Prince William & Kate Middleton took ‘an awfully long time’ to figure out what they wanted to be

Prince William & Kate Middleton took ‘an awfully long time’ to figure out what they wanted to be

You guys, Prince William and Kate Middleton are totally opening up, like, so much. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started their two day trip to Cornwall today, September 1, and while visiting a youth center William and Kate opened up about how it took them “an awfully long time” to work out what they wanted to be and do with their lives.

William and Kate talk to young people at Zebs in Cornwall
[Young People Cornwall Facebook]

William and Kate visited Zebs, which is a youth hub in Truro run by Young People Cornwall that gives people the chance to “try out new stuff, chat with different people, make friends and get support”. William and Kate met people who explained how important having a place like Zebs is for supporting people with their mental wellbeing.

William and Kate’s comments about taking a long time to figure out what they want came when they were hearing about a program Zebs offers which helps young people build up their CVs and career opportunities.

From the Mirror:

    “After they heard about a programme which helps young people build their CVs and encourages them in career opportunities, Kate, 34, asked: ‘Do any of you know what you would love to be? Do you have some aspirations?’
    “William, also 34, cut in: ‘It is totally cool not to have that by the way. It took me an awfully long time to work out what I wanted to be.’
    “Kate agreed: ‘It’s so difficult because there’s so much out there. It is hard isn’t it to pinpoint one thing. William is right. I found it difficult as well.'”

Look, I’m not going to make fun of someone for taking a while to figure out what they really want to do with their lives since I’ve changed my focus from history (which is what I got my degree in) to programming and had several years of randomness in between. I know how hard it can be to find something that you really like and balance that with actually makng a living. And yeah, you can be focused on one thing for years and wake up in your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc and decide you want something different from your life. That’s totally fine and happens all the time.

BUT I will make fun of William and Kate for 1) making out like they’ve actually figured out what they want since it seems like every year they get a new Big Cause or job that they are just the keenest about, and still flit around with no real purpose to their lives, and 2) for not recognizing that making money plays into it being difficult to figure out what to do with your life. “It’s so difficult because there’s so much out there.” Girl, it’s so difficult because there is so much out there that you can’t actually make a living doing. But I guess neither Kate nor William would understand that since they’ve never actually had to make a living and support themselves. It’s these kinds of comments that really alienate them from the general public, not make them more relatable like they are trying so hard to do.

William and Kate unveil plaque at Zebs in Cornwall
[Young People Cornwall Facebook]

Also not relatable? Refusing to get involved when the people you’re visiting ask you to. More from the Mirror:

    “William was offered the chance to play the drums at the centre… but he denied. When first asked he said: ‘Absolutely not, I would literally just hammer the drums.’ When asked again by young drummer Kieran Hladkji, 16, the blushing prince protested: ‘I’m fine thanks. I know where my strengths lie and it is definitely not at a drum set.'”

It really bummed that kid out that William refused to participate:

    “Kieran, who had been rehearsing ahead of the visit for two weeks, said afterwards: ‘The way we rehearsed it was that I would ask them if they want to play then I’d show them how to play something instead of me playing something for them. So I didn’t know what to do. It would have been nice to see it. I didn’t know what to do so I just played something I’m confident with.'”

Way to make Kieran feel badly, William.

William and Kate presented with flowers at Zebs in Cornwall
[Young People Cornwall Facebook]

The youth center was actually the second stop of the day. William and Kate began their day at Truro Cathedral where they met with the clergy and signed a roof slate. The Cambridges were there to promote the Truro Cathedral Roof Appeal. The century old roof is in urgent need of repair and it will cost Β£3.2 million to replace the 60,000+ slates.

William and Kate sign roof slates at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William's signed roof slate at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall Kate's signed roof slate at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall
[Truro Cathedral @TruroCathedral]

Kate is so unsure of herself.

William and Kate stayed at Truro Cathedral all of half an hour, greeting the crowd as they left.

Kate meets crowds outside Truro Cathedral in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The third stop of Day 1 in Cornwall was at Healeys Cyder Farm, which makes Cornish Cider, Cornish juice, and preserves, wines, and spirits. According to their website, Healeys was launched in 1980 which would make the company 36 years old. But apparently William and Kate were there to mark the 30th anniversary, so… Maybe there were marking the 30th anniversary of this particular property? The company didn’t move in to this site until 1986. Sure, let’s go with that.

William and Kate sample apple juice at Healeys in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate first tasted the apple juice, and William joked: “Where’s the alcoholic stuff?”

Kate poured at pint of Rattler cider and gave it to William, who laughed: “I’ll fall over if I drink that”. [these quotes from Emily Andrews’ Twitter]

Both William and Kate tasted the cider.

William and Kate sample Rattler cider at Healeys in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate unveil plaque at Healeys in Cornwall
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate also met a horse named Duchess while at Healeys. Kate pet the horse, so I guess she’s not allergic to horses. Now, you may be thinking that the “Kate is allergic to horses” rumors have been long-denied, but back in October 2012 while at a Buckingham Palace reception for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, Sophie, Countess of Wessex told a Paralympic equestrian who offered to give Kate riding lessons that Kate is allergic to horses. So… Someone lied to someone. Either Sophie lied to that athlete or Kate lied to Sophie.

William and Kate’s third and fourth stops were in Newquay, Cornwall where they visited the Duchy of Cornwall development projects of Nansledan and Tregunnel Hill. Nansledan is an urban extension on a 218-hectare site which will eventually comprise 4,000 homes – of which around 30% will be available as affordable homes, and include workspace to support a similar number of jobs – while Tregunnel Hill comprises 174 high quality homes, including 48 two- and three-bedroom affordable homes, and employment space for around 30 jobs. You can read more about these project here.

The final stop was Newquay’s Towan Beach where they met with Wave Project which is a surf therapy charity in the UK that uses surfing as a tool to reduce anxiety in children and improve their mental wellbeing.

For Day 1 in Cornwall, Kate went with American designer Lela Rose. She chose the blush pink “Double Faced Twill Elbow Sleeve Dress” which originally cost $1,295.00 but is currently on sale for $777.00.

This dress isn’t bad, but it’s plain and fairly boring (I looked through the rest of Lela Rose’s dresses and there are so many pretty ones – this one is one of the most boring) and needs proper styling and accessorizing to really make it stand out. Unfortunately, Kate went with pretty boring accessories: taupe Monsoon Fleur wedges; LK Bennett “Natalie” clutch; Kiki McDonough Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings; and Cartier watch. Kate also wore her hair down.

So yeah, this look is really boring. Hopefully Kate will wear something less boring tomorrow.

Lela Rose Double Faced Twill Elbow Sleeve Dress

Judging based on Twitter post times: William and Kate stayed at Truro Cathedral for about 30 minutes; they stayed at Zebs for about 30-45 minutes; Healeys got about 1.5 hours; Nansledan & Tregunnel Hill got about 30 minutes; and Wave Project got about 40 minutes.

Tonight, William and Kate will stay at Restormel Manor, a nine-bedroom historic house in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, which is owned by the Duchy. The 500-year-old mansion is supposedly haunted by 1,000 soldiers from the English Civil War. You can read about the Manor here.

181 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton took ‘an awfully long time’ to figure out what they wanted to be

  1. KMR, you nailed it. Yes, it takes lots of people years to figure out what they want to do, and many change their minds. But so many awesome jobs require more education or training that many people can’t afford. Which is why it is so frustrating to watch William not complete his Cambridge program. Maybe he just figured out he doesn’t want to manage the duchy of Cornwall?

