Kate Middleton three-peats McQueen for visit to Portsmouth

Kate Middleton three-peats McQueen for visit to Portsmouth

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was in Portsmouth again today, May 20, to visit her favorite patronage, 1851 Trust, and Ben Ainslie. Kate visited Ben Ainslie Racing’s headquarters to open the new Tech Deck.

Kate arrived and was greeted by Ben Ainslie and 1851 Trust officials before meeting kids from Brune Park Community School. Kate talked to Ashlyn Collins, 15, about sailing.

    “Ashlyn said: ‘She asked us if we had ever been sailing, whether we were going to be sailing, she asked us if we enjoy sport and are we looking forward to it.’
    “She said of Kate that she was struck by ‘how pretty she was,’ adding: ‘It was so amazing. You see her on TV, you kind of don’t don’t think of her as a real person and then to meet her was amazing. She said she enjoyed sailing and we should definitely have a go.'”

Chris Frisby, Head of Operations at UKSA, said of Kate: “I think the kids will definitely look up to her. She would rather spend more time talking to the kids then the adults, it’s great for them to meet her and hear about her sailing and what she’s done and where she’s sailed before.”


Kate with Ben Ainslie May 2016

Kate toured the Tech Deck with Ben and students from St Edmund’s Catholic School to see the exhibits they offer.

Kate tours the Tech Deck May 2016

The Tech Deck Education Centre at Ben Ainslie Racing’s Portsmouth headquarters is an education center that presents cross-curricular interactive exhibits as an educational resource for students and teachers to support and promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engenerring, and Math) in schools and universities. The Tech Deck includes sections with real-life scenarios exploring topics such as Generating Power, Steering & Stability, Materials & Strength, Control versus Speed, Measuring Performance, and Clothing & Equipment.

Kate meets kids at Tech Deck May 2016

Kate meets kids at Tech Deck May 2016 3

Kate then sat in on a #STEMcrew – Digital STEM Education programme – workshop with students from St Edmund’s Catholic School.

Kate Tech Deck workshop May 2016 2

#STEMcrew is an online suite of free education resources and opportunities for 11-16 year olds designed to be used in classrooms and independently from tablets and smartphones and provides cross-curricular opportunities in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Design and Technology, and Biology classes. #STEMcrew won’t officially be launched until October 2016.

Kate unveils mural at Tech Deck May 2016

Kate officially opened 1851 Trust’s Tech Deck by unveiling a mural which Kate previously contributed to – she painted butts in February 2015. I thought the mural was on the side of a building, but maybe it was on the side of some non-permanent construction wall that they took down and were able to break apart?

Kate three-peated her Alexander McQueen “Military Silk Georgette Blouse” ($1,355) and “Embellished Wool Crepe Skirt” ($995). Or as I described them the last time she wore them: “navy skirt with gold buttons and slits, and Sgt. Pepper white and navy blouse (with buttons)”. Kate previously wore these pieces in August 2011 to the Summerfield Community Centre in Birmingham, and in June 2014 to Bletchley Park.

I never did like these pieces and I’m bummed that THIS gets a three-peat but other gorgeous pieces she wore in 2011 have never seen the light of day again.

Kate switched up her accessories just a tad for today’s visit: she carried her Jaeger “Kate” quilted leather shoulder bag in navy (originally £150, recently sold for $110 at Polyvore) – the bag comes with a shoulder chain but Kate carried it like a clutch; and she wore her Rupert Sanderson “Malory” navy suede heels ($675.00).

Jaeger Kate quilted leather shoulder bag Rupert Sanderson Malory navy heels

Though Kate did keep it consistent in other areas: wearing her Sapphire and Diamond Earrings and her hair down like she did the previous two times she wore these McQueen pieces.

I honestly can barely tell the difference between these three photos since she styled her outfit nearly the same all three times: August 2011 on the left; June 2014 in the middle; May 2016 on the right. The only slight visual difference is the clutch.

Here’s a photo of Ben Ainslie from today’s event, for all the Ben Ainslie lovers out there.

Here’s a photo of Rebecca Deacon from today’s event. This outfit is much better than Monday’s, though that top is still doing weird things.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

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  1. Well, at least it’s not the dress with little boats on it again. Meanwhile, the way Kate and Ben Ainslie look in that picture of them alone on the Tech Deck does nothing to ease the “Kate is hot for Ben” story…

    1. She definitely seems more animated when she’s around him than people at other charities/patronages.

    2. Totally agree!

      If the Firm enlist Sir Ben to show up at her charities, lazy waity may actually, support and serve g ive back for the family of 4+ luxury tax funded lifestyle re POW.

      The media Gloves are off on whiny willnot and cannot middleton, reporters are digging into the private/secret lives, activities -..more to come…..

      1. Way cool, can’t wait for the dirt to start to fly and hopefully there are some really big fans to blow it all over the place. Dirt, fur, and lots of crap and if it happens it’s about time!!! Just because the queen is an old lady doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a whole lot of a past and I suspect that she has been ‘using and abusing’ her position to protect her own for a long time. Who knows, maybe I would as well but I’m not in her **GOD** given “according to her” position. I mean zero offense to our British posters, this is just my thinking. The Windsors haven’t exactly been Norman Rockwell material. And really why in the name of all that is logical and decent does a bloody yacht club need a patron? Or Wimbledon for that matter?

      1. Way cool, can’t wait for the dirt to start to fly and hopefully there are some really big fans to blow it all over the place. Dirt, fur, and lots of crap and if it happens it’s about time!!! Just because the queen is an old lady doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a whole lot of a past and I suspect that she has been ‘using and abusing’ her position to protect her own for a long time. Who knows, maybe I would as well but I’m not in her **GOD** given “according to her” position. I mean zero offense to our British posters, this is just my thinking. The Windsors haven’t exactly been Norman Rockwell material. And really why in the name of all that is logical and decent does a bloody yacht club need a patron? Or Wimbledon for that matter?

    1. the theme dressing is so annoying and shows what little thought she gives to her appearance at these events. that outfit looks like something Diana would have worn in 1985. that close up pic looks like the botox is wearing off already. so sad that her skin is so aged.

      personally, I am hoping for a theme engagement where she can pull out her crocodile dundee hat again! come to think of it, I am surprised she did not theme dress to open that playground a few weeks ago. she could have dressed as one of Henry the 8th wives! if she’s gonna keep with the theme dressing, own it.

      but burn at least one pair of blue suede pumps I beg of you.

      all threel outings look the same because you can’t really do anything to accessorize Unless you split the outfit.

      1. That’s part of her problem. She doesn’t biy pieces that can be mixed and matched. Everything she owns is an outfit and can’t be changed up. Makes for a very expansive but boring wardrobe.

    1. I used to the first time Kate visited him. But the photos from today’s event aren’t doing it for me. I’d rather have Justin Trudeau back.

      1. I liked him better last year, too. But, I still think he’s a total package!
        I don’t like Justin Trudeau. I can’t pinpoint why, but to me, he looks like he’d be trouble for any woman.

        1. He moderately handsome with a bit of an attitude (at least when it comes to his competitors – I just find his posturing rather lame and unsportsman-like).

          He jut dings my jerk-o-metre for some reason.

          1. I’m so with you AH. My douche meter goes off the chart with him. He just seems cocky and arrogant, but that is what Kate likes.

          2. I didn’t know who he was until the London Olympics. My father is into sailing so we watched a lot of the sailing competition, which incidentally was covered really well (and Ainslie’s nearest competition was a Dane). I just noticed his obnoxious “macho” posturing in the media, especially when commenting on the close competition. It was just so lame, like “I’m this big scary man and I’m gonna mess you up”. Macho anxiety perhaps? He just came off as something of a diva, which was especially funny since his closest competitor was rather laid-back.

