Kate Middleton sends message of support for Children’s Hospice Week 2016

Kate Middleton sends message of support for Children’s Hospice Week 2016

As has become her custom, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge has sent a letter to East Anglia Children’s Hospice (EACH) in support of Children’s Hospice Week – which is May 23-29 this year.

Kate Children's Hospice Week message 2016

Kate’s letter reads:

    “Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life, but for those caring for children with life-limiting conditions, even this simple act can prove to be incredibly challenging. The practical realities of providing round the clock care mean even activities that so many of us take for granted can be just too complicated.
    “The amazing, and life changing support provided by children’s hospices and palliative care charities across the UK offers a lifeline to families under incredible pressure. This support gives these families the space they need to simply spend time together, which is so important in the most difficult times imaginable.
    “I hope you will join me in supporting Children’s Hospice Week this year; we need to help these families treasure their precious time together.”

Something positive: This message is miles better than the three short sentences Kate released last year for Children’s Hospice Week. That was some generic garbage while this actually touches on just how hard it is for parents to provide round the clock care for their children with these conditions and how hospices help them.

BUT: Why couldn’t Kate have made a visit to EACH, or a non-EACH related hospice, and given this message as a speech? Why couldn’t Kate at least make a private visit to a hospice like she did in 2014? Why couldn’t she have made a video like she did in 2013?

This year’s message may not have been the bare minimum (that was 2015’s message), but it still was not even half of all she could do.

As we know, Kate is Patron of EACH, and has been since 2012. EACH offers free, tailored support for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Considering that their support is free to families, EACH relies solely on donations.

In related news, Kate sent a message of support to ICPCN (International Children’s Palliative Care Network) on May 19, along with a previously unseen photo of her wearing a white jacket. I don’t know anything about what the message actually said. The conference was held in Buenos Aires.

186 thoughts on “Kate Middleton sends message of support for Children’s Hospice Week 2016

  1. Did someone from the hospice write this letter?

    Thanks for putting up this post so quickly KMR, have a great week!

    1. I know, right! Either Rebecca really stepped up her game on this one or the hospice PR person wrote it, lol.

      Have a great week Cathy!

  2. The letter was better than the last. Not short and broken sentences. That is the only credit her team will get from me. As for Duchess Do Little why can’t she show up? I thought she was so keen to fill her diary this year? No work ethic, no drive, nothing to bring to table. Just a half letter and effort. She seriously cannot use and hide behind her excuse of her children forever.

    William and Kate make me so mad. They could seriously do a few engagements a day. That is a few hours. Away from George and Charlotte. It is so insulting to parents that work full time. As my husband and I do. Along with millions of other parents.

    1. Well said Eleanor. William and Kate really hide behind their children. I don’t believe Kate wrote this letter, but it is much better than the last one. Why can’t she attend the charities? Well, we all know Kate avoids work like a cat avoids water. It’s an entire week and she only sends a message. Her presence IS very important. Pathetic.

    2. There is absolutely positively no way that the sailing trip with Ben can be seen as anything but flat out fun for Kate. He doesn’t need her, the yachting clubs don’t need her, and at this point in time I see her more as a liability and loose cannon for Britain than any sort of asset. I find it hard to believe that the PR people think we are so stupid as to buy the ‘can’t bear to leave the kiddos’ bull kaka, since she was able to tear herself away from George for a vacation, and we all know that she has a most competent Nanny. Or two. It’s ludicrous and insulting to try to pass her refusal to do anything that she doesn’t enjoy as ‘I need to be with my kids’ since she is a woman who married a job. Which she has no intention whatsoever of doing. Wimbledon yes, charities, no. I guess I get that some people are just not that into some charities but I wish that she would just flat say so and let those charities find someone who does care. Instead, she keeps them on her ‘books’ so she looks ‘busy and involved’. I don’t know why she bothers since she suffers absolutely no consequences whatsoever not matter what she does or doesn’t do. She has all the perks, the sickening curtsies, the glam and fame. Perhaps she wants to be known as a philanthropist and ever so caring person who uses her status to help others. And that reputation is going to have to be founded on more than a letter which in all likelihood someone else wrote. I remember a while back when a child wanted to meet a real princess. I think, but am not sure that the child was ill. Anyway, this was a chance for Kate to dress to the nines and go all Disney but did she. Nope. Such an easy thing to do and she didn’t.
      Now I’m off to read the article about the flower show.
      Wow, the first few sentences in. Haven’t had time due to diaries? And then I saw that Harry was there with them. And has been quite involved. Well, back to the article and comments.

    3. Totally agree!

      It seem a sailing event with millions of pounds as a ‘sport for the wealthy’ is so much more important than seriously showing up to and working for these charities every month.

  3. So, five hours with Ben Ainslie’s charity – one subsidised by the UK government to the tune of 116 million pounds – with a heavy focus on her sailing/ enjoying herself. Meanwhile other charities relying entirely on private donations get a letter and little else over the years of her patronage. And of course, we have the Irish Guards no-show. Okay. Kate must be incredibly cocooned from reality and/or just doesn’t care. Surely people have her number by now?

    1. So freaking mad about this. Sailing for bloody hours and flirting but cannot get her lazy arse to work

      So mad I could spit.

      Tine for HM to step in and have a word with Kate or slap her up the side of her head

      1. Agreed! This really pissed me off. “Spending quality time with family is important”. How about spending quality time with the charities you claim to support, and the military you claim to support? Join you in supporting this charity? How about you join the rest of us in reality? Stop wasting time “supporting charities” like millionaire boat races and start supporting people in need, like the ones you casually mention in these f***ing letters! Sorry for the swearing but this just angers me. A flipping letter for this charity when boaty mcboatface gets rapturous hours of her time! Arrrgh!!! I have just moved from dislike to contempt for this self-absorbed, vacuous, money-worshiping, speech faking, poorly styled, bleeping bleepity bleep. Go bleep yourself!

        1. Come on, jet, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. Lol

          I agree with every single word. She is sickening. Only a letter to a charity that really needs her help to raise money, but countless visits to play Love Boat. I wish the Queen would pull her head out of the sand and go medieval on Kate’s bony ass!

    2. You are right Jen and Tanya. It’s because of this I don’t believe Kate’s “poor me” face. Many people say she doesn’t seem well at her engagements, but if you notice her at engagements she likes (like sailing, movie premieres, Wimbledom), she is very happy. I think she doesn’t like the royal duties or the charities where she has to show “compassion”, for this reason she seems very sad and bored.

