Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Manchester

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Manchester

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Manchester yesterday, October 14, for a few hours to visit the National Football Museum, Manchester town hall and Cenotaph, the University of Manchester, and Francis House.

The first stop of the day for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was the National Football Museum where they attended a reception and met a group of school children who have contributed to the City of Manchester as well as representatives from the Coach Core apprenticeship scheme.

They toured the museum and met 1966 England World Cup winner Roger Hunt. William had a go at the penalty kick simulator, but Kate declined because of her heels.

The couple met the England women’s team captain, Steph Houghton, and her her teammate Jill Scott, and revealed that Princess Charlotte is a better footballer than Prince George. When Scott asked about the children, William said: “They’re great. Charlotte is the one who shows more aptitude [for football]. George is sort of getting into it slowly, but Charlotte is showing more aptitude.”

After the football museum, William and Kate met wellwishers outside.

The second stop of the day for William and Kate was Manchester Town Hall where they joined a procession to the Cenotaph before laying a wreath at the Cenotaph. The couple also viewed six Victoria Cross commemorative paving stones to honor the six World War I Victoria Cross recipients who were born in Manchester.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Then William and Kate, after taking her hair down, met with relatives of the six VC recipients.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate then visited the University of Manchester National Graphene Institute where they learned about graphene and its uses, and met with world-leading scientists.

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a two-dimensional, atomic-scale, honey-comb lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. In 2004 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at The University of Manchester extracted single-atom-thick crystallites from bulk graphite. In 2010, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Graphene is the world’s first 2D material. It is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly light and flexible.

Here’s a short video about what graphene is…

… And here is a video on the history of graphene.

William tried out a racing car made out of graphene. Kate, of course, declined.

William and Kate signed their photograph for the University of Manchester time capsule before unveiling a plaque to mark their visit.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate visited Francis House as their last stop of the day. Francis House is a children’s hospice which provides a home from home where children under the age of sixteen who have been diagnosed as having a life threatening or life limiting condition can receive professional care, support, and friendship.

Princess Diana officially opened the hospice in November 1991.

[Francis House]

The royal couple toured the facility and met with families and volunteers.

William and Kate unveiled a plaque to open the Francis Lodge to mark the 25th anniversary of the hospice.

Kate wore a new coat from Erdem Resort 2016 collection. The coat is a black, blue, and white (pink?) plaid.

I’m not a fan of the coat. It reminds me of the Missoni coat Kate wore to the Somme 100 event, but even darker and more depressing. Like, this coat would look great at a war memorial commemoration. I understand that one of their events was at Manchester’s Cenotaph, but for the majority of their day’s events this coat doesn’t seem fitting.

Kate wore new earrings: Oscar De La Renta “Pearl Gold Disc Button Earrings” ($190).

I don’t like them at all; they seem very dated to me. Case in point, they look strikingly similar to the earrings Princess Diana wore to open Francis House in 1991.


Kate wore her Rupert Sanderson Malory navy suede pumps, and carried her LK Bennett Frome Suede Clutch Bag.

Rupert Sanderson Malory navy heels LK Bennett Frome Suede Clutch Bag

Kate wore her hair pulled back for the first part of the day. I like it in this style. Too bad she took her hair down.

PS. I’m instituting a new rule to the comment policy. Please don’t talk about people’s weight. The comments about Kate’s weight specifically but also Letizia’s have gotten to the point where they are cruel and mean. I let it slide for a long time because for a long time the comments seemed to be mostly innocuous, but in the last couple months it’s turned from “Huh, she’s really thin” to “She’s emaciated and unattractive, there must be something wrong with her”. And the comments are specific to Kate and Letizia because they are thin. No one mentions weight when it’s a royal who may be overweight. The comments about weight really make me uncomfortable, so please stop. It’s fine to talk about the fit of the clothes, but do not comment on the royals’ weight.

178 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Manchester

  1. I definitely agree the ponytail style looked nice and different. Hate that she loosened it.

    I agree the coat looks pinkish. Not a fan of the pattern but it does look like with the earrings she’s trying to match/similarly dress to Diana’s past plaid look and earrings. The disc earring look dated and kind of similar to the ones she wore to trooping of the color I think. I do like the blue shoes though.

    1. I didn’t like those earrings she wore to Trooping – I thought they looked dated, too.

      I hope Kate gives this hair style a try again. It looks nice on her.

      1. Yes they definitely did look old. Like clip on earrings my granny wore lol. Hope she wears more ponytails like this.

        1. Yes! They look like clip ons that I found in my grandmother’s jewelry box went I went through it after she died.

    2. Agreed that was copying Diana’s plaid and earrings. I don’t generally put too much stock in the ‘copy Kate’ narrative but she almost never wears plaid and completly different style of earrings, very odd.

    3. I think Kate looks nice and while the coat could be more interesting, we need to admit that it defines her figure well, is conservative and reserved. Is not it what royals are all about – being modest, reserved and respectful?

        1. Agree – it overwhelms her frame. It also looks like a coat a much older woman would wear; more for a dowager, whom it would suit very well.

          Kate ties herself up in knots because she insists on:
          • Mimicking others (Diana, Jecca, Angelina);
          • Dressing to her mother’s tastes;
          • Theme dressing;
          • Not employing a professional stylist to give honest advice.

          None of these moves are clever. We are left with an inauthentic woman who is busy as a bee trying to conjure up memories of other women achievers in order to transfer some of their aura onto herself for approval.

  2. I like the coat! It’s visually interesting but I wonder how this coat is part of a resort collection? Like when i think resort, it’s a summery and hot place with plenty of sunshine and the beach. and it maybe an English thing (please correct me if I’m wrong), but what’s the point of a coat dress? Like why is Kate wearing this coat even when she is indoors? Shouldn’t she have a dress underneath? This new coat seems like outerwear to me.

    1. I remember my mother having a coat dress in the 1970’s – I agree – a coat for outside in cold weather, and take it off inside – or at least unbutton it – which would be awkard if there is nothing much underneath it . . . . . 🙂

    2. I think she does the coat dress because it’s seen as the BRF uniform though, of course, she could wear whatever she wants. It’s just Kate having no imagination and dressing how she thinks she should or how her mother thinks she should with how aging some of these looks are. You can do a coat dress and make it modern.

      1. However, royals don’t button up unless it’s cold af. A buttoned-up coat has, just as Kaiser@Celebitchy said, a “ready to leave” look inside. She should at least unbutton it when she’s indoors.

    3. What is she wearing underneath the coat–the bit of which we can see peeping out across her chest? It looks like something black lace maybe? Can’t tell, but whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to go well with the coat at all.

    4. I like this look too, except, as many have said, for the little black lace detail at her décolletage. That doesn’t seem to fit. But the rest looks appropriate. And yes, the earrings were very Diana. But overall a win. Liked her hair too. good job Kate.