    1. Yeah, the reason I didn’t stick with history is because I would have needed a higher degree than the one I have to get any job in the history field and I couldn’t afford grad school. So William throwing free education away annoys me. And Kate not getting that finding a job doing what you love isn’t always easy is also very annoying.

      1. Am I missing something? When did they decide and what did they choose? Did Kate sit up in bed one day and say “I think I’d like to be a Duchess. Yes, that seems lovely” And Will… I’m so confused. Is he talking about being a part time co pilot? I’m sorry to be so ignorant, but what the fuck are they talking about?

        1. when kate went to university she didn’t know william so she had to choice a career or not……

          she asked william for the date he looked at his watch and told her 1st sept and she wrote that down

          1. It is an insult to those of us who have jobs and careers and in particular to young adults who had to work part-time while helping pay for university or college. They need to just shut up when it comes to this kind of thing. Some people have no choice and must work and fake understanding from two privileged and dim witted dilettantes does not help anyone.

          2. It took them a long time to decide what they wanted to be? What?

            Well, William was actually born to be a future King. I guess he is referring to the fact that he decided he wanted to be an average person with an average job, so he was finally drawn to air ambulance? Or, is he referring to the “cause” he wants to champion? And, Kate? Well, she waited ten years to snag the Prince, and that took a long time, but it was always her goal, right?

            These two are just amazing! Truly! What a joke. I am also upset that William did not at least take the drum sticks and fiddle on the drum. Before reading Kieran’s comments, I thought, oh, how disappointing, the youngster wanted to show him how to hold the sticks properly and bang out a nice beat.
            Then, Kieran expressed himself in that vein and I was really sorry for him.

            Again, advance notice of what is going to happen and what to expect could have helped such a situation. Or, just being kind and having fun with the youngster would have been amazing. Come on, William, try to remember what it felt like to be Kieran’s age and wanting to meet someone. Ugh.

            KMR, are you ok in the storm? Stay safe, all.

  2. It is sad that Wills denied to play the drums πŸ™ even Kate did when she visited the (I think Anna freund house) christmas party in December 2015 in the red mcqueen dress! Does anyone remember that?

    Her Accessoires were rather boring, but the dress was perfect for visiting the church so I guess it is a win in the fashion department.

    But the most important thing is that they looked happy and like a couple very much in love today – it must have bern a hard last days for poor William (and Harry) πŸ™

    1. I couldn’t wait to hear what KMR had to say either πŸ™‚ she certainly didn’t disappoint! I know when I first read that line I just shook my head and sighed. Ummm William, remember dear you’re going to be King one day? Granted, that day might be quite some time away but now would be the time to learn all you can about the PoW’s responsibilities and maybe a bit of what is expected of a constitutional monarch. Just saying, it might be nice to be prepared for what’s to come instead of dinking around with helicopters. That’s a good boy, now let’s have some cheese toast.

      1. I know! I understand if William wants to find a cause to get involved with, or start his own charity the way Charles did, but let’s not forget that William isn’t like everyone else in that he doesn’t need to make a career for himself and support himself. He is supported by his family and the public and he has a career mapped out for him. I understand that that may suck but if he feels that strongly then he needs to remove himself.

        1. These two are in serious need of training. Training how to talk to actual normal people. The way they talk to people might not mean to be condescending, but it definitely seems that way. Perhaps Billy meant that he had a tough time aligning what he wants out of life while keeping in step with the monarchy? We would never know because his thoughts are so poorly expressed.

          1. Also, they balk at having to explain themselves to anyone. Because future king. A little humbleness, a little humility…man that would go a long way (see Harry for more details!) to making them a lot more relatable.

  3. I like this dress, but once again it’s tailored poorly and boringly accessorized. You can see her bra wire underneath the dress because it’s fitted so tightly in the bodice. I’m a firm believer that she wears too small of a size to make herself feel better or sends the wrong measurements to tailors/designers.

    This neutral of a dress is screaming for some awesome shoes and a statement necklace.

    I think it’s funny that they both talk about how long it took them to decide “what they want to do” but for most of their adult life they haven’t had real jobs. I wouldn’t call anything Kate has done a career. Plus she seemed pretty set on her fashion job right after college and William didn’t seem to stray from flying and the military. IMO they’ve both had pretty clear tracks and have pretty clear tracks going forward. They aren’t going to magically switch career fields and no longer be prince and princess and be a computer programmer instead.

    1. In my opinon the reason why Kate’s off the rack clothers never fitts properly is Kate’s long torso.

      Her natural waist is lower than the waist of most of her dresses. Kate’s ribs start where the dresses waist is. Why it isually looks off.

      Due to her long torso, Kate’s breasts are lower than the average person. This means that in a dress it looks like she is wearing one size too small. This is why her dresses are usually so tightly fitted in the bodice.

      This makes her breast look very saggy in some of her dresses. Like the white Dolce and Gabbana from Ascot.

      1. That’s a good hypothesis. I think she also wears quite padded bras. In photos of her in a swimsuit, she does not have these types of curves in the breast area. Although, maybe having children changed her body a bit.

        She has the money to get clothing custom made by a personal tailor or by designers. She should take advantage.

      2. Larissa, your comment about Kate’s long torso and lower natural waist makes sense to me. I have a similar build and can’t wear dresses off the rack unless I want an “Empire” waist look.

        1. I’m not as thin as Kate, but I’m approximately the same height and also have a long torso. I totally understand her struggles with the ribcage being where the dress becomes tighter for the waistline. Finding clothes that fit properly and don’t make me look childish isn’t always easy! I cant believe she doesn’t utilize her opportunity to have tailored clothes… I would kill for that luxury.

          1. Charlotte, same here. I sew however so took an alterations class and now am able to alter my patterns to fit my longer torso larger bust and no hips figure. It is so nice to be able to wear dresses again!

            She could easily pay for some nice tailored dresses that fit properly. She has far more clothing than she needs – fewer pieces that actually fit her would be a huge improvement.

            If she’s not willing to do that, I think she should go up a size – the tightness of her dresses is not attractive.

      3. Aha, you explained the ill-fitting clothes.

        If she had her clothes custom made, would they be much more expensive? Her off the rack clothes seem really pricey to me.

        1. It would depend on expertise of tailor, time and fabric.

          Tailor isn’t the same as designer in that unless you are paying for paris couture level expertise, they shouldn’t charge as much as designers. ‘Designer’ clothing is paying for the brand name hence the mark up. Especially when anything ready-to-wear is more likely made in a sweatshop in Asian.

          Even if it’s made in a factory in Italy, it still doesn’t justify the mark up.

          If she demanded exclusive use of the tailor, that might be relatively pricey, but considering the range, breadth and volume of clothing needed for her role, it works out cheaper.

          Plus the satisfaction of knowing no one else is wearing her clothing as Kate is said to hate.

        2. Stop thinking like someone who works 9-5 and shops for OTP clothes after work, Sat & Sun and online. πŸ˜‰ This a woman who buys dresses worth thousands and shoes worth hundreds. For that amount of money she can afford to buy a custom dress form, complete with arms and legs, that could be used to alter her clothes or make complete custom-fit outfits. The dress form (or mannequin) would be constructed to her exact measurements including the long torso, wide shoulders, etc. I have altered clothes for friends. Twice for women who were acquaintances who brought their dress forms to my home to be used for the work. It is a great tool.

          She would have to allow herself to be measured in detail in order for any dress form to mirror her dimensions. She would own that dress form. It would not belong to a tailor or designer. There are issues with measurement info getting out to the public. That’s what non-disclosure agreements, with heavy penalties, are for. With all those rooms in KP, surely one could be used for clothing alteration and maintenance and storing the dress form. This device should be an essential part of her wardrobe tools. She should have master patterns created for basic dress styles, trousers, skirts, blouses etc. that fit her dimensions. These tools would help any tailor alter clothes for her even when she’s not availauble for initial fittings. For OTP clothes, buy for the upper torso and alter for the lower torso.