      1. Jen and Tanya, a thousand times, yes!

        She could spend all that time with Ben, enjoying herself in every way: sailing, flirting, having fun, and this is what the people who run the Hospices get?

        I’m fuming. This really is outrageous. I don’t care if the letter is better than previous ones that were sent, this is the ultimate in not being around for your patronages in any way. A letter? Big deal!

        Yes, the families of children in hospices need support and attention to their concerns. So, of course, do the children!!!!! I guess it is too much to ask the Duchess to show up and feign concern and interest. But, let me think about what I just wrote, please. If the interest is not sincere, why bother? Why not pass the patronage over to Sophie, or someone else with dignity, compassion, and a positive work ethic?

        Really, I am so angry and so sad over her lack of caring and showing that she does. You can take that letter and — well, you know where i am going, I assume!

        1. I wish I’d read your comment before commenting above. I’m fuming too. This important charity gets a letter, that she likely didn’t write or sign, and Big Ben gets hours of her happy face. This is a nice site, so I’m censoring myself, but I’m calling her every mean name that anything to do with body parts, and things that go in and come out of them. Bleepity bleep.

          1. Jamel, you are so sweet. I love your comments, too!!!
            I still remember the first time you posted. You were so apologetic that you may not have been saying things correctly, but wow, you said it all!!!!! And, still do!

    3. Bless her heart! Kate managed to squeeze a letter between five hours of flirting with Ben and planning her royal box wardrobe for men’s tennis.

      Isn’t palliative one of Kate’s stumble-mumble words? This letter could not have been a speech for Kate to deliver without a revision to remove that pesky word.

    4. As KMR said about William, she needs to check her privilege and try to help those who need it. That is what her job is I believe. So sad for that charity.

    1. I’m mostly versed in American comma usage, so Britain may have different rules–nevertheless, that comma after “the amazing” seems to just be floating out there, abandoned and confused. Nitpicking it may be, but you have to nitpick in professional communication, and Kate’s letter is, theoretically, that.

        1. There either needs to be a comma after “life-changing” or the “and” needs to be removed. Looks like someone edited verbiage and didn’t change punctuation to me.

    2. You are very kind. This would not make it to rough draft stage. I’d assume this was written by someone whose first language wasn’t English or who wasn’t taught English English. Or someone ill educated in the English language.

      I’d give it F for very poor grammar, very poor sentence construction, very poor use of punctuation, repetitive sentences that aren’t moving the narrative along, lack of flow and structure, badly written paragraphs.

      And that’s after taking points off for lack of top and tailing the letter.

      This is supposed to be a formal letter. Spoken and written English are different. As currently written, it reads as a speech. Every single, misplaced punctuation mark is a pause in a speech. And that’s before the bad grammer.

      Did all her office skip English language classes or not read any classics to improve their grammer

      1. Well, I do teach Junior High…so, unfortunately for Kate, I was comparing it to 8th graders.

        I find it insulting that KP thinks this is acceptable. How stupid do they think the public is nowadays? For people whose very existence hinges on tradition and formality, one would think crafting a formal letter would be a priority.

        At least she didn’t use the word keen.

  4. Well, we have to wait untill May 29 to see if criticism is valid. She could make a private or public visit sometime this week…the letter is better this year, and since India, palace PR has been getting William and Kate on the calendar more.

    1. Yeah, a short visit. Big deal. I’m with Rhiannon. I’m sick to death of all this garbage from the Duchess!

    2. “PR has been getting William and Kate on the calendar more” > I haven’t counted WK’s engagements since they got back, but that seems hardly true. Someone brought up this subject a few posts ago. We just have the impression they are working because they’ve been more present in the media, with the Obamas visiting, Kate’s Vogue spread and the Heads Together video. I don’t think they have been more active regarding their charities.

      1. William has been quite active the last couple of weeks, but his solo engagements without Kate or Harry don’t get much attention. I guess Kate has been a little more active, but it’s things like going to see photographs of herself and flirting with Sir Ben. I don’t like William, but I think I see the point a poster has been making in this thread: we would find him more tolerable if he had married a more suitable woman.

  5. I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised that Kate choose to do the bare minimum. I think we just have to face it ladies and gentlemen, Kate will never give more than she already has, she will never go above and beyond, I think she is doing all she wants to do and to expect more is nothing more than an exercise is frustration. She won’t magically get more interested in others once she becomes the POW, she won’t suddenly find some confidence or compassion, she won’t suddenly stand up straight and quit clutching her crotch, I think this is the best it’s going get…sigh.

    I think I’m done with her now.

      1. Oh, I’m not done with this blog I’m just done with Kate and her limited…well everything. Sorry but you can’t get rid of me that easy 🙂

        1. Phew. You cannot go! As for KM, I echo the more eloquent sentiments above and below. If she cannot handle these kinds of charities, then put her on charity light and call a spade a spade. Disgusting. Especially in light of her other activities. She looked like a corpse at the flower show. They just need to stick her back home and pull out the royals who give a damn.

        2. And it’s a “phew” from me too!

          Afterall I need to see your name coming up at least once a day Lauri to remind me about my posture!

          (I’m sitting up straight while I write this!)


          1. Rhianon, you are here! Thank goodness.
            I could not have stood it if you left this blog for good!
            I hope you are feeling better!!!!

    1. Yet how she expected to do a great job??? When she has never had a job. She sat on her ass for a decade. Waiting for Big Blue. She had fluff part time to fill in the time Billy Boy didn’t want her around. So it’s pretty hopeless to expect anything from Waity. When she has no real goals or drive to begin with. I find it completely offensive. What makes me more mad is that she has a daughter. So what is she going to teach Charlotte??? To sit around,let yourself me used and abused by a guy, and have no real goals and dreams for yourself? That you measure your own worth by a man??? I’m fuming right now. Sorry for the long rant KMR.

      1. Karma is a wonderful thing. It always comes back to bite you in the butt!
        So, maybe, Charlotte is going to become one tough and hardworking lady. Maybe, as time goes on, she will actually have a wonderful mentor who will see her abilities and help her hone them! Maybe, she won’t want to lead the same type of shallow and vain life that her mother does.

        I think the anger against Kate is at a pivotal point. Count me in as one who was also upset by the fact that she spent five — count them – five hours with Sailor Man the other day and all the Hospices for Children got is a letter. So far.

        And, I may be jaded, but if she visits a Children’s Hospice, you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that she won’t spend even half that amount of time there.

        After so much amazing coverage of Harry’s exceptional work, after so many hours of courageous men and women competing in sports despite the many obstacles they face, it’ s even harder to see Kate’s shallow, foolish behavior.

