Kate Middleton and Prince William to revisit XLP

Kate Middleton and Prince William to revisit XLP

Kate Middleton and Prince William added a joint engagement to their schedule… for a week and a half from now. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will revisit the XLP Project at London Wall on March 11.

On Friday, March 11, William and Kate will visit the mentoring program of the XLP Project at London Wall, which supports young people who are facing emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges.

William and Kate previously visited the XLP project in March 2015 – it was the last engagement before Kate took maternity leave ahead of Princess Charlotte‘s birth.

This was the engagement where one young person said of William and Kate: “They are just keeping up appearances. They wanted to make it look like they related.”

And another teen said after meeting them: “We are paying our taxes – we pay for them to live where they live.”

So there’s your Cambridge update for the week. Still no news about Prince Harry‘s next engagement.

William looks super uncomfortable in this photo:

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  1. More engagements! Ah, I wonder why?

    It would be wonderful if W and K gave more than a quick visit and really interacted with people. Listened to their stories. Provided a sense that “we do care for you and will continue to do so.” Hearing the personal struggles of others over and over at other visits, too, can only hammer home points that need to be heard and fully understood. If you are empathetic in any way, that is.

    More appearances mean little, imo. Unless the visits are ones in which the couple seem to be truly engaged in what is going on! It’s a start, perhaps. But, the damage to the Cambridges has already been done. Undoing it is going to take consistent, hard work. Are they capable of that?

    Oh, and to me, Kate looked uncomfortable in the photo. Her pointing to her throat? What was that all about?

    The comments from some of the attendees at the previous appearance — nearly a year ago —
    were most telling. Read them and learn, W and K! When you are interested in a cause. When you choose to “champion it,” you understand it inside out and you do everything you can to help and educate others to do so, too.

      1. Thanks for the update, I don’t think that photo is new. New Idea are good at using old photos of Kate and/or Kate and William. The best example of this would be the last Middleton trip (that we know about) to Mustique – New Idea used a photo from the trip before. The photo showed James Middleton sans beard but he was wearing the bear rug at the time of that last trip.
        Kate’s look now days is more reminiscent of Emma Barton from “Emmerdale”.

      2. Oh Clem, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that photo, but what you have to realize is that shopping IS work for Kate. The kind of work she prefers.

    1. I don’t think Kate was pointing at her throat, I believe she’d just finished playing with her hair, as usual.

  2. I wonder what an organisation gets out of these visits? I could understand if W+K were going to open a facility, or present a cheque.
    As we have seen from other engagements, the press is more interested in what Kate wears and says, with scant column inches devoted to the reason for the visit. It must take a heck a lot of time (and funds) for an organisation to prepare, plus real work simply stops to accommodate a VIP visit.
    I hope this isn’t KP PR scrounging around for things for W+K to do in order to rehabilitate their tarnished images. The people and organisation deserve more respect than that.
    I doubt that W+K were given the feedback from the two people who were less than impressed with them last year, yet it is vital to hear critique if they truly want to do more than chalk up numbers.

    1. I have no idea what W&K’s last XLP visit even accomplished, so I have no idea why they are going back.

    2. Well, we know a few things for certain. The area and organization that they visit to put up a great deal of expense for them. They shut down operations for more than a day in many cases and pay for certain sercurity/hosting measures. WK need only show up. Chat. And within an hour they might be gone.

      What gets discussed? Stuff. What gets accomplished? I’ve never heard of anything ever getting accomplished because of a WK visit. There’s never a plan made. Future plans made. Follow-through. It’s like they have foundations and charities pay for their PR.

      Never unless they are getting bad PR do they add engagements. It’s shameful.

      1. Well, it costs the taxpayers: local councils pay for the operational costs incurred in hosting royal visits around the country (21.5 million pounds in 2013), and of course there are security costs for the royal/s concerned. In the end, the UK taxpayer coughs up the money, though isn’t allowed to know the extent of their largesse as the information is ‘sensitive’. However the from several sources is c. 103 million pounds per year.
        I’d like to know what is accomplished, if anything, with the visits. Sadly, the Cambridge’s have only themselves on their minds.

        1. Jen
          What gets me is anywhere they go the visiting ocation pays. Not just their homelands.
          Business or not. And by direct result of WK presence nothing gets accomplished. Unless it’s for the benefit of their own PR. Just once I would love to hear about genuine impact they had. Impact because of their positions and their names and their wanting to improve the world for others. A selfless act.