          Herazeus: ”If she demanded exclusive use of the tailor, that might be relatively pricey, but considering the range, breadth and volume of clothing needed for her role, it works out cheaper.

          Plus the satisfaction of knowing no one else is wearing her clothing as Kate is said to hate.”

          A tailor can obtain patterns and make clothes with fabric of her choice eliminating the copyKate problem.

    2. This dress seem similar to the red Wimbledon dress last year, and of the AZ NZ Tour, in another colour. To choose casual dirty looking wedge, that seem more for the airfield jaunt, than this meet greet representing HM the BRF and the Church, officials, people of Cornwall, seem unroyal. Entitled willnot is even worse in his too causal wear. Tax payers Duchy millions seem used for multiple similar wear and more upkeeping oflavish luxury life -1 vacations than concentrating on the people /BRF. BP/POW need to send his tailor over to whiny willnot, asap.

        1. If Kate had a dresser then the dresser would look after Kate’s shoes (Hopefully). Kate just doesn’t seem to have gotten the message that you can tell a lady (or gent) by the state of their shoes.
          *quoting my Grandmother here

      1. I can understand liking a silhouette and sticking with it and buying it in many different colors, so the fact that this dress and that red LK Bennett dress have the same shape don’t bother me. What I don’t understand is why buy the same shape in the same color multiple times like she did with two LK Bennett red dresses?

        1. I also think it’s fine to have lots of things in the same silhouette in different colors. I have the same blouse in about 6 colors for work because it fit me well and is a classic that won’t go out of style. I found the duplicative red dresses to be wasteful. Same with the D+G dresses because they are just sooo expensive.

    3. Yes, her underwire showed. Ugh. And, the dress was so boring. As were the shoes. When she is pictured walking into the entrance way with a white wall, white stair posts and white elsewhere, she just blended in so terribly. Come on, a pop of color, please. And, isn’t the dress very similar in style to the one she wore when listening to the phone calls at the Crisis Center? And, was that dress the one she wore at the Tennis Tournament last year? I’d like to see a few more styles.

  4. So the booze place got the most time? I also read somewhere that they had lunch there.
    Anyways boooring visit. I feel bad for the young drummer.

    Oh and no way did Sophie lie about Kate’s allergies. Why should she? She just didn’t know better.

    1. Thank you.

      …and insincere, unless ordered by HM/The Firm. What is the rush to spend two days at all these different places …as if w&km can’t wait to complete this run and get back to secret AH. All these places in such short time, means they don’t want to spend time but will allow the peasants to have a quick look and disappear…to doing nothing as representatives.

      1. It’s an away day. It makes more sense, and is more cost effective (due to travel costs), to do all these visits in two days then go back to Cornwall 11 different days.

    2. I actually think it’s more reasonable that Kate lied to Sophie. Maybe Sophie invited her to go riding and she said she was allergic to get out of it?

      1. I think it’s possible she is allergic but can handle petting a horse but not going for a lengthy riding lesson. The fact that she pet the horse doesn’t mean much.

        1. I’m just wondering that if she’s very allergic to horses, why did she risk and take a hamster? Hamsters and guinea pigs often cause allergy symptoms even to people who don’t get them from any other animals. I know many people who have that problem and myself I can’t even be in the same room with a hamster or a guinea pig.

        2. If you have an allergy then you can’t even be near the thing that gives you reaction just in case you react. Believe on this one, if Kate was allergic to horse she would stay well away and wouldn’t be patting one!

          1. That’s not true. I am allergic to horses. Usually I can pet them. I can be around several horses for maybe an hour without having a reaction, if they’re well groomed.

            But riding is a whole nother story. I wish it weren’t so. I used to love to ride. Unfortunately, I can no longer spend fifteen minutes riding without having a severe reaction.

            I’m fine with hamsters and other furry creatures (except cats!). Allergies are entirely species specific.

      2. I thought I saw an article from the time of the wedding that explained away Kate’s not getting a carriage by saying that she was allergic to horses, so that rumor definitely predates 2012. You may be onto something by saying that it was a dodge Kate gave to get out of riding or something made up to justify why she seemed to be getting the B-rate royal transportation (of course, we’ve all seen Kate ride in carriages since then, so…).

        1. That was a one of the rumours, BUT the official reason was that she wanted to have a visually symbolic transition from ordinary middle class girl being driven to church and emerging a royal duchess complete with coach and horses parade back to the palace.

          Same reason Fergie used for arriving at the church wearing a floral head-dress and exiting wearing a tiara.

          This Kate ‘allergy to horses’ rumour started when she was a GF when Kathy Lette came upon her at a polo game watching it intently from a tent. Kate’s response to Kathy Lette’s enquiry as to why she wasn’t more social at the game was that she was allergic to horses yet also needed to memorise play by play of the game to discuss it with William later.

          Kathy Lette trumpted the exchange to the media….she’s always doing that with her celeb encounters. Whether or not Kate meant what she said, the claim was repeated as gospel.

          Perhaps she told Sophie the same who may have heard the story additionally from Kathy Lette.

        2. She took a car to the Church, but she and William got into an open carriage afterwards. And, the closed carriage would have had more protection if she were allergic to horses.

  5. Alrighty, they get an okay for doing the kind of visits that Charles and Camilla, and Anne, not to mention the Queen, often do. Of course William could have been a bit more gracious, and he made an unfunny joke about the cider, but that’s what we expect.

    You are dead on, KMR, about the “finding yourself” quotes. William has known since childhood what his job is, and Kate had 10 years to do something, anything before she married and got a ready-made job as future queen. Now a royal destiny may be confining, but they did not have to decide what they wanted to do. I sometimes wonder if they know anyone who actually works for a living. Ugh.

    On the superficial side, if this dress were less boring, I would really dislike it. The fit is off; how can a dress look too tight in sleeves and bust on someone so slender? And again, it’s not the best choice for crouching down to talk to children. At least it didn’t fly up. And why is this woman always clutching herself? I think the height of her heels is throwing her posture off. I want to yell “shoulders down and head up.”

    Did William’s writing on the slate look awfully tiny?

    1. You hit the nail on the head with graciousness. He is terribly, terribly ungracious. He ought to have some cider, it would go a long way to pulling the stick out of his snotnose behind.

      He acts as if these people have thrust the engagements upon him, and not the other way around.

  6. Ooh a midday KMR treat! Happiness!=) I think it’s hard to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life at 18. My 1st degree was in environmental science. I sat inside making maps for the USGS. Not what I had invisioned doing. So I puttered around, much to my mother’s dismay, then went to nursing school. I’m still inside but I have people interaction, schedule flexibility and genuinely (on most days) love what I’m doing. These two, I don’t quite believe it. William knew what he was going to be doing since birth. he may have wanted the freedom to choose but with his lackadaisical attitude, I’d say he probably would’ve been fired from any real job. Kate’s showed no real desire to do anything at least publicly but be at Williams’s beck in call.
    Yay for actually trying the cider boo for not playing the drums. I think part of being a royal is at some point you’re going to look foolish doing whatever silly thing people want you to do. Embrace it and have fun with it.
    Those shoes don’t go with the dress and enough with the wedges and ridiculous locations. Who wears wedges to the beach?!? If you know you’re going there, why not wear a pair of cute capris with some ballet flats?
    The article that Herazeus posted about Diana talked about how she would extend her visits well past the allotted time. Could you imagine if these two actually did more then the bare minimimum?

