Kate Middleton spotted out at dinner with Carole

Kate Middleton spotted out at dinner with Carole

As if we needed more proof that the Cambridges did not jet off on holiday at the first opportunity, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted out at dinner on Tuesday night, December 1, with her family.

EDIT (12/9): I embeded the tweets and Instagram post with the Kate and Carole photos and it appears the posters deleted the posts, so they won’t show up here anymore. The close up still shows because I saved that as a photo in order to show a close up rather than embedding.

Kate was joined by Carole Middleton, and what appears to be James Middleton. Pippa Middleton was also supposedly there, but there does not seem to be photos of her. The Middletons were spotted by fellow diners at Clos Maggiore, a London restaurant specializing in contemporary French cuisine.

Supposedly they went to the royal ballet after this dinner, but I cannot confirm that. The restaurant is a pre- and post-theatre favorite, so it would make sense if they took in a show.

This Middleton family dinner took place the day before the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund carol service which Prince William, Carole, and Pippa all attended. I was really hoping it was the same night, so that I could call them out for 1) leaving their kids with the nannies, and 2) Kate ditching a charity carol service to go to dinner. But alas, I can’t do that… this time.

Kate at Clos Maggiore close up
[Sally Dernie @EquineHighStyle]

In other Carole news, Ma Middleton wrote a column for Baby London magazine in which she offers advice to people celebrating their baby’s first Christmas. From Hello:

    “Relax and enjoy baby’s first Christmas,” Carole wrote. “They won’t remember it, but you’ll have fond memories.” […] “We’re all busy planning festive parties and get-togethers, but taking time to choose and make those all-important festive touches is a must.”
    Hoping to get the little ones excited about the upcoming festivities, Kate’s mum has suggested making a “Paper-and-string sew your own Christmas garland,” which is a great family activity as it’s perfect for “young helpers to personalize.”
    As well as getting crafty little George and Charlotte can look forward to some baking with the grandmother. They can roll up their sleeves and get stuck in with the “Very Merry Cupcake Set” because as Carole says, “all children love to bake.”

Is this better or worse than #PippaTips?

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PS. Thank you, Anne, for bringing this to my attention.

282 thoughts on “Kate Middleton spotted out at dinner with Carole

  1. Ma Middleton sure does show just where Pippa learnt her writing skills!
    The question should we be asking is… Was Carole the author of #pippatips?
    If so then that means we were meant to take them at face value? Yikes !

  2. I love it that the person called her Kate Middleton and not the Duchess of Cambridge. I wonder where Carole stays while in London? At the flat with James and Poppa? Or at KP with Kate?

    And where is Mike? Not at dinner, not at the carol service. Did he go on that vacation with James Matthews a while back? He was at the rugby match when Carole necked her way through a bottle of wine, but he’s not really been seen in some time.

    1. He arrived separately to some recent event as well. Trouble in paradise perhaps. Either that or they aren’t attached at the hip and have their own lives apart from their union, which is healthy.

    2. Pictures of Mike on vacation in St. Bart’s did appear eventually. He was there. Maybe the dinner was a girl’s night? Maybe, since the dinner and concert were back-to-back days, he stayed back in Bucklebury to keep an eye on the business? Married people don’t have to spend all their time together.

      1. I disagree that there were pics of Mike in St Bart’s. There were not. If you can provide links, id be happy to admit I’m wrong.

        And I can play the maybe game too. Maybe Mike has separated from Carole because he’s horrified by her grasping social climbing. Maybe Mike is sitting alone in the dark drinking and wondering why God hates him. Maybe Mike *died* and Carole doesn’t want anyone to know because then she’ll never get a title of her own.

        Mike has always been the least photographed Middleton, but he’s around even less than usual.

        1. I agree with you Red Snapper. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mike has quietly gone his own way. I think the breaking point came when Carole insisted on seeing Charlotte before Charles and Camilla back in May. And “grasping social climbing” describes Carole perfectly.

  3. I can understand a night out with family (note it’s her family and William was no where to be seen), but they really need to quit with the uber devoted mother of the year lines. Kate goes out when it suits her. Work doesn’t suit her. A night out having dinner, the ballet, shopping suits her.

    So unless she ran back off to Anmer the morning of the service, she was in London and could have attended. I’m getting a ladies-in-waiting vibe from Carole and Pippa. They attend when Kate decides she doesn’t want to as her reps.

    1. Oh come on, part of being a good mother is finding time to relax and do things like go out with mother and sister for a relaxing dinner. Does Kate have an immense amount of privilege that helps her do that more than most mothers? Of course! Being able to leave the kids with the nanny is useful (although William could have been watching them during the dinner/ballet). But there is nothing about finding time to go to dinner with adults that makes ANYONE, including Kate, a less “uber devoted mother of the year.” I absolutely agree – Kate’s children will not suffer if she does more “royal work.” But it doesn’t make her any less of a mother to find time to do adult things.

      1. Maggie, the reason people snark on Kate’s extra curriculum activities vs her ability as an uber Mum is the fact that her being a busy mum who is at the beck and call of her kids is often trotted out as the excuse for her poor work record AND her non attendance at events involving William’s friends. The latter involves sending Pippa in her place because she’s too busy with the kids. Her status as a mother has been invoked so often that it has become a mythical thing where the public will automatically assume that is what she is doing when she doesn’t attend events she could be attending or when she’s a non show at public events or when Pippa stands in for her.

        How she spends her time has become part of the national conversation because the often repeated lie is that she is too busy with the kids to do anything else. Nevermind that parents needs breaks and she has a full retinue of staff, Her PR and her image has been allowed to grow around the notion that she is uber mum who doesn’t take any breaks from the kids. Not even to support her husband.

    1. This is not so much to vava but everyone who commented on this comment and “lol’d” – you all do realize that consistently not eating is otherwise known as anorexia, right? And so you are lol’ing at the idea of Kate having an eating disorder? How is that funny?!

      1. I’m a mental health nurse on an eating disorders unit. The illness, while I am not sure Kate is afflicted, is horrific and in no way funny.

        But, freedom of speech, so lol away.

      2. Maggie you do realize all your comments today, the 3 above, have come across very snarky to the posters? I get disagreeing, but you seem to be just annoyed at everyone on here. Maybe I am reading into your comments and I know tone is hard to read online, but today you just seem to be wanting to contradict everyone. Which is the poplar opposite of the comments you make on HRH site. I think all opinions are welcome here, but it can still be kept pleasant and civil.

        Personally my “lol” was because it was a funny comment! I don’t ‘think Kate has an eating disorder or else I would not have commented, I think she is naturally thin. But I would love a picture of her eating. I can say the same of any royal since we never seem them eat. I don’t know why, but it is such a normal act, that I would like to see a royal do so. Especially when I know the Queen makes a point of not being photographed eating. They have an aversion to it, which it just makes me want to see it more. It has nothing to do with an eating disorder. I just think you are taking things a bit to seriously.

        1. Is it just the Queen who makes a point of never being photographed eating or is it par for most/all of the RF? I remember reading about it too!

          We did see Kate eat an oyster thing in Canada, a plate of something sitting on a log next to William also in Canada, and popcorn at the NBA game in NY.

          When they had that “date night” a few days before the 2nd pregnancy announcement, the staff revealed WK both had the chicken dish and ice cream.
          Then again, they also said she had a spritzer, while a photograph shows William with one glass of red wine and her holding a bottle of White, so…

          1. Ya I never believe the reports that say what she had to eat. Since the media are pawns in the royals life :).

            That is right! I forgot about the popcorn and oysters. I guess that is something. Snacking counts

            You know Stephanie, I don’t know about the photographing thing. I know the Queen makes it a point to not be photographed, but I thought I heard somewhere that either her or Charles, didn’t want any royals photographed because they wouldn’t look regal eating. Which in all fairness, no one would. So, I have a feeling that photographers don’t take photos while they are eating. That is my guess. One of their unwritten rules. The times Kate was photographed snacking, it wasn’t in the UK, but foreign photographers. Who really knows though. The royals have some odd rules I am sure. That is just my guess πŸ™‚

          2. Overit, The royals don’t have odd rules, just antique ones, many of which don’t work in today’s oversaturated media, hyper-public, casual-to-the-point-of-barbarity attitudes. The Queen’s views on family, faith and morality were shaped by her mother, who was born in Queen Victoria’s reign. That is the problem with the British royals. There was an article in the Daily Mail today that the Queen loathes “selfies” b/c people don’t interact with her as much, they’re too busy on their phones trying to text pictures of themselves with her to their friends. I have to agree with it. I loathe cell phones.

          3. Seth I was actually going to say they have out-dated rules, but I was afraid I would get attacked for saying that. So, I wrote ‘odd’ as a safer word to use, thinking it would be less offensive. But antique works too.

            And I can’t blame the Queen, selfies are very annoying!

      3. Maggie, they are so anti Kate that she could cure cancer, end world hunger, insure peace on earth and they would still snark about her clothes, her hair and her makeup. She can’t win.

        1. Suzy, if Kate just did her job as a working royal we would probably all be pleased. The reason we snark about her is that she does nothing without being pushed, pressured and told to. As long as that is the case, you’re absolutely right, for the most part she can’t win. At least for me.

          If she in her past basically 12 years of knowing William had shown any interest in any of the topics you listed, made any efforts to really work with any organizations to affect a change in those issues then people would more than likely support her more.

          Instead we get overly expensive clothing that is poorly tailored, an ever growing (thanks to additions) mound of hair, visits to the charities she patrons that usually clock in at one hour at best, hundreds of photos of her being overly and at times improperly emotive, questions to those at the engagements that show she did little to no prep and cookie cutter letters expressing how pleased, keen, thrilled she is to be “working” with the organization afterwards. Maybe it’s just me, but someone in her position, who has the opportunity to help bring about real change and instead does the bare minimum pretty much deserves whatever snark is thrown her way.

          1. Nobody on earth deserves the level of nastiness from the posters here. What is wrong with your lives that you have to pick on every thing she does. She will never please you because yhe problem is you not her.

          2. *Giant sigh and shaking of head*

            Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. If one doesn’t care for what one reads, they should move on to a site that lines up more with their thoughts. I think that KMR does a wonderful job allowing people to say what they feel while keeping it civilized. I’ve learned more about other royals on this site than any other. Which is good because if we had to rely on a steady diet of the Duchess of Cambridge things would be deadly dull around here.

          3. I love this site. KMR doesn’t let us get off of the rails. Of you want to see critical, all you have to do is go to Tumblr and see the love and hate there. Little in between. We do have a spectrum here too. However, when Kate does something well, we will applaud her. Those times are few and far in between.

          4. I agree. I was rooting for Kate in the beginning and was super excited that a commoner was going to marry into the family. I thought she did really well during the engagement and the first year and then she turned into a massively workshy clothes horse, who always does the bare minimum. I was hanging on and trying to support her until the flashing started, then she lost me. There is no way all the nudity and flashing would happen with a normal person, more than once or twice at the most. Over the four years she’s been a Royal, she has not managed to learn basic interaction skills, cannot deliver a decent speech and hides away in the lap of luxury, doing the absolute minimum. When she does make an appearance, she likes to flash her private parts and that just disgusts me. Why do these series of flashing incidents not happen to the other Royals? I gave her the benefit of the doubt and then some, and have just been massively disappointed. There is literally nothing I like or respect about her and it didn’t start out that way. Simply, she is an utter failure in her position in the Royal family and no one knows what kind of a mother she really is, because she hides away. All we know is that she has chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, hair wranglers, personal assistants and nannies at her beck and call, so her life as a stay at home mum cannot possibly be that difficult. If she was shunning her duty to stay at home and take care of her own children without staff, I would be a lot more impressed. Since I don’t aspire to a 1950’s housewife lifestyle and prefer to actually work for my own living, I just can’t respect a spoiled woman who cannot pull her weight and do her job, yet who also has a full staff at home to help raise her children. That is why I don’t like or respect her. It’s not random hostility. I love and care about England and they have turned the monarchy into a joke.

