New appearances and a tour of India announced for William and Kate; Harry attends Royal Variety Performance

New appearances and a tour of India announced for William and Kate; Harry attends Royal Variety Performance

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the terrorist attack in Paris last night, Friday, November 13th, and say that my thoughts and good wishes go out to the victims, victim’s families, and all of Paris. To say that the events of last night are an appalling lack of humanity doesn’t even do the enormity of the atrocity justice. Je Suis Paris.

Commenters: By all means, offer your condolences and prayers to Paris and the victim’s, denounce this attack as the senseless act it is, but please do not bring politics or [the attackers’] religion into the discussion. Thank you.

With that said, this is a blog about the royals and before the Paris attacks last night, Kensington Palace announced more of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s schedule; as well, Prince Harry had appearances this week which I would like to cover.

Next Friday, November 20, William and Kate will visit North Wales for engagements in Caernarfon, Snowdonia, and Denbigh focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of young people. They will visit Mind like they did for World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that William and Kate will make an official tour to India in spring 2016. The visit is at the request of Her Majesty’s Government and will be the first visit to the country by both Cambridges. The announcement was made to coincide with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Britain, but the trip is still in the early stages of planning and actual details of the visit will be made available early next year.

From the press release: “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit India in the spring of 2016. The visit is being undertaken at the request of Her Majesty’s Government and will be the first time The Duke and Duchess have visited the country. Full details will be confirmed early next year.”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will most likely not be taken on the tour. Even though William and Kate took George to Australia and New Zealand when he was eight months old, they have decided (per Daily Mail) “this tour would prove too gruelling for the youngsters, particularly Charlotte who won’t even be a year old.”

When William and Kate go to India, Charlotte will most likely be older than George was when they took him to OZ and NZ. So I don’t see why it would be “too grueling” for her in terms of her age. Richard Palmer on Twitter suggested a better reason for why William and Kate won’t take the kids on tour, saying: “The heat and humidity, need for jabs etc.” I’m assuming “jabs” are vaccines? That would make sense. Except for some reason I’m getting the feeling they would use that as an excuse rather than an actual reason. They could take the kids if they really wanted to, but they don’t want to. I suspect we will see a lot less of Charlotte in her first two years than we saw of George in his.

Speaking of: I’m really wondering if we will get Christmas photos of George and Charlotte. We didn’t get Christmas photos in 2013, and in 2014 the photos were “to thank the media for allowing George to grow up without intrusion, and for not using the paparazzi photographs of George”. But in August 2015, KP released that letter asking the press not to use pap photos and basically threatened to not release photos of the kids if the press did not comply. Well, that letter didn’t do much because a month later pap photos of George and Charlotte came out, and then in October more photos of George came out and though those were taken by members of the public, they were published in a magazine. William and Kate might want to stick it to the press and public by not releasing photos. I hope they do release photos, though. We have not seen either Cambridge offspring since July.

Prince Harry attended an Endeavour Fund reception on November 11th. He gave a speech, saying in part:

    “It never ceases to amaze me the commitment, determination and resolve of these men and women; injured while serving our country, but refusing to be beaten or defined by their injuries. As I have said before, my admiration for all these individuals is boundless. Thankfully the nation shares my admiration, and the British Public’s support for our Service men, women and veterans has been quite simply fantastic.
    “However, three years on there is still more to be done.
    “For some people, the struggle to move beyond injury or past experience continues. They suffer in silence, unwilling or unaware of which way to turn for help; for whatever reason they have become ‘the hard to reach’. No longer accessible through the traditional networks, as they have gone to ground, believing that the right help isn’t out there for them, or it’s all just too confusing and complicated.
    “Well, in this next phase of the Endeavour Fund, we will be asking those who have taken part in previous endeavours to take a leading role in future challenges. Some as project managers but more significantly to act as peer mentors, forming a support network for those veterans who have not found the impulse to come forward. Our inspirational alumni are ideally placed to help these hard-to-reach individuals rediscover their sense of purpose through sport and challenges.”


Last night, November 13th, Harry attended the Royal Variety Performance. BTW, that’s Harry ELF, Edward Lane Fox, behind Harry in the balcony photo.

