Prince William and Kate Middleton in Cornwall Day 2

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Cornwall Day 2

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their second day in Cornwall today, September 2, but due to rain and fog their schedule had to be rearranged. They were due to fly out to the Isles of Scilly in the morning but their travel was delayed, so the made other arrangements instead. The did get to the Isles of Scilly in the afternoon but their schedule there had to be changed.

William and Kate at Rainforest Biome in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The royal couple’s change of plans meant they spent the morning at Eden Project, and by “morning” I mean they arrived at 11:30 AM UK time. Eden Project is an educational charity which has massive Biomes housing the largest rainforest in captivity.

The Eden Project tells the story of people’s dependence on the natural world, of regeneration and what people can achieve when they work together with nature. It is designed to give visitors a great day out while demonstrating, in a serious yet entertaining way, how indispensable plants are to people; how we can adapt together; and how a soil-less hole in the ground can be transformed into a place of beauty and inspiration. Eden Project is a tourist attraction and a charity with all of it’s income being reinvested in the charity’s educational projects.

Eden Project
[Eden Project]

William and Kate visited the Rainforest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome.

William and Kate at Mediterranean Biome in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

While at Eden Project, William and Kate saw a baby dinosaur puppet called Mutty. Nicole White, who was holding the puppet, said:

    “Kate didn’t see the baby muttaburrasaurus at first as his colours blended in with my clothes so she had quite a giggle once she realised what I was holding. I just told her that Mutty really wanted to meet her and she said ‘I bet the kids really like him’. She said George loves dinosaurs and would have loved to be here to meet him.”


My initial reaction when I saw the headline was one of “ugh”, but of all the things Kate has said George loves dinosaurs are the one that I believe the most. There were photos of Kate taking George to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in October 2015, and while at the NHM in July this year Kate said George loved dinosaurs. So yeah, I believe that George loves dinosaurs and probably would have enjoyed the dinosaur puppet.

You can see part of that interaction with the dinosaur puppet in this video of William and Kate at Eden Project. Is it bad that the most interesting part of the video for me were the last few seconds where Kate is walking without her hands over her crotch?

While at Eden Project, William and Kate tasted a baobab smoothie containing the fruit mixed with banana, coconut and other fruits. Man, Kate is eating all the things lately.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finally made it to the Isles of Scilly, by helicopter, with an abridged schedule. Their first stop was Tresco Abbey Garden, a sub-tropical garden hosting thousands of exotic plants from 80 countries.

They left Tresco on a “Pegasus” boat, heading to St. Martin’s.

They arrived at St. Martin’s where they met residents and tourists.

William and Kate then moved on to Scilly Flowers, a postal flower service which specializes in winter blooms due to the unique climate. They met Ben and Zoe Julian, the second generation of the family to run the business.

The couple’s final stop of the day was at St Martin’s Community Hall, where they met the island’s oldest resident Gladys Wilkins (according to KP Twitter, but Mirror has her name as Gladys Perkins), and William was presented with a painting from some kids.

Here is some footage from their visit to Scilly. The squirrel is totally the star of this video.

While on St. Martin’s, William and Kate met 16 year old Megan Hawker who stopped them to thank them for their work with anti-bullying:

    “The 16-year-old bullying victim stopped the couple as they walked and said to William: ‘I want to thank you, for the work you and Harry and Kate are doing about bullying.’
    “The Duke appeared touched and said: ‘We’ve just started, there’s lot’s more to come, we’re tackling the stigma but there’s also legacy stuff.’
    “As the royal couple listened, Kate also sympathised and asked Miss Hawker how she had done in her GCSEs and the teenager replied ‘as well as I could’ and William put his arm on the teenager’s right shoulder as they left. Afterwards Miss Hawker… said: ‘I’ve been bullied for over seven years, in primary school and throughout secondary school. And I was just so grateful for what they’ve done – I’m so emotional. I was going to write to Kensington Palace, but when I heard they were coming to St Martin’s I wanted to try and meet them.’ She said about her fight against bullying: ‘I’m getting help, but it’s a long road.’
    “Her father Dean Hawker, a head chef in a gastro pub, said: ‘She’s been through a lot but she was determined to meet them and thank them.'”

[Daily Mail]

It’s good that whatever work the royal trio are doing in the mental health sector is helping someone.

Now on to fashion… Welp, we asked Kate to wear pants, and I asked yesterday for her to wear something less boring, and she obliged.

It’s certainly not boring. I don’t like the pants, but at least they aren’t boring. I actually like the idea of this outfit, and really like the Smythe One-button blazer over the white top (Anna over at Countess of Wessex blog says it’s most likely a new H&M Off-the-shoulder Top on sale for $15.00). I think it’s a crisp look and worn with the right pants and shoes could look really nice.

Unfortunately, I dislike these Gap Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants in ikat blue ($24.97 – $69.95) (Kate’s color is no longer available). I dislike the print, and how tight they are. I also don’t really care for the LK Bennett Natalie clutch or the Monsoon Fleur wedges (which she changed out of at some point, slipping on her trusty Sebago Balas).

Kate finished off the outfit with her sapphire and diamond drop earrings, Cartier watch, and a half updo.

Waist up, I like this outfit; waist down, I dislike this outfit. But yes to taking more fashion chances.

Here’s a look at the back of her outfit – her hair looks really nice. I don’t want to body-shame anyone, but are ankles supposed to look like that? Because mine don’t and I’m wondering if something is wrong with me.

Based on Twitter post times, William and Kate spent: about 1 hour and 20 minutes at Eden Project (though an Express article says they were there for “more than an hour and a half”); about 40 minutes at Tresco Abbey Garden; the first tweet from St. Martin’s and the first tweet at the community hall were only 20 minutes apart, which makes it seem like they were only at Scilly flowers for 10 minutes which can’t be the case, right?; St Martin’s Community Hall got less than 1 hour of their time, it was probably less than 30 minutes.

Here are more photos from Eden Project.

Kate met Sophie Hibbs, 10, who has cerebral palsy but loves coming to Eden Project for the stimulus.

167 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton in Cornwall Day 2

  1. Trousers are fugly. Why does she wear them about two sizes two small?
    The Eden Project is an amazing place if anyone goes to Cornwall go there and to the Lost Gardens of Helligan which are beautiful.
    Please god will someone take Kate shoe shopping?

    1. I’m convinced Kate has no sense of style. She’s got nice pieces but rarely does she piece them together nicely. Even in her Sloane days. Whoever helped her when she first got married needs to make a quick and swift return. Where are her friends and advisers? She’s actually pretty and there are times when I think wow.

      Nice to see William’s had a style upgrade.

      Thanks for the post KMR.

