William and Kate add joint appearance to their schedule

William and Kate add joint appearance to their schedule

Here’s a quick update to Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s schedule (one of two quick updates today – go here to read about the King and Queen of Bhutan’s baby photo). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend an RAF Search and Rescue at an event in RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales on February 18.

Kate arrives in North Wales
[Kate in North Wales on November 20, 2015 – photo: Richard Palmer @RoyalReporter]

William and Kate will mark the end of 75 years of the RAF Search and Rescue at a Search and Rescue Force Disbandment Parade in Anglesey, Wales on Thursday, February 18. As we know, William is a former SAR pilot who was stationed in North Wales.

According to Mark Cuthbert, it doesn’t look like we will get many photos. He said on Twitter: “Looks like VERY limited photos though, just pool.”

It looks like poor Kate will have to work two days in a row. Kate is scheduled for her HuffPo guest editor stint on February 17, and this RAF event on February 18. And William will have to work two whole days next week since he also has an event on February 16. Oh the horror! With all this work, they’re going to need a vacation!

Will and Kate presented with a toy truck for George
[William and Kate in Wales on November 8, 2014 – photo: Clarence House Instagram]

In other William and Kate news: According to The Sun, William and Kate went out to dinner sans kids at some point. I’m assuming recently or else why write about it, but the article does not say when this happened. They went to The Crown in East Rudham, about 15 minutes away from Anmer Hall, where the “dressed down” couple “looked tired” and William “had a glass of wine while Kate appeared to opt for sparkling water”.

I’m assuming I’m supposed to go: “Aw, how cute, they’re just like every other couple, it’s totally cool that Kate unnecessarily took a helicopter and that William hasn’t done jack since December 10.”

Something interesting that happened: The European court of human rights (ECHR) has ruled, in cases involving a cocaine-possessing German TV actor and Princess Caroline of Monaco, that the private lives of celebrities are of legitimate interest to the media.

From the Guardian:

    “The decisions by the Strasbourg court establish significant legal precedents for privacy cases in British courts, tipping the balance back towards freedom of expression.
    “In both cases the judges said that as long as the media carried out a reasonable balancing exercise, considering privacy issues, they should be able to publish stories about and photographs of ‘well-known people’. […]
    “In its judgment, the Strasbourg court said: ‘Irrespective of the question to what extent Caroline von Hannover assumed official functions on behalf of the Principality of Monaco, it could not be claimed that the applicants … were ordinary private individuals. They had to be regarded as public figures.
    “‘The German courts had concluded that the applicants had not provided any evidence that the photos had been taken in a climate of general harassment, as they had alleged, or that they had been taken secretly.’ They were walking in a public place. The magazine, Frau in Spiegel, had not therefore infringed her privacy rights under Article 8, the ECHR judgment ruled.”

I wonder how this will impact any future privacy complaints from William and Kate.

Blog schedule for the coming days: Catching up with Sophie, Countess of Wessex; Prince Harry did a thing, so I’ll cover that; catching up with Crown Princess Mary; and catching up with several other royals including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Queen Letizia.

[William and Kate at the Ring O’Fire Anglesey Costal Ultra Marathon on August 30, 2013]

156 thoughts on “William and Kate add joint appearance to their schedule

  1. If William has really done nothing since Dec. 10, then this is a very serious matter. KMR, you follow these things so carefully, but llet me ask – are you sure of this?

    1. William’s last official public engagement was December 10, 2015:

      “The Duke of Cambridge this morning presented Ebola Medals for Service in West Africa to 22 Field Hospital, at Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot, and was received by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey (Mr. Michael More-Molyneux).”

      William, along with Kate, attending the BP Christmas lunch on December 16, Christmas church service, Sunday church service the Sunday after Christmas, and church service/Gallipoli memorial on January 10. And William was spotted flying at his EAAA job in mid-January.

      But none of that counts as official public engagements. William’s last official public engagement was December 10.

        1. Oh yeah, you’re totally right. I forgot about that. Kate went to the lunch with Harry.

          Either way, William hasn’t done an official public engagement in two months.

          1. He was with the Queen at the Gallipoii service on the Sandringham Estate – which I would put under a “royal appearance” if I was tracking his public life.

          2. Would you also put that under “royal appearance” for Kate since she was there as well?

    2. He did drop in and have a lunch at a school after Xmas, but other than that, he has been MIA.

      I loved the way that the Daily Mail described them as “Juggling their two young children alongside the demands of their roles as Royals”.

      Oh please those two are too bloody lazy to juggle balls, let alone kids and work.

          1. He only “works” part time to allow him time to do his royal duties. He just doesn’t seem to understand that that means more than staying at home with his kids.

          2. If he works at his Air Rescue job part time because of his royal duties, but is doing next to no royal duties, he’s doing a big fat nothing.

          3. Birdy
            William like Kate isn’t tough to know their location. You may not see them, but you see their security.
            He’s not often at Anmer. Staying home with the kids isn’t what he’s doing. To his slight credit he does go to KP which I assume is for royal scheduling?

            William has a part time position that he only works at most 2/3rds of that. And he can and does take off that remaining 2/3rds to do royal engagements or vacations.
            This was built into his contract before working there. Also, he has a Zero hours contract. Meaning he got his full salary upon signing because he would not be held to earning any of it.
            So far we’ve seen William can and does take time off from his job frequently for royal duties and vacations. He could refuse to step 1 foot in the EAAA doors and it wouldn’t be an issue.

          4. IDA,

            I work shift work. 2 days, 2 nights, 4 off. If I take a week off work, it gives me 12 days off in total. I have the option of taking my vacation consecutively if I wanted so I could realistically have an entire month off if I wanted. That doesn’t even take into consideration when I work overtime. I can take that in money or banked time and use it for more time off. I can also ask my co workers for shift subs if I really needed a day off and I was able to take it off because of scheduling. My boyfriend works a different shift. It works out that he only works 7 days a month. So when he takes time off it’s a lot of time off.

            I don’t know which shift PW works, nor do I know if his scheduling works like mine does, but most departments I know of have something similar in place. So even with working only part time, I highly doubt that he couldn’t get the time off. Especially since he’s the heir to the throne. I have a feeling he would totally use that to get a shift sub or the day off because he can.

          5. It was reported (I think when he was spotted eating lunch at the school cafeteria) that William had three weeks’ off for Christmas. So, no, not too busy if that is correct.

  2. Very interesting ruling from the court at Strasbourg. Let’s hope it gives William pause for thought. If the UK leaves the EU, what then?