On a side note, we talked about how Harry laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in his own right signalling his transition into full time royal status, but Palmer commented on Harry’s future:

“I think William will find it difficult to do both [have a normal job and do royal duties] when Prince of Wales but Harry may never be a full-time working royal. The plan is still for him to find another career and combine that with royal duties. At the moment, Harry’s day job is still as a civilian volunteer supporting injured veterans. We await his next career move. He spends roughly two days a week working with wounded veterans as a civilian volunteer.”

On a superficial note, Harry looks good in a tux.

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72 thoughts on “New appearances and a tour of India announced for William and Kate; Harry attends Royal Variety Performance

  1. Harry is between a rock and a hard place in regards to his royal role. He is such a natural, but it can’t be easy coming in second to lazy, tetchy, pick-n-mix william.

    It’s bizarre to see him going from a happy, personable guy to acting like chewed gum, whenever he is stuck being the lamebridge third wheel.

    That being said, if Harry is going to be a full-time royal, I think he should be doing more.

    I’ll help kp start planning the tour.

  2. Worst things first, to borrow a quote “Peace for Paris.” These events are absolutely horrid and I can’t imagine the horror the people who are living with these events of terror are going through.

    Next, this India tour. We know we’re going to get the de rigueur photo of William and Kate in front of the Taj Mahal. I just hope Kate doesn’t try to copy that forlorn look of her mother-in-law and/or grin like an absolute loon. It is after all a tomb. I am also not looking forward to whatever fashion she has prepared for this tour. I’m sure she could shop her closet and come up with more than enough for the tour, but we all know she’s going to show up in a lot of new clothes. Someone suggested that she and William would do their usual tour lite, give a couple of speeches and enjoy quite a few leisure days during the tour. William may do some speeches, but Kate…that makes me laugh. On a cynical front, I wonder if she’ll send her hair stylist out while they are diverting the crowds to procure more extensions. The women of this country have absolutely beautiful hair and it’s beauty and length is much sought after in the world of extensions. Okay, tucking away the snide side now.

    Harry. Harry! The bright light and breath of fresh air. He does look good in a tux. And I swear that since he and PC went to those engagements together earlier this year he has stepped up his suit game. I really like the way he looks in a tux, but I’d love to see him in a single breasted one like Daniel Craig wore at the Bond movie premiere. The double breasted just doesn’t work for him, at least in my eyes. PC can wear them like the fashion champion he is, but it’s not working for Harry at the moment.

    From other photos I’ve seen he appeared to have a very good time and the performers looked like they enjoyed meeting him. Actually a bit different from the W&K meet and greet line.

    As for whether or not Harry will be a full time royal, I can’t see him not being a full time royal because at the moment he’s the only one of his generation doing the most work for the BRF. If they are waiting for W&K to step up the are going to be sorely disappointed.

    Great post KMR, keep them coming!

    1. They have to do the Taj Mahal photo so that they can get another comparison to Diana, obvs. That will be there first stop.

      I’m actually curious to see if Kate wears a sari. I could actually see one looking really good on her.

      Harry needs to steer clear of double breasted suits. Charles pulls them off and looks fantastic, but they don’t look that great on Harry.

    2. Amen!

      Unoriginal km (the copycat) will be sure to have such photo op.

      Prince Henry has become full time royal. In months leading to full time, the Prince went to AZ on his final round as member of the military, flew back days later to attend a War Memorial in Germany (?) with his dad POW (where was Willnot), only to return to AZ to finish his military training (that was some distance), and he is shadowing his dad, suggest Prince Henry is in training for higher office or to take over.

  3. I know for sure that you don’t need to get vaccines to travel to India, so they’re going to have to find up with a more valid reasoning for not getting the children.

    1. A friend of mine went to India over the summer and he was recommended to get vaccines but didn’t. I think if W&K don’t take the kids it will be mainly because they don’t want the kids to be seen by the press and public.

      1. India is not as peaceful as NZ, it may have been a security issue. And diseases spread quite India, being densely populated. Your friend may not have gotten a disease because he is an adult, two children are a different story especially since one is an infant.

