will be! Can’t let Pippa steal the spotlight with her wedding next year. Not to mention that Eugenie and Harry might be on their way to engagements soon…

  19. KMR, I love the last photo of the older men (some in wheel chairs) I’m not into kids but I love the elderly
    It really brings home what the event is about.
    Thanks for including it

  20. She gets Brownie points from me for this event. She acted appropriately, this time around and it only took her 5 years to grasp. For once there was no hair twisting, or smirking or laughing during this event. I really don’t like it when the royals joke or share a laugh at this event. Kate acted her age

  21. Kate looked beautiful and so did Sophie. I think Kate wore this coat because it’s her favorite since it was the first one she wore to this occasion. I love it but the collar looks uncomfortable.

    The Markle photo looks really fake. I had to look. I don’t think it’s real at all but I could be wrong. Her chest looks much smaller in photos where she is wearing low cut gowns and the photo looks off.

    1. I think she would but this is Kate who hides her poppies with her hair.

      She wore a brooch earlier this year at the Air Cadets service. Maybe because it’s the cadets and not a fully fledged honorary military appointment like those Camilla and Sophie have as honorary colonels.

      1. Perhaps – she wore the Royal Navy Submarine Service badge at the washed-out Jubilee river event and the BAE Systems visit, but that’s William’s appointment, not hers. Her Irish Guards relationship isn’t official and after this year’s snub, I doubt will lead to any jewel gifts any time soon.

        Still no Honorary Colonel-ship – for me, that and an Order will be the sign she’s finally made it as a royal, that the family trust her with the real duty and tradition stuff.

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