        2. Don’t dare to presume that you know what we think Suzy. I would be glad to see Kate actually step into her role and do some good. When she does this and does it for more than a week or two I will be one of the first ones to congratulate her.

          1. And I am new to this blog as well. I find it pretty balanced given how disappointed I am with Kate and her lack of work ethic. I do get upset at direct attacks such as those thrown out by Suzy “What is wrong with your lives that you have to pick on every thing she does?” That is a personal attack and affront, KMR, and I don’t appreciate it. I am sure I am not the only one.

          2. Runner I know this is a very heated conversation at the moment, but I just wanted to say Welcome! I hope you will comment more often πŸ™‚

            And I do agree with you about Suzy’s comment. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she has commented here before. I think she came over and made a rude comment just to upset people. I am actually surprised KMR let that comment through. She is normally really good about not allowing obvious comments attacking posters through. I don’t appreciate the comment either, but I just laugh at it and her soapbox. πŸ™‚

        3. Well Suzy, if she indeed is able and willing to make the EFFORT to cure cancer, end world hunger and insure peace on earth, I do not think this forum would even exist at all. The fact she does not even try makes her the subject of criticisms.

          I think I LOLed at vava’s because in addition to almost never been photographed eating, she lost her baby weight at god speed, wearing towering heels while in her final term of pregnancy, chelsea blow dries in every appearances, among other things. For me, Kate tries too hard to be a “pink unicorn”. So much effort, time and money only for vanity. If only she would dedicate the same amount of effort to her work, she would have gained the much awaited respect as a true royal.

        4. When I found this blog I thought it would be a great spot; critical when necessary, but more balanced. It is not. People look down on the “sugars” and think they’re superior because they *know* the sugars are deranged superfans (and there’s one or two who literally are!), but from where I sit it’s two sides of the same coin. There are some people here who can see both sides of an equation, but there’s a decent contingent who act as suzy says above. I don’t post here much any more because of it. (And, yes, I know this site is mild compared to others; I used to read them too.)

          Apparently I’ve learnt that if I’m going to have a steady diet of something I’d rather it be sugar for sugar’s sake than bile for the sake of bile. And this is from someone who’s quite critical of her public life. The difference, I think is that I do think her private life should be her own; it’s none of our business, and laughing about something that could be serious isn’t funny either. Victoria has a documented battle with anorexia. Would you laugh if she quit eating? I bet not, because, well, it wouldn’t be funny.

          I’ve said someone should eat a sandwich too. I’m not perfect, and sometimes black humor is the best thing. But when there’s not much to balance it, it just turns sour.

          1. “When I found this blog I thought it would be a great spot; critical when necessary, but more balanced. It is not.”

            That’s incredibly disappointing.

            I’m sorry.

          2. It absolutely is NOT you, KMR. Not even close. I was going to put a sentence in there that I think you balance things very well but it sounded sort of sucky so I deleted it. πŸ™‚

          3. I just wanted to say that I never joked about anorexia, all I wanted to see was a photograph of the Duchess enjoying some tasty food. That’s all.

          4. Vava, I didn’t take it that way and am still trying to figure out why it got stretched into that. But thinking too much just makes my head hurt so I’m going back to my crochet.

          5. Plenty has been speculated about an eating disorder here and some posters have said they’re convinced she has one. Your original comment played on that — or appeared to — so if I misinterpreted as well I apologize.

            But that really wasn’t my point. My point was if the atmosphere is negative it sounds uglier than perhaps you intended.

          6. bluehare, Sometimes people with polar views tend to take over sites, but I don’t think this has happened at KMR. KMR tends to watch all the comments and brings a fair opinion to what Kate has been wearing and doing.

            Please, don’t stop posting because we need a variety of viewpoints to keep things in perspective.

          7. I guess I’ll go back to my beadwork.

            The negativity that surrounds the Duchess could be averted if 1. she could ramp up her schedule, and 2. get more professional staff, because they are not handling her image very well, in my opinion.

          8. And I will be decorating my tree. But I agree with your last sentence.

            G, you can’t shut me up that easily!! I don’t darken the doors here as often as I perhaps thought I would when I first found the site.

          9. @ bluehare,

            I thought vava’s comment was funny. It was my first thought as well- how did she season that lettuce leaf? She obviously eats so little that I can’t imagine why she bothers to go to restaurants except for the ambience. I always think, man, if I had that kind of money I would let my inner gourmand/gourmet explode.

            It puzzles me how anyone could view her or her kind as actual human beings. What are we fed? A steady diet of lies and image making. I should be accommodating and try to understand her. Why? Like she cares except for her image. Why should we not feel offended by the lies we are fed and her excessive consumption of taxpayer monies?

            I view her as a cipher and the worst of what it means to be an entitled waste of space. She should have *no* influence, and yet she does. And I am supposed to sit back and try to make her human.

            Her PR keep trying to make her human and are not succeeding. It’s all false, and when the empress has no clothes they should be called out on it. What we have here is a glimpse of what Kate actually does- hangs out in fancy restaurants but not at charities.

            I don’t perceive politically correct views of her to be balanced and fair. Or relativistic arguments- she is *not* like thee and me. She is nothing but a paper doll offered to us for blind consumption, and I, for the life of me, cannot understand why even the sanest of people tries to humanise her.

            Sometimes, negativity is an overwhelmingly good thing, because it is borne out of facts and a refusal to be sucked into the PR spin.
            In effect, she is nobody to us. And yet, people want to find meaning in a person who wouldn’t give us peons the time of day and would probably sic the protection officers on us if we made a wrong move.

            I think this blog is fact based, the critiques are fact based, the comments are largely fact based. KMR is balanced in her posts. Comments can be negative, because she represents a societal sickness, and deserves the negativity.

            If we want someone to celebrate, why come to a gossip blog, and why celebrate even in some small way, someone who has shown themselves to be a shallow, vacant pariah like her? I just don’t get it.

            Thanks, KMR for all your thoughtful posts, and thanks to the commenters who point out that the empress has no clothes. I’m glad there is a place to be able to express this.

            You know, you’ve made your choice- you prefer the sugar. Some of us prefer something else. Since the inception of this blog Kate has shown herself to grow in disappointing behaviour, to increasingly show the emptiness. It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. How is your choice superior to ours?

          10. Thanks for making my point, Maven. If that’s the way most people here feel then we will not find any common ground at all. I actually find that disappointing. But if we can’t even agree she’s a human being, well that’s a long row to hoe and I’m not even going to start.

          11. The edit button isn’t working, but I really resent your comment regarding superiority Maven. I never said one was superior; I said based on what I’d read — and if I have to choose — I prefer a sugar diet. What I’d really like is to find a site where both points of view are valued. Based on your response, this is not it.

          12. bluhare,

            Your idea of balance may not be the norm. I don’t get why imposing your norm on others is acceptable. And perhaps your idea of “common ground” is not everybody’s.

            *Of course* she’s a human being but for purposes outside her inner circle she is just an image, heavily promoted by her PR. And even as a human being, I would have nothing to do with her, just like in real life, given her actions.

            I did not make your point. I had a point of view that you don’t care for. I don’t go to sugar sites and criticise their comments.

            Again, relativism informs the idea of both points of view being valued (and I’m guessing, equally). I don’t think they are all equal, critically speaking, all the time.

            I apologise for the superiority remark. I did hesitate before posting so I know I was wrong now.

            I hope you find your place. Or start your own blog :).

          13. I guess I thought discussing points of view was what is done here; so thanks for letting me know that it’s only OK to toe the party line and that you view me as a “sugar” who’s only here to criticize your comments. Actually I am here to talk about what she does, which I do find lamentably lacking but I also think she’s a human being who chooses to hide behind a crafted image. But I am not going to buy into all the Scarole, viper comments posted in the interest of critical discussion. It’s no more valid than all the adoring praise spouted elsewhere.

            Maven, I think we’re done. When someone tells me that my idea of BALANCE isn’t normal, well there’s nothing more to say, is there.

          14. bluhare, I hope you stick around. You have a wealth of royal knowledge and I enjoy your perspective.

            I’ll understand if you take a hiatus though. I left the CB site because it was too tiring, dealing with one poster who dogged every word I wrote and spent most of her time telling me my “opinion” was wrong. Exhausting.

          15. I only meant I was done discussing this with Maven, TwoPence. And thank you. I confess I’m a bit surprised (and pleased πŸ™‚ ) at the compliment!

          16. bluhare- I don’t know if you will see this comment, but I hope you do. I actually agree with you. When I came here I was looking for balance. I didn’t want a site that praised Kate for every little thing like sneezing, but I didn’t want one that tore her every move apart. I wanted one like you said that praised her when she deserved it and was critical when not.

            I think the key term here is ‘critical’ which sadly a lot of the comments lately have just turned a bit more negative than critical. The times recently I thought Kate looked nice or did well I came on here and people where still finding stuff to tear her apart with. Sadly, I agree with you. There isn’t much balance anymore. There are some great posters here and I tend to just read their comments, while I know other’s who just dislike Kate and avoid theres. Anyway, I enjoy your comments, since they tend to be in the middle most the time (you say good and bad stuff), so please don’t leave! I can’t handle the comments on HRH anymore with royalfan there, so please keep balancing this site out :). Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

          17. MaventheFirst, I am appalled that you wrote: “It puzzles me how anyone could view her or ‘her kind’ as actual human beings.” Respectfully, I find that view callous and calculatingly cruel. The Duchess of Cambridge is a human being. She deserves respect for that if for no other reason than she *is* human. Now if you meant “an ordinary person like you or me,” that’s a different matter. But she most definitely *is* human (unless you can produce irrefutable evidence that she is a lizard person) and she deserves a minimal level of tolerance and respect from you and everyone else for that, just as you would expect it.

          18. And you think it’s ok when someone states “What is wrong with your lives that you have to pick on every thing she does?” You would rather be around people who make these types of remarks. Criticism comes from both sides. Is it better to be leveled at Kate for proper reasons (most of the time) than a malicious attack against someone on the board? Is that ok?

          19. Bluhare, you’ve been a commenter for ages, I wish you’d stick around! Thanks for starting this dialogue, much needed to clear the air a bit.
            Overit, your comment above was right on the money, I completely agree.
            Most of us came here because we were disillusioned with Kate, she just let her potential for good works and goodwill wither on the vine. BUT, we are always happy to champion her when she does something worthwhile. It’s a darn good blog overall, and I’ve learned so much from it (shoutouts to Seth and arthistorian here!), thanks for all your work KMR

          20. Thank you Overit and Ray!

            Runner: Were you addressing that question and the following to me? You said: “You would rather be around people who make these types of remarks. ”

            I’d like to hear the thinking behind that.

          21. I made a suggestion down thread that KMR could consider posting a twelve wins of Kate 2015 and another post of twelve misses for Kate 2015 in the spirit of the holidays. I think stepping away from this point and refocusing with spirited conversation on the good and not so good would be helpful rather than anyone getting further feelings upset or leaving the blog. I think the variety of points here makes it dynamic.

          22. Amen. I have posted before. Mostly I just cringe at some of the statements.but the comments about eating disorders struck me as unusually cruel.

          23. KMR your posters and site I view as balanced and informative. You respect posters comments and opinions and dont delete just because, that’s commendable.

        5. @ Suzy and blu hare
          I completely agree with your views. Although I do appreciate KMR effort toward a balanced blog, the comments here are definitely not so. I have recently been labeled an ardent monarchist ( laughable!!) and rathers harshly “invited” by a commentator to go and comment elsewhere because my view was not aligned… I think we all come here for some light-hearted entertainment, but there is a very thin line between harmless gossip and malicious comments.

          1. We are not communicating directly with the royals. If they CHOOSE to read these comments, that is their choice. They and their staff are free to ignore them.

            We all get to decide which terms we think apply to what we write, just as we all get to decide to write what we write. It seems to me you’ve decided that you get to define what is “harmless” and what is “malicious”.

