Kate Middleton and Prince Harry schedule their first appearances of the year

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry schedule their first appearances of the year

You guys! Jason persuaded Kate and Harry to get out of the house – and it’s not to go shopping or partying! William is digging his heels in, though; the only way he’ll agree to leave the house is if he gets to play helicopters.

Jason seems to love dropping news on Friday, and he continued his three-week long trend by announcing both Kate Middleton‘s and Prince Harry‘s first official public appearances of the year yesterday.

Prince Harry is actually making an appearance in January, unlike the rest of the Royal Holy Trinity. Harry, as Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, will attend the first day of the UK team trials for the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 at the University of Bath Sports Training Village on Friday, January 29.

The Duchess of Cambridge, however, will not be doing anything in January**. Kate’s first official public appearance will take place on Sunday, February 7, when she will mark the 75th anniversary year of the RAF Air Cadets. This will be her first official appearance as Honorary Air Commandant of the organization.

Prince Philip passed his patronage of the Air Cadets to Kate in December 2015 after serving as Honorary Air Commodore-in-Chief for 63 years.

** Officially – Kate did attend Church and the Gallipoli memorial but I’m not counting that as an official public engagement. For reference, it’s not counted on the online Court Circular either.

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Prince Harry Invictus announcement
Harry announcing, in July 2015, that the Invictus Games 2016 will be held in Orlando

Harry giving a speech at the launch of the Invictus Games Orlando in the USA in October 2015

Harry with a dog during the Invictus Games 2014

Harry and Prince Charles sharing a kiss at the Opening Ceremony for the Invictus Games 2014

84 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince Harry schedule their first appearances of the year

  1. When I read this today, I couldn’t help but wonder if this announcement came as a distraction as Will and Kate snuck off on holiday. That way it kept papers occupied so they wouldn’t realize Kate was at the airport.

    1. The first thing I thought when I read this was there are two weeks between now and Feb 7, so just enough time for a vacation.

      1. I have the exact thought for quite a few days now. I’m pretty sure and agree with others here that they’re already vacationing in Mustique. If that’s the case, I wonder if we’ll get any pap photos because I would be completely amazed if they’d release any themselves. They are no Maddie & Chris!

      2. If Wills is on holiday, then this will not look good, given it was announced that he had just finished 3 weeks off from his job. I hope he gets caught out, and it makes even more sense to me now, that desire to muzzle the media.

    2. I don’t really have a problem with Kate having a week in the sun with her family. It has been wet and damp here for months, not bright and cold. But I do have a problem if Will is having more holiday and I do have a problem if they are trying to cover it up. Tax payers pay for her security even if flights etc paid for by her family so honesty is the best policy. Hiding it makes it look as if they can’t justify it. Princess Madeleine’s holiday was absurdly expensive, but not hidden and paid for by her husband who works. Not sure if she gets Swedish protection?

      1. I don’t mind her taking a week vacation as well. However, it is always 2 weeks and the secrecy is the problem. They act like they are doing something wrong because they know the public will wonder why they need a vacation after just having a 3 week vacation. Last year Kate actually made a few appearances in January before going on vacation. This year, she has not ‘worked’ since Dec. 25, which isn’t work but a walk, so more accurately she hasn’t worked since mid December. So, it is more the question what does she need a vacation from when she hasn’t done anything this year. Both Kate and Will would be smart to actually do at least 2 engagements in January before taking another holiday. That is my problem with it 🙁

        1. Kate hasn’t actually “worked” since Dec 16 when she took over the Air Cadets from Philip. And hasn’t made a public appearance since Dec 15 at the Anna Freud Centre.

          1. So about seven weeks off over the holiday season. Nice work if you can get it.

            Off topic, but I find it interesting Prince Harry has been missing in action. Does anyone else think he may be dating in secret? Must be wishful thinking on my part.

        2. Yes see your point Overit and I agree. Neither of them have a work ethic which I always find odd. Like or loathe the Middletons they are self made millionaires and must have worked hard even if they did have some inherited money. And the Queen is an astonishing role model. Why are they so lazy??

          1. In answer to your last question: it is because neither a strong work ethic nor accountability for one’s actions were instilled.

            In Kate’s case, her parents (I refuse to exonerate Mike in this) wanted their children to marry up; all sorts of material advantages were provided to ease this as a possibility, but sadly, none of the responsibilities.

            In William’s case, his parents coddled him as something special because of what was, in effect, an accident of birth rather than William possessing inherently superior abilities. His mother’s untimely death allowed him to continue, unchecked, to behave abominably.