    1. Iread this blog since many months and I love it! we can give our opinion without issues.
      The European court of human rights is not an institution from the EU but from the European Council. So if the UK leaves the Eu, there is not change. UK is one of the fundateur in 1949. Sorry for my English

      1. Yes agree with Clem although there are also discussions about whether the UK should leave the Court of Human Rights too for a number of reasons.

  3. KMR you are FANTASTIC. Sunday I was the first to comment on post “Kate Middleton celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets” and I only saw the blog again today and there are 4 new posts. Amazing. William and Kate’s attitudes does not surprise me. I bet Kate was ecstatic to get on that plane and go home. And Wlliam, the “Duke” whose last official public engagement was December 10, 2015, is the classic example of how not to care about his royal duties. Shame. For the next engagements, poor Kate, she will need to smile, wave and shake hands two days in a row. Stressful for the duchess, and she can’t escape for Mustique. I agree with The European court of human rights (ECHR) that ruled that the private lives of celebrities are of legitimate interest to the media. I understand that celebrities have right to privacy but what William and Kate do is arbitrary. UK is not a dictatorship.

    1. Thanks, Jamel!

      I would say that royals have even less of a right to privacy than normal celebs because normal celebs aren’t being funded by the taxpayer. I do think everyone deserves to have a private life, but at the same time it is very much in the public interest to know how their tax money is being spent – and that includes how the royals spend it during their private time.

      1. I agree, KMR. Also, nothing is stopping the members of royal families from renouncing their titles and living as private citizens. They would still be quite wealthy but would probably be mostly left alone if they went and lived outside of London and had an ordinary life.

  4. The RAF is ending search and rescue missions? I wonder why. Well, I can’t say that I’m enthusiastic about this. It’s hard for me to stomach them on a joint appointment. When you see other royals couples (Max and Wax, Dan and Vic, HM and Philip, etc.), you see partnership and mutual admiration. Not so.much with these two. They seem disjointed. I’m not expecting PDA, but just warmth.

    The court’s ruling is interesting. I agree that a fine line must be maintained. The strict media policy for W+K is not going to end well for them.

    Thanks for two great entries today, KMR!

    1. RAF has been phsing out S&R for years now. My guess. It’s privatized because of funding or a private company made a bid and said they would do it for cheaper.

    2. I completely understand what you’re saying rhiannon. They don’t have to hang all over each other, but if it looked like they actually inhabited the same house at the same time on occasion it would be great.

      I have an image of William reading the ruling, taking a deep breath and letting loose with enough expletives to turn the air blue. Sorry William, Catherine and Carole have gotten their way and you have officially been labelled celebrities. Now be a good boy and behave well in front of the cameras.

        1. I know, Kate usually goes all doe eyed over William and he usually has a look of annoyance with his clenched jaw and fists. Then there’s the directing her around with his little pushes. But there are those times when Kate is pissed off like when they had to greet the Singapore president in the early months of her pregnancy with Charlotte. If her eyes were lasers, William would have been a pile of ashes.

    3. Thanks, rhiannon! As others have said, the RAF S&R was bought out by an American company. I agree with you that it’s lovely to see other royal couples show warmth toward each other. William and Kate just don’t do that. Them touching is so rare that it gets pointed out and made into a big deal (like the Olympics “hug”).

      1. Agreed! They’re more like brother and sister or “friends with benefits” than a husband and wife who love (or are in love) with each other. I can’t remember the last time William showed any genuine, not-for-show/PR affection for Kate.

  5. I wonder if they’ll helicopter over to Wales and back. Maybe there’s a more expensive option for them to consider.
    This is the same community W+K lived in when they first married? Where Kate chose not join the other RAF wives? Where she spent most of her time in London or with her parents? Will they know who she is?

    1. What intrigues me about this visit is if anyone, during the Dolittles sojourn in Wales will be genuinely happy to see them. Like, are co-workers going to be thrilled?

      1. She wrote the forward for their book, right? Stories from the RAF wives. Still wouldn’t bet she could pick one of those women out of a lineup if her life depended on it.

    2. Thanks Jen, I was giggling so much while reading your post that I spilt my coffee!
      (Hope it’s not too hot where you are today?)

      1. Hi Cathy

        Sorry to cause the coffee spit! A mild 34C (93F) today, with cooler temperatures forecast next week. I vaguely remember what rain is…

        1. I’ve been watching the weather reports more closely lately, we were meant to have rain a couple of days ago – didn’t happen πŸ™
          34C yikes! (are you in WA?)
          I think I should stop complaining about 28-29C here then. It’s not too bad if there is a breeze but we have had a couple of days with no breeze at all, weird as I’m in Auckland on the North Shore so it’s a thin bit of land between the Auckland harbour and the Hauraki Gulf so there should have been so wind?

          1. Hi Cathy. I’m in Adelaide, which gets incredibly hot and akin to living in a furnace – much like the present Perth days, but more consistently hot overall. Today and for the next week it’s in the 20’s but will get hotter. I used to live in Wellington for years so am very familiar with the wind coming off the Antarctic! Isn’t just the best part of a NZ summer around Waitangi Day?!

  6. I think it would be fun to predict what Kate will wear to this event.
    What color, hat, no hat, new coat, old coat. Black pumps or her Aquatalia boots? I am definitely going with the boots. Percentage of crotch clutching…hair up or down?

    1. I’m going to say red for Wales. No hat. New coat. Black boots. Hair up would be the smart thing, so I’ll say hair down. Lots and lots of crotch clutching.

      1. It would be great to see her in some well tailored (not skin tight) slim leg trousers and a red coat (even knee length would be fine!) with black heels. She certainly has thin enough legs to pull of a great dress pant, I wish she would.

          1. Lol, helicopter hat. I’m picturing one of those multi colored hats for little kids with a spinner on top.

      2. If she might wear red, she could wear her red coat from the New Zealand tour. She did just wear the blue coat from NZ for the Cadets event (when I would’ve expected a new coat for a new patronage), so maybe she’ll continue the theme like when she wore all those clothes from 2012 at the end of 2015.

        1. I really liked the red coat from the NZ tour, though it caused a wardrobe malfunction when she wore it getting off the plane. It’s a really nice coat. Kate also has a great red coat from the Canada tour which I would love to see again.

          1. She does have a lot of good clothes from her tours. She should repeat more of those outfits. Though the tours were all in warmer climates or warmer times, so I guess she could only wear them during the spring and summer.