    1. There is nothing wrong with changing careers. People do it all the time. I just dislike William and Kate saying what they said because it seems so out of touch with people who actually have to make money with their careers.

      Charles and Camilla do random stuff people ask them to do, and they have a laugh when they’re not good at it. Why can’t William and Kate laugh at themselves? Like really laugh at themselves not the fake self-deprecation they do.

      1. Perfectionists… they think they’re perfect or need to be perfect (or a bit of both). God forbid we see them as anything less.

      2. Neither of them is mature enough to just have a go. I don’t see them as perfectionists – what have they ever perfected – but they do take themselves very seriously.

        1. …perfected spending millions of other people’s money on entitlements, perks for themselves – kids, decades on the middletons, luxury vacations, shopping!

        2. My guess is that they think they’re above all that. I know someone like that- no sense of play and humourless. She would never be able to laugh at herself. It takes a certain amount of humility.

        1. And doesn’t seem to mind! it makes him likeable. KMR is right, they just need to be able to laugh at yourself but if you haven’t learned that in your mid-thirties, I don’t know if you ever will.
          It’s like they can only be gracious in one area at a time. Okay we’ll try the food but nothing else!!

  7. I enjoyed learning about the Wave Project. It seems to foster the development of social skills as well as individual accomplishment. And I’m a believer in the healing power of interacting with nature (Romantic of me, perhaps); I think it must be wonderful for kids to learn to move in harmony with the ocean. It was interesting to watch the short video in which a coordinator took issue with the criticism that drugs would be more cost effective. Otherwise: Geez, William, why couldn’t you make a little effort on the drums?

    1. In terms of drugs v therapy: you have to find the right combination of things for the individual. For me, anti-depressants did not help me.

    2. A while back I learned that we are but stardust, Constance. So how can nature not be healing as we are part of nature? Not Romantic. Very scientific :). And, I think, lovely.

      1. That’s really lovely Maven. Nothing makes me feel more connected to the world around me and who I am than looking up into a wintery black night sky and seeing what seems like every star imaginable.

  8. I like seeing them interact with the crowds. In the video of Kate she seemed engaged and had some personality. She came off very likeable. I like seeing those ‘off the cuff’ moments because it gives us a little more of her personality since you never know what the public will say. I am happy to see more genuine interaction from these two the last few engagements (Kate at least). Her outfit was ‘blah’ today, but Kate had some sparkle so that helped.

    I did eye-roll about their comments regarding finding a career. William will be King and therefore doesn’t have to choose like most people and Kate has never had a real job. Her job was chasing after William and waiting for him, so she also has no clue what it entails to search for a career. It was a stupid comment. And the drums thing! Ahh William always puts his foot in his mouth. Kate came off more engaged toady, William not so much.

    Why does Kate always defer to William? I don’t think it is because he is the blood royal. But is it because she really doesn’t know what to do or just trying to play the supporting/helpless wife role? Like signing the plate was really basic and easy, so why did she seem confused?

    1. Just my theory on why Kate is so deferential to William… I imagine she is terrified of outshining him or making him appear/feel inferior in any way. It wouldn’t do well for her position & status if he felt like he needed to get rid of her to shine? Just a thought. (Kind of Charles-Diana esque?)

      1. she asked william for the date he looked at his watch and told her 1st sept and she wrote that down, it’s in the video

        1. I just watched it again. She looked over 4 times. One time she looked over to see how William had written out the date, probably so she could write it the exact same way. Because God forbid she write the date out in her own way. Kate has to mimic William. I wish she could be her own person more often and not depend on him.

        2. She looked at his slate, like, four times. Just asking the date wouldn’t have caused her to look at him four times.

    2. IMO, she plays the submissive to flatter him and to get what she wants. Such girlish helplessness. How cute. It guarantees she’s always “well taken care of”.

    3. I can understand some of her deference because of the whole “don’t outshine the blood royal” thing, but signing your name and the date? Why do you have to defer to him for that?

  9. If the boy drummer had been briefed about what was likely to happen, why wasn’t William? Bad staff work here. William could have said, “You know, I don’t know how to. Could you show me how to play something?” Empathy, William, empathy. The child would have been ten feet tall. Sigh.

    I was gobsmacked re. their comments about taking a long time to decide what to be. They expect anyone with a brain to take this BS seriously? I shake my head in disbelief that both squandered their university educational opportunities; William barely attended or was hungover in tutorials; Kate copied work and was considered unexceptional. When they said it took them ages to decide what to be, I was genuinely puzzled. They haven’t done ANYTHING yet, except faff around, wasting their lives on the back of other people’s money.

    1. Exactly, Jen.

      I was also a little prickly at her wording “Do any of you know what you would love to be? Do you have some aspirations?” Probably just me, but it got my back up for some reason. It seems an airy fairy way of asking a somewhat serious question. Fortunate is the soul who still loves what they aspire to be once they get there…if they do. I wonder if she does?

      How about “What sorts of things interest you, what are your hobbies, and what sorts of things are important to you?” Considering the audience, this line of chat may have been more engaging. imo πŸ™‚

      1. W+K would (or should) know that fees for university education have gone up enormously, and living allowances have been cut, so cost would also be on the minds of these kids. I agree, the questions could be more focused.

          1. Again, empathy for others is missing. What’s the point of working with people (EAAA), going to university, the charity work, meeting people in these kind of events if you take nothing away? Are they so cocooned from life, regardless of all their bleating about being normal? They do come across as being too useless for modern society, too remote from real life.

      2. I myself am rankled by “do you have some aspirations?” mostly because it seems like William and Kate don’t have any for themselves!

        1. I agree that wording was odd. Usually people assume others do have aspirations and will say “what are you aspirations” rather than “do you have any aspirations”.

          1. I’m late to the party but I think her wording might be because she has no aspirations currently. We often word things based on our experiences and perceptions. Or perhaps it’s because for most of her adult life when everyone around her had career aspirations she forced herself to have none in order to be available to William. By the time she got married and had to have a cause she was lost (no aspirations) for a long time probably because she had no experience with where her strengths lie and what she enjoys.

  10. I think the comment William made was about finding a passion, finding something he was really interested in besides duties. And Kate followed up with small talk. Also about the horse thing, its possible she just took an allergy pill this morning knowing she was going to be around one. I have a friend who has bad allergies to cats and has 4 cats, its manageable with medicine every day.
    Yay for a pink dress, I really loved it. Looked very feminine.

  11. William is such an old fuddy-duddy, come on Dude, take a chance on those drums, which by the way would fit him perfectly based on the lyrics of the song by Todd Rundgren:
    I don’t want to work
    I want to bang on the drum all day
    I don’t want to play
    I just want to bang on the drum all day

  12. Why do I get this vibe that Kate is pregnant? Despite the fact that she was wearing her 1000th dress with elbow length sleeves, a set-in semi-empire waist and an a-line bottom, she seemed very happy and kind of had that look like the cat that swallowed the canary.

    1. Didn’t she have some of the cider? I’ve had friends that would have an occasional glass of wine while pregnant (in their own house) but I think the public backlash of her seen imbibing while pregnant would be huge no matter if it was a sip or more.
      She does appear happier at the latest outings after France so maybe…

        1. No, she drank some cider, too. I didn’t post a photo of that but there were photos and video of her drinking it.

    2. She did have a bottle of white wine to herself when pregnant with Charlotte, just before announcing it…

      I do expect Cambridge #3 sooner rather than later.

    3. Oh, wow, I thought that, too. When I saw that her breasts seemed fuller and her bra was showing. But, again, I’ve thought that before and come up empty. But, intriguing that others felt the same.