            This reminds me of William attempting to commandeer the idea of “online bullying” and use it to shut down online comment about himself and his wife. Discussing royals, whether in terms you like or don’t, isn’t bullying nor may it be considered either “harmless” or “malicious” by any given person. Assigning positive vs. negative terms to certain comments or posters (ex. sugar or hater) appears to be a way to try to shut down dialog.

          2. Well, bluhare, I just see so many Kate advocates as those who attack others and call people on this blog and others as jealous or “not having lives.” When you say you would rather have more sugar than bile–how is it really more sugar when some sugars (and I have seen quite a few) personally attack others like Suzy did? Thar’s bile to me…that’s all I am saying. People here may criticize Kate and do so in a mostly productive fashion; they don’t attack others so ferociously for not believing that Kate is a a perfect angel.

            And KMR, I have been on many blogs, mostly reading and not posting. Perhaps, I should have just bit my tongue as I normally do. But, I really do want to thank you for providing a fair and balanced blog in terms of perspective. There are so very few of those. Thank you!

          3. Thank you for your thoughts, Runner. They’re quite strong for someone who says she’s new here. I find your extrapolation to be totally off the mark, and that’s all I’ll say about it. I was talking in general terms, not specifics. Perhaps that confused you.

          4. Thanks Penelope, I think Kate is doing ok in a difficult position. Of course she could do more. But thoughful critiques are not snarky, mean or cruel. We all need less of that in our lives.

        6. Suzy, I warmly welcome you to KMR if you haven’t been before. But please bear in mind that this is a *critical* site of the Duchess of Cambridge. The blogger/moderator tries to provide thoughtful, critically-thought out pieces about Katie and other royals. If you don’t like the site b/c we share negative opinions of the Duchess, I would kindly suggest that you look elsewhere on the Internet for your Kate Middleton fix. Unlike most other sites, this one doesn’t uncritically parrot the articles that proclaim she is the best mother, most fashionable, most intelligent and best princess the UK has ever had. If you aren’t able to accept some criticism of the Duchess b/c the sugary websites have filled your head with the idea that she is the best person on the planet, ever, than I would kindly suggest that you not come here.
          I would be happy with the Duchess if she carried out 150 public engagements a year; her grandmother-in-law the Queen who is 89 did over 400 last year, and her grandfather-in-law the Duke of Edinburgh who is 94 and had heart surgery and bladder infections in the last few years, did more than three times as many engagements as the supposedly healthy, 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge. That is my principal complaint about her; she doesn’t do enough to warrant the lifestyle the British people heavily subsidize (do you know how much the Royal Protection Squad costs? A LOT). I am not attacking her in her private life, if she had more of a public life. It is annoying. I’m sorry if you don’t like this site as a result or those of us who comment here regularly.

          1. I have a suggestion. KMR, would you be interested in writing two posts both in the spirit of Christmas? One about the twelve best of Kate, and one the twelve irritants of Kate. The best could be on things she done this year that you’ve praised, others have applauded, good points, fashion wins, etc. The irritants could be specific absences or mistakes that are good points and leave the door open for criticism. Just a thought. My best to you all

          2. Bluhare–I feel like you are insinuating my comments as being stupid–which I don’t appreciate at all. I must be confused, of course. I will go back to being mute as I was before. I am done with this nastiness. I will have to say this is all very ironic. End of.

          3. I never said your comments were stupid, Runner. Not once. Until this dust-up I hadn’t even noticed your comments, to be honest. You said you were new. So how would I? But if that’s what you took away from what I said — speaking generally about the blog — I’m not sure what to say about that other than you have a right to your opinion as much as I do and I have the option to scroll past it if I don’t agree.

          4. Seth last time I checked the site was open to anyone. You can’t get rid of people who disagree with you, no matter how respectfully you word it.

          5. Oh dear Suzy, Are you attempting to stir up trouble? Because I’m not going to rise to the bait. I simply suggest that if reading criticism of the Duchess isn’t your cup of tea, that you look elsewhere. If you are critical of us for being critical of Kate, that is fair if it is done constructively.
            I simply mean that if someone is a strict vegetarian, going to a steakhouse would be counterproductive. So would a teetotaler going into a bar. In a similar vein, someone who only wishes to read 100% positive, glowing articles about the Duchess of Cambridge, should not come to a critical site, b/c they are going to get upset, no matter how well-argued, well-supported and well-documented the assertions are made. But you may certainly continue to post here and I welcome you. πŸ™‚

      4. No, Maggie. I was not laughing at an eating disorder, just laughing that someone posted that it would have been a surprise, so to speak, to see Kate eating. She’s a public figure and I can see why she may not choose to be captured on film eating at one of her events, but this was a family gathering at a restaurant, so it is natural to think she ate there with family. You seem a bit overly sensitive when you rush to Kate’s defense in so many of your posts. But, then you may think others are overly critical. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be nasty, but I think your barb at those of us who wrote LOL was a bit nasty. I hope I have not overstepped my boundaries, KMR.

        1. I dashed this comment off after reading Maggie’s initial one and did not stop to read the rest of this thread. Maggie, I saw your apology and I send one back. I think we are all very sensitive is a fair site which posts and honors various opinions as long as things are said nicely. Again, I was not laughing about a health disorder.

      5. As someone who did suffer from severe anorexia as a teenager, I did laugh at this comment. So sue me. First, I have doubts she has anorexia – there is a difference between choosing to become very thin for fashion reasons, as she was post-wedding, and anorexia, which is an actual medical diagnosis based on specific criteria.

        Second . . .sometimes you just need to laugh a little, you know? Even if (especially if) you’re laughing at yourself. Sensitivity is good, but I can’t help thinking the world was a better place when we weren’t all so quick to take offense at everything. Life doesn’t come with a trigger warning.

    2. Is it actually common for multiple Kate die-hard supporters to appear all at the same time for one particular post? And creating an uproar for such a lighthearted comment that vava made? Their appearance seems to be too good to be called coincidence, especially after a long absence.

      Guys, KMR tries her best to moderate comments. I recently made a comment that was ambiguous and she asked me to explain and I gave her my reasoning. So what we wrote are not groundless comments without valid arguments and facts. KMR went as far as creating statistics of Kate’s appearances year by year and it is in fact disappointing for whatever excuses she has.

      We are all allowed to state our arguments, but not groundless made up facts only to pick up a fight. Maggie, has there been any confirmation about Mike’s vacation (pict or link) and has there been confirmation from KP or elsewhere that Kate suffers from anorexia? All we know is that, she is extremely skinny, spent a lot of time exercising and undergoing strict diet. If you can provide evidence from your arguments, I would gladly apologise. If not, all I can see is you are using “maybe”s and speculations only for the purpose of creating conflict.

        1. Haha, not you. I actually appreciate your views and I think you have contributed here since before I joined in. Your comments were among the earliest posts that I read.

          Varieties are welcome of course, but I mentioned “die-hard”. Some people just came here saying groundless facts only to praise Kate and to initiate conflict by assuming everybody here is Kate hater. This is what I find distasteful.

          1. Hugs Vava, and also offers her a bead. I know that you were being tongue in cheek. If I were Kate I would hate to be photographed at a Restaurant because you know that all eyes are going to be on you and what you eat. Even when you sent the order back with the waiter it would be scrutinised and commented on. I can understand the royals not wanting to be photographed while eating. They would not be the most dignified of pics for anyone.

      1. No there has not been confirmation of anorexia. I have never said she has anorexia. In fact, my whole point was that we shouldn’t speculate or joke about why we have not seen many pictures of someone eating, because THAT implies the possibility of an eating disorder, and then makes light of it.

        Also of course my arguments are based on speculation. 99% of what is said about Kate on any blog is based on speculation, because we know very little about her life. No one can say that she is or is not a good mother. No one can say she is or is not a recluse post-wedding. I used “maybes” to point out that everyone here is speculating, and that speculation can go the other way too. I.e. people SPECULATE that because we don’t see Michael Middleton out and about with Carole much, it means they must be having marriage problems. So I presented, via speculation, alternative explanations for why we may not see them out in public together very often. I’m very confused as to why I’m the only one being attacked on here by multiple people for not having “evidence” to back up my arguments. Or why I’m the only one being told I’m using “groundless made-up facts”. No one has evidence to back up most of their arguments about Kate. Again, it’s all speculation. We can choose to read situations in different ways. And I completely respect that others interpret certain things to mean different things than what I interpret them to be. I was simply presenting an alternative interpretation of the little we know about Kate or the Middletons.

      2. And just to be clear, I think Kate has squandered an incredible opportunity she has been presented with to do real good in the world. I also think she needs to do more to justify the immense benefits they deserve. I just also think that thinking someone is failing at their “job” as a royal does not justify joking about their eating habits or speculating about their parents’ marriage. Nor does it justify saying their baby is not that good-looking. I mean, I enjoy reading KMR’s writing quite a bit, and I think KMR is quite balanced and I love following this blog for the writing, but the following line disappointed me:
        “I was really hoping it was the same night, so that I could call them out for 1) leaving their kids with the nannies, and 2) Kate ditching a charity carol service to go to dinner. But alas, I can’t do that… this time.”

        I think it demonstrates my conflict with many of the posters on here in general. I am not hoping to call out Kate for doing something. I’m fine if someone else is, because we all follow her for different reasons, but I personally would like Kate to succeed and just think she hasn’t been so far. But a lot of the comments here sometimes make me feel like the people writing them ARE hoping for Kate to fail. And so I was expressing my disagreement with that, perhaps poorly. Again, I respect everyone’s views. I also would appreciate it if people would respect my right to disagree, instead of calling it “picking fights” or “snarky.” I’m not just disagreeing to disagree, I’m disagreeing because I thought we are here to have discussions and debate about things. Maybe I was wrong.

        1. Hi Maggie, just so you know, I used the word ‘snarky’ for lack of a better word, which is why I went on to explain that you just seemed annoyed with everyone. I should have used something more like ‘harsh.’ I only said that because all the times you have posted here before or on other sites, you never seemed so annoyed as you did today. Like I said above, it is hard to read tone online, so it was just my interpretation. Of course you are allowed to disagree and you have in the past, but something about this time just felt different, which is why I said something. Especially because you were so unhappy with people commenting on wanting a photo of Kate eating. Which, I already said above, I don’t think Kate has an eating disorder, she is just blessed by being naturally thin (as you can see by her mom and sister). Anyway, I just wanted to say I didn’t mean to come across as you opinion is not allowed. I was just confused by your ‘tone’ is all since it was so different from how you normally comment.

          I think you were thrown into the same group as suzy above, who only commented on here to attack people. And it just went bad from there. And you are right about the maybes. We are all only speculating, so none of us can provide proof. I just wanted to let know that the ‘evidence’ thing is silly and that I am sorry if I made you feel like your opinion is not welcome. It totally is :). And there have been many times I agree with you. Here is to hoping Kate does better in 2016!

  4. I love civilian photos of her. Definitely my favorite. The room they were sitting in (photo of the guy, background) looks super pretty

  5. I love candids. I wish we got more of them. She sat in the seat that was obviously hard to see or photograph πŸ™

    Did anyone else notice in the photo of her, her clutch is on the ledge behind her and its actually stuffed full!!!! Not flat and empty like she normally has it. Lol

    It kind of bothers me that she could go to a play and dinner the night before, but not a charity event the night after that both her husband and family went to. Especially a event she used to go to. She was in London and could go to a play, but not be bothered to go to a charity carol event? It makes me wonder if Will didn’t want her there. Gosh, I don’t understand these 2. I guess the busy month of October was just a flash in the pan.

    1. This was my thinking. If she went to a private place for dinner with her family it would be one thing, but to have dinner in public and skip a charity event in honor of a close friend of William’s the next day, is quite another. If she stayed home because one of the children was sick, then Will could have mentioned how sorry Kate was to have missed the event.

      Either these two are not very PR savvy or they do not give a darn what people think of them.

        1. Great point Larissa, and this would be one I’d put on the year countdown if we had a “Kate’s Twelve Misses of 2015.”

    2. She has attended the charity event once or twice, but it isn’t an annual thing for her. Maybe she has no interest in it, and sees no need to support the charity?

