Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana’s tiara to diplomatic reception

Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana’s tiara to diplomatic reception

Well I can’t quit now. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, shocked me this evening as she showed up to the annual diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace wearing the tiara formerly worn and most closely associated with Princess Diana: The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara.

Kate also wore the Queen’s diamond chandelier earrings she wore most recently to the State Banquet in October, and the blue lace Alexander McQueen gown she wore to the diplomatic reception in 2013. Royal aides officially confirmed Kate is wearing the Lover’s Knot tiara, by the way, it’s not just us identifying it.

UPDATE: Kate also wore Queen Mary’s diamond choker bracelet and the Queen’s wedding gift bracelet which she also wore to the Chinese State Banquet.

Kate and William diplomatic reception 2015

The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall all attended (the Queen hosted, obviously). I haven’t seen photos of Camilla yet but if/when I do I will update the article. Update: Camilla was not in attendance.

Oh, and Prince William was there, too. He looked a bit grumpy.

I’m in complete and utter shock right now. I didn’t think Kate would wear this tiara yet, and I think it should have stayed in the vaults for a while longer because of the inevitable comparison to Diana – which I am going to make myself (because it’s an excuse to post a throwback picture of Diana). I’m so surprised the Queen let her wear this one; I thought the Lotus tiara would be Kate’s go-to for a long while.

About the Lover’s Knot tiara, from the Daily Mail:

    “The tiara was originally made by Queen Mary in 1914 to her own design from pearls and diamonds already in her family’s possession. It was a copy of one owned by her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse, who married the first Duke of Cambridge, seventh son of King George III, in 1818. In her will Queen Mary left the tiara to to the Queen.”

The tiara was given to Princess Diana as a wedding gift in 1981. The tiara was a lifetime loan and reverted back to the Queen when Diana died.

PS. Blue eyeliner.

This is the third tiara Kate has worn in her 4 1/2 years as a royal. She wore the Cartier Halo Scroll Tiara for her wedding in 2011, the Lotus Flower Tiara for the diplomatic reception in 2013 and the State Banquet in 2015, and now the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara for the diplomatic reception in 2015.

Man, I wish I could be a royal and wear tiaras. Also, I’d really love to see both this tiara and this dress at an event where we can see full length photos. Obviously I want to get a full shot of Kate wearing this tiara, but I also really want to see what this dress looks like. Kate’s teased us with it twice – I want to know what it looks like!

PS. Jennifer pointed out to me on Twitter that Kate’s nose looks tweaked compared to the 2013 reception. Does it? I can see some subtle differences but it could just be make up and/or lighting.

Kate diplomatic reception 2013, 2015

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  1. It just makes me so sick that she is wearing Princess Diana’s tiara. I know that it wasn’t hers per say but that tiara will always be associated with Diana.

  2. Man I want to see this dress! I was actually hoping she would wear it to the state banquet back in Oct. so we could finally see the whole thing :). Kate likes ice blue.

    So, I thought in the brief photo of Kate out to dinner that it looked like she cut her bangs shorter! And here it sure looks like it as well. If that is true, i am shocked that she went shorter instead of growing them out.

    1. I was really hoping Kate would wear this dress at some point. And yes she wore it again but again we didn’t get to see it. Darn! I want to see the full length dress.

      Re Kate’s bangs, It seemed to me like she hated her bangs so I don’t know why she would cut them shorter again.

      1. That is what I thought to. She always seems like she regrets her bangs and it appeared like she was just going to grow the latest set out. But now it looks like she cut them into a proper length side bang instead of the weird between length.

          1. She cut her hair. Seriously cut it. The color does not suit her skin tone but i have to say i like the length. You can actually see her.

    2. I’m seeing some other pictures where the dress appears to have awkward short sleeves. They appear to even have a little poof in the sleeve. Not a fan of the sleeves or the repetitive use of colored lace. Although, I do think the ice blue color looks beautiful on her.

      1. Are we sure that this dress is ice blue? It has always looked white to me and would go more with her copying Diana.

        1. I’m pretty sure it’s blue. Multiple places have said it’s blue. And it looks blue to me in both the 2013 pics and the 2015 pics.

  3. Wow. No words. Not right. Is this choice a decision made during dinner with Mom and Pip the other night? Is this why William is grumpy? With all the jewels to choose from … She’s trying to tell us something, I think. What, KMR?

    1. My second or third thought after I got over the shock of seeing Kate in this tiara was the the Queen is trying to say that she approves of Kate and/or the way William and Kate are doing things. Like, really approves. I didn’t think we would see this for a long time because the Queen wouldn’t want to court the Diana comparisons.

      Unless this tiara was given to Kate either as a gift or a loan, then Kate does not get to choose which tiaras she wears, the Queen makes that choice.

        1. Yes, that is my thought as well. I was actually hoping that this tiara will emerge on Harry’s future wife. It would have given enough time to soothen Diana’s image and I have the feeling that Harry’s wife of choice would be suitable to carry his mother’s legacy. Oh well…

      1. Good heavens, KMR, I hadn’t considered that. I hope that isn’t what it means! I’d be very disappointed if the Queen approved of Kate and William’s behavior.

      2. I don’t think it is a sign of approval… at all.

        The woman has the tiara of Diana, who did not like it much as it gave her a splitting headache, and wore it to the wedding for a horrific, failed marriage.

        Oh, and she has the engagement ring of said failed marriage.

        If HM truly, truly approved of Kate, she would have given her something greater.

        If I were Kate, I would never have worn it and would have worn one of the other tiaras I already had worn.

        But Kate is so short-sighted, she fell for it.

        1. Diana wore her family tiara for her wedding. She debuted this one later in 1981.

      3. My second thought after the “its a bad idea” thought was to wonder if this was a bribe.
        The Queen wants W & K to show at the reception. Kate pulls the she can’t possibly because she is a hands on mother and her dear darlings can’t be without her. Private Secretary or even Angela Kelly suggests dangling the Lovers Knot tiara at her. Suddenly, the darlings will be fine with the nanny. William is irritated because now he has to go and then Kate shows up wearing Mummy’s tiara.

        Or maybe I have too much imagination!

        1. I’m with you on this one. I think W&K do all they can with family members to get what they want (even HM at times).

  4. Wow, this was so unexpected!! I thought she would stick with the Lotus Tiara for at least several more years. And I really didn’t think she’d wear this tiara this soon, actually I wondered if she’d ever wear this tiara, being that it’s so closely related to Diana, her late mother-in-law. Imo, all this copying of his deceased mother is getting kind of creepy.

    After my stunned reaction to Kate wearing this tiara, the next thing I noticed was how unhappy both Kate and William looked. She looks to me like she’s been crying and he looks very upset. Could it be that he’s pissed that he has to attend this function? Is he pissed about all the bad press, especially about how his in-laws are taking over the royal Christmas? It seems that all is not well in the snow globe that is Williamsville.

    I too wish we could get a full length view of Kate’s dress and especially the tiara. Weren’t there pictures released of this event in the past? I seem to recall seeing pictures of Diana attending but maybe I’m thinking of a different event.

    1. I thought Kate would wear the Lotus for several more years, possibly until she became Princess of Wales. Then maybe Camilla would give her another tiara to wear. I didn’t think we would see this one until Kate was at least POW maybe not even until she was Queen. But nope.

      It’s interesting comparing these photos to the ones from the State Banquet car ride. Kate was smiling on her way to the State Banquet. No so in these photos. It could be that Kate had a headache already or something. That Lover’s Knot is quite heavy and noisy with the pearls rattling every time she moves.

      There are not usually pictures released from this event.

      1. I really liked her in the Lotus; it’s different and works with her hair. I also liked that it didn’t have any connection with Diana, so that Kate could make it her own. This is never going to work with me, and I think this is a rare misstep by the Queen bringing Diana forcefully back when PC and Cam are really finding their way into the forefront with the British people. I could be wrong though.

        1. I agree with your point about the Lotus being a tiara that Kate could make her own. The Lovers Knot tiara will never escape the shadow of Diana. By wearing the tiara, Kate is only inviting comparisons between herself and Diana. Honestly, I think that’s a bad idea with how much the general public loves Diana. I don’t see Kate coming out on top of that comparison.

        2. I thought she looked best in the Lotus, too. But granted we haven’t seen a full shot of her in the Lover’s Knot. She may look great in that one.

          I don’t know what the thought process was to Kate wearing this tiara tonight but I would have thought the Queen would have wanted to steer clear of Diana comparison yet this is bringing them out in force.

          1. Exactly. It’s like Diana is everywhere lately. In the pictures that Harry saw in Africa, people talking about her on the internet, and now this. I can’t see PC being happy about it. He never liked competing with her and definitely saw her effect, along with her desire for PC to be skipped and Will to be king when HM passes as a major threat. So PC and HM may have an unhappy conversation later. Happy Holidays from Kensington!

          2. Oh yes, the convos around the Christmas dinner table will be interesting. I’m sure Charles was not thrilled to see Kate wear Diana’s tiara.

          3. Kate copies Diana in almost everything except her sense of duty, duty to her country and duty to those less fortunate then herself. Such a shame.

            The Queen really didn’t think through how comparisons between Kate and Diana would really look. She knew Diana at probably her worst and might want people to know that Kate isn’t like Diana in that way. But, Kate simply can’t compare to Diana’s warmth and compassion and the public is really starting to catch on to that.

          4. Lauri,

            It’s like Kate thinks that if she dresses like Diana then people will think she’s Diana. Like she looked at Diana and what made her popular and took away all the wrong lessons.

          5. I have a question.

            I have seen it repeated again and again that QEII picks the tiaras. However, I have never been given a source for this statement. Does anyone know if this is indeed true, and do they have a source?

          6. Sunny,

            I was asking about the claim that it is QEII personally that selects the tiaras that other royal women wear and that they have absolutely no choice in the matter. I have seen this claim many times yet I have never been given a credible source.

            We have seen from other loans that Kate seems to favour the art deco style – and the way she repeatedly invokes Diana’s memory through her sartorial choices is well documented – so I don’t find it far fetched to think that Kate may have had a choice when it comes to the tiaras she has worn – apart from the tiaras that are the favorites of QEII.