        W&K also complained in the past how hard the jet lag was for George, so maybe there’s that too.

  4. In order to take the children they would require additional staff and security. They spent a ton of money on the Australian tour with George in tow and just double that if they bring along Charlotte.

    Besides, I can see this also being touted as another babymoon for them with the visit to the Taj, etc. Ugh…I really want to see what their schedule will be. They need to work together and separately and I mean work. Not just meet the leaders of the country, walk and greet some of the people, do some cutesy art stuff with kids…work. You know how HM, PC, Anne and Harry work when they are on tour. While you’re at it throw in Sophie.

    1. I’m sure the Caribbean trip was scrapped due to the fact that the Cambridges are planning at least one private tropical holiday between now and the spring. How bad would that look, island hopping on and off for 5 months, even if some of it was official. That would be a meaty bone for sure! Like you said, if they worked like other members of the royal family on their visits, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. But we all know from past experience, they will intersperse their India visit with stays in luxurious resorts and gorgeous surroundings. Never getting their hands too dirty, while enjoying the best India has on offer. We’ll probably see a handful of Katecentric pictures released by KP when they get home.
      As to taking the children, the way the world is right now, I would want my children safe and sound. I would not travel with them either. My family and I were glued to CNN last night for coverage of the Paris attacks. My daughter commented that the victims were all average people just out for a Friday night…this could happen anywhere to anyone. So people, be your best you every day to the best of your ability – the only guarantee we are born with is that you will, at some undetermined time and in some undetermined way, die.
      Blessings and safety to you all.

      1. Perhaps the world situation would be a reason but I’m skeptical. The Cambridges are continually accompanied by protection officers and police, especially with George and Charlotte. Also Kensington Palace is less than two miles from where the 7/7 Tube bombings took place. They would not be much safer being left in London. I suppose if they left them at Anmer, they would be safer but there’s no guarantees. Their great-grandmother (the Queen, yo) has been declared one of the top assassination targets by ISIS. You might recall (or not :)) that there was great fear by the intelligence services of a suicide bombing attempt on the Queen at the Second World War anniversary commemorations in August. Nevertheless, in the video of the event, I never noticed an increased protection presence around the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
        The Queen always believes she has to be seen to be believed and has repeatedly refused to cancel engagements or tours due to security threats (in Quebec during the 1970s, Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles and since Al Qaeda’s attacks in the 2000s). The Prince of Wales prefers being accompanied by only three or four bodyguards (I’m sure that’s changed as well since 9/11). Earl Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle, the Queen’s second cousin and close advisor and Charles’ great-uncle and honorary grandfather, was assassinated by the IRA in August 1979 while on holiday in Ireland. They detonated a bomb next to his yacht, killing him, his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas, his son-in-law’s elderly mother and a 15-year-old crewmember. His daughter, son-in-law and his 14-year-old grandson Timothy (Nicholas’ twin brother) were grievously injured. Timothy has written a memoir, called “From A Clear Blue Sky,” about it. Incidentally, according to Timothy, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took special care of them after the bombing, allowing them to convalesce at Balmoral and personally looking after them there.
        My point is that the royals are quite fatalistic about this and are correct. They have been public targets their entire lives. If a determined attacker or attackers really wanted to kill them, they will do so. It’s grim and it’s unfortunate but alas it is true. I feel similarly to you Ray. Death can happen just about any time, any where, to any of us.

        1. I am not at all surprised on the stance Queen Elizabeth takes. Woman is a rock. I guess the difference between her fatalistic and the Cambridges, is that they are also super paranoid in all situations. We can all take what precautions we deem necessary, but you can’t live your life in fear of the mights and maybes.
          I’m definitely going to read that memoir. I really don’t know anything about that attack on the family and it sounds interesting.

    2. I never understood the whole Taj Mahal as a major love thing. The place is a mausoleum. Sure it was built for the guy’s wife or whatever, but it’s still a tomb. How is that romantic?

      1. He loved his wife so much that when she died he built her a palatial tomb, one of the most beautiful in existence. How is that not romantic?

        1. Because it’s a tomb. There is a dead person inside. It would be like going to a cemetery for a date and calling that romantic. Granted, I’m sure some people would be into that, but I am not one of them.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Paris as well.