      I also like how they haven’t disappeared for a month post Canada like I assumed they would. Are they getting the message? Are they stepping up? They haven’t dropped mental health yet either. If they keep this up I might start saying more positive things about them.

  3. Forgot to add: the little black? lace poking out of the coat makes me wonder what she was wearing underneath. Is it a sheath dress? A simple slip of some sort? Is she not hot in these coats? Lol I love coats but I’m always removing them asap bc I get hot quickly.

    1. I don’t know what that black bit is underneath, other than that she wore the same one for an engagement in 2012 at Middle Temple.

    2. A camisole? A touch of flirtation under that dreadful coat. I commented on another thread that I hated this coat. So dark and dismal. For meeting children, too. Not the best choice. And, the earrings? Hello, Grandma.

      I saw that several children on the street met the Royal Couple and were wearing Royal Family facial masks. How funny was that!!! Kate, in good form, approached them and she appeared to be thrilled with their antics. I have to give it to her, she really opened up a good deal on this visit.

      I did like her hair, too. A long day for the couple. Longer than usual, yes?

      It is a beautiful Saturday here in New York. Hope it is beautiful where each and every one of you are.

      P.S. Charlotte is the footballer! You go, girl!!!! I’m eager to see her again soon. Wonder when/if we will get the chance this year.

      1. I guess I should have said that it’s nice to hear William giving Charlotte compliments. I doubt she is kicking the ball, or running around at a great pace, but she may show more than a passing interest in the sport. One of my friends has an 18 month daughter, who really is enthralled with football (U.S version). When she hears the game on the television, she rushes into the room and plunks herself down to watch the game. It’s her special bonding time with her daddy.

    1. +1 – I agree – I have black mabe pearls with gold accents – they cost $1000 well over 10 years ago and they still look good. Better to pay for the real thing and have an “investment” piece rather than something that looks cheap – but isn’t price wise – for these

  4. I like the hair arrangement at the back – the overall look would be better with a less busy coat. As for the coat – well – it doesn’t strike the right note with me somehow. Maybe with an updo and brighter accessories the overall effect would be more visually interesting. The lace “modesty piece” is weird for what looks like a tweed style fabric, and black as a colour is not right IMO. Maybe it is a black lace dress or top – but if the coat does have pink tones – as it seems to in some photos – then that might have lifted the outfit if that was the colour underneath. I like pearl earrings – why not have real mabe ones with real gold – it is not as though she is on a budget !

  5. I didn’t like the coat (pink, navy blue and white are “wintry” color to me) and I really wanted to like the hair style but, imo, it looks messy from the back. In fact, earlier today I saw other pictures and I didn’t even know it was a “Topsy Turvy/Tail Ponytail” (yup, I had to look it up) until now. I thought it was a side ponytail with an extra bouffant added. I’m glad she’s trying something new but this wasn’t a winner for me.

    I know many don’t like “theme” dressing but I wish she would wear Autumn-inspired colors during this time of year, such as burnt orange, cranberry, golden yellow, or deep plum! I go gaga for Autumn, as I’ve mentioned before. #sorrynotsorry 😉

    P.S. The only reason I’m up at this hour is because my body is punishing me for something I bone-headedly did earlier today……I went to the cafeteria across the street at work to get breakfast (first time in over a year!) after a crappy visit to LabCorp this morning for some blood work (the phelbotomist had the audacity to lecture me about supposedly not drinking enough water (bull!) and the fact that I came and brought in two orders (to get them done and out of the way) instead of one at a time.

    I was a dope and got 2 scrambled eggs, bacon (which I barely ate) and a biscuit w/ gravy. Holy schnikies!! My system has gotten so used to me eating my own food that it went into “freak out/abort” mode and, even though I only had a cinnamon-flavored applesauce, it has been going bat crazy all day. Sigh…. On the weird plus side, I was able to walk both ways today (to work and home) so there is that slight silver lining.

    Hope to curl up with my furbaby soon!

    1. Lots of positive thoughts from me to you. Hope this breakfast health issue is history soon. I’m up as it is 3.45pm in Sydney (Australia) and I’m checking e-mails 🙂 I did work in NY many moons ago and I liked the “season” inspired dressing too – Kate does look good in Autumn – or “Fall” inspired colours – I think she needs some seriously classic and classy “signature” pieces rather than just spending a lot of money for each outfit – and then shoving it at the back of the huge closet.

    2. Feel better, Kimothy! And that’s great that you were able to walk to work and home no problem!

      1. KMR: I ‘heart’ my walks now that the weather has cooled down and my feet are better!! A year or two ago? Whole other story because I was in pain in my tootsies!

        Did you watch DWTS on Monday? I <3 "Most Memorable Year" My favorite stories were Maureen, James and Terra! In fact, the latter's story shocked me!! He had a liver transplant then died from a heart attack while in the hospital recovering?! 🙁
        So sad and I hope that it doesn't put her off from organ donation.

        if I had to choose, I'd pick 2002 because that was the year I went to my first transplant games, learned that I have a voice, could use it in a positive way and started to create an amazing second family within the transplant community. They are my brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, mothers and fathers.

      1. Thank you Rhiannon! I’ve already done that plus, I love watching Japanese/Chinese Tea Ceremonies! Have you ever watched them? They are so beautiful and so soothing. I’ll sometimes watch my favorites over and over again, especially if I’ve had a rough day at work because it’ll relax me so much!! Sounds silly but it helps calm my soul. 🙂

        How are you doing? I’ve been reading your posts and see that you’re doing PT and doing better. I know how important PT is, not just for your body but for your mental health as well. Moving and shaking and whatnot helps heal a person which might be why I love dancing around to music while I’m home. 😉

        1. Kimothy, I’m so glad you’re better this year and walking and dancing around. BTW, I too love Autumn.
          So watching Chinese/Japanese Tea ceremonies is soothing? I have to try that too!

          1. Thank you Elina! Yes, watching Chinese and/or Japanese Tea Ceremonies on YouTube are incredibly calming! At least they are for me. The music (that some people apply to their videos), the slow-but-delicate hand movements, what each gesture means….

            I love it!!

        2. I’m so glad for the good walks and no more painful tootsies.

          I love the Japanese tea ceremony, too. I went to one at our local college. They explained as it was performed. We all got a sip of the tea; it was disappointingly awful tasting.

      1. Thanks Jenny! I’m more ticked off at the crappy phlebotomist at LabCorp! The bitter irony is that she is a transplant recipient herself! You’d think she’d be more understanding but nope, she lectured me as if I were a child! Um…..hello?? I know my body better than you and whether or not I’ve had enough water! Also, I’ve had two orders done at the same time before and while a bit difficult, nobody scolded me for it!