    2. Apparently you didn’t see Ben in his sailing gear. Plenty of appeal there.

      And I don’t get the appeal of Justin Trudeau! At all. 🙂

      1. They both look hot and not hot at different points. I think both men can “do it” for me in certain shots and events. Then 2 days later I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 yard pole.

    3. Whew. What a relief to know that I don’t see this guy as all that because I’m old. Kate sure seems to think he’s quite attractive but what baffles me is what she thinks **she** has that would appeal to him. She really is so full of herself. And that’s a lot of money for that outfit. Wow. Just the blouse alone is more than my clothing budget for months and an expensive wool skirt. I see that Kate wears a lot of wool which is no big deal but whenever I read about it I all but itch since I’m terribly allergic to wool. And the wool looked better on the sheep than on her anyway.

  2. Hi KMR! Hope your day is going well.

    First the good. I like the outfit, and she looks engaged when talking to everyone, but she’s in her comfort zone.

    The bad-buttons on her boobs. I think there’s an undertone of sexuality that gives her a negative confidence– the psychologist in me just shakes my head. And the picture where she bends over with Ben behind her, she has to know he’s there. I think she’s a class A tease practiced to perfection.

    I wish I could say something positive about her interaction with the kids, by it’s the usual “she’s pretty.” She probably prefers talking to kids because they don’t often notice how inane her questions are. Adults expect more but why develop a personality when you’ve worked to develop a pert #@$?

    1. Hi Sunny! My day is going well. How’s yours?

      Kate loves her some giant boobs buttons.

      1. Going well, and always fun to check in with the bright window box you provide.

        Kate’s hand gesture toward her boob while talking with Ben on the quarter deck makes me wonder if she’s trying to hypnotize him with a shiny object.
        Thank goodness for Cam and Sophie giving us some real interaction but throwing Kate a bone, she gives the Trust some publicity.

    2. Sunny, can we get a curbside consult on the body language between Kate and Ben? I realize she sometimes stands this way, but the second photo caught my eye. Kate stands with her hips pushed forward and leaning back a little while she is talking to Ben. At least this is how this looks from the angle the photo was taken. What does this body language mean?

      1. Definitely a sexual invite, the only other is using physical distraction for subduing purposes. I don’t think Kate is lustful, it’s more power because she has a negative, Gollum-like brooding ego (you are now not be able to unsee Kate as Gollum back at Amner-sorry).
        As women, many react in defensive posture because innate reacting to not having male strength; how do we deal with it? It’s interesting to me that despite Kate being billed “smart” that she goes the physical route, which is more predictable basic way. In every new situation, Kate’s psyche must feel that she physically dominates “the fairest one of all” in order to project confidence and take her prizes or leave them as she chooses.

    3. Sunny I was thinking the same thing about the children. They don’t know how bad her questions are, so she feels safer with them. Maybe that is why she focuses on children’s charities because they won’t noticed how unintelligent or unprepared she is. I have a feeling that Kate prefers the ‘pretty’ comments over the ‘intelligent’ ones. Kate has always used her body to get ahead in life (shoot that is how she trapped William). She works hard on her appearance, so I think she loves getting the pretty comments. Just my opinion of course.

      1. I agree, and that’s usually symptomatic of a unhealthy ego (aggressive rather than strong, but determined to be seen and felt). It can also be a woman who was an attractive child who learned early how to manipulate or be pampered because of looks, but I’ve read that Kate didn’t feel attractive when she was a child. That would explain why she became an exhibitionist at boarding school. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look more attractive, it’s that Kate maintains this outward posture of healthy exercise which we rarely see and I think, rightly criticize her lack of involvement with sports charities. But she would have to risk looking sweaty (normal!) or not very proficient. Working with kids is the perfect cover, especially since W&K can draft off Harry’s naturalness to compensate for inadequacies. The choice of mental health means no risk, just smile and wave.

        On another note, KMR–did you see the follow-up DailyMail article with “windswept” Kate in her third outfit leaving from the sailing outing? It had a nasty edge, and called her Kate Middleton in several places, which surprised me a little.
        ALSO– we have officially entered crazy. Have any of you seen the Kate Middleton paper doll book? I saw one yesterday, but it can’t be turned around so that Kate’s bum can flash from the Jenny Packham Australia dress they include. How are little girls supposed to learn the real way to nab a prince when they grow up?

  3. She looks way thinner now after two kids in this outfit than when she first wore it in 2011. She also looks far too old now for a 34 year old woman. I’m starting to think that Kate is keen in mental health, because she herself is dealing with something. I really want to think that something serious is going on than too believe that she cares nothing about anything and does absolute nothing all day.

    1. I agree, Lauren. Kate sadly seems to be struggling with something serious and it shows itself in her smoking and tiny frame. I hope she’s able to get herself better.

        1. I don’t know, but I would be willing to bet that if she ever **was** a smoker there’s no way on earth that she has quit. Smoking impacts metabolism and she would have gained weight, maybe not much but some. One of the things that baffles me about waity is that she is able to control her appetite, let’s face it she must be hungry all the time, no? As scary and unhealthy as it is it does take some serious will and I don’t mean Billy boy power. ( I am aware of and have suffered from Bulimia but not sure that it’s ok to go there with anyone w/o knowing for sure.) One thing about that disease is that it demolishes teeth but I think it has been years since wasteofspace has had to worry about hers. Waity Katie has strengths and tenacity when she or her repulsive mummy want something.

    2. I agree with you, Lauren. I don’t know too much about her, but she seems…not well. Maybe the pressure of being royal got to her after the wedding.

  4. Kate’s outfit is ok. Very nautical going with a theme of course. She is extremely thin. This woman needs a little meat on her bones. Doesn’t looklike she gave birth to two children. As for the photo with Ben very questionable. Just my opinion. As for Rebecca I believe she picks I’ll fitting clothes. Does not dress to her body type.

    1. Rebecca seems to wear her tops one size too small. IMO looking neat and professional is part of the job description.

      1. I don’t think Rebecca wants to (or is allowed) to dress her boobs, because Kate would fire her. Only our Katie can be the total package. Will might get hungry if other assets are on display.

        1. Lol Kate has no boobs anyway. As for William didn’t he leave his wife and children for Easter to see Jecca married? I do not think William is so faithful.

          1. I think it is kinda mean that sone comments here make fun of the size of Kate’s breasts. Some women have big ones, others just have very small ones. You can’t change it (except with surgery). And when I hear others making fun of her for having”l ‘no boobs’, I feel like in the hallway of a high school. For me it is fine to criticize things Kate for things she can influence – the number of her engagements, her clothes – but not the size of her breasts.

            I’m sorry, this just had to be said.

          2. I don’t have large boobs either, and for some reason it doesn’t bother me to say Kate has basically lost hers. Either that or she stopped wearing padded bras. This blouse is not doing her any favors in the bustline.

          3. M from Germany before Kate dieted herself into near nothing she actually had a figure. One thing that bothers me about the tops she when she wears a previous outfit is they were tailored for a bustier Kate and now the lack of fit is glaring. Especially when she’s got darts or other accentuating tailoring in practically every top she wears. The only exception are her pull overs. Then the adornments (buttons, pocket flaps, etc.) only point out the lack rather than adding any interest to the clothing.

          4. Seems like maybe breast feeding (not that I can really imagine her being so selfless), pregnancy, or a lack of a padded bra has influenced how some things fall on her. She should get them retailored.