          7. @ Art Historian,
            I knew what you were asking and I thought it was an interesting question so I posted what I had found so far and kept researching. I still haven’t found anything specific about how tiaras are gifted or loaned, it seems likely that QE would have to authorize one to be used in public when its described as being in her vault collection, as the Cambridge tiara was supposed to be after Diana’s death. I found an article that cited it being returned to the Queen after PD death. I can post that if you’d like to read it, but it’s a little bizarre that the process isn’t better documented. I’m going to call the British ambassador’s office tomorrow and ask or see if I can get some info from the palace. I’ll post anything I can find out.

          8. Thanks. It would be very interesting to know – especially since QEII reportedly isn’t that into jewellery. I just think that many people read a lot into which tiaras are loaned to the ladies of the BRF.

      2. Is this a Tanna picture? Haven’t all of the secret tiara pictures – taken at the same exact angle, in the same exact place, in the same exact lighting, in the same exact pose – been Tanna?

        1. No. These photos were taken by Mark Cuthbert. The 2013 photo was taken by Tanna’s assistant or whatever he is.

  5. All I can say is, wow, Diana looked gorgeous. That tiara was a cherry on top of how radiant she was. I don’t know what to say here. Is it a sign from the Queen that she sees Kate’s negative perception and she wants to cloak her more in the symbols of royalty? By giving her Diana’s tiara thinking it will make the media fall in love with her too? It could be something Will requested, but he seems down, so I’m wondering if it bothered him too. But I guess the same could be said for her wearing his mother’s ring. If HM did this for media/fans, this is where she missed the boat the first time with why Diana was so wildly popular with people. The bling was great, but she was the real deal. Spit and polish can only do so much with Kate. Having said that, Kate probably looks lovely. Sigh…thanks QE for depressing Di fans at Christmas time.

    1. “Sigh…thanks QE for depressing Di fans at Christmas time.”

      LOL! I’ve missed you, Sunny, I’m glad you’re back.

          1. Carole sneaking the bottle at Wimbledon for anyone wondering what the heck I’m referring to. I do conversation jumps a lot.

    2. I think you nailed it Sunny. We all want her to up the bling, but when she does, it rarely feels right. She doesn’t present the full package because there is no substance behind the bling so it looks wrong, especially when such stark comparisons with Diana are drawn. Human and flawed, Diana had substance and was real. Kate seems more like Barbie Princess.

        1. I agree. And one of the big things about Diana was, she wasn’t perfect by a long shot. She had insecurities, challenges, but she was honest about them and she fought them, which was another reason she was so real. Kate is like a hologram. We have a good idea what her challenges are (speeches etc), but instead of realistically pushing through them, it’s more like she’s always trying to pass a test. She doesn’t care about the test, it’s about getting past it so that she can stay in the Firm. But then W&K want to be *normal.* Yuck. I hate to be snarky but I hope it gives her a headache.

    3. I think it’s the way Kate carries herself that throws it off. Her posture is horrible, so round shouldered and rolled up into herself which just makes her look so insecure and self conscious that no amount of jewels and expensive clothes can hide that.

      1. Ditto to what Sunny and everyone else said on this thread.

        I was hoping that we would not see this Tiara again until George had a daughter. There is no way that poor Charlotte would be able to wear it without the Diana comparisons. I always loved Diana in this Tiara, she always looked gorgeous. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it on Kate.

        1. I know, and just imagine, if she’s wearing it now, we’ll be seeing it again, and again…. Well, good for Kate. She’s worked hard for this moment (facetious). I think this makes #1 of the worst, not for Kate but for all who would have liked to see her more worthy of it before she finally wore it.

        2. I actually would have no problem with Charlotte wearing this tiara, as Diana is her blood grandmother. She is an innocent baby, who was born into this mess, she didn’t stalk her way into it like her mother. She has a much more legitimate claim to wear Diana’s tiara than Kate does. I was hoping to see it on Harry’s future wife, but oh well.

          1. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlotte wear this one, either. I’m sure she will at some point.

          2. I agree. Not wanting to wish time away but maybe given for her 18th birthday. It would be a touching tribute . If Charlotte is a blood relative of Diana’s, does that make her royal than her mother? Not being mean just a question.

          3. Laura, Yes. Charlotte is a blood Prince. This difference is made very stark when you consider the order of precedence – inlaws having to give way to blood princes like Anne, Alexandra, Beatrice and Eugenie. Kate’s status depends on her remaining married to the Blood Prince. In a gathering of royals, Kate would have to curtsey to her own children if William isn’t present.

          4. The only reason the “blood princesses” came about is b/c of the deliberate downgrading of the Duchess of Cornwall. The Princess Anne didn’t want to have to curtsy to the Duchess. Things were much simpler b/f divorces and the like. The order was the Queen, the Queen Mother, the Princess of Wales, then the Countess of Snowdon, the Duchess of York, the Princess Royal, etc. Ugh. Now everyone throws a hissy fit. If I were Sovereign, I would say the order is the order, get over it. Men over women, older over younger.

          5. I am putting this reply in the wrong place, since there wasn’t a spot for it. Sorry!

            Anyway, didn’t Princess Anne throw a fit about having to curtsy to Diana. Now, Seth brings up the fact that Anne didn’t want to curtsy to Camilla.

            I can see how it must be difficult to be the daughter of the Queen and get ‘downgraded’ over the years. Prince Andrew not recognized by security. HM on the balcony with the fly over and her other children were not there (Anne, Andrew & Edward). It must be difficult in some ways as the royal family changes over the years.

            I really wonder what Camilla, Anne and Sophie think about Kate. All the years of work Anne and Sophie have put in and they are ‘downgraded’. Camilla is still with Kate on the balcony when others are left out, but even this may be irritating to Camilla. Again, maybe I am reading far to much into the inner irritations within the BRF.

          6. If I were to guess (and it is just a guess) Camilla is too secure of a woman to worry about Kate; I’ve read a couple articles over the years that suggest that Camilla had a hand in how to introduce Kate into the Royal Family. After being “the other woman” to an entire generation, now that Camilla’s likely to be crowned Queen, means that her position is secure. Charles directs the show now, not William and whatever his feelings about his stepmother, he keeps them to himself.
            I remember reading after being formally introduced to William at a private tea, Camilla is said to have remarked “I REALLY need a gin-and-tonic.” Oh to be a fly on the wall at THAT conversation!
            The Princess Royal’s the daughter of the Sovereign and I doubt she cares all that much about what others think of her. She just does her thing. Her public reaction to William and Kate’s engagement? “Very good.”
            It’s really stung for Sophie over the years. In 2003, after the Queen Mother and the Princess Margaret died, she was second lady in the land, as she was the only daughter-in-law of the Queen and took precedence as such. Then Camilla came, then Kate, then everyone else got jealous, so the Queen reordered the private order to put her daughter first, to recognize the work that her cousin, Princess Alexandra the Honourable Lady Ogilvy, has done over the last five decades and to appease the Duke of York for having his daughters lose their bodyguards.
            More has been read into the balcony scene than it should. In 1897, Queen Victoria appeared on the balcony flanked by the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of York to emphasize the direct continuity in the line of succession. The balcony scene in 2012 was an echo of that and had nothing to do with the Duke of Edinburgh being taken to hospital. People say “If Phillip had been there…” but that’s not true. The balcony lineup had been announced long before the day itself. It was an echo of 1897.

          7. Seth, along with KMR still doing the blog, I’m very happy to see that you’ve broken your self-imposed exile and are posting again. One reason I love this blog is because I learn so much from KMR and people like you, Herazeus and ArtHistorian among others.

            Continued prayers for your mom and family and thank you for the interesting facts!

    4. This!!!

      Although I wondered… could it be that the queen wants to put some pressure on Kate by bringing the Diana comparisons? Because there is no way that anyone chose *this* tiara and didn’t think of Diana. Did they honestly think the comparison would be good for Kate?

      With all of Diana’s faults and problems, having Kate next to her only emphasizes Diana’s beauty, heavy work-load, charisma, and humanity. Poor Kate. She is a pretty girl but it must be really hard to live up to Diana’s memory.

      Wearing this tiara at this point was anything but a good idea…

      1. I don’t feel sorry for Kate. I think she likes some of the comparisons to Diana. In this day and age, I think women have input with their engagement rings. I think Kate wanted Diana’s old ring. The comparisons started here. Diana wore blue for her engagement and Kate followed her lead.

        There have been too many times where clothing brings comparisons to Diana. If Kate wanted to hit the ground running after the wedding and make her own mark, she very well could have. This is where the work ethic should have started . Kate could have very well made her own mark in this world. She chose not to.

  6. KMR, one of the many reasons I enjoy your posts is the tiara lore – the history of the individual pieces, their associations with certain women who wore them, the protocol of who wears which one when. If this tiara has been in a vault since 1997, I can see that its reappearance is quite an event. I’d love to know what went into the decision for Kate to wear it on this occasion.

    1. This, to me, is a huge deal that the Queen lent Kate this tiara. I’m just not exactly sure what it means.

      1. My opinion is it’s her tacit approval, considering the structure of the hierarchy of the BRF. As bad as William is, the Queen will stick her head in the sand, la la la plugging her ears, and let them do what they want. He’s Charles’s son, so thus entitled to everything even if he doesn’t work for it. Thus, Kate is entitled to whatever she wants, as well. (I don’t think Charles sees it that way!)

      2. Well, the Queen is fairly well known for letting her family members make their own mistakes and come to her for help before stepping in. Maybe W&K were the ones who asked for this tiara and the Queen consented, knowing full well that this wouldn’t go over well but might just teach them both a lesson. I know I wrote up thread that the Queen really didn’t think this through but maybe she did.

        1. Maybe HM and/ orW&K are trying to rebrand (unbrand?) the jewelry that is famous for it’s connections to Diana. It will never fly, but on the other hand, why give Kate THE ring and then lend her this tiara…what next?? It will be a long long time before anyone forgets ANYTHING about our princess

        2. I’m in the camp of ‘they asked and HM gave’ as Laure has stated.

          The reason I say this is that if you notice in their KP office, they’ve hung Cambridge pictures meaning they’ve surrounded themselves with all things Cambridge. From paintings of several Cambridge title holders and now this Cambridge tiara. It wouldn’t surprise me if the provenance of the antique furniture we’ve glimpsed can be traced to previous Cambridges. Frankly, if it wasn’t for his Diana Obsession, i’m sure he would have given his kids Cambridge names.