          1. Indeed it does. It cost NZ $1 million and Australia $2 million for W+K tours in 2014. All done in the name of advancing tourism (much like the argument in the UK for keeping the royals) though there is no hard evidence offered.
            When celebrities eg Oprah and Ellen come to Australia, there is a spike in US tourist numbers, but the difference is that the taxpayer is not given a bill, as far as I know.

      2. ” It’s like they have foundations and charities pay for their PR.

        Never unless they are getting bad PR do they add engagements. It’s shameful.”

        You nailed it, Runaway. It’s free PR for them, an awful lot of money and inconvenience for everyone else. Meanwhile there is no lasting effect. It *is* shameful.

        They’re scrambling to look less lazy. Too late.

        Will they arrive by heli?

        Speaking of having charities pay for their PR- that’s what Peter Phillips is doing with his execrable plan to have charities pay big bucks to party in the street for the Queen’s birthday. Entitled up the wazoo, and that includes the Queen.

        1. Maven

          After the heligate reports my money’s on the tube. Or even moped. Do people hitch-hike in London these days?

          Thrifty! Green! Just like us!

          Or so says the PR guy.

  3. Look I understand that mental health related stuff is their thing, but really can they not do something else for a change. There are many organisations helping all sorts of people in all sorts of ways, I understand focus, but to the extent that all else at home seems to be completely ignored? I don’t get it, and I think they are doing a disservice to their country. In their positions it is not appropriate to have only one focus – whilst other royals here and in Europe may have a key interest it is never pursued to the exclusion of all else.

    Sorry, thanks for the post but I just needed to rant! Thank goodness for Charlene and Jacques who have brightened my day while I wait for Vic to deliver.

    1. Exactly Birdy! What happened to the children’s hospice cause or the Scouts or the National Portrait Gallery? These charities are still open (to my knowledge), they still have Kate as a Royal Patron, they still need publicity and funding. Are the Cambridge’s unable to focus on more than one thing at a time?

      1. Scouts are volunteer work. And it’s a rare involvement by Kate considering it’s a positive support system for young minds and girls. To keep them healthy and engaged and strong. This bothers me. She has a real way to raise awareness on a worthy cause. It all lines up with her new cause. She eed only request a visit or a plan or open communication and things would happen.

        The NPG never needed Kate. It was always seen as to pad the portfolio. Something light with galas, but no work needed.

        She needs to find a passion. Kate has no true passion for any of these causes. It shows by her lack of involvement. When she cares her PR won’t be needed because we will see it.

        1. And on a side note William has a passion. Conservation. However, he’s rarely involved anymore. If there’s no Jecca, Polo, Flying it appears he can’t be bothered.

          1. I am surprised Kate didn’t join the other wives to get to know them whilst William was in the RAF or do more with the scouts then. I don’t understand the hiding away and then doing a series of engagements and then hiding away again.

          2. Kate did do more engagements with the Scouts then – it was by a small margin, but it was there. She didn’t do anything with them in 2015.

          3. Laura, Kate doesn’t do friends, especially female friends unless they are already friends of William. She dropped all of the girls who were friends when she landed William. I think she didn’t want the possible competition or being compared to them by William. Why give him an example of something she doesn’t do or that is better for him to compare her to?

  4. They both look good in these photos. This hair length on Kate is what I like. And Kate looks young must be the fuller face due to pregnancy. The hope that I have is that they both continue to thoroughly educate themselves and truly listen; that it is more than just posting a number to count. Just my own humble opinions.

    1. This has last minute written all over it. William is desperate for some good pr. Who could have predicted that his usual bag of tricks wouldn’t work forever?

  5. I fondly remember the comments from the kids at the event…lol

    So their response to not working is to schedule something 1 1/2 weeks from now. Let’s see, what will they be doing in the meantime…???

    I guess their choice to to ignore the outcry and carry on in their own deluded little way.

    1. Yes, nothing like scheduling events 15 days apart to show how committed one is to making a difference. I imagine that Kate won’t have any engagements past March 25th, at the very latest, in order to finalize her wardrobe, read all those pesky briefings and of course take a mini-vacy before the tour.