        The letter doesn’t cut it for me. Actions always speak louder than words!

        1. I hope George and Charlotte find that mentor. It will be probably Nanny Maria that guides these two children. At least they have her.

    2. I think we’re in the same place, Lauri. I can’t even get fired up by her shenanigans anymore because well, they’re always the same, and she’ll never change. I just shrug and go “eh, that’s so Kate.”

      But I do enjoy reading and interacting with all the posters here! You guys are fun.

      1. I was looking back through the KMR archives a few days ago and we are complaining about the exact same things we were complaining about 3 years ago. During that time she has given one speech that lasted more than a minute and during that speech her hair was constantly in her face, I know we were all excited that maybe she would start speaking out about her charities more but she hasn’t. I continue to come back not for Kate but for the great community KMR has built here, the support and interaction between the various commenters is so rarely found anywhere in life let alone on the internet, that I just can’t stay away.

        1. Completely agree. It is an amazing place. I never thought I would be posting on a blog, but this is an exceptional place.

  6. I’m sorry, but I am not impressed. Sending these letters is just lazy. She doesn’t have a busy calender like Charles and the Queen. There is no reason why she couldn’t have filmed a message or visited in person even for an hour.

    She misses memorials and the Irish guards but can show up to Wimbledon and spend hours sailing or going on a hike or safari.

    If the subject matter of a children’s hospice is too emotional for her to handle, or if she feels uncomfortable around sick children, she should have just become patron of sports related charities instead of making a promise to support the hospice(s) and never showing up. But she was so preoccupied with trying to make herself out to be the next Diana she wasn’t being honest with herself. If she is more comfortable with sports than she is with sick children that’s fine. But don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Let harry visit children since he actually seems to like them.

    I think she is vain, superficial, and self absorbed. If vogue could go out to anmer hall to take that photo shoot there is no reason why someone couldn’t have driven up there with a camera and filmed Kate giving this message as a speech if she didn’t want to leave her kids.

  7. I have been reading and enjoying this blog for a while now,and I like all participants and their points of view along with KMR, but I noticed that recently people started blaming William for being lazy and trying to control Kate and that he is the reason she is not working and so on so forth,while i think the only thing he should be blamed for is for marrying her to start with,and had his family really cared for his happiness they would have stood in her and her mother’s face and stopped this relationship,William was stalked and trapped in a loveless marriage to someone whom I think promised him the moon and that she will work and relentlessly serve the people and forgot everything when she got there and started believing she is a real princess who deserves all she is getting without giving anything in return,and one cannot say she is suffering from living with him,because she lived with him for nearly ten years,and this is more than enough time to know and understand your partner,unless she though she can change him,which is an awful base for marriage that we are seeing the result of now. I am sure William was led or forced or driven into this marriage , and he is more than regretting it now…nontheless,what is done is done but I really am with William who might have been indulged and had his way but not properly guided , I once read that anything wrong in the children is the result of the parents’ way of bringing them up,so he lost his mother at a very critical age,and I don’t know a lot about his relation with his father but i don’t think it was positive enough, and was finally awarded with a wife who is so self centered she does not bother with a sick man on a wheelchair behind her while getting out of the sailing center,and this in itself is an answer enough for the kind of person he is living with

    1. I still remember William’s happy free personality before he got married,so I know i might be the only one here , but i really think he is the one under stress in this marriage, especially that he is married to someone whom i think has a strong and willful but not such a deep personality…I wish I can tell him someone here is supporting the effort he is showing nowadays and to keep it up

      1. Hey Alia, I appreciate that you’re still able to see the good in William or rather remember the good qualities he once displayed. But one thing to consider is how he always boasts of doing the opposite of what his paid advisors tell him so I’m not sure if he’d even seriously consider his family’s opinions. I do agree that he was overindulged after his mothers’ death and we’re seeing the effects of this now that his youthful exuberance and mother’s looks have faded – he is quite simply a man out of touch with reality and no coping mechanisms to get through life. Unlike, his brother who had to face his problems in the glare of the public eye from a very young age, his current private life situation is quite probably the first problem he is having to face, without the comfort of knowing his status and royal family would save the day or at least have him come out looking unscathed – his actions and the growing contempt for him, which he has unwittingly encouraged, will see him being taken to task if he so much as thinks about lbreaking away from Kate and the Middletons not to mention his children.

        1. Hi em,I’m with you all the way with what you said about him,and i know he is not perfect,but i think this got worse now because he is not happy with his life,or because he is trying to cover for her,I’m sure things would have been different had he married a caring charming kind of person,but what is really irritating me is that the media is going out of their way to frame him as the monster who is controlling kate’s life who did nothing all her life and not let her work or achieve , and now even pippa,which makes me wonder what kind of career did pippa have that william forced her to leave,I mean come on the man can barely control his life let alone a bunch of wilful people with no work ethic who want to laze around

        2. Em and alia, I agree with you. It’s interesting how Harry, whose life has always been under the influence of his being the “Spare” has developed so magnificently and William has failed in many ways. Then, there were those horrible rumors that Harry wasn’t really Charles’ son. My gosh, what he was put through.

          I can’t get into the William bashing completely. I do think he was easily manipulated by Carole and Kate as a younger man and really bought into the “family” atmosphere they created. Now, he must have woken up, but with two kids of his own, he feels riveted to the marriage.

          I’m not excusing his many mistakes, nor saying, “If you are so unhappy, get a divorce,” but I think I stand more on his side than on Kate’s.

          1. I agree Jenny. I think Carole is very calculated. Not saying William is the innocent victim here. I do think that she engineered this entire scenario. I cannot say Kate is the brains of the operation. She is a pawn too. In Carole’s social climbing. Ultimate price and goal was William. She got her hooks in good. I think when William finally realized it was too late. Yet she sacrificed her daughter in the process. It’s actually a very bleak situation. Neither one of them look happy. So really was it worth in the end? Your daughter looks haggard and old beyond her years. As well as her husband. And there are two innocent children involved.

          2. Yes, William was manipulated by Carole (substitute mum) and Kate (ever-ready with sex and flattery). At nineteen, what else is in a boy’s mind? His relationships with his own family may have been strained, with little guidance offered or if so, not heeded. William really is a mess in so many ways. He has incredible difficulty with follow-through: courses, careers have seen him struggle or bail. I would not be surprised if that also applied to his marriage.