  7. This is something so I won’t snark much.
    That said such a big deal gets made when they add engagements. Meanwhile all the other royals add engagements to fill up their schedules 1year to 6 months in advance.
    Unless it’s a major visit like a dinner, an honor, or something with built in vacations it’s not there until last minute.
    patronages appear as needed for PR. Not for the charitys needs.

    1. I agree. I think that Wills wanted to do this and that’s why it was added. The numbers look good on his contribution, so it enhances his image. I am sure he misses the olden days when he could look like a hero and had greater freedom to be a douche.

    2. “That said such a big deal gets made when they add engagements.”

      That’s because they have nothing else going on. If they were adding events while making events, then the adding of events would be a blip, a PS on a different event’s article.

      1. IMO this demonstrates it’s for their benefit. Meanwhile i remember a few times charities hoping for Kate’s support as their patron fell through. And never because she was working and couldn’t There was always revealed a shopping or vacation took priority.
        When she does make a planned visit she’s suddenly the most caring and involved patron ever. I sort of enjoy watching this messy PR unfold.

  8. I think it’s funny that the date night story came out after the article about Kate flying while HM takes the train. Damage control any one?? Sorry Jason, it must be really rough for you. Hopefully you haven’t turned to drowning your sorrows in anything terribly strong, but trust me I would understand if you did.

    1. Agreed with all except for Jason. He’s the worst manager. I had to deal with a difficult boss that HAD to be managed (like dealing with a snotty tiger and bad-tempered bear rolled into one). You creative think and anticipate the problems. Since PC is paying the bills, I have to wonder if he’s glad for all the negative W&K press. No chance of Will being crowned instead. Mission accomplished.

      1. Hi Sunny, I was wondering if maybe Charles’ camp made the helo story so public? It wouldn’t be the first time Charles’s PR team has used the boys to his advantage.

        1. Hi Lauri, I completely agree. PC is the master at subtle. I really don’t know what’s going to happen when HM passes. All the stability….I know it’s part of life but it’s sad.

      2. The only problem with Jason trying to manage the Cambridges is that he can’t. He has to do what they say. He can cajole, try to reason, point out the benefits, but as long as William (and therefore Kate) don’t agree, it simply will not happen.

        1. PC is ultimately in charge no matter how much William throws a tantrum. He pays the bills and is paying for Jason. So if this was more Will/less Jason, PC could put his foot down hard to not have Will embarrass or undermine the monarchy (that’s Goal 1 everyday) by doing more appearances. But its clear that PC must be good with Will “working and living like every guy theme” so that the public sees the monarchy more like ambassadors–rich, luxurious ones that get to by birthright rather than talent or effort. The theme is fine, but it’s not what the public wants for W&K. So while I think Will has embraced the theme, I don’t think he started it. PC isn’t stupid and he knows #1 threat is Will. With Carole in the back hungering for her daughter to be young(ish) wearing a Queen’s crown, he’s got to ensure he’s not passed over. I think Jason feeds Will’s insecurities and makes the bubble worse, and if so, it’s not a coincidence. I think PC is very smart and cunning so I’m not cutting him any slack. That’s what an intelligent, ambitious, ruthless (yes because he put out the stories of Di being mentally unstable to undermine her public connection), who’s waited his whole life for a position. JMO–Will probably tells Jason what he wants, but if PC wanted something different he’s paying the bills–he ultimately trumps.

          1. I don’t think Charles is okay with the behavior from these two. I think he doesn’t know how to deal with them, just like he didn’t know how to deal with Diana.

            He had to publicly complain to a newspaper to get more time with his grandson. That tells an interesting story about family dynamics.

          2. Agreed. I think William is so volatile, and probably threatens to jack it all in, so PC and HM placate him. I wouldn’t put it past PC to feed negative stories to the press for the reasons you mention. Lots of tensions in this dysfunctional family!

          3. or that the newspapers are helping the battle, painting PC as a good grandfather trying to have time with his grandchildren (and I do think he loves them and wants time). When HM says jump, they do. My point: We know PC is making changes with authorization from HM, but he can’t drive himself to Amner to see the kids? You don’t tick off the person paying the bills. So I don’t buy it. PC is playing the game like he always has. Will definitely is to blame for his own behavior, but when you’re surrounded by people who egg on neurosis, it doesn’t help.

          4. Charles does 500 engagements a year. He oversees the Duchy and Prince’s Trust. He’s taking over doing a lot of behind the scenes political work for HM.

            Anmer is an 4 hour drive from Highgrove, 8 hours RT. William works less than part-time, Middleton is out shopping not working and not taking care of the kids. Why should Charles, who is far busier than they are actually WORKING, be the one required to make the drive?

            Charles bought them an estate near Highgrove in 2007 and started fixing it up. Many breakups later, they got married and chose to live at Sandringham instead.

            There was an event where she was caught publicly asking William if he’d gotten the money they wanted from his father. To me, they play Charles however they want because he cannot handle William and his tantrums. Charles hands over the money, and only after does he get time with the grandkids.

          5. My2Pence
            Charles has dirt. I’m certain there’s known secrets filed away. And i’d imagine Charles could get tired of his son’s bs.

            And on a side note there’s more attraction in someone earning funds than having to request money from someone else. When I was out of college I found it humilating to ask my mother for money. She was fine with it, but I was sick over it. I can’t imagine at their ages finding this acceptable.
            If my husband had to get money from his parents I would be mortified. This is in context of leisure spending.

          6. It isn’t possible for William to be the next King unless Charles dies in the meantime. It surprises me every time I see an American publication stating that William will be King next, constituently this just can’t happen.
            Even though there have been European Royal Houses where the reigning Monarch has abdicated in the last few years this will not happen in the UK. In fact Queen Elizabeth has said she would dedicate her life to the role of Queen.
            Therefore any talk of William being the next King is foolish and probably engineered to selling more papers and magazines.
            IMO any tales of Charles trying to make William look bad are just tales.
            I’m more inclined to think that the reports of Kate’s helo trips were made public by people fed up with the Middletons.

          7. Cathy,

            I agree completely. I just annoys me immensely when news outlets publish stories that are patently false or not properly fact checked.

            If I recall correctly, an Australian tabloid claimed that Queen Margrethe II was going to abdicate so that Frederik and Mary soon would be king and queen. That’s complete BS because like QEII, Daisy will stay on her queenly perch until she falls down dead (I’m paraphrasing her own words here).