    I think the reason they are not bringing the children, is because they can get really sick there. Trust me, I know from personal experience. You have to be really careful with the water. Even if you drink bottled water, if you swallow some tap water in the shower, or while brushing your teeth, it can still upset your stomach. It is much worse for small children because it can give them vomiting as well.

    1. Rofl. First off, you don’t get sick by swallowing water in the shower by mistake. I’m sure they will stay in one of the best hotels. ( Even if they are put up in a five star hotel vs seven ( god forbid), they can carry their own drinking water from England. I’m sure they are not limited by the luggage restrictions like common folks. I can see the expense of security but not health issues when you travel to India. Each to his own!

      Paris victims and their families in my prayers. I hope they find the strength to overcome this tragedy.

      1. The Queen never travels anywhere without casks of London water, like The Queen Mother did before her. That way there’s no microbes or filtration differences in the water that could give her a gastrointestinal bug. My system always gets a little off when I travel, even to other parts of the US.

  6. Like there are no kids visiting India! ** rolling eyes**. I took 2 month(then) and the trip was great. Don’t wish to spend too much time writing about these clowns.
    I wonder how is Harry’s dating diary looks? He looks yum and seem to have figured out better than his brother! *drool*

    1. Spot on!

      The kids are used as bait and reward to the paps … but will they be at Church this year with HM, grandpa Charles and the RF, at least PG … PG seems to be taking note of grandpa on that walk from christening (he kept looking over willy back at POW), as if he sense how important he is.

  7. Thank you KMR for taking a bit of your time and post to recognize the tragedy in Paris and the photo of the Eiffel Tower is beautiful. I hope that the people of Paris will find healing and hope in the aftermath of this horrible event.

    On to the royals…wow, Harry is so handsome in his tux!!! My goodness that second to last photo almost gave me another hot flash!! I don’t really understand this talk about him finding a career, I thought volunteering and helping the wounded veterans was what he wanted to dedicate his time and effort to? Or is the Firm thinking he needs to find a paying job, sort of like Chris O’Neill, and do some royal engagements on the side?? Or is Charles’ plan for a slimmer monarchy mean that Harry will be pushed aside along with Andrew, Edward, Sophie and Anne? Is he really thinking that W&K will be able to take on the 3000 some events attended by the royals each year? It will be interesting to see what happens within the family once Charles ascends the throne.

    1. I was tearing up while watching the news coverage of the attacks. Truly horrid.

      We have not had any sort of confirmation on Harry’s future career path or even his desired future career path. KP said he was going to take some time and figure out what his next career move would be. And that he would be volunteering this fall in the meantime.

      I think Harry will be a full time working royal once Charles ascends, but I read that Charles fully intends William to push out Harry the way Charles intends to push out his siblings once King. Who knows.

      1. I would like to think that Charles is smarter than that. He has to realize that with the workload that is required of the BRF and a monarch, for William to push Harry out of the role of working royal would be detrimental to the BRF and like cutting off one of his limbs.

        William and Kate aren’t going to do the amount of work that HM, DoE, PC, Camilla or Anne do. I just can’t see them doing those numbers. If they were going to do that kind of work they would be doing higher numbers now. If people think they will step up their work schedules once they are PoW’s or on the throne, they are sadly mistaken. It would be like giving a five year old the CEO position at a major corporation and telling them to just run with it. They will crumple from the pressure.

        William is doing some investitures now and has done his usual end of year number runs, but it’s nothing like what he will need to do as monarch. He can’t even concentrate long enough to do a specially created course for him at Cambridge, how is he going to deal with the daily red boxes and meetings with PM’s. After Charles the monarchy is doomed. And I honestly think William and Kate will be thrilled to have that weight off of their shoulders.

        1. “It would be like giving a five year old the CEO position at a major corporation and telling them to just run with it. They will crumple from the pressure.”

          That’s why I think it’s so stupid when Kate-stans say she will step up when she is Princess of Wales, or that she has plenty of time to learn the role once Princess of Wales, because no she won’t. Kate should take this time as Duchess of Cambridge to perfect her role as a royal so that when she becomes Princess of Wales she will be able to hit the ground running. Because as of right now she would be at a loss having to do that amount of work.