          3. jenny,aleanor and jen.I agree with every word you say. i know william’s personality is a mess but still i sympathise with him,cause i think his life would have been a lot better had he married a woman with deeper ,more caring and compassionate personality,instead he was led one way or another into marrying a woman who at thirty has achieved nothing in her life but believes what the media made of her,i have the feeling she now thinks she is more a royalty than him,watch them how she gets angry whenever it is raining and he does not hold the umbrella over her head. I know william might have been over indulged by his family,but kate has also been over indulged by the media,i mean what with this walk in buthan without her sweating,a walk that was hidden from the cameras,what do they take us for?she is a human being,right? again i don’t deny william’s flaws which are getting even worse because i think he is the one depressed in this marriage,and all his media control is to hide how they are living,and while she has her mother’s support ,he has nobody,he really reminds me of a student pushed by his parents and the school to be an A student but his heart is not into it,and that’s william pushed ever since childhood to be a king,not forgetting that he didn’t have an easy childhood,and maybe he means well and trying as hard as he can but his heart is not into this,his solace seem to be his children,and although i wish both he and kate all the best,still I don’t know why but i have this feeling that Harry will eventually be the king

          4. William was over indulged after Diana. They put on the kid gloves. Not saying that William and Harry didn’t deserve it. They had lost they’re mother at critical ages. Harry has come through far better than William. William has this sadness about him. Almost like a lost puppy. He has no direction at all. Yes he will be King one day. It’s his destiny if want to go that route. Yet in preparing him or there lack of preparing him. He has no focus, no goals. It seems to me. It’s like is just waiting to be King. Find something to do. It will happen sooner than later. Yes I know he is big on environmental conservation with the Tusk Trust. Yet there is so more that he can contribute in the mean time. The man needs to be sat and told what is acceptable and expected of him. His people should all be fired. They do not have the balls to tell him like it is.

    2. Adults, at some point in their lives need to stop blaming their parents. William and Kate are adults. They are parents! I’m sick to death of their lazy and superficial ways.
      If in ten years, William didn’t know what Kate was like, he’s more of a jerk than most people already think he is. As for his loved ones stepping in and stopping the marriage, well, after Diana died, it seems everyone bent over backwards to make sure that William was ok. Anything he wanted. Anything he needed. Blah, blah, blah.

      Good luck to George and Charlotte and just remember, kids. When things go off the track in your later years, you can blame your parents and not try to help yourselves.

      1. Totally agree. I get that things that happen in your childhod will help determine who you are as a person. But at some point you gotta grow up. Everyone has some kinda childhood issue or another. No one has a perfect childhood. But you make do. These 2 are just entitled and don’t give a rat’s @ss about anything except themselves.

        1. My mother died when I was 2 my father couldn’t take me due to his job. My grandmother stepped in and raised me on her pension and social security. I grew up having what I needed but not always what I wanted. I grew up ok and managed not to pull the pity me card after about the age of 10. So I don’t feel for willie anymore. Hiding behind Diana is so 20th century

          1. Hi, vickiv:
            I’m sorry about the loss of your mom. Especially when you were so very young. I’m sorry your dad could not be there for you, too.
            Your grandmother stepped in and gave you a loving home and obviously, you had the strength to move forward. You deserve to be congratulated for your coping with something others may not have been able to handle so well.

            I’m also tired of William hiding behind the loss of his mother. Harry lost her, too. And, he is a man who works hard on behalf of others. I know people are different and the brothers have reacted in different ways. I think Carole has taken control of both W and K and is not about to let go!

          2. dear Vickiv although loosing a mom is very hard,but I think you were quite lucky for having your grandma to take care of you who seems to have done an excellent job,still beside the fact that people differ in personality I think your circumstances are also different from william,and i do not belittle what you went through only trying to tell you that his life is a bit different than yours, for he knew his mother and was attached to her ,he was also brought in the public eye,even his sorrows had to be controlled. I don’t know why but William reminds me so of The Truman Show , and to top it all,instead of having a compassionate caring wife,he stuck with dear kate…wish you all the best vickiv,i think you are great

          3. It does not matter how old a child is when a parent dies. It’s an overwhelmingly sad situation. Vickiv, your grandmother was there for you and I hope that was helpful throughout your childhood and teen years. If she is still with you, so much the better, too!

            I have great sympathy for William and Harry for losing their beloved mother at their ages. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I lost my mom when I was one of their ages. Nor, do I know how I would react as an adult!
            William seems to have become so bitter and angry and Harry has turned outward towards others. They have different personalities, but in the long run, I think Harry’s healing process is the better choice.

            I hope George and Charlotte aren’t hidden away too much as a result of William’s apparent paranoid behavior. The children need to realize that they are loved not only by their family members, but by the people! Such love, if handled properly, can only make them more caring people.

      2. I understand what you are saying jenny,but this is what the theory is implying,giving a child what he wants is not good nor proper guidance , especially for a king,and he really tried to break with her twice I think,but something forced him back,and I say forced because he did not seem as happy as the other royals in europe who married out of real love..anyway,I don’t want to make anyone angry here as i know most of you are against him which i feel wouldn’t have happened had his wife showed more commitment towards her role as royalty,and thank you for answering jenny

        1. Alia I think with William they did over compensate. I agree he did lose his mother at a critical age. As did Harry. Yet Harry seems to have grown into a very well adjusted adult. William not so much. I definitely believe that he was forced to marry her. Not from the Windsor’s but from the Middleton side. Carole especially pushed and engineered the entire situation. And when he wanted to break if off. Carole wasn’t going to have her special snowflake humiliated in front of the world. She probably black mailed him to get her way. I wouldn’t put it past her. Carole is a social climber. Raised her daughter to be a stage five clinger just like her.

          1. thank you for your answer aleanor,and if i remember correctly william was a happy man before getting married,he interacted better with people and people loved him,up until his engagement ,then even his smile became artificial,I don’t know just my hunch…always felt you’re lovely people here and wanted to interact with you but thought twice about it as english is my second language..thank you again for your opinion aleanor

        2. Hi, alia. Thank you for your reply, too.

          I’m afraid we differ on our ideas of William’s behavior. He knew Kate for 10 years and I don’t feel anyone but Carole put any gun to his head to marry her. He’s an adult, right? And, he certainly was old enough when he married to be his own person. It’s not like he was a kid being forced into any wedding.

          I tend to side more with William than with Kate most often. I’m beginning to question why I do that. I guess the answer is that I think he was duped as a younger man. Carole and Kate teamed up on a more innocent William and got their hooks into him and never let go.
          As he got older, I wish he had gotten stronger. It looks like he won’t though.