            The truth is generally much simpler and less dramatic. However, that doesn’t sell a lot of magazines. When it comes to news about royals and top-tier celebrities, tabloids are a poor source for reliable news.

        2. Sunny
          HM has less control than you’d think from what we’ve seen so far.
          And HM requested WK for the single day a year all family is requested to join her. She requested that. They ignored. Only showing up 1 time for the 2 hour photoshoot to document it.
          That was then solved by handing over AH.

          There could be a boiling point where William proves too much trouble than he’s worth. If that happens things could turn around so greatly he’d be shooting himself in the foot to still hope of sitting on the throne. And the press would already be aware enough to start praising Harry. They know the way the winds blow.

          I’m curious as to how this is all going to play out.

          Meanwhile, we’re seeing WK being pushed upfront. As an image is crafted that these 2 can pull their weight. Problem is it’s a late start and now much harder to achieve. More so with how uninterested they both seem if it’s not sport related.
          If Charles needs to I bet he would, without hesitating, go to the press. I wouldn’t fault him. It’s tough love at this point.

          1. RunawaySnarker, I think they are just doling out the rope and letting W&K hang themselves. They are doing all the “dirty” work themselves by being so workshy. Add the lack of judgment when it comes to spending huge amounts of money that isn’t theirs to begin with and it’s creating (slowly) a public backlash. As you said, William really could find himself without a throne to sit on and watching Harry be crowed as the next king.

          2. Lisa
            Agree. They’re out of touch and maybe by their own choosing.
            I’m certain BP is waiting for at least Kate to hang herself with all that rope.
            Ever since those PR stories claiming Kate wasn’t working because the BRF wanted it that way. Now, BP and HM rarely engage in passing comments like that, but they stepped out quickly as said only Kate chooses what to do/not do. No one else controls her. And then the other press houses followed which was odd imo.

            Now William… All these side jobs, all these certificate programs with promises to work soon. All these adjustment gap years. More rope. He’s in his 30’s with 2 children and a wife. atleast 2 residences, full staff for everything. If taking on more is still too much for him at this point he will never be ready.

            Let’s face facts here. He doesn’t want this.

          3. The Queen notoriously will not interfere in her children’s lives. I think that has translated to her grandchildren. She was told in the mid-70s not only that Charles was having an affair with Camilla — but more importantly, that Camilla was the wife of a brother officer and that while he didn’t seem to care, the regiment didn’t like it. She did NOTHING. Her private secretary hesitated to even tell her because he felt like it would come to naught. Princess Anne was allowed to carry on separate lives with her first husband well past the point of it making any sense. Andrew was dating every socialite that came along. Edward was pushed into the military even though he was entirely ill-suited for it. The list goes on and on and on of times the Queen did not step in. And countless secretaries have confirmed it is not that she secretly confronted her children, she really didn’t even bring it up.

            It’s the Duke of Edinburgh that got to pick their schooling, discipline, upbringing, suitors, etc. The Queen allowed it after he pitched a fit over his children not bearing his last name.

          4. Bluejay,

            Don’t forget Andrew’s dalliance with the porn star Koo Stark! The latest scandal that he’s involved is a much more serious one but things doesn’t seem to change about reining him in as long as Elizabeth is Queen.

          5. Sort of disagree on HM stepping in.
            She does all the time. The seperation here is she never addresses these thing publicly. Like Andrew getting those bs honors with that last scandal.
            IF the scandals make news diversions are often sent out.

            Now, I agree the Queen tries to avoid conflict at all costs. Same with spending her own cash outside of any blood relatives.

            To a greater point that sums things up for me. HM protects the Monarchy. Elizabeth protects her family. Public and private. The lines do blur a bit, but not as much as I’ve previously thought.

      3. Sunny,

        The whole idea of William bypassing Charles was Diana’s idea and it is at present NOT legally possible in Britain. Such a move would require a lot of legal and parlimentary work, which would be both a controversial and lengthy process. Hence I don’t believe that Charles is worried that William could assume the thrones before his time. Furthermore, William has not been shy about expressing how being king is something he isn’t looking forward to.

        All in all, this notion is just ridiculous and I wish it would die but it has been a persistent one thanks to Diana and her woe is me performance during the War of the Waleses. I wish she hadn’t aired that notion since it wasn’t soemthing that was in her son’s best interest (she knew his reluctant attitude towards his future role) and, IMO, she only did this to score a petty point against Charles.

        1. Art Historian,

          I’m fully aware, as are millions that bypassing PC came from Diana (her inclination) and is not necessarily embraced by the public today, or Will. I’m not debating it, I just bring it up because Prince Charles is in charge of the finances and has been clearly identified as having more control of the direct BRF is taking with regard to charity work, travel, etc. so the notion that Will is completely in control is absurd, esp the idea that PC is inept at managing his son’s PR when he’s managed just fine through just fine on many other fronts. the fact is that Jason is a poor PR choice. PC view: not hurting him (PC), would upset Will’s domestic little circle, and hey, it’s Will’s problem. It’s not at the point where it’s hurting the royal family, just Will’s popularity. Some people are staunchly in PC’s court defending him. Diana is at rest, this is about now. But it is a real thought that PCcould still be bypassed if people wanted to; I don’t believe he works as hard as he does to see that happen. His whole life would stand for nothing in his eyes if so.

          1. Point: W&K public perception struggled all last year through obvious situations that Jason should have gotten ahead of the story. There are always things you can do with a difficult, contrary boss because people always have a self-interest. For Will, it seems to be protecting Kate and the kids. So Jason pushes him to do more charity visits for children’s hospitals or things with other nobs that Will knows. There’s a ton of charity involvement by people that Will knows. it’s Jason’s job to creative think and coax him out (I’ve done it with 2 bosses now and so have numerous others, it can be done). But Jason is just checking a box and collecting a ck. PC pays the bills, either he’s satisfied or doesn’t want negative PR from firing. Or give a nudge, which could be the uptick in work for W&K.

          2. I don’t think Charles manages his son’s PR. Though Charles pays, Jason was hired by KP (William’s office). Charles tried to centralize the PF of the BRF but it didn’t work out and William established his own office/PR at KP. The evidence suggests that he takes a hands off approach.

            I don’t think that Jason is inept either. He has a very impressive resume and has had good results with other clients. The problem is most likely William who in the past has bragged about not taking advice. A PR flack can only do so much if his client doesn’t co-operate. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink!