  2. Holy Printed Pants Batman!!! I know we’ve been begging the Duchess to wear something interesting and to wear trousers but this was the last outfit I ever expected to see her in. I have to say that while I’m super surprised by it, I kinda like it. Granted the styling is lacking, I would have worn a long, gold necklace like her acorn charm one or the one with the kids charms on it and perhaps a pair of gold hoops or even her gold charm bracelet from Camilla that we haven’t’ seen in years. And while I could never in a million years wear printed pants like this, but imo they don’t look all that bad on her (they could be a looser though) and the top and blazer work well together. The only thing that I’m really against are the wedges, the color doesn’t work with this outfit and they are still dirty from yesterday at the beach. But all in all i’m going to give her win for today’s outfit.

    What I found most interesting today, was that in the video’s Kate can actually walk upright with her arms at her sides but when she notices the cameras, her shoulders hunch forward and she grabs her crotch, what is with that??? I think the upright with arms at her sides Kate looks far more confident and self-assured than the hunched over crotch clutching Kate, when will we see more of the first and less of the second??

  3. Alright, guys. I’m going to be honest I ADORE ikat prints. So these pants, pattern wise, are awesome in my book. However, fit wise, SO bad. Even one size bigger would’ve made these so much more mature, professional, and appropriate. They basically look like leggings. Some might argue that a bigger size might sag in her waist, but it costs like $15 to get a cheap pair of pants like this taken in, so she can surely afford it. Or she could just wear a belt.

    Other than the fit of the trousers and the typically boring shoes, I thought this was a great day for both of them. Will seemed very gracious and engaged with the children who gave them the painting. I appreciated Kate’s sense of humor with the somewhat cheesy dinosaur puppet. I see great improvement in their interactions with people lately, so I hope they keep it up!

    PS the Isles of Scilly look *gorgeous* I might need to visit sometime!

    1. Agreed, I love the print but on a skirt would have been better IMO. She chose pants way, way too tight.

      Also, her ankles look like concentration camp. Hyperextended muscles in order to be at least an inch or more taller for several hours will do that along with severe dieting. I’m sure she exercises but I think she smokes and has the chef cook sugar-free meals so she can keep her buns of steel.

      Agreed KMR, like her from the waste up. The first pictures have her bored but here look which is sad because Eden Project is terrific. So much for her having fears about being with groups because she did much better later in the day.

      Both had some good moments again. Who knows, maybe 2017 will be a break-out year for both of them.

      1. Don’t want my comment to offend anyone so I apologize in advance.

        I think the strain of literally walking on her toes coupled with either genetics or severe diet/exercise could create the winnowy ankle she displays. It’s tough to stand up to media body-shaming if a public figure like Kate is buys into it rather than confronts or dismisses it.

        1. I didn’t mean to body shame Kate, I’ve just not seen a lot of ankles like that and mine don’t look like that so I was wondering.

          1. Since reading this post I’ve spent the day looking at the back of people’s ankles! Thanks KMR!

            But seriously, Kate looks like she is at risk of doing some damage to her Achilles! Those tendons look very very tight! If she is using a trainer then that trainer needs to remind her to stretch out her lower legs! And also to wear different high heels too, not just for fashion’s sake but to give her tendons a rest.

        2. When she took off her shoes in India, you could tell her feet were in rough shape from all the heels and pointy-toed shoes she wears. I would’ve been fine with her continuing to wear the sebagos she was wearing earlier in the day. They add the same amount of blah to the outfit as the grey wedges.

          1. I agree Lindsey ,I remember in 2012 when she took her shoes off for some engagement before the Olympics her feet looked rough the DM did an article on it.I think thats why she won’t step up her shoe game.She loves those wedges that don’t go with everything.

      2. She doesn’t have buns of steel. Girl has a sad flat ass. And considering she’s supposedly into fitness, her flat ass is definitely a clue that she isn’t and is only into extreme dieting. Girl needs to squat!

        1. Kate is so thin I think her butt is a pair underpants pants with fake butt cheeks.

          After all, a but is just a fat depository and Kate doesn’t have any fat.

    2. Agreed again. I like the look, but the pants are too tight. Doesn’t she know there are more styles of pant beyond “sprayed on”. These are as bad as those brown pants she wore in India.

      1. I can see wanting to have a tight butt with DM etc snapping away every time I bent over but it’s like the public is her proctologist. Kate gives us little but her body as her claim to fame. It would have gone a long way to earning her some respect if she would have acknowledged the dueling media narratives that she’s allergic to animals, so why can she pet Duchess? She needs to learn some media savy and tell people why she can suddenly touch a horse or they will come up with probably the right answer: she didn’t want to ride because she doesn’t like being on horseback or is clumsy. People within Will’s circle would have called her out and goodbye any chance of catching the ring.

        Kate’s either proud or comfortable with being an exhibitionist, and this makes me irritated with her because she’s ignoring monarchy rumblings with financial straights.

        Too many people are having to pinch to fund these two along with the rest of the BRF. Charles is going to run things differently but that may not go over well. Kate needs to get her act together. I feel like she’s trying but too many years of drinking, partying and sliding through have left Kate a shadow at best. She certainly acted like that when seeming concerned how to sign a slate. What’s confusing about that? Oh my goodness if she’d signed before Will.

        1. When you don’t have anything of substance to contribute, sometimes your body is your only way to get media attention. It’s funny to me because Kate just comes off as a thinner, “classier” version of Kim Kardashian to me. She hasn’t done anything substantive that makes her worthy of fame. She married well and puts her looks on display. I would give Kate much more credit if her charity work was more genuine and she was more engaged. Hell, if she could give a decent speech or had a team that could write a decent statement. Alas, that’s not the case. although, I’m hopeful there’s potential there.

        2. The slate signing was jaw-dropping. To be so confused about signing your first name and the date to need to look over FOUR times to William is beyond helpless.

  4. The pants look short and tight, especially from the back. She would still look slender with a non skinny cut; she should look at Letizia’s trousers and be inspired. The jacket looks strange from the back picture, but I usually think it fits her well, so I don’t know why this time seems different. Like the hair today. Both pairs of shoes were disappointing style wise, although Kate obviously loves them. Will and Kate have seemed much happier lately which is really nice to see. Overall, I think this two day trip was successful in that they really got to experience a lot (even though they were short engagements, they seemed informative and well organized) and likely got to meet people who will be working directly with William in the future.

  5. Is there anything George doesn’t like? I’m all for being a proud mom and loving to talk about your kid, but the way Kate brings him up in every single engagement sounds a bit fake.

    And I agree with you, KMR: love the blazer and the top, don’t like those pants. They look too sporty paired with those wedges. It’s like the top and the bottom are two different outfits. And the clutch really doesn’t match anything at all. But at least she’s not wearing jeggings. I’ll never understand why she can’t hire a stylist.