          So, we are each entitled to our opinions. If William doesn’t look too happy in his marriage, I don’t think Kate does either. But, they seem to be willing to dig their heels in. To benefit their kids, I assume. Though what kind of a benefit that is, I don’t know.

        3. I think he’s always been spoilt and arrogant, but he has more training than her (a lifetime of it), and while he lacks the charisma and warmth of Harry, he’s fairly professional during his engagements when he’s not making flat jokes. He was with Ralph Lauren at the hospital last week, and he seemed engaged and interested, imho.

          I’ve also seen more pictures of him engaged and connected with George than I have of Kate, but that might not mean anything as we don’t see everything.

          I don’t mean to defend William, because I don’t really like him, but he does seem more at ease when Kate is not around.

      3. One other thing to remember is they are both being kept at a dependent/child level by Carole if she really is at Anmer overseeing things and catering to them. They aren’t going to grow up and deal with their lives if they’ve got someone to do it and baby them (cheese toast for William, smoothies for Kate) all the time.

        1. exactly liza,what kind of marriage is that,i had a friend who found that she couldn’t live with her husband at an early stage,but both her mother and his kept on persuading her to stay with him,but when both mothers died she divorced him,I don’t want to think what’s going to happen to them if Carol for one reason or another left,as she really seems to be the one keeping this marriage on,hope I am wrong cause this really looks like a nice marriage “and i am being sarcastic”

          1. I’m inclined to agree witn everyone’s theories.

            Between the big breakup of 2007 and the eventual engagement, as well as running waity katie stories, the media kept up a strady stream of William the cad with horrid snobby frkates and family who can’t accept plucky, middleclass kate.

            The media repeated this narrative in articles that framed Kate as the perfect wife for William and the royals needing an injection of middle class ingenuity as represented by Kate and her perfect family.

            All media agreed that William had painted himself into a corner by returning Kate after that break up, and therefore had to marry her.

            Fastforward to the engagement interview. As glib and full of lies as it is, it’s clear William believes that Kate is ready. As if he has been convinced of her better qualities as played out in the media. All those ‘strong work ethic/hard working/most prepared royal bride ever’ articles started before the engagement and ramped up with ‘hitting the grojnd running’ during the engagement.

            He was publicly thoughtless to Kate during the canada tour, but he was still happy and perhaps giving her the benefit of the doubt.

            At some point during the winter of that year, something changed. He has looked deeply unhappy and terse as well as tense ever since.

            Until the birth of G. He was ecstatic on the hospital steps. Kate looked like she had finally given him the right thing. As much as he seems to say only positive things about his daughter, he wasn’t as enthusiastic at the hospital in the same way he was about G. Or it was a case of additional child syndrome where one is happy, but you are over it.

            All of that said, i also agree with the opposing idea that he knew/knows the Middletons for a decade and none of this should be a surprise.

            Yet, i bet they only showed him their better side for 10yrs, and after the marriage, especially after the babies, he is seeing them properly for the first time.

  8. I’ve worked out what I dislike about these letters and it’s the lack of humility. She writes as if she is some kind of expert in the field, that she knows and understand the cause and it’s needs. It’s patronising in the the extreme. If it was a retirement home for retired sailors or tennis players I could accept her slight hectoring tone given her expertise in these areas but not this and not with this cause or EACH.

  9. Join you in supporting Children’s Hospice Week??? You would actually have to get off your lazy, entitled a$$ and do something for us to be able to join you! Sorry for the rant, but these two drive me up the wall. How can someone who has been given so much be so uncaring and entitled is beyond me.

    1. I know, right. How exactly is Kate supporting Children’s Hospice Week? Sending supportive thoughts? Or should everyone send them a letter instead of donating money or time?

  10. Well, it appears that in some ways Katie is willing to allow people to expect the same thing of her. A customary letter of support. I don’t think that she herself wrote this ‘expected’ letter since it was unlike the others. Or maybe that is her way of making sure that people don’t ‘expect’ the same thing of her every year. I’m still absolutely astounded that she had the gall to say that she didn’t hand out Shamrocks because she didn’t want people to expect it of her every year. **That’s if she said it***. I could write tons of letters of support to multitudes of charities myself and it might just have the same impact as one written by whoever wrote this one and had Catherine sign it. Heck, I could change my name to Baroness, Lady, or some other fancy title like moniker and who would know the difference.

  11. I am done with W & K, up to this point I have cut them a lot of slack and have hoped that they would grow up and act like adults with some poise and sophistication, but that is not to be. They are shallow, whiny and lazy and have no real interest in anything except themselves, so shame on them. I have nothing to say about them anymore because we have said it all on this blog and I am now convinced more than ever that they are not going to change the way they do things. I do not wish anything bad on them or their children, but I really do not care about them anymore. I do love reading this blog and will continue to do so as I enjoy the posts about other royals that are interesting and who have a real passion about the causes they are involved in. I just find W & K a huge disappointment and their lack of commitment to anything but themselves, given the privileges they have is disgusting.

  12. As Andrew is drawing the heavy flak right now, I guess she’ll get away with it again. But then, the fallout of the affair could well lead to higher expectations and, if we’re lucky, ultimately to the Cambletons to be exposed as what they are. Useless, entitled brats.

  13. catherine and william are going to the flowershow because one flower is named after charlotte and part of the proceeds are going to each hospices …… DON’T JUDGE IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE FACTS

    1. Don’t shout at me. And I can absolutely judge Kate for not bothering to visit her patronages.

      1. They’re back. Everyone ignore the rude behavior after KMR rightly sticks up for herself.

    2. Couldn’t be bothered to show up for either of Harry’s gardens supporting charity, but someone celebrates their favorite PR tool and of course they have room in their schedules.

    3. Gotta side-eye those dive bombers. Here to scream and accuse and then totally disappear. The best thing about this forum is that we can have intelligent, respectful, well-worded, non-all-caps debates like adults — hard to find that anywhere in this day and age.

    4. How sad that Kate fanatics troll sites in order to ‘defend’ her, lol. They act like they are best friends with her.

      1. @notok your a real class act. Easy on the caps. You can get your point across without being rude and obnoxious.