          Secondly, HM probably agreed for the aforementioned reason, but also being slyly passive aggressive because she knows this tiara is closely associated with Diana. Let WK deal with the fall out from that. HM has never quite endorsed Kate. From saying their relationship would end in tears to waiting until the eve of their wedding to give her written consent ( document is signed and dated a week before the wedding unlike previous weddings where written consent was given months ahead of time) to lending her the least loved tiara for her wedding to rarely lending her major bling to not giving her the family order.

          Also, despite the PR/time whitewashing, HM didn’t like Diana at the end. Unlike Fergie, for whom she retains affection, she was thoroughly fed up with Diana and her games and that televised speech she gave when she died had to be dragged out of her.

          She may have learnt the lessons of Diana, but she wasn’t a fan in the end.

          So giving Kate this tiara serves several purposes, but the world will think it means HM approves of Kate or William is so desperate to re-create have his Diana that he can’t wait for the baby to grow up and so Kate will do for now. I can’t wait for the saphirre pearl choker on Kate. If she wears that, then we can all agree that William’s obsession with his mother is beyond creepy.

          1. Wow, it actually never occurred to me that William might be the one who pushes Kate to mimic Diana! Although I kind of have a gut feeling that Kate used William losing his mother as a way to get closer to him, via over the top sympathy, coddling and jumping on the paparazzi-are-evil bandwagon. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kate has copied Diana all these years to gain William’s approval and him encouraging her. Interesting… I wonder how much of her creepy mimicry is her and how much is him?

        3. Actually if Diana’s conversation to her voice coach that was taped is true, the Queen doesn’t really do anything. This is what Diana said:

          ” ‘So I went to the top lady. And I was sobbing and I said, ‘What do I do?
          I’m coming to you. What do I do?’… And she said, ‘I don’t know what you should do. Charles is hopeless.’ And that was it. That was help! So I didn’t go back to her again for help because I don’t go back again if I don’t get it the first time, right.’ ”
          The Queen is passive, not active. She doesn’t like confrontation (unlike the Duke of Edinburgh), tries to paper things over (she suggested Charles and Diana take a trip to sort out their problems when she convened the “Marriage Summit” of sorts in 1992; they separated that December) and waits until things either blow over or blow up before doing anything. That is a weakness she and I share. I either wait for things to go away or allow them to become World War III before I do something about it.
          I’m also convinced that she wants William and Kate to have a life before a lifetime of royal duties. The problem is that the time for that is past. Long past. William and Kate have had a “normal” life. But she probably doesn’t want to say no.
          Also Charles seems to be more in charge and he seems to think as long as William is off piloting choppers, he and Camilla can take center stage in press coverage on the royal duty front.

          1. I completely agree. She’s hyper-focused on keeping the monarchy going and has always had a phobia about it because of gaining the throne from Edward VIII abdicating and her father becoming king. She knows that unless she can reestablish the mystique of royalty, the public can do anything they want once (and even before) she’s gone. She had Charles brought up to be an intellectual in contrast to (IMO) how she feels about herself and what little preparation she had, instead of valuing the common touch which her mother and father had, and ironically, Diana. I wonder if she secretly self-loathes, and doesn’t think she’s truly good enough to be queen, but is mucking through and really sees the DOE as the de facto king. It’s well-known that he’s always been her #1 advisor and strongest private guide. That’s why I thought PC is probably steaming to have seen the Cambridge tiara out. That QE’s desire to help Kate appear more royal to the public and stop the attacks on that front, she’s passively ignored PC’s issues with subtle competition against Will. Will, I’m sure, loves his dad but he also watches his back. It’s like straight out of the history books with this clan. Scheming, betrayal, greed, lust, envy, spite, nobility, ambition. Lol.

          2. I think one of the reasons the Duke of Edinburgh is her closest advisor is b/c he’s her husband. He has been more practical, more down-to-earth and despite being a prince, from the school of hard knocks (when he came back to Britain from the Royal Navy in the mid ’40s, he had two battered suitcases with clothing, a pair of cufflinks, ivory brush and a signet ring from his father). The Queen was brought up in an atmosphere of complete comfort, peace and security being the center of attention, even with the Abdication.
            The Queen and Duke are from an era when men defined themselves by their jobs and that was who they were. The Duke has had to find a job for himself to do for 63 years. When a man was supposed to be in charge, he was told to “shut up” by his wife and asked to leave the room by her advisors. For a masculine former naval officer, that’s humiliating. So he took over organizing the domestic household and taking charge of the family, so the Queen could focus on affairs of state. As for her self-loathing, we will only know that when her diaries are published (if then), which won’t be for about 50-100 years after her death.

  7. Do you think that the Queen is saving any tiaras for Harry’s future wife (Rhiannon? lol)? Kate has Diana’s ring and has now worn her tiara. It seems like Kate is sort of hoarding the heirlooms and there won’t be anything left for the future-Mrs. Harry! Would it be taboo for Harry’s future wife to then wear this tiara? It seems like the Queen sort of doles them out and then only one person wears them so I don’t know if that’s how this situation would work, too.

    1. I think that Harry and Rhiannon will be a couple so full of sparkle and love that she could wear any old tiara and would look radiant. Maybe Kate is test driving tiaras in order to select “the one” that she will be wearing until she becomes the Consort.

    2. I wonder. There aren’t a ton left that aren’t worn by other people (that we know of, there may be many more in the vaults that we haven’t seen). And now Kate has been associated with three of them. I wonder what the reaction would be if Harry’s wife wore one of the tiaras Kate has already worn. I could see it not being a big deal but the comparisons between the two ladies would be everywhere. And Harry’s wife will already be compared constantly to Kate so it would suck to add one more comparison to the mix.

      PS. Harry’s wife could get her own tiara – a new one. That’s a possibility.

      1. Given how much Harry has matured and come into his own in the last few years, I don’t think any wife he selects will have to worry about any comparisons between her and the Duchess.

        1. The press and fans will compare them, though. Harry’s wife may easily come out on top but the comparisons will be made.

          1. Oh yeah of course they will, I’m just saying that I don’t think Harry’s wife will be the one that has to worry about it. It’ll be interesting to see how that one plays out.

      2. Rhiannon said she liked the Boucheron tiara so Camilla had better watch out. It is a gorgeous piece. Noticed that its being called the Camilla Boucheron on the internet because she favors it so much.

        1. I wouldn’t wear the Cambridge tiara for the life of me. The symbolism is just as heavy as the actual tiara. I wish it would have been put in a vault for Charlotte or my future daughter with Harry.

      3. Exactly what I was thinking about the tiaras now being associated with Kate.

        The BRF isn’t big on sharing tiaras like other European royals (I think the Swedish are a great example of this). It seems like many of the tiaras in the collection have already been “assigned”, for lack of a better term. It seems like they would have to create a new one for Harry’s wife.

        Also, is it assumed that Harry’s wife will be a full time working royal? I’ve heard rumors that the BRF is trying to slim down and because Harry isn’t an heir, I’m not sure if his wife would be included in this new parred down BRF.

        1. From what I understand, when Charles is king he will rely on himself, Camilla, William, Kate, Harry, and Harry’s wife. Charles is going to need Harry’s wife to be full time if he intends to kick out his siblings.

          1. It’ll be interesting to see if Edward actually receives the Dukedom of Edinburgh. It was announced when he got married but since there’s alleged rumors of “downsizing” of the family, I think that’s more unlikely to come to pass.
            Maybe Harry will end up with the Dukedom of Edinburgh, rather than the Dukedom of York?

          2. Especially since I read that Edward cannot receive the Dukedom until both his parents are dead, not just Philip. So it would rest with Charles to do the deciding and he may choose to completely disregard whatever his mother said would happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edward never receives the Duke of Edinburgh title.

          3. This comes with the assumption that all will be working full time. Knowing the three of them, this may be unwise.

            Edward chose the Earldom, he may be fine with just being the Earl of Wessex

          4. The Prince Edward was supposed to receive the Dukedom of Cambridge but he watched “Shakespeare in Love,” where Colin Firth played “Lord Wessex” and asked the Queen to give him that instead. David Starkey griped that there hasn’t been anywhere called Wessex since 1071 and asked if it was necessary to start the 21st century by going back to the 11th.

    3. If I’m not mistaken, the Lover’s Knot may be among the very last tiaras in the vault that haven’t reemerged for a while until now. Strathmore Rose needs restoration, Teck Crescent is on loan to Camilla. If I remember correctly both Poltimore and Amethyst tiaras were auctioned already. Sapphire Bandeau would be a possibility. I am not sure if Sarah Fergusson’s tiara would be seen again. So perhaps Harry’s wife would get a new tiara?

      I think since Kate already got Diana’s ring (which was supposed to be for Prince Harry – Darn Will, what a greedy guy), Prince Harry’s wife will most probably get her Saudi Sapphire parure and perhaps the legendary sapphire choker. I am praying to God that Kate will not hoard all of Diana’s jewelleries!

      1. I am wondering who got the most precious of Diana’s jewels, the Charm Bracelet that she said she could not wear because of it being so precious. Charles added to it every year and I have seen pics of it and it is beautiful. I hope that Harry has it, as it is of sentimental value more than bling value.

        1. I guess either Will or Harry could have it, but I highly doubt that their wives would ever wear them. It was actually made of Diana’s personal memories and each pendant has a special meaning to her, like balletshoes, W, H, etc.

          1. Yep and of St Pauls Cathedral where they were married. There was even a polo cap on it. There was a pic of it in the Paul Burrell book and it looked gorgeous. I can’t see anyone wearing it again either, I just hope that Harry has it as he seems to be the more sentimental of the two boys.

      2. There are still quite afew tiaras in the vault, so Harry’s future wife need not worry on that score. Of the ones left, only the Strathmore is said to be too fragile to wear, but IIRC, there are at least 5more tiaras that have been gathering dust in the vaults.

        Sarah Ferguson has her own tiara which will be seen when either Beatrice or Eugenie marry.

        Unless the royal family bought Margaret’s tiaras (Poltimore)when her children auctioned them off, we shall never see those again.

      3. Sarah’s tiara left with her. It was bought specifically for her and she got to keep it when she divorced.

    4. Oh, I will never recover if Diana’s brother allows Kate to wear the Spencer tiara. That needs to be saved for Harry’s wife. Rhiannon, you will look great in it.