        1. Kimothy, before I went to nursing school, I worked as a phlebotomist. A competitor to lab Corp. the lab Corp phlebotomists were some of the worst! We used to have to draw a lot of pt’s they missed. And FYI, ithere was never any problem with multiple orders so your person was just lazy! They get paid that way=) more orders, more money=)

  6. Dear Kate, please get a new hairstylist because Amanda has no idea what she’s doing!

    It’s sad she never participates but William at least gets into it. He’ll kick a football or play around or whatever. She just stands there and beams for the cameras. It’s really disconcerting how everyone used to go on about her being some modern princess and yet she is a throwback to the Victorian era: seen, and not heard.

    Also, William, how does an 18 month old show aptitude for football? Insert eye roll here.

    Not a fan of her outfit. Too emulating Diana which is always creepy. The blouse/shirt/whatever it is underneath doesn’t work with it at all.

    It is nice they visited the hospice and cool to learn about Univ of Manchester’s work and the graphene! Thanks for sharing the videos about it, KMR, I learned something new today. 🙂

    1. I know right. She was sold to us as this modern woman coming to shake things up, a “breathe of fresh air”, but she is the biggest throwback of the lot. She is an insult to real modern, independent women.

    2. It’s actually fairly possible that she’s kind of kicking the football/running after it. My almost two-year old and one of her little friends (both the younger siblings of sporty kids/parents) have both been kicking soccer balls and throwing for a few months now.

  7. I’m gonna be the odd one out her because I actually like the coat. I thought it was a suit at first tbh but I like it still. I also thought she looked far more professional here than when she was at The Netherlands a few days ago. Maybe it’s the hair – she looks so fresh and not dated. Too bad she let the hair down. You could definitely tell the difference that simple styling gave to her look. I

    I don’t like the earrings either. They look like buttons, like the new one she had this year.

    1. You know, that coat would have looked a hundred times better as a suit! And I wish she would have matched her top to the blue in it, the black lacy bit just does not go, imo. And what is up with her bizarre love for oversized Dynasty earrings? This is so odd to me and makes me believe even more that she is not truly fashionable but thinks great taste is a matter of what label she is wearing. “Oh, these earrings are Oscar? Can’t go wrong there, I’ll take them!”

      1. Which is insane because Oscar (and lots of other high-end designers) license out the brand name for things like these cheap accessories, and have nothing whatsoever to do with the design.

  8. Not a fan of this outfit at all… that pattern on the coat was just not to my liking.
    Ponytail was cute, too bad she didn’t leave it up!
    Agree with above comments about Kate seeming to shy away from participating sometimes… I don’t know if choices regarding who does what at events are pre-planned or if she doesn’t want to seem like she’s overshadowing her husband…

  9. I’m sorry, but I just have to ask if she really needed a new coat again? Lately it has seemed to me that whenever she steps out for an engagement, a new outfit is necessary. She should definitely repeat more in my opinion. That would mean setting a good example and showing environmental consciousness as well as respect for taxpayers’ money from a person who has the world’s eyes on her. This outfit is a miss if you ask me. The pattern is very busy, and the hairstyle she sported screams my teenage years to me. Then again I must admit that I’m so irritated by mostly seeing new pieces that will end up hanging in her closet for years that I understand I find it more and more difficult to like Kate’s outfits. But getting new things all the time is just not something I find relatable.

    1. “the hairstyle she sported screams my teenage years to me”

      I didn’t say this, but this hairstyle reminds me of middle school. Because that’s when I learned about it and the girls were doing this hairstyle.

      1. I remember that hairstyle and seeing a girl to that style to another girl in the lunch queue. I have to say I preferred the sleek ponytail which I found neater. There is plastic styling tool where you can loop a section of hair though. They sell them in Claires I believe and I have seen a demonstration on youtube. It is a teenage hairdo. My cousin once plaited my hair in an elaborate do. I loved it.

    2. I had a suspicion that maybe this coat was a “reject” from the tour- since Erdem is Canadian, she bought it for the tour, and then for some reason ended up not wearing it them, so she wore it now.

      But who knows

    3. I thought the same thing! How many coats does this woman have? I really wish the press would stop giving her credit for “rewearing” items, because she doesn’t rewear very often lately. Her recent purchases have all been for events where she could’ve easily reworn a piece we’ve only seen once or twice from her. I’m sure she has at least 5 coats she could’ve pulled out of the closet from the last 5 years to wear for this event.

      I get so sick of her in coats? It gives me the impression that she has no imagination and that England must always be cold…

      1. And those lace dresses all look the same to me…i could understand getting a few if they were so expensive. I’d love to see her try a new look other than lace. She has a body where it seems she could wear so many things on the runway.

  10. Good for William for trying out the football thing and the racing car.

    As for Kate? Le sigh

    I don’t understand why she took her hair down. But hey, she did wear blue suede shoes?

    1. I think she took it down because her hair is too freshly cleaned (she obviously had it done between the Netherlands and this engagement) to maintain the style. It wasn’t sprayed or pinned at all, apparently.

    1. @ haze
      You asked if anyone knew how long they spent at each engagement.
      I live in North Manchester, I followed this visit live on the Manchester Evening News website (it’s still on there if anyone wants to take a look).
      They arrived by helicopter at the Eithiad Stadium (Manchester City Football Ground) at 11.00am.Transfered to cars to take them into Manchester City Centre. Arrived at the Football Museum at 11.25.. 11.31 Chatted to children from the local football clubs. Entered Museum.
      12.30 left Museum to go to Town Hall.
      This is how the rest of the day seemed to go…about 1 hr at each place.
      It doesn’t say on the live feed what time they actually made their way back to the Eithiad to go home.I can only presume that the helicopter was there all day waiting for them.
      There are plenty of pics and little videos posted as the day progressed.

  11. Okay ignoring the rather ugly new coat and the question why she actually needed a new coat – why did Kate were heels when she knew about the football simulator and the race car!? Were the heels just a cheap excuse not to try or did she plan from not to bother and just dressed as usual? Declining an offer twice a day looks really bad imo

    So again she looked like a pretty accessories, dressing in new coat, walking alongside William, smiling, shaking hands but she seriously she needs to do more than a model could do!

    1. No, the real reason Kate didn’t wear flats or something to accommodate kicking the football is because she didn’t want to make William look bad. 🙂

  12. I actually like everything she’s wearing today. It’s nice that she’s wearing some prints instead of sticking to the neutral colours. I LOVE the hairstyle because its so elegant, however I wish she’d kept it on for the whole day. Her stylist should try new hairstyles on her. I actually like the earrings and think they look classy.

    However I would like to see her wear flats instead of heels all the time, that way she could atleast engage in some activities. I think everyone here would’ve loved to see her try kicking the ball once.

    1. I thought I was the only would who liked her earrings! I think her hair was getting stuck on her coat or something and pieces started sticking out so she just took it out of the ‘do altogether.