  13. What was so hard about signing her name on the piece of slate? Wouldn’t this kind of dumbness just irritate a man?

    1. I think that William does get irritated with her sometimes. It’s not like she had to write a message, like when they sign a book of condolence, even then they don’t always write something or William will write something and Kate just signs her name. All she had to do was her name and date. She seemed so worried their slates might look a little different. If it were me and my husband, it wouldn’t bother me if my husband wrote his name differently or personalized it somehow. You don’t always have to be exactly the same. But I think maybe that’s what Kate was worried about: she wants everything she does to mirror what William does exactly so that they can seem like the perfect pair. The girl needs some sense of individuality, IMO.

      1. she asked william for the date he looked at his watch and told her 1st sept and she wrote that down, it’s in the video

        1. She asked him questions more than once, though. She kept glancing over at him and looked really unsure of herself and it looked like she kept checking to see what he wrote down. It was more than just asking for the date, I think.

      2. This is just a hunch, but I get the feeling she does that is so they present a united front. Forget that we’re all individuals with our oen personality. She wants the world to see/think they’re on the same page. Usually that’s a sign of insecurity in the relationship. Seems like she’s trying too hard. I say this because I did this years ago with an ex. He was very passive aggressive and controlling. Then I woke up and said “screw you” to the guy. So happy my boyfriend now isn’t like that. He likes that I’m my own person. Kate has spent pretty much all her adult life chasing after Will and making herself available to him. She’s hardly had the chance to grow on her own and know who she is.

        1. I agree, Miss K. She wants to present a united front, and she is constantly seeking his approval. I also think you hit the nail on the head about controlling men like the one from your past. William is controlling, many people have said it and it seems clear in any interactions between the two. Kate herself made a comment when they went rappelling together saying “I am in control for once.” So she even acknowledged that William is controlling.

          1. If William is controlling then I get the feeling Kate is jealous. That is how their relationship works. Kate makes William jealous by flirting with guys like Sir Ben. William did say he liked to be in control so he cannot be pushed about. If feelings ever entered the equation then goodness knows what would happen.

  14. He is such a jerk. To that kid, and in general. Play the darn drums and make that boy’s day! Engage! Be kind! But he is not capable. Poor William, you can’t find your way because your job was chosen for you at your conception. And Kate, you did nothing with your life while you waited for that ring, and you never wanted to, either. I think that is it with these two: they don’t want to do ANYTHING and never have. A lifelong holiday!

    At least she engaged with people judging by the photos, I’d like to see video.

    1. Just her name and the date on the slates, I think. They showed the two slates afterwards. She had to look at William’s attempt four times.

      1. she asked william for the date he looked at his watch and told her 1st sept and she wrote that down, it’s in a video

          1. Playing devil’s advocate here. I never know what day of the week or month it is. But that’s because of my shift work. I know when my Monday is. Whether it’s actually on a Monday is totally irrelevant. As long as I show up for work. Maybe that’s the case with Will since he “works” shift work with the air ambulance. Ok, maybe not so devil’s advocate after all and more of a jab. ;P

    2. Alia-I made a similar response to Jen but…I think maybe Kate is concerned about doing everything exactly like William. Like, she needed to make sure her signature and the way she wrote the date looked just like William’s because she wants everyone to see how they are such a perfect match and do everything exactly alike.

  15. Kate looked like she had to ask William what to do ten times when she was signing her name. Like she wasn’t sure if she should put the date or what. Surely someone told her just to sign her first name and date it before she did it? Why was she so anxious? You’re right, KMR. She is very unsure of herself. Like when she said she can’t push a button unless William does because she could mess it up.

    1. Or where to sign her name, where to put the date. She couldn’t just sign her name. She’s really not confident in her own person at all.

  16. So, what have they figured out? How to be legitimate wastrels on the taxpayer’s dime? Aargh.

    Looks like Willy has no rapport with children.

    Everyone is suspecting that Kate is preggers or is planning on it. When they seem to barely know their own kids who tend to be ‘chaotic’, why do they want a third?

    Finally, this length of sleeve which she seems disposed towards does her no favours- she doesn’t have the arms for it. There is something so monotonous about her appearance(s).

    This has been another set of hit and run engagements, leaving disappointment, rudeness and insensitivity in their wake. They may look engaged but they aren’t.

    1. Maven, I didn’t read your comment before posting mine–sorry for basically repeating that the duo has already decided they will live life courtesy of the tax payors.

    2. I think we know too much of their characters by now – really, patterns of behaviour over a decade – to feel that anything they do comes from genuine interest in others. Too many lies about all sorts of things to either (a) get out of work, or (b) paint themselves as other than they really are. They are able to get away with it because the Queen and Charles think the monarchy will collapse without William. The reality is that it will collapse because William and Kate embody what is fundamentally wrong with the concept of monarchy in the 21st century.

  17. I’m all for taking your time and finding yourself. I’d be very unhappy if I was doing now what I thought I wanted to do at 18. But even with the whole monarchy thing being so confining, you can still work on discovering what your passionate about hobby wise. What I do for a career and what I do for fun are different things. We don’t know what Will & Kate are truly passionate about. Conservation, but he loves hunting? Contradictory. Kate’s shopping? They’re very bland.

    As for Kate’s dress, I thought it was the LK Bennet dress she wore to Wimbledo but in a different colour. It is screaming for fabulous accessories! So blah! Matches her bland personality. At least she didn’t flash anyone. For all the money she has, she should have better tailored clothing and more fun. Girl just isn’t stylish.

    Boo on Will turning down the drums. He’s such an idiot and has no idea how to connect with the people he’s supposed to serve. I’d be upset if I was the kid.

    1. I agree about it needing accessories, Miss K. The high collar would work well with a nice statement necklace. And as with many outfits she wears, the dress plus the shoes and the clutch bag are all in colors that are too similar so they wash out.

  18. I have never understood why Kate puts a period after her name. In the video, I laughed when I saw her make a very obvious period. William doesn’t normally put a period, but did on the slate this time. However, Kate always puts a period after her name. Any ideas why?

    1. Some people believe you can learn something about an individual’s personality based on their signature and handwriting. I’d be curious to know what that means, as I have never thought to put a period after my name.

    2. It’s exactly what Ellie said above. Her entire name is ‘Catherine’, not Catherine Middleton, not Catherine Wales, etc. — their made-up last names are great when they are playing student and playing pilot and solider, but come an official engagement, everyone must be reminded.

      1. She’s never been Wales. She married William Cambridge. Or to be pedantic William Mountbatten- Windsor.

        William stopped being Wales or ‘of Wales’ the minute he accepted Cambridge which was before he married Kate.

        1. Hi Herazeus! can William use Mountbatten? I have always been confused by that because I thought only descendants who did not have titles could be both. When William is King, will it be the House of Mountbatten-Windsor or just Windsor? I’d love to know!

          1. Hi Cookie, the dynastic name remains Windsor, but the Queen agreed that her direct descendants would use Mountbatten-Windsor privately if they needed a surname.

            Thus the wider family remain Windsor whilst HM’s kids/grandkids/great-grandkids are all Mountbatten-Windsor.

            I don’t recall what name Charles signed on his wedding register, but i know Anne, Andrew and Edward signed Mountbatten-Windsor.

            With regards William, the court documents from the french case were he attempted to sue the paps that caught Kate naked in France are listed and signed ‘William Mountbatten-Windsor’ and Kate is listed and signed ‘Kate Middleton’.

            Charles and William will remain dynastically in the House of Windsor when they rule.

            This was all decided back when the Queen was about to marry Philip who wasn’t exactly anyone’s favourite. The Queen Mother called him ‘the Hun’ because of his german roots. However, the establishment were determined not to give Philip’s uncle dickie Mounbatten the satisfaction of having his name become the ruling dynastic house in Britain even if he had managed to arrange his nephew’s marriage to the Heir presumptive. Technically, the ruling house *is* now Mounbatten, but the establishment overrulled this and it remains Windsor.

