Kate Middleton: ‘highly intelligent, well-briefed’ and ready to ‘give more speeches’?

Kate Middleton: ‘highly intelligent, well-briefed’ and ready to ‘give more speeches’?

OMG you guys. This one made me laugh out loud. Literally. Camilla Tominey has an exclusive in the Sunday Express about how Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is finally ready – after 4+ years of royal life and many, many people calling her out – to give actual speeches in support of her causes. The quotes from “sources” are amazing. Let’s do this.

A ‘well-placed source’ said:

    “The Duchess hasn’t given that many speeches and when she has, she has felt the pressure as a newer member of the Royal Family in the spotlight. That has sometimes unfairly led to suggestions that she doesn’t have much to say. In fact the opposite is true.
    “The tone of some of the reporting of the Duchess has not always chimed with the woman she really is. She is highly intelligent, well-briefed and does her research, including reading scientific papers. She is very engaged with all the issues concerning young people and is at the heart of a great many conversations behind palace gates.
    “When it comes to her charities, the Duchess has always read up but now she feels it is time to speak up too. We have already seen her leading the conversation about children’s mental health and she has taken great confidence from that.
    “This is all coming from the Duchess. She is going to be making more speeches and we will be hearing her voice coming through on a lot more royal engagements from now on.”

A ‘friend’ chimed in, saying:

    “Catherine is a confident, self-assured woman. She is impeccably well-mannered and genuinely interested in what others have to say. People say she is ‘nice’ as if that is a bad thing. She is kind. She is caring, but she isn’t a doormat. She knows her own mind and can give as good as she gets.”

So basically the people at KP read our comments and tailor made quotes countering them, right? That’s what this reads like. I mean, that ‘nice is a bad thing’ comment they are referring to is something I’ve said several times in the past – that being called ‘nice’ is an insult because it means there is nothing more substantive to be called. I doubt they are actually reading this blog, but damn.

BTW, Kate’s ‘friends’ can say she’s confident and self-assured all they want, her body language when out in public says the opposite. Also, it does not matter what she says behind palace gates, it matters what she says in the public sphere.

Of course my first thought was “about damn time”, and my second thought was “I’ll believe it when I see it”. There has been a ton of things written about what Kate plans on doing, what she’s excited about doing in the future, etc., and those things never come to fruition.

Kate has two solo engagements this coming week as well as a day of engagements with William on Friday. After this article, if Kate does not give at least one speech that is more than one minute long, and where she doesn’t constantly look down at her notes and take long random pauses every other word, there will be some major side eye.

In all honesty, though, I want Kate to do well. I want her to have gotten a good speech coach and really done the work to become a better speech-giver. I want her to give more speeches. I want something more to write about than just her clothes. We want something more to talk about than just her clothes. If KP wants the media to stop focusing too much on “Kate’s clothes and occasional off-the-cuff remarks, instead of the real substance of what she is saying” then Kate has to actually say something!

Hopefully Kate actually steps up to the plate and this isn’t just another PR fluff piece.

Kate listens to people at Chance UK

William and Kate visit Dundee

Kate looking at plans at Anna Freud Centre

Photos: Chance UK @ChanceUK / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

169 thoughts on “Kate Middleton: ‘highly intelligent, well-briefed’ and ready to ‘give more speeches’?

  1. Ohhhhhhh, now wasn’t that just sweet of that reporter to say that. (can I say “bless her heart” now? Am I using it right?)
    She did forget to add what some of the commentors on the most sugary site of all believe, that Kate (my bad, Princess Kate) was given the family order before the Chinese State Dinner and Princess Kate (a) chose not not to wear it because she didnt want to upstage the Queen or (b) Princess Kate refused the honour because it was painted on ivory.
    If you say these things enough you can believe them?

    1. I lol’d when I read the stan theories that Kate got the Order but decided not to wear it. You know that if she had the Order she would have worn the hell out of that thing to prove that she had it.