  13. I was thinking about your comment that Kate didn’t participate in something that William did and I think there might be some strategy involved there. If she had, the photo opp would have been about Kate in the car and not William – she would have effectively bumped him off the page. The reality is – she is NOT heir to the throne – he is. And when they are out together, unless he is in the photo with her – she doesn’t engage. Also, the hosts have to be polite and ask her. Just something to think about when we hear Kate does not do something that William did – would it bump William from the press material? Clearly it would have in this case.

    1. I agree with you. Unfortunately it seems even though we are living in the 21st century, that we still expect the woman to be quiet and let the man speak, even though she can create wonders. I believe the palace doesn’t want the same ego clash that occurred with Charles and Diana and now expect Kate to be quiet when she’s around William, to make sure she doesn’t overshadow him. I truly believe that if Kate starts engaging in activities and venturing out on her own, she will be more successful than him, and certainly steal the press headlines

      1. I don’t think this is a Palace directed behaviour. We have heard occassions when the Queen/ Palace has tried to direct Kate, they’ve been turned down.

        Kate follows William (and her mother)’s directives. We have seen this repeatedly. The Palace has made it very, VERY clear that they do not direct Kate. That’s a direct result of the fall out from trying to direct Diana and Sarah. They have given Kate every support to extent that she does whatever she wants with barely a murmur.

        If Kate presents as a lesser person whilst with William, that’s her choice as directed by William or her Mother in their misguided attempt to ‘modernise’the monarchy by pushing the pre-feminist woman Kate. And she’s fully compliant in this projection because it gets her what she wants which as she repeatedly tells us is to be looked after.

        1. I don’t know if the press would only concentrate on her…it might be fun for the press to feature their competitive spirit of William kicked x miles per hour and Kate kicked y miles per hour. William and Harry were both featured with the wellie throwing contest and the boxing when Kate attempted it. I think she just is very self conscious and prefers to stand to the side. I think she has a part of her that likes attention and a part of her that dies of embarrassment. In fact, I think William is the same way.

          1. I don’t think the Palace directs her behaviour in that way either that he just follows William around without doing smt on her own – why would they be interested in people rather focusing on Kate’s clothes than the message itself?

            And sure people focus more on her than others, but if Kate would have worked likena Royal from beginning it wouldn’t be a sensation any longer that she plays football or tries some food. And look at other Royal families, Maxima outshines Willem Alexander alone through her personalty but can you imagine her just to stand there and smile while WA tries some sports? At least her interaction with the people would have been a lot better!

        2. It’s been clear for some time that William and Kate direct their own activities, create their own cosplays that hark back to another time for reasons past understanding. No-one else in the RF does the theme dressing or behaves with such manufactured artifice. The deference to William is because prince, and if Kate wants to be around, that’s part of the game.

        3. I agree that part of the reason is because they don’t want to have another Diana/Sarah incident. I’m also wondering if part of the reason why the palace makes it known that they don’t direct Kate is because if she fails, it’s all on Kate & Will. Whatever they did with Sophie, they need to do with Kate. Sophie has done extremely well as a royal spouse.

          1. Sophie is wonderful, but I think a lot of that is her natural personality. She started her own business and succeeded as an individual before marrying Edward, which shows she has drive. I honestly think Kate is just not that motivated professionally, and that’s fine, not everyone is.

        4. KM is completely controlled by W and her mother. I believe KM can’t make a simple decision without her mother’s directive. The theme dressing reflects her mother’s role as Party Pieces impressario. Carole subservently supports W in his maniacal attempts to control any press coverage.

          W has poisoned any possibility for a good relarionship she would/should have had with Charles as her father-in-law and grandfather to her children.

          KM can only strike out on her own occasionally by doing something passive aggressively such as very short royal visits, rude behaviour, wardrobe malfunctions.

        5. So true Herazeus. It was very telling in the comments she made for HM 90th celebrations. Her only memories seemed to be those of HM looking after her and making sure she was okay. It would have been wonderful to hear her say that she is modeling herself after HM and wants to work hard on behalf of the Commonwealth.

          And the looking after continued on her first solo trip with HM aide attending with her

          1. Totally agree. I can’t get behind that whole ‘looked after’ mentality that she has. I think she’s become more spineless in recent years and I hate to see that.

      2. Everlid – its the 21st Century and they still have a system of monarchy by birth. William brings no special skills to the table – inherited or acquired. He married someone very similar to himself.

        1. Indeed – anyone who might have been more suitably matched ran a mile – so he was left with someone who had minimal life skills, but a mother that enabled them to hang around eacth other …. the rest is history

          1. There really is none. It is just a lot of bother to remove elites from their entrenched position. And for most politicians it is not politically expedient to move to get rid of them. However, the public will question things more and more because modern society has no place for people born into privilege who cost the taxpayers money. And when the government retrenches things like the NHS, you can bet people won’t want to see Kate in another expensive outfit paid for by them.

    2. Interesting thought. I hadn’t considered it but heaven forbid William be given one more thing of which to be jealous.

      1. Yup. No doubt Kate remembers all of the stories about Charles’s jealousy of Diana’s popularity, and is doing everything in her power to avoid a repeat. ?

  14. A few days ago I saw a picture of CP Victoria and all I saw was her presence, her smile and her positive vibes. And a couple of minutes later I realized that she was wearing a dress I didn’t like at all (was some sort of rosé colored plissee thing). Victoria is a woman of substance, strong, intelligent, warm, happy….

    With Kate….all I can see is clothes, hair, makeup…. it’s weird.

    1. I actually said this on the Victoria thread from Thursday, that people pay more attention to Victoria’s work than her clothes. And I agree. I sometimes don’t even pay attention to what she’s wearing, just the work that she’s doing.

    2. So true! And also the same with other Royals – there is just more than a pretty face. Victoria is always informed, enganged and interested. She doesn’t distance herself from people. With her work and her personalty comes first, afterwards her clothes! And that’s actually how it should be imo

      1. I know. I really disliked that matronly dress, too. But, with Victoria there is always so much to love. How together, kind, loving and professional she is. How she really takes her role seriously and never makes too much about herself. To be fair to Kate, that pink dress was awful, but if only Kate would solidify her work ethic and be someone we could all admire for her caring and disciplined role as a Duchess, I would stop harping so much on the clothes. With Kate, that’s really about all we can talk about, although on this particular visit to Manchester, she did seem to be so much more engaged with everyone. I wish she had taken a chance in the car and also by kicking the ball, but oh, well….