          I think it’s so stupid that William thinks he can be a pilot and be king at the same time. He is clearly delusional. I really hope he steps down and lets Harry have the thrown. If William were to step down before George is 18, then he could take his kids with him out of the line of succession and Harry could be next in line after Charles.

          1. Does Willy really think he can be King and a helicopter pilot at the same time? Where did you read that? If so he needs to be tossed out of the Family sooner rather than later. The Government of the day will never stand for it.

          2. I didn’t read it. William gave a televised interview where he said: “Well, there’s nothing to say I couldn’t do it for the rest of my life – I might be able to – and still balance the two.” He never actually said the words “be a pilot and king at the same time”, but that’s what he alluded to. It’s the same interview where he said no one really knows what “full time royal role” actually means.

            I covered it here:

        2. They may be but they wouldn’t be thrilled with the lack of money and privilege. William is only worth about £30 million. If he abdicates the throne or never makes it to the throne, he will no longer be H.M. or H.R.H. That means he would not be entitled to live in a Crown residence like Windsor Castle, St. James Palace, Kensington Palace, etc. He won’t have the armored Rolls Royces, Bentleys, etc. and local police support. William would throw a fit if people didn’t bow or curtsey to him (which if he was no longer H.R.H., no one would and no one would care if protested). With Katie’s taste in expensive, all-new bespoke outfits every time she appears in public and five-star holidays in Mustique (a £20,000-a-week private villa for their ‘baby moon’), Provence and the Maldives, I doubt that money would go all that far. He would have some pension from the military but I’m sure it would not be anywhere close to enough to support their lifestyle.
          Also, like the Duke of York does now for Bea and Eug, William would have to pay for security out of his own pocket. The security would also be unarmed, because private security in the U.K. are generally not permitted to carry firearms. That would be an enormous amount of money, because right now, their police and Army security are paid for by the taxpayer. The total amount is not disclosed, though the papers have continually said it’s £100 million since 2000; I’m sure it’s more. If William had to pay for 50 security officers at £250,000 a year apiece, plus security enhancements like retrofitting their homes with bulletproof glass, armored reinforcement plating on doors, security gates, surveillance systems, etc., that would easily run north of £15 million. He CAN’T live the lifestyle he and Katie are accustomed to if he has to support it all on his own. What can he do? Be an air ambulance pilot? Please, that wouldn’t be a spit in the bucket.
          I suspect that Katie would leave him under her mother’s orders if Willy left the throne. She didn’t marry him b/c they are madly in love (though they may be fond of each other) but b/c he’s second-in-line to the throne. Let’s get real. They may want that life but all they can do is the smoke-and-mirrors they are right now and hope the public buys it. I say, GOOD LUCK with that!

          1. Well said Seth! I for one would love to see them attempting to exist on just his inheritance. I would imagine at some point he would inherit something from PC, but even that would not be enough to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed.

          2. Well yes and no. Prince Charles himself is already exceptionally wealthy. The Duchy of Cornwall made £19 million profit in 2013, which goes directly to Charles. He uses it to fund them all but that is an exceptional amount of money. If Charles makes it to the throne and William becomes Duke of Cornwall, he will have access to £19 million annually as of 2013, instead of relying on Charles. If William becomes King, he will also have the net profits of the Duchy of Lancaster, which was £16 million as of the last fiscal year.
            When Edward VIII abdicated, he devised a lucrative financial settlement from his brother, King George VI, where the King paid Edward a substantial allowance out of the Duchy of Lancaster funds. Then he later found out that Edward VIII had lied and had accumulated over £1 million over the years from the revenues of the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall (equivalent to over £60 million today).
            My thought is if William relinquished his position in the line of succession right now and left. If he waits until he is King and abdicates, he will be in a much stronger financial position.
            It’s one thing I don’t understand about Charles. He is essentially subsidizing his son and daughter-in-law’s lifestyle right now. I don’t know if it’s b/c he’s weak or he feels guilty about Diana but he could easily order Willy and Waity to start pulling their weight royal duty wise; he carried out 533 engagements last year; Willy carried out 143, less than a third of his 67-year-old father. And don’t get me started on Waity.