          5. M from Germany I apologize if I offended you. It was meant as a joke. Not mean in a mean spirited way. If I offended you I do apologize. As for Kate I have to agree with Lisa before she dieted herself to nothing. She did have a figure. I do not know where her figure went. She is way too thin. She looks unhealthy. Also I don’t have Big boobs either.

          6. Hi M,

            I’m sorry if anything I said sounded off. I’m not large breasted, and I certainly don’t think negative of any woman whatever their size. Most of my friends complain about their boobs whether small or big–it’s kind of a running joke. My probably not nice point was it’s a little strange that Kate has a style crew, everyone on her team should be friends, and yet no one nicely helps Rebecca with her top or suggests something else. Friends want friends to all feel and look their best, and have fun doing it. If that’s what Rebecca likes, I think that’s totally fine, but my concern is there’s a pattern with women around Kate who are rumpled, uniformed like Nanny Maria–which is how she is trained, but Kate could have chosen a nanny who wears everyday clothes. IMO, there’s a emphasis on Kate looking like the diamond. Totally JMO, but it would make sense given Carole’s fierce desire to be high social status and probably hatred of being treated as “lower class.” She might see her daughter as “showing them,” and “who’s your daddy now.” Plus, Kate preventing any temptation for Will. Honestly, I think as a wife, that’s a smart posture. There are many women who live to regret having a nanny or other women in their life become the mistress or next wife.

  5. I did think Kate looked more engaged when talking to the children

    I did not like her outfit!

    The theme dressing is so very childish. She is like a kindergarten teacher wearing a knit vest decorated with theme items during holidays. You know, the pumpkins on the vest at Halloween, the wreaths and holiday tress at Christmas. Ugh. And, in one of the final photos (if not the last), why was the skirt so very wrinkled? Terrible. And, the slits in the skirt? Come on!

    Rebecca looked very bad, as usual. She is a mess. Her hair looked like she just rolled out of bed. And, her posture? Calling Lauri of Ca. These women need your help!.

    All I could think about was the comment from another section where the commenter mentioned how Ben does not enjoy the Royal visits. I guess Kate didn’t get the memo, because she was very flirty. Or, maybe, she did get it and decided to win him over! He seemed a tad bored.

    Sunny, loved your take on this.

    KMR, Boob Buttons! So funny!!! Either flaps or buttons. That’s our girl!

    1. Kate’s flirty attitude was the first thing I noticed! Tone it down! She doesn’t even act that excited around her husband…

      I’m also not a fan of this literal outfit. I honestly preferred the sailboat dress under the coat to this. Too many buttons on this. Too much going on overall.

      1. I think I liked it because it’s the first thing in awhile that fits her physically. She never gets anything tailored, probably because people would know how she’s wearing her skirts higher to show more leg and appear taller, which throws off her torso measurements. Manipulation must be maintained. Like Darth Vader being a broken old guy in the fearsome get-up

    2. I agree that the ‘theme’ dressing is very childish. And safe. Interesting but no surprising that Ben doesn’t enjoy waity’s visits. Who wants to be all but drooled over by a married woman with two children. He has a rep to maintain as well and has to be careful around her.

        1. Her feet may be dressed for work, but she isn’t!
          What a mess, again!!! Rebecca needs a stylist, too.
          The stripes on the skirt were all wrong for someone with her body type and the fact that the color changed at one point, really was horrible!

          1. I like the skirt pattern, actually! But her top should fit, her hair should be pulled back, and maybe she could put on a pair of small earrings or a bit of lipstick.

            I know it’s sexist to expect women to decorate themselves, but she and her employer are representing the British people and should be adhering to what’s considered a “professional” dress code. She should not be looking so frumpy!

            If I were the Duchess, I would want my assistant to look smart and polished, too.

  6. I’ve never liked this outfit and I like it even less in this context. Kate looks like she is playing dress up. It’s much to costumey and literal.

    Also, I wish she would get her hair trimmed. It’s starting to get long again and I don’t like it much. I found the shorter hair to be a big improvement. The long hair weighs her down. I say this as someone who has hair halfway down my back. Part of the reason I keep my hair long is because I think it makes my face look thinner. Maybe Kate thinks that, too and that’s why she is growing it out again. The woman seems like she will do anything to look thinner.

    Not to mention she’s back to the caked on eye make up. The natural look was much better IMO.

    Overall, this was a swing and a miss for me.

    1. I groaned when I saw the makeup. I wonder if she simply cannot handle change. her hair is a safety blanket for her, if it weren’t she would style it more appropriately for events and back off the heavy extensions and wickets. same with the heavy makeup. that is a ton of dark and caked makeup for a 34 yr old. ugh.

      and she is too thin. looking at pics of the blouse coming un tucked or the skirt spinning around her waist are not good.

    2. When I got married I hired a professional makeup and hair stylist. She told me in order to have photos turn well it’s better to wear more makeup, with out it one can appear washed out. Needless to say I was wearing way more makeup than normal on my wedding day but did notice a difference in the photos. So I wonder if Kate goes heavy with the makeup, especially her eye makeup for this reason?

      1. hi Lauri. yes, I think that is a good point. I think she thinks she looks good in photos with all of that makeup on. I also think it is yet one more way that she hides from the world, like her hair.

        she needs guidance, variety, anything. I am not even going to touch her vapid and insipid approach to anything of substance or merit. any country representative who can so callously ignore military obligations and honors is not worth it. if they continue to let her get away with it all I can say is karma is a b*tch

        1. Hi Reilly, when I was a teen I used way too much eye makeup (in my defense it was the 80’s) and my step-mother used to tease me about applying my “mask”. I agree that makeup, hair and clothes can all be used to hide someone from the world or present to the world an alter ego, perhaps one that is more comfortable being seen.

          1. ha. war paint! I got sent to my room once or twice by my father to take that crap off my face. it was the 80s for me too!

            I personally feel more put together and confident when I wear makeup, but makeup is a hobby and fun for me, not something that I refuse to leave the house without or that I think all women need or should use. personal preference. Kate is trying too hard and nothing is real. she is botox barbie.

  7. I know I’ve said this before here, and I can’t help but say it again…she’s giving Flat Stanley a run for his money. This is not a good look. I’ve also said this a time or two, which I stand by, and that is she looked her very best in the pictures of training for the dragon boat race with the Sisterhood. Healthy, slim, athletic. Can someone PLEASE tell her that?? What she is doing to herself now is so not ok.

    You have a little girl now, Kate, do not be this never too rich or too thin woman – DO NOT teach her this crap.

    1. Oh, she is way too thin and I think she is suffering greatly inside. I wish someone who cares for her would reach out to help or to find a professional to talk to her. She does not just look unhealthy by being so thin, but there seems to be unhappiness in her eyes, most of the time.

      You are right, Ray, she has a daughter to think about. I hope she can become a good role model for Charlotte.

  8. Ugh. This outfit hurts my eyes. Not only does it not sit well, but it is absurdly costume-ey with its military theme and looks like a marching band uniform dressed up.

    Agree with everyone upthread that she looks so much more animated here than at any of her mental health gigs. Sigh. Her time is really wasted when she’s not doing anything sports-related.

          1. And spats! Back before you all were likely born, I was in a crack marching band. Black wool jacket, white overlay with logo, pants with the formal stripe down the side, hat with the plume and white spats on black shoes.

  9. First of all, thank you for not describing this re-wear as ‘recycling’. If I have to read one more article that describes Kate ‘recycling’ her clothes I’ll scream. She isn’t recycling, she is just re-wearing them.