        1. Don’t get me wrong. Kicking a ball and sitting in a car would have made great pictures. But what else? I’m a royal watcher because I admire some of those Royal. Their attitude, self confidence, integrity, intelligence…is something i want a piece of. Well, I’m a grown up woman in my forties, I work full time, have children, a husband, my parents are sick….there is a lot going on in my life. And sometimes I long for a little fairy tail and a good portion of inspiration. Prince Harry is that kind of inspiration. CP Victoria and her family are that kind of inspiration. Mary and Fred are that kind of inspiration. But this Duchess Airhead who lacks personality big time, who has nothing else to offer but bad fashion, is rammed down my throat by the media. And it makes me angry that a badly dressed and lazy 30something, who has absolutely nothing to say or show which could serve as an example or inspiration in the slightest way gets more airtime than those I reallly want to see and listen to. It’s just so unfair.

          1. I totally agree!
            I think for most it’s less about the great picture of her kicking a ball or sitting in a car but more of her doing so would show interest, she would be engaged instead of just standing around. Also her wearing different kind if shoes woild have been a sign of actually having thought about this event and would have saved her from declining an offer – twice. But maybr she hadn’t planned to do these things to begin with.. who knows.
            I also think it’s less about these 2 scenes, more about the overall situations, she didn’t do solo engagements in Canada, doesn’t give many speeches, rarely visits her patronages, one adds to another. People just wish she would work, really work.

          2. Exactly. It’s not this one event or this one photo op. It’s the fact that it’s a symptom of a much larger problem with Kate which is that she doesn’t engage at her engagements. She’s just an ornament there to look pretty, and happy or concerned at the appropriate times. She’s not there to actually engage with people or causes. That’s the problem. That’s why we focus on her clothes so much. It’s because “She went X and stood there and listened to people but didn’t say anything of note” is boring. Photos of Kate talking to people can only drum up so much interest and discussion. We need more than that. We need speeches, and quotes, and her actively participating in an activity. Something to grab hold of and talk about. Or else we’re left with nothing. Nothing but her clothes.

          3. I might even be okay with the fact that she’s never going to work as much as we’d like her to, given that 1) we know she wants to be a very present, hands-on mom, and 2) she clearly (IMO) has anxiety/insecurity issues when she is out as a representative of the BRF.

            But! If she could at least look and act truly interested and engaged when she does work, it would make such a huge difference. All she seems to do, though, is stand around, pose for photos, and leave ASAP. It’s so disheartening.

          4. L, I think we could all cut her a little slack for those things if she was open about them, too. The Crown Princess of Japan had a very hard time adjusting, but was open about it and it definitely made me respect her more.

            I agree that on the rare occasion Kate has to work, the least she could do is fully engage and participate.

          5. I think William and Kate have a huge hole to dig themselves out of. They are mocked as being lazy, having holi-tours, spending up big on themselves, being precious about privacy (and everything really), telling lies, secret holidays, looking bored or disengaged at their events, only enjoying elite-type engagements (sailing, tennis) or fun events, speaking in generalities about mental health that never seem to progress to anything substantial. I wonder, does the average Briton feel this way?

            I don’t feel that the pair should be excused because they want to be hands-on parents. That would be playing the same game as Charles and the Queen have done with the duo, and look where it’s got them. The children are a convenient excuse. Do they expect us to be so gullible to believe that they are in front of their children every waking moment?

  15. There are so few Erdem pieces I like, and this one is not changing my mind. I put this in the neutral category – not bad, appropriate, well tailored, but too busy for my tastes and I’m not a fan of the fabric either. Since we just saw Charlotte in action it makes William’s comment even sillier. She’s toddling around, and her aptitude consists of hitting the ball with her hands, throwing it a foot ahead of her, and rolling on top of it. She’s adorable and seems feisty, but I swear if William and Kate ever attend a music event, they’ll have her beating Mozart at composing.

    1. I rolled my eyes at William’s comment about Charlotte. She doesn’t have the mobility for soccer yet. George at least has the mobility for it. Charlotte may like the ball more than George, though, which is why William said what he said. Like, Oh Charlotte seems more interested in playing with the soccer ball, she totally has more of an aptitude for soccer! Poor George, always getting thrown under the bus but his parents.

      1. We often roll our eyes when WK say something, don’t we!?
        I don’t mind them talking about their children or what they like, but please make it in a good and reasonable way. Say Charlotte likes to play with balls and maybe one day she will get into football, but don’t act like she knows the game itself. And when did George stop to love everything? Whenever it’s Charlotte and him, he seems to get the rather “negative” comment

        1. I guess even royals are allowed to be less than perfect parents. From the Canada tour photos I sensed that Charlotte has a self possession that is lovely. George is more wary.

          In the anniversary video KM kept saying that the queen was thrilled about KM having a granddaughter omitting the fact that although nice it wasn’t as though she doesn’t have a granddaughter. The queen has three other granddaughters. Do they favor C in the belief that girls are more compliant and easily controlled? If so, (as they say) good luck with that.

          1. HA! Gone are the days when girls just sit around and are compliant. I hope Charlotte gives them a run for their money. I certainly did with my parents. I’d love to see them be honest about their kids for once.

          2. Indiana Joanna, George had a lot more spunk as a younger child. Just think about him on the tour to Australia/New Zealand and the quotes from his parents about his behaviors. I think he’s been given the heir to the heir to the heir talk and has been coached on not being so rambunctious when out on events. Charlotte might catch a break on this.

          3. I remember my jaw dropping when I first saw that video and heard her say that. She absolutely made it sound as if Charlotte was HM’s first/only granddaughter and ignored the others. It was bizarre!!

    2. Oh, my gosh, I really disliked the dress/coat?!! “It was dark and dismal.” (Thanks, Jenny, it was) Ok, I guess for laying a wreath (no skirt blow-up, thankfully), but at the hospice, it just screamed, Sad, sad, sad!

      As for the little lacey piece popping through. A camisole, I assume But, why? With that tweedy look it did not seem to add anything.

      I do think that Kate was far more engaged in Manchester. She really does seem to need William’s presence. She was so lost on her solo visit to The Netherlands.

  16. Kate’s outfit….same old, same old, unremarkable coat, clutch and shoes. The only thing I do not understand is why she chose what appears to be a black lace top to wear under a navy coat. Why didn’t she wear a navy top. Who is advising this woman?

  17. At least the coat was well tailored. I didn’t love or hate it.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Kate’s hair on her shoulders is her security blanket. Or maybe she took it down so it would flop on the table as she was signing. And how/when did she take it down? Does she say to her hosts “excuse me while I freshen up” and run in the restroom with her assistant for a brush and fluff? Can’t imagine another member of the royal family doing that.

    At least she didn’t try to get into the car with those heels and that skirt.

    The last royal with such exaggerated facial expressions was Fergie. We all know how well that turned out. If I were a child Kate’s grins would scare me.

    1. Kate appears to have taken her hair down after the Cenotaph but before meeting the VC recipients’ relatives. So midway through the second engagement of the day.