      I am not too happy seeing Kate in what was a tiara always associated with Diana, who wore it magnificently, btw.

      Kate and William did not look happy in the car. William looked so angry. That seems to be his usual expression of late. I would like to see him with George and Charlotte soon. He will have to show a softer and happier side then.

      As for Kate, she looked very pale in the photos. The ice blue and her new hair color did not compliment her skin tone. I’d like to see the entire dress, too. It seems — from the little you could see of it with her sitting in the car — that it is similar to the long sleeved black lace gown she favored for a while.

      If the QUeen is making a statement by allowing Kate to wear the tiara, then, I for one don’t know what it is. Is she showing her approval for lazy Will and Kate, or is it a subtle dig: Diana wore it better and in retrospect HM sees that Diana really was a hard working, caring Royal.

      Can’t get that grouchy photo of William out of my mind. And, Kate did not seem too pleased with his attitude.

      1. How close is the Earl Spencer to his nephews? I know they went to the wedding but everyone invites their parents’ siblings to their weddings. I know in his eulogy to his sister, that he promised to take care of them. I know that that promise hasn’t exactly been fulfilled to the fullest. If they aren’t close, I don’t see the Spencer tiara being given to her when the Earl has five lovely daughters (including twins from his first marriage). Not everything revolves around the Terrible Twosome.

      2. ONLY Females married or born to the family can wear the family tiara. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that simple rule or why the DM keeps bringing up the Spencer tiara as if it is available for WH’s wives/daughters.

        When a son inherits, the entire estate is entailed to them. The daughters can borrow items from time to time, but only at the sufferance of their brother. the borrowed items remain that. borrowed. They don’t belong to the sister or her children nor can her descendants borrow said items unless the brother and his family choose to lend those items. Diana as a Spencer daughter could borrow the Spencer family tiara. Her children have Spencer blood, but they are not Spencers as far as inheritance of the Spencer estate except in the case of the direct Spencer male line dying out and the estate executors needing to look to wider family to find a male who can inherit the estate.

        The tiara has never nor will it ever belong to the royal family. Kate and Harry’s future wife and female children can only borrow family tiaras in this case the Mountbatten Windsor family tiaras because that are their family tiaras [with bonus access to crown tiaras]. The Spencer tiara can be worn by Sarah and Jane, Charles’s wife, his daughters and his sons’ wives. no body else. Sarah and Jane’s families don’t have access to the Spencer tiara. If Harry’s future wife happens to have access to a tiara via her famiy, then she can wear that. otherwise borrow the Mountbatten-Windsor family tiaras [and crown tiaras] just as Kate is doing.

        1. Exactly but the only way a story gets written now is if it is in relation to Kate Middleton or the kids, so they add their names for click bait.

    1. Given Kate’s love of tiny jewelry, the Halo does seem to fit her style best. Nice and small, just the way she likes it.

        1. OH MY GOD! That’s hilarious! I literally did a spit take with that one, Lauri.

      1. Agreed. She also doesn’t have the charisma like Diana, so the tiara wears her not the other way around. The smaller tiaras work better for her.

    1. There has never been such thing as the duchy of Cambridge. Ducal title yes, never a duchy.

      The tiara, though closely associated with Diana, was originally made to copy a tiara owned by the first Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Augusta of Hesse, so in that respect you are correct when you say the tiara belongs to the Cambridge title.

      Which considering how many Cambridge artifacts the current Cambridges are collecting, isn’t surprising that this tiara ended up with them. Kate, if not William, is incredibly literal minded based upon her interpretation of a theme.

      1. Do you think it was HM who selected the title Cambridge for W&K? Or is it possible that they were given 2-3 options from where to choose from? Indeed when it was announced that they would be D&D Cambridge, I already suspected that it was meant to fit the Lover’s Knot. The next step would most probably be the Cambridge Emeralds. If there was such an intention to secure the Lover’s Knot, then it may be safe to assume that W&K chose their own title, of course after consultation.

        I agree, Herazeus, Kate is very literal minded. I could never forget that red mapple fascinator she wore in Canada.

  8. Wow is all I can say. I feel really disappointed. Why? I was trying to look at the photos closely. Did anyone see if she wore an order? I looked closely and no she doesn’t!! The whole top of the dress area is exposed and no order. If she had no order and the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, then what is the rhyme and reasoning in that? Kate is no Diana–and yes, it invites comparisons all around. I don’t know what to say…I was hoping the Queen would wait for Harry’s wife–who for some reason I believe will be a special lady, Rhiannon?

    Also, I can see the disappointment on William’s face. He looks so unhappy whenever he is with her. Lately, IMO, it just looks like it’s duty for him. I would think he threw a tantrum–but judging from the photos, I am not sure I agree…

    Yes, and yay, no quitting for you. I promise to be on my best behavior.

    1. My love for Harry is unrequited. One thing that Harry will let love about me is the fact that I am quite stubborn. I can put up a fight like no other. But, I wouldn’t wear that for all of the tiaras and parures in the collection. I would wear a small piece of Diana’s as a wink or a nod, but nothing this iconic. Could I rock this one? Yes, but I would pass.

      1. Lindsey, I very much agree–and then those rumors of Harry not knowing that William took their beloved mother’s ring. It would only be fair.

        Rhiannon, I know you would rock that tiara–but you don’t need it to prop up your self-esteem as Kate does. I get the sense you are strong and will shine despite how large your tiara will be. 🙂 Also, Harry seems so lovely; I do sincerely hope you will meet and marry him. Seriously 🙂

          1. I have some bad news Rhiannon. I just read an article in the Daily Mail that Harry and Pippa have been in a secret romance for three months, that Kate found them in a loo at the wedding in ’11 and that William found them in an intimate position at Harry’s KP apartment. Also Kate and William don’t like the idea but apparently Pippa and Harry are crazy about it. Oh good grief.

          2. I mean Maxima is lovely and regal–not Pippa!!! Somehow, my comment got sandwiched around the Pippa comments. I was responding to you, Rhiannon 🙂

  9. First of all – THANK YOU KMR!! When I saw this pic I thought, “Oh please let KMR have a post about this! You’re right, you can’t quit now. Or ever. 🙂

    I too was shocked that she wore this so soon, then immediately wondered what her game was. I hate to be so cynical, but everything they do seems so calculated. Wills does look grumpy. But he never looks happy in those car shots. Is he mad because a photographer had the nerve to take a picture of them as they drove in? Probably. He looks so miserable in this role. He hopes the queen or his dad lives forever, so he will never have to be king, but will still keep all the perks.

    1. I can’t quit when there are tiaras. 🙂

      “He hopes the queen or his dad lives forever, so he will never have to be king, but will still keep all the perks.”

      It really does seem like this doesn’t it.

  10. Along with almost everyone else I was stunned when I saw this. I agree that the smaller Halo tiara fits her style better. I’m wondering if William “demanded” this for Kate. He seems to have an unhealthy obsession towards recreating his childhood and “keeping his mother alive”. There are many examples including, Kate’s engagement ring (I never thought it fit her style) to their Kensington Palace home (when other apartments were available he choose one that was under the control of a public trust), to dressing George in his outfits, and now this. Now I agree that Kate also likes to single white female Diana but William is the only one who could have gotten the tiara.

    Personally I don’t think this is the Queen’s endorsement of Will and Kate. I could see William demanding “mummy’s tiara” and the Queen relinquishing it. If she really approved of the Cambridges, Kate would have an order and she doesn’t. I think the order means much more to the Queen than Diana’s tiara.

    I do see the changes to Kate’s nose but I can’t be sure if it’s surgery or lighting. Looking at the pictures side by side I do think she has had a brow lift or the eye lid thing done because her eyebrows are much higher. Also, underneath her neck she has that pinch of skin that many women get when they do a little tightening. It could just be me but I think she had at least had some work done, which is crazy for someone of her age!!

    1. I agree with you, Klein. I think William asked for the tiara. Maybe a push back since Kate doesn’t have the order? And maybe Wills is grumpy because Kate isn’t being accepted by the BRF or the general public. Diana’s tiara is a big “in your face.”

    2. That was my first thought as well- that Wills wanted the tiara. This seems to fit with the massive PR onslaught to make Dolittle deep, relevant, and important. And big, really, really big.

      1. Actually my thought is that, since Prince Harry is at the age and possibly closer to taking a wife, William might have decided on a preemptive measure to ensure that her mother’s tiara would not be made into Princess Harry’s tiara. As we know, Diana’s ring was given initially to Prince Harry, but since William was the one who got married first, he handed over the ring for him to propose to Kate.

        The tiara and the ring are two items that most strongly reflect Diana’s legacy (another one would be the 7-strands sapphire choker). I would not be surprised if he wanted to secure them for himself, especially since there has been calls for King Harry (despite bureaucratic impossibility) and better recognition for Harry’s achievements. I am eager to know if he will make Kate wear Saudi Sapphires or worse, the sapphire choker. Since the tiara, ring and earrings already went to Kate, it would only be fair for the Saudi parure to go to Princess Harry. But anyway, we’ll see.

        Of course there is a possibility that William simply wants to dress Kate to look like his mother.

        1. Hrm… I could totally see William wanting to take this tiara off the table for Harry’s wife.

  11. Omg.

    I haven’t even read all the comments yet, but I assure you that’s what I will do immediately upon finishing this post.

    I agree 1000% with you KMR about it being too soon for this tiara to make another appearance! Can KP and her stylists stop with the Diana throwback pieces already? The gal already has the ring (which, Harry gifting it to William is much more than William deserves). Maybe I was just wishful thinking, but I had really hoped that Harry’s future wifewould have been able to wear an iconic Diana bit of jewelry, and after the ring this is the next classic Diana piece! Here’s hoping for the Spencer tiara, Harry!

    Okay. Back to the comments now!

    1. The Spencer tiara belongs to the Spencer family. Diana’s brother, as the current Earl Spencer, owns that tiara now. It is very highly unlikely that Kate or Harry’s wife will ever wear it.

      1. Touche.

        One thing I’ve been thinking of: I guess we have been overlooking the fact that Kate IS the Duchess of Cambridge. Surely it isn’t that big a stretch for the Duchess of Cambridge to wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara. Maybe that’s all the Queen meant by it?