      1. Are they getting away with it? That’s a serious question. Sure, *we* know they’re lazy and manipulative, and the Royal reporters do too. But they’ve hauled out their tried and tested methods for deflecting criticism, and it seems like a lot more people have caught onto their scheming ways. Even some of the sugars are growing disillusioned. There will always be a demographic of poorly informed citizenry, people who are too busy, or too apathetic to do more than glance at the occasional headline that flows through their feeds. I can’t quantify it, but I feel like there are more people now who are unfavorable to Will and Kate, than there were a year ago. Incidentally, BP’s press office has a budget for private polling, so the Firm can keep their fingers on the pulse of the peoples moods and thoughts about them. I’d love to take a look at those cross tabs. My own sense is that the people who love W and K the most are the Diana revering over 60’s and the Disney loving teenagers. YMMV.

  6. Another engagement? What a coincidence!

    I have a suggestion for these 2: if you’re going to visit people who are stuck in the lower strata of society, maybe dress down a bit? Wouldn’t Wills be a bit more believable that he actually gives a damn about these people if he didn’t look so stuffy and far removed from them? Ditch the suit and wear a sweater or nice shirt and jeans.

    1. Oh Corgi, don’t encourage William on that front. Depending on the weather he will wear his one blue sweater or one of his shirts (probably a plaid one) with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. For some reason that look just annoys me. I’m not quite sure if it’s the way the sleeves are rolled up (too perfectly) or the plaid shirts (too “I’m one of the guys!”) And don’t forget the lone casual belt he seems to own.

      Not to mention William dressing down would encourage Kate to paint on the jeggings, pull out her striped t-shirt and whip out the Wedges of Doom. It’s been a while since anyone has seen them so she may think it’s safe to dust them off.

  7. Off topic but I was scrolling through Rebecca English’s twitter feed, and Chris Jackson maybe proposed to Tash ? The night he won Photographer of the Year award.

    1. Two things crossed my mind reading this: 1) Well, now Chris Jackson will never be shut out of royal events (I was wondering if he would be if he and Tash broke up); 2) I wonder if Kate will attend the wedding since it’s her PA.

      1. Prince Charles’ staff usually only stay with him for five years or so. I’m not sure why, he’s just always done it that way. Jamie Lowther Pinkerton stayed with Wills a bit longer, six or seven? I mention it because Miguel Head (Will’s guy) and Rebecca (Kate’s gal) have been with them since before the wedding. I bet #poorjason would love a fresh start.

        1. All royal staff stay for a very finite time. It’s never been a job for life. anybody who stays longer than 2yrs is a lifer in royal employment terms. Usually they are given major perks to make them stay longer. JLP and David Manning and most of WKH’s staff started out on Charles or the Queen’s team and moved sideways to manage William and Harry. Rebecca was hired specifically to help with organising the diana concert and stayed behind as JLP’s assistant. she’s the only one without royal internship which is probably why WK are still clueless as to how the ship rans. JLP and David Manning have royal internship as well as substantial careers as civil servants or Army and whilst they were in charge, the WH ship was better ran and managed. Harry has his ELF, but i feel ELF isn’t keeping his eye on the ball as he has been doing for the past 2 years. Harry’s better public persona has been down to ELF. Rebecca apparently worked at a record label or for a music company before she arrived at the royal household and it shows in her sloppiness.

  8. If there is any freebies I mean an invite I am sure Kate will be there. It will be a night off without the company of the children for once. Sorry I am in a snarky mood. I am pleased that William and Kate are doing this but wasn’t this the place where Kate said William’s favourite dish was shepherds pie and it is really lasagne. William and Kate should dress down though in jeans and a sweater. Kate did dress well at college so I wonder what happened. To be honest a lady in waiting is needed. I just get the impression Kate doesn’t want to change.

      1. Me too…

        If I were British, I would be really angry to pay for these lazy couple…. Honestly I like watching Royal families, their job but I would not want the monarchy in my country.

  9. I would be curious to know how long other royals spend at an event and if they actually sit down and have a meaningful discussion / meeting with any concrete results. People seem to criticize Catherine as to the length of her visits with no (apparent) results but I can’t recall seeing Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles etc. actually sitting in a meeting and working with the people they are visiting. Does this happen with the British Royal family or is it just royals from other European
    countries that we regularly see at a working meeting?

    1. i’m guessing WK are now attending meetings publicly because no one believes they do them privately. A case of seeing is believing. KP will try anything.

      Whether or not the other royals take private meetings, they always appear knowledgeable about the subject on hand. WK, no matter how often we are told are experts or have been taking meetings, appear as unknowledgeable as a child on their first day at school. And only show enthusiasm when it touches them personally eg that tennis thing she did recently was only about how she can teach her kids to play tennis – reporters and others said those were the only questions she asked, not how can tennis benefit communities and how can we get communities involved or what benefit the charity brings to the community.