    1. I think maybe her ponytail was falling apart and she had to take it down. It didn’t look like it was very secure. It looked sloppy in some of the pictures I have seen like she needed to tighten it because it was falling apart. She must have done it herself because I can’t believe a professional hair dresser would do that.

        1. I loved it, but I’m biased as I have always adored her hair. I usually think it looks best down or half-up, like it was on her wedding day.

          She also looks really good in a ponytail! Other things about her can grate on me, but I do covet that hair : )

    2. Thank you! I thought it was weird and her style before, wasn’t one that would’ve been falling apart or getting in her way.
      I still think she needs to find a new hair stylist.she could have the best of the best at her beck in call and she finds this person?
      To the uk posters, is her stylist well known in London?

      1. The only thing I ever remember reading about her is that she has been cutting William’s and Harry’s hair ever since they were toddlers. So personally, I think they picked her based on the fact that they know her well, she’s proven she’s discreet, and they feel they can trust her. We know how paranoid they are. So IMO it is for that reason that she has the position, not necessarily because she’s the most qualified stylist for the job. JMHO

        ETA: I’m not in the U.K., but hopefully that sheds some light on the situation! I’m sure there are other posters here who will know better than me.

  18. Kate (or her team) needs to check out this blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve found on Pinterest. I know style has a lot to do with personal taste, but this blogger knows how to accessorize clothes. She also knows how to work a closet without spending insane amounts of money and mixing and matching to create new looks with her existing clothes. I’ve learned a lot since I found this blog. It’s great! Kate & her team are clueless when it comes to clothing and style and accessorizing.

    The ponytail was cute. The only reason why I can think she would take it out is because she got uncomfortable/insecure about something and she needed her security blanket.

    I HATE Erdem. I don’t think I’ve liked any of his stuff. Please stop. No more. My eyes can’t take it.

  19. This coat confuses me. Is it boucle? Tweed? Textured or sleek? I get somber colors for the Cenotaph, but wearing that dark depressing coat to a hospice? And lace underneath? I clutched my pearl when I saw this look. Too many things going on at once. Then we have the hair. Put in a sleek pony and be done with it. Tash and Amanda need to go. They are doing her no favors.

    All she does is stand there with a mawkish smile. Hospices are her charity. Why should she make herself small when Will is there?

    It should be that we learn about these visits from WK. Thankfully we have KMR to provide history and perspective. KP needs you, KMR.

  20. Once again KM copies Diana’s wardrobe, albeit 2016 update Erdem. Creepy and sad.

    I can’t get past the coat’s waist being raised up so high The original waistline wan’t that high. I know, it’s what she wants in a coat.

    I really dislike the cheap lingerie looking lace peaking out of the coat. On top of that, the coat is not very attractive.

  21. I’m fine with Kate not kicking the ball in heels and a pencil skirt. That would have been an invitation to “what was she thinking,” sort of comments after the inevitable wardrobe malfunction. The car, too, was a one-seater, and only required one celebrity photo-op to get the job done. Better the person wearing trousers and flats who has form for fast cars take that one. Kate should speak. Kate should prove that she has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. If she’s to be William’s arm candy, she should be quality product with substance as well as (questionable) style.

    I still have my topsy-tail thingy, even though I cut my hair into a bob years ago. It was a great, quick way to add interest to a low pony. 30 seconds, and my hair was good to go. I’ll be generous here and say that maybe some of her shorter pieces came loose and that’s why she pulled it out. Shame, she looked much better with it in.

    I really hate the copy-Di thing she’s got going. If it were not for that, I’d be okay with the coat. It’s different and well tailored. She can wear it to many other events (but probably won’t). A boucle print is annoying, but that does cut down on the bulk. At least it wasn’t of a shiny fabric and was from a Commonwealth designer. Shoes weren’t nude and were a good match. Something under was necessary, but that black lacy thing wasn’t the right choice. Earrings are ugh. Maybe she can recycle them into a craft project at home. Something to jazz up Martin’s cage, perhaps.

    Overall, I’m begining to feel… could it be… perhaps… incipient optimism. She’s doing more, slightly better, and she hasn’t flashed lately. If she keeps up this pace until Christmas, I’ll upgrade that to optimism. If William could be convinced that an intelligent wife reflects well upon him, perhaps that optimism will have a chance to be realized.

    A random comment: I’d like to see more hats.

    1. Omg I am literally lol at your comment about Martin’s cage! ?

      I also really, really disliked these earrings.

  22. I generally can’t stand the Diana comparisons, because Kate is not Diana – no one is – and Diana was one of those rare people who we see maybe a handful of in our lifetimes. (I also think she has a lot of issues that were glossed over after she passed away; if she was still alive, the press would probably be eviserating her, too.) I also think the commenter above made a very good point in that the headlines all would have been about her instead of William, (and no one wants that! /s)

    That said, I think Diana would have just kicked her heels off and gotten into the car in a situation like this. Actions like that are exactly why she was so beloved by so many. Not saying that is what Kate should have done, but for people who are old enough to remember Diana, Kate’s passivity can be frustrating.


    ETA: I can’t find the link at the moment, but the other day, someone posted a link to a YT video of Diana at a solo visit similar to Kate’s this past week. A little girl tugged on her skirt, and without even breaking eye contact with the adults she was speaking to, she leaned right down and swiftly picked the child up to acknowledge and comfort her, all without missing a beat. Can anyone even *imagine* Kate doing such a thing?! I really hope I can find the link!

    1. That was in Japan. Yes, that moment of Diana leaning down to sweep up the little girl clutching Diana’s legs was gorgeous. Diana then proceeded to carry the little girl into the next room as the dignitaries continued the tour. Perfect example why I loved Diana. And why she will never be duplicated.

      1. There’s also that amazing photo of Diana in her bridal gown, carrying one of her little flower girls down a hallway at Buckingham Palace. HM is also in the photo.

        How many brides do you know who would pick up a child and hold them so lovingly while adorned in a wedding gown? She just had a special rapport with children. With anyone who was frail or vulenrable, as well.

        Diana was, as commented above, a rarity. Her special light shone so brightly and it still touches so many with such amazing memories of her brilliance.

          1. Mary Elizabeth I thought I’d seen every photo from Diana’s wedding but I never saw that one so thank you! She was so natural. Kate always seems so, so anxious.

          2. I’ve never seen that video before. I can’t ever imagine Kate doing that. It would be a very awkward moment that would involve some patting on the head while looking about desperately for someone to take the child the way she wanted the flowers taken.

          3. Kate would never.

            She would probably grin at the child and wait anxiously for someone else to “deal with it” for her.

          1. Hello, Alia:

            So glad you liked the Diana wedding photo, too. If you read the entire article from which the photo was shown, there is a wonderful photo of Charles and Diana taken from behind as they stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding.