    5. Visiting a flower show is not the same thing as visiting these children and their families in person. I am not one to normally compare Kate to Diana, because I understand that they are different women. However, Diana would interact with sick children in hospitals the way that Harry does and make them feel good about themselves for a day. I stand by the point I made earlier on this thread. If Kate doesn’t want to interact with these children in person she should not have become a patron of this organization. She should have stuck with sports and other causes that match her interests. Writing a letter-or even appearing at the flower show- are insufficient. She should visit the hospice in person and make an effort to brighten the day of these kids and their families. A letter won’t mean anything to these kids, nor will her appearance at a flower show. But if Kate could just give an hour of her time to say hello to these children in person, THAT would bring so much joy to these kids. That’s why this upsets me. She is just lending a picture or a written note to the cause without actually showing that she cares about these kids.

      Take a look at pictures of Crown Princess Madeleine hosting a tea party for children at the palace in Sweden. She dressed up in a gown with a tiara and gave those kids a real fairy tale tea party. If Kate did something like that she would win a lot more respect.

      1. It would be so great if she turned up to a hospice in full princess mode, wouldn’t it? The little girls and their sisters would love it, and probably the little boys too , although they’d probably prefer a footballer! She could go each month with a celebrity sportsman/ woman in tow, or a pop star. Every child in a hospice, and all their siblings deserve a sprinkling of magic fairy dust, and Kate is in exactly the right place to do it. Then she can visit Ben every week too, and no one would mind.m

      2. On the one hand I think there would be a lot of groans if Kate showed up to a hospice in a tiara, but on the other hand I will take any excuse to see tiaras. Plus, the kids would love it. There was one engagement Kate did where the kids were disappointed that Kate showed up in normal clothing because they expected a Princess in a tiara.

        1. I think kids would love it. I would be one of the first in line to give Kate a compliment if she made the effort to brighten the day for the little ones.

    6. Oh, wow. And, how much did they do about the donations? Going to a beautiful flower show and admiring the one named after your daughter is a hell of a lot easier and more fun than hanging out at a Hospice for children and giving them loving support. Their families and the workers, too.

      Notok, no sense! Sorry, I am beside myself today.

    7. dear notok,I think like you we all love royalty here,and the fact that we are writing is to express our frustration of Kate’s poor performance as a modern princess.Give me the queen any time with her commitment and work ethics,she’s my favorite , but the lack of empathy and care that we felt in dear kate could not be hidden by naming a flower after her daughter and giving the proceeds to charities, as first they did not work on coming up with this kind of flower themselves,somebody else did,and as for the proceeds,well normal people are getting out of their way and doing a lot more for charities..but then don’t let facts get on your way dear notok

    8. I think we all know the facts, Notok, and we all know neither would have darkened the show’s doors if not for Charlotte’s flower and EACH proceeds. The real question is why there aren’t more events on their calendars, not that they showed up here this evening. Let’s hope they don’t create any expectations that they will do so again!

    9. I know we shouldn’t feed the trolls, but it cracks me up that even the best Kate defenders can come up with is, “She’s going to a flower show because they named a flower for her kid.”

      So going to visit a pretty vanity item excuses you from not showing up at a children’s charity? Okay then . . . .

      1. It’s extremely narcissistic. Let me go to look at portraits of myself hanging in a gallery. Even though the exhibit for Vogue was open months prior. Let’s go to the flower show because they named a flower after our daughter. Nothing against Charlotte. It just screams me, me, me. Self gratification and stroking of the ego.

    10. notok, in the English language we use capital letters for proper nouns like ‘ Catherine’ or ‘William’ , but we don’t write whole sentences in capitals because it is considered rude. I appreciate English may not be your first language, we have many posters here from Europe and South Anerica, but I just thought I would let you know .

      Oh and another thing, no one insults KMR, no one. We are a very close and protective on-line community, and we don’t like anyone being personally insulted, but we don’t accept anyone insulting KMR. Just a heads up.

    11. According to the Daily Mail “It is being sold for the first two years through Waitrose with half the profits going towards EACH – East Anglian Children’s Hospice – of which Kate is patron.”


      Most people would interpret the DM article to mean that half the price of the plant (£8 or about $11.60 US) would mean £4 (about $5.80) going to the charity. However, notice it says half the “profits”.

      The Telegraph reports the amount of the donation will be 50p (about 75¢ US) per plant sold http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/05/princess-charlotte-chrysanthemum-goes-on-sale-at-waitrose-and-on/

      Big difference. Good PR spin on the wording though…but personally I don’t care for flowers that look like they are not mature. I never warmed up to those “green when ripe” tomatoes either 🙂

      1. When I read the part about getting half of the profits in the article I did a massive eye roll and figured pennies on the dollar/pound. It’s getting hard to not roll my eyes whenever I see Kate lately.

        Did you notice she knew exactly where the flowers were being sold? But shopping is her life!

  14. Oh gosh look another letter from Catherine!! Once again she’s shown how she cares so very much!

    Her patronages need a t-shirt that says:

    “1851 Trust got 5 hours. All we got was a letter and a t-shirt.”

    Just more of the same from do as little as possible Kate.

    1. How about:

      “1851 Trust got 5 hours. All we got was a letter. We had to make the t-shirt ourselves.”

      1. But wait, they got an Emma Bridgewater mug. So EACH gets a letter and a mug. 1851 gets time and attention and an “engaged and keen Kate Middleton”.

  15. Okay, I swear that first paragraph is one she has said in a speech or video before? It sounds like something she has said before…..Nothing new and original here. I am with everyone else, once again she has no problem doing the light engagements, but not the sersious ones that she supposedly was ‘keen’ about at one point.

    1. That is exactly the first thing that twigged in my mind when I read it, Overit! I’m sure we’ve heard her say those exact words, verbatim. I believe it was one of the very first small series of sentences ( cause I have yet to hear her make a real speech) she attempted. You know, back when we still thought it was all the start of something good, and still had patience with the “baby steps”.

  16. Ok, so if we’re going to allow blame to blanket parents for what their adult children do or don’t, then doesn’t it make sense that if a child succeeds enormously we are also to take that credit. I don’t see it that way at all. My children had the best parenting my husband and I could give. The rest was up to them. I feel bad about some of what I was during their childhoods but I really think at times that parents, especially mothers, are simply walking guilt magnets. There’s a reason for an age that is considered to be adulthood.
    I agree that William was backed into a corner as far as having to marry someone with a working womb to keep the line going, but dang. I may get thrown off the blog for this but I consider his having children an extremely selfish act. He obviously despises his destiny and yet brings two innocents into the same situation. He is not stupid enough to believe that he can protect them from the press forever, that people won’t view them as ‘different’. And his mummy was 37? when she died, no? Not a small child. William is whacked out in his ‘normal’ thinking and waity is just a dependent child in a woman’s body.
    I read somewhere that Diana and William were on the outs when she died and I suspect that he suffers wracking guilt. I also think that he married waity to spite his family and suffers deep regret over that choice. ”Like, so I gotta get married and have kids, I’ll show you’. He did ***not*** have to marry, or have children. That was his choice and a lousy one.