            It was snub that caused alot of trouble between Philip and HM in their early marriage until she compromised with the change to private surname whilst maintaining the dynastic one.

          2. He just signed it “Charles”. Name and Surname used was “His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George The Prince of Wales”.

          3. Kate was listed and then signed as Kate Middleton on court documents after she was married? That’s kind of odd, I wonder why?

  19. What’s the opposite term for a power couple? KMR, don’t worry, W&K supply the public all the fodder for their own extreme ridicule.

    I don’t think they’ve figured out yet what they want be beyond living life as two prats enjoying an incredibly sumptuous lifestyle off the back of the tax payers.

    Someone is forcing them to take on royal duty. They obviously resent it given that they make canned, inane, rude comments, refuse to interact and wander around like they are in alien territory. K is so co-dependent that she can’t even figure out what to do with a pen and slate without checking on what W has done. I don’t know what to make of her. She is just so hopelessly idiotic.

    1. I agree with you Indiana, and I think that someone is Charles. I really think HM is pulling back from the behind-the-scenes directing and he is taking more of the reigns every year. It’s another reason I admire and respect her. She’s a practical woman who has dedicated her life to being a figurehead for the country and doing what she can to make it strong. She’s had her low moments but knows how to look at the realism that she’s 90.

      PC probably sent them there so W&K could starting building a rapport with the people they will represent in name. That’s appropriate. I don’t know if the monarchy will survive, but PC will try hard to make his case why the people should continue with the monarchy. We’ll see. Brexit, IMO, helps not hurts his argument. Cultural identity is a rare and beautiful thing, and the BRF are intrinsically part of that. That doesn’t mean the people can’t live without them though.

      As you pointed out, the tax burden has to be addressed. Maybe PC is going to offer some radical cutbacks to RF support which is part of narrowing who acts as personal representatives.

      Unfortunately, Will and Kate never hit a event strong. Either he makes critical mistakes, she does (or ridiculous faces/flashing), or they both are off. This is going to be a problem in the center of PC’s plate. I actually felt angry when I read that Will turned down the boy. It sounds like he was upset about it. Will proves the point that he goes to events for selfish reasons like getting his numbers up rather than because he’s “keen” on mental health. No give from this guy.

      I do think Kate looked engaged and happy today. The picture with her holding the baby’s hand and the little surfer boy are two of her best. I appreciated that she didn’t wear a V-neck that flashes when she bends down (same color sweater in infamous boob-flash pictures from the past). She crouched without undies peeking and her skirt went over her crossed knees.

      Not that she deserves a clap for basics but we’ve been hard on her for (basics!) so I’m glad someone got a brain!

      Thanks for a great update KMR!

      1. I’m just glad Kieran actually told the press that he was disappointed. Usually the people W&K meet only give positive reviews, so it’s refreshing for one to say what they really think.

          1. Right, and instead of reinforcing a wrong narrative that the two are “perfect,” maybe Will or both could start taking an honest look at themselves so they can improve. You can’t get better in an echo chamber.

        1. The few times I’ve heard people discuss their disappointment or annoyance or what have you, it was scrubbed from the record. Remember the visit to XLP, I believe, and some kid criticizing them because they had no clue, then they were prompted to say something nice to be used in the pressers?

  20. So here’s what I got from today: They hopped around spending very little time anywhere, but padded the work list nicely.
    : I like Kate’s signature, she does it well, but seems confused by it. Hmmm

    : Kate’s hair looked very pretty

    : Kate looks very tan and skinny

    : William’s pants are way too short – which is puzzling, shouldn’t a wealthy future king have access to the best tailoring Britain has to offer??

    : William can definitely handle a pint of cider, rather than what he would have us believe. I wish Kate would have started chanting “William, William, William”, got the whole crowd involved and made him chug the glass. I think everyone would have loved that!

    : William may have played the drums, if some stupid person on his team had thought to share that gem of an opportunity with him (as if they didn’t know exactly what was on the itinerary every scheduled second of the day) and now someone is paying for making him look like an uncool numpty (love this word!) in public again. He was even wearing his fancy sport coat and Ray Bans and looking really flash (flood), he could totally have played those drums, had he been prepared. Poor guy


  21. When I first saw the photos of Kate this morning, it did strike me that I should be fair and since I don’t have a problem with CP Mary wearing white with nude shoes than maybe I should be okay with Kate doing the same. But…I just can’t! Kate does nothing to add any interest in her outfits at all, nothing, nada, zip, zero , zilch. No fun bracelet, no contrasting earrings…sigh…I’m so bored with her sense of style I simply can’t raise the energy it would take to make even a snarky comment about it.

    I’d love to say that I can’t believe William refused to drum with that young man but sadly I do believe it. What has happened to William in the last 5 years or so that has turned him from a rather amiable and fun young man and future monarch to a complete dullard and useless tool? Is it marriage that changed him? Is it fatherhood? Or has he decided to throw off the veil and reveal his true self? I just don’t know. But my god, the man can’t get through one day without putting his foot in his mouth or insulting someone. Now, I’ve seen photos of his double, the guy who poses with the fake Kate for various things, maybe Jason and Rebecca could hire him to take on William’s engagements? I mean, throw on a blue suit and too short pants on him and who’d notice the difference?

    I did a little math and it appears that the Royal Couple, the Saviors of the Monarchy spent about 4 hours doing their little engagements today. Maybe 5 hours with traveling between engagements. Poor dears must be soooo exhausted! I certainly hope that the Restormel Manor has Carole’s secret cheese toast ready for poor William, if not there will be hell to pay and someone’s head is gonna roll.

    1. I can’t believe they only spent 4 hours at the engagements today. With this many engagements, I thought it would be closer to 6 hours. I shouldn’t be surprised. It seemed like they did a lot today, but when it comes down to it, the numbers don’t lie. It is sad they spent the most amount of time at the liquor engagement. They really do show their priorities πŸ˜‰

    2. Lauri we switched box avatar colors. I used to be green and you were yellow. Today I am yellow and you are green. It is throwing me off, lol πŸ™‚

      1. I wonder what happened, maybe KMR is seeing if we really pay attention? πŸ™‚ You know, I really don’t even notice the box colors so thanks for pointing it out but I see you’re back to green, at least with this comment.

  22. I vaugely remember when Kate’s horse allergy made the tabloids. At the time, I thought it was a misunderstood joke, as in “I”m allergic to Mondays,” and that she just doesn’t much like riding.

    I like the dress, I’m okay with the shoes (wedges make sense on cobblestones and beaches) but I don’t like them together. And for the love of art, art-historian Duchess, accessorize!

    Re: the declining the drumming lesson. Will does this often. I remember that in India he met that Bollywood dancer wanna-be and challenged him to a dance-off of sorts. The kid danced, but when it was Will’s turn, he demurred. He seems quite timid in many ways. He’s expressed fear and nervousness about flying to a young pilot, wearing costumes (in Japan), and speaking a foreign language (I don’t remember where or which one).

    I think people here have commented that it’s a shame Kate doesn’t have it in her to inspire Will to greatness (or even adequacy) but according to another DM article, she did get upset about his weight gain and nagged/inspired him to fitness. I think she has the strength of personality in the couple, she just doesn’t have the depth or moral compass she needs to be Will’s ideal consort. Or the ability to accessorize.

  23. About the allergic to horses thing. My husband has always stated he is allergic to cats and over time it really has gotten better. We’ve been together 8 1/2 years. At first it bugged him being around my parents’ cats but now he is usually fine unless we are there multiple days. So it could be Kate can tolerate them for a short time. Just a thought I’ve wanted to put out there. I really enjoy this blog though!!!