      2. Yes, thoughts and Prayers are with France.

        That career move is settled – Prince Harry is now ‘Full time Royal’.

        No km paps of the kids is needed, but PG need to be in attendance at church, other public holiday royal events with HM POW and the RF children (carole and the middletons need not apply).

        1. The Queen does not like children attending church. So George will not attend church until he’s older – like maybe 7.

  8. I bet Kate is spitting feathers that the Caribbean holiday tour got scrapped for the meatier India tour – not taking the kids is a tantrum, I’m sure.

    To be honest I’d rather they DON’T release pics at Christmas- they always see an upsurge of positive public interest when they do and I’d rather like to see how it plays out when the public finally start to understand how vile these two are.

    I can’t put in to words how I feel about Paris, so I shall respectfully stay silent.

    1. I don’t really care about getting Christmas pics. I don’t really care about Charlotte at all. George seems interesting in videos, but still photos of him aren’t great. Kate always chooses the most boring photos.

    2. There were rumors that they might do a Caribbean tour but that Kate hasn’t come on board with it yet. When that article came out, there was a lot of sneering from commenters saying it’s a waste of money and they’ll just do another holiday. I guess they scrapped it out because of that.

  9. What’s happened in Paris is terrible, there are no words! May those who lost someone find a way through this.

    I was shocked to see it was a tour to India with all the reports saying it was to the Caribbean, it will be interesting to see what engagements they will be doing on this tour, hopefully something a bit more gruelling then their NZ/Aus tour, which was more like a family holiday.

    Anyway onto Charlotte and how you think we will see her less than we did George… is it bad that this doesn’t bother me, we’ve heard and seen so little of Charlotte that I actually forget they have a daughter. I have no attachment to her, so I ain’t bothered if I see her or not. I want to be attached to George and Charlotte but we don’t see much of them, the majority of people are indifferent to them, which could be a problem in the long run.

    1. I know, right. Nothing I can say would do justice to the atrocity that happened in Paris.

      Lol at forgetting Charlotte exists. I do too sometimes. W&K don’t even talk about her to the public. They talked about George all the time, and continue to talk about George. But they never mention Charlotte. Or rarely mention Charlotte. William has mentioned her a time or two, but Kate never has.

  10. The incompetence of WK extends to their office. The press release announcing India office was dated 13th January 2015!!!!!!!

    Speaking of ELF, all you ladies can have Harry, but hands off the ELF. He is mine!!!! LOL

    There are not enough words to describe my horror and anger at events in Paris.

  11. All my love to the people of Paris. The victims and their families have suffered a terrible blow. The world stands with you!

    I think the Cambridge are holding back photos of their kids on purpose. If people would lose interest in them it would serve them right. Harry is the jewel in the crown as far as I am concerned.

  12. Queen Jetson of Bhuton is expecting a baby next year! KMR may suggest reporting on this unknown royal lady? I it is not possible, I will understand.

  13. Hello all,

    Un grand merci to all those who share their support of Paris and the many victims. Even living in Paris, I was unaware of anything happening until we started getting phone calls from family in the US and comments on Facebook. I have to admit to being somewhat isolated from those events, having stayed at home with my sick 2-year-old. It’s definitely quieter on the street today and tonight, and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. In light of the tragedies in Paris, it seems silly to carp on the Cambridges – does anything they do really amount to more than a spectacle? Perhaps not. It’s all about perspective. I’m sure I’ll soon be perplexed by the boring duo…

  14. I would like to add my condolences to those in Paris at the moment and the victims and Families of this tragedy.

    Prince Harry really has come into his own and proving what sensitive man he is and dedicating his time to the veterans. Keep on Harry.

    I don’t like the idea of the children being left behind. Prince George and Charlotte need their parents and I would have thought it ok to take them but is George due to start nursery around about then? I hope George and Charlotte get to spend time with Charles and Camilla. I am still waiting for a photo of Harry with his nephew and niece. William must be paranoid that so few photos have been released or are they just not spending time together as a family. I hope the tour is a success there was such a build up for the New Zealand and Australia tour for it to feel flat somehow.