      WK have very few patronages and often do one event a day unless there is a very good reason to squeeze in several on the same day. what they now call ‘away’ days as if they should receive an extra pat on the back for working more than the one event for longer than 45mins.

      There is no prescribed time to stay at an event, and depending on interests WK average 45mins. The much touted ‘day’ of blogging at KP lasted 45mins for Kate. SHe’s been known to stay for 2hrs when she was interested in the subject at hand. The shortest she was at an event was 15mins. on their NZ tour.

      1. Herazeus. I appreciate your well written posts. I admit that I was very surprised at how short Kate’s guest editor stint lasted considering all the hoopla and build up. It was extremely telling in the lack of investment.

      2. Imagine the work done by the hospice in New Zealand in preparation for Kate’s visit. You’d have to be incredibly lacking in empathy to stay for such a short period of time. So rude and insulting to the hospice.

        1. There she was being made a fuss of. Other places she’s meant to be making a fuss of others. She doesn’t, so it doesn’t last long. Imo anyway.

    2. I have seen Charles, Camilla, and Anne doing this. Sitting down and meeting with people. And remember that they do, what 400 engagements a year? Close to 500? With the time Will and Kate have to “prepare” and attend their meager slate of “work” they should have a bit of time to be engaged.

    3. There really isn’t a way to know how long other royals in other houses stay at events since that is never said. But I remember reading something about how the average British royal engagement is 1 hour.

      1. A hand full of articles will state specific engagements and times. Cam tends to spend over an hour for the public portion. And then there’s another half of the same engagement that goes behind closed doors or to another location for meetings. I’ve found it interesting when some carry out a public portion with an attached private portion for getting down to business without cameras.

        You can often see the benefits of this too. Harry Invictus/Vet work. Cam DV/Assaults, B and E with the hospital that did E’s spinal surgery. Progress is made.

      2. I was reading Catherine Mayer’s excellent biography of Charles which goes into these events and how the days are the same yet always different. Seems like he and Camilla tend to spend hours and Charles makes them crazy because if he’s interested, he will stay forever; especially with teens/young people, he will run over big time to just hear their stories and talk to them about what he can do to help.

        1. Charles and Camilla’s idea of engagements creates genuine value for people and an organisation.
          Do W+K work at this level? Happy to stand corrected but they – and in particular Kate – ask basic questions at an engagement, giving the impression that they have done no prep (= not sufficiently interested).
          Kate’s questions to people seem to focus on how she can benefit eg asking Judy Murray about starting C+G on tennis. I guess that’s normal but maybe she could think on about how others in the community could benefit from this initiative and start working to make that happen.

          1. Nope. They do nothing like C&C. They show up, ask stupid questions or things that are about THEM, and that’s that. William is slightly better when I’ve heard him ask questions and pursue avenues of progress with things if it’s somewhere he’s visited before, but it’s still insincere. I don’t imagine Kate or William have the empathy or interest in anything to make anything not about them. Does that make sense? Haha.

          2. That’s execrable. You would think that it would make people wonder what the point of the visit was. Clearly, to the keen Duchess it meant getting some tips about tennis. I don’t understand how this can be justified. Oh wait, she lent her presence and showed up so someone somewhere may have been influenced in a good way. SMH, She has a magical personality it seems, sprinkling the goodness of fairy dust in her wake. Soon she will be healing people with a handshake.

            Meanwhile William is the master of glib so it seems as if he shows interest.

  10. Lol. So someone’s finally had a talking to or actually reads the papers and has gotten it that people are over it. William must have seen that even the Charlotte comments did nothing for them, no shift in attention or fluffy positive press.

    Those comments though,

    “This was the engagement where one young person said of William and Kate: “They are just keeping up appearances. They wanted to make it look like they related.”

    And another teen said after meeting them: “We are paying our taxes – we pay for them to live where they live.”


    1. The kids aren’t wrong. It’s always something when you hear the candid responses vs. what the PR prints. Like the young child at an event that spoke like an adult with a thesaurus in hand. And any adult usually says something superficial. Nothing of importance to the cause. Just they were pleasant.

      A favorite…
      “I met the Duchess of Cambridge afterwards and she said: ‘Oh, I know who you are now! Although it’s very strange – now you have got facial hair. Some of the people who had facial hair in the film don’t have facial hair now.’ I guess she doesn’t hang around actors very much.”