      1. It just looks insensitive. People are still hurting about lost loved ones and her compassion would be appreciated, especially since she was brought up in a loving, stable family and hasn’t had to go through that type of trauma.

    3. I’m thinking maybe Will watched the kids while she had her night out and then she watched them while he was at the charity event? Although, there’s always the argument that she could’ve left them with the nanny and still attended the charity event.

      1. The Cambridges have a nanny, so therefore I think that the nanny would be looking after George and Charlotte. That is the way they do things in those circles, the nannies do the day to day child care. I have friends who have worked as nannies in royal and aristocratic families and that is the way they all run their households.

  6. Does Kate have no friends to go out with? Seems seldom that she’s out and about but when she does pop up it always seems to be with Carole. In the future I can see the Middleton women keeping Charlotte tightly bound to their private little girl group. Don’t think that’s good training for the very public life that Charlotte will one day lead.

    1. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that only Pippa is social.

      Where are Carole’s friends? She’s always papped alone or with her kids, particularly Kate. I’ll extend that enquiry to Mike.

      The wedding list didn’t throw up many personal friends. They invited people from their village who were confused as to why they’s received invites given they barely knew the Middletons.

      The often quoted personal friends tend to have something useful for Carole/Mike eg Villa in Mustique owned by friends who are rarely seen with the Middletons.

      Jigsaw job came about from an acquaitance though the Middletons let PR paint it as a personal friendship. The Jigsaw owner debunked that aspect of their mutual relationship and described them as acquaintances at best.

      The Mustique crew tend to be a very tight knit group. Most of the socialites in London are part of the Mustique crew, yet despite more than a decade bi-annual holidaying on that island, non of Middletons are papped out with any of them or attend events with them.

      The only social events they attend seem to be those tied in with William ie William’s friends. Does this mean they make any effort only with William’s circle or is William’s acquaintance enough to score them an invitation.

      The entire lot is peculiar.

      They are insular and will not socialise with anyone else, nevermind anyone who isn’t useful and of the right social class. I’d venture to say they put up with Uncle Gary because he has oodles of money and can fund them when required.

      That doesn’t bode well for PGtips and Charlotte. I was hoping that once the cousins started having babies, they would all socialise together, but as we saw at the polo, PGtips wasn’t really interacting with his cousins even though there were lots of them of similar age. Nor did it appear that his mother was facilitating that.

      Doesn’t bode well for the future.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly Herazeus. It is beyond odd that this entire family seems to have no friends aside from those who can possibly do something for them.

        If we were in days of old and William had the ability to grant titles, land and income they would not only be first in line, they would probably be the only ones getting anything.

        It makes me wonder what kind of personalities they present to people (such as the villagers and the Mustique crew) that causes them to be such outcasts. It’s the only word I can think of. Do they just touch down, say a few words to people and expect those that received that presence and few words to be grateful for the interaction? Are they worried that if others are included in their circle William might see that they are not necessarily the most normal or best way to do things so they keep the doors shut tight against outsiders. I feel as if they are hiding something.

        I truly hate to think about how isolated those kids are going to be if the trend continues.

        1. Britain’s aristo’s are an insular bunch who all know each other. They’ve known or known about Carole since the kids were at Marlborough. Either they choose not to socialize with her, or she chooses not to socialize with them, or both.

          1. This is when I feel for Carole somewhat but then I look at how she manipulated things so that Kate would be at the same school/year as Will (sheer dress catwalk to boot) and I’m back on the aristo side. Carole rightly looked at the aristo’s and probably thought, “you were just like me once, hungry for position and not afraid to use what you’ve got to get it,” but her methods to gain power, while historically supported, are deplorable. Worse, it makes Will look weak that he could be manipulated as he has. It’s too bad the Queen can’t live forever.

      2. They do seem to be an odd family, quite hungry to be in the public eye, unlike other families who have married into the Royal Family and who just live their lives quietly. Perhaps this is because everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame these days due to the huge impact of social media as well as the hunger of the royal press to publish pretty much anything?

        Gosh, it must have been hard for them to find people from their side of things to invite to the wedding! Quite funny, really, to ask people you barely know, and smacks of more than a little bit of desperation. I guess if the family is geared to social climbing and using, well, people cotton onto that pretty quickly, and tend to avoid where possible. It is very tiresome and insulting.

        I do feel for the two children, but more than likely they will grow up in the same vein as their parents to believe they are entitled too.

      3. I can see how it might be difficult to have friends when you are in Kate’s position. I mean, if she had some close friends from school – they might still be able to be together – and I think she might have some of those. I can see how she would have to be guarded with any new friends – some would just want to be close to her for access. Most adults make new friends through their jobs – she’s never really had one until now. I think she can trust her family so therefore spends time with them.
        Chas has friends and so do Wills and Harry. I’m wondering if Kate’s issue is one of class. Her middle class friends don’t fit with her new aristocratic life?? Shouldn’t matter as Wills seems to embrace that.

        Dunno- she could be lonely??

        1. Her aristocratic life isn’t new. She attended Marlborough and St Andrews with artisto’s. Since Uni she’s been with William and his crowd. If she had friends of her own from any background, we’d know. There would be pics or even just mentions of them in the Mail. Actually, the DM ran a piece not long ago about her friends. There was Emilia D’Erlanger, and the rest of them were either Kate’s relatives or employees. She certainly doesn’t have a crowd of girlfriends. Or guy friends. Only Kate knows if she is lonely.

          1. Just because she went to the same schools as aristocrats doesn’t mean she is one. The Middletons were famous for overdoing things and being “the wisteria sisters.” Hardly the easy confidence of the titled class. It’s completely understandable how she would leave with few friends. And like some of the others have said. Hard to bond with other women when you’re so busy trying to run them away from your royal boyfriend.

      4. Agree. I tend to think that Carole is extremely choosy in her choice of friends. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she looks down on most people thinking they’re beneath her. That said, I’m also thinking that the very people she wants to socialize with are looking down and steering clear of her.

    2. I think Kate and Carole are mean girls. Think about how unnecessarily cruel they were to Beatrice at the 80’s roller disco party they had while Kate dated William or the death stares Kate gave any woman who said hello to William or Kate running women out of the bathroom to primp while she clubbed with William.

    3. I think you miss the point that aristos don’t have to go to restaurants to get exquisite meals – they have staff cooking for them at their estates. It’s why you never see the Queen or other older royals out in restaurants. In aristo circles they have the royalty to their estates, they don’t dine with them in public.

      1. Actually the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh do dine out in London incognito. I don’t know how often they do it, but the Duke has a Hackney cab that he drives. They slip away with a couple bodyguards and a lady-in-waiting and go to quiet discreet supper clubs in the West End before going to see a show. They’ve done it for decades. No motorcycle outriders, no flashing lights or crowds gathering. Just them.

        1. That’s a rather lovely habit they have. And probably fun for them too. Good to hear that they can get out and about with some freedom, though goodness how no-one recognises them. Perhaps that’s half the fun?

  7. Yum, looks like a beautiful, cozy restaurant. I wish we could see what was on the ladies plates, too. The young man’s meal looks tres delicieux!

    1. Ray I thought the same thing! The food looks yummy and the atmosphere is so nice. I totally want to go here :). What a great spot to eat at before a play!

          1. Well check your calendars, and let me know what works for you both…we’ll get a reservation and make a night of it, maybe book a show…see if Camilla has time to join us for a drink or two later in the evening…it’ll be fun! Anyone else in??

  8. I’m glad Will went by himself. Whenever he goes somewhere with Kate, the attention gravitates towards her. If the charity event was something he planned to go to alone, he should be able to go alone.

    1. Good point, Jen. If she went all out the headlines would be about what she said wore. Maybe now the charity can be center stage.

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad to see her out and about without William. She sure doesn’t look happy though, although with a candid shot, it’s easy to look horrible and miserable. Rod Stewart looks great though!

  10. It looks like Pippa was there.

    If you look at the pic with Kate in it, you can see some shiny brown hair just below the rooster’s tail on the left side of that lady.

    1. I think that is her mom. You can tell by the position in the photograph of the guy. Kate is sitting in the corner to the right of her mom

  11. Rod Stewart looks awesome. I would never begrudge someone in need of R&R. But she could have gone to the memorial of someone who was loved by William and Harry. Kate needs to work. Full stop.

  12. Some of you have probably heard of Enclave 24 site. She was one of the first you started to critisize Will and Kate. She stopped or was forced to stop before the nude gate in France.

    Her posts were well written and she quickly got an immense following.

    But what is sad is that compare Will and Kate during the Enclave 24 time and now. Will and Kate had some three years ago at least some potential. It looks now like they, especially Kate, have stopped to care. Their arrogance is mind blowing. They have regressed beyond believe.

    In retrospect, if we would have known when posting at Enclave 24, that compared to some three years late, they are actually hard workding, well prepared and behave in immaculate way, the site would probably have exploded.

    1. The abrupt disappearance of Enclave 24 will always be a mystery to me. That blogger really had writing talent, but Kate Middleton Review does too. πŸ™‚

    2. I used to comment there. I still miss it, it was so informative, both blogger and commenters. Everything suddenly stopped. It’s such a mystery.

      You are right, Larissa. What a difference 3 years make. KMR’s blog is probably what it would have evolved into.

      1. Nobody knows. It really was a great site. I found it right after they got married when I was still a fan, and it changed my perspective quite a bit. And then one day she made a post and never came back. And then the site shut down.

        1. Hmm that is very suspicious. Makes you wonder…. Gosh now I wish I had seen the site! I am curious what was written on it. Lol

          1. it was a an analysis of WK’s public image. she didn’t simply report the outings with pretty pictures. The analysis was written like a thesis, with quotes from earlier interviews/outings, other royal talking heads if she could find the information. Essentially pointing out the web of lies being spun.

            I’ll never forget her analysis of the engagement interview.
            That interview was so disingenuous and full of lies that i’m surprised WK kept a straight face throughout.

            These days, the public is more aware of the pr lies, so perhaps her website would be so interesting, but for 2011, it was amazing.

    3. I loved Enclave24 and Duchess or Diva. DOD is is basically defunct since she had her own little prince and tired of saying the same things repeatedly about Kate. ☹️

  13. I am a longtime read but firs time commentator — it’s really quite unfair to criticize the commentators for their thoughts on Kate. People get acerbic, people may exaggerate. But personally, I’ve noticed that when you directly respond to someone and challenge what they just said that’s always taken as a an aggressive move whereas making the same point as a separate post isn’t. I personally don’t read any of the sugar blogs and rather enjoy this one and only this one. When people are angry, they’re angry; when they are not, they are not. That’s perfectly fair.

    1. Kate is an enigma to me. We know nothing of her. That’s why I’m fascinated, yet frustrated with her. All of us could name some sort of personal tidbit about our favorite royal (Prince Charles won’t eat on an international flight, the Queen Mother loved her evening drink, Diana loved to queue in lines). There’s nothing there. I wish that I knew more about her. All that is left to form an opinion is her past/present work history, fashion, family, and Will. And to me, that’s a shame. I don’t need to know her inner thoughts and dreams and secrets. I just want to know what motivates her.

      1. Some anonymous poster on the DM said he sat at a table next to William and Kate in a restaurant and they were snobby but the DM comments thread isn’t Twitter so no photographic evidence of the poster’s presence. Another poster said she was run out of a bathroom at Mahiki because Kate wanted to freshen up before leaving in front of the paparazzi. Again, just someone’s word, no evidence.

        These reviews still leave Kate a mystery because they’re unverified. Is she a mean girl or just very introverted with few friends. Does she have good reason not to want other women around her or is she not a woman friendly person.

        Don’t know and I think Kate likes being a mystery. That much I can say with certainty because Kate hasn’t done much of anything to make a connection with the public. The only things her PR let out are generic like motherhood or defensive like Kate is busy behind the scenes.