    1. Hi Stacy, that’s possible. Or Kate finally got on an allergy medication that helps. Everyone is different about allergies; I am also allergic to horses and it’s the whole deal of stable, hay, and horse. I have to take a load of meds and do it early but not too early in order to go near a stable. Kate might have found a similar way

      or…. the whole thing was bull because she didn’t want to ride a horse and get shown up. Kate spent a lot of time crafting her sexy legs look but it seems focused on her two feet and not four.

      KMR should do an article: “Real, or not real.”
      From wiglets, bras and allergies, there’s a lot of speculation to fact.

        1. +1 There was an article in the DM recently, one of these morphed images that use various bits from people’s faces to create the ‘perfect’ female and the nose was Kate’s. Naturally I had to comment and ask ‘which one’ as she’s clearly had work done, that’s not the nose she was born with! Would love an article on all the definites and rumoured and maybes surrounding our current ‘work in progress’!

  24. Are these two for real?? I mean, if what others have said is indeed true, that Kate needs William’s approval for everything this is a very unhealthy and sick relationship. In any marriage, there is you, there is me, and then there is us. A united front is one thing, but this takes it beyond that and on to a whole new level, in my opinion. Personally, I think the show was for the cameras, she could swish her hair, and send a message maybe along the lines of I can get close to him and you can’t. I don’t think this helpless girly cutesy act is at all attractive or endearing, it’s just stupid. Supposedly he married her, he didn’t adopt her.
    Interesting, the remark he made to that teen, about knowing his strengths. I’d dearly love to hear what prince pain in the petunia thinks his strengths are. And I didn’t even think of what another poster pointed out, that ***finally*** a young boy was honest enough to tell it like it was. He was hurt and disappointed. If this was yet another attempt to appear relatable, it failed miserably. I won’t comment on the irony of ‘figuring out what they wanted to be’, since KMR is right in that we are human beings with many sides. I think William knows what he doesn’t want to be, and it sounds like he cut Kate off in mid jaw exercise. Sounds to me like he’s more interested in defending his own lack of focus and goals than he is in encouraging exploring options.

  25. Is anyone else laughing at Kate’s face when she walks in to the entry way to what is obviously a much smaller home than she is use too? I laughed so hard! Maybe it’s just my sense of humor, but she looks like she can’t imagine how anyone could have an entryway that would be so small. Either that or I’ve just had a really long week at a job that I quickly figured out I needed to do in order to support my family. πŸ˜›

    1. Hmm, I think you’ve got it right SpringsMom! Maybe Kate needs to remember that her Mum grew up in a council house? And her maternal grandmother lived in a council house?

      Again, I just don’t feel Kate has the pzazz to do the job of being a royal. Messy hair, mucky shoes, do I need to say more? I’m still thinking of the photo of Maxima in the last post and thinking how confident and glossy Maxima looks in that first photo. I just don’t think Kate will ever be able to make it? If Maxima had walked into that small house I’m sure she would have looked like she was happy to be there and would have left the people living in that house feeling like they were living in a palace?

  26. If Kate only wore the dress like the model did with black shoes with a black clutch and accessories that would’ve been acceptable but the wedges she wore today photograph light blue and didn’t go with the dress. Even red shoes and accessories would work. All the money and access and still they don’t take advantage of advice.

  27. *shakes head*

    I thought Kate was pretty set on what she wanted to be, married to Prince William, or was that her mother’s ambition?

    1. she actually married willy for the money, luxurious life, and status, but she doesnt live up to this expectations, shes a miserable flop!!!

    1. Nansledan and Tregunnel Hill, according to the Duchy website, are two different places – Nansledan was the construction site and Tregunnel Hill were the homes. So W&K made 6 visits yesterday.

  28. Haven’t posted here before but this one really made me to….is Kate wearing a wonderbra ? Seriously this looks like a C cup instead of the usual A cup…

    1. Well, if it’s a new bra, I hope she bought 10 in different colors. It certainly makes her look a lot more put together. I will forever be scarred by the droopy little boobies in the very expensive green lace (natch) dress in India. I don’t even care if the bra straps show, you need support no matter what size your chest is or whatever you are wearing will not look right- (And if you spent a million dollars on your outfit, that is just plain dumb.) as we have seen demonstrated on more than one occasion by our girl Kate.

  29. same old kate, nothing is new, bland and boring outfit, messy hair, trailing along with her husband, boringgggggggggggggg!!!!!!

  30. Pretty sure Royals are asked to do things they don’t like or they haven’t done before but William should have learned by now how to handle these situations. Simply admit that you don’t know how to play and asks the boy to go first to learn and join later. Don’t leave kids and also others disappointed – also their stuff should know!

    I really don’t like the colour of Kates dress but I would pay less attention if her personality would shine through or if she would take her job serious but neither is the case. Just same old boring stuff…

    And I also don’t mind royal couples doing engagements together but it’s really time to split during those events. That way they could also visit more charities and so on.

    1. At one point I think I read that that was the plan, to split up and do ever so much more good. Not sure what happened there, but as time passes I am starting to see that Kate is more and more reluctant to go anywhere w/o her husband. I remember that she had made solo visits (to a prison once) and aside from the fact that it was a ludicrous and insulting thing to do I don’t remember how she acted. Kate is nothing without William, at least in her view. I’m not reading her mind nor am I insinuating that I know this for a fact, but after he went off at Easter leaving her alone I suspect that she is insecure and not about to take a chance that he might stray. The phrase ‘it takes one to know one’ comes to mind here since she blatantly and right in front of her trophy flirted with Ben, she may think he’s going to do the same. Personally, he’s such a jerk that I can’t imagine any decent self respecting woman wanting anything more to do with him than absolutely necessary when he deigns to grace an organization with his presence, not to mention that I will never see her as anything but a default wife. William is no longer the handsome young prince, who by the very nature of his title was expected to be prince charming, since for the most part that’s pretty much all people really know (not all people, sorry) about princes. Charming he most assuredly is not!! We’re not talking about a fictional Disney character here, we’re speaking of an entitled, spoiled, ungrateful, self absorbed jerk who has a title. Kate seems to me an extremely needy person who has nothing to call her own, has really accomplished little aside from graduating from a university and the rumors which are rampant seem to say that she wasn’t all that interested in an education. (I don’t know if the rumors are true, but it’s no small feat to graduate what we call college). I don’t think that Kate is comfortable around people who actually are accomplished, whether it be on a (I hate the wording I have to use) small or large level. She has to be aware that William and his title are her only claim to fame. I watched a you tube video about billionaire wives and for that matter men who have inherited billions and there was a lot of truth in that they aren’t necessarily happy, nor do they feel good about themselves. No matter how small and insignificant a contribution to society on our own may appear to be, the fact is that when we work for something we feel much better, in my opinion and that of the narrator. Personally, I feel like my doings are my own, and my husband’s accomplishments are his, but I also know that I supported him in his work and that made a difference. Kate may have found out that all that glitters and sparkles isn’t worth spit if you don’t have a sense of having earned it. I don’t know but Kate isn’t able to be herself and feel at ease in her own skin, and if she did indeed insist that William lose weight I doubt it had to do with his health. Prince charming is a perfect person. And a princess has long flowing hair, a bright happy smile, and a perfect life. Disney says so.