    1. I do feel sorry for those two children being saddled with such parents. They’ll probably grow up to be just like them.

      You bring up a good point about William choosing marriage and children. If he really did not to be King he could have resisted both.

    2. Hi royalsareajoke when you say Diana and William were on the outs does that mean has a row or fallen out?

      1. I think that she died shortly after the Panorama interview which angered William and they were still not on good terms when she died. Perhaps one of our more knowledgeable posters could flesh this out, but this much I’m certain about. William was very upset with his mother.

        1. William was angry at his mother because he, Harry and Diana were vacationing in St Tropez on Dodi’s boat and all the paparazzi were there. She was putting on a show for them and William resented that.

          1. hi maya,i just mean to say that when diana and dodi were together in st tropez, both william and harry were in balmoral with their father

  17. “Regrettably, I cannot be there with you to support Children’s Hospice Week. Instead, as patron, I’m sending this note in hopes that other people will be inspired by it to support you where I cannot. Spending time with family is important, which is why I’m at home with my two healthy children who, as far as I know, will live long and happy lives. And even if they did fall ill, I wouldn’t have any the silly financial concerns you have to worry my pretty dumb little head about. So while you’re trying to make the last few days, weeks, or months of your child’s short life comfortable while also juggling a job so you can feed yourselves and the rest of your family, I really can’t be bothered to leave my two darlings in the care of the nanny for a few hours to show my support. You really wouldn’t want me there either since I can in no way relate.

    Besides, yesterday while you were enduring the hardest thing a parent will ever be asked to endure, I was boating and making goggly eyes at a cute bloke, and my children really can’t handle Mummy working two days in a row. So sorry. I’d say see you next year, but my assistant tells me that “hospice” means that you will be beyond needing my help and support by this time next year. I will apparently have a whole new batch of kids to disappoint. So sorry,/not sorry. My kids who will never have to worry about getting the best medical care in the world or have to see their parents stress over how to pay the bills when attention should be on more important things, come first. Toodles.”

    There, Rebecca, I fixed it for you!

      1. +1 and don’t bother with just Kate. Send it to parliament and to Jason!! Have it printed in the paper, this is absolutely sweet!! I see that others have beat me to the punch on sending this everywhere. In any case love it love it love it and hope it goes flat out viral. Perhaps you could dress up as a princess and read it on you tube? Then as you say ‘toodles’ spinkle fairy dust and fade away in the sparkle of it. Oh, I am just getting too carried away since I wanted to modify and not ask KMR to have to delete this post. I don’t know how to make an embarrassed emoticon.

    1. Thanks Lilibet for saying what I thought after reading the letter. Really, shame on Kate. I would think someone who has the good fortune to apparently have two healthy children, would have the grace to understand and truly contribute to those who sadly have seriously ill children.

      1. The lack of topping and tailing always bothers me. It is so unprofessional if this is supposed to be a letter. My dyslexic kids could do better. It is soooo unprofessional to send out ‘ letters” like this.

    2. If I was Kate and I read this I would hang my head in shame but then I’m not a self serving narcissist so imagine it would go right over her silly, pampered head.

      1. Right because she would just think of it as oh people are just mean because of who I am, I don’t read that sort of thing. I’m sure she can’t fathom that what she did this week and that the letter in general is tacky and tasteless.

    3. Lilibet, that was fantastic.

      Please send it to Kate.

      And if Jason (formerly known as Poor Jason) reads this, he should pass it on to Kate as well.

    4. This is brilliant, Lilibet. Please, someone with a Twitter account post this as a reply to KP, people need to read this!

    5. Lilibet, do I have your permission to use this on twitter? It is absolutely spot on and shows your empathy towards the parents of terminally ill children (not like the “letter” above) as well as the well deserved scorn for Middleton’s callous disregard of EACH.

      1. Thank you Lilibet and my twitter handle is YvesAdams. I just came home and have a few things to do. I will see to it, that Kensington Palace sees your comment tonight.

  18. I don’t comment on clothes, hair, thinness, state of marriages, etc. but I keep wanting to comment on these posts. But…but…the rest of you have already commented on the “Kate and William don’t bring anything else to the table” items so no sense repeating it! It’s so frustrating. I want them to do good things. To help people.

    I get the distinct impression (from the photos) that a lot of the other members of the RF, especially Harry, really wish W&K weren’t there. Just my opinion.

  19. Greetings Everyone,

    Have a short window of opportunity to hammer this out – and boy I swear to God I could wring this jumped up Madams neck for her absolutely disgraceful, selfish and pathetic “support” as she calls it of the work of the Hospice.

    A cardboard cut out doll could have done better.

    She can pamper herself, starve herself within an inch of her life, go to an engagement where she is surrounded by men and flirts but cannot bring herself to actually bother to turn up at a Hospice – ANYWHERE.

    I am sick of the kids excuse, I am sick and tired of the bull shit this brainless, sellfish, over indulged stick insect pulls.

    Cardboard kate and weak willy have done more for the dissolution of the Monarchy than Charles I – and personally this vapid female will be the most UNPOPULAR female ever to get near a throne – and I will even dare to say this, that Camilla is worth 10 of this cardboard cutout.

    Her Laziness will turn up to the opening of an envelope, flaunt herself at Wimbledon after drooling over all the tennis players, get to the flower show because it shows her off (even if a flower is being named after another kid of hers) and outshines her own daughter, vanity at it’s best, and all the press will oooh and aahh around this pampered doll who has as much appeal as a sailors disease.

    I am sick to death of being “nice” about it. There is no kindness in this woman, there is no warmth in this woman, there is no humanity in this woman unless it is in front of the cameras and even then it as like drinking lukewarm tea.

    Well – I hope she rots for this – and believe me it takes a lot to get me so furious that I can even say it.

    Hospices are humbling, caring, loving environments – these hardworking, suffering children, heartbroken parents, caregivers and the like do not need middleton anywhere near them.

    They would be better off telling her to shove her letter and remove her as a Patron.

    karma – as you know is a “B….” and trust me she is going to get hers for this.

    The marriage is doomed, willy the weak cannot stand to be anywhere where she is, he does next to nothing, yet of course the WC bully brigade trot out that they give to Charity – well I bet my own freezing butt that the only Charity they support is themselves.

