Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Queen Maxima, CP Mette-Marit, The Gyalsey, Queen Mathilde

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Queen Maxima, CP Mette-Marit, The Gyalsey, Queen Mathilde

Here’s another royal round up to cap off the week. There’s an update that I missed when Kate Middleton was in Cornwall, Queen Maxima continuing her trip to Indonesia, Crown Princess Mette-Marit out and about in Venice, new photos of The Gyalsey, and Queen Mathilde taking her kids to school.

Firstly, I find it interesting that Prince William is willing to look like a dork while doing the “gnarly” hand sign but isn’t willing to tap the drums when a kid asks him to.

Secondly, here’s a tidbit from Thursday which I didn’t include in my article. During their visit to Newquay’s Towan Beach, Kate Middleton spoke to 15-year-old Bea Hodge about farming. Bea said:

    “She said she was teaching George and Charlotte all about the farm at Sandringham. She’s been teaching George the difference between barley and wheat and everything they grow on the farm there. She wants the children to learn all about farming and the apples in their orchard. She said she’d secretly like to be a young farmer.”


Prince Charles loves gardening and farming; I’m sure he’d love to teach George about gardening and farming.

Thirdly, a reader* emailed me about her friend’s interaction with Kate while in Truro on Thursday. When asked about what Kate was like, the friend – who met Princess Diana back in 1988 when she opened the Truro Renal Unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske – said: “Stunning! And very friendly.” The friend took a video of Kate interacting with a little girl (Kate asked her if she liked surfing), but the friend didn’t want to take a selfie with Kate because “You think I would want a selfie with one of the world’s most beautiful women.”

I love the selfie quote – that’s just the best. I never thought if it that way, but that’s so true.

* Who asked me to keep her and her friend anonymous, so I will.

Queen Maxima was still in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 31 and September 1. On August 31, Maxima visited retailers who received small business loans, and schools to teach young people the importance of saving and budgeting money. These photos are from September 1, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Indonesian First Lady Iriana Widodo. Max held a meeting with the President, as well as other meeting with the Governor of Bank Indonesia, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Maxima’s dress here is from Valentino‘s SS16 Hawaiian Couture Capsule collection. Her red shoes are Gianvito Rossi “Pina” pumps.

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended the 73rd Venice Film Festival on September 2.

Haakon looked snazzy in his velvet jacket while Mette-Marit repeated that purple French embroidered dress from Vilshenko which she debuted in June (and Twinned with Princess Claire).

You can see more photos at the Daily Mail.

The Bhutanese September desktop calendar features three photos of The Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck taken by his father King Jigme Khesar Namgeyal Wangchuck. So much hair!

The Gyalsey September 2016 720x450
[King Jigme Khesar Namgeyal Wangchuck/]

The Belgian royal children started their new school year on September 1. Queen Mathilde took (L-R) Princess Eleonore, Princess Elisabeth, and Prince Gabriel to school, while King Philippe took Prince Emmanuel to school.

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  1. KMR – it’s not the “gnarly” hand sign. It’s most commonly used in Hawaiian culture as “shaka” and the surfers adopted it to mean “hang loose.” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners also use it.

    1. To me it’s just the “Y” in American Sign Language, but I read a reporter say it meant “gnarly” so I assumed it was some surf thing I just don’t get.

  2. I like seeing Queen Maxima work. Such enthusiasm and its the first thing I notice rather than the dress which has a pretty print on her and very suitable for work purposes.
    I like seeing the Belgium Royals. I know so little about them. Princess Elisabeth looks a lot more confident. How old is Princess Elisabeth now? Do the boys go to different schools I wonder. I like how Princess Eleonore holds her mum’s hand. If Kate wanted to be a Young Farmer why didn’t Kate join the Young farmers. It is good that George is being taught about the farm but it seems every time George wants to be this or that according to what is going on That is not empathy but being silly. or echolalia is that right.

    1. Since 2012, Emmanuel has gone to a different school from the other three kids. The Eureka school he attends is for kids with learning challenges such as dyslexia.

    2. I think the “farming” thing (I’m putting farm in quotes because I grew up on a farm and know there’s no way either Kate or William could do the hard work involved) is all part of William’s fantasy life of being a country gentleman. He wants to live the life of his landed friends, not that of an heir to the throne. I hope that their bad attitude towards the royal family and familial responsibilities, in general, don’t rub off on George. At times William has seemed almost hostile to his position because he wants the position of his friends so badly.

  3. “She said she’d secretly like to be a young farmer.” Please.

    First, Kate knows very well that whatever she says gets picked up by media who then spin it for all it’s worth. It is a calculated move to show Kate in a particular light: active behind Sandringham gates where, conveniently, nothing can be verified. It falls into the ‘Kate reading scientific papers in her spare time’ basket.

    Secondly, the Vogue spread peddled some crazy myth that Kate is a country woman. Is she trying to channel Jecca Craig again? Kate could not wait to get away from the Wales countryside when first married, spending most of her time in either London shopping or her parents’ home. She has cashed-up lazy Sloane written all over her. Or is ‘country woman’ defined as a woman exercising for most of the day in a house that happens to be in the country?

    Thirdly, Young Farmers (if she was referencing the UK group) is for young farmers (10-26 years of age). Regardless, is Kate active in farming the estate? Has she taken any courses – like the one William never finished? Is she taking on responsibilities here?

    If she wants to introduce George to farming and gardening, there would be no better teacher than Charles. Shame grandson and grandfather do not appear to have much access to each other.

    1. I actually lol when I read that. Farming is hard work and there are no cameras around. Why can’t she be honest and say “I want to be a queen and famous”.