    1. I’m with you, Paula. The only thing missing was her saying that George loves dinosaurs And One Day he wants to be One, too! Come on, don’t most kids of his age like dinosaurs?

      The trousers? Ugh, too tight and the jacket was fine in the front, but the cut out in the back was not to my liking and as said above, may have been chosen to show off her bum.

      She and William did seem to be more engaged with people and it was nice that they took time to speak to the youngster who thanked them for their work against bullying.

      Kate sipping that smoothie? She just can’t really relish anything, can she. Looked so cautious in the photo. Granted, I have not seen a video.

      Photo of the little boy giving Kate flowers was darling. And, I had not known about the Eden Project. Lovely to learn about it and if I ever get to Cornwall, I would enjoy visiting.

      1. Yes, a lot of kids like dinosaurs. A lot of kids like Harry Potter, too, but that didn’t stop my cousin from telling me how much her daughter loves Harry Potter. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Kate saying George loves dinosaurs if he really does (even if every other kid on the planet also loves dinosaurs), what bugs me is when she says he loves whatever it is the person she’s talking to does because that’s when it comes across as pandering. He can’t be in to everything, you know. I’d love, just once, for Kate to say George hates a certain thing – just to make things interesting.

        To be fair to Kate sipping the smoothie: I would be cautious too if I were trying a smoothie made from baobab.

        1. Well, yeah. I agree. I thought she was pandering. Didn’t I express that clearly enough? Sure, most kids do like dinosaurs, but Kate always bringingn George in as someone who likes something, or wants to be something when he grows up, continues to show how poorly she relates to people. She needs lessons in small talk.
          As for the smoothie, she tests everything in that timid, tight-lipped way. I’m crabby today. Would like to see her take a healthy swig of a beverage, or a nice bite out of a pastry. She’s just so ladylike when it comes to eating, but not when it comes to her tight clothing, or her dress blow-ups? Not so.

      2. Call me cynical but I think that entire story about the youngster is a PR set up to show that, oh yes, they have changed lives!!!

        On another note, I’m thinking why are they seen as deigning to speak to anyone in taking the time? Aren’t they there to be of service to their people?

        1. Good question, Maven. William and Kate’s job is to know how UK communities tick in order to understand how to serve them.

          Yet these engagements seem to consist of people trying to catch the W+K’s interest, or keep them entertained. The couple breezes through events as quickly as possible; half an hour here and there, another twenty minutes yonder, and an hour somewhere else, with generic statements uttered with little conviction. W+K seems to be about photo ops and getting their numbers up at odds rather than offering genuine service. This is one entitled couple.

          KP sold the visit to Cornwall as a romantic getaway for the couple, with some engagements chucked in. That approach is incredibly arrogant. They have lost sight of their role, which is to serve, not to be entertained. The Cornwall visit certainly could easily have been extended to three days for the 11 engagements booked. It’s not as if W+K have any pressing work. I’d like to know what purpose these visits serve, and their impact for the community.

        2. I’m with you Maven, I was bullied as a kid and there is no way I’d have had the courage to approach a royal, or any adult in fact, and say that.
          It’s a nice story, here’s hoping it’s true?

  6. My ankle bones look like that. Ditto my entire family. The bones are very defined giving us bony ankles.

    My issue with these trousers is that they are too short. And too tight. A recurring problem with Kate’s trousers.

    Nothing wrong with wearing longer slim fit trousers. They would compliment her better than these too tight, too short skinny trousers that look like leggings.

    Or go the other way and wear proper capris.

    1. Clearly something is wrong with me then, lol, because my ankles don’t look like that and never have even when I was a kid.

      1. Not offended at all.

        I’m so used to my skinny, bony ankles that i find the opposite strange. I can’t imagine having ankles like Cheryl cole/Lauren from TOWIE as an example.

        I think it’s genetics rather then dieting because Cheryl cole or Lauren from Towie have undertaken extreme diets at some point in their lives and their ankles retain their thickness to them.

    2. Yep Herazeus, a fellow bony ankle owner here too, lol! I think the outfit looks horrendous from the back because it emphasizes her extreme thinness. From the front, it would’ve looked better and more professional if the pants were a little longer or not look like jeggings. But at least she tried something different and wore patterns.

    3. I have the ankles as well, but I think Kate’s Achilles’ tendon looks over exaggerated because of the height of her wedges- 4″, I’m thinking, and makes them look worse from that angle.

  7. Looking at a picture of her with that awful jacket, and from behind with those shoes, it worries me it looks like her tendons are gonna snap clean apart. I also don’t understand the crazy wedges then the dirty old moccasins. With her budget and love of crazy expensive heels couldn’t she get some cute kitten heels or nice formal-ish navy flats? Would have improved this look a lot. I hate the blazer with the cut-out; not suitable. I like the pants. It just makes me think how unsuitable she is for working in general because she has no clue what to wear, as she never had a real job in her life. William wears the same thing over and over from his supposed shopping spree. It looks okay, but oh my, the pants. I don’t need to see his bait and tackle!

    Is it bad I rolled my eyes what William said to the kid? “and stuff”? Good God, could he be any less articulate?

    Scilly and Cornwall seem absolutely gorgeous. I hope I can visit those places someday. It probably was nice for the people of Scilly to have something going on, to see them even if we think they’re… lacking in every aspect.

    1. Her mocassins freak me out because she is flat footed and they emphasise that.

      Actually, given how flat footed she is, i’m amazed she’s able to walk in heels because that isn’t comfortable if you are flat footed.

      Usually people with an arch in their feet are much more comfortable in heels. The higher the arch, the higher the heel that can be worn comfortably.

  8. They spent hardly any time at any of the projects other than Eden which was last minute, although they apparently were told there was a possibility for them to come. They brushed through once again.

    It’s good to see her in trousers for once, but I would have preferred a different size. Her shoes are hideous. How come she has seemingly ten pairs of nude highheels, but always wears the same crappy pair of wedges or flats.

    1. She’s not wearing trousers. She’s wearing leggings/jeggings to show off her many bits to the world. So unprofessional, for starters, and really, rather distasteful.

  9. I hate to complain about the outfit since I asked yesterday why she couldn’t wear pants when at the beach but this outfit wasn’t quite what I had in mind!
    I like the front of the blazer but the cut out at the back is odd and showcases her bum which is maybe what she’s going for? I like the pants but the top she has with it looks eggshell/cream and the print on the pants look white so doesn’t quite go. No need to say anything about the horrendous shoes she wore yesterday.
    I like how the money from the Eden project goes toward their charities. I’m all for outdoor/indoor educational outings about nature. I’ve never actually hear of the scilly islands before this. Now I’ll have to google.
    Cornwall is on my list to see as well. I didn’t realize how beautiful it was until my hunky poldark came on and I think it’s filmed there.