            The photo is amazing as it allows us to see what it must have been like to look out at the huge crowd of well-wishers. In addition, I was so surprised to see the reflection of the back of her gown and her veil in one of the windows of the doors that lead out to the balcony. To me, so unexpected and beautiful.

      1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad that others knew what I was talking about. Such a sweet and memorable moment.

        I can’t imagine Kate ever doing something so spontaneous.

      2. What I loved was that Diana went right on with her conversation; it wasn’t a photo op at all for her, just a moment to connect with a child.

    2. I totally thought that about kicking off her heels! Why not take that one moment to hop in the car, or kick the ball. I think it was as someone said above about taking away William’s moment in the sun.

      1. At the very least, she could have kicked the ball – even if only once – just to participate, show she’s game, and make a small effort to not insult her hosts! Good grief, this woman.

  23. I looked at the coat on the Erdem runway and it looked so much better on the model because of the way it was styled……….white blouse underneath and booties on the feet. Kate took the coat into Old Lady territory with her shoes, bag, and lace top. Although the hairstyle is nice on her, it does not work with a collar like that at all. And then when she took it out, her hair looked a mess.

    I don’t think she raised the waist on the coat. I think that’s just how it fits her due to her long torso. A bespoke coat should have lowered the waistline at least a little bit. This really wasn’t very attractive on her, and I can’t say I like the fabric for a coat. It could be nice as a jacket though, paired with a pencil skirt – or how about the novel idea of a beautifully tailored pair of wool trousers! LOL…………as if that will ever happen!

    The most distracting thing to me was Kate’s atrocious posture. On this particular day, it seemed worse than usual. I guess she’s doing a public service though, because it makes me conscious of my own posture!

  24. My one positive about the ensemble was that it seemed to actually fit her for a change. It doesn’t look like her team got their hands on it to make any weird/poor alterations.
    Hated the earrings. She coul’ve wirn them when she had her 80s hair style a couple days back to complete the look.
    Did Kate sign her name without looking to Willaim for guidance?

  25. KMR, I just wanted to comment about the weight statements. I’ve commented on her wait before but out of legitimate concern that there is something bigger at play. It is your blog so you can of course set whatever parameters you want. At what point is okay to question something out of concern vs body shaming? We know Kate was never naturally this thin, so to see her at this size brings concern of either health (at first I was thinking could be thyroid even) or the very real pressure to be picture perfect. Eating disorders are some of the hardest to overcome and not calling attention to them can be just as detremenatal(Karen carpenter)
    I applaud the stars that have finally said they would do a magazine cover only if it wasn’t photoshopped. For some reason, many girls look up to Kate and want to emulate her. Saying she is that thin by chasing after her kids is actually a harmful statement.

    1. Ditto Sarah and L. I have a young child too and while yes exercising and chasing after my son did help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I didn’t become skinny to the point where my shoulder bones poke through my clothes. Many young girls and women do look up to Kate and view her as a role model (why I dunno), so to see a public figure who can impact the lives of so many looking worryingly thin, is alarming.

    2. Almost every celeb woman say she lost the baby weight and/or stays slim because of “running after the kids”. Yes, the statement is dumb and lying, but almost everyone says it. The same way almost every model says they eat a ton of food and never gain weight. Of course they’re all lying.

      We don’t know how healthy Kate is, we are not her or her doctors. The thing that makes me uncomfortable about the weight comments – all of the weight comments – is that it’s so one-sided. Weight is only commented on when it’s Kate or Letizia being too thin. No one comments about Camilla or the Queen maybe being overweight and how that is unhealthy, too. I don’t know if that’s a thin v heavy thing or if that is a negative bias toward Kate and Letizia, but the weight comments are literally only ever about those two.

      To me, the weight comments cross the line into body shaming because it’s not just stating facts. It’s not just, “Kate is very thin”. It’s drawing conclusions about Kate’s body, health, and mental state from only looking at photos and video of her. We don’t know anything else about her. I would say the same thing to the people who are “concerned” about overweight people and tell them that they are unhealthy. They don’t know those people and have no idea what their health is like.

      BTW, someone who was overweight all their life and then lost a significant amount of weight and is at a healthy for their body could be considered “too thin” by people who only look at old photos of them and see they used to be heavier and then look at them now and see they look slim. Not saying that’s Kate’s situation, but just saying that not everything about a person’s health can be gleaned from photos.

      1. I think it’s also just a broken record at this point. She is very thin, thinner than she used to be, and she kept that way after her last pregnancy. The BRF isn’t going to acknowledge it or make it public even if there was a problem and they knew it. Something will either explode one day in the future or she will suddenly gain 20 pounds and maintain that weight, and until then there’s just a point where it is stating the obvious.

        I know that the media, after the LA trip, quietly murmured about it — she is noticeably thinner than Hollywood actresses. So it is what it is.

      2. I think no one mentions the queen’s or Camilla’s weight is because they are both senior citizens. I pretty much give old people a pass on much, one time, I did ask a pt to refrain from using the ‘N’ word in my presence but other than that, over look a lot. A better comparison would be to the York girls. Whom I think are fit but not necassarily “thin” by Hollywood/media standards.
        I blog about Kate probably isn’t the place to talk about women/body issues and young impressionable minds. Know that my past comments were never meant as body shaming

        1. In my opinion, once people start commenting about how people are “bad role models” it is no longer about concern for someone’s health and is instead about body policing.

          PS. You’re nicer than me when it comes to old people and their racism, sexism, bigotry. I don’t give old people passes for being a-holes, which is why I don’t give Philip a pass for his racist, sexist “gaffes”. They’re not “gaffes”; they are horrible remarks which he should have been told to stop decades ago.

          1. I don’t think I’ve said I find her a poor role model because of her weight? I’ll have to scroll up, I think I said it was harmful to those who wish to emulate her
            The reason I find her a poor role model is mutally exclusive to why I find her weight worrisome, maybe symbiotic tho.
            I find Kate to be a poor role model is because of her “waiting years” instead of going out and getting a job and becoming a productive citizen of society, she lived off her parents, at william’s apparent beck in call. She could have gotten a behind the scenes job at an art house or started to delve into philanthropic work.
            She parlayed that poor work ethic after college into poor work ethic after being married. Doing the bare minimum
            Instead of taking allucution lessons to better herself as a public speaker, she seems to have taken it as a way to try and sound posher than the Queen herself.
            Not trying to learn about the subject matter she’s visiting and thus making innane comments like “that’s interesting” or “did the painting become more popular since the movie” did she even know that it was a book before the movie? I have a friend that won’t befriend/talk to anyone she thinks is beneath ear her intelligence. I differ. I don”5 expect to solve all the world’s problems with everyone I talk to but I think a conversation with both William and Kate would be tedious and painful. The seem not to add anything insightful to a conversation.
            And (lastly for now) how subservient to William she appears.
            Women have fought long and hard to be seen as equals and she seems to have set that movement back.
            As for why I find the weight worrisome. There are myriad I’d reasons why but paramount is this: Weare intelligent beings here, except for the random posters that pop in and tell us we are essentially all going to hell for questioning whether Kate is a beautiful, empathetic being who is wonderful in every way, So we know that the narrative of her being naturally this thin and beautiful is a lie. Young impressionable minds do not and that is what I find harmful.