            Neither Kate nor William seem to have a sense of anything outside their own wants. We bang on here about asking why they won’t work or care. The answer is simple: because they don’t have to because family and taxpayers will always provide. Additionally, there will be the sycophant royal court and weak press cushioning any critique and worse, actively feeding their egos as role models, fabulous parents, whatever. All complete tosh, of course.

            On the issue of holidays, as long as they pay for them and security for ANY and ALL private activity, fine. At the moment, they are an impost to others. Taxpayer’s money can be better spent on people who are in need,

  2. I am sure W+K are enjoying the warm Caribbean waters. Kate’s probably enjoying her newly minted scuba status.

    All snark aside, they need to work. I know that my love and support of Harry is unrequited, but he needs to get out there. I look forward to see how the Games go in Florida.

    My fingers are crossed for Kate’s support and representation of Philip’s old patronage. This is a high profile event and I hope she does well.

    Thanks for the update, KMR! Extra thanks for the photos of Harry. It’s weird to see pics of him without the adorable ginger beard.

    Have a warm and safe weekend everyone.

      1. I would looove a tropical vacation right about now. We had a big dump of unpredicted snow overnight, and I know it’s winter, but blech!

        I don’t have an issue with the Mustique trip. They always go, no surprise, but it always seems like they’re sneaking away. Maybe because we see so little of them, and their private lives are such deep dark vaults. And the “work” is so few and far between.
        They don’t have to tweet selfies from the plane, but add it to the court calendar (or whatever it’s called) as family holiday. Don’t even have to say where you’re going, and it doesn’t matter, everyone has an iPhone, right?! We’ll all find out soon enough. Just stop skulking around, you’re not Hughes and Garbo.

        1. I agree Ray with your Mustique critique. It is okay to take vacations. It has always been announced when Queen Elizabeth and family went on their vacations/ retreats from public duty/ personal life in the city. I guess the one main reason is the paparazzi. They could just say taking vacation in the month of. I like how you put the subject of secrecy.

        2. As was commented up-thread, the secrecy is irritating because this couple has the audacity to be aggrieved when called to account. They don’t like criticism, and are certainly not up-front in the way they conduct themselves.

          We all know that they do very, very little, and nothing at all of relevance. Hence, they go to elaborate lengths to misdirect people – eg dropping into a school for lunch.

          I don’t have a problem with whatever occupies them as long as they stop looking to UK citizens to provide it, and we don’t have odious propaganda shoved down our throats in pathetic attempts to prove their superiority. If anything, they are a throwback to David and Wallis.

  3. With the screamingly obvious set up for PR school lunch photos & now this…I’m certain its holiday time.

    DoLittles strike again.

  4. With Jason announcing a function for Kate and nothing said about William , it makes me feel, yet again, that Jason’s main task is to promote Kate and not William . Imo William has come off looking worse during Jason’s time because of this practice .

    1. Jason can’t announce events for William if William doesn’t want to go to events.

      I’m wondering if William has come off looking worse during Jason’s tenure because we have started being more critical of William in general. I know when I started this blog, and up until about the start of 2015, I wasn’t even paying attention to William at all unless he was with Kate. But this past year I’ve been looking at him more and being much more critical of him. So I wonder if William looks worse to me than he did two years ago because he genuinely is worse, Jason is promoting Kate over William, or I’m paying more attention and being more critical of William.

      I mean, Harry has come off looking better since Jason started working for them. Again, though, I’ve been paying more attention to Harry in the last year than I did before.

      1. I think it is a question of William being resistant to advice. In the past, he has bragged about doing the opposite of what he’s been adviced to do. I do think that Kate is slightly more amenable to advice – she actually did a speech last year, after a very long time without doing any after her initial bad attempts early in her marriage. Considering how nervous she appears when speaking publicly and her bad track record, that has to be applauded. I is hard to do something you’re afraid of – especially when the eyes opf the world are upon you.

        1. Interesting view. I don’t know if it was because of Jason’s advice but I agree that Kate hit some milestones last year like making a decent speech and having her hair cut. I don’t know why, but sometimes I get the feeling that Kate is promoted against her husband, with his consent.
          Take the last year’s family photo of them they released for Christmas for example. William seemed so out of context that he was cut out in newspapers. Sometimes it seems William doesn’t care about his public image so much. Does he do it deliberately to turn the attention to Kate? With the psychological issues that I think he has, that would prove he’s not as jealous or annoyed as his father used to be when his mother was the most popular. Does he really want to make that point? I just wonder if he’s trying to prove that he’s not like his dad.