            I sometimes find it hard to suss out what your point is exactly. I feel that we speak at cross purposes. Maybe we just look at things very differently. You seem to favour rather complicated explanations whereas I think the simpler explanation generally is the more likely one. We can’t really know how much Charles interferes in his son’s PR (through his son’s office/employees, which you suggest) but it cannot really be proven so I think it is a moot discussion.

          3. “But it is a real thought that PC could still be bypassed if people wanted to”
            It can’t happen and I strongly doubt that the Commonwealth countries would agree to it either.

        2. AH sorry but can’t agree with you here, and you know I truly value your opinion. At the time of the Panorama interview ( which I still have on a tape though nothing to play it on!!) Charles was severely depressed and really not functioning well. At that time the thought of him being able to assume the ‘top job’ was pretty unthinkable by many . Things have changed , he is happily married to a woman who very many Brits do not ever want as Queen, but we do see that she has made him a happier man in his own skin. Things change but when Diana made that statement many people completely agreed with her.

          1. Birdy, do you think UK public opinion now is more inclined to accept C+C given time, a happy marriage, and Camilla’s own work? Or are they still dead against Camilla? I note she doesn’t use the title of Princess of Wales, wise move.

          2. I may not have expressed myself clearly enough. In terms of the Law of Succession, William cannot supersede his father. To change that would require compehensive work – it is not something that a government enter into lightly.

            Furthermore, very old institutions, like a monarchy, are notoriously hard to change barring major crisis or violent upheaval. In that sense public opinion doesn’t have a huge impact unless it directly threatens the authorities.

            They idea of William superseceding Charles may have been a popular one among the general public but it was certainly not taken up by the political establishment, probably because no one of the affected people, except possibly Diana, wanted this to happen – so in this case public opinion meant nothing.

          3. I think we accept that Charles will be King. There is still a strong force against Camilla being Queen Consort. It is particularly problematic as our Head of State is also Head of the Church of England . My personal opinion is that I do not want Camilla to have the courtesy title of Queen any more than I would accept her as Princess of Wales. But others disagree.
            The happy marriage is also interesting as they both clearly love each other but both essentially have two lives – Camilla spends a lot of time away from Charles with her family, who don’t seem to be included in the way the Middletons are.

          4. Birdy
            Not that strong. And it weakens by the year greatly.
            Her family flies low.
            She works hard.
            Charles and her seem absolutely in love still.

            Regarding Cams family. It’s not heavily broadcasted like the Midds, but they do spend time with the families. Charles is said to be very close with his grandchildren in law (or however that’s titled) and is welcomed by his step children. Harry being very friendly with them as well. Now sure on William.

            Haha Diana was so masterful at her interviews we still discuss them!
            I agree with your comment.

            I like Cam. I take no issue with her beomcing Queen Consort as I more judge her as she is and not from errors of her past. I’d hate to be judged for my mistakes decades later having done all to make myself a better person than I was. Even Diana was said to have been on good terms with her near the end and they were all getting along and moving on. People forget this.

        3. Thank you ArtHistorian for your comments.

          I’m inclined to agree with you too, that Diana only said that to wind up Charles and to score points. Didn’t she say this during her interview with Martin Basher?

          1. Yes, I believe it was.

            I had typed up a very long reply on my impression of Diana but it got eated by the computer for some reason, so I’ll just summarize:

            I very much dislike the posthumous “saintification” of Diana because it tends to elide the side of her personality that was less than nice. She did a lot of good work, she was charismatic, engaging and had a lot of compassion for people in need. She was, however, also a deeply damaged woman with a lot of emotional baggage (both from her childhood and her failed marriage). She most definitely had a petty streak and she was, IMO, emotionally unstable. That doesn’t mean that she was a bad person, it only means that she had her own demons to fight and that she didn’t always react in a mature manner when her stronger emotions were engaged.

    2. @Lisa
      I was thinking exactly the same thing! Kate takes the helo both ways to London and then home to Anmer Hall. And The Queen takes the train. Not a good look.
      And then this announcement?
      Of course it could all be a coincidence?
      Yeah, right?

  9. Thanks RunawaySnarker & Miss K for the input. Sometimes I like to give W & K the benefit of a doubt. I mean they couldn’t be so stupid or insensitive especially in the public eye. They should know that many people put them on a pedestal so why are they making fools of themselves & be the butt of jokes??!!

    1. Probably because they don’t care about public perception. Unlike his brother, William has mainly been protected from the consequences of his indisrections and bad behaviour in relation to the public. People rarely change when they never have to face the consequences of their actions. I actually think that Harry has grown as a person precisely because he was nΓΈt protected from the consequences of his missteps. It may seem harsh and it is certainly not pleasant but that is one of the ways in which you grow up.

      1. All of what AH said!
        William has been extremely sheltered. And even when he was younger he held this personality. With no consequences it’s only become a larger part of him.

        If Harry wasn’t held accountable I bet he’d be something of a nightmare even having been the more well mannered of the 2.

        And you’re talking about 2 people (wk) who have always been cared for by others. Always protected. And now freaking annointed in a literal sense as better than everyone else.

        If they really cared about their position. If they didn’t approach it as a burden and more of a gift. If they didn’t appear to wish lifestyles of private citizens taht get treated very well, but everyone else from no service to them of value. Things might be different.
        They suffer from apathy and ignorance. 2 traits I find as maybe the worst.

        1. Agreed! The worst part of W+K story is the fawning by others who should know better. They have done nothing with the privileges they have been given over their lives and present as unattractive and selfish.
          Runaway, you mentioned in another comment that William did not spend much time at AH. In your opinion, where does he spend most of his time? Regardless, W+K seem to be on the same page about presenting an image of themselves as a couple, if only to keep the perks and money rolling in.

          1. Jen
            Over time William has been caught on vacation or in another way of phrasing isiting friends. It was said while Kate drove herself to the hospital pregnant with George he was with his percy(?) and at those guys only no wives partys.
            Another time caught hunting with Jecca.
            Another time he was said to be on call for RAFS&R, but when Wales floods came William was caught on a cell phone in a pub.
            Also, the Cambridge cert bespoke program had him in a private residence off campus and he was said to have missed most of his assigned times taking very long to finish. Meanwhile Kate was with their newborn son at her parents.
            And William living in their cottage while Kate was seen 4 days out of the week in london and living at her parents.

            All just a few examples of William not around.
            At the start of their marriage I said if there’s not a camera present those 2 aren’t under the same roof. some time later came out that photo account of WK exiting a heli and leaving in seperate cars to seperate locations.