          2. +1 Sarah and KMR, I completely understand both KMR and your arguments for your viewpoints. I think they both have merit.

          3. Well said, Sarah.

            The ‘Waiting Years’ have given way to the ‘Resting Years’. Both have similarities: subservience to William’s ego and needs, ultra passivity, and spoiled, self-absorbed behaviour. The role model stuff tends to focus on weight and clothes for many young women and always linked to attracting a man; the lack of empathy and real achievement from Kate does not register. I despair…

  26. Although I love fashion but I hate the fact that we concentrate on a woman’s clothes not her actions , still I loved every piece she wore yesterday , the heels the clutch and the coat , but maybe she should’ve worn the coat with a dark blue pair of trousers and white or pink blouse , as pink and violet are in for this winter and spring , she would’ve looked more stylish .

    1. Agreed, the coat on its own is a nice piece. The styling and clothes she is wearing underneath leave a lot to be desired.

      1. I totally get what you mean, Red Tulip, but reading your comment I was just like “imagine a 34 year old needs others to buy her appropriate trousers to do her job!” Even more when we speak of someone being in this job for 5 years nkw and who had enough time to prepare for it, also we speak of normal trousers, not smt super special… just sad.

  27. Kate’s ponytail reminds me of the craze from the 90s. It was a huge thing to flip your hair through your ponytail. There was even a gadget to help. Does anyone else remember that? I did it a lot in elementary/middle school. It was the “thing”. I can’t believe she actually paid someone for it

    1. I remember that! I had one. It was aqua green, kind of like a long piece of plastic strap that could snap to itself to help pull the ponytail through. I wore my hair like this a lot as a kid. Most recently in my early 20’s when I was trying to find a hairstyle appropriate for 12 hour shifts at work

    2. Yes , I remember it 🙂 I remember having these clips in all their shapes and colors ; how nice that many of us over here are almost the same age .

    3. Someone in a thread above mentioned it. It was the topsy turvey ponytail maker. If Kate tries to crimp her hair next I’ll go insane.

      1. Or she uses a banana clip. Actually those were the best ,especially if you curled your hair a bit beforehand. It was the original faux hawk!

        1. I still have my banana clip. It is nice that we can all talk about the same hairstyles. My hair is growing now so I am able to put it back into a hairstyle. 

  28. Thanks for the information and videos on graphene. It sounds like the answer to something that could be asked on University Challenge, which is always a good thing.

    I really liked Kates hair today and the way it was parted. In the hands of someone more adventurous, the coat could look quite interesting with loose trousers; leaning towards a 70’s look.

  29. I just don’t agree that they are improving Kate is somewhat improving by not having her ‘accidents’, but thats setting the bar so low when they only show for an hour or so at events, not even a half hour at times.

    It only seems like they are more invested in duty because of the queen’s 90th birthday events and secondly they are doing more events as a PR clean up; seeing how the Cambridges were openly criticized during a personal interview back in april. (Perhaps, the interview was recorded in much earlier months.) The interview covered the Cambridges lack of events and PW had to respond. you can tell he was caught off guard by being openly questioned.

    The fact that PW had to talk about how he takes his responsibility seriously and how the Cambridges took on more events after the interview shows that the Cambridges were probably in the hot seat in the royal family and the public favor. Maybe it’s all a coincidence, but I don’t think so..

    I think they are making the same mistakes though if the only thing people talk about is their fashion choices and children rather than focusing on the events Caambridges are suppose to support.

    Maybe, I’m just paranoid , but to me its so hard for me to buy the act that they care for royal duty, when they have time after time shown they don’t care for thier patronages, royal duty, or even their public whom they are suppose to serve.

    1. I covered that interview here:

      I agree that a lot of what they’ve been doing this year either has to do with the Queen’s 90th birthday or is clean up for their disastrous image problems they had in the first part of the year. I mean, William even admitted he doesn’t bother reading his briefing notes before doing to an engagement (, so I don’t believe for a second that William cares for anything he does.

      1. Which is too bad because when William bothers to perform at his Royal job, he is actually pretty good in that he seems engaged and interested and doesn’t make gaffes.

        1. I still can’t get over the fact that he publicly admitted he didn’t read the briefs.

          And Red Tulip, I agree it’s a shame because a lot of the time, he is very good at it! He “gets” what’s expected a lot more than Kate does. He’s no Harry, but I think he is capable of doing a good job in his own way.

    2. I firmly believe that they were “spoken to” recently, most likely by the Queen, because after her 90th celebrations it was like a switch flipped and their behavior changed a LOT. They’ve been working more and at engagements they wouldn’t have had any interest in in the past.

      Wasn’t there some rumor that Kate was “summoned” to talk with the Queen at Windsor Castle, after the photos of all of the grandchildren were taken that day? I won’t pretend to have the slightest idea what might have been said that finally lit a fire under their asses, but their schedule in recent months has definitely seemed different!

      Maybe the St. Patrick’s day debacle was the last straw for HM.

  30. I am not really sure what to make of the Erdem. I like the fact it is a Canadian label. However there Princess Eugenie whose dress was ok but this just looks mumsy. I can’t think of anyway to describe it. I did think the colour was strange. Couldn’t Kate have worn a bright colour to visit the children and then a darker colour to the memorial. That would have to schedule a clothes change.

    I like how Kate bends over to talk to the children but the manical grins are back. Watch how Princess Beatrice does it Kate or study how Diana did it.

    William and the football. Hahahaha. Mia Tindall or Estelle could have done better. If I were Kate I would have been in the car and had a go at the football. Not lady like clearly. I have to say the couple are improving. William complimenting Charlotte is positive. Thank you KMR.

  31. I thought I would post this comment as a comparison re -crowds.
    The press is very fond of telling us that huge crowds turned out to see William and Kate. Pictures and videos tell a different story.
    Today is the Heroes Parade in Manchester.It’s the victory parade for the Olympic and Para Olympic atheletes from the Rio Games. I am watching the live coverage on BBC TV. It’s estimated that there is 100.000 people lining the streets and gathered in Albert Sq where the parade terminates.This I can well believe. It’s been throwing it down with rain, a beautiful rainbow is shining. The Kaiser Chiefs have just been entertaining the crowds in Albert Sq.I’m sure pics will appear in the Daily Mail soon.
    Take note press… This is what real crowds look like

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