      1. Didn’t Marie Antoinette have a farm to dress up as a shepherdess with her flock of sheep in the palace grounds. I can’t imagine Kate delivering a lamb or on a tractor. I could imagine Queen Maxima doing that though and tucking into a danish for tea.

          1. Thank you Jen. When I was walking through town I heard a mother telling her daughter about Marie Antoinette. A hint not to bother her about shopping. Was William a Young Farmer? What about Jecca?

    2. I think these comments by Kate are harmful. She’s getting flack for these off the cuff- in the moment trying to please or be liked statements. They get reported and follow her. She’s not the girlfriend anymore where her silly statements were probably met by eye rolls.

      People notice when she can pet a horse that she’s supposed to be allergic to. If a farming charity reached out to her to be patron, I doubt she’d call them back. Farms are a hotbed of allergens. She needs to be careful or she’s going to be titled Princess of Whoppers rather than Wales.

      Maybe this is why they don’t hang out much with Will’s former friends. None of them have much if anything to do with W&K anymore, which is odd. Some people sheer off once someone gets married but he doesn’t seem to see any of his former group.

      If Kate was really into farming, she’d ask to be patron of the numerous farming charities and outreaches. The only passion Kate has demonstrated is keeping skinny legs and shopping for her next pair of nude pumps and look-alike dresses.

      Kate goes one step forward (good interaction with people at this visit) and one step back (stupid remarks). Sigh

      1. We don’t really know who their friends are in Norfolk or London. What we see is a level of discomfort when they meet people in their public engagements. Neither of them appear to have had any training in meeting the public (finishing school for Kate and military training for Will) and it shows in their engagements. Perhaps you or I would seek lessons in meeting people: dressing for the occasion, body language, greetings, conducting a short conversation, departure comments, follow-up a few days later, keeping notes on the meeting. It often seems like those skills are non-existent. After 5 years, something should have been learned. Why hasn’t that happened? These are life skills they need to have. It’s a puzzle that they are still acting as if it is 2011.

    3. More like her romanticized version of farming. I’m from ok were farming/ranching is still a way of life and isn’t an easy way. It’s hard work
      Charles was into organic farming way before it became the “it” thing. I don’t know why they don’t appear to let Charles and the grandkids do their thing (maybe they secretly do) but it’s sad

      1. Hey sarah! I grew up on a farm and agree, there’s now way these two lazy bums could do the labor involved in real farming. A vegetable garden? Maybe. A real farm? Absolutely not.

        It also makes me so sad that Charles doesn’t seem to get much time with the grandkids while Scarole has her talons all over George and Charlotte. Especially sad because Charles was so looking forward to a granddaughter (he always wanted a daughter of his own). I hope that when Harry has children he allows Charles and Camilla more access. Whatever people have to say about Cam, she comes off as very warm and I think she would be an excellent Grandmother. Charles beams when talking about the grandkids and is actually a pretty affectionate and funny guy. Great grandparent material!

    4. Farming, real farming, is very hard work with no holidays because there is (usually) nobody to run the farm if you are absent. She never will have that life, because she chose this one. It seems to me that she is trying to sound as if she, like William, has a divine birthright and she’s had no say in it. Once again, mirroring William. Who is she?!

  4. I agree with the anonymous person: I also would not want to have a photo right next to such a beautiful woman. It is like when taking yearbook photos: if you stand next to that tall pretty blonde girl everybody admires, you’ll look like the ugly duck, but if you stand next to the short girl with the glasses and a few extra kilos, you’ll look prettier that you usually do (I hope I do not offend anyone with this comment! High school can be a cruel time for girls and sometimes you just have to be pragmatic. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the observer, but a lot of people in our society have equal images of beauty).

    The Gyalsey is so precious, Asian babys are so cute!

    Does anyone know why Prince Emmanuel attends a different school than his siblings?
    And Princess Elisabeth looks very pretty and appropriately dressed just like any other girl her age (the Wessex’es should take notes!)

    I am wondering: are thete any (Catholic) royals expected at the beatification of Mother Teresa today? I am watching it on TV but there was no comment yet on any royals in attendance. Maybe even Harry or William? Diana worked with Mother Teresa.

    1. Sorry but we are talking about Kate , right?
      Kate beautiful??? Seriously?
      Kate is a woman with an average beauty and a lot of extensions.
      She’ s not a beauty queen at all

      1. Not to mention botox and fillers. Her eyelashes are also fake. I suppose people who have met Kate feel obligated to be kind with their comments. She is a pampered woman who spends a huge amount of money in an endeavor to look presentable.

      2. If she didn’t have access to all of the botox and expensive beauty creams, she wouldn’t be very pretty. I think laying off the smoking would make a huge difference for her as she ages. Look at Sophie, Mette-Marit, and Maxima, all are aging wonderfully and don’t cake on the makeup like Kate does. I’ve seen reports that Kate has had a nose job as well, although, they weren’t from the most upstanding websites so who knows how reliable it is. Hard to tell what plastic surgery and what’s not when she’s lost so much weight.

      3. Yeah, I feel the same way lol KMR, so sorry I don’t agree with you but everything with this girl in and out is fake like her teeth, hair, weight (God forbid she show us again her real weight), etc.

        1. Wow, the most beautiful woman in tbe world comment really woke me up this morning. (Rough night with baby). Kate, imo, is not beautiful. There is a special vibe around her when she is well coiffed and made up, but I would not call her beautiful. At those times, I would say, pretty, but everyone perceives beauty differently. When Kate is au natural, bad hair, no make-up, etc, she looks like any woman running out to do grocery shopping.