      1. If Kate had that order she would be wearing it to bed! She would be so proud…..but distracted because it is shiny. Maybe that is the reason that HM didn’t give it to her. so she would not get distracted.

        1. Tanya maybe she got it and didn’t wear it because she knows she’d have to wear her hair pulled back or put up so it wasn’t covered. She’s paid a lot of PC’s money for those extensions and wiglets, she’s not going to let any old order ruin the way she wears them!

          1. Lisa, you may be right! She cannot be without the security of the hair! I am sure that she ducked off to the loo to stroke it and say, “My precious, my pretty precious”. She can’t do that with the order.

          2. Tanya it’s probably one of the reasons she had that glum face most of the night, she could touch her hair because it was all tucked up and away and she couldn’t hide behind the curtain of it. Poor thing.

    2. Yes this is a bless her heart moment. I hadn’t read any of the articles about how katiewon’t declined the royal order from Her Majesty. I bet the spin doctors had to work quadruple time for that. So dear katiewon’t and your sycophants bless y’alls little hearts

  2. Very disappointed in Camilla Tominey, a respected journalist, for repeating an obviously-written-by-KP-PR-team piece of fluff.
    Why doesn’t Kate just, y’know, MAKE a speech? Why does it have to be trumpeted first like she’s saving the world?
    People slaughtered in Paris & all KP can think about is faking up a Kate 2.0.

    1. KP can’t afford for duchess of dense to be scene and heard as she truly is. I’m amazed at that vacant deer in the headlights look she has in so many photos

    1. Spot on!

      15 years to be prepared … at 33 years and never held a job – bless her. She will be a pro at royal duties, after HM/The Firm remove Titles and perks to Prince Henry.

  3. This is all a bunch of hooey. As you said, if this is serious then all she has to do on her upcoming engagements is step up and do it. And not read from the pages she’s grasping onto so tightly that they shake as she reads from them. I had to memorize little speeches for school and church when I was about 6 and was expected to do so in a voice that could be heard, without rushing through it and say everything that was committed to memory.

    I also don’t believe she is a voice behind the palace gates or that she does a lot of research. All you have to do is listen to the little she says to the people she meets at these things. Nothing deep, nothing that really touches upon what they are doing other than “what is it that you’re doing” and a follow-up to their answer.

    They must have served some serious libations at that press get together because they all drank the Kool-Aid that day.

    The proof is in the pudding Duchess Kate. Open your mouth now or just keep it shut and smile prettily.

    1. Yeah, KP can talk until they are blue in the face but the proof is in what Kate does not say to the people she meets. Even people giving first hand accounts on their personal blogs can’t say anything other than the vaguest things about meeting her. I read an account that trued to say she asked all these questions and seemed really engaged and like she knew about the topic yet used such vague language to describe the encounter and did not give any quotes from Kate at all. If Kate is leading discussions and asking such interesting questions, then why can’t anyone who has talked to her repeat the questions she’s asked?

  4. Was Camilla Tominey one of the journalists invited to Kate and William’s recent meeting with selected members of the press? The same meeting that also, it seems, neutered Richard Palmer?

    I’m sure someone on the Royal payroll is monitoring how royalty is perceived by all media. Long gone are the days when people passively receive and accept whatever is written about anyone: we all use the tools of production and distribution. PR can only do so much; something about a silk purse and a sow’s ear comes to mind.

    Maybe some journalists want a trip to India.

    1. I don’t know if Tominey was at the meet-and-greet, but Palmer sure was. The Express has been very pro-Cambridge since then.

      1. Well, that explains the sycophancy. The Express has bowed to whatever pressure exerted, possibly that they will be denied access/exclusives. And that hurts the bottom line.

        I read the article and snickered in disbelief that anyone could believe it. I agree wholeheartedly with JL:
        “People slaughtered in Paris & all KP can think about is faking up a Kate 2.0.”