    Beyond that, I think it is interesting to look at the Daily Mail comments and see that the top comment is something like “Kate can do this but can’t meet with the Irish Guards?” I’m an American, so although I realized that she was being rude, I may not have realized just how much of a faux pas it was for Kate to skip this particular event. People are still upset that she couldn’t be bothered to meet with the Irish Guards for an hour or two, tops. I think it is going to take a long time for her to get her reputation back. If it was William’s idea to encourage her to stay home as to avoid people expecting her to do it every year, it was a foolish idea. As a born member of the British royal family who is much more familiar with this tradition than I am as an American, surely William should have realized that he was giving his wife bad advice? It’s been three months and people are still commenting on it. I wonder if she will be there next year?

    1. I can’t stand it when people say Kate “recycles” clothes. There is a Kate blog that, no joke, said Kate “recycled” the Lotus Tiara at the State Banquet last year. I wanted to slap someone when I read that.

    2. It’s going to take her years to live down not attending the Irish Guard parade. As I recall last year she also missed a military ceremony but was able to attend Wimbledon several days later. For someone who married into a family who puts military service at the top of the list, she sure is clueless and I’m rather surprised that she continues to get away with it.

      1. Yes, the memorial service for the 7/7 bombings. She was too busy being a mom, you know, but showed up to Wimbledon in a new outfit the next day and spent six hours there.

        1. I am not sure she can redeem herself for missing those two events without a serious reason. as a nobody American, my family and I always observe the national moment of silence on 9/11. it would be disgraceful if our leaders blew it off. some things in life are greater than your self. somoney should have taught her that.

          1. No-one should have to teach her, as if empathy and a sense of duty to others can be taught. Just turning up, making exaggerated faces or looking bored doesn’t cut it. Just a selfish madam when all is said and done.

          2. I don’t know, Jen. I am not making excuses, she is a grown woman who needs to seriously consider her position in Britain and the world, but I do think empathy and sense of duty can be taught. I try to do so with my children. Some character traits are ingrained but I also know that children emulate what they see. I am only speaking from my experience. Nature versus nurture. Who knows. Maybe she is just soulless

          3. Reilly, I am with you. The more children see adults doing for others, the easier it is for them to want to do the same. Especially, when adults include them in acts of kindness.

            For Kate, I wonder if she can be taught to be more caring at this point in her life? She has everything she wanted and just never seems to show much interest in those who suffer or are working hard and having little time for their own families.

            It’s not a pretty picture to see her failing in so many ways. Her blowing off the Irish Guards, her continuing flashing at public events (the last one at such a somber site), and her passion for the high life, as opposed to helping those who really need assistance is a disgrace.

            The entry into the mental health field seems to be something the higher ups are going to make her do, but all in all, what is she doing, other than lending her face and some inane comments to a cause that really needs to have a light shone on it and lots of work done to educate others and add money for research? Her name and face do little and will do less in the future, if more hard work doesn’t accompany her little appearances now and then.

            She is just happy to be boating with Ben and having nice vacations abroad — vacations, that are billed as work.

            She and William are frittering away golden opportunities and I don’t think it will be forgotten by those who can really decide their fates.

            I’m feeling sad that she is such a light weight. Sadder, that she probably can’t or won’t change. But, happy that she’s not getting away with it because people seem to be really on to her and in the long run, that will make a difference, I am sure.

          4. Kate wasn’t taught to give as a child. She also doesn’t seem to have that in her naturally. Carole trained her to attract a rich husband. Preferably royal. She did Kate a huge disservice by not cluing her into the fact that she would be expected to work and that work would be with charities. Apparently the only thing Carole got out of her worship of Diana is fabulous clothes, fabulous trips, the rich and famous tripping over themselves to meet you and Big Blue.

            For Kate to learn from example at this point in her life would be an epic achievement for her. She doesn’t work enough to shadow someone, she is not comfortable around anyone with an ailment in any way. She freezes inside but realizes she has to do something and comes off as stiff and wooden.

            Probably the only way Kate would learn would be to hit absolute rock bottom. Lose everything and have to make do, see life from the other side of the tracks. Going to visit slum children and have them escorted out of the slum to meet you isn’t seeing how they live. Seeing sick kids your charity helps dressed in their best to meet you at an event isn’t seeing how they live. Diana understood that and made her private visits to hospitals, etc. I’m pretty sure Kate is not doing that. I honestly believe we would have heard something if she were.

            And for all that Diana did to expose William to what people without his advantages go through it seems to have almost totally flown in one ear and out the other. Instead of being about others, it’s mainly about him. And his privacy.

          5. I agree with both of you ladies. Some people have strength of character to find their voice and place in the world without a proper foundation. As has been said many times, Kate was raised to be a princess. Once she achieved that goal, she literally lost her sense of purpose. It is like her life’s goal was met and she was done.

            She won’t change. I am astonished that the BRF has not stepped in to deal with these issues. Hospice care for children is real. Real suffering, real pain. She cannot handle that – like closing your eyes at a horror movie. She is not Diana. It is a sad waste.

    3. I hope Kate is not there next year. I wish reliable Sophie would hand out the shamrocks. Why have Kate when she has made it clear it is not important to her.

  10. Check out the daily mail for more pics of Kate in a catamaran with her crush looking giddy! At one point, Sir Ben also leans in close and fixes her helmet for her. No wonder Kate always attends this patronage. I wonder if Kate does this sometimes as a payback to Wills for his rumoured extra marital dalliances and wandering eye.

    1. How many photos were on the DM site? My God. And, so many of them look the exact same. Why run them over and over?

      She loved every minute of Ben’s adjusting her helmet. And, who could blame her?!

      The photos showing how she looked each other time she wore the same outfit were most telling. She’s reallly thin now. There was one photo of her adjusting the skirt’s waist as it must ride around a good deal now. I worry that she is too-ooo-ooo thin!

      1. Because their story is very light on actual text. So they make up for it with photos.

      2. of course she wore big blue on a catamaran. How risky! I understand she has the stone flipped under her hand, but it still could’ve easily fallen into the water.

      3. All I could think of when Ben adjusted Kate’s helmet, is the comments on KMR about Kate can’t dress herself. Now we have proof. Sartorially and otherwise, Kate cannot dress herself.

    2. So funny, I just went on DM to find this article and it took me 3 minutes of going through their website. I remember back in the golden age of Kate, every time she stepped out the door or did an event it was on the top of the page for days!

      1. But when you did find it, did you notice they had 96 pictures!!! Of basically the same thing from different angles. They will set a record when she attends Wimbledon this year.

  11. This outfit and the red one she wore getting off the plane in Australia carrying George are my two least favorites. I’ve never liked this bizarre fake military/faux double-breasted button look.

    #STEMcrew sounds interesting.

    1. Lilibet, Ever since, I saw what was under that red coatdress (or wasn’t under it) on the LoveLola site, I have not been able to get that image out of my mind! Yikes!

  12. Wow, thanks for getting this post up so fast KMR, I usually don’t see them until the following day.

    Of course Kate wore her “Navy” outfit for today’s visit, what else could she have worn? I have never seen someone take theme dressing so literal and then ruin it with poor posture and crotch clutching. All she needed to complete the look was a jaunty little sailors cap, ugh!

    I am so disappointed that she’s visited this charity 3 times in the short time that she’s been their patron but can’t be bothered to visit EACH. I know, I know I harp on her for ignoring her patronage of children’s hospice a lot but it just bothers me to no end!

    And yet again another charity has to be responsible for giving the Duchess good PR! I thought it was supposed to be the other way around? I find it bizarre that she can’t say a simple sentence to a reporter about what this charity does, how she admires what they do, etc, etc, no instead the charity heads have work hard to build up their patron. Geez, what a lump!

    1. That is such a good point!

      Harry, Sophie, Camilla, Charles, Princess Anne all do.
      With Kate the only comments from the engagement are from people who’ve spoken to her. Or work for the charity and have to convince us she’s a good patron.