          1. I’ve wondered the same thing before – that William wants Kate to be out there more than him. But if that’s true, I don’t think it’s because he’s less envious than Charles was of the attention Diana got. If true, I think it’s because William wants to hide, he doesn’t want what he does in his private time made public, so he uses Kate as a diversion.

          2. It boils down to william wanting attention on his terms.
            For the most part, the boring, dutiful image seems to be a cover for a foul personality, utter laziness and a stunning lack of duty.

            He’ll happily hide behind his brother, kids, and kate and let them them endure the brunt of the attention and scrutiny.
            The two-kitchens kate fiasco? (They live in the same house, don’t they?)
            Harry in vegas? “thank god (huge eye roll!) for william”

            However, put william in the same room as kate and harry and it’s a different story.
            Harry is a different person around his brother these days. The behavioral change when harry is with his brother and without is striking.
            Bill is Numero Uno and won’t let harry forget it.

            I think Bill gets away with it for the most part because he is has a wife, who has made herself an easy target for criticism.

            If he were a single, 34 year old acting this way. There would be more focus on his jumbled, anemic diary of engagements. (Honestly, his diary was random galas, tagging along with H&K, baby, invesitures, and a few diana award engagements.) Even kate’s sorry diary has more cohesion.

            I would credit Harry’s private secretary for the change. Since he was hired Harry’s engagements, tours, and the invictus games have been spot on.
            It just goes to show, if one gets off their arse, they can easily change public opinion.

            And it only took Harry a few years to go from the “party prince” to good king heiry.

          3. +1 Kip. I agree. Will has let Kate take the fall for a lot of this. I am not going to make excuses for her, but he is party to some of this too.

        2. I think you are right ArtHistorian. William does not listen to anyboby, and anyone who give him advices he thinks the person is trying “to control” him. He is like my late father. When we gave him an advice he would get very upset.

  5. Okay so I finally looked up Mustique on a map, to see how long it truly takes to get there from London, and holy schnkies!! 15h and 25 minutes?! I don’t care how grand that is, I’d be exhausted just from the plane rides!! I know they chose such a secluded place for privacy but….eek!! X number of planes and X number of stops?! No thanks! I choose a flight based on how few stops I have to make LOL!

    Anyway, I used to be one of those girls who LOVED William during the 90s. Who didn’t? He had that floppy blond hair that he’d shyly brush back, that shy closed-mouth smile (that instantly brought out the resemblance in his mother), that deep, British voice. Of course that made me (and many other teenage girls….and probably boys) go gaga. His shyness was endearing and adorable and, on top of it, Harry was going through his awkward stage which made William look like (almost literally) the golden child. As the years passed, Harry grew into his looks (did he ever!), joined the Army and started doing more charity work–even creating Sentebale in his late teens/early 20s! William? I started reading between the lines of his responses during interviews and was taken aback. I also started noticing how there were A LOT more negative Harry stories in the press than there were of his older brother even though he’d come out of the clubs just as red-faced and hammered as Harry.

    In recent years, I’ve been starting to see William for what he truly is: a man who has the mindset of a teenager. He’s “stuck” at the age of 15 and never truly grew up and allowed himself to mature after his mother’s death. I know I should feel sorry for him but I don’t. Why? Diana was Harry’s mother too and while he definitely stumbled and fumbled, he always stood back up, brushed himself off and never played the blame game or pointed fingers. All William does now is pout, whine, and that adorable “shy closed-mouth smile” is completely gone! The unattractiveness he had back then is now showing on the outside. Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for Kate but then I remember, she pursued and chose this life.

    (I think she and Mama only saw the “royal wedding” as the finish line when, in reality, the actual marriage aspect and working royal part that comes afterwards are the final destinations.)

    Just realized I went on a rant and rambled about William (sorry KMR!) so here’s a positive: Kate is working more than her husband. Another positive? Harry is coming here to Florida later this year. **evil grin** 😉

    1. So Kimothy, just realised you’ll join KMR in Florida for some Harry watching, eh? You lucky sods! And what about poor Rhiannon?

        1. Lol, no worries! It’s all good.

          I agree with your assessment on Will. He used to be the golden swan that everyone loved and Harry the awkward duckling. I agree that he has a case of arrested development. We all now realize that he’s ill tempered and not suited. No amount of polish can make him shine now that we see his true nature.

          Hope you have a great Saturday.