    1. Cornwall is suffused with Arthurian legends as I was when I was young. Way back in olden times I had watched “Excalibur” and wanted to travel to the site of such stories. I made it to Tintagel. Tintagel, purported to be the birthplace of King Arthur, and all Cornwall possess such an imaginative and very dramatic atmosphere. Not to mention the sinful Cornish cream, ice cream and pasties. That entire Southwestern coastline is too gorgeous for words. The beaches are to die for, and that has nothing to do with tanning.

  10. My first thought “omg, Kate is wearing pants!!!” While I’m not a fan of the print on the pants, I’ll admit, I have worn this basic emsemble of blazer, nice top, fitted pants and heels before. The pants are a tad too tight on her. I wonder if she has the same problem as me of being in between sizes. But that’s where I put what I learned from TLC’s “What Not to Wear” to good use: find a good tailor! I like the hair. It’s out of her face. Not a fan of the shoes. Girl needs some accesories! But I’ve been saying that for a while now. And I totally agree with KMR & Lauri from CA… girl actually knows how to walk properly. Makes you wonder why she hunches over and crotch clutches all the time. Overall, a win in my books.

  11. I love the jacket but not the back of the jacket, and like KMR above the waist I like. I love her dress like this. I hate the pants.

    I wonder if this look was not the original look, but because of the weather she takes these pants. Because honestly it doesn’t look professional.
    When I see her tendons, I want to say ouch!!!

  12. Kate wears the tightest pants possible because she is obsessed with her body. She is vain; even the Queen said so. I like the ikat print but these pants are too small, too tight and too short. They don’t actually flatter her. The cream top does not work with the white of the pants, the navy jacket (horrible at the back) does not work with the blue of the ikat print. There is a lack of balance in the outfit as a whole. The shoes are ghastly; why not a pair of Tod’s moccasins, or a slip-on sneaker (Rick Owen, McQueen etc.). Why does she need to take a crotch-clutch on these visits? If a bag is needed, a small, chic cross-body would do the trick. With regard to William and his tight trousers, I think he is being influenced by Kate. I think they have some private joke going on, to see what they can get away with. I suspect neither wears underwear on these occasions; again, part of their overall disrespect for the public.

    The visit today seemed more relaxed and natural today. Shame the weather limited the Scilly Isles visit but how lovely to see it all the same. The Eden Project looks fantastic.

    1. I wa doing to mention I don’t understand why she brings her clutches to these things. What’s the point other than to act as a crutch? She doesn’t need it for her lipstick to reapply later on in the day or iPhone to take pics of she and will out and about.
      I forgot to add my pro to my previous comment so I’ll add here. It looks like she finally got a memo that you can get a manicure without having a colored polish applied. So yay for nails looking nice.

      1. We need to start referring to these clutches as Kate’s “crotch-clutch-crutch”. They do look silly, and utterly absurd when she has them at a function in her own home; wtf? Going to a dinner, fine; to a series of outdoor meet-and-greets, not the right accessory.

      1. “Bread and butter is easy.”

        But no one says anything when it’s Sophie, Camilla, Charles, Anne, or The Queen doing bread and butter visits. Why does it being easy only matter when it’s William and Kate?

        1. Maybe because they have a deep hole to dig themselves out of?

          Maybe because I am never embarassed by what the others are wearing?

          1. That’ s why!! I agree with you Fifi!!They did nothing for 5 years, it will take very long before they dig themselves out from the hole they built themselves

        2. Good question. They are easy types of engagement, no matter who does them. However, it requires a good deal of experience and empathy to pull them off and leave your hosts feeling fulfilled. They require a combination of: maturity, grace and humour; being adequately prepared; interacting with intelligent conversation and with genuine interest.

          William and Kate are novices, comparatively, but they never get beyond skin deep, a la ‘shining a spotlight’. Kate is deeply aware of the camera at all times and this, along with tight clothes flattering her body, seems to assume prime importance for her. In the past photographers have commented on how Middleton’s are always aware of the camera and play to it. Hence, Kate looks calculated, with the over-the-top facial expressions which translate as manic and fake. Neither she nor William ever come across as being prepared and it shows. Their questions and comments run from basic at best to inane at worst, but indicate an overall lack of preparation (aka interest). Every engagement, especially with mental health, looks as if they starting the clock at zero again. It’s tiresome and lazy.

        3. Because the others do substantial stuff. They are engaged, and bread and butter is part of that engagement.

          Whereas the Dolittles look for the easy stuff, lately the bread and butter stuff without actually ever being challenged by or showing up for, the serious and uncomfortable stuff (eg., Kate’s ongoing early patronages and I have no idea what Willy’s concrete patronages are anymore).

          I’m not willing to ascribe a false equivalency between the Cambridges and the rest of the working BR family who deal with issues like consistently rebuilding a community (Charles) or consistently supporting rape victims (Camilla).

    2. I don’t understand the need for a clutch for Kate to begin with. I understand the function of it as an accessory piece, but girl has zero accessory game. I also understand having to use one to hold credit cards/money/phone/etc. But that’s for us normal plebs. Plus isn’t Rebecca around? Let her hold the damn clutch so Kate can actually use her hands properly. I wonder if there’s anything in her clutch other than her phone. It’s not like she needs a wallet or cash.

    3. Great idea, Jen! She should go all out and get a little Chanel cross body with a chain strap. She could wear it with literally everything and the chain could be sorta jewelry and punch up anything blah she’s got on. And look really chic and put together at the same time. Why has no one thought of this before?? It’s a win win in my books

        1. I think she clutches the clutch because she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. She is uncomfortable and needs something to hold onto. And, so she clutches! Which I wish she would stop. Crotch clutching is not what we need to see!

  13. She wore leggings (really ugly) without a top. Basically she was trouserless/without skirt. AKA flashing.

    “The 16-year-old bullying victim stopped the couple as they walked and said to William: ‘I want to thank you, for the work you and Harry and Kate are doing about bullying.’

    “The Duke appeared touched and said: ‘We’ve just started, there’s lot’s more to come, we’re tackling the stigma but there’s also legacy stuff.’

    I don’t believe for a minute that this happened. Because the kid would not use the words, “Harry and Kate”. Because I imagine the kid is not surfing the net for royal websites about bullying. Because there is almost nothing about bullying from these royals except some brief PR yammer.

    Also the Duke talked about the “legacy stuff” to a kid. Like this 16 year old is supposed to grasp what the legacy stuff is? :Snort:.