    I have nursed the dying – I have helped out at the Hospice many times over the years and this just makes me sick having a woman that is so far up herself that she can use her time fawning all over a man who has probably had to hire a “rent a crowd” when they knew she was turning up, but couldn’t get off her butt long enough to do something meaningful apart from have someone type a letter and use a facsimile for her signature.

    An absolute disgrace.

    As for me – it is bitterly cold, howling winds – and time to go on watch. Rough seas and makes it hard to check 1290 emails however KMR is my little pleasure – like good coffee.

    A basket full of happiness to you all, remember that all things are possible, keep a spring in your step, a smile in your pocket and all the love your heart can hold.

    The Wild Rose

    p.s. Again – KMR you do a great job and are appreciated.

    1. Don’t come home just yet Wild Rose, we are having stormy weather here. It’s meant to be better next week though.

    2. Wild Rose! Hands down your best rant. I laughed so hard I had tears. “…who has as much appeal as a sailors disease.” And you have decided you will no longer be “nice”. Wild Rose, aside from your dedication towards others, one of the reasons you have a solid fan base at KMR, is because you stopped being “nice” about Katie a while ago.

      Thanks! I don’t mean it disrespectfully, but you gave me a good laugh. A basket full of happiness sent your way.

  20. I’m just gonna admit it. I didn’t actually read the letter. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything. As for the flower show. Seeing as they were pretty much only there because there was a flower named after Charlotte, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to bring her out? You cn keep her in her stroller and walk around to see the flowers. Hardly seems difficult. But then again, anything more than lifting a finger is asking too much of them.

      1. Plus, what if Charlotte is uncomfortable being without her primary caregiver – nanny Maria? That would give the ‘hands-on mummy’ game away.

        Of course it would have made sense to bring Charlotte to see a flower named after her, but, hey, too much trouble and no doubt would have removed attention from narcissistic mummy. Geez, that kid is going to have a helluva time with a ‘mother’ like that.

    1. “Seeing as they were pretty much only there because there was a flower named after Charlotte, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to bring her out?”

      If it were Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel they definitely would have brought Estelle. But I suspect that Charlotte has barely left Anmer Hall in her entire 12 months of life. I don’t think Nanny Maria is allowed to bring the kids anywhere else.

      1. If it is true that Charlotte has barely left Anmer, how sad for the poor little girl that she is not getting the chance to see the world and get a wider view of people around her- all due to her parents paranoia and narcissism. They are denying their children a chance to grow and some wonderful experiences- that can only come by being out and about in the wider world (with loving, sane and protective parents guiding them close by).

  21. IF (yes that is a capital IF) Kate were working more, folks would not have any problem with her “phoning it in” like this from time to time.

  22. Omg, how can anyone have such little empathy or compassion?

    How can you have a team working for you so stupid that they would advise doing this as a good idea? If she hadn’t spent five hours sailing, it wouldn’t be so outrageous, but I think the only words are WTf! If they are both clearly so idiotic, someone with some needs to step in, fire their people and put someone in who is not afraid of them and will tell them how it is and what to do.

    I want to like Kate and William, but they are clearly just horrible people.

    1. 1. Yes, they are that stupid – or rather, don’t give a toss.
      2. They hire people who will not challenge them, just obey.
      3. The BRF looks after itself (with UK peoples’ money, of course) – they’d only step in if their own welfare (privilege, status) was threatened.
      4. Kate and William are ugly examples of humanity.

      1. Times a 100 to everything that Jen has said. Thanks to WK, I am disgusted by the BRF in general. If these two are the future, then the BRF should go the way of the dodo.

  23. She shouldn’t have sent that letter. I would rather have silence versus that patchwork of a letter. And the letter being sent so close to her jaunt in the sea with Ben. At this point, the children’s hospices need a new patron. One who will be active and be more than a figurehead. At this point, Kate’s monogram on KP letterhead is working harder than she is.

    Thank you so much, KMR for putting this up so fast. I hope that you have a lovely week. Same to all of my friends on this blog!

    1. Agree +1000 Rhiannon.
      I feel gutted for the charity receiving that lame letter. This is ‘filling up the diary’? This is being ‘passionate’ about her ‘work’? This is ‘keen’? Kate is a complete joke, a waste of space. I do hope the charity gives her the flick.

    2. It’s shocking just how little attention EACH has gotten from Kate over the years. They really have gotten the shaft.

  24. I see that Kate theme dressed for the flower show. Plants are green, so Voila! Guess what our favourite airhead wears?

    1. I had to chuckle when i saw the pics in the DM. Such originality!

      And William and Kate had never been to Chelsea before – not supported Harry – because of ‘diary issues’. Sure that’s not due to ‘lazy issues’??

      But my favouritest of favourite comments from Kate when she and Williams were speaking with the couple who created the chrysanthemum named after their daughter:
      “Do they grow well outside? Well done, it’s beautiful,” said Kate as they left.

      1. William asked them if they knew how to spell chrysanthemum. He stated he cannot even pronounce it. Another joke falling flat. So William what can you spell and pronounce? Work: no, charity: no, engagement, no. What can they spell is entitled and spoiled.

        I found it funny the other day. I was reading Oh Say you can you say by Dr. Seuss to my kids There is a part about a greedy ape. Eating green grapes. As he ate the grapes they were suppose to make him keener. So maybe that is where Kate gets her vocabulary. She couldn’t pronounce keener so she cut it down to keen.

      2. But my favouritest of favourite comments from Kate when she and Williams were speaking with the couple who created the chrysanthemum named after their daughter:
        “Do they grow well outside? Well done, it’s beautiful,” said Kate as they left.

        Oh she didn’t did she?

        Face palms

  25. My gut tells me there’s something bigger brewing. A rupture or implosion of some sort. They lack self-awareness. It’s too late to change their ways. They are who they are. Fecklessness leads to recklessness. Hubris spawns nemesis. And the chickens always come home to roost.

  26. Richard Palmer tweeted Kate made a visit to discuss women in prison prior to going to the Chelsea flower show, so that’s good news since she’s following up on last year’s visit. The Daily Mail article on the flower show has a lot of Kate and William gems, including his joke that she could steal an EACH charity flower. Sigh…but supposedly Harry gave an incredulous look to his brother’s questions, hopefully meaning that after Invictus, he is realizing he can be quite successful on his own and won’t have to always be in their shadow.

  27. Long time lurker here. I don’t know why it took me so long to post a comment. Probably because everybody is so articulate here. Anyway looking forward to post more and more. Amazing job KMR and you guys.

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