    2. If I was going to fly a long distance with a child or two I think I’d rather fly to a South Pacific Island, Australia or New Zealand.
      Mustique doesn’t really sound that enticing to me, especially if you have to change to a small fixed wing plane for that last hop.

  6. Elina~ LOL! Rhiannon can keep him! I live in North Florida and will be knee deep in holder reports that month! Bummer because I’d LOVE to at least try to be in close proximity. 🙂

      1. Lol you guys. Gosh, I wish I could join you in a beach right now. Here in Europe it’s proper wintery and icy. No wonder January is the escape month of the royals to warm paradises. I admit, I would have done the same thing if I had the chance.
        BTW I hope our American friends norther than Florida are doing OK.

        1. It’s unusually cold here in North Florida (37 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind making it feel like 27 degrees Fahrenheit!). Right now, my fur-daughter (Missy) and I are keeping warm inside with her curled up in her bed and me wearing layers of clothes and bedroom slippers. My only plan for today is to go to the supermarket this morning for my usual weekly grocery shopping!!

          I have friends and family up north (in NYC, NJ, Maryland, etc) who are experiencing a blizzard!

          Stay warm, Elina!

          1. Thank you Elina!

            Question: How do you pronounce your name? Is it said like “Elena” (with a Spanish accent/pronunciation) or is pronounced differently? Just curious! 🙂

          2. It’s more like eh-lee-nah, Kimothy, with this spelling. May I ask if yours is a real name or a made up with a Timothy? You don’t have to explain, it’s just that I haven’t heard it before.

  7. I think Harry hasn’t just been sitting around. He’s probably done a few things in the background that we just haven’t heard about. With the work that he’s been doing the past couple of years it would be very odd for him to just be sitting around listening to George play with his trucks outside.

    As for William…his mindset has truly affected his appearance. He just doesn’t seem to be a happy person. Even when he’s flying his beloved helicopter and saving people he doesn’t seem to be fulfilled. Short of a science fiction reviving of his mother from beyond so that he can have the childhood he feels robbed of I don’t know what it will take to fulfill him. And honestly, if Diana had lived I don’t know if he would have been a different person. William has hated his place in the BRF since he was a child. He didn’t want to be king, he didn’t like the photo calls, but he did always like the little perks. Vacations, meeting celebrities, trips to amusement parks with him mother. He is what he has always been. Also, he may still be carrying a ton of guilt around from the last conversation that is reported he had with his mother. Bottom line, William needs to sit down with a professional and sort through all of this or he is going to leave this world as an angry, bitter old man.

    I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and warm right now. I’m in Michigan and grateful beyond words that the storm has missed us. We had a doozy a couple of years ago and I don’t wish that on anyone.

    1. Up here in Idaho, we are pretty amused by the panicky/excited response to feet of snow. Welcome to our winter world! Obviously, I am praying that people stay safe and don’t want anyone to get hurt. Car accidents due to a lack of snow driving experience are probably going to be the biggest hazard. I routinely have to shovel my car out, carry three different ice/snow scrapers and always carry emergency supplies and kitty litter (to help give traction when stuck). If anyone experiencing Jonas really hates the non stop struggle to get anywhere or do anything, make a note for yourself to never move to Idaho!

      1. I won’t be moving to Idaho it sounds like hard work! But here in the UK we just have relentless rain it is getting very depressing. Grey skies and rain over and over. Having a dog in this weather is just hard work and involves a lot of wet towels!!

    2. Just curious, what is the reported last conversation with his mother? I tried looking it up and all that came up was interviews with William which definitely wouldn’t include that info.

      1. My understanding is that they had a bit of a disagreement and he said he hated her. If I’m not correct, someone please let me know. Thanks.

      2. From what I remember, it was an argument about the pap photos with her and Dodi. W&H were on the first al Fayed vacation with Diana. They hung out with the kids, but were taken aback by the paps and even the lavish surroundings. Once the first Fayed vacation was over, W&H were sent to Balmoral. I don’t believe that she saw the kids after the July 1997 vacation.

        If someone else remembers different, please let me know.

      3. Liza~I don’t know but I heard (notice keyword: heard) that his last conversation with Diana was an argument/disagreement he was having with her regarding her relationship with Dodi being so public. If it’s true, then he might still be holding onto guilt over that anger he had towards Diana and, in a way, is taking it out on everyone else (press, Kate, Charles, Harry, etc) instead of talking to a professional about it.

        Again, it’s just something I heard and*if* it’s true, it makes sense though it certainly doesn’t excuse him and his behavior.