        1. Good point–hopefully that’s all that’s meant by it. It does make sense if you look at it from the view of tying Cambridge to Cambridge.

  12. I loved Diana but even if people do not like Kate, she does have the right to wear it as her husband, for better or worse, is Diana’s son. Kate has no glow like Diana, but how many people really do…Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn…all legends. Kate is not legend material. What I find odd is that she repeated the gown at the same exact event. In her position, who does that. If she had a stylist that would have never happened.

    1. To me it’s not that Kate does not have the “right” to wear this tiara (she has the right to wear whatever tiara the Queen gives her), it’s that I’m surprised to see it so early. I fully expected Kate to wear it at some point but not for several more years.

      1. What’s weird too LJA is that she does have a stylist. So either it was forgotten or deliberate, because Kate is SWF Diana again (dress with similar square cut top and tiara).

    2. I totally agree with you regarding the repeat of the dress. I actually find it a bit disrespectful for people attending for whom it is one of the most important event of the year. These people were there probably two years ago and deserved a new or at least different dress. This is embarrassing.

  13. Very surprising to see Kate wearing the Lover’s Knot tiara. Was this her choice? I really dislike her continually trying to copy Diana. Kate doesn’t have a fraction of the regal air and magic that Diana possessed so why even go there?

    1. You’re so right, especially since one of the most famous pictures of Diana in this tiara is with a dress that has a similar effect of square cut top with lace. Seriously SWF creepy. How Will be oblivious– or it’s just not healthy.

  14. Nostalgia! Nostalgia! It’s amazing that one beautiful tiara retrieved from the vault after more than 18 years could evoke so many memories and emotions. Kate isn’t stupid. She knew that wearing this tiara, whether she had to or wanted to would be like trampling Diana’s legacy. What a way to end 2015!

  15. We never got to see official photos of these diplomatic receptions. Are photographers banned from these receptions?

    1. Photographers are not allowed at this event – they claim it is for security reasons and whatnot.

  16. Maybe the Queen, if she had anything to do with Kate wearing this tiara, is suggesting to the world that they have moved on and we all should too? I didn’t get the feeling she liked Diana very much.

      1. I wonder if HM thinks she’s throwing a bone to those of us here that respected Diana along with the great wide world to use the tiara to remind all of us who Kate is married to, remind us that Will is Diana’s son and to back off the W&K criticism. I think that’s really complex but the Queen might think it’s a good strategy. As I said upthread, the Kate-devotees are over the moon because its all superficial to them. Thanks KMR for staying with this blog. This is an A-class reminder of why we all appreciate your blog so much. Not all of us were dazzled by a tiara, but by the woman who wore it.

  17. Kate looks forlorn. William couldn’t even manage a smile. There are other photos on DM where she attempts a smile but her eyes look glazed and William has the same stern look on his face. As pampered as people think she is, I disagree. I think the financial security and materialism is nothing in the face of the life she must have. I feel like dealing with him must be a full time job and emotional abuse seems par for the course.

    1. Yes, I don’t envy her having to take William’s emotional temperature every hour, how exhausting. However, I would point out that she put up with him for 8+ years before he even proposed, she knew full well what she was getting into.

    2. Let’s be fair. There’s only one photo of William looking grumpy. Maybe the photographers did not capture the moments when he was smiling. Is that possible?

  18. You know…it really does bother me because Diana was honest and true. She never hid and pretended that everything was perfect. That was part of her charm. I think that is one of the things that bothers me so much about WK; they aren’t honest about anything in their lives. Everything is perfect and wonderful–when we know it’s not. Life isn’t that way. That tiara evokes a strong memory and I can’t imagine many people being too happy with it though there will be some that are, of course. I read many DM comments; they weren’t positive. Diana was honest, true, and imperfect but a beautiful person and she owned her weaknesses. That’s why it’s a shame for me to see Kate wear this–and of course, all the perfect PR associated with those two. Fake.

  19. Yah! *Jumpy claps*
    Can you guess that I’m glad that you are continuing with the blog KMR?
    Now as for Kate and the tiara. Pluses? She went to the function and didn’t give it a swerve.
    I suppose that we should have expected to see Kate in the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara as she is the Duchess of Cambridge (something in the name means it was to be expected).
    Diana shone in that tiara, she owned it. But unfortunately Kate suffers by comparison, and there will be comparison every time she wears it. I do have a comment about the styling, statement tiara needs statement earrings, the earrings Kate is wearing in the photos seem insubstantial in comparison with the bling of the tiara. Diana styled it better with the pearl drops.
    I’m not sure if I need to see the dress, sort of *oh yawn* Kate’s got another lace dress on?
    I hope she cheered up once she left the car as she didn’t look happy.
    As for William, doesn’t he look smart in his white tie? I love the look of men wearing white tie, it’s a shame that full evening dress is seldom worn now days. I grew up with stories of the balls my grandparents attended in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. (which meant my sister and I had the best dressing up box ever as kids!)

    1. I wish I could applaud Kate but this is her gravy; look pretty and wear Diana’s jewels to boot. Agreed about the white tie. I think men should go back to dressing up; I know American men could do a lot to lower divorce rates by reminding their special other how great they can look.

    2. William looks amazing in white tie. I wish he would wear white tie more often. I wish more men wore white tie more often, they look great in it.

      1. I always look (marginally) better dressed up than in a T-shirt and jeans. I definitely loathe our Western trend toward informality (to the point that what is technically considered informal wear–business suits–is regarded as “formal” today).

        1. Personally I think guys look super hot in a Henley shirt (like Dexter’s killing shirt), but I also like a man in a well tailored tux and white tie. It really is a shame more men don’t dress up like that.

  20. Ok, beyond the tiara, I am totally shocked at her face on the side by side picture KMR posted. What the heck happened? Her face has shrunk! You can clearly see there’s no fat left on the face. The jaws are much sharper, cheeks are gone, you would think her face was liposuctioned.

    1. Once you hit 30, you start to lose fat in your face. Everybody, unless they are fat to begin with, will have less fat and a more angular face.

      Now if you go on an extreme diet/exercise programme as Kate has done in the past year, after a baby – an event that wrecks havoc with your body which requires careful recalibration of food/exercise to restore itself – you end up looking gaunt instead of slim. There is no chance for the body to restore itself when it has already been robbed of nutrients by the baby and the natural aging process.

      She’s simply back to her wedding year size, but without the layer of fat under her skin that gave her face a modicum of softness.

      1. I don’t see a dramatic difference. Kate has one of those faces that looks different in every light, and depending on the angle and her coloring and makeup, she can either look quite youthful or beyond her years. Her mother and sister don’t have the best skin either, but Kate’s is the best of the 3 in my opinion. I think 2012 was her prettiest year. That said, if she was still doing the spray tanning/tanning and what appeared to be fillers I think she would look the same today. She isn’t trying as hard in the aesthetics department these days, and good for her, because that’s not what life’s all about. There are photos of her from very early on, before their engagement, where she looks beyond her years as well, it isn’t a new development or because she’s past 30. Indoors she looks her age. Outside in harsh daylight she looks a bit older, but we all do.

  21. I looked at the DM and there are pictures of the bodice of this dress and I have to say I’m not as intrigued as I was earlier, the lace in the bodice looks like a bib to me with short capped sleeves. Even with this beautiful tiara and gorgeous earrings, Kate still dresses like a little girl. Ugh.

    1. I just went and looked at the newer pictures and I have to agree with you Lauri. I was not expecting the sleeves. I also didn’t think the lace carried over onto the rest of the dress. I thought it was just an accent, but rather it appears to cover at least the whole top of the dress. Appears very similar to her normal lace dresses. I hope I am wrong and one day we will see the whole dress and be blown away :). I think part of the problem with the look is how far back the tiara is sitting on her head.

  22. My two cents. These are the Queen’s grandmother’s jewels – The Queen doesn’t associate them with Diana. They are not and were never Diana’s property – they belong to the Queen who lends them to whomever she pleases. They bypassed Camilla – for the time being. Charles will control the jewels once the Queen passes. Therein lies the message – these are royal jewels – not to be associated with any one person. The person who was last associated with them has been dead for 18 years. It’s really going to shock folks when Camilla wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara and other pieces when Charles becomes King.

  23. Question: what tiaras are HM’s personal property? Like tiaras she could pass down to someine else? I am also thinking if the queen could lend Harry’s future wife the Kokishnik tiara?

    1. That’s a good question. I’m not actually sure at the moment since things like that get so muddled.

      In terms of HM lending Harry’s wife the Kokoshnik Tiara, I doubt it. I mean, she could in theory, but HM still wears that tiara (she wore it earlier this year for the State Visit from Mexico) so I doubt she’d lend it to someone else.

      1. That’s my personal favorite, but it’s a pipe dream. I would receive special much shade for wearing it. It is my all time favorite.

  24. What is really strange is wearing the same dress to the same event two years later. It’s even weirder then her “sports uniform” which is variations on a theme. They’ll be lots of side eye from society on that – not because it is a repeat – but because it was repeat at the same event. It would be like you showed up in the same attire for Christmas service every year or Remembrance Service every year.

    1. She wore the same black coat to Remembrance Sunday two years in a row. And she wore the same green coat to the St. Patrick’s Day event two years in a row. So she’s done it before.

  25. First time commenter. I had a different take… I agree with the point that since I this is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara and Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge it is natural and right that they should come together. It has been out of the public eye for almost twenty years, and even though it was an iconic look for Diana, she didn’t even care for it that much… She much preferred the Spencer tiara which Kate will never get to wear. On that note, knowing how much the Queen values continuity maybe she is thinking more about Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and how much it will mean to her to one day be able to wear a tiara both work by her mother and grandmother? Just a thought. So I don’t see it as “trampling” of her legacy, but a cool multi-generational extension of it. And… I don’t mean to stir the pot, but I actually really like what I can see of the tiara against her brunette hair. I think the contrast of the luster of the pearls and the dark hair is actually quite pretty.