    1. These aren’t leggings, they’re pants. Really tight pants, but pants.

      Why wouldn’t a kid say “Harry and Kate”?

      1. The only thing I can think of is outdated views on mental health and how to help people with mental health issues, but that’s a very broad topic and William has never really talked about that stuff before so I’m not entirely sure what exactly he’s referring to.

        1. Yeah. I mean, you know how I wish they’d really… do more than ‘shine a spotlight’ and I feel they use mental health for their own gains and PR rather than, say, with Harry’s endeavors or Camilla’s REAL stuff with domestic and sexual violence… It just really still rubs me the wrong way. :/

          Just saying claptrap and buzzwords and “legacy stuff” ain’t gonna cut it. I think they just are uneducated about the topic in general and just say whatever comes to mind to sound intelligent/educated/like they care. I wish they would prove me wrong!

          1. Yep, it’s self-serving. Rather than inquiring further eg “I’m so glad it’s helped. How are things now? From your perspective what do you think we could do further?”, William turns it back to himself.

          2. I’m sure their contribution is appreciated by some people, but for me, since I suffer from depression and anxiety myself, I have a certain view on mental health and how to talk about mental health and William and Kate don’t speak about mental health in the way I think they should. I may judge them more harshly than others specifically because I’m so close to that topic.

  14. Beautiful locales! I’ve never visited the Britain but would surely love to. And if I ever do, I would visit Cornwall and the Eden project. I would imagine that WK’s visit will shine a light on this region overall. I know I wasn’t aware how beautiful Cornwall is.

    I calculated how long the would’ve “worked” today and it’s 2.5hours with maybe another 1.5 her of travelling time together. So really their day starts at 11am, which is nearly lunch time and they work 3-5 hours over 2 consecutive days. This royalling business isn’t a part time job; they’re working the hours of a casual job. And I just smh that these 2 basic, ordinary and not terribly bright people, get compensated like this for a job that they only work casually at.

    1. Classifying ‘royaling’ as a casual job, ie on an ‘as needs’ basis like filling in for a shift, is closer to the mark than part-time. Ridiculous compensation.

  15. Dang! These shoes are too “heavy” for this outfit and weigh her look down. They are clunky and make her feet look huge and clunky. I wish she’d get rid of those wedges, doesn’t the Queen dislike wedges? No one else in the royal family wears them! Love the blazer.

    1. I agree about the shoes. From the back she looks like a cartoon character – Minnie Mouse or Olive Oyl. The short skinny pants and the bulky shoes are NOT a good look.

      I also agree that the pants, while cute, are too small and not professional looking. She’s not 18 and she is “working” so she should wear dressier pants. Or at least less clingy pants.

    2. Patricia: ”Dang! These shoes are too “heavy” for this outfit and weigh her look down. They are clunky and make her feet look huge and clunky.”

      Wearing beige or tan high-heel shoes that match skin tone visually elongate the leg. In order for that to work, the leg can’t be fully covered with clothing. Recently, there have been several articles about the current trend for sky-high sandals with the minimum number of straps because it gives the illusion of a longer leg in split-skirt and very short skirt styles. This idea has been around a long time and probably influences her frequent choice of nude high-heels worn with dresses.

      These were the wrong shoes to wear along with the dark blue background trousers. The light shoes did nothing to enhance the overall look of the trouser/jacket combo. The shoes looked like same-color blocks on the end of her leg. And, as Babbalou noted, from the back she looked like Olive Oyl. Switching to the flat shoes, though in a similar color, diminished the OO look.

  16. I don’t have a problem with this look at all especially the pants. I dress like that although admittedly my pants are not as tight unless they are leggings.

    1. Oh my goodness; that’s incredibly funny. No contest – Kate has the Tightest Pants In All The Land. And the skinniest legs; JLo looks positively heavy in comparison, smh.

  17. My first thought when I saw that outfit was “CP Mary Wannabe gone wrong”. I don’t know how she does it but she makes literally everything look boring and bland. The half up do looks so dated on her. She doesn’t have the face for that kind of hair. Hers is made for open hair, ponytails and up dos. This outfit in combination with that hair equals grey mouse.

    1. I think she is trying for ‘demure’ with the hair. It’s a young girl’s style though, so looks dated on Kate. Nor does she send a demure vibe; the overly tight clothing sees that idea off in a hurry.

      Kate seems to be torn: she desperately wants to show off her body and be the centre of attention, but as a member of the BRF needs to show modesty and focus on the cause at hand.

      1. I think you’ve hit the nail in the head here Jen! Kate is obviously conflicted about how to be a “Duchess” and it really shows in her fashion choices. My advice to her would be, to act yourself, show a bit of your personality, quit trying to be someone you are not however, I truly believe that Kate really doesn’t “know” who she is as most of her critical development years were spent shoving her own wants and desires aside for the sake of another (William and/or Carole). Now take Sophie for instance, she has found a way to inject her own personality into her role and wardrobe while still adhering to protocol and the need to look “regal”, she has said that she does look to the Queen and does try to emulate her in some things but she still manages to keep the things about her that make her unique. I really think it would behoove Kate to work with a stylist, someone who could help her navigate the world of protocol while still retaining the things that make her unique.

        1. Kate lacks commitment to things other than herself, and this is what shows. Clothes are one thing, but authenticity of spirit is quite another.

          Her mother may be awful, but both daughters want the good life as much as mama does. I’m not sure where the indoctrination finishes or whether they all genuinely share the same ambitions. They certainly present a united front.

          1. What I don’t understand is how Carole didn’t pass along her work ethic to the Middleton children. Obviously I’m assuming she has a work ethic because she has a multi million dollar business that she started from the ground up. You don’t make millions by sitting on your butt.

            Kate & I have a lot of similarities. Parents who worked hard to make money, private school, lots of travelling, etc. But my parents made sure I knew what the dollar meant and made sure I didn’t just sit on my butt with my hand out. I am where I am because they raised me that way. My mom says even if I won $50 million, she still expects me to work and would kick my ass if I tried to quit my job. And she’s definitely not joking.

            Anyway, before this tangent goes any further… I just don’t get how all 3 Middleton children are so lazy and entitled! You’d think Carole & Michael would’ve taught them better, but I guess not.

          2. Miss K, the Middleton family is very tight-lipped about its financial dealings. The company is private and does not have to disclose its accounts. I have read various reports that thought the Party Pieces company set-up odd, as well as questionable that Party Pieces could earn so much compared with other companies purveying the same goods. Maybe Uncle Gary pumped in lots of money.

            Clearly, moving up the social scale was the family priority. I’m guessing that the children were raised as faux aristocrats to better fit in to the world they aspired to, rather than having to consider work as an option.