      I can an element of it being that 5 years in we still don’t really know what makes her tick, what she loves, is passionate about, we don’t really know her, so journalists keep hitting up that angle.

      But there is also that Kate doesn’t say anything about the charity.

      And she does need the good PR, so people saying nice things about her could be what her team is happy for the press to engage with after a visit. I wonder if the press has access to everyone or just a few people that the charity offers for interviews.

      I really do wish Kate would find her voice.

      1. It just bugs me that her charities have to bring attention to her instead of her bringing attention to them. Imo, it’s all kinds of wrong.

        1. then think about the attention – she is pretty, she looks like a rich lady, she asked a question. no attention to anything substantive because there is nothing there. such a waste.

    2. I agree, Lauri. It’s very telling that she can dedicate so much of her time to a charity that IMO doesn’t have such a broad scope, while for others just sending a letter is enough. Just proves she doesn’t care.

  13. Theme dressing for the event…check

    Extensions and wiglet (it’s lighter than her hair in the front) for flipping while flirting with Ben…check

    Happy, happy, happy face because I’m with Ben!!!…check

    She pinned her hair back (but no ponytail due to extensions) and actually took off Big Blue for the boat ride. Loved the “is my helmet on right” moment so Sir Ben had to check it for her.

    She’s become a predictable caricature. Good thing William wasn’t there he probably would have pushed her off of the boat.

      1. She’s definitely not a trend setter, ground breaker or original. She locked in her patterned responses and lack of real style pretty early on. Thus the predictability. If we had a drinking game we’d all be on the floor in a stupor.

    1. yes, I noticed that as well – the wiglet perched on top her head was a different color than her hair in front. Ugh…

  14. And the point of this is what exactly? I would love to hear the inane things she said during the STEM Workshop which sounds really cool.

    Funny everyone talks about all the interesting things she says but we never get quotes, and when we do, they are ridiculous to the point of I wonder if a toddler would be more articulate. Probably.

  15. I do not know if you have ever seen the commercials for Dos Equis Beer with the “Most Interesting Man in the World”, but Kate could be in a commercial for The Most Boring Woman in the World. That Ben guy is very average in my opinion but Kate is one of those women who likes to be the center of attention when men are around, she has no use for women which is why she has no women friends other than her mom and sister. Also, what is up with Kate’s hair, why does she lighten it, you can clearly see in the first picture that she has dark roots. The red tones totally wash her out. Last, why does that mess of a woman Rebecca always wear the same shoes to an engagement as Kate, that is totally creepy to me, reminds me of the movie Single White Female. Again, I rant, but there is nothing that Kate does that has any meaning, which is really too bad.

  16. WHAT??? Kate wore navy and white to a sailing event??? I am shocked! I never saw that coming at all. She is so clever in her dressing and always thinks outside of the box. I wish I could be so creative when I get dressed. I mean seriously, it is not like she has ever worn navy or white to any sailing event. I’m glad she tried something new today 😉

    1. Rebecca is Kate’s personal assistant. There’s usually a photo or two of her at every event. She used to always wear a version of whatever Kate was wearing. The skirt she’s wearing today hurts my eyes.

      1. Rebecca is Kate’s private secretary. Natasha Archer is Kate’s personal assistant.

  17. I don’t mean to sound snarky but I honestly can’t even… Someone, please educate me – this whole event makes absolutely no sense to me.

    1. I ‘ve just looked up the 1851 trust and their main goal is to bring the Americas Cup back to Britain. Well, how’s that going for them, especially as you know it’s the Americas Cup? How is Kate supposed to help them achieve this goal?
    2. Do they just bus in random kids to these events instead of kids actually interested in sailing? According to Ashley Collins, Kate said they should give sailing a go…I mean come on, unless of they’re trying to introduce a new class of kids – with unlimited means – to sailing.
    3. Chris Frisby, does “look up to someone” mean something completely different in Britain or is it commonplace to suggest that just about everyone is a role model?
    4. So Chris Frisby, the kids heard about her sailing, the things she’s done and where she’s sailed before, please do tell us more! Like really, tell us what she told those kids!
    5. Kate encouraging kids to take an interest in STEM? Oh puh-lease! I know royalty is the stuff of fairytales but this real-life can’t they at least pretend to make her flitting about seem somewhat realistic and purposeful, in only to justify her upkeep?
    6. Again, how does Kate help this charity achieve its goals?

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m not sure if the Middletons deserve to be pitied, admired or reported for failing to properly raise their children. On the 1851 website Kate says that she has enjoyed sailing from a very young age and from all we know of her and her siblings, it seems like their parents went to every length and spared no expense to give their children countless opportunities and the best of everything they could. For a couple of middle-class self-made millionaires, they must have worked very hard at it. So, how then did they manage to three university educated children with no obvious marketable skills (ahem pipa tips and marshmallows anyone?), even fewer employment prospects and seemingly no independent income stream at 30+ years of age? Why are the praised for being a normal family – most normal families would be horrified if they turned such children out, I ‘m pretty sure most normal parents would have cut those kids off and forced them to grow up years ago, right?

    1. “especially as you know it’s the Americas Cup?”

      I’m a bit confused. Do you mean to imply that it’s called the America’s Cup because of some connection to America (North, South, or United States of)? Because the America’s Cup is called such because it was named after the yacht that won the first race in 1851, a schooner named America. The race was originally held by the British Royal Yacht Squadron around the Isle of Wight, and the cup was presented by Queen Victoria.

      I believe the kids that Kate met were going to participate in some kids race they are having later this summer.

    2. Your observation about the Middletons is spot on. It is almost as if Ma and Pa aspired to bringing up 3 children who could weasel their way into the upper classes and then do nothing. I guess you could say they have been somewhat successful with Kate winning the ultimate prize. The jury is still out on Pippy and Mallow-boy, however both are doing a great job at not working.

    3. I’ve always found it so odd that a woman such as Carole, one who worked very hard starting and building a successful business, wouldn’t demand as much from her children. It’s admirable to want to give your children the best that you can and it appears that Mike and Carole did that so why have not one of their three children done anything successful with their lives? Why do they continue to sponge off Dad and Mom? Perhaps, while giving their children everything they could Mike and Carole expected nothing in return? I am of the firm belief that if you continue to give, give and give to someone without holding them responsible for their own needs and without expecting some form of reciprocity that person will be unable to grow or to reach their full potential as a productive human being.

      1. Because the business is not that successful. Similar businesses of similar size show a profit of 100,000 pounds a year. Solid, but not enough to send three children to expensive boarding schools costing 30,000 pounds a year each. Methinks Naughty Uncle has helped.

        1. My understanding is that there was a fund, some type of inheritance or trust fund, on Mike’s side of the family reserved for education costs and that’s how they were able to afford sending the kids to school.

          1. Apart from education costs, there is the high lifestyle, a million pound plus London apartment and upgrading the family home to a high degree, expensive everything… it must have been a ginormous inheritance.

          2. No, as I said, it was only to be used for education costs for family members not just Kate, Pippa and James.

            I don’t know Jen how they managed to have paid cash for the London pad, finance Kate’s lifestyle during the girlfriend years, pay for her wedding dress and jewels, etc, etc… I did read somewhere recently though that they had 2 mortgages on their old house and had to use a bank in Iceland to finance their more recent move. It’s quite possible that they are mortgaged to the hilt and have other debt while financing their lifestyle and their childrens.

          3. That’s a helluva way to live Lauri, in order to present yourself to the world as perfect and wealthy or whatever matters to them. The three children, now approaching middle age, have been given so many opportunities, educational and otherwise. It’s just strange that work, setting themselves up professionally didn’t enter the picture.