    1. Hi Kate and welcome.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me I don’t see Kate wearing the Lover’s Knot as a “trampling” of Diana’s legacy. The only problem I have with Kate wearing the tiara is the inevitable Diana comparison. As evidenced here in the comment section, the connection this tiara has to Diana is very strong (it doesn’t matter whether Diana loved or hated this tiara she will always be most associated with it) and I think Kate wearing this tiara just courts a comparison that is unnecessary. They have to know the comparison will be made, so why put that comparison on her unnecessarily, you know? I don’t necessarily have a problem with Kate wearing the tiara (I always assumed she would at some point), I just don’t think it should have been so soon. She has plenty of time for the “wearing the tiara that Diana wore so Charlotte can wear a tiara both her mother and grandmother wore” thing. I just think it’s too soon, you know. That’s my take anyway. Too soon.

      In terms of what Kate looks like in the tiara, I can’t really comment on that since we haven’t seen a full photo of her wearing it. She may look great in it. I think the Halo Scroll probably suits Kate the best in terms of her style, but I do like the Lotus. Now that she’s already worn it and the Diana comparison has already happened, I’m really hoping we get another chance to see Kate in this tiara to really see what she looks like in it.

      1. I love the Lotus Tiara! I also find it interesting that both the Lotus and the Halo Scroll are tiaras associated with Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother- and I think that generational gap would make it easier for Kate to make those her “own” so to speak. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot is so closely associated with Diana that, IMO, it ought to have stayed in the vault for a few more decades. When a RF has many tiaras that is always an option unlike those RFs that have very few tiaras.

        CP Mary has spoken about how she acutely felt the legacy of the late Queen Ingrid when she first started wearing the Ruby-Diamond Parure. However, there really wasn’t any other options since it is the only big gun tiara that is available to her and as CP she needs a big gun – something that Kate doesn’t really need until she’s PoW.

        1. I agree about the generation gap allowing for Kate to make those two tiaras her own. Those tiaras are not closely associated with the royals who wore them anymore. They are now more closely associated with Kate since most people know of her wearing them. But most people still associate the Lover’s Knot with Diana so people will not think of it as Kate’s. It’s the same with the engagement ring – people still think of it as Diana’s ring, not Kate’s.

          1. I think one reason I think of it as Diana’s ring, is because I think it is a family heirloom. If W&K were to divorce, I would think the ring would return to the family. I doubt Kate could keep the ring the way Diana was able to after divorce.

  26. So many questions – why are they letting her wear some very special pieces… The Queen’s wedding bracelet (her personal wedding present from Phillip!!!), the queen mother’s earrings and bracelet, Diana’s showstopper tiara?! Has Brenda lost her marbles?!!

    What is going on?
    Not even Diana (tiara, aside), Camilla, Fergie, Sophie, Anne etc have worn these items. Kate has some nerve to wear the wedding bracelet.

    Why do they continue to hand William and Kate everything, when their commitment to the firm is lackluster at best to nonexistent? BP & CH courtiers can’t be impressed. Afte five years of pr fluff there is an increasing negative tone in response to whatever they do because there is no substance.

    Do they really think people transfer their positive memories of Diana onto the lamebridges? That is absurd. Her copykate moments just make the gulf between the two women that much more apparent.

    They might as well give her Di’s regal pearl and sapphire necklace and personal items. I have lost whatever respect I had for the Queen. Here’s to King Charles! (Hopefully, he’ll demand better of his heir, if not… GB republic!)

  27. I guess I’m going to be different again. I really like the Tiara on her and think the Lotus Flower Tiara doesn’t suit her at all. It is just odd on her. I also liked that she at least tried to acknowledge the photographers, whereas Prince William looked either grumpy or he totally turned away. If this guy doesn’t want the crown he should say so. It seems that HE only wants the perks, but not the responsibility. It’s childish to behave in that way. I do understand that he wants total privacy in everything he does, and he mostly succeeds with it, because we no nothing about them. But when there are official functions, he should at least try. The “togrophers” as he used to call them, didn’t kill his mother.

    1. For me, I’ll reserve judgement on whether this tiara looks good on Kate until we see a full photo of her wearing it. It’s not really possible for me to tell how good it looks only getting a small side view. I can see why you think the Lotus does suit her; the Halo seems more her style since it’s smaller and she likes small jewelry.

      1. I do think what is very evident in those pictures is, that she has a reached a new low in her weight. Her neck is already wrinkled. I don’t want to start another discussion about whether she is anorexic or bulimic, because none of us knows. What I do know is, that albeit being not overweight, she was a very healthy during her uni days. She lost weight after the separation, and then again for the wedding. But this is scarily thin. Compared to her, Princess Diana looked downright healthy when she was bulimic. She doesn’t look well at all in my opinion. You are absolutely right, KMR, we haven’t seen a full sized picture, but the way the Lover’s Knot Tiara is, going up, I can imagine that it looks better on her than some might think. Let’s wait and see when it comes out again. And please continue, you are doing an excellent job and very much appreciated.

        1. Actually, I remember some pretty ‘scary thin’ photos of Diana. She wore a strapless gown with a brown velvet top and plaid taffeta at Christmas which showed her very thin arms. At least this is how I remember it. Also, the green gown she wore during her engagement days, was worn when she lost weight and the difference was quite apparent.

    2. I am not a fan of the Lotus Tiara either. Reminds me of a larger version of Sophie’s horrific wedding tiara.

  28. Am I the only one who thinks the tiara looks smaller on Kate? Or is it so far back on her head? It just seems odd to place a tiara that far back. Just me?

    1. That was my first thought too. At first glance I thought is was the Lotus tiara again because of it’s size. Why does it look smaller on Kate?

    2. I thought it looked smaller too; perhaps it’s the angle that it lies on Kate’s head? Hard to tell with the pics available… I agree with others that the Halo Scroll tiara frames Kate’s face really well and just seems to best suit her looks. However, Kate does look gaunt which is concerning. William, in all the car photos anyway, seems unwilling to play nice… he really needs to make a choice: do the job with a full heart, or take his leave. Actually, they both need to think about that one.

      With regard to female royal children, does anyone know if there is a set age where they are given tiaras? Is it when they come of age or when they marry? Historically,were tiaras ever made for girls?

      1. Re female royal children and tiaras: I don’t know about the Brits, but both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine of Sweden were given their own tiaras for their 18th birthdays.

      2. In the Japanese Imperial Family, the royal princess are given a complete parure (tiara, necklace, earrings) when they turn 18. They are often made specifically for the young lady in question. However, if they marry non-royals they have to turn in the parure.

    1. You’re right RT. And all I can say is yuck. Why on earth does Kate continue to imitate Diana’s look? Perhaps as an empty vessel she only knows how to copy others. Has this woman ever had a single thought of her own? Or does she continue to wear an earpiece connected to Carole’s mouth? Woman seems unable to function without a constant minder.

  29. I cannot believe that it is even the same tiara; it looked so stunning on Diana and if possible, it looks drab on Kate. She also looks exhausted in the back seat of the car.

  30. All I can say is I’m disappointed with this decision. It’s good to honor one’s mother but I think the Diana references should be kept at a minimum. When she died she was no longer a member of the royal family. Also, I’m insulted on behalf of Sophie. I don’t understand why Kate got to wear 3 different tiaras in four years of marriage, most of which was spent as “part time royals” whatever that is. The lotus was understandable because the halo was borrowed for the cartier tour but I don’t know why the CLK was chosen. You know what, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she shows up with the royal family order. We thought the CLK wouldn’t happen for a long time but now I have doubts. I can only hope that Will and Kate start working more seriously from now on.

    1. Oh I am pretty sure that Sophie would not have worn the Lovers Knot Tiara at all. She and Diana met and in the early days Sophie was compared to Diana a lot and she did not like it or want the comparison so there would be no way that she would wear something that is remembered for being worn by Diana so much.

    2. I’m insulted on behalf of Diana. She was Princess of Wales, and only had the loan of ONE tiara from HM; the Spencer tiara was a loan from her brother. It seems a slap in the face.

    1. Given that Diana would have survived the Paris crash had she worn her seat belt, it beggars belief that her son would not automatically do so. Additional photos on the DM do not indicate the normal placement of seat belts, unless they are somehow differently configured for that car? Or perhaps airbags? I would imagine that royal vehicles are specially fitted in case of accidents.

  31. Huge…HUGE mistake to let Kate wear it at the current stage. She is wearing something most associated to Diana before she even established herself as a mature royal, and by mature I mean being ready to dedicate herself to acting and working like a true royal. She is not even one-third there, yet she dares wearing a tiara worn by a legendary woman of beauty and dedication, really big mistake.

    We could never know for sure what would be HM’s intention, but if her intention is to raise’s Kate’s status as a royal or shows her approval of Kate, it would really miss the mark. Kate doesn’t seem to wear any kinds of order as well. This would resonate strongly to Hillary Mantel’s criticism for Kate. Unless she steps up, no matter how big the tiara she wears, she would always be the “commoner” Kate Middleton, not a true Duchess of Cambridge.

    I am deeply saddened by the fact that the the tiara appears so fast on top of a girl who is not ready to wear it. Diana will always be special in my heart. It would take an extraordinary woman to be able to wear her legacy and still shine.

    1. I love your comment about her wearing it when she is a mature royal. Isn’t it interesting that Princess Diana’s life ended when she was 36 and Kate is only a few years younger than that?
      Yet, Diana had a mature air and approach to her duties even as a young bride. I am so cranky today and just can’t stop thinking how Kate is always cut so much slack by much of the media and many of the sugars. I need to focus on work and stop thinking bad thoughts.
      Have a good day, all.

  32. KMR, so glad the (trolling?) bust up has calmed down.

    Heres my two-penneth on The Tiara…

    I don’t think HM gives two hoots about what jewellery Kate wears. She’s too busy, y’know, being the Monarch. I think Dianas tiara was chosen by Jason & his team to negate the sniggering criticism that (I and many others) gave Kate for rightly not getting the RFO. I think that bruised Kates reputation and Jason has now taken steps to ‘up’ her game & reverse the cries of not being a respected Royal.

    I imagine HMs Private Secretary got the request through from KP & took it to HM. “Ma’am, the Cambridges have requested CLK tiara” HM peers over the top of her glasses, perhaps slightly raising an eyebrow. Pauses. “As they wish” The PS smirks, then backs out of the room.

    I don’t think the gruesome twosome realise how obvious their games are. Note Tanna remarked on their game playing last night in the car.

      1. On twitter, Tanna was talking to another Royal photographer (Mark Cuthbert I think) & told him W&K tried to play games when exiting KP in their car, but that it worked in his favour.