          3. I have pondered that, too. Maybe as an American, i think one would proud of working hard and being self-made.

            I think Mom’s work was all to the end of clawing up the social ladder. Otherwise she would be ashamed of three children who have never held a real job.

            Well, the two girls certainly have kinda achieved her dream, marrying a position (Kate) and money (Pippa). I always wonder what the poor brother can do with his life.

        2. The real issue/reason might be that she doesn’t understand the impact she has on people and society. She doesn’t have a clue that her role is not the one of an actress in a movie or TV show (Hello, Downton Abbey set!), but the one of an opinion maker, a leader, a moral instance, a good example. Katie doesn’t dress like an achieved woman, she dresses like a schoolgirl playing Duchess in front of the mirror of her bedroom with her mothers clothes.

          1. Greta, I think Kate wants acceptance and approval and most likely thought it would be automatically bestowed once married. It hasn’t. The only mechanism of getting what she wants and knows that works is one of sexualising herself. At school she continually mooned to gain male attention and approval, at university and beyond she was available on demand to William. Sexually attracting boys/men is a way different game than having the UK people at large respect and love her. Sadly, Kate has no identifiable accomplishments beyond marrying into the BRF.

      2. Jen:”…desperately wants to show off her body and be the centre of attention, but as a member of the BRF needs to show modesty…”

        She can show off her body all she wants at home, with friends, with her family just not in her role as a representative of the royal family. Her hubby is so obsessed with privacy you would think that she would understand that there is a private Kate and a public Kate. To that end, there should be a private wardrobe and a public wardrobe. She risks offending members of the public when she wears clothing that is so revealing of her body. Dressing modestly offends no one. She ought to remember that when she dresses for her engagements. She can show off her body at home, in private.

      1. After much searching I found where I had had read it (sorry I can’t do links)
        It was on the Duchess Kate blog
        Quote from blog : Gap BI – stretch skinny ikat blue pants.
        They were made by women who participated in P.A.C.E. A programme that gives women the skills and confidence to change their lives. Gap Inc launched P.A.C.E. in 2007 in partnership with vendors and non-gov ernment organisations.more than 25.000 women have paticipated in the pr5ogramme so far.

        The pants are available in other patterns and colours.
        Hope this helps

        1. I sincerely doubt that Kate bought these pants because of the charity angle. She’s been papped with George at the National History Museum and at a rugby game with William wearing them or a similar pair.

          I think it is pure coincidence that she bought them and they are associated with a charity.

          I also think she wore them at this engagement because this is what she wanted to wear.

          I say this because Kate hss never done anything for women, be it friendship or charity. She barely attended any women’s games during the Olympics and the Serena Final at Wimbledon this year is the first time she’s attended a women’s match in all the years she’s gone to Wimbledon, pre and post duchessing.

          1. And I’d imagine her minders have scanned public comment to see that criticism, which is why Kate attended Serena’s win this year. Kate competes with women, that’s the short and tall of it due to years of her mother’s tutelage to seduce the man with the most material goods and best social position to offer.

            The photos of the second day especially from the DM still show a woman who is both intensely aware of herself and enjoying the attention. The overall impression is that she is the event rather than the people/ activities of the Scilly Isles.

            I agree about the clothes; she wears whatever takes her fancy.

          2. “The overall impression is that she is the event…”. The Cambridges in a nutshell. I dearly hope their children do not turn out like this. I almost hope they don’t spend much time with the babies, more chance of a loving nanny to keep them on the straight and narrow

          3. “The overall impression is that she is the event rather than the people/ activities of the Scilly Isles.”

            Terrific insight, Jen. I’ve said it before that I believe they believe that gracing the peons with their fragrant presence, bestowing themselves on them is the sine qua non of their being. It’s like being honoured by the
            Sun King and his….whatever…..

            They have graced and (sometimes) anointed you with their specialness and raised you up.

          4. Absolutely agree Herazeus. I’m convinced Kate bought them—or someone on staff did, because they are billed as ankle cut, they come in skinny size, and she’s been repeatedly hit for not wearing pants to events. Ankle cut makes the wearer appear taller because of where the eye cuts off. Classic move to make her appear taller. Will must have a thing for tall women and Kate aims to please. Hence the ridiculous shoes and ankle pants or short skirts.

        2. That’s a great program. I haven’t been into a gal since my college days.
          I do think when she’s on official engagement she should wear more uk/commonwealth designers. Especially some up and coming ones. We could see if the “Kate effect” is actually real or that when she wears an item a lot of times it’s already on sale this having limited options. I would cut her some slack if they were doing more engagements but they do relatively few that it shouldn’t be a problem. she can wear whatever during her personal time

  18. I like the waist up, save for the sloppily combed out curls in the back (and manic expressions). I like the print, but holy hell, how does she get into pants that tight? If they were properly fitted, I wouldn’t quibble about it. Wedges need to burn, all of them. If would’ve been nice if the shades of white had matched at least a little bit to make the look slightly more cohesive.

    Ok, time for a positive. Um. Well. They looked somewhat engaged for this one. And that’s all I’ve got.

  19. It’s nice that she came out of her comfort zone and wore trousers, patterned ones at that. However, I do agree that they are a bit tight, and I don’t like the way that the jacket has a bit cut out at the back. I find it strange that she can only go budget or high end on clothes, there’s plenty inbetween. I agree with another poster about Queen Letizia’s trousers. She often wears them, but they are more classic in style, looser cut and with a matching jacket. I don’t know why Kate favours such tight trousers.

  20. I really like the idea of this outfit, but I think this leggings have two problems: poor manufacturing and too skinny, especially on the back.
    1) the print is not bad, I like it and I like the match with the white top (WHY she doesn’t wear WHITE shoes?? white is pendant with the outfit, NOT grey!!), but it’s clear that this leggings are just printed, while they would have been far better if they had been handmade. Of course handmade leggings are more expensive of this $24,97. I praise her for always using low cost brands, particularly in this time of econimic crisis.
    2) I’m very thin too, so I understand her choice of wearing skinny trousers, they make you feel confortable. Anyway I don’t like that this leggings are too skinny on the back, she should have used a longer jacket. This way is not classy at all.

    1. These pants are actually more like $70. I was interested in some awhile ago and before the sales it was like $70. Better than her normal $1200-2000 dress purchases I suppose!

  21. sorry she looks trashy, thats what you wear when running errands, how can a duchess on an offficial engagement dress like this?? she looks bad, and her boyish figure isnt helping!!!

  22. When I saw this outfit at first I was positively surpised : something different, finally!!!
    But loking at the pics more properly I didn’ t find her appropriately dressed.

    First of all: the hideous wedges, are a big huge no, somebody please ditch them.
    That was a good occasion to wear a nice pair of flats.