          2. I would not be the least bit surprised if there wasn’t some kind of agreement hammered out between William and Carole (Kate just accepts whatever) where William said he will present the image of a family man, but he’s going to do what he pleases, when he pleases. In return Kate would get the ring, the title and all the pretty play things that go with it.

          3. Lisa
            I doubt there’s a contract hammered out by Kate and Carole.
            A contract of ND where it’s standard to BRF marriage. Like privacy. Is in place. That I don’t doubt.

            Your comment made me think back to the dating years.
            Kate was openly mocked for clinging to William. Even after he toyed with her.Like the vacation for William’s birthday. That’s grounds for a breakup imo.
            She had eyes on the prize. Meaning marriage. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how to keep a marriage going. Outing your husband for less than family man ways is only poking a beast.
            Although, she has done this when he’s strayed for too long.

          4. Runaway, I wouldn’t call it a contract, but an agreement. Carole (if I remember correctly) was the one who backed William into a corner about the marriage. Kate would have continued to swing out there on the vine seemingly content to be his go to girl when he was in need. If he had found someone who would put up with his BS, Kate would be married to someone else, or working for PP while Carole outlined for the millionth time how she blew it. Only thing is any woman with a backbone isn’t going to put up with his nonsense. And we know Kate didn’t seem to grow one.

  10. With a brand new royal baby and two more on the way plus all the other royals that KMR keeps us apprised of, I really don’t care what Wills & Kate do anymore.

    1. top 2 reasons why I follow WK

      It’s history in action.
      We’re watching it unfold before the press cleans it up. Like WK’s dating history. Whitewashed.

      And it’s a great example of manipulation. Of press, of tax funds, of an antiquated system that holds people up on an official level for all the same reasons that make reality stars famous. The more this behavior gets exposed, the better imo.

      I have nothing against WK as a couple. Theycan go and be private citizens. The money they live off of. The press they manipulate. The unique podium they squander with their patronages. If you’re going to sit on that power you should leave. If bad press, awareness and shaming is the way about this. If waiting until they slip up and blogs run with it is part of it. Good.

      IMO. Then they can live as they choose without fear of pictures taken of George or people caring where William is constantly off to.

      1. Absolutely!!! I’m sure WK maybe perfectly nice people. But go ahead and be nice and lazy and vapid on your own wealth and money, not the public’s money!

      2. I agree with your assessment. It’s like a train wreck we’re watching in slow motion.

        1. Exactly. And I think many of us royal watchers are more aware having seen the aftermeth of Diana/Charles. What was billed as a fairytale and then exposed so fully moment by moment has us going back, looking for signs. Now we see the same story playing out and the antennas are up now.

          1. This is going to be more intense than Charles/Diana or Fergie’s fiascos because we have social media now. Back then, it was easier to cover up the early issues with only the morning/evening news and morning paper. Now? News 24/7, Twitter, FB, smart phones, etc.

            The media and press are sharpening their knives and once William goes to one step too far, there will be blood. Lots of it from all sides and it’ll be interesting to see who’ll be left and what will be exposed.

            Is it mean/weird for me to say that I’m kinda looking forward to it? πŸ˜‰

      1. Ladies – really ? You are looking forward to what you perceive as a family with two young children imploding in the full light of social media? We see the damage caused to William , do you wish that on a baby and toddler? I’m no Kate sugar but these comments are not worthy of you in my opinion. Whatever their failings as royals these are two human beings who perhaps through their own arrogance have perhaps (I remain unconvinced) found themselves in a very unhappy position, Gloating at others misery is never kind and most if not all the people who post on here are honest good human beings.
        Well that’s my thoughts, as I have said earlier I think today’s postings have been a little too vicious and unkind. All kids whatever their birthright deserve a happy upbringing.

        1. Why assume that divorce is always a bad thing? Children raised in a home with two parents who despise each other is not a better option than children raised with divorced parents who co-parent responsibly. I’m not saying that is what is going on here, but sometimes divorce is the best answer for the children and the adults.

          1. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

            If you see something you don’t agree, scroll on by. We really don’t want more arguments on here as KMR was upset by it all last time.

          2. I hope we can disagree about things and not just have to scroll by. Disagreement and getting personal while disagreeing about things are two different things, in my opinion. I don’t see anything wrong with disagreement. I’d never learn anything if I never had someone give me the flip side of an issue. I’ve learnt things from the fans and I’ve learnt things here when someone disagreed with me.

          3. Disagreeing with a comment is absolutely okay as long as we remain civil about it. If a comment makes us too riled up to remain civil in our response, then it is best to ignore the comment and move on – or wait until a later time when we have calmed down and can respond in a civil way. Disagreement is great, but personal attacks are not.

        2. Birdy
          I don’t think people are wishing and hoping for an unhappy ending to this marriage. And certainly for the children to be unhappy.
          I do think some couples work better when apart more than together. That it’s better when the parents are happy for the childrens sakes. That means divorce might be healthier.
          And remember. William got an earload from Diana because she was unhappy in her marriage. Had she been more able to divorce do you think she’d still cry daily to her young son about how awful his father was to her? I doubt it. Possible, but I doubt it. They were trapped together and partially from their own making.

          I’m for happy families.

          Now regarding social media.. It’s a wonderful tool. For the Cambridge PR that has attempted to strip the press of rights, claim extra privacy on public land, have guards assault and destroy property of people who pose no physical harm to the C’s, but because they caught them in a photo meters away. Yea. I kind of want to see that crumble. Same way I like watching corrupt politicos or leaders of thieving companies (Bernie M.) crumble. Will I take joy in the the backlash that brings their families? No.

          Lastly, I think W and K are a real couple. And real couples are not perfect. They all fight/bicker/argue. They’re not perfect, but are making it work for them. I’m not rooting for their personal downfall. It’s the PR downfall. Manipulations. To watch the image unravel. Not them as a couple.

  11. A joint engagement. I bet she’s looking forward to seeing him. The adoring gaze and the hanging on every word that comes out of his mouth, the memorizing of his facial features and new haircut till next engagement or doled out date night. Snarksnark πŸ˜‰

  12. Do most people feel that W & K do not have a good marriage? Is there proof? IMO, I think they are very well matched and that they do like and love each other, however , from a public perception, they are very much lacking in terms of their roles and position in the BRF. In that respect, I do not think they really care what other people think and they feed off of each other and will continue to do what they want.