        I assumed he was on a different side to normal, which they turned to to look away from photographers & he caught them. He sold pics to Splash, if that’s where the face-on pics came from?

        1. Do you know where those photos are? I and am sure everyone else wants to see them! Or, are these photos ones we have seen in the car?

  33. Am I being cynical in thinking that she wore the tiara knowing that she would be all over the front pages the next day? That Tiara should be worn with the pearl earrings as well, not those things that Kate had dangling from her ears. They did not match, and I am a huge believer in things matching.

  34. it annoys me there are no photos of this event each year. I don’t expect that many photos of the royals in their private time but major events are their tax payer funded job and photos are due to the public.

    As for the tiara who knows what it means. It’s hard to see but it doesn’t look as good as in Diana’s short blonde hair. I do love this tiara though. It’s proper princessy and I would wear the hell out of it headaches or not. I was always so disapointed by the baby tiara KM wore at her wedding.

  35. Yay! I can’t say how happy I am to see a post today! So glad you didn’t quit, KMR. My first reaction to this was first an emotional reaction as it really upset me to see Diana’s tiara on Kate. It bothers me for a couple of reasons. The first is that it feels like such an insult to Diana’s memory to let the laziest, coldest and least caring person in the family wear it. Kate is the opposite of Diana in pretty much every way and it just seems so wrong to see Diana’s iconic tiara on Kate. Second, I am baffled as to why Kate would choose this tiara, given that it is the fastest way to draw comparisons to Diana. If she wants to be her own woman, as claimed in the engagement interview, why would she invite more comparison? She’s already been called out for taking her single white female-ing of Diana to a super creepy level. If you’re the least competent, most work shy member of the Royal family, why would you actively seek comparisons to one of the hardest working and most philanthropic Royals? I just don’t understand how someone could be either so clueless or so self-destructive (image-wise).

    Kate looks about as happy as the last time she was at an official banquet and Will looks pissed off. It could just be that the photographer caught them in a bad shot, but it really looks like they were either having a fight or just had one. Will looks, well, petulant, sulky and angry and Kate looks anxious, tense and angry. They both have a tendency to purse their lips and I wonder if it’s the body language mimicking that happens when couples are together a long time? Or that they’re both just spoiled and discontented. The last time I saw them look like this was in a photo of Will yelling at Kate right after she flashed her bare bum to Australia. Both of them have developed deep set lines on their faces that cause their faces to settle into a look of deep unhappiness. It’s fairly unusual for people that young to have those discontented facial lines, but i think it takes a toll with people who aren’t happy over a long period of time. I am a firm believer that the older people get, the more their faces show who they really are and how they hold their faces most of the time. That’s why I find elderly people with laugh lines and soft, wrinkled faces that show a lifetime of laughter and kindness the most beautiful. It’s the people with sour expressions and pursed lip lines that I find unattractive. Oh, and Kate’s nose definitely looks longer than it did in the comparison pics . When she was in college, her nose was a lot more snub and she has to have had a nose job at least once. I don’t blame anyone for getting plastic surgery, especially in the cases of functionality, but tend to think people look far better with their original noses. I have a bump in mine that I love and suits my face and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Rarely, a nose job can improve someone’s appearance, but that’s not the case with Kate. Kate’s premature aging and sour facial lines are a good cautionary tale for young girls, so they can see what happens when you set aside your own life goals, education and career in order to stalk a wealthy, titled man for a decade. From what I can tell, Kate dumped her old friends, was not able to hold down a job and basically did nothing but shop, vacation and party for ten years. She hasn’t done anything meaningful with her life, position or education, other than have two children (while raising them with a huge staff). She puts in minimal effort with her “work” and is increasingly angering the taxpayers who are funding her ridiculous lifestyle. The result of her reverting to a 1950’s housewife is that when she’s not grinning maniacally or making other bizarre exaggerated facial expressions, she looks absolutely miserable, angry and anxious. What I don’t understand is why she is handling her role so poorly, given that she knew exactly what she was getting into and had a decade to prepare or back out. On a positive note, I absolutely love the tiara and got a little choked up looking at the pictures of Diana in her tiara. I know she had a lot of problems, but I adored her and think she was one of the greatest humanitarians of our time. She managed to reach out and touch so many people’s hearts, despite struggling with eating disorders, an unhappy marriage and the pressures of being a Royal.

    1. There is a term often used in Australia to describe pursed lips that look as if something distasteful has passed them: it is ‘lemon lips’.

    2. @Bets
      I love your comment…
      “That’s why I find elderly people with laugh lines and soft, wrinkled faces that show a lifetime of laughter and kindness the most beautiful.”

      1. Well, shorter, anyways. 😀 I just saw this too. I am so happy that there is a chance of not seeing the sausage curls again and shoulder length hair is a much more appropriate style for her age and position. It was kind of a shock though, because it looks like she took out the wiglets and hair extensions. Her hair looks shockingly thin and like it’s one third the mass it usually is. It’s not very flattering and I still think she should go for a Leti-esque Bob, but I am pleased to see her with an appropriate hair length.

        1. If you look back at her old pre-wedding pictures you’ll see it’s her natural hair. It’s always been in the thinner side like her mother and sister. It was that magical influx of PC’s cash that gave her that lush head of hair.

    1. OMG
      The sugars must be going *nuts*!
      Though after viewing the photos I think it is more likely she’s had some of the extensions removed.

    2. OMG!
      The sugars must be going *nuts*!
      Though I do agree with Rhiannon’s comment that she’s probably had her extensions removed.

  36. The pictures (and others I’ve seen) of Diana wearing the tiara vs. those of KM wearing it encapsulate for me the difference between these two. Diana, smiling, glowing, turning to the cameras with a big smile; Kate’s solemn, drawn, pinchy face looking to William for approval, then looking generally miserable.

  37. I adore the Tiara’s. My first thought was that was Princess Diana’s Tiara. Second thought was it was too soon. I like the Lover’s knot Tiara but I wouldn’t have thought it was too soon. The Lotus Tiara does sit better on Kate. Though at the wedding it looked strangely positioned. I her her dresser was reprimanded for placing it on.

    William does look grumpy. He isn’t even looking at Kate.

    1. Kate didn’t wear the Lotus Tiara at her wedding. She wore another art deco tiara: The Cartier Halo Tiara (also sometimes referred to the Halo Scroll Tiara).

      1. Queen Elizabeth’s tiara. Purchased by the Duke of York three weeks before he ascended the throne. Merry Christmas Elizabeth indeed. Later worn by the Princess Margaret at her sister’s coronation.

  38. OMG, I’m going to have to come back and thoroughly read all of the comments but from what I’m seeing I’m on the same side as most of us here. I really wish she hadn’t worn that particular tiara, especially this early in the game.

    Also, I just don’t think Kate is cut out for tiaras and big bling. She just can’t carry them off. It’s a huge disappointment when I see her in them and it’s just…ho hum.

    As for her nose, something definitely happened to that puppy. It is not the angle of the picture, it is a definite change and it wasn’t for the better to me.

    William looked like Grumpy Cat but Kate looked like she got the cream. And please, please burn those lace dresses already.

    And finally, last but not least, YAY KMR!!! I’m so happy to see this post. Here’s to many more in the future!!!

    1. She’s certainly in a lace dress rut. But we do know how she likes to wear “uniforms”. Maybe lace is her “DoC is a perfect lady” look. Whatever it is, she has reams of multi coloured, styled lace in her closet, and I’m wondering if she’s a bit obsessed with collecting it! With the money she’s spending, she needs to take some fresh fashion chances ( they don’t have to be weird, but she’d look knock out in a classic fitted Chanel tweed),especially since she has the bod for it. Even in a tiara, the lace just makes it a yawn for me.

  39. One more thing I just noticed…she’s wearing the same earrings again. Are those the only ones she feels she can wear with the tiaras? A little odd to me.

    1. Those earrings are probably the biggest ones she has full access to which is why she keeps wearing them to the events where she needs big earrings.

      1. Whatever happened to that emerald set she wore in New York. It wouldn’t have worked with the tiara, but it’s like we’ll never see them again.

        1. Oh yeah, I forgot about those. They were not pretty. Very much not Kate’s style.

      2. It certainly looks like it. I wonder when Wills is going to actually purchase some major bling for her because clearly the royal vault is not at her disposal. I don’t think the earrings were a good match for that gorgeous tiara.

  40. *hope her dresser was reprimanded. I think the Spencer Tiara personified Diana as it came from her family. It made it that bit more special to the memory. My great uncle left me a family hierloom and I hope I could do it justice if I were to use it. I hoped Harry’s wife would have worn the Spencer Tiera as I am sure any wife of Harry’s would do it justice and the Spencer family would have not minded.

  41. A little disappointed. This tiara is heavily associated with Diana so I can see why Williams and Kate would be keen, from the hotel they stayed in in New York, to Kate initial charity engagements and the throwback icon moments (George & william’s first trooping the colour outfits, NZ & Aus tour the same age William was, some of her arrival/plane outfits and the mosque one on the Asia tour, casual leaving hospital outfit with 1st baby and more done up with 2nd, ect.). I’m not sure if it’s William’s way of making sure we don’t forget her, his tribute to her, or if it’s because of the Diana goodwill it brings them.

    Kate was definelty pumped to be wearing it, there are at least 3 photographs of her directly looking to the camera taken when they’re in the car (daily mail), she doesn’t usually do that on these occasions, or in general since getting married. She literally turned her whole face, leaned her head forward and is smiling whilst William is tense looking.

    1. Ugh. This hair.

      As a woman who also has thick thick hair…the new length is not a good length if it’s not done right. They didn’t take any weight out, so it will continue to hit her shoulders and puff out in the back, especially with the long layers at the ends.

      Her thick hair is meant for those gorgeous long lengths. Sad face.

      1. Agreed Cassie. I love her hair long. Although if you look at old photos of her, 2006/2007, you can see that she doesn’t have super thick hair. I think the appearance of thickness comes from all the teasing/volume and the clip-ins and extensions.