      2. I’m with Piper. I suspect the business does not make the millions rumored but rather Uncle Gary’s ‘doings’ have afforded them the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed.

        But it is intriguing, isn’t it, that none of these three expensively educated children have made a go of anything independently with their educations. The girls appear to have had absolutely no ambition beyond hooking up with aristocracy. I think they wore the mantle of being upper class ie not needing to work in order to move in such circles of financially cushioned indolence. The motive was to attract wealthy, aristocratic partners. And you can’t do that if you – ugh! – have to ‘work’.

        The Middleton’s have never struck me as other than calculated mercenaries, sniffing out eligible suckers. Kate found one and had the tenacity to hang on like grim death; Pips has had a few too many suitors to make aristocracy viable now. The next rung down is the filthy rich with aspirations, so she might be okay there. Uncle Gary will continue to financially support James’s efforts.

        1. Well to be fair many of the “upper class” girls do work, they are rather cushy jobs at art galleries, fashion magazines, etc. Diana famously held a number of jobs, nothing strenuous or too time consuming but something to fill a few hours a day and earn a bit of pocket money. As I recall Pippa working for an event planning company before the wedding, but I’m not sure why she didn’t continue with it as it’s clear she enjoys that field.

          1. I had forgotten about Pippa’s foray into event planning. I think she got caught up in all the hoopla after the wedding – her bum became famous – and tried to parlay that notoriety into a career and/or use it to leverage her stock with the wealthy and eligible.

        2. And Gary has a young daughter as well, she was a tween at the wedding, so late teens now I would say. Wonder if Gary is raising her as her older cousins were. Although, Gary seems a lot more laid back than Carole ever was, so maybe she has a chance.

      3. Why should they do anything special? Everything they want is being handed to them.
        It seems as if all the parental interest (on Carole’s part, anyway) went into grooming Kate for the “prize.” I’m sure Carole was dreaming such dreams from the time Kate was born. Then, when Diana died, Carole, I believe, realized William would be an easier man to catch.

        Pippa and James don’t seem to have much ambition career-wise. Maybe, it’s their way of paying Carole back. You want a successful family? You’ve got it with Kate.

        If I were Pippa, I’d be damn mad at my mother and my sister. My way of coping, though, would be to make a hell of a good life of my own. Not one that is filled with empty-headed fluff, but a really solid, decent life — one in which I could help others and do things that I enjoy doing, too. But, people are different, aren’t they?

        1. I agree, Mary Elizabeth. Pippa’s got a decent brain and by all accounts from school days, was a natural leader. If she has the will she can get herself going in a real career.The wedding and all the hoopla that followed has been disastrous for her. She could focus on physical health as a career and just go for it. But I suspect hanging around royalty is a bit of a drug; the desire for such luxury is too much to resist. As for the mother; ugh! She has done her girls a great disservice.

  18. Kate should have married Ben. They look so happy together. She seems to genuinely enjoy his company more than William’s. (Who wouldn’t?!) The DM had pictures of them out sailing, and she definitely had adoring looks for him. Meanwhile, Ben in his racing clothes…Oh. My. Goodness gracious.

      1. I agree Kate should have married Ben. They are better suited. Carole should have supported Kate in that.

  19. Kate’s blouse has a peplum bottom to it. I don’t see why one time she doesn’t wear it out over the skirt? That way it will change up the outfit a bit since she never styled it different for any of the engagements. I really wish she would hire a stylist.

  20. When looking at the three photos, it looks like her heels are getting higher in each one. I wonder if this has anything to do with her poor posture? In high heels, you are standing on the balls of your feet, which pushes the body forward slightly. I don’t know how she does it, I hate wearing heels more than spanx.

    1. I wear heels a lot, being very short, but my posture never looks like that! Okay, it does when I sit like I am now with no support on the sofa, but… Heels make me stand up STRAIGHTER. So do Spanx or a corset.

      1. I was thinking the same thing Ellie. I love heels because it forces me to stand taller. It would be hard to walk in them with your hips thrust forward.

  21. I don’t read the comments so sorry for the repetitions…

    Maybe impopular but I love the skirt. But it is maybe too much to dress with nautical themes for sailing day…

    Honestly this charity just seems a pretext to sail for her : honestly it seems elistic like charity, but I haven’t search more infos… For one time, she stays more than 3 hours.

    I dislike her bag and why doesn’t she have her hair up when it is windy, when she sails?

    1. I also liked the skirt, but with this blouse is way too much. She should have paired it with something else.
      I made the same comment about this charity, it has such a narrow scope for her to commit so much of her time.

      1. How easy it would it have been to wear a different top with this skirt (it would have looked less military)! It would have totally changed up the look! Kate really has no creativity when it comes to clothing. She sticks with things and is afraid to change them up. It would have been so refreshing to change the blouse and/or the heels!

        1. Hi Overit, that blouse she wore the other day would have looked nice with this skirt, paired with a great necklace or interesting clutch. For someone who is supposedly such a great photographer and enjoys drawing both rather creative endeavors, she sure in un-creative with her wardrobe. Or maybe her fashion chooses really do reflect the inner Kate and she really is as dull and boring as her clothes.

          1. Lauri I thought about that blouse from Monday as well. It would have looked great although then she would have worn it twice in the same week, lol. Ahh, a great necklace would have been perfect on that blouse as well! I have a pair of white pumps with gold heels, that actually would have looked killer with that skirt and blouse :).

            I sadly think her fashion choices really do reflect the inner Kate.

  22. I am afraid I liked Rebecca’s outfit. Well it was better than last time. Kate’s skirt looks ok. The top reminds me of Mickey Mouse in the red uniform. There was definite flirty looks going on between Kate and Ben. I wonder if it was because of William going to Jecca’s wedding. It is good that Kate interacted with the children. I can see that Kate has a passion for sailing and enjoys talking about it with the children.

    1. And with more to come on Monday! Interesting that BP denied it and then backtracked. Such a bad, bad look for the BRF; imagine all the rest of their dealings not made public… I wonder why Andrew, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks loser, the Queen’s favourite?

      1. Hi Jen, I think that’s the point of this article, how exactly is Andrew able to afford his and his families lifestyle? And if this instance came to light, how many more of these secret deals have remained hidden?

        1. Lauri, where did the 7.5 million pounds come from to upgrade Andrew’s lodge at Windsor? Let’s hope it’s not dodgy accounting from BP and public money has been used. The BRF’s financial dealings are far from transparent, and very much deliberately so; we won’t get to know what’s gone down. The Queen and Charles successfully lobbied Parliament to exclude their finances and financial arrangements from the Freedom of Information Act. They’ve got it all worked out to their advantage. All super dodgy.

          1. Perhaps from the money that was supposed to go to the upkeep of Buckingham Palace. The Queen and her staff have been criminally neglectful when it comes to the state that her official residence is in. The royals really oughtn’t be in charge of administering the money for the official residences.

          2. it is also hard rock believe that their finances are not me public. these are not private residences, they are historical treasures and should be treated as such.

            that really gets under my skin. I cannot imagine what will come to light once QE11 passes.

            Jackie Kennedy was astonished by the decrepit state of the WHT and brilliantly lead the remodeling efforts.

          3. I don’t understand why the royal residences that aren’t their personal property, aren’t maintained by an official organization. That is the case in Denmark.

  23. Firsr and foremost, thanks to KMR for putting this up so fast. I appreciate your hard work and research you put into it.