    1. William & kate don’t exude warmth when they are together in public, they never hold hands. But I always see the other royal couples like Victoria & Daniel, Fred & Mary, Philipe & Mathilde, Haakon & Mette-Merit,Felipe & Letizia holding hands & showing affection in public. & they’re real affections & not some pretence. After RunawaySnarker’s descriptions of their separate activities, I think there’s really something seriously wrong with their married life. I read that the Queen had to step in a few times to counsel them.

      1. I doubt the queen said anything.

        And It can be argued Kate doesn’t like to be touched in public. Even by William. Or that they’re still that new spark of infatuation after so many rough years together.

        That aside they do appear to live somewhat seperate lives.
        Personally, if my husband treated me that way i’d flip my lid. The “testing” to make sure she wouldn’t run to the press when he cheated. That she would accept him as he chooses to be. To leave when told to. Shameful.

        1. I’m shocked beyond words! This new info for me. What a sham of a marriage! I guess money & status can’t buy love. No fairy tale.

    2. Considering he’s ditched her so many times, from when they were dating to now and her commenting openly about it that he wasn’t around very much when George was young… That isn’t love. That’s “she’s convenient and won’t leave and nobody else wants me, so I can do what I like and she won’t care”.

    3. I don’t like these comments about their marriage and I don’t believe there is any proof they are living separate lives. Whatever their faults in their Royal roles, I don’t believe that because they don’t hold hands in public they are unhappy. We do see them being physically affectionate in more relaxed outings like sporting events. I think there is a danger of enjoying bitchiness for the sake of bitchiness here. Runaway Snarker is making a lot of comments here perhaps she/he can provide evidence not gossip? There have been previous comments that Kate is a bad mother, and similarly I don’t buy it. Not being brilliant with all kids does not mean you are a bad mother to your own.
      I learned long ago not to judge other people’s marriages because the way they chose to live was different to my own choices.
      Is there any evidence that they are unhappily married? I’ve never seen any.

      1. Birdy
        If nothing else they have spent much time apart.
        Let’s look back.
        Last week of their honeymoon William stayed in the falklands while Kate went back to london. Maybe she had business for the wedding dress exhibit? Point is she left, he stayed.

        William chose to live in his private residence for bespoke program instead of on campus or to have Kate there with George. He took several vacations during this and only one for 2 days with Kate over months. This was when the midd pap on call got a tip William was with Jecca/Harry hunting among other trips. He took extra long to finish the course tailored to him.

        The cottage when they were newlyweds. Kate, Carole, and George with staff show up with luggage to return to the cottage (we all know was a small mansion). Kate was seen leaving with bags within 2 hours. Then shortly after returning to her parents seen shopping and appearing upset.

        A few honorable mentions.
        Kate drives herself to hospital with morning sickness after living without William at her parents for majority of pregnancy. William confirmed not there.
        Midd residence getting heavy upgrades to suit full royal staff security from extended Kate stay. William confirmed elsewhere.
        Kate admitting KP is lonely and moves in with parents. William confirmed elsewhere.

        I’ll end with this one. By Kate’s own admition William spent the first 6 months of George’s life gone. We knew this time he wasn’t working steadily for RAF or royals. He was largely MIA with a few stories and speeches on how he’s with George a lot. Kate imo and many others made it a point to set that straight.

        No denying they live apart. Some couples work better this way.

        Everything i’ve stated is in articles with supporting facts like their PR (not gossip). However, you can argue their PR is gossip since it’s been wrong as much as it’s been right.
        And pictures/timelines. It all should still be outthere, but maybe with different captions now to avoid scandals.

        The most damning is the timelines and security trackings.

      2. Birdy
        If I may add 1 more comment to my pile πŸ˜‰ Because recovering from a broken foot is no damn fun.

        I’m not saying WK on on the verge of divorce because they don’t hold hands in public. Or on that verge at all.
        And gossip as I understand it would be if I said “I heard…” or “did you read..”. I’ve posted nothing that can’t be found in PR friendly articles, direct from PR statements, photos via press, pap, or twitter, or just common sense and timelines.

        Loads of couples live seperately. It’s not a terrible thing. It works for some. IMO this is just another example of the PR royally screwing the Cambridges by claims that their actions do not support.

        And I never supported the Kate never carried her kids or is a bad mom stuff either. Why? Because imo her pr is making claims she can’t be away from her children for work, but can for everything else. It’s more a backlash effect imo. However, as an example of PR nonsense… Remember Kate with George at a horse event? Onlookers and a fewnow tough to find photos caught George running into the path of horses. Kate didn’t pay attention. Sophie had to retrieve him and return him. But to Kate’s defense here! Same event a photog said what he saw in proper context of photos.
        Here’s where Kate was a good mom imo. In the photos claiming Kate and George were playing “monster” or “dancing” George hit a child with his toy car. Kate was pulling him aside to give him a talking to, but he wanted to run to William. That “dance” was the old mom-block. Few photos of her talking to george aside in the parking lot made print. Maybe because it wasn’t a flawless family image we all know doesn’t happen?

        1. Please be careful with that foot! I had a colleague who rushed her recovery and took off her walking cast too soon. She ended up re-breaking one of the bones in the top of her foot and it has never healed the right way.

          1. I am! Which is why i’m in a state of complete over posting boredom.
            It’s a stress fracture that comes and goes from running. I’m in an air cast and it’s really restricting to prevent movement in the foot so, not much to do. I finished my paperwork working remotely and now… alternating heat, ice, and binge watching netflix is my thing. If I had a wheelchair i’d be all “rear window.”

      3. Personally, I think the state of their marriage is no one’s business but their own. I care about their public life; what they do — and don’t do. If they’re living separate lives or billing and cooing at each other at home, big deal. I’m a lot more concerned about the job they do and whether they pull their weight. Their personal life should be theirs and if William is or isn’t fooling around on Kate, or if Carole is or isn’t refereeing their fights in William’s favor isn’t really our business.

        OK, I confess to some morbid curiosity about the fight refereeing. πŸ™‚

        1. I can see their private life being of interest in how it relates to their public life. Like William claiming to be working so he has to skip the Paralympic games, and Kate need to prepare for the Asia tour so she has to skip the Paralympic games, but then they get caught taking a vacation instead. Or William claiming to be doing that agriculture course and then jetting off on a holiday with Jecca Craig, and then another holiday with Kate in the Maldives. Their private life is relevant then because they, specifically William, claimed to be too busy with actual work and studies to do royal duties, but then can take of work and studies to go on vacation. So they weren’t “too busy” to do royal duties, they just didn’t want to, and lied about it.