          As for her farming interest. Those who know farming, as the commenters above, are right. The work entailed is something the lazy Duchess would not be up to doing.

          Pix of Royal children off to school with mother? Lovely.

    2. I wondered why Prince Emmanuel attends a different school. Security? Princess Elisabeth does look pretty but confident and her posture is good. I like the way Elisabeth is dressed. I suppose the kids dress down for school to fit in with their peers.

        1. Thanks for clarification, Clem. I had already assumed that it was something in the direction of special education but I was not sure…

          Livia, in my opinion, Kate is beautiful. She is tall, slim, has gorgeous full hair and a pretty face with cheekbones I would kill for. Of course as I said above, beauty is in the eye of the observer so everyone has a different opinion and that is good 🙂
          And I do not see anything wrong with being classified as an ‘average beauty’ – it means that someone is beautiful. Period. Maybe nothing extraordinary, but still beautiful.

          1. Hi M, I too think Kate is very pretty but when I hear people describe her as a natural beauty I have to wonder if they’ve notice her 2 tons of eye makeup.

          2. In my opion Kate is not beautiful at all.
            Her hair is fake, she’ s full of hair extensions, her teeth are fake too her cheeck bones are because of the fillers, her nose has been through cosmetic surgery too. And she looks 120 years older.
            When I said she’ s an average beauty I meant she’ s like any common girl you find in the streets, you can find thousands like her and thousands much more beautiful than her.
            She’ s nothing special, that’ s what I meant.
            She ‘ s got only money to pay the cosmetic surgeon.

            Then of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but please, she’ s not a natural ” beauty ” at all

          3. Kate is an averagely pretty woman who we are told repeatedly is an outstanding beauty.

            This is repeated so often that people actually believe it, even allowing for beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

            In the same way we are told she is hardworking and very working at her royal duties and people believe it.

            This is a woman who has veneers, several pounds of hair extensions/ wiglets and dyes her natural hair, several tonnes of make up AND diets herself to such an extent that her naturally round face is collapsing and the most true thing about her is how skinny she is. Those cheekbones do not come from allowing herself to be her natural weight.

            She spends hours daily and weekly self grooming to achieve her looks, which isn’t something to criticise since every famous woman undergoes a make over to present their best self to the public, but to call Kate beautiful is the heights of hyperbole because how would you describe Aishwarya Rai, a truly beautiful woman before make up and extraordinarily beautiful with make up?

          4. I always find it strange when Kate Middleton is described as beautiful, as if her fans have to throw that in on top of all the other ridiculous exaggerations.

            If we go with the technical, classical definitions of beauty, she fails as those are based in symmetry. Her face is strongly asymmetrical and her body shape is off for classical attractiveness (long torso, short legs, low hip-to-waist ratio, 5’6″ if she’s feeling tall that day).



            She is plain, sometimes pretty when not underweight, but not stunning. An average soccer mom, but one who spends her entire day on grooming. She has loads of artificial help coupled with boatloads of photoshop.

            I wouldn’t class most royal women as beautiful either. Many are attractive, some are pretty, but none of them is Helen of Troy. If pressed I’d say two of the prettiest are Zara and Autumn, mostly based in facial symmetry and good bone structure.

          5. Beauty is subjective. For instance, I would not classify Zara and Autumn as two of the prettiest royals.

          6. I personally think Kate is ok, but I really wish the woman had taken a selfie. We have to stop looking at someone like we’re less and they’re more. I think the woman’s natural beauty whether shining out from radiant eyes and happy smile or cute outfit coupled with smile at meeting a famous person, etc. would have come out.

            I respect her decision but hope she’ll challenge herself to go meet Jennifer Aniston or another celeb. and take a picture with them. Feel beautiful in the moment while having fun!

            We have a long way to go to value ourselves for what we are on the inside. Kate represents an effort to twist and maximize exterior features so that she could get and maintain William’s attention. Most of us commenters complain about Kate’s lack of personal development. Carole’s quest, with Kate’s full blessing, to make Kate dolly pretty succeeded. But what else is she? Sadly, not much.

            I love the scene in “Cool Runnings” where the tough bobsledder challenges the quieter, obedient youngster to look in the mirror: “What do you see! I see a badass…. who doesn’t take anything from anyone!”

            It’s a reminder not to be an empty frame, no matter how pretty.

          7. Who was the young Windsor, still a student, who was also waitressing? She had on a particularly chic outfit; might have been at the Queen’s 90th service? She looked to be a fresh and confident young woman.

            Sunny – I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. So sad we live in an era where one is judged by physicality; sadder still when one has to be a ‘dolly’ to ‘catch’ a man. This leads us directly to not being able to sign one’s name and date on a slate without four glances for permission/ approval lest the prince feel emasculated.

          8. Thanks Jen, I completely agree with you about how dependent it’s made Kate. It’s not strong when Kate feels she’s got to constantly check herself not to step on William’s light.

            The irony is that Kate is so passive-aggressive. As you pointed out, she does a quad-take on signing, but then no underwear in a breezy day with billowy dress. She’s doing much better now about flashing, but I feel like its a matter of time. I think she needs to flash in order to deal with all the submissiveness she thinks she has to demonstrate.

            She either was taught to behave like this or submitted because she wanted William and he likes to dominate. What Will doesn’t know is this relationship condition never lasts. It will be Queen Catherine and her little dog-boy William when the time comes. Kate has demonstrated that she has a strong will too, so she won’t stay passive forever. Not sure how the public will feel about her cracking the proverbial whip. Unless she pulls a 50 shades of grey in Parliament. There’s plenty of grey wigs to go around.

            Ok, enough of that. I hope you have a great day!