    The skin tight printed jeans are another no.
    They are way too tight, a duchess, the wife of the heir to the heir of the British throne musn’ t sexualize whatever she wears and that’ s what Kate does.

    The jacket is a huge NO NO NO!!!
    The lower panel in the back of it showing her back is not appropriate at all.
    Again why on the earth does she have to be sexy whatever she wears? It’ s not about her!

    I find the whole outfit a bit childish, a colege girl outfit actually and Kate so often still plays the college girl even if she’ s 35.
    She should learn from Letizia how to wear trousers and look professional.
    Trousers mustn’ t be skin tight and the whole outfit must look professional, not something suitable for a 20 something, since Kate is not.

    A big NO again to me.

  23. Sorry that I’ve been MIA. Did you hear about Hurricane Hermine? Well, guess where it hit? Yup, right over where I live! Don’t worry, my dog, Missy, and I are fine. A friend of mine in Georgia offered to let us stay with her and her furbabies and we happily took her up on the offer! Since the power is still out in Tallahassee, we haven’t gone into town to see how my apartment held up.

    Now onto William and Kate.

    The first thing that I noticed: girl finally has some boobs! Either via padded bra or putting on weight – she looks good!

    Second thing I noticed: pants with print, yay!! But then I saw it from the back and groaned. I don’t like the cutout on the blazer, the tightness of the pants (hello wedgie city!) or those shoes (they don’t match at all). One step forward then two steps back.

    At least William isn’t showing off his family jewels.

    That’s all I’ve got right now. Happy September, everyone!!

    1. Oh, dear! So glad you and Missy had a safe place to ride out the storm. Keeping my fingers crossed everything is fine at home. Do let us know how things are going. Please?

      Our house was flooded by both Irene and Sandy. An incredible mess. It’s funny now, but we ended up having to herd fish out of the basement!

    2. Gosh, Kimothy, I trust you and Missy are safe and sound at your friend’s place. Let us know how you are and how the apartment has held up; hopefully all is okay on that front and there won’t be too much (if any) cleaning up to do.

    3. Glad you and Missy are safe Kimothy! I hope and pray that your apartment hasn’t been damaged.

      What is it with Kate always wearing clothes with sexual under or overtones?

    4. I’m glad you were smart and stayed safe. Hope your home is okay, too.

      I saw some photos of William that did reveal all. I’m sure we could all do an anatomically correct drawing of both of them, and that would be wrong for a stranger on the street, let alone royals. Doesn’t anyone in the family see this?

    5. I was thinking about you on Thursday since you’ve said you’re in that area that Hermine hit. Glad to know you and Missy are doing well.

  24. Such lovely places they get to visit on their romantic getaway (as numerous members of the press described it).

    It’s a shame they didn’t get to spend more time on the Isles of Scilly. They are one of the oldest holdings of the Duchy and the least profitable. Charles has been donating lots of cash on tourism projects to bring more people to the islands and also encouraging younger farmers to settle there, as the population is rather elderly. I read that on St. Agnes (one of the smaller and less populated islands), the first child since 1937 was born there a few years ago.

    I don’t normally comment on clothes/hair etc. but boy, that girl needs a rear view mirror. It looks like the back of her blazer got tucked into her knickers when she went to the loo. And the print on those horrid pants reminded me instantly of the DVF dress she wore in Australia. One of her more revealing moments, as I recall. The shoes make her feet look like the hooves of a Shire horse.

    I didn’t think anyone could topple Maxima’s red culottes as the “worst Royal back view ever”, but we have a new winner here.

  25. William – day 2- another pair of badly fitted trousers. I believe Kate wore her printed ones to deflect from any comments on the future king’s glaringly obvious dad bod. It worked!

  26. These “pants” are going to make an appearance in Canada because of the nature engagements that are surely planned. If it wasn’t for the clutch, we would probably see just how tight they are and how vulgar she is. For a 34 year old woman to think pants that tight are appropriate for anything but club wear is just disturbing. We have never seen her wear pants that are not sprayed on. That’s not normal.

    The blazer would be okay, except for that bizarre cutout. Again her need to display her body is so disturbing.

    1. I have never seen a more horrible & inappropriate pants on a senior Royal lady during a royal engagement than on Kate. She should have worn this privately. Maybe William enjoys seeing her wearing tight pants & she’s just trying to please him? But really, Kate’s fashion sense is laughable. Is she trying to look young & sexy? For goodness sake she’s 34 & royal mother of 2. Grow up & have some dignity!

      1. I agree with you that these pants are very inappropriate for a royal to wear at an engagement. She has issues with her sexuality. Maybe it stems from being voted “not hot” by the boys in school around the time she reached puberty. That would be crushing to a young girl. She wants to show the world that she is the sexy woman who got the golden prince.

  27. As usual, Kate can’t put together a great outfit. First off, both pairs of shoes she wore on this outing should be sacked. They are filthy and ugly. I have some wedges, but not this style, these are particularly unattractive. There are all sorts of cute wedges out there, but these are not it. And they didn’t work for anything she wore them with on this trip, Day 1 or Day 2. The Sebagos are worn out and the color didn’t work with the ensemble.

    The pants. I’ve been trying to figure out how they could work. Although I’m not fan of that particular print, they might have worked with a tunic top of some sort – something to cover her rear end. And some different cute shoes. But the way she wore them is just absolutely VULGAR and inappropriate for someone in her role as a senior “royal”. This woman is acting like a Sloan Ranger in her early 20s and she needs to grow up.

    The Smythe jacket is a nice piece, but it doesn’t work with this outfit AT ALL. It needs to be worn with a dress, that way you see the cut-out and a solid color of fabric underneath it. The white top peaking out with the patterned pants destroyed the design of the jacket.

    The top. This is a MEH piece if I’ve ever seen one and it doesn’t work here at all. It conflicts with the jacket and I would think the off-shoulder would be uncomfortable under the jacket. It would be better on it’s own with a skirt or a trouser and with some statement earrings with the hair pulled back.

    She would have looked cute in a pair of cropped pants, ala Audrey Hepburn, with some ballet flats. Topped with a nicely cut jacket and blouse or knit top. But alas, as others before me have said, Kate has this desire to sexualize everything and I hope someday that will stop. We don’t need to see every curve of her body, wear some looser clothing – it’s much more elegant and flattering.

    I will add that the padded bra is noticeable. All of a sudden she has a bustline, this isn’t from weight gain and I doubt she had implants over the holiday in France. I guess the next time we see her wearing a cleavage revealing top/gown, we’ll know, but I think she’s back to the padded bra situation. That’s fine as long as she is consistent. She hasn’t been in the past (read: the changing bust size during the first Canadian trip.)