    1. I don’t know anything about the British school system but why would he start school in the spring? Don’t kids normally start school in the fall? I started pre-school or whatever it was at 3 years old in the fall. If they waited until fall 2016, George would be 3. The right time to start school – at least according to US standards.

      1. I have no idea KMR. My cousins two daughters went to nursery from under a year old to 4 years old starting school in the fall that they were 4 years old.

  15. I’m not going to criticize them for not taking the kids. There is nothing for the kids to do but be babysat while K&W go visit places and talk to people. If they take the kids – they have to mind the kids if they take them out in public and thus ignore all the people around them. They don’t take G&C out in public in the UK for show and tell – why would they do it in a foreign country. Australia is still part of the Realm.

    That’s why I think we might get a Xmas photo – sort of like how they released a Mother’s Day photo ahead of Australia. George is destined to be Head of the Church and give a speech like his great grandmother every year – they ought to be associating him with the holiday.

    1. I bet by the time George ascends the throne (if he does so), that the monarch will no longer be Supreme Governor of the Church and Defender of the Faith. Multicultural Britain has already made the CoE a state church in name only. If current trends continue, less than 100,000 people are projected to attend a CoE service weekly by 2050. The Queen’s role in the church as it is, is pro forma. The Church presents nominations for bishops to the Prime Minister, who advises the Queen but like in every other matter of state, she has no personal say. She is essentially a rubber stamp in the church, just as she is a rubber stamp in the armed forces as Commander-in-Chief. And might it be remembered that George’s grandfather, Charles, an admitted adulterer and public divorcee, will be the head of the church that does not condone divorce or adultery(it’s somewhat wishy-washy on the subject based on the CoE’s website).

  16. My heart aches for Paris. I cannot begin to comprehend this tragedy.

    Why are these two even going to India? Did C+C just have a tour there last year? I think that they will stay at a lavish resort or find a a vacay in the Indian Ocean before or after.

    I have no attachment to Char, and barely George. The message was clear when they left the hospital with Charlotte. They gave a toss about the media. They didn’t speak and darn near left tire marks when they left. I don’t expect to see her. And to be frank, and this will sounds of bad, I don’t care too much about her.I know nothing outside of the fact that she’s a ladylike infant.

    Harry, KMR, you are teasing me so? My husband looks so dashing in a tux. I don’t know which is finer: Tuxedo Harry, Pilot Harry, Casual Harry…Even if Harry does behind the scenes work, he’s much better than those two who have yet to do consistent work with their charities. Maybe Diana was right when she referred to him as Good King Henry. The future of the monarxhy would be in much safer and respectful hands of my Harry were the heir.

    Only bit of feedback that I have, KMR, is that I need a disclaimer when you have those kinds of pictures of Harry, lol! You know that I am rendered speechless when I get closeups, lol! I truly jest. Great post as always.

    1. My favorite Harry is Polo Harry.

      Yeah, it may sound bad but I, too, don’t care at all about Charlotte. She’s a baby I saw photos of twice 4 1/2 months ago. I have more of an attachment to my friend’s baby that I’ve also not met that was born three weeks ago because she won’t shut up about him on Facebook. Hell I have more of an attachment to Prince Nicolas (Maddie’s second baby) even though he’s younger than Char because I’ve seen more photos of him and I got to watch his Christening. I don’t even care about seeing photos of Charlotte at this point. I would like to see more of George, and not just photos but video, because from the glimpses we’ve gotten of him he seems to be a rascal and that would be fun to watch. The same way Princess Leonore is fun to watch because she has such a squirmy personality. But Charlotte, I don’t even care.

      PS. I’m not teasing you with the Harry photos, Rhiannon, I only post them because I care about you. 🙂

      1. KMR, thank you for sharing the love by posting photos of Rhiannon’s husband to be Harry, especially the second to last one of Harry in a tux. Harry just keeps getting better and better, he has stage fright but he still gets out there and does those speeches. He’s there behind the scenes too. I bet that he is always like he was in New Zealand all the time, charming when “off duty” too.