          9. Yes, she is passive-aggressive. Between William, constantly written about, and the suffocation of the BRF court, flashing is the only outlet. It’s one thing to look upon royalty, but quite another being in the fold. I imagine you’re never not on probation. That said, I doubt Kate will let go, now or ever.

          10. KMR I was going with classical definition, which I mentioned. Those definitions aren’t based in opinion, they are based on symmetry and measurement. By those measurements, Zara and Autumn would be considered closer to the ideal than KM because their faces are symmetrical and have bone structure that is obvious no matter their weight.

            Non BRF-royals

            I like Marie of Denmark, but I don’t think she’s beautiful or even classically pretty. Her face is interesting and appealing, but doesn’t meet classical standards.

            Madeleine is more classically pretty but she isn’t a once in a lifetime beauty.

          11. Any woman marrying William would attract huge amounts of attention, because she is young(ish), is going to be Queen Consort (maybe). It is sadly inevitable that the woman will be assessed for her beauty, clothes etc. because there is so much money to be made in exploiting royals. Plus people are fascinated by the historic nature of royalty.

            Kate has bought into that scrutiny and fed it; to be fair, she may not have had much choice, at least at first. But I think now she is a slave to it all. Had she a career prior to marriage, she would have known how to better harness her time for causes etc and build a new career. A lot was stacked against this though: a pig of a partner, her own laziness/ passivity, an ambitious mother.

          12. I know people who have seen Kate in person. She’s just a bag of bones with hair and bad skin. It’s scary, honestly.

            I think Kate when she was younger, had more weight on her, and looked genuinely happy was a pretty woman with the girl next door quality. Now with the dieting, fake hair, fake teeth, fake accent, and poor rough looking face, she looks nothing like that pretty, healthy gal.

  5. I just love Maxima! She is incredibly intelligent, regal but approachable, and that smile sure can light up a room. I watched a speech of hers (in English), and I thought it was interesting that she speaks English with a Dutch accent, not a Spanish one.

    Mette-Marit and Hakkon make a lovely couple. Not a fan of the dress, but that’s her style.

    The Gyalsey is adorable. He looks so much older than…what is it? Six months? But with parents like those, how can he be anything but a future heartbreaker?

    I like Philippe and Mathilde. Very low-key but steady. Belgium is rather unique in that there are three national languages – Dutch (sometimes referred to as Flemish), French and German. Elisabeth, Gabriel and Eleonore go to a Dutch school (very unusual) rather than a French one. Emmanuel goes to a special school for learning disabled students. He is reported to be dyslexic. They are distantly related to the BRF but the Royal House is known as Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – Philippe’s greatx4 grandfather and Queen Victoria’s mother were brother and sister.

    Too much trivia?

    1. And I meant to add that Philippe’s grandmother, Astrid, was descended from King Christian of Denmark, so he is related in the maternal line that way.

    2. I’m also such a Maxima fan! She is my favorite royal. Her confidence and warmth shine through. I don’t always agree with her fashion risks, but I think there’s a lot to be said for at least taking a risk!

      Mette-Marit is so beautiful. I love her instagrams where she is not wearing any make up. She looks incredible, especially for her age. She’s 10+ years older than Kate and her skin looks so much better! I only wish that MM could dress better. She seems to really enjoy these boho-peasant dresses, which I don’t find particularly flattering on her or fitting of her station. I do appreciate that she has a clear sense of vision with her look. I just wish it was a bit more glam

      On a side note: I’m drooling over Mathilde’s coat. So chic!

        1. I agree, Fifi. Skintight, painted-on, pants are *not* elegant in my book. Especially not for an official engagement. They almost looked as tight as my workout tights! Mathilde’s pants, on the other hand, are fitted enough to show off her enviable figure, but still appropriate. I would be asked to go home from my job if I came to the office wearing pants as tight as Kate’s.

    3. I believe Victoria is described as the grandmother of Europe and King Christian the father-in-law of Europe because most Royal decendants are related to these two.

  6. I think when Kate is relaxed and happy she is very beautiful. In those moments, her smile is natural and reaches her eyes. So, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she made a positive impression on the mom and her child since these last few visits seem to have been fun for Kate. William is hit and miss with the “embarrassing stuff” he is willing to do. He has danced, sang, etc. with groups and then other times he won’t. The problem is when he doesn’t, he can seem to be offensive (The “fancy dress” comments he has made come to mind, as well as the recent child’s disappointment in this last engagement). Interestingly enough, he seems far more willing to participate if other royals are…when Kate or Harry are invited to do an activity, he’s more likely to join the crowd.

  7. What a great way to start my birthday!!! Thanks KMR!!

    When my kids were in high school during their senior year, they were taught how to play the stock market but not how to save and budget or even how to write a check. I always felt that was a rather backward approach and am glad to see that the schools in Indonesia have the right idea. I’m thrilled that Maxima has worn this dress again, the colors work so well for her and as always she’s sporting her best accessory, her warm, vibrant smile!

    OMG, could The Gyalsey be any cuter?? I laughed at the DM article about these photos, yet again comparing the King of Bhutan to Kate Middleton, because just like Kate the King of Bhutan took photos of his child. Wow, how did we ever get along before Kate Middleton?? I mean, what parent would have ever thought of taking pictures of their child?

    How nice to see the K&Q of Belgium taking their kids to school on the first day, although I bet the older kids would have prefered it if they had dropped them off a block away. Lol! Is it just me or does Mathilde dress like she’s trying to appear older than she is? There’s always something, imo about her fashion choices that’s maybe a bit off, never really casual and easygoing more a bit formal and stiff. Don’t get me wrong, Mathilde is a beautiful woman and she wears lovely clothes but sometimes I just get the feeling that she’s trying to look older than she actually is.