      Tom Hiddleston

      1. Wow. Either Kate is just really bad at small talk or she really doesn’t understand what acting is.

        1. Both? Similar examples from the the Artist with the impressive Beard. Kate only wanted to ask him how he grew it because James was growing his out.
          A mild defense was said she was asking because the artist was doing something with his beard, but Kate blew holes in that making a point to say it was for James. This too conversational priority over his installation for a charitable cause. It was said to be all about his beard for James.

          And Dame Helen Mirren. When Kate met her she made a comment about her age over some private talk she had with William. This was during an artist engagement with HM. She repeated a red outfit from the Diamond Jubilee that she has in several other colors. (Because Kate’s engagements can be classified by clothes over content.)

          Just very poor social conversational skills. Like she’s regressed or just doesn’t get out to engage with anyone.

          1. Is it bad that I can remember exactly which dress that was? It was a red McQueen dress with pleats and a peplum which debuted in 2012 at the Flotilla, she rewore it to the RADA engagement with HM and rewore it last December to the Anna Freud Centre. She only has it in the one color.

            I wonder if Kate understands how beards work since she seems to be fascinated with them.

            Did Kate make a comment about Helen Mirren’s age? I thought she just commented that Mirren played William’s grandmother.

            Kate really does have poor conversation skills. “Can you test the tea by smelling it?”

          2. From what others have been discussing Kate seems to lead a ‘sheltered life’ (behind walls) with no social outlets. There seems to be no friends for any of them including her own family. One example has been been no shopping with anyone. It is very hard to develop or increase one’s social skills if not socializing other than your family. Is this due to the position she has? How can one due to needing that complete trust..fears of something inappropriate being released. It would be so hard to live in this kind of bubble. MOHO.

          3. KMR
            The comment to Mirren was to my understanding less about plying a role of a certain age and mor about being a certain age. She played it off well enough, but it showed poor behavior from Kate.

            That’s the outfit!

          4. The only problem with using her “position” as the reason she doesn’t have friends is that we never saw her with anyone other than William’s friends before the marriage.

            There are photos of her taken with girls at school, but they are group shots at parties or sports events, rarely if ever a one on one girls day out. Those are all with her mother and sister. Carole wanted her focused on one thing and one thing only. A girlfriend may have asked her exactly what she saw in William and why would she want to live that life. Someone may have made her think twice and Carole would not have had that then and won’t have it now. It’s very much “eyes on the prize.”

          5. What did she say to Helen Mirren?

            I’m a huge fan of Helen’s. She’s such a strong woman. My favorite quote of hers is what she would teach her daughter to say for her first words. She said she would teach her to say “Fudge off” because girls are taught bo be sweet and kind and not fall into societal mores and norms. Helen could be such a role model to Kate.

          6. Lisa
            Kate had friends before. She was seen with them rarely, but it happened premarriage. The word was her friends dropped her because William was top priority. It’s tough being friends with someone that won’t invest in the friendship. 2 way street.

            As far as “girls days” yea. Those didn’t happen. Not sure if that was because of Carole. Kate saw what she wanted. Carole certainly supported this and helped out financially. Too often it’s a narrative of Carole creating this entire thing. Moving Kate around like a marionette. And that wasn’t the case imo.

            Kate told Helen that because of a conversation she had with William she should call helen granny. Or something close to that wording.
            Dame Mirren shook her finger to that.
            Of all the things! It’s tactless. You do not comment on a person’s age upon meeting them.

          7. I remember that. I was because Mirren won her Oscar playing the Queen and might still have been playing her onstage in London at the time. I saw the play when we were in London. Loved it.

          8. Wasn’t this incident right after the 2014 BAFTAs where William called Mirren “granny” on stage while presenting her with an award? So it makes sense for why Kate would bring it up. It wasn’t like it was out of the blue. But Kate could have been better about referencing it.

          9. KMR
            It might have been from a previous comment from William.
            However, Helen didn’t appear pleased with her body language/gesture along with dismissing the rest of the greeting. It was the wrong time/place. And it showed there wasn’t much else more appropriate Kate felt to offer the Dame at an event where she is a guest of importance.

            This was a professional setting. So, no slack for something so basic of an error.

      2. OH Kat, I think that there is a huge fear of something being leaked out and that is why there are no friends ever seen with Kate. I think that in time there will be a lot of secrets about these two leaked by someone and they are trying very hard to keep things within the family at the moment.