  42. I remember the first time Diana wore this tiara. It was Nov 1981 during the opening of Parliament & she was pregnant with William. She was breathtakingly beautiful & if not for the history associated with the tiara, the tiara could have been made specially for her! She matched it with a beautiful white evening gown of silk or satin & everything about her sparkled Princess! Princess! It’s a pity the debut of this tiara on her daughter-in-law shows the opposite emotion. I miss Diana……

    1. I saw those photos recently, she looked great in that white fur coat with the tiara.

  43. I wonder if the Cambridge tiara felt doubly heavy on Kate’s head given the weight of Diana’s association with it. I believe that Kate should wear it, but it should have remained tucked away in the vault until she becomes POW if that day should ever happen. The inevitable comparisons of course happened, and everyone can see that the glamorous Diana just brought it home wearing this tiara. Oh, the memories indeed……

  44. Well y’all, I was able to keep my self-imposed penance for about 24 hours. What can I say, it’s a habit now? I think William’s face is either 1. disapproval of the photographer’s presence or 2. the camera caught him in the moment when he was petulant. As for the Cambridge Lovers’ Knot, she is the Duchess of Cambridge.
    And I have an annoyance with people (I’m speaking generally, not any commenter on this blog alone, but in general commentary on the royals) who personalize everything. They believe the titles belong to these people (technically they do), rather than be “lent” to them by the Crown. They don’t read history, so they don’t have a clue. I view the royals in terms of roles more than individuals. The Queen is the Sovereign. The Duke of Edinburgh is the Consort. The Prince of Wales is Heir Apparent. The Duke is his heir apparent. These roles are interchangeable in the sense that they are not the first to have them. They are simply the current holders of the titles but they aren’t their’s. The media see the Cambridge Lovers’ Knot and go “Oh she’s wearing Diana’s piece.” No, that piece belongs to the Jewelry Collection of the Sovereign. It was worn by others and will be worn by others long after Diana, Kate and anyone else is forgotten in the dustbin of history, providing the Royal Family survives that long (and I have a feeling it will). In the 1870s, when Queen Victoria was a dowdy middle-aged monarch who continually wore black and hide herself away at Balmoral, Windsor and Osborne House, there was talk of forcing her to abdicate so Prince Albert Edward, youthful, energetic with a photogenic family, could take over. The Princess of Wales was a fashion icon, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day, wearing high-necked chokers to hide a rheumatic fever scar, which set off every aristocrat’s wife wearing high-necked chokers. She was very, very close to her eldest surviving son, confiding in him. Of course I’m writing of Alexandra, not Diana. Of course the similarities include that Edward VII’s favorite mistress was Alice Keppel. Her great-granddaughter is Camilla Shand, who began an affair with Edward VII’s great-great-grandson Charles, the Prince of Wales.
    In the early-1980s, there was restlessness that the Queen was an old fuddy duddy and that the young glamorous heir with a beautiful wife and young son should take over. Of course that heir was Charles and the wife was Diana. Now everyone wants to bypass Charles for William and his young family. With the royals, past is almost always prologue. 🙂

    1. Seth so glad to have you back, I so enjoy not only KMR but your input / knowledge, I have learnt so much from you and I for one appreciate all that you share with us bloggers.
      The tiara is beautiful, I would so love to see a full length picture of the gown.
      KMR thank you for the background on the tiara it is a most interesting read.

      1. Aw! You’re all so sweet. Actually I posted a couple comments yesterday. My self-imposed ban didn’t even last 24 hours.
        My mom is home, frail and tired but trying to keep her appetite up. We’re pushing to have a scan next week to know if the first two rounds of chemo helped. We think it probably had some impact.
        My grandmother, who fractured her left hip three weeks ago, is back at her senior apartment, walking around on flat surfaces with a walker and sticks. She’s healing quite quickly for a 92-year-old, though it’s not nearly as fast as she’d like it to be of course. Best to y’all.

        1. Seth will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I hope the chemo has been helping your mother and good news about your grandmother. All best wishes.

  45. I think the Queen has little to do with them. Yes, She approves of what they will wear, but
    this has Caroline written all over it.
    She will do anything to link Kate to Diana.

  46. I’ts Kate’s tiara to use from now on. Look at the base of the tiara. When Diana wore it it was the light brown. The base is now dark brown, to accommodate Kate’s hair colour.

    What pisses me off tremendously is that QEII only loaned one tiara to Diana. Diana worked her butt off. Kate has now used already three different tiaras, with abysmal work ethic and constant faux pas.

    Think how many tiara events Diana attended. Kate has only attended three, four if you take into accunt her wedding. She has already used three different tiaras.

    I am really, really annoyed.

    1. Kate has a protective man who constantly nags his grandma for more and bigger tiaras. Diana unfortunately didn’t have this. But, although not blessed with a man who loved her, she was blessed with millions of people’s recognition and love, and the immortality of living in everyone’s memory. This is a much bigger achievement than marrying a prince and being able to wear multiple tiaras.

  47. Now that I think about it. Maybe just stepping up the plate and wearing this tiara now was a good move. Waiting longer would’ve only built up the anticipation. The longer she waited, the more of a “statement” it would make when she wore it. By just getting it out of the way now we’re also eliminating the years of anticipation that would’ve come if she didn’t wear it until later life.

  48. I wish she had a personality. In my opinion wearing jewels without a personality is just terrible. I mean Maxima can wear tiaras with a personality that says” I love my jewels and my country.” Of course Maxima sometimes has mishaps that make me question her ability to wear tiaras but her personality shines through.

  49. A miracle…Kate has finally lopped off a good chunk of her hair. Though pathetic and predictable that her lack of work ethic has reduced to hair news. She continues to be waste of space in my opinion.

  50. This woman looks a mess every single time. Horrible cut of clothes, horrible colors, dreadful – utterly dreadful – hair, horrific makeup, and she wears the tiara like a tacky headband. She barely works and she is aging fast. Didn’t she know she was going to have to fill a role in life? Other than producing babies. Looks are fading as is her popularity.

  51. I’ve been following this blog for quite some time, but this is my first comment. I generally like Kate as an antidote to the Kim Kardashians of the world. However, I think that many of the criticisms of her are fair. With that said, I think that Kate has had an unusual challenge — to “become” royal in front of a glaring media spotlight, mostly at the behest of her mother. I think she is a victim in an “emperor has no clothes” kind of scenario, where everyone who encounters her knows that if her life had taken a different turn, she’d be taking kids to soccer practice and making potato salad for the neighborhood potluck. She knows that, everyone knows that, so in a way, the burden of keeping up the illusion of her position is immense. I wonder if some of the wear and insecurity apparent at her appearances is from this awareness — really, it is only an unspoken pact of respect with anyone she encounters that keeps up her title and position, because we all know she is no different from the rest of us. I wonder sometimes if Kate’s nervousness is her lack of faith that the rest of the world will play along.

    People will say that critics are jealous. I am jealous of her opportunities — and I often think about what one could do with them that she has not done. Frankly, I see her as a victim of her mother’s ambition.

    1. It must suck knowing that the only reason you are anyone is because of who you married. Or at least that would suck for me.

      1. That, and to know that the only reason you are anyone is because other people say you are. Not having any of my own accomplishments or merits in life would make me really insecure. I honestly think that her mother tried to keep her as “vanilla ice cream” as possible, and raised her to be inoffensive above all else. It’s like you say about women being “nice.”

  52. Greetings Everyone,

    I am back in internet range for approximately 12 hours only – so just checked in on my 3688 emails and spotted this. Have been off grid doing various “children/education books” around the lower pacific, and near a satellite post at the moment while getting supplies.

    Hope all is well with everyone in the community which is first and foremost in my mind.

    Now, as for this shambles and the shamelessness of middleton wearing the Tiara – here are my thoughts on this:

    Feel free to argue the toss however,

    1. My gut reaction/thought is that this is a deliberate measure by middleton throwing a massive sulk and using it as leverage to NOT show up at anything if she did not get her grubby hands on it – her true colours come out when there is something in her grasp, therefore Bill Middleton throwing his considerable, petulant weight around would have resulted in him procuring it or grovelling to the Queen to “borrow” it.

    Either way – neither bill or kate middleton look happy at all.

    Their faces tell the story. I personally believe that he cannot stand to look at that Tiara on middleton, and that they cannot stand each other.

    The fairytale marriage that the PR people want to sell the devotees is backfiring big time. There is nothing but absolute disdain on both their faces in the car. Even when midddleton tries to look pleased – she knows damn well that she has miscalculated.

    2, Prince Harry has more respect in his little fingernail than to use that kind of propaganda – when he does choose his life partner, no doubt his Lady will wear that Tiara. Bill and his vapid mrs do not have an exclusive right to the “collection” –

    3. Thank goodness Prince Harry is not in the country to see it. He would be thoroughly ashamed of his pathetic brother, especially giving in to the kind of blackmail that middleton would have used.

    4. This marriage is not what it seems – it is a display piece – plenty of cracks and they stand out like dogs bollocks.

    I must apologise if my comments upset or offend anyone – however have seen more than enough to be able to work out a schemer at 50 paces!

    Finally on this note, Prince Harry spoke absolutely openly, honestly, and truly about his Mum – never used her passing as an excuse and thank goodness he is now quite distanced from these leeches.

    Prince Harry will be the one that will carry the line one way or the other –

    Now – must love and leave you for a bit, have some food parcels to set up and get them delivered before the heat sets in.

    Will check in on all of you hopefully around Christmas – will be briefly in Christchurch, NZ to help with the City Mission, adopt a family – and delivering food/old blankets etc for the animal shelter.

    No I am not a saint – just one person, helping out another and so the chain gets stronger –

    I was raised with very simple values: Kindness, duty, service and humility – something that bill and kate middleton could do well to remember.

    I am not a cynic – however the marriage that is supposed to be the be all and end all certainly is not what it is sold to the world as. Falseness is easy to spot – and in this case it is in glaring technicolour!

    Feel free to have a rant about my view – but like many others I believe that middleton and her henpecked husband have wasted their opportunities, squandered what goodwill they could have had on their materialistic, self centred ways and the damage has been done. It is way past the point of any return. Unfortunately it is the same selfishness that their children will be raised in, entitlement without the responsibility and that is not a legacy many would be or should be proud of.

    I have checked as many posts as I can – glad there are some more friends on the site.

    Have a great evening/day everyone, where ever you are. Take very good care of yourselves, each other and will check in again when I can.

    Over and out.

    Kindest regards

    The Wild Rose

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