        1. If that is true it is so sad. Teenagers do say very hurtful things but Diana would have known he didn’t really mean it. He just needs a Mum to tell him that, although a counsellor would say the same.

  8. It appears that Kate and I have something in common…the way she approaches “work” is the same way I approach my diet, announce to the world that we are “going to hit the ground running” and are really “keen” to get started then wait a month and a half to actually start.

    1. She’s getting ready for the run by working her way up from a walk, to a jog, then a trot and finally full out. Only problem is her full out looks like most people’s strolls.

    2. Lol! Yes! And Kate’s announcements about finally working hard are also on par with New Years resolutions for the rest of us. 😀

    1. I’m from Canada and we’ve had a long history with our royals. Diana worked hard, she was out there and people looked to her for hope and inspiration. She put herself out there, but Kate to me seems like a very spoiled girl who feels entitled that she has people tending to her every need. I don’t feel that her feet are on the ground, she’s definately in her own world and we’re the players just watching it. I don’t think she gives a crap about poor people or womens issues, she cares about Kate and how great her family looks in pictures, when she can meet celebritieis, go shopping and take holidays. That’s my view on her, looking all the way over from Canada.

  9. +1 here Lauri from Ca and the rest! Lol, finally I have something in common with Kate. I’ll tell Jason to spread a word about my ‘keen’ into weight losing engagements for this year.

  10. Pippa is in Switzerland in a skiing marathon race as of Jan 23. So no Mustique get away yet. Are they all going this year? Not too much time prior to Feb 7 event for Kate.

    1. Pips could be joining later. Plus she and James were just in St. Bart’s a couple weeks ago. They don’t really need another Caribbean vacation.

      1. You made me laugh. That’s optimistic thinking. The family who vacations together……… I cannot imagine their annual vacation with any members of family missing but they leave us guessing.

    2. Actually, come to think of it. Pips just finished a ski race, which means she needs some warm weather to warm her up and she needs to rest after all that exertion. A Mustique holiday would be great for the Pips right about now.

      1. You have to give Pippa credit: she’s very athletic, involved with/active in sports (skiing, biking, swimming, running, etc), stays in great shape (except for baking in the sun–yuck!), is involved with various charities…..

        I’ve noticed she’s been very lately (compared to previous years). I have a feeling she might’ve gotten a talking-to by a few people plus that break-up with Nico probably hit her pretty hard.

        Edited to add: please don’t think I’m an automatic, sugary Pippa fan but, I sometimes think some of the mud thrown at her is unwarranted.

        1. I have to agree Kimothy, I’m not a fan of any of the Middleton’s but some of things said about her are unwarranted. If I were in a similar situation I’m not sure how i would handle it.

        2. Edit: I’ve noticed she’s been very QUIET lately…..

          I forgot a word and blame it on a brain fart from one of my transplant meds haha! Oops!

        3. I don’t think the break up with Nico hit her hard at all. She is already living with a new guy. She bounces back pretty quickly.

          1. I have to agree Overit. I also think that Pippa and Nico were not in sync for a long time prior to the so called “official” announcement. They never seemed like a match. Nico did not like the limelight of the press. This one she is now dating lives in London and seems more into her athletic world she immerses herself in. I do hope works out. Pippa never seems to have a job anymore.

        4. Pippa was spotted spending the night with her current boyfriend while still with Nico. And she’s reportedly already moved in with the current guy. So I don’t think the breakup with Nico hit her too hard.

    1. Awwwww that’s such a sweet father/daughter moment, captured in time! For all his faults (and he’s had his fair share) you can’t say that Edward isn’t a caring husband and doting father. I’ve also seen photos of Sophie giving James a similar, loving look. Thanks for sharing, Kip!

    2. Awww!! Thanks so much for sharing this photo Kip. Edward has always struck me as a bit of a cold fish, but this photo certainly shows his warmer side. I imagine after all Sophie and Louise went through during the birth he was thrilled to be able to hold his daughter.

      I do wonder what William is like as a father? He seemed to be pretty sweet with George during the Aussie/NZ tour and when Charlotte was born but we haven’t really seen them together since and as you said we’ve never seen him interacting with or holding Charlotte.

      1. I’d also like to add that, with what Sophie went through during her Ectopic pregnancy, it probably made Edward (and Sophie) appreciate and cherish those special moments with their children and it probably loosened him up.

    3. That is so adorable. Very nice warm photo of both parents and baby Louise. These are the kind of photos needed by Will and Kate. Yes thanks for sharing.

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