          1. How clueless can Kate be?
            She shows no sense of decorum. No grace, nor dignity.
            And, she is the future Queen?
            For a woman of 34, she is more immature than most teens. Really, this is beyond rude!

        1. I can’t wait for someone to spill the beans! It will happen, as it does to all royals eventually. I think Kate sacrificed having her own life when she put her heart and soul into stalking and pinning down William. His heel dragging in making a commitment would have made a self respecting girl so mortified that she’d leave him. Not only did she drop any friends that weren’t William’s, she also clung to William like a barnacle, while he made sure he had explored every other option first. After dumping her and humiliating her, she took him back without hesitation. She just doesn’t have any self respect and didn’t seem to mind being mocked and labeled “the mattress” and “Waity Katie.” A really good girlfriend would have sat her down and told her the truth. Maybe they did and got cut off? I have no idea, but I do know that it’s really clear that she has no close female friends, other than her sister. I’ve always been one of those girls who gets along better with guys than girls (mostly because I have a very immature sense of humor), so I get that and understand. Even though I prefer guys to girls in general, I have two very close friends that have become like sisters to me and I feel a kinship with all women. We’re in a sisterhood and ought to support and help each other out. I don’t understand not having at least one really tight friend to spend time with? My beetles and I do all kinds of stuff together and they will come with me while I run boring errands just so we can hang out and talk. It is really strange to me that she is never, or extremely rarely, seen with any friends while shopping or while out and about doing whatever it is she actually does. I am painfully shy with new people, but even I have managed to form wonderful friendships. My gut feeling is that she was so focused on getting the ring and title that she missed out on learning how to make and keep friends. I also get a cold, icy and snooty vibe from her and I can’t imagine wanting to be her friend. Maybe I’m reading her wrong and she’s secretly a warm and kind person, but she sure hides it well if that’s the case. I’m guessing that her female “friends” through William are just nice to her because of her connection to William and that if he weren’t in the picture, there’s no way they’d be seeking out time wait her. I think Kate is also extremely insecure about William (being bride by default will do that…) and can’t handle any attractive women around to compete with. She was well known in the gf days for her openly hostile attitude towards any female who dared to approach William. An affair scandal is inevitable too. I think William will try to be discrete, but I just can’t see him being loyal to Kate long term.

      3. This is why I wanted Kate to go to the BAFTAs! I wanted to see her stumble over Hiddleston, ask Henry Cavill where his Superman cape was… It would have been hysterical.

        I just cannot see how a 34 year old woman cannot converse with other people like a normal human being. The idiocy always just astounds when she opens her mouth.

      4. I can’t help but snicker at that quote because it makes her sound so incredibly stupid. There’s akward small talk and then there’s stupid, this belongs to the latter. Can anyone be that stupid? I find it hard to believe but nobody in their right mind would say something like that to a person.

  11. These two are predictably predictable. Cue the concerned faces and crotch clutching. Call me when they actually change the mindset about mental health, conservation, etc. Sorry for the snark.

    1. Or n they have any sort of impact on anything at all? Sor far there’s nothing that has been done because W or K or both stepped into the ring. Only things that occured with credit given to them by proximity/association.

  12. At this point nothing that Kate and William will do my change my opinion of them. We have seen all that they are supposedly capable of. Kate has all the conversation skills of a house plant and is worse than useless in her “role” and William is an arrogant, manipulative, petulant, ungrateful, lying brat.

  13. You just know that Kate is feeling overworked and sorry for herself. An event about once a week, if that, is a jam packed schedule for her. Plus, she’s probably swamped picking out different versions of the same hideous coat for their India/Bhutan trip. Poor thing. I absolutely love the comments from the teens they interviewed on their previous trip and I wonder what WK’s response to that was? I am honestly surprised that they’re going back. It’s a bit risky, considering that they’re already dealing with a PR crisis. They could be trying to prove how committed they are, it sure feels like a desperate PR move to me. If Kate has any sense at all, she will dress down and not prance in wearing a froofy pink dress with pearls and sausage curls. Why doesn’t she just go to H&M and get some nice jeans and a sweater for events where she’s meeting normal people? She looks cheap no matter what she wears, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference and it would be a lot more respectful to the people. She usually overdressed or wears insanely expensive casual wear and it’s insulting to people to have it thrown in their face that this idle woman is spending thousands and thousands of pounds on dressing herself for a couple of hours of “work” a month and the people she is so patronizing and smarmy with are paying for her ridiculous lifestyle. She needs to buck up and work or stop flaunting her welfare millionaire status in people’s faces.

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