    I’m gonna be harsh here, but I am so frustrated with her. Kate has shirked so many duties (Shamrock, the 7/7 disaster, etc) but she can frolic in the sea with a bunch of the elite? She spends 30 minutes at a children’s hospice and visually cringes the entire time. But, she can spend hours at the Downton Abby set. Let’s call a spade a spade here: as long as it is posh, she will do it. Kate is no longer a joke, she’s predictable and simply put, a let down.

    At this point, I’m more than prepared to view her as a hot mess versus someone who cares about something bigger than herself. Can she turn it around? I just don’t think she has the will or skill. The kids at that event are probably smarter than her with both intellect, emotional intelligence, and work ethic.

    As for Rebecca? Tell her to email me and I will take her to Nordstrom and get a proper undergarmet fitting and a stylist that can show her how to dress. I’ll pay for the first outfit.

    All I can say is that I cannot wait to see wildrose’s response ro this.

    Maybe I’m getting my strength and appetite back, but this visit made me angry. Kate, DO something. Your country is facing austerity cuts. People cannot afford to eat. Yet, this…

    I’ll see myself out now.

    1. Oh no rhiannon, please don’t go, keep ranting! She is a predictable joke. I’m actually getting to the point that I am ashamed for her. She has no visible sense of remorse about anything she does. From spending thousands of pounds on lace dresses that look like Victorian night gowns to gurning her way through events she clearly doesn’t want to be at (HM 90th where she wore the lace night dress with the completely wrong jacket).

      Compare the smiles she forced out there to the honest ones she gave Ben Ainslie today. Like night and day. The next time we see her this eager and happy will be at Wimbledon and she’s probably shopping for new outfits for the days she’s there as we speak. She truly does not deserve the position she campaigned to get as William’s wife with all the luxuries that come with it. If she had not managed to get him to commit she would be in the position that Pippa currently is attempting to nail down someone who can take care of her work shy butt. At least Pippa could cobble together some kind of CV, Kate has one little part time job at Jigsaw, she would be lost if she were on her own.

      Wild Rose where are you!!!

    2. Rhiannon,

      Even though I think KMN is one of the best blogs on the web, I gave up a couple of weeks ago commenting on Kate’s coy approximations of work and her excuses for her laziness because she seems like such a loser to me. But I’ve got to thank you for your decisive comments on how Kate Middleton is never, never going to rise to the elite level of her privileged position.

      She lives under the delusion of her importance,
      which she got from her horrid, degenerate family, and based on her hallowed idea that giving birth to two children who are considered royals makes her special.
      The Midds may have wealth, but they aren’t ver sophisticatted people. They aren’t well travelled (frequent vacations to Mystique are not going to give you a global vision). KM is not bilingual and she never cared to learn about the world through a career. Any of these accomplishments would have given her some cache as a world figure.

      Instead she hasn’t budged from being a shallow, insipid woman who should be embarrassed to rub shoulders with world leaders.

      And it’s irritating to see people willing to feed her sense of entitlement. The Royal photographer made the ridiculous statement that she could have been a great photgrapher. Then why didn’t she pwork as a photographer–she had 10 years to practice seriously during her 20s. Olympic athlete Ben Ainslie said she saved the yacht during her visit today. Really, she was better than an Olympic athlete? How stupid do these sycophants think the public is?

      She is a spoiled, self pitying, cold human being. She will never understand noblesse oblige. Every event she attends she takes away compliments, photo ops but she never gives anything back. I saw that in India. Her refusal to attend the Paraolympics celebration and hand out shamrocks demonstrate her complete distaste for humanity. You will only see her at the fun events. Nothing too important for this girl. She can’t be bothered to study up about the important charities, give informed speeches or care about other people. Next stop, Wimbledon with her hideous, rough mother and sister.

      I think forums like KMR and a few others along with the occasional journalist are really heroic for training a spotlight on her lies, her contempt, and her beyond crazy self regard. She is a train wreck.

      Sorry, I think you all are very kind towards her and your comments are often brilliant. But I do not see her changing because she does not have the intellect or the heart or the courage to assume the role of her exceptionally priviledged world.

      She will soon lose her cutie pie looks and that might send her over the bend. I just wish she and Wills would retire to the country manor never to be heard from again. They will never embrace their priviledged position and the duty to others that it demands.

      1. Indiana Joanna, you have summed up my feelings for these two in that last paragraph.

        Rhiannon don’t go, keep ranting we need it KMR is getting noticed by people and we can only hope that those who are close to the Lambridges will take notice and wake up to what is going on. They cannot keep going on acting like this without consequences. Karma will come around to them.

        I also keep looking for a comment from Wildrose, but I fear that this last post may have made her spontaneously combust.

        1. Tanya’s right. This site is being noticed and somehow, some way, that is going to impact W and K in ways that will truly rock their boat!

          Rhiannon, you are so special and always make a bright and caring presence on this blog. I can’t imagine logging on and not having one or more of your comments to enjoy!!

          I think your recent stomach problems have worn you down and you need time to bounce back. So, take a breather from the blog, if that is what is needed, but, please don’t forget to come back!

          Holding W and K’s feet to the fire is what will make a difference. Even, if they don’t rise to the occasion, the powers at the top will begin to rethink the future of the crown. How could they help but do so?

          I love reading your comments. Love your fair and special ways of making points that need to be made! Don’t give up your fight concerning any subject that gets under your skin. You have the ability to rant fairly and in ways that get the proper attention. Action happens only when people work hard to ensure things change.

          Life would not be the same without you here.

          So, take a break, have a good weekend and a lovely upcoming week.
          There’s more to life than negative people and news. When you are ready to speak out, I believe you will!

          Sending only good wishes your way.

      2. Indiana Joanna and Rhiannon

        I agree with every word said. We all make the mistake that Kate shares our values. She does not.

        No, Kate is not going to change because there is just nothing there: no intelligence, no empathy, no work ethic, nothing but a cold, dull, manipulative woman who used sex to hook a pretty dumb guy (who could, at 19-21 only think with his dick anyway) and pumped out the obligatory kids to secure her future. Why should she change when there are no consequences and all is going her way? Why should she care about anyone but herself? It’s worked so far.

        But worse are these complete numbnuts (whom I am assuming are drugged) who consistently flatter her just for… what? Breathing? What’s.Wrong.With.Them. Maybe they are just caught in the headlights of fame for just a moment and lose their minds. But still they profess her to be the cleverest and fairest of them all: able to be on an Olympic team and save the race! If she’s so good Benny boy, perhaps she can join Zara in Rio in August?

        And as for the Ben Ainslie-Kate thing, she is always hot to trot when a man is around. Any man.

      3. The cutie pie looks are fading fast as so many here have commented upon. If looks is all one prioritises, well, the results will be sad no matter who you are.

    3. I’m going to add my name to the list and say don’t leave Rhiannon, you are part of the KMR community. I enjoy reading your comments and what you have been up to.

      I must say that I am like you and am way over Kate and her lack of ethics. She’s not going to learn, she will continue along the same path as ever as she thinks it is all about her and she is doing everything perfectly. IMO, if I was William I’d be horrified by Kate and her antics, no wonder he usually looks sour.

    4. Dear Rhiannon:

      We need you here. Your sense of fairness, your uncanny ability to size things up so accurately and post in fair ways — even when you are making comments that might appear on the negative side. And, with Kate, how can we help but be negative?

      I agree with all you said above. But, somehow, I think the messages are getting out. Even if Will and Kate don’t change, Harry may be moving up more than we currently know.

      I loved your comment about taking Rebecca to Nordstom’s for a proper undergarment fitting. So funny and so true. You see how much sense you make?!

      This is a community and we love you. Mary Elizabeth stopped visiting for a while and said she’s back and feeling better about commenting, but still angry at Kate. I should let her say that, though.