    Oh Mette-Marit, please, please quit trying to bring back the 1860’s look. It’s not going to happen, it’s never going to happen.

    1. Happy Birthday!!! ???

      I LOVE Maxima, so friendly and engaging not to mention warm!

      I remember loving that speech MM gave about food and warmed up to her but what a rbf in that solo picture! Also, that dress doesn’t do her any favors. Crown Prince Haakon is handsome but that velvet coat just makes me squirm in a wiggged out way (aka: not flattering).

      The Gyalsey baby is the cutest–look at those dimples!!

      The Belgium royal children/teens are so attractive and yes, Sophie Wessex should take notes on to dress a preteen/teenage girl.

      I don’t buy that bull about Kate wanting to be a farmer and I think it’s such a shame that George can’t learn about the outdoors from his Grandpa Charlie. Also, I don’t feel Kate is as stunning as they say. She was certainly very lovely during her late teens/university years but all of that is gone and she’s become a fake, plastic version of that person.

      Missy and I are good. There are still 35,000+ without power and my friend is trying to find out if I’m still one of them.

      1. Kimothy, I’m glad you and Missy are safe. Hope authorities have got plans in place to minimise distress and damage, and that you and 35,000 others can be back home asap.

  8. I offer my services to babysit The Gyalsey for free. He is such a cute baby. However, I’m not sure if the King puts him down long enough for it to happen.

    I can never get enough of Maxima. I love that she is a “learner”. She is engaged with what the speaker is saying and I find it fabulous. And you know that she will use that info later.

    I do like reading about the Belgian RF as I know next to nothing of them. Mette-Marit is a beautiful woman. But she either looks awesome or just…

    Thank you for a great round up, KMR!

    1. haha Rhiannon, can I be your back-up for babysitting? The Gyalsey looks like such a little snuggle bug with those chubby cheeks and that head of hair! I didn’t have that much hair until I was probably two years old. I love how open and affectionate the Bhutanese family is with their young son. It humanizes them.

      Great observation about Maxima. She is a “learner” and always appears so engaged in whatever she is doing. She seems like the type of person who makes you feel as though you’re the only person in the world when you are speaking to them. What a wonderful aura for a public servant to have! The Dutch are lucky to have Maxima and the King. They are both so passionate and make a wonderful couple. Their love shines through!

  9. I love Maxima’s outfit, I would wear it!

    I think Mette- Marit was a Viking goddess warrior in a past life. There is something in her bearing and demeanor and those sharp planes of her face that are beauty and strength and preserverence to me. I have quite a soft soft spot for her, of late.

    I am sure Kate looks very beautiful to the people meeting her when she is “working”. Done to the nine’s, fragrant as flower garden, taller than the average bear ( on purpose ), movie star smile, bright eyed and bushy tailed after NOT getting up with her children in the night (let’s be real) add to the fact that people want her to be beautiful. She is married to their future king and like someone said before, they want the Disney version of Kate, and that is truly what they get. I’ve seen plain looking women be transformed by a makeover, to where you almost don’t recognize them, but they don’t get that every time they go out in public. The Duchess does, how nice for her?, but it’s skin deep. I would need to see wonderful things from her to think she is beautiful, myself, but I am older and no longer taken in by just a pretty face haha

  10. It makes me quite sad to read the beauty discussion. It’s like it’s impossible to do “right.” If you don’t have any work done to you, then it’s wrong and if you do have, that’s wrong too (like Princess Sofia and her natural teeth and Kate’s “fake teeth”). And if you aren’t beautiful without make up, then it doesn’t count if you look a bit better with make up. I mean you buy make up solely for the reason that you would look better, but you get “punished” for using it. I am not a Kate fan but I think it isn’t fair that she gets criticized for her looks and for that she looks so old, but then when she tries to do something to her appearance, then she gets critique for not being natural. I understand if you don’t think that the same amount of hair extensions or eyeliner is good looking but to say that she can’t be pretty unless she is it naturally, I think it’s quite harsh.

    Perhaps this is a subject I feel strongly about because I myself am very scarred by others comments and quite literally can’t even take the trashes out without spending at least an hour in front of the mirror stressing out.

    1. Hey Summer,

      I feel like as women we can never do it right, so I agree with you. Kate is a tough one because she’s developed an attractive outside but hasn’t done much with the inside, yet she is in a vaunted position where she gets millions from taxpayers to support a lavish life, and her contributions come down largely to “smile and wave.”

      It’s frustrating that the world favors looks so much. Kate and Carole understood that sexy legs gets you far. Kate is educated, but I have never heard her sit down with someone and give a depth-laden conversation about art or any of her patronages. She has plenty of information at her disposal, but she largely continues to smile and wave, or to seem uncertain about how to sign her name until William shows her how.

      It’s frustrating to see her have access to so much that is going under-utilized.

      I too have been ripped for makeup, hair and all kinds of silly points that mean nothing about whether a person is ethical, honest, hardworking or intelligent. The only thing that is truly ugly is the malicious spirit taken by some to run others down no matter what. I have serious issues with Kate but she’s not spending my dime.

      I’m sorry that you’ve been attacked by others. It’s ugly and cruel, the same as focusing solely on looking good is attacking someone based on looks.

      I praise Kate when she deserves it and am glad to see her making some right moves lately, as do many commenters. Everyone wants her to do better, but she’s five years in and the biggest changes still revolve around Kate’s reworked dental line rather than practicing how to answer public comments. Sofia is given more leeway because she’s only a year in. Best wishes.