        1. I think the whole royal family tries to be somewhat of a mystery, and to be honest, isn’t that part of the reason they have managed to stay famous? And also how most famous people act? Yes, other royal families and other famous people do give us more peeks into their lives than the Cambridges do. But ultimately, we don’t really know anything about the lives of most royals or famous people. And that’s why we follow them. If we knew everything, then it wouldn’t be as interesting or exciting when they do release information. Don’t get me wrong – I think the Cambridges’ PR strat is horrible and I don’t understand their utter hatred for inviting the public into their lives in any way. But I do think the royal family would lose much of its allure if it became too open with everything, i.e. there is a reason the Kardashians, who publicize their private lives quite a bit, are seen as trashy, while the royal family is not.

          1. I agree with you, but we knew things about Kate that we’ve now been cut off from. Things like her love of field hockey and net ball. She was obviously an aggressive and successful athlete, and now she is shielded and hidden and tentative even when she’s on tour. She reveals far less than the Queen — making that joke just recently about Justin Trudeau making her feel old — and in speeches even William makes canned jokes designed to reveal more about himself. I am Kate’s age, and would kill for her platform. And she’s either not allowed or doesn’t want to do anything.

          2. It’s unfortunate that we’ve seen all of Kate’s personal bits multiple times, but have yet to see a personality. I can’t remember where I heard/read/saw this, but Kate’s mysteriousness reminds me of a description along the lines of thinking that a fascinating, complex person wth an interesting career is hiding behind a brick wall of mystery, you break the wall and find an accountant. I get the feeling that one of the reasons Kate is allowed to shirk her duty, is because the palace knows that one of the only things Kate’s got going for her is the average person having to resort to guesses and imagination in their concept of who Kate is and being able to build her up as some divine creature, when in reality, I think she is more than likely pretty boring, one dimensional and vapid. She is a very average person, who is only famous for who she married and if the general public had a more accurate take on who she really is, I think it would be a lot harder for the palace to justify her and william living off of the public’s charity. The fantasy keeps the monarchy machine going.

      1. Fair enough.

        I figure Carole and Pippa would attend the opening of a mailbox if it is advantageous to them. Sometimes, it is financial advantage. Sometimes social advantage.

        This event must have been in some way, like maybe husband hunting for Pippa now that she and Nico are no more. That event would be lousy with William’s old school buddies who are still single.

        Carole and Pippa so remind me of two women who are speaking with you but looking over their shoulder to see if they can turn you into a move someplace higher up.

        I attended a political fundraiser in Santa Barbara while I was a student and felt that way. It was an eye opening experience to attend a party where you had to establish you were someone worth knowing for some superficial reason like the size of your wallet or your pre-existing political connections.

        1. Absolutely. I’ve been politically involved in upstate NY but at a low-level. So whoever I’m speaking to is usually looking to see which influential person has just come in over my shoulder. Carole and Pippa would attend the opening of a letter just to have the cameras there, especially if they could drag Prince George with them.

        2. I agree. And to me it makes Pippa and Carole’s attendance stand out so much more when the close friend/patron’s wife doesn’t attend.

          I think that Kate deliberately does not attend these things, even though she’s attended before, so that it looks like she is sacrificing her “fun” stuff just as much as her duties.

  14. I too feel for Charlotte and George. They didn’t ask to be born into this. They have that in common with William. I feel for Kate too. I think she is a girl who lets just say cannot think for herself and must suffer from self esteem issues. Everyone has problems and it is how you cope with it. Even writing it down helps. I think it would have been better to eat in private and not be snapped by the paps. At least there would have been real privacy and not speculation or getting attention. I am unsure as to why Kate wants to make everything public.

          1. I don’t think Kate is shy. There are numerous times throughout their ten plus years of dating that she talked to others; Will’s friends, people who ran events, waving at photographers where she’s fine. What’s changed is that she has to do more now than just look pretty and smile. Girlfriend was easy. Duchess is being a dimensional person, that most of us develop early on, but if Carole was sculpting Kate from an early age, she won’t have an individual identity other than shadow Will or her mother. That’s the key criticism of Kate that I can’t get around. If she changes or develops, I’ll be cheering for her.

          2. I beg your pardon Seth. I am shy in nature but I don’t go around looking for attention. I always think banter – good. attention = bad. Normally Shy people do not court attention. it is the exact opposite.

    1. Unfortunately Mr. Miliband came across at least to me, as quite awkward, with or without a camera present. Just my view. πŸ™‚

  15. When Charles married Diana I wasn’t impressed as she was a wealthy titled girl marrying into the firm. Over the years that opinion changed due to work she did and the way she used her title to try and improve the world. When billy married katie I was so happy that someone from outside the firm’s sphere could really do some good. Sadly she hasn’t and I’m tired of the excuses. I love this blog because the rare bright spots of billy and katie are highlighted. Maybe the do nothing duo will turn it around and I hope they do. But I’m not holding my breath

  16. The only comment I have is that in this picture, Kate’s nose looks like it has been fiddled with again. Maybe it’s just the angle of the camera. Regardless, her nose looks in danger of being overdone.

  17. I was going to comment yesterday but I did not want to respond while I was in an emotionally charged state, so I waited. I could respond to each comment now, but I am not going to. Judging from the comments, it seems my experiment with a middle of the road blog has… I don’t want to say “failed” but I’m not sure what other word to use at the moment. I’m going to hold off on posting any new articles until I decide whether or not I want to continue with the blog (though I will probably cover Kate’s appearances this week in some form). Thank you all for your feedback; it is much appreciated.

    1. Pleade, KMR, do not stop doing what you are doing. You have an amazing blog filled with many supportive people. You have brought awareness to other royal houses (Bhutan) and other heirs (Hassan) that many might not have known of. Please keep moving forward with this. Your blog fills a void that is needed. I always look forward to your well written and insight each time you post. I also like the commentary. Do not stop.

      I am staunchly on your corner and want you to keep going.

      1. KMR, your work has been very appreciated.

        What has happened between a couple of people is a very small percentage of your readers.

      2. I totally agree, KMR is one of the highlights of my day, and I am sad that people commenting here are making you question what you are doing. Your blog is the only reason I know about my favorite royals, the Swedes. Don’t go, I will miss KMR so much.


    2. I wouldn’t quit over this dust up. It was bound to happen sooner or later. They always do online.

      Everyone just needs to go to their corners and take ten deep breaths. Launching personal attacks never work online. The person being attacked never says, “You know. Until you pointed it out to me, I never realized…” Never. So it is a waste of time to comment on someone with whom you don’t agree. Just scroll past and keep going.

      You also need to consider that this blog has become so prominent that astroturfers either for or against Kate may have started coming here. If they are here, they will want to confront people who don’t agree if they are pro-kate. The trick is not to get tied up in their nonsense. If astroturfers are here, I would take it as a badge of honor like being spoofed on Saturday Night Live. You’ve arrived.

      1. I completely understand the desire to reply to someone’s comment when they have said something you think is completely ridiculous so I understand why people do so. But sometimes I think it’s best not to comment. Or at least not comment to them directly but to leave your own comment just by itself.

        1. Best advice yet!! Please don’t stop posting. Your posts are always entertaining, insightful, and funny. It’s called a critical review, peeps! Some people here are going to be critical. If you are so offended that you feel the need to really go off on someone, move on. We are not really handing to Anmer with pitchforks and torches. We’re just bitching. Like you do with friends after having a few drinks. It’s fun, you laugh, let off some steam, you often learn something. KMR has invited us over, the least we can do is be cool while in her space. Or leave it.

    3. KMR, I do not think that your effort has failed in any way. Your response to my comment two days ago proved that you are still maintaining balance and moderation.

      Indeed the comments on this blog have been critical about Kate, and leaning towards the negative side. But, I am highly convinced that the criticisms are not without grounds. There is a very major reason why Will&Kate need to go as far as inviting royal reporters to KP to switch them off. It is because they realised it themselves that there are many things that need not to be reported and eveything must be high in sugar. The press and media are no longer partial, but before they were forcefully pacified, were their opinions all sugars? NO. So you see KMR, the problem is not with you, or the blog, or the media. It is the subjects that invite criticisms.

      I really enjoy your blog, and I think that your views are eye-opening. I especially learned a lot about not only BRP, but also other countries. So please do not fall into the trap of guilt by unknown individuals and end up shutting down this great blog. The fact that more and more die-hard Kate’s fans were coming and being aggressive is a prove that your blog has become very prominent. So please stay strong.

      1. I think a lot of times comments online can come off differently than people intended due to lack of the author’s voice tone and inflection. The reader can imply whatever tone they want/infer onto the author’s comments and they react to it that way and the author isn’t always able to correct that. That’s what happened the other day where I read your comment differently than you intended it.

    4. Oh, no, KMR> Please don’t discontinue your posts. I think many of us explained our feelings in a more genteel manner above. I know that we all have very strong opinions related to Kate and William, but I do hope we do not negate your hard work and dedication to your work.
      Hoping things are calmer in your life and sorry to have caused you additional angst.

      1. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth. Yes, things calmed down after a while yesterday, but not without going through the bumps. That whole interaction was eye opening.

    5. Now why would you stop KMR? Just sit tight and relax. I’ve been with you since October 2013.

      I was going to bed last night but decided to visit your blog and ended up going to bed 1/2 hour late.

      Very interesting how things are read, perceived, interpreted and inferred. As said 99% is speculation so why take everything so seriously? For me whatever Kate, Pippa, Carol do doesn’t put bread on my table. I only comment on the Duchess’ very uninteresting style but then, to each her own.

      I do frown at some of the anti-Kate posts (and I am sure some frown at mine) but always chose to keep my peace. So what, we’re gonna duke it up since this town ain’t big enough for the both of us???

      1. Thank you, Beatrice. Re taking things too seriously, I think that’s when things turn south. Royal watching, even the people we are most critical of, is supposed to be an enjoyable escapism.

    6. I’m so sorry you feel this way KMR. I have enjoyed your blog so much, for both your wonderful writing and the interesting posts on the BRF and other royal families. Also, you should be very proud for this wonderful online community you built. Please don’t forget that, please don’t concentrate only on the negative that blew up here today, this blog is so much more than that. The support that has been shown here for those who are struggling and suffering has been such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to others as well.

      As Rhiannon said, I’m in your corner and stand behind you whatever you decide.

      1. I second these comments. You have brought amazing attention to other Royal Families, KMR. I hope you will also remember how many people have supported one another through life’s milestones and challenges. Tempers can flare. It seems some public figures are lightning rods for such comments I know that I have tried to be fair in my responses to Kate posts. I will give her positive credit when I see fit, but alas, I see the downside to her behavior, or lack of hard work, too. You have brought many of us together in a positive way. I attempted above to express myself more fully in regard to my lol comment. Truly, I was not laughing at an eating disorder. As far as I know, Kate does not have one. She does seem to watch her weight, however. If I sounded cruel, my apologies.

        Maybe, some people will only be happy if sites fall by the wayside. I for one want this site to continue. Your hard work and the cyber world you offer us is beyond compare.

        1. Certain people certainly are polarizing. Kate and Sofia of Sweden seem to be the biggest polarizing royal figures right now.

      2. I like when we can support each other. The times when we’ve talked about our issues have been great and so helpful.

    7. Hi KMR, I knew this was going to hit you like this. When I saw this happening yesterday (you know I’ve been ghost reading because I don’t want to upset anyone here and I value the dynamics of this blog). I tried to give a good suggestion or any type of “let’s move on here,” but it didn’t help. I personally recommend that’s what you should do. Move on. Keep doing this because you’re good at and because there’s a lot of honesty on this blog. Maybe that’s the real problem. We don’t live in a very real world. People are always putting on fake faces, which is a lot of what we call out on Will, Kate and the Midds. I agree with probably everyone on here that if Kate cured cancer or was actively helping to raise money for a great clinic that is fighting to find a cure, I’d be a huge fan. This blog is critical because there isn’t enough substance with Kate. I think the other challenge (I could be wrong) is that you have a busy life of your own and can’t check this blog every five minutes to put a stop or remind to be courteous when things get contentious and put out the fire. So I would recommend (1) having someone you trust as another administrator who can keep an eye on things when you’ve got to work, etc. and can douse if necessary. (2) maybe a pledge from everyone that they will wait awhile to respond if they are upset about something–I know a little something about the value of cooling off rather than a quick comeback–and we do this because we value you, your work, your blog, and interaction with each other (3) for you to Keep Going! Obviously, what ever you need to do, we support you. Please know though that you are appreciated, and I think honesty should always be fought for, because real is precious.