      I can honestly say that I hope you are feeling better after your stomach problem and that we really can’t bear the thought of losing your warm and wonderful presence on this site. You not only comment so astutely on all the posts, but you care so much about all the other commenters and make a point to let people know you do. It’s always, always a pleasure to read whatever you say on KMR.

      Shame on Kate for all the reasons you pointed out and for much more, too.

      Hang in there and find joy this weekend in the things that bring you pleasure. Know you are cared for very very much everywhere you go!

      1. Thank you all so much. I needed to step away for a minute. I am fond of every last one of you. I love this blog and you all. This was by no means an affront to KMR. I love her writing style, wit, and warmth.

  24. Another visual difference is that she has put on a little weight since what appears to have been her lowest in summer 2011. Her calves and upper arms are shapelier and her face is fuller. It’s probably a difference of maybe 10 pounds, but still looks better anyway.

  25. I know this is random, but Whoa….Jecca has a baby boy. He was born before the wedding, but the pregnancy and birth were kept top secret till her husband recently spilled the beans. Why would they go to such extremes to keep this under wraps? We saw her wedding pics and I think she gives Kate a run for her money in losing baby weight. Jecca for the win….sorry Duchess?

      1. And that he will make another solo trip to Kenya for that ceremony. He does love that country. Maybe he should start sharing it by making it a boys trip and taking his son along. He can buy George some hippie bangles while there, to get his collection started?

        1. I nearly fell over reading about Jecca. I suppose that Jecca wanted a child and she will make a fantastic mother. Will strung everyone along for ages. Definitely another trip to Kenya to be godfather. That will require a lot more attention on Jecca.

          1. Maybe not strung but guessing. I would have thought that when Kate came along he wouldn’t have been in any other girls company.

    1. We only saw some wedding pics because some guests at the wedding posted them on social media and then the regular media picked them up and ran them. Jecca didn’t released any wedding photos. I can totally understand not wanting to share that kind of stuff with the press. Why would she? She’s not famous for anything other than dating William.

      1. The only reason any worldwide press would have any interest in Jecca’s wedding is if William was attending. She was protecting him, obviously, by keeping it a secret. As for the baby being born, but keeping it secret. I find that truly odd. Same way I feel about celebrities who do this. The more you try to hide things from people, the more they try to crack that nut, so to speak. In other words, draws more attention to the very thing you wanted to draw attention from. Anyway, just my thoughts

  26. Oh well, at least we didn’t get to see the dirty boat shoes again.

    As for Kate’s styling of her outfit KMR? Hasn’t she got different wiglets or hair extensions in each photo?

  27. She looks as if she has had untreated gastro for weeks. The animated enthusiasm contrasted to her bored church face at more solemn events is jarring. Her long term future is going to be interesting. I think she thought once she produced two children she could give the duties a miss and just enjoy the perks of her position without any effort, diligence of sacrifice. Mgirks who trade on their looks/physique generally don’t do so well in their 40s & 50s.

    1. Kate Middleton should feel ashamed of herself for ignoring that guy in the wheelchair. If she didn’t notice him then Rebecca should have said something.

      I’m sure Harry would have noticed the guy and talked to him!

      1. Re: Rebecca – There are some very nice bags for executive women available, Rebecca would look more professional if she used one of those rather than a shopping tote? A great bag and great shoes always completes a professional look imo.

      2. She should feel ashamed, but she won’t. Mugging for the camera, flirting with any good-looking man around and acting demure/bashful (man, that ship sailed a l-o-o-n-g time ago!) is what it’s all about for Kate. Caring for others? Not gonna happen.

        Harry would definitely have noticed the chap in a wheelchair and spoken with him, no question about it.

      3. I think that Kate Middleton lacks the ‘shame/embarrassed’ gene. And Rebecca Deacon looks very unprofessional most of the time and what’s with all the pictures of her lately. In my humble opinion if a terrorist or just a wannabe writer wanted the real deal and dirt? Grab Rebecca. It’s just so totally ludicrous for a useless couple to have staff up the ying yang and for staff to have staff. Seriously? I think Rebecca would talk, I personally wouldn’t do this but say she was offered a deal and…oh, I’m having my first cup of coffee in over two months and my imagination is in overdrive.

    2. Kate was too busy flirty and acting bashful. She would have to actually care about others in order to notice them, which is becoming more and more apparent that she doesn’t.

      1. She looked downright stupid and silly. As far as I’m concerned she made a total fool of herself and even with all the fawning and gushing over this mop of hair on a stick I can’t imagine anyone just frothing at the mouth to take her to a private place. She’s used goods. Very used and very icky I think. How she holds her head up….wait, she doesn’t.

        1. “She’s used goods. Very used and very icky I think” – What does this even mean?

          1. I think I worded that all wrong. What I meant was that Kate has used her body to get what she thinks she wants and it’s common knowledge. That’s why I would think that her flirting and coy helpless (helmet) act is, when thinking of the whole picture, just yucky to the guys she flirts with. I guess being known as the mattress is where I was headed. Sorry if this was offensive and I will be more careful in the future 🙁

  28. I was looking at the new pics in the DM of Kate being casual after her day at sea and I know she is naturally thin, but I cannot believe how gaunt she looks. She has no curves at all and she just looks bad. I think she is not eating any fat (and yes, there are plenty of healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil etc.)which is making her look old because she essentially has no padding on her face and she is very pale. Also the skin on her face seems to have become coarse. I love how her hair was down to flap in the wind when sailing, which I am sure was done due to the number of men around, but then she wears it up to be driven home because at that point no one will be looking at her. I feel bad for her if she only sees her value in terms of how men react to her.

  29. My lord, how she lights up next to him! I looked up pics of them at past events. Same spark. Why can’t she get that excited about other things?

  30. I hate for this to sound mean and I’m sure it will come across that way. But I’ve noticed it for a bit.

    Kate is starting to look very masculine. It’s either from drastic weight loss or hormones. There is nothing wrong with a masculine looking woman, but Kate never looked that way before. The massive add-ons to her teeth aren’t helping. She’s starting to look like a man who is dressing himself up to look like a woman and one wearing makeup. I’m really starting to see a lot of weight loss that isn’t healthy. Probably why she has to smile so much as her natural jowels are even more pronounced.

    It’s really sad and startling to see.

    And you all have stated this also, but she can’t hand out shamrocks, but she can attend the fun events. Can’t wait for Wimbledon I bet.

  31. I agree that there is NOTHING to distinguish between all three wears. Her outfit/accessories and hair is exactly the same. I hated the outfit the first time, still don’t like it.

    You can tell she’s had extensions put in, as her hair is noticeably longer than when she recently wore her lilac Roksanda and Michael Kors again.

    I also think this charity is bullshit. Sailing? I mean really? How about picking a sport to support that’s cheaper and more accessible? I don’t know one person in my life who has gone sailing.

  32. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-448624/Pushy-mother-Carole-left-devastated.html

    This is a question for our British commenters or anyone in the upper class. Why is it common to say pardon, and pleased to meet you. I get the word ‘toilet’ isn’t all that posh but the others? This article is from 2007 and it doesn’t look as though things have changed all that much for waity’s eager beaver mummy. I know this is off topic but I would dearly love to hear from the ones who know how to speak ‘upper class’.

    1. From my experience, the British “upper class” are very welcoming if they like you, but if you rub one of them up the wrong way then they can close ranks. Carole rubbed too many up the wrong way with her one-up-man-ship (eg Carole’s “perfect” picnics at Marlborough when everyone else had just taken along what was in the fridge/ cupboard).
      If you genuinely like what the “upper classes” like and are not putting it on then they are nice to you.

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