    2. The problem with Kate is that they try to push that she is a natural beauty which she is not. It started with pretending she had a childhood scar instead of admitting to extensions. She obviously puts a lot of work into her look and that right now is the only thing we see her put effort into because it’s not like she works consistently at anything.

      Now she wants to be a young farmer. Well at 34 she isn’t young anymore, especially when on family farms children often start working quite young, even as early as 10. Farming requires manual labour, even with the advent of machinery and she has not held a job, for any significant period of time.

      If she wasn’t in a bubble, she would be challenged on her nonsense, but she is not and in the mean time gets to live off the largesse of UK taxpayers. The obliviousness that comes from her privilege is astounding. I am not sure why the calls for a republic aren’t stronger with these two dilettantes.

      1. I think the British identity is very much tied to monarchy, plus there is comfort in being led (I guess). I wish it were not so; there is so much more to the UK. No-one is going to call Kate on her crazy stories about farming, George, barley or whatever so she continues in her bubble of unaccountability.

      2. I agree with you Nic9191: Kate is not a natural beauty and IMHO she’ s not a beauty at all, she’ s quite average as I said, she’ s not stunning.
        That lie about the scar just proves how out of dephth Kate is: wearing extensions is not a crime and is not shameful either, many celebrities do, so why lying?
        And why saying that it was a scar, to worry fans?

        I think Kate still feels as an early 20s, a student, because IMO she hasn’ t mentally grown up. That’ s why she is still focusing on her physique

        1. I agree. I have no problem with women working very hard to look good. I prefer to go more natural with my looks than some other women, but every person should do what makes them feel more confident. My complaint is the narrative pushed that Kate is such a natural beauty when she clearly does a lot to look good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dieting, Botox, veneers, and wiglets if that’s what it takes for Kate to feel confident in front of the insane amount of cameras that follow her around. She should just own it. Kate seems to be always putting up a front. It must be exhausting.

          1. I have no problem either with women working hard to look good.
            Yert it seems that’ s Kate’ s only work when it shouldn t be at all.
            Also as many said, the point is that Kate’ s pushed as a natural beauty when she’ s not at all, that’ s why she’ s criticized.
            People always focus on her look because that’ s what we have to talk about

    3. The problem is that KM puts the vast majority of her attention on her looks. She has done this for 20 years. That has been her main focus for most of her life. Not becoming a good person. Not working hard. She has always emphasized how she looks. She is the one who makes it all about her looks, and those looks are supplemented with a whole lot of help.

      I do not care what she looks like. I care if she is working hard, acting appropriately, and dressed professionally instead of like a tween sexing it up. She is the one who puts the emphasis on her looks and her enormous clothing collection & shopping addiction. If she ends up being criticized for that, she has herself to blame.

        1. One of the hardest working members of the BRF is Anne, who was never sold as supernatural beauty. Now I think she can look quite elegant, and I envy her ability to fit into 20 year old outfits, but I admire her for her no-nonsense work ethic, not her hair and makeup.

          One of the great things about the royals was that they didn’t try to “fix” all their flaws. They showed everyone that a person could be admirable whatever their figure, or ears, or height. What was inside was most important. Kate acts like a manic celeb instead, trying in increasingly mad ways to perfect her physical appearance. It’s what we talk about because it’s all we know about her.

          1. I am a total Maxima sugar. But let’s be honest: her hair looks like she got caught in a wind tunne. I will admit that I overlook it and would agree of anyone who called her out on it. Yet the difference is that she has built a legacy of financial independence and microlending. Both topics being quite intricate. For me, it’s her work that makes me love her. The clothes are secondary.

          2. Max fan here too. Maxima has two hair modes 1) all over and 2) very DONE with hair spray and fake ponytails. She doesn’t have good in-between hair game.

          3. I saw a picture of max once wearing some weird turban thing! At first, I was like WTH?!? Then didn’t even pay attention to it. She’s always so engaging and appears to enjoy where p she’s at that I no longer notice her bizarro outfits that only she could pull off. which shows that if Kate was more a woman of substance and not fluff that we’d all probably give her a pass on her boring navy and nude outfits/shoes.

          4. Ok, I feel I can make a negative remark about Maxima, whom I usually adore. I didn’t like the photo where she was shaking the man’s hand, but smiling to the camera so intently, that she was ignoring him, it seemed. I do know that this was one second that the camera captured and perhaps, she did relate to him more. I hope so.

            And,her hair was a mess. You said it Rhiannon. I did not like her dress, but for some amazing reason, Max can pull any look off with aplomb! Good for her.

            How are you doing, Rhiannon? Well, I hope.

      1. I need to polish my English skills because I clearly got misunderstood. I totally agree on the things mentioned how Kate is as a person. I am not defending her actions or laziness or brain capacity or .. Just because I think it’s harsh to say certain things about her looks, it doesn’t mean that I think she is okay as a person. But I don’t think that she should have other standards regarding beauty, than someone who is nice and who we like.
        And I don’t mean that one can not say that she isn’t pretty, if you don’t think she is. What I meant was that first she gets criticized that she looks old and then she has some procedures done, after that we say that she can’t be beautiful because she had something done. Or all the talk after the photo where she had some grey hair, now the grey is gone and we say the hair is fake. It’s a lose-lose situation and that is what I think is sad.
        This does not only happen when talking about Kate, it is a thing I hear quite often and it can be about celebrities or just like a next door neighbour.

        1. I think we understood you perfectly because your english is very good.

          There has never been a requirement for royals to look like celebrities.

          As a girlfriend, Kate never bothered to look like a celebrity even though she was famous and being chased by paps.