  31. Late to post my thoughts – living in Australian time zone I generally see them as soon as KMR posts . . . so . . Kate in another pair of Kiki earrings – wow – she should have been on their payroll years ago – only sign of repeat effort for anything . . . but pink small drops with a pink dress ??? She has two other similar pink dresses – one with low cut v neck that she wore in Adelaide- and the other a pleated skirt one with side fastening at the bodice – I think she also has a jade green copy as well – anyway – at 19 I was enrolled in a Masters Degree – and yes – that led to a 10 year first career – but I have done so many things since – we all reinvent ourselves all the time. So W & K – so much potential 15 years ago – sad it came to nothing

    1. I think the positions both hold have potential. Not so sure about the current incumbents; they have negligible drive and social awareness, and as far as I can see, not much ability. That, plus their coddled backgrounds, mean W+K have not the chutzpah to do anything.

  32. Kate and William deciding what they want to do with their lives. Seriously? Is this a joke? I reckon that both have no idea what it means to decide that. William was born into privilege, and while he could, in theory, do anything he wants, he simply chooses not to. He’s barely finished anything he’s started, and Kate herself is the one credited with stopping him from dropping out of St. Andrews. He is, for whatever reason, always portrayed as the bright one, but William is as dumb as a stump. I don’t think it’s inherent, I think that it’s learned in that he’s never had to be aware socially and/ or academically so he’s just never developed that part of his personality.

    Kate….oh Katie. I imagine her decision went something like this:

    Berkshire, late 90’s. On a lovely, sunny day, Kate wakes up to birds chirping and the smell of porridge cooking. She bounds down the stairs to see Carole sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, reading a biography of Diana, wondering aloud just how she can climb just a bit higher.

    Kate: “Mum, I’ve got it! I know what I want to be when I get older. It might take some finagling, but I think I can manage.”

    Carole: “Out with it then, what is it, Kate? And I’m warning you, if you say doctor, lawyer, banker, social worker, teacher– hell! If you say chip wagon driver, I will disown you. We’ve talked about this, you need to climb, girl.”

    Kate: “I’d like to be Princess of Wales. So I’m going to defer Edinburgh, go to Chile and Florence, and take Art History at St. Andrews. That’s where William is going, to St. Andrews.”

    Carole: “Oh happy day! Rejoice, rejoice! Kate, this is all I’ve ever wanted for you! I’m so glad you’ve come to your senses. Alright, so the boy is weak minded and a bit dim, so that’ll work to our advantage. Let’s go get the last draft of game plans from the under stair cupboard. You’re a bit older now, so we’ll revise, but I know we can make it happen. Now how do you feel about your dignity, dear? Because, honestly, let’s be real here dear, that’s going to need to go out the window faster than you can imagine….Pippa! Pippa! Fetch the plans for Operation Entrapment– my baby girl is on board!”

    Kate: “Hmm, dignity…well….”

    And the rest, they say, is history.

      1. When is the play coming to the West End lol
        Didn’t Kate want to be at teacher at her old prep school? I bet Carole instead of supporting her daughter was livid.

  33. I am also amazed by the comments of William and Kate as to how long it took them to decide what they wanted to do. Were they referring to the issue of mental health as a cause they wish to champion? If not, then what are they talking about, please?

    As others have said, William was born to be King. So, his path has been decided. As for other things he wants to do, I don’t see him working too hard at them. And, Kate’s aspirations? Well, she spent a very long time waiting for William to put a ring on it, so is that what she was talking about?

    My goodness. They are just not to be believed. William’s refusal to play the drums for the youngster was in poor taste. The boy apparently wanted to have fun with him and show off his own skills. Anyone else would have taken the drum sticks and had fun. Then, allowed the youngster to show him a few things! That would have been lovely! Why don’t the Cambridge’s people explore the aspects to the events in more detail? And, educate the couple on what to expect? Or, why can’t William just stop being so uptight and enjoy a nice moment with a kid? It’s as if he is terrified that he will look foolish, but even a bit of a foolish look would just make him so endearing. Oh, well. A lost opportunity and one that hurt the youngster. Sad.

    Kate did seem more engaged than she usually does. The dress and wedges were boring to me, though. And, yes the look on her face as she entered the house was priceless.

    I join Jenny who posted above wishing those in the path of the latest U.S. Hurricane to be safe. It’s headed northeast and those who lived through the wrath of Hurricane Sandy are stocking up at the food markets and acting crazy. I really don’t think it will be that bad, just an annoyance during the last long weekend of summer. Wishing everyone well. Stay out of harm’s way.

  34. I have been dealing with an event in my life that has made me see even more clearly how spoiled, lazy ans selfish these two overly entitled people are. I can’t believe that they get this wonderful life full of so many opportunities and just basically piss it away.

    The comment about not knowing what they wanted to be when they grew up is disingenious. William has known since he was small what his destiny is. Kate’s destiny was chosen by her mother Namely, to be the well kept wife of a rich, titled man preferably William. Are they both so self-involved and simple minded that they believe we buy this nonsense they spew?

    I have to step away from this fake fairy tale life they are trying to foist off on us. I seriously cannot deal with it.

  35. Hi everyone,

    You’ve all so accurately commented on this disappointing and overhyped two days but two things I really want to know about!

    1. Seriously, WHAT is up with her ankle tendons?? Why would tendons look like that? Can anyone tell me? In some of the DM photos the ankles have actually been photoshopped so the tendons aren’t OTT.

    2. Everyone knows she shops a lot. Why doesn’t she have more of a range of decent-looking shoes? She probably could have taken a pair of shoes for each separate engagement in the 2 days, but she wore the dirty wedges on day 2 and then randomly changed into those scuffy old ugly flats. If she wanted flats, why not wear flats from the start of day 2, plan ahead and bring shoes that looked ok with those pants? Makes no sense to me. Does anyone know why she decided to switch shoes, and why she would’ve used those?

    This dress looks like it was made from pale pink wet suit fabric. She probably thought it was appropriate for wearing to Cornwall and the beach. But the cut and design of the skirt panels remind me of jodhpurs, for some reason.

    KMR, do you know what they did after the day 1 engagements ended and before day 2 began? Did they just disappear into a hotel suite? Did any locals spot them? Far out I really want the juicy details on these two cos they put on such an act I’m convinced they’re just waiting for the plebs to disappear so they can act ‘normally’, whatever that is for them.

  36. Just sat down and read this post. This has to be the funniest story of the year “So, W&K, what do you want to be when you grow up?…” I really could not stop laughing.

    Did you hear that Kate told someone she is teaching George all about farming so he can tell barley from wheat? And that she secretly wanted to be a farmer? Another good belly laugh, that one. She wouldn’t last five minutes slaving away in a garden – even a small backyard one.

    These two sure live in some alternate reality.

  37. Interesting that they visited Cornwall when there is already a current Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Wonder what’s up in Buckingham palace? Is QEII finally planning to end her mafia run, oops I mean “reign”, and step down soon? WK will become Duke and Duchess of Cornwall sooner rather than later, hence this visit to introduce themselves to the plebs there? Could there be a potential step down by the monarch, hence WK have been more visible lately? Granted that WK are still not doing any transformative work; however, they are trying to be more engaging, give the media more sound bites, which is completely different from their normal sullen and indifferent public behaviour. And Kate hasn’t had a skirt fly up in a few months, so that’s a record! Wonder what is afoot at Buckingham Palace?

    1. W&K will be the next Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, it makes sense that they would want to instill as much goodwill from the people of Cornwall now. It’s the same reason William was supposed to work on a Cornwall farm for a bit and do the Cambridge agriculture course, all to prepare him for his future role. That’s what he should be doing.

      1. I just find it curious though KMR that they are showing some interest in Cornwall now. William did have that bespoke agricultural course that he apparently never finished, as there was a lack of interest on his part. Again, with the Queen aging, it may be possible that she spiel step down and WK become the direct heir sooner rather than later.

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