          1. I hope they’re caught red handed & the Sun or Daily mail can publish their photos enjoying themselves while discarding their royal duties. Shameful!

          2. KMR
            Exactly. It’s when their PR makes it a public issue. And that is their own doing.
            If there was more focus on work, clothes, vacations, marriage issues would all (imo) take a backseat.

            And when their private life overtakes their job to the point the PR needs to cover for them.. That’s also an issue.

    4. I like the throw away comments in articles like whenever Kate and William argue, Carole takes William’s side.

      Twitter is a great resource for where are Kate and William when the press won’t cover their activities. Only rarely do you see Kate and William having a date night. Most of the time it is Kate out alone with her protection officers.

      Also, on Twitter ask yourself the following question: how often do you see William, Kate and the kids out and about as a family in their private time? When it isn’t a pre-arranged pap photo op like Kate, William and George playing on the lawn during their tour of Oz? Never. All of the cell phone pictures, taken by private citizens who just happen upon them, show Kate with George or Carole with George or Nanny Maria with George. No William in sight. Ever. That is telling.

      I just hope Kate and William’s PR people don’t read this blog and decide to have William and Kate snapped out and about with George. That seems to happen whenever the blogs start to criticize them. For example, the blogs and comments pages on articles kept criticizing Kate and William for not being affectionate in public and then, wham! Kate and William hold hands on their pap stroll to church with the Queen. Newspapers like the Mail have headlines proclaiming, “See! They do like each other.”

      1. So sad. Is this the life of the future king & queen of uk – married but have separate lives? Now I’m starting to believe that the Christmas photo of the 4 of them was really photoshopped! They can’t even be in the same place to have their photo taken together.

      1. That is one of my favorite pictures of her. The bit of weight suits her, in her face especially. I also love the long, slightly unkempt sun streaked hair. She looks happy, healthy, and imo just lovely

    1. That was the first thing I noticed in this post. The 2013 photo of Kate is truly wonderful. Despite her very long natural hair and the fact she’s just had George, she’s glowing. I agree, she looks genuinely happy.

      1. Some is natural hair. She grew several inches in a week

        And some untouched photos of this timeframe came out and she wasn’t glowing like she is here.
        They stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way back and that’s what i’m referencing.
        That aside she looks worlds better here ad with weight on her.

  13. Hah! If my husband left my by myself when our son was born and for the first 6months of our son’s life- I would’ve left my husband a long time ago. It may work for WK to live apart from each other so frequently, as documented by unofficial pictures. However, I have to think that it doesn’t reflect well on William as a father if he chose to not stay and bond with his son and to do the late night feeding sand the cuddling, the first few months of his little Georgie’s life. But then again, the BRF has always had a different way of raising their kids than the rest of the population.

    That being said, I’ll give Carole Middleton credit because she is being a stable presence in her grandchildren’s lives, rather than letting George and Charlotte be raised entirely by their nannies with very little time from parents and grandparents.

  14. Oh, I don’t want to give Carole Middleton credit for anything. I am sorry, but I don’t. She manipulated Kate through much of her life and was the major reason that Kate held on to William for so long during the Waity years. I think Nanny Maria is a constant source of care and love for the Royal children. George’s demeanor is always very happy when he is seen with her.

    Also, William does seem to have a good relationship with his son. I don’t think you can fake that. I did not know that he was away for so much of George’s early months, though. Some men, don’t relate well to infants. Get along better when the little ones walk and talk.

    I think it is very sad if this marriage is a sham. It would be wonderful to know that love really is blooming behind those walls of that estate. Kate always seems very sad of late. Money and titles don’t mean anything if you don’t really feel loved and cared for, do they?

    1. There is a quote, and I don’t know who by or exactly how it goes, but the gist is – in every relationship, there is a kisser and a kissee. I don’t know, I’m always reminded of it when I think of W&K. And the way she looked at him, when presenting George at Lindo. That really cemented it for me. I’ll keep an open mind, and I don’t wish for a terrible family meltdown, but it’s certainly not sunshine and roses anymore.

      1. “in every relationship, there is a kisser and a kissee”

        Like, there’s always a dominant partner and a submissive partner?

        1. I think it means there’s one partner who loves a little harder and one person who cares a little less. Not sure, I will try to find the original quote. Not saying I agree with it, just that their relationship, as we see it, makes me think of it

          1. It reminds me of the Canadian web series of Jane Eyre where the actress playing Jane kisses the guy playing Rochester. Rather than the other way round. I think it is ok to not force kissing. I have never forced my nieces to hug me. It doesn’t mean I don’t care but I would rather they did it because they wanted too.

            I think William is much better with kids no matter what age. It is strange that he isn’t more involved.

      2. How did she look at him, Ray? Sorry, I didn’t get your point from the day they presented George. I actually think it was one of the very rare genuine moments of happiness, equally for both of them.

        1. In my perception, Elina, William’s demeanor has never varied towards Kate. In fact, the most solicitous I’ve seen him in public towards her is when she came out of the hospital after her bout with HG.
          The day George was presented, she could not contain the naked look of love and adoration. I believe it was genuine. She would have turned herself inside out(in fact, just had) for him, had he but asked.
          She is the kissee. She must be, I hate to think their whole relationship on her part was just a bid to win the highest social status in the land, with little true emotion involved. At least one of them would be truly in love. This probably sounds all wrong, but after spin, my brain’s always a little wobbly!

          1. But, then why is she the kissee? She is the kisser and gets no spontaneous kisses in return, yes? I think she is the one that is always placating him, always trying to please him, always “begging” for his adoration, his love. That, in my mind makes her the kisser — the one who is always reaching out to the one she loves. While he, allows her to kiss him, but rarely becomes the kisser in turn. No?

            I don’t know if I am expressing myself clearly. Did not sleep well last night, but in my mind, I know what I am trying to say. Sorry, if this seems vague.

            I like the idea of a kisser and kissee, though. Interesting.

          2. You’re getting it. There is one person more emotionally in control of their situation, I guess. Dang, ok, I’m seriously going to dig out where I found that quote. I’m pretty sure it’s French…

  15. Here is an article from The Sun criticizing William for not attending the BAFTA’s for a second year in a row as its president and for Kate never attending the event.

    The article even points out that William likes football better but hey, hanging out with movie stars can’t be that bad and one of the pre-parties in at KP but William is skipping it to so he can be in Norfolk.


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