          What seems to have happened is that the minute she was engaged, she indulged in cosmetic improvements that no one had asked for.

          We are being told that this new, improved version of Kate is natural. This new version is being praised to the skies and put up as the ideal that other women should follow.

          Most people expect famous entertainment figures to alter their appearance and the chattsr around that is the degree of alterations. Very few people look at celebrities’ images and wish to emulate that.

          The Kate narrative is harmful because as a royal she is thought to be all natural which leads to role model status which leads to regular people wanting to emulate that and not understanding that the Kate they are looking at isn’t real.

          When her grey hair was pointed out, she should have simply shrugged instead of going into hiding and dyeing her hair again. Or when her extensions were noticed, not to lie about a scar. That tells us that she likes to be noticed for the fake improvements she’s made when she can easily change the narrative and simply shrug.

          Failing that, she refuses to change the conversation to her work and instead shows up at every single engagement in something new and something that focuses attention on her appearance thus inviting comments.

          For goodness’s sake, this was a woman more visibly interested in the state of the curl of her hair than the proceedings at a remembrance service televised world wide. That tells you what is important to her.

          To point out that she isn’t all natural isn’t cruel. What would be cruel would be to call her names like they did and do call Fergie – she was nicknamed the Duchess of Pork by the media because of her weight. Ditto the future George 4 whose press nickname was Prince of Whales due to his weight.

          Kate is not the first woman in the world to be famous or to undergo make overs because of their insecurity of being in the public eye. The difference is that other women own their effort and Kate pretends to be natural.

        2. Summer, your argument is clear: when Kate is criticised and then corrects what has offended, she is still criticised after that correction. It appears to be a ‘no win’ situation for Kate.

          Kate has been sold to the public as a demure, down-to-earth middle-class girl, as well as being naturally beautiful. But none of this is remotely true. In terms of her beauty, it is largely manufactured. No-one has asked her to have all this cosmetic enhancement done, but since she has, why not admit it rather than still claim that her hair, teeth, nose, face are natural? It isn’t. This also goes for claiming that her ultra-thin body is natural when it is actually the result of excessive dieting and exercising. It’s the pretence of natural beauty that is the problem as well as sending a very poor message to girls and women.

          Many commenters here have suggested she wear more appropriate clothing on some occasions eg pants. So she wears pants on Day 2 of the Cornwall trip. And she is criticised, not for wearing pants but for wearing pants so tight that they appear vulgar. The attention is yet again focused on Kate’s body rather than the event she is attending. It is the attention-seeking behaviour that offends. Add to that a phony accent, loads of lies about this and that to avoid duty, and what is really Kate is hard to uncover.

          1. Summer: perhaps you should read the story of the emperor’s new clothes.

            And ask yourself this question…..was it wrong and cruel for the child to point out that the Emperor had no clothes?

          2. Summer, I also understand what you are conveying and your English is just fine.

            Yes, I think we ask things of Kate and she complies, but criticism continues. However, she just never seems to comply in the most effective ways. As already mentioned, so many of us would like her to wear trousers to events when appropriate, but when she did recently, the negative comments were all over the place. Probably because her look was inappropriate. So tight were those trousers! Seemingly another way to show off the body she works so hard to achieve. She never seems to get it completely! She is the wife of a future King and should be much less “trashy” in her dress and demeanor.

            All those dress fly ups, too. She knew they would happen and yet she continued to wear full skirts of light weight material, even on the windiest of days.

            As for her appearance, as already stated — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Kate may seem beautiful to some, pretty to others, and not so great to even others. What is sad to me is the fact that she depends on her physical charms more than anything else and it shows no matter what she is doing . Not a good message for her daughter, but what can one expect when her own mother hammered that point home to her on a steady and dramatic basis all through her formative years? She is not a good role model for other youngsters, either.

            If Kate had true inner beauty and connected with others in a seemingly effortless way, I think more people would consider her to be “beautiful.” For that type of beauty is not based on one’s physical attributes alone. It is a result of really caring about others and showing it on a daily basis. It is just part of a person and I don’t think you can fake such things.

            I am so tired this morning that I don’t think I am expressing myself too clearly. Oh well, we try!

  11. “She’s been teaching George the difference between barley and wheat and everything they grow on the farm there.”

    Come on! Enough already with throwing the kids into every conversation. Does Kate actually believe her concocted stories? I doubt a 3 year-old and especially a 17 month old, would even begin to understand or show an interest in farming. IMO, W&K will say anything to make their kids appear as whizz Kids. Soon we’ll hear that G&C each have a 190 IQ.

    What I find to be amazing is W&K’s penchant for constantly wanting to deprive other BRF members, in this case, Charles, of any of the spotlight. I remember sometime last year Kate mentioning that she has begun or will begin growing vegetables and will donate same to the public.

    1. I thought Kate was going to grow organic produce to sell? Wasn’t that announced last year? I seem to recall some nonsense that she and Pippa were getting together to do this. I thought it might be a version of Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall range. That crop must be due any day now…

      And I have just remembered: THE WALNUTS! They were bagging Sandringham walnuts last year. I wonder what’s happened to the walnuts?

      Honestly, these people are so full of it.

      1. The ridiculousness of that rumor was that Anmer has no land. There is maybe an acre or two, filled with buildings, tennis court, and home garden. It isn’t like she could grow enough there to sell, and the rest of Sandringham is off-limits for her whims. Philip and Charles have worked very hard to make the estate self-supporting. They’re not going to hand over acreage so the Middletons can move in and make money off of HM’s private property.