      2. I love you to bit, KMR. You indulge my unrequited love for Harry. You consistently deliver on my fiance’s good work and good looks.

        William’s intense desire to protect his kids will backfire. There will either be a runn for pics or indifference. You are spot on about other royals and their kids. My heart stops when I see Estelle of Sweden. Leonore and her sad eyes and down turned pout makes me giggle. I hope that George is a bruiser.

  17. Harry and William are both in a holding pattern until the Queen passes on. Their Dad is going to be their boss and he’s going to shake things up when becomes King – Charles is probably not going to use his mother’s cousins to represent him very often and you’ll see them start to “retire” from royal patronages so that Charles can position his family in them. Think Wimbledon – how long after the Queen passes do you think it will take for Kate to be put in the position of giving out the trophy? There is more of that stuff for them to add to their schedule, that are fun and at the top of society. He’s also going to send Harry in his stead around the world when he can’t go – he has the personality for it. So I get why Harry isn’t setting about creating a career for himself – for one thing, his skill set is military combat – doesn’t transfer well into civilian work (he has no college education – no background in business, finance, etc. to take a leadership position anywhere) and second, he can’t get too involved in any one enterprise, because Charles will have him leave it just as soon as he’s in charge. He won’t be reliable for that organization.

    1. Great point about Wimbledon and Harry. The Duke of Kent has worked tirelessly for Wimbledon. Kate might do well as there is the celebrity factor.

      I honestly didn’t think about the holding pattern for the boys, especially Harry. Great food for thought.

      1. “The Duke of Kent has worked tirelessly for Wimbledon. Kate might do well as there is the celebrity factor. ”

        Here’s the problem for Kate. “The Duke of Kent has worked tirelessly for Wimbledon”. I would assume that means he does more than turn up once a year to watch the matches, pull faces and then hand out a trophy. That would be the extent of Kate’s work with the organization. She couldn’t do anything else for – oh just pick a reason – kids, previous *cough* charitable commitments *cough*, getting her hair done, whatever. To date, Kate has not shown anything more than a superficial interest in any of her organizations. I can’t see her doing any more than that for Wimbledon.

        And have you noticed that what started out with Kate taking on mental health has evolved into Kate and William taking on mental health. I’m beginning to think it’s the only way they are keeping her involved with this particular issue.

        Kate’s idea of being involved with Wimbledon will be inviting the tennis pros over to Anmer for a round of tennis on her new court and maybe she’ll toss them a couple of carrot sticks for lunch while she carries on about how brilliant George and Charlotte are at tennis.

  18. Someone’s finally paying attention.

    Anyone else remember the arctics about how eager Kate was to get stuck in but didn’t have any charities because she was told to wait until the following year to announce any patronages or how she was so busy doing her own research and having meeting with important people for the rest of 2011 after she got married. Or how she was so passionate about stop human trafficking but the Queen wouldn’t let her get involved with Blue Heart Campaign, or how despite only undertaking 189 engagements in her first 1000 days as a Duchess she was actually really dedicated behind the scenes. Or how numerous times her team says her work schedule is just about to pick up and it doesn’t.

    Well, I hope this article is for real and not more promises that never materialise.

      1. Thanks, just saw it. I laughed too reading some of those quotes and was like wow someone’s finally acknowledging the discontent that’s been going on.

        Thanks for the posts.

  19. I am sure the Cambridge children are darling, but I am over caring about seeing them.

    Someone over on Lola’s blog, mentioned how awful it will be for Harry’s future wife, having to put up with Kate as a sister-in-law. I hadn’t thought of that. I remember reading Chelsy (sp?) wasn’t keen on Kate’s company.

  20. What does that mean, “at the request of her Majesty’s government”? Could it be the queen finally got fed up, scrapped the cushy Caribbean tour and demanded that they do (hopefully something substantial in) India? I dare to dream, LOL.

    Vive La France!

    1. Members of the Royal Family undertake tours of other countries at the request of the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister. Therefore it is at the request of Her Majesty’s Government, because the government is the Queen’s.

      1. Exactly. It is not the Queen requesting they go places (which I read an article say), it’s the government.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOG that’s funny. It took me a second to get the joke, but that is funny.

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