      1. Thank you for your words, Sunny. I saw that you were trying to calm the situation down a bit yesterday. You’re “Kate’s 12 hits and misses of 2015” idea was a great one. Any suggestions on what those 12 hits and misses would be? I was thinking the speech would be the top of the hits and the Erdem dress would be at the top of the misses.

        1. I agree with both! I was proud of Kate for stepping out of her comfort zone, trying to privately either practice speech-making or getting a coach and giving the speech. Our world is only getting harder, with so many issues that need a huge spotlight. Mental health is a very, very important topic, so when Kate represents it, she’s got to bring her A game. She played sports, so she knows, it’s not pretty and aimlessly waving a field hockey stick. I’m assuming our DOC was in the zone, and I know she can be more than a pretty puppet wife. So the speech is #1. And that dress, ugh I’m not eating lunch now because I’m thinking about it. I hope you feel all the support, because you deserve it and you’ve earned it. It’s easy being a *Sugar* (lol) but this is the tough road, being an honest critic.

          1. I think her first State Banquet appearance has to go on the list! I personally thought she looked beautiful and appropriate. Plus the Lotus Flower is one of my favorite tiaras! I know others weren’t as impressed, but I thought it was in her Top 12 for sure. I would put the speaking engagement where her bangs were awkwardly in her face in the Bottom 12 category for me.

          2. The kilt was a big hit. Also I liked her face when she was talking to the kids, plus how she engaged when they were in Scotland. We are going to have fun with these lists! Everyone will have to take a pledge to keep the knives away while we argue winners and losers. Maybe we should all put up our twelve, then you pick what you think KMR? I think a lot of consensus on points will make it clear what were wins and misses. However you want it, we will appreciate the conversation.

        2. Her speach was a hit and a miss.
          A hit when she finally after such a long time did a spech.
          Miss for delivering and content.

          To be honest, the bar has been set so low for Kate, that we already expect a lot more from Sofia of Sweden. Things that would be a hit for Kate, would be considered a miss for everyone else.

          1. Agreed, but there are things here that we do praise, and I’d suggest, especially after the back-and-forth up thread that positives be highlighted because we are not all doom and gloom here. Kate’s got a long way to go, and it’s ridiculous because she went to college so she’s learned about at least art history that she should be able to talk about. She’s like a pretty box with apparently nothing in it that we keep running our hand around the corners like we’ll find something. BUT, if we take a moment to pile some good together, we can start 2016 off on a positive note. Then…we have to limit ourselves to the top twelve big mistakes and misses. I’m always hopeful too that her staff read this blog and take the constructive points. Everyone agrees we’d like to see Kate stop being Pinocchio and become a real [girl].

    8. KMR – I’m a newer reader of yours and have always felt that you provide a “middle of the road” perspective. I enjoy that you keep things real, because there are so many of us out here that don’t give in to the media hype of the BRF (well, mostly Wills & Kate). The people who share that same perspective know that this is a safe space to talk about their thoughts, and we will continue to rally around you and each other when the occasional troll pops in. You shouldn’t give up because the internet has a nasty habit of turning things on its head.

        1. I told you that day that I was not referring to you in my comment. Perhaps I could have said it better but I was referring to the comment section.

      1. I used to comment on two other discussion boards/blogs about Kate (Duchess or Diva and Royal Gossip), but I left because the tone grew rather ridiculous. KMR, your blog was exactly the type of level-headed critique I strive to maintain in my own analysis of Kate, and it continues to be precisely that. Your coverage of diverse royal families also fills a gap that few English-language blogs offer, and you host intelligent discussions about so many issues pertaining to royalty on a weekly basis.

        People will disagree; people will grow discontented, no matter how good something is. That doesn’t make you a failure nor your blog a poor realization of its intention. I hope you can keep the bumps in the road in perspective, since I think you’ve more than succeeded in meeting your goal. Moreover, you haven’t chased anyone away for not falling in line with your own opinion. Don’t let doubt do that to you.

    9. KMR, I think it would be a shame to give up something that you do so well and enjoy doing, as long as you wish to continue, of course, as it is a big ongoing commitment. The forum gives readers many opportunities to share thoughts and information about royalty. Also, don’t you want to be the first to break the world scoop of Harry-Rhiannon’s pending nuptials? You’ve gotta hang in for that.

      On a serious note, I have no idea whether the blog has been infiltrated by those who want to put the cat among the pigeons. It is hard to read tone online so some comments can be misinterpreted, as India points out. And perhaps it is best to not bite, but keep scrolling…

      I also agree with Mia that Kate and William are the authors of their own mucky-muck situation by (a) playing an awful lot of games, and (b) not stepping up to the roles they signed up to, yet lap up the material privileges. If people on this blog get a bit negative/frustrated at times, it may be because mainstream press/royal correspondents do not operate as serious journalists; they do not cast a critical enough eye over royal behavior, its relevance and accountability to citizens who fund it.

      1. I agree definitely with the press not acting as watchdogs when it comes to Kate and William. The press behave more like lap dogs. Look at how quickly Richard Palmer came to heel after seeing the “hidden ones” at KP. It didn’t take much for Kate and William to bring him back into the fold.

        People who are British royal watchers are going to be frustrated feeling they’re paying a lot of money to keep Kate and William in style and not receiving a lot of William and Kate’s time in return. There is a natural resentment that is going to build up against Kate and William like anyone paying someone else’s bills and expecting something in return would feel.

        The ones who don’t still would like to admire Kate and William but are disappointed at how they waste their platforms. Like I’ve always said if Kate and William want to be Mr. and Mrs. Normal they can step out of the line of succession and be so but I think they enjoy the perks of being royal and won’t step out of the line. As long as they can get away with doing little work in return for their bread. they will do so.

        As long as that is Kate and William’s game, do little and take a lot, they will be up for criticism.

      2. Lol Rhiannon, KMR you deserve all the matchmaking credit. Rhiannon is a very lucky woman, and Harry’s lucky you were looking out for him and bringing him the best. So there’s another reason!

        1. It so cute how everyone is into your future nuptials with the amazing Ginger Beard. Which tiara do you plan to wear at the wedding? KMR promises not to upstage your wedding with her fabulously toned… when she carries your train

    10. KMR, I’m throwing my hat in with those who want you to continue the blog. I truly enjoy coming to this blog to see the posts you’ve written and the responses of others.

      There have been times when things are misunderstood (I’ve been through one recently), but in the end things get worked out and we move on.

      Unfortunately, I think this type of blog will always be a target for those who are over the top for Kate and she can do no wrong in their eyes. That’s when we get the comments about our lives being so worthless that we have to pick on others like Kate. That comment could be reversed to go after them as well. And they always seem to come along in groups of two or more.

      In spite of her blandness, Kate is a very polarizing person. I don’t think there is one person here who is critical of her that wouldn’t jump for joy if she became the junior version of the Countess of Wessex or Princess Anne. I think we’ll be waiting a very long time to see something like that happen but in the mean time, I’d love to be able to come here to get the details and to see what others think.

      You do an amazing job with your blog and posts. The information is detailed, the photos are great and you’ve got a great sense of humor when the moment calls for it. You’re also not afraid to call it as you see it.

      I’ve also learned a lot about other royals and it’s led me to do more research on them.

      Bottom line, I really don’t want to see this blog end. Please stick around and if you do, maybe in the future when we see someone posting who is basically attacking us, we’ll just scroll on by. I certainly should have done just that, but her response just rubbed me the wrong way and for that I apologize.

      Please stick around, your blog is a much needed dose of sanity in the land of pro-Kate blogs. (And that’s actually what this one could become if she just cooperates πŸ™‚ )

    11. KMR please do not stop this blog. I don’t comment very often but I enjoy reading this so much every day and hearing EVERYONES point of view. You work so hard putting this blog together and your writing is intelligent and interesting.

    12. I haunt this blog frequently, but I’m not much of a commenter. I’d be very sorry to see you shut it down, though. I agree with those who’ve mentioned that you have a balanced place here for people to comment. I’m not a Kate fan by any means, and unlike a lot of people I really don’t see much potential in her. All the same, I’d prefer to avoid the name-calling, insult-hurling vitriol that’s seen other places. In my opinion, you offer a place for intelligent individuals to post intelligible comments that are honest in critique but also fairly polite. It’s a difficult balance to find, but I think you’ve managed it (barring the odd flare-up that’s bound to happen), and that in itself is quite an accomplishment.

      That being said, I do understand if you’re a bit burned out. I’m sure it’s a bear to put together the articles and then keep up with all the comments, and as someone who’s done a fair share of blogging I can appreciate the desire to walk away and put it all on hiatus for a while. I’d be very sorry to see you close shop, though, so I certainly hope you don’t. This is a peaceful corner for royal commenters, so it’s nice to have a place like this.

    13. KMR, Let me tell you how I feel about this. First of all, as you well know, I have by my own admission, an acid tongue when commenting often. Let me assure you that my family and friends would say I am even more overbearing and caustic off-line than on. That is simply my personality.
      I have a middle-of-the-road perspective for most of this, as I simultaneously love the Queen and loathe William for his bratty, Diana-line behavior (for whom I also feel empathy, since Charles seems to have been dreadful to her). For the first couple years of marriage, I was hopeful and bought the P.R. of them “easing” their way in to FTR hook, line and sinker. As I’ve written many times, as an American, I feel able to be both critical and fawning at the same time without any fear of posting under my actual name.
      When I first posted a comment on this site (in January 2014–I thought it was much longer than that, it feels like forever πŸ™‚ ) I did so under a pseudonym. I quickly realized that that was stupid and there was no reason to do that, so I began using my real name. This was right after William ended his secondment with the armed forces. I had great hope that FINALLY, at the age of 31, with a 6-month-old, an ailing 92-year-old grandfather and 87-year-old grandmother, that he would step in and do his bit.
      Then he was sent off, supposedly to Cambridge for that blasted agricultural course. I was at the end of my rope but thought, ok, so he’s studying to manage the Duchy of Cornwall’s farming interests. Maybe he’ll take over managing them for his father? It was when he took the “study break” for a week in the Maldives that I absolutely lost it. To me, there was now absolutely no bloody hope that this spoiled brat and his even more spoiled spouse were ever going to act their act together and do their duties as royals befitting their station. I will admit that part of my loathing of them is a profound sense of jealousy that these 30-something adults are able to essentially play as they wish at being “ordinary” people and when they want, they can have all the servants, the police escorts, the palaces, the vacations, without really earning them, while I work my rear off and have next to nothing to show for it.
      The Queen is actually a crucial part of government. She has to sign official papers, meet government officials and welcome foreign dignitaries and represent the UK abroad. The rest of the royals do not have official governmental duties, aside from the Prince of Wales’ duties associated with the Duchy of Cornwall.
      So anyway the profound sense of jealousy I feel is b/c the mainstream media fawn and fall over themselves for these two enormously pampered, child-like individuals without any rational cause for it.
      So anyway I was looking for a place on the Internet that would be critical but level-headed. And I found that here. At least for a while.
      I knew almost nothing about the Royal Families aside from the British one. I who consider myself an expert on everything royal, have learned ENORMOUSLY from you and others, especially ArtHistorian (whom I still feel bad about) of the Dutch, the Spanish, the Swedish and the Danish Royal Families and have largely got over my pretended conceit that the British royals are the only “real” royals.
      And obviously I have gained a fair amount of emotional support from you all as well: Rhiannon, Laurie, ArtHistorian, etc. I’ve been more honest and open with you all than I am sometimes with my own family.
      You should know KMR that I made the determination yesterday that I would detach myself from this blog, in part b/c I feel I’ve gotten too reactionary and too harsh with some of my comments directed at others, since I frequently am rude, demeaning and belittlingly of others who aren’t in my “corner,” and I don’t think that’s fair. We are all commenters here and should all be in this together, instead of forming little cliques (what the devil is this anyway, 8th grade?) :). The latest round of attacks and counterattacks make me weary and since there is no indication that Willy and Katie will change, I don’t see the point of me continually commenting on every comment that everyone writes, as if my opinion is actually worth something.
      That is my narrow view. As I have written several times before, this is your blog. You may do anything you wish with it. I would hope for the sake of the others who comment regularly, that you keep going with it. This is a place where people can get the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent, with unique insight and commentary. This is a balanced site, regardless of the flare-ups in the comment section from time to time. Almost every blog has that.
      As I’ve written above, I will not comment here anymore b/c I am feeling that I contribute more to the nastiness and vitriol that we should be avoiding than to the constructive and thoughtful arguments that this blog should be about.
      So since this is my last blog post here, let me just confess a truly embarrassing thing, which is that I’ve developed an irrational, long-distance crush on you KMR, which I know would never be requited, in cyberspace or otherwise. I’ve never seen a picture of you but you’re a beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, strong-willed young woman and I hope you keep this blog going as long as you wish for.