    1. I couldn’ t say better, I totallu agree with you!!!
      She’ s VULGAR correct word!!! Nothing but VULGAR.
      A duchess shouldn’ t aim at being sexy but should be classy and elegant.

      That wedges and that sebagos are filthy, true. That’ s very telling about her style, she’ s not stylish at all actually, I always wear clean shoes.
      I still wonder why the papers are still trying so hard to sell the story of Kate fashio icon since she’ s not at all

    2. sequin queen: ”The top. This is a MEH piece if I’ve ever seen one and it doesn’t work here at all. ” All her striped Breton tops were in the laundry. :0

      ”..both pairs of shoes she wore on this outing should be sacked. They are filthy…” I don’t understand how her shoes become so ruined and that she would dare to wear the ruined footwear to her outings. My guess is that she has no idea how to take care of her clothing and that there is no staff that will maintain her shoes. By the looks of his shoes, no one to do her husband’s either.

    3. Actually Sequin Queen, there is a lot of speculation on other sites that Kate had some “work” done while on vacation in France. As you said, we’ll know if and when she wears a cleavage revealing outfit.

  28. She looks unprofessional, IMO, and vulgar. The jeggings are a look best worn at home, away from the public eye, if you’re choosing not to cover up with a long top. Even with a long top it’s not appropriate for a royal out in public, representing royalty.. Why are they there, again?

    1. There are stories of young girls in the US being sent home from school for wearing leggings and some even wearing long tops over them. Kate’s outfit would get her sent home if she was attending high school.

      1. Ha! That is so cool.

        This is OT, but IMO, young girls should turn their minds to their studies so they can rule the world :). Unlike Waity who depends on the whims of others and will grow old; it’s going to be a shocker.

      2. The school district in my area has a dress code and jeggings, athletic pants (of any kind) and form-fitting pants/trousers are not allowed, among other types of clothing. The rules were triggered by a dozen male and female teachers requesting transfers out of the local school to a different school in the district. The principal (head teacher) discovered that the transferring teachers found the suggestive clothing worn by both sexes was too disturbing and applied to fill vacancies at a school that required uniforms. The dress code came about as a result. Wearing unapproved clothing gets you a pair of janitor style overalls to be worn all day and a $2 fine to cover the cost of laundering the overalls. The students clothing has become more modest since the code came in two years ago.

        At my place of employment, before hiring, you are told that there is a company dress code. It is in a handbook (with illustrations) and you are given the time to read it before you accept the job. You can be sacked for wearing inappropriate clothing. 3 times and you’re out. It is not very strict but it is a modest manner of dressing.

  29. The Eden project is fabulous KMR. They have added the Dinosaurs just now I understand and there is a children’s activity area where the kids make their own tent etc.
    I like the jacket very much. The top is meh and the pants. Why is Kate wearing tight pants. How tall is Kate out of interest? I think I might have asked before. I would of thought that wearing tight pants to meet people at an official engagement. Kate also looks slightly bored at the Eden project. The Isles of Sicilly are beautiful islands. I used to have a tee-shirt when I was a teen that said I am a Sicilly Puffin. I like how William engages with the children and talks about their art work. I hope that William does that with George.

    1. She’s 5ft 7in

      Except for rare occassions, she wears 4inch heels to all her engagements which people tend to discount and think she is genuinely as tall as she looks standing nedt to William.

  30. P.S. I thought Kate asking the teenager such a personal question was untactful. William mentioning legacy. Hasn’t that come up for. It was a good point though.

  31. I literally let out a guffaw when I saw this outfit. In my opinion, it’s horrible. This is an outfit one wears when your luggage is lost. There are so many seasons and occasions going on. Buiness. Casual. Lounge wear. Lazy hair. Two sets of dirty shoes. That blazer gives me a fit each time I see it from the back. This is why I can’t with her. There are so many ways ahe could have dressed in a casual, yet professional way. As with Kate, the elements look good independently, but not together.

    Sorry for the rant, KMR.

    1. rhiannon: ”This is an outfit one wears when your luggage is lost.” Laughed out loud. Your description is perfect! Been there. Suffered that.

      1. Oh, I have too. I had to go to a meeting wearing capris and a white tshirt for that very reason. The closest store was over 50 miles away. Now, for that reason I carry a pair of flats, a black wrinkle proof dress and scarf in a carry on when I travel.

        1. Oh, rhiannon, I laughed so hard, too. “This is an outfit one wears when your luggage is lost.” That’s priceless!

          I read a short story by Maeve Binchy this summer (wish I could recall the name of it) about a woman who spends so much time preparing a “wow wardrobe” for a European holiday and then the airline loses her luggage. The “poorly attired” members of her tour group each chip in an outfit to get her through the trip. It’s such a funny and really astute story when it comes to how vital it is for some people to look just right all the time. I’ve done it myself, when traveling and wished I could have relaxed more.

  32. I don’t want to be cynical, and there are a lot of comments here I haven’t read so if I am repeating something I am sorry, but do you think that maybe this story of the 16-year-old thanking Will and Kate for their ‘work’ was emphasized because of how William hurt the feelings of that kid he wouldn’t drum with? I don’t doubt that this 16-year-old said what he said to William of his own free will, I don’t think he was planted by Kensington Palace or something, it jus seems odd to me. Will and Kate really haven’t done anything about bullying, have they?

    Beyond that, those pants Kate is wearing would be highly inappropriate in any professional office setting so it doesn’t seem right for her to wear them here. They are simply way too tight.

    I will say that I liked watching Kate walk normally in the last few minutes of that first video, too. When she walks clutching her bag in front of her crotch for dear life it looks so unnatural. Those last few minutes looked natural and more youthful somehow. I don’t know who told her she always has to walk with her clutch bag in front like that because the Queen doesn’t do it and it doesn’t look as good in pictures as she seems to think. It makes her look uncomfortable and like she lacks confidence.

    1. To clarify, Will and Kate haven’t done that much with bullying YET. I know that they have started, but I don’t get what William means by ‘legacy stuff.’

      1. I don’t think anyone knew what William meant by ‘legacy stuff’. I think KMR mentioned that W+K+H hadn’t done anything much about bullying to date so it was an odd comment for the youth to make as well as William’s inarticulate response. If true and it helped the youth, all to the good.

        Kate looks better with arms to her side. She did not carry the clutch on Day 2. I think she was instructed by whoever in royal protocol to clutch her crotch as so many of the royals seem to do it. Kate has taken it to another level though!

  33. The height of the wedge part of those heinous shoes makes it looks like Kate has orthopedic issues. I do believe one of her goals in life that she has figured out is how to look as beyond thin as possible by wearing tight pants/leggings and very high shoes.

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