      2. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t seem to have any understanding as to what information they want to release to the public concerning the kids. I remember their conversation with Andy Murray when he won Wimbledon. Andy was being kind to them by enquiring about their kids, but he was rudely cut off by Kate. And, since Wimbledon, we’ve seen them voluntarily attempting to regale the public with these ridiculously concocted references to George and Charlotte. They have made it crystal clear that their children are off limits then they should stick to that and stop changing when it’s convenient for them. William is so paranoid about everything, while Kate insists on including these little tid-bits which make her sound ridiculous. Does she seriously think anyone is so gullible as to believe that Charlotte is aware that barley and wheat are different. Give the public some respect. Every time they open their mouths they sound more stupid.

        1. William and Kate don’t seem to know what their public narrative is at any given point. It appears as misdirection or lies. Whatever the truth of their lives are, it seems unpalatable to disclose. As a result I have no idea who these two really are.

          1. “Whatever the truth of their lives are, it seems unpalatable to disclose”.

            Oh, terrific insight! This is the heart of things. If they are so ‘normal’ what is there to hide?

        2. I think what stood out for me was Andy Murray speaking so excitedly about his daughter Sophia. Kate mentions George to the public that she meets and greets. Suddenly saying something about him that relates to what the person/child is saying. However the response from Kate was strange. Maybe Kate is protective of George. That happens.

  12. I love maxima and her cause is one that is tangibly making a difference. Especially in countries that are poorer and more male dominated. When I was reading about her India trip, there was a middle age woman who was getting her first checking account!
    I don’t know know much about mette marit but that outfit makes her look frumpy. Was it Camilla we were saying needs to get fitted for a bra? It looks like mm needs to go along with her.
    And the adorable little gyalsey is so stinking cute and I’m not one to gush about babies. Plus, he always looks so happy

    1. I think Mette-Marit must have imprinted on Little House on the Prairie when young. She is a beautiful, regal woman and I just want to put her in sleek elegant clothing, and burn those prairie gowns. But I like the work she does, especially promoting reading, so I try not to notice her clothes.

    2. I look forward to reading about Maxima’s engagements. Granted, there are traditions and ceremonies that are penciled in every year and can’t be ignored. She always makes best of it. It seems that Max’s ‘people’ know the subjects she is interested in and book engagements that let her contribute on the world stage and it shows when the press takes note. She makes her life interesting and uses all her talents whenever she can. That is a model to emulate.

  13. I think Kate is pretty and sometimes is beautiful, but she is not one of the most beautiful women in the world. It makes me sad that the above person didn’t want a picture taken with her due to feeling less than Kate. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the only person who can make you feel less than someone is yourself. To me, Kate is far from the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope the woman who felt less than Kate realizes that Kate’s looks are achievable. Anyone can make themselves look that good with time and money since Kate’s looks aren’t natural.

    I think the media feeds the idea of Kate being a stunning woman. Whoever married William would have been called that. I think Kate is tall and thin with nice features that can be played up. But the media pushes the idea that she is stunning, so people believe it. It is true of actresses as well. We the viewers are supposed to believe all actresses are the most stunning women ever and better than the rest of us. When in actuality, if they were not famous, there are several actresses that no one would notice on the street. I have seen far prettier women in real life. But the media wants us to believe that they are a special kind of beauty that is rare. That is not actresses fault or Kate, but rather the media feeding us the lie that the famous are better looking than us ‘normal’ folk. To me it is evident with Kate. I remember seeing a photo of her when she was dating William years ago and thinking “THAT is who he is dating, she is really average.” Than years later, on the Canada tour, I thought “gosh is she beautiful.” Because I fed into the media hype. It wasn’t until I really looked at her that noticed she is a cute girl, but nothing intimidating. My husband actually kept pointing it out, telling me she wasn’t as pretty as I was making her out to be. So, I just think the media really plays into our perception of Kate and really all celebrities.

    1. I remember who shocked people when they saw Kate at her first engagement after Prince George’s birth. That was the first time the reality hit peope that had been following Kate only since the engagment anouncement. I remember one man commenting, how it is silly how the media tryes to portray Kate as a ‘Helen of Troy’ when she is average at best.
      In 2007-2008 there was a consistent rumou that Kate and Will would get engaged, during that time the largest newspaper in Finland, even had the rumour in the paper. This was before Kate’s beautification process. The paper mainly said how William is expected to get engaged to her beutiful girfriend. Several people commented that Kate is not beautiful.
      So you are right it is all media hype!
      It just saddens that if Will would have marrid someone like Sophie, Leti or Rania, what an actual impact that person would have made. Now we only have pr fluff, nothing else.

      1. Exactly. William could gave married the troll under the bridge or a Miss universe and they would both be lauded as beautiful and stunning.

        It’s the title and position and the sooner people realise this the better.

  14. Kate is pretty, I don’t Doubt that. And when she was in her college years and had a more natural weight and look, I thought she looked her best then. But stunningly beautiful is quite a stretch. There are very few women in the world who would have that distinction, I think, Diana for one IMO.

    1. In my opinion, mentioning Diana as “stunningly beautiful” is even more proof that opinions on beauty are subjective and different for everyone.

      I, personally, would not classify Diana as stunningly beautiful. To me, she was pretty, but not stunningly beautiful.

      It’s totally fine for everyone to find different people beautiful. There is no right or wrong answer here.

      If someone finds Kate stunningly beautiful then that’s their opinion and good for them.

      1. I quite agree that Diana was objectively only pretty too. She had a twinkle in her eye and a radiance that tricked people into thinking she was stunning not to mention being genuinely photogenic, but let’s not forget the press praised her ‘beauty’ to the skies in the same way that they praise Kate’s ‘beauty’.

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