      1. Hi Seth,
        As someone who self-banished because I was harsh and highly critical of others (over a Carole post too–that woman is a lightning rod–like mother, like daughter), and I can get filthy mean when I feel people are up in my grill, I’d like to recommend something. I’m coming back to blog here because I’m sick of ghosting. So I’ve promised myself that if someone really ticks me off, I’m going to stick to a few caps letters that are complete indecipherable rather than actual words, like IRHYRN&IWTRYHO, which translates to I Really Hate You Right Now… you get the picture. Just having to think out all the caps makes me take a pause, and then I realize that I’m pretty steamed, so I either edit what I’m going to say or just don’t for awhile. Sometimes people have posted some highly personal critical things and no one’s a saint. But I think you’ve always offered strong opinions (except when we’re sighing over Prince Daniel pictures) and have opinions that drive the honest, thought-out conversation we all come here for. So I hope you’ll stick around. If you get mad at me, you are welcome to kneeCAP me. It’s our American way. All my best.

          1. Are you opposed to the idea of marriage or do you not want to have to compete with Rhiannon for who looked more awesome at the wedding? Because I don’t think anyone could top the tiara/Ginger Beard combo.

          2. Actually I’m very strongly in favor of marriage, KMR. I just don’t think b/c of the distance and having never even met in person that I’ll be marrying you. πŸ™‚

          3. New York’s not that far you two. Good people should meet for coffee or tea and maybe some little finger sandwiches along with light conversation. KMR, I can vouch for New York in the spring. I go up a lot and it’s beautiful. I have a feeling Seth has a great dress shirt that would go well with his eyes.

          4. Sunny, My “smart casual” dress are brown suede loafers, chinos with a brown belt and either a white, blue or sun-yellow polo shirt. That’s my idea of dress up unless I’m going to a wedding or funeral, then it’s business casual. I overheat easily under the pressure to be interesting. πŸ™‚

      2. You can’t leave, Seth. I so enjoy your posts. You know your history about the BRF and are very quick to share it. I learn a lot from you. I would hate to see you go. You have indulged me with my love of Harry. I wish for you to continue and wish you nothing but the best. I hope for continued peace and blessings to you and your mom.

        1. Thank you. You’re such a sweetheart. I’m leaving more b/c I have to “get over” my crush on KMR more than b/c of the recent dustups but hey, might as well kill two birds with one stone.

          1. I sure am sorry to see you go, Seth, especially after discovering our shared NPS connection. Your comments were always informative and thought-provoking in one way or another. Hope to find you back here again sometime in the not-too-distant future, and best wishes to your mother in her health journey.

      3. Dear Seth (and any other regulars who are thinking of leaving),

        I know in moments like this our first inclination is to fall on our swords or some other dramatic means of martyrdom. But, if you look at all the comments here begging KMR to continue this post, please notice the ones that are missing. The missing commenters are the ones, imo that come here only infrequently, stir everyone up and then leave (probably with a smile on their faces). To leave because of them would only be giving them a great deal of power over you.

        Now, if you are thinking of leaving because of how you, personally, act on the blog then might a I suggest changing that. If you (by your own admission) are overbearing and caustic but want to change that what better place than here? Look at this blog as an opportunity to practice patience, to practice deep breathing, practice some self-control over your own emotions. I know I frequently consider leaving because I get tired of being caustic and judgmental of someone I don’t know, nor who affects me personally, but I take those times to practice trying to find some good and if I can’t then I just don’t post anything that day.

        I know Seth that what ever decision you make, to stay or to go, will be the right one for you. I would only hope that you might stop by from time to time and let us know how your mother is doing.

        Wishing you and your family the best, Lauri from Ca.

      4. Hi Seth,

        I think it’s interesting that you admit to being envious of certain parts of William and Kate’s lives. So often the “You’re just jealous” line is thrown out when someone makes a critical comment about them, and the response is always, “I’m not jealous, I’m being critical and honest”. But I feel like a lot of times there is a sense of envy there. Not of them themselves, but of the attention and admiration they get for doing nothing when we work hard and don’t ever receive that kind of recognition. I realized that I feel that way sometimes a while ago and am glad that someone else has said the same thing – it’s always good to feel like you’re not alone.

        I’m sorry to hear that you have decided not to comment anymore. You have a lot of royal knowledge that has been a great addition to the conversations here. I think that if you think that you are contributing to the “nastiness and vitriol”, then instead of walking away altogether you should try to tone down the “reactionary” and “harsh” in your comments, but continue to comment. If you think you’re too “overbearing and caustic” then commenting here would be great practice with keeping your emotions under control. I’ve had to learn to do that. That’s why I didn’t comment right away when this blow up happened; I needed to take a while and think about what I wanted to say. But it’s your call.

        “which I know would never be requited, in cyberspace or otherwise.” – I know that when one is depressed it is so very easy to think negatively about oneself, and I know I’m not one to talk here, but you should think more highly of yourself, Seth. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person – being a bit acerbic isn’t always a bad thing.

        Thank you for your kind words. I’m going to miss your presence here.

        PS. All the best to your mom in her cancer battle, and I hope your grandmother feels better, too.

        PPS. I’ll think of you when I go see the upcoming Star Trek movie next summer. πŸ™‚

    14. Well, the last pro Kate visitors were such a hurricane, one or two sudden visitors could cause so much damage to the Blog. I even started thinking about some conspiracy theories, and how Jason Knauf and his minions would open five bottles of pink Dom Perignon to celebrate the fall of the blog.

      I agree with Lauri, KMR, the missing commenters after the damage is done are the ones who post infrequently, stirs everything up, then leave. Most definitely with a big smile, if not an evil laugh.

      I am really hoping that you will keep writing interesting posts and voice up your opinion without being reserved or afraid in any way. Your usual posts are brilliant, insightful and very interesting. Besides, are you really going to let your readers go astray and become diabetic from all the sugar posts? rhiannon still has to fit in her white dress you know!

    15. I enjoy the blog, as so many blogs/forums/the like are either one or the other, sinner or saint. You highlight the problems, you praise what should be praised, you snark, and that’s all great. If W or K do something, you point it out. They aren’t evil horrible people as some blogs seem to go on about, nor are they perfect; this is about pointing out the hypocrisy and their PR image that fails to live up to reality, when they have such a massive platform to do good and instead… well… don’t, but luxuriate in their taxpayer paid havens. I’d venture to say the majority of posters here would love to see Kate really step it up and do what she can with the amount of attention she gets, and really work for what she has, show people she is passionate about something and wants to make a difference. After all, she said so in the engagement interview. It would be wonderful if she did.

    16. KMR, This is your blog, not ours. This blog has NOT “failed” and you MOST definitely have not “failed.” It’s hard to be balanced; my entire life has been a struggle of balance, of one kind or another. What happened with the comments blowing up was a few pro-Kate people coming in, stirring the pot and letting it bubble over, since we have ardent monarchists, republicans, middle-of-the-roaders like thee and me and everyone in between… even Americans I’ve been told. If anyone failed, it was the commentators who disregarded the DO NOT be rude, attack, etc… This blog was never a failure and you my talented historian friend were absolutely never a failure. Sometimes one line of thought goes too far, another time another line does. The fact that you’ve decided to continue it is b/c this blog is not and will not be a failure as long as you work hard at it and obsessive hard-shelled nuts like me, Rhiannon, India, Laurie from CA, mary elizabeth, etc. read it. It’s not even about the royal families but the community that we’ve created here b/c of you. The support that we get from each other when things get s—-y in our lives is as important as what dress Kate wears or whether she will ever work as hard as Queen Letizia, Crown Princess Mary or Crown Princess Victoria. I’d suggest the next time there’s a blow up like there was a couple days ago, that you read this post if it helps. If it doesn’t delete it.
      Until latta,

  18. KMR, I hope you continue your blog. I like your posts, and I also enjoy most of the banter in the comments because there are a lot of intelligent posters here. I think a lot of folks are frustrated at the lack of work ethic in the Cambridges.

    I had high hopes for both of them around the time of their wedding, but as far as I can see the only thing they’ve been successful at is producing two beautiful children. I guess that’s something, but for two people in such promising positions to make a better world, they have fallen short. Luckily there are still people out there willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    As I mentioned up thread, I’m sorry my comment created such conflict. That was not my intention and I’ll probably follow Seth’s lead and just go away. When posters attack other posters it just all goes downhill fast.

    1. I hope no one goes away. That’s how I felt when I left. I noticed that pretty much everyone treated me like the biting stray and most often didn’t respond to my comments, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor and go. I ghostread and wasn’t happy about it, and KMR tried to talk me out of going. She was right; things blow over, and taking a week off from the blog without saying anything and then coming back when it’s a post you really feel like talking about is a good way back. I kind of wish we could have all just changed the subject and left it. Like so many have said, the people who stir everyone up aren’t here that often and should not chase anyone away. I don’t (in my opinion) think it will help KMR to want to continue if you and Seth leave, along with some others she probably considers friends. If we want to support her, we need to stay and be here, supporting her and the blog. Now, I have a bunch of really beautiful beads I picked up in Hawaii a few years ago. Can I offer you one? πŸ™‚

  19. KMR, all I have today is that I am sorry if my comments caused you concern or upset. I was not planning on going anywhere just continuing what I have been doing, but I’m not here to upset anyone. Truly, I am sorry.

  20. KMR, I have read your blog for the better part of a year and never commented. I let my emotions get the best of me when I saw comments that were unkind, but I should have just let it be–because I, too, was unkind. I, too, have read about the comments about depression that really helped me, even though I never said anything. I also am rooting for Rhiannon and Harry. I am sorry about the hurt that was caused by both myself and others. Please don’t shut down the blog. I have learned so much, and I am sorry for saying anything. I know I don’t have a presence on this blog–so it’s probably best it stays that way. But for everyone else and for the excellent work you have done, please don’t give up. πŸ™‚

    1. Runner, please don’t feel like you shouldn’t comment again from this post. Things got a bit crazy, but I hope you will continue to post in the future and not let this one post put you off πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks. Overit! I hope KMR will keep this blog up because I will comment and become part of this community. I re-read the comments–and it really reminded me to be balanced in my thinking about the Cambridges. I understand what you mean about “sugar” bluhare. You just want to keep some semblance of positivity because too much negativity can harden you some. I get it. Hears to keeping a balanced blog going!

  21. Long-time lurker, first time commentator. Please keep up the excellent blog, KMR. I never would have known anything about other royal families and your perspective on the BRF is needed and interesting. I also feel like I am part of the community, even just through lurking.

  22. I’m with everyone else KMR, please don’t go away. The world needs you-how is that for dramatic;). Seriously though, there are so many adoring Kate sites, we need a realistic one that does not cross over into fairytale land or into hatesville. You keep it grounded! Sadly the comment section can get out of control when Kate has been absent for awhile. I’m hoping in the future we can all ignore the random posters who have never commented before and is only doing so to attack us. Not getting a rise out of us will make them not want to try and stir things up anymore. But please don’t let this keep you from blogging!

  23. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome how everyone is pulling together and showing solidarity for this blog. It’s a testament to you KMR, that everyone is taking responsibility for how things were said and apologizing. This site is such a fun escape for us, we don’t want to lose it!

    1. Escape is exactly the right word! It’s fun to check in here after a long day of grad school and work. Besides, no one I know understands why I object to Kate like you all do!

    2. I was just thinking that too. It really hit me that even when people get really emotional, disagree or respond like this, it shows genuine passion and that gives me hope. I come to this site when I need to be cheered up and reminded that there are kindred spirits out there and read some interesting, often hilarious, commentary. I have been a history nerd my entire life and it is incredibly difficult to find other people who care passionately about this historical institution (whether for or against). So many people I know just shuffle through their daily lives just thinking about mundane life details and themselves, so I am always delighted to find analytical and insightful people who are interested in more than the usual. Passion is rare and I really enjoy the diverse tapestry of opinions and emotions I’ve seen from the posters on this site. I will be very sad if this site shuts down.

  24. I adore this blog because it is real. There’s enough nauseating spin and fakery out there that this blog brings brings a fair and balanced, if not hilarious, take on the Cambridges. I am tired of reading the sycophants on every magazine oohing and aahing about can’t-do-anything-wrong Kate whether it’s fashion or mothering or shopping. I have such a stressful job that coming here to read KMR’s posts and comments serves as a delicious escape valve for me. I would be very sad if this blog goes away—I feel the stress coming!

    1. KMR=Real and Fair. KMR points out Kate’s positive points and calls her (and Will) out for the less than stellar issues.

      I hunted for a place where I could bring up Kate’s lack of work, after being told by one blog author Kate’s work schedule was not up for discussion. It was her blog, so it is her rules, but I don’t read her blog anymore. So Jane, I guess that makes both of us happy!

      One of my favorite parts about reading KMR, is I know I am safe from reading the common phrase many sugar blogs and articles use stating, ‘Kate has never put a foot wrong.’ So nauseating.

      1. Let me add: and “feel safe” that we can critique the Cambridges without being berated or muzzled and given the heave-ho.

        I also hope we can move forward and put everything behind us without impacting the camaraderie and candor which define the fabric of this blog.

  25. First time commentator, long time lurker. I adore this blog for its humor, thoughtfulness, and snarkiness. I love the sense of community and friendship that has evolved as I lurked. While topics sometimes go awry and emotions take over, I enjoy the differing perspectives and opinions. As an American, I have always had royal envy and royal bewilderment! I have learned much and I look forward to reading this blog daily. KMR, you may be feeling fed up and that nothing good comes from all of your incredible talent, but I hope this recent string of posts shows you otherwise. You have touched people and brought them together. Be proud and please do not go away.

  26. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. I really like your blog, KMR, and hope you continue. You are an exceptional writer. I never get bored or have to reread anything to figure out what you mean. You are balanced, factual, professional, and caring. I also enjoy all you regular posters and regard you all as friends. So many times I laugh out loud at your wit. Or I tear up over your struggles. Or smile over your hopeless love for Harry. Please, everyone, let’s continue on like nothing happened. No one quit. You don’t realize how much all of you, especially KMR, mean to me.
    P.S. I really liked the Erdem dress. Crazy, I know. The skinny jeans and wedges of doom have to go, however! And the white bras, too.

  27. KMR – I think your blog writing is important and a great outlet. Usually the conversations are thought provoking in the comment section – and yes we have a few that revert to name calling on the royals which brings the caliber down – however that is not a reflection of the majority of the community. One of the reasons folks get that way is because there is nothing to talk about – Kate and William are not contributing in the world in a meaningful way – so we aren’t discussing them, we are discussing each other. Kate hasn’t had an appearance in several weeks. I think your work covering other royals is informative and interesting and actually provides a counterpoint to why the criticism of William and Kate is valid. Meanwhile, you have to enjoy doing the blog – seeing as it is a hobby and you have not commercialized like the other Kate blogs – you are not trying to sell us jewelry and clothes and whatever Kate related merchandise is out there. That is why you are different and refreshing and are an important voice on the internet. I hope you will continue and realize the criticism was not aimed at your words and efforts – but some of the commenters who continue to use language like Scarole, Waity, and Willnot.

  28. Dear KMR
    I do hope you are going to continue with the blog. It is something I read every day and would miss reading the blog and having a conversation with you and some of the other commenters. I like the way there has been support from the KMR community when things are bad and love getting the good news too.
    *waving hello to Jenny and little Maddie here*
    The “set to” above did make me gasp and I’m wondering if the lead up to Christmas is getting a bit stressful? I was going to comment but then decided not to as it may fuel the fire? I hope that this is a rare occasion and we can all go back to supporting each other and planning that wedding for Rhiannon.
    I love reading your blogs and without this blog I would never know what the other Royal families are doing as they don’t get much media coverage in news here!
    Please continue!

  29. KMR, The dust up had nothing whatsoever to do with what you wrote. I hope you will look past it and find joy again in writing your blog.

    One option might be for you to close the comment section as soon as things start to spin out. Open up comments with the next entry, by which time things likely will have simmered down. I just skip over any comment strings when they start to head in that direction as I have no interest in that kind of back and forth. So your hitting the “pause button” on comments would not bother me at all.

  30. No KMR, this is the first place I visit of a morning and the last place at night. Please don’t change a thing, we love it just the way it (and you) are.

  31. I have a positive! No flashing!! None, zilch, zero (at least I think there was no flashing)

    Also, she listened and gave two more speeches. Still waiting for more and better, but it’s a plus.

  32. there is absolutely no reason, why kate cant support her husband, shes been doing this for soo long, why does carole and pippa attend in her place, I havent seen that with other royal families!!

  33. I think another fun idea–but if it’s stupid, scrap it–is to find other outfits that Kate should wear for fun. We could provide links etc., especially after she has had a fashion faux pas. I seriously think Jason reads this and maybe we will see some improvements there, too πŸ˜‰ That is also another reason not to shut down the blog. I think people from their PR department read your blog because it is balanced. Just my thoughts.

  34. Just finished reading through the comments. I feel deeply sorry that things got so nasty here you considered stopping the blog, KMR. I hope you don’t. To add to what others have been saying, I think you’ve been doing a great job on keeping the middle ground, which is what I like to see. Yes, there are genuinely things to criticize about KM, but you’re always civil and ask others to do so as well.

    I have a very busy and sometimes stressful life, and I love to pop in here now and then and read the blog and catch up with everyone. It’s like a gossip/snarkfest with friends. You don’t want it to get too nasty, or else it’s not good. But you don’t want to be too nice either, or else it’s no fun :).

    Maybe we could just have a rule, like no negative comments about other posters. That would have taken care of about 90% of the problems in this thread.

    Thanks for the blog!

  35. So three engagements in December (9, 10 and 15). I thought she was going to do the traditional “smash in all the engagements at the end of the year” but she hasn’t even done that now.

    She cares not.

    1. Stephanie I was thinking the same thing. I tried not to get my hopes up with all the engagements she did in October, but I still was hopeful it meant she would do more in Nov. and Dec. Sadly, it looks like it was a one time thing again. Gosh it’s disappointing.

      1. You know Overit, Kate’s numbers wouldn’t have been great in October either if it weren’t for state visits, film premieres and rugby. It looks like to me that Kate will continue to “work” about 4-5 days a month. With each engagement taking about an hour it’s not a bad gig if you can get, of course you would have to suffer through having two large homes, staff, clothing allowance, access to the Queen’s jewels, etc. I’ve said it before, Kate’s a lot smarter then I’ve given her credit for.

        1. I roomed with a woman in college who reminds me of Kate. It didn’t much matter who the guy was. She wanted a man with a paycheck who could give her babies by the age she had decided in her mind.

          She was willing to lie about what she wanted in life to get a man. I remember her being very clear to me that she wanted to stay home with her children but her boyfriend wanted a woman with a job bringing in an income and that is who she pretended to be around him.

          Book wise she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but man wise she was crafty like a fox. She held on until the guy decided to marry just like Kate too. Like my mom said, when Dan is ready to marry he will look around, the only standing there will be Traci and he’ll propose to her. That’s what happened.

          1. I think that’s a terrible way to live. Just be yourself; don’t change who you are for a guy.

          2. Thanks so much, India, for this! I’ve never been able to fathom how this works and what motivates people to do this. Now I have insight into Kate, too. A major thank you for that!

        2. Oh Lauri you are right! That is a lot to suffer through ;).

          And very true, her numbers in Oct regarding charities were not that high at all. I think she really only ‘works’ 3 days, maybe 4 at best during any given month. She is very smart indeed!

    2. She never does more than a couple appearances in December. From what I remember, it’s usually only ever 1 or 2.

  36. I don’t post very often, but I do read all the posts and comments. I think this is a wonderful blog, so don’t give up KMR.
    Off topic I know but has anyone else seen an article in the Daily Express a few days ago about the wooden gate posts erected at the start of the driveway to Buckleberry ? They look like totem poles with carved acorns at the top !!!!!! The comments from the locals are far from flattering. Sorry I can’t do links. Hope some one can so you all can see these monstrosities(sp?)

    1. 61% of people polled on the site don’t like the wooden tributes. I don’t either. They’re ugly and Carole’s ego doesn’t need any more massaging.

    2. Thanks Matty. Oof, those poles are not attractive. Couldn’t they have gone with something nicer looking?

    1. When W&K were named D&D of Cambridge, I already suspected that it was meant for her to suitably wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot and possibly in the future Cambridge Emeralds as future queen. I didn’t expect the tiara to pop up so fast!

      She does look nice there, but… I don’t know… I am not very happy that she is wearing Diana’s top of the top legacy at the current stage. Especially because I have tremendous love for Diana and her achievements, so much that I am working in the humanitarian field now. Diana was my hero and main inspiration as a young girl, that I don’t want to see Kate wearing something so largely associated to her before she is mature as a royal. That tiara has a heavy burden of Diana’s achievements and legacy.

      I am not sure if HM actually chose that tiara to lend to her considering that deep association to Diana. Is it possible for Kate to choose it herself? Or perhaps William requested HM? I heel tremendous sadness to see that tiara appearing now…

    2. LMAO!

      I just saw it on the Daily Mail. I think Kate wore the same white dress last year. William has pursed lips and an annoyed expression on his face like normal in the car next to Kate.

      Oh to have had photos from inside the event.

      The comments online are going to be my soaking in the bath reading this evening with a glass of wine.

    3. DM claims it was a Diana favorite, but I thought she said she didn’t like it and wore the Spencer tiara most of the time.

      Why does the photos of Kate in the car with a tiara always seem to look the same? Same position of her head and the same expression on her face… Is it the photographer? Or is Kate doing the same look each time because she liked the first picture years ago and wants to continue with this type of photo. Looks strange to me or am I making too much of it?

      1. Probably reading too much into it. The Cambridge Knot is very heavy (according to what I’ve read) and made Diana’s head hurt. That’s why she didn’t like wearing it. But yeah, she does look the same in most tiara pictures. Then again, the Queen doesn’t change too much up and certainly for all the men, there’s only so many ways to wear white tie with their medals and awards lined up in precedence on their breast, especially Prince Philip and Prince Charles, b/c they have so many.

        1. KMR put up a photo of Kate with a smile on her face wearing the lotus tiara and a red gown, so I guess Kate does look different at times. The photos of Kate with her lips parted looked similar and this is the look I was referring to in the comments above.

          I wonder if W&K wave or turn full face to the photographers? They seem to look the same in the back seat of the Bentley.

      2. It was not Diana’s favorite. She preferred the Spencer tiara since it is lighter and doesn’t make noise the way the Lover’s Knot one does.

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