        Bad timing, bad taste, bad call attempting to convince us that this woman is worthwhile. I pity Camilla Tominey having to write this rubbish under her own name. Talk about throwing your career and credibility away…

        1. Yes he does. However, I was commenting on the fact that this piece reads like a very calculated response to Tom Sykes’ article that claimed Kate has a fear of public speaking and that is why she is so silent. Their PR obviously knows that the article painted an unfavorably image of Kate so now the response is a claim that she wll start doing speeches, etc. However, PR spin only goes so far – at some point she’ll have to go out and disprove the criticism if they want to dispel the ingreasingly negative image she’s getting. So she’ll need to practice like crazy and do what she’s afraid of, many times. It is the only way to overcome the fear. The longer she delays this, the more crippling the fear becomes. However, this demands that she’ll do the hard work it is to face and deal with her fear – and she’s not exactly known for working to improve herself in relation to her public role. So I won’t hold my breath when it comes to all these promises that her PR spins.

  5. So katiewon’t has 2 whole solo engagements and a day of engagements (hmmmmm no actual number ) with willnot on Fri. Wowser katiewon’t would might actually equal the number of Sophies engagements. Oh wait Sophie did that many in a day maybe two

    1. What a laugh!

      Willnot*limpet middleton are a joke of the BRF. They and offsprings (who really are not high in line without a king Willnot, heaven forbid) all need to be retired to buckleberry – minus Titles, perks, wealth, RPOs and sovereign mansion.

      Limpet is only a liability to the HM/POW and BRF. She does nothing for duties to HM, service to the people, needy, charities (as a human being, before and after marriage). At 33 she is a poor example to her children forget the UK GB in serious times ahead; is selfish and only about the luxury lifestyle of royal marriage brings to her and the middletons.

      1. and they still saying shes a new member of the RF, since when? 10 years stalking william and 4 and half years of reaping from other peoples hard work, what a phony??

  6. Hi KMR, when I saw this article I was so hoping that you’d do a post on it…and you did!!! You are a great mind reader, ok what am I thinking of right now???

    Like you, I really want Kate to succeed in her royal role and have been so frustrated over the years at her lack of…well just about anything. The royal reporters can write all they want about how knowledgeable she is, how intelligent she is, how “keen” she is to do this and that but when is she going to actually show us how knowledgeable she is, how intelligent she is and actually do all the things she is so “keen” about.

    I’m finding it rather disheartening that her charities are having to speak up on her behalf instead of her speaking up and shining the light on them. I mean isn’t that the point of being a royal patron?

    Others have mentioned it before and I am starting to agree, that what the Duchess has done to date is probably the best she can do. 8+ years of being coddled and 4+ years of being protected haven’t really given her the internal drive or strength to be anything other than William’s wife. I’ve noticed in the past that she only truly seems to light up when she is around William, poor George can barely get a smile out of her (at least in all the pap shots).

  7. Oh my goodness, the meeting with select members of the press has certainly worked! Of course, William is a role model for other men, they too probably want a job that they only have to do occasionally and I’m pretty sure most men would love to have a private helicopter at their disposal. On the other hand, I doubt most men would want to be married to woman like Kate and again I’m pretty sure most men are more involved with their children than the Prince.


  8. I laughed at the idea that Kate “… is at the heart of a great many conversations behind palace gates” and thought she probably is although not in the way the “well-placed source” implied. She very well could be at the heart of a great many concerned conversations about the inadequate performance and poor attitude exhibited by Will and Kate and how that might affect the future of the monarchy…

    1. I’m sure she is at the heart of a lot of conversations at the palace, as in, “what are we going to do with her????” She’s not up to the job. She’s shown that time and time again. I have no hope left for her, sorry.

      Yeah, those journalists were served the koolaid. Not that I held much admiration for them in the first place, but I have even less now. I’m waiting for someone with the gumption to reveal what really happened at that press meeting behind closed doors.

      1. I think the journalists are just biding their time and sharpening their pens. They maybe got served the koolaid, but I’m sure they saw right through it.

  9. The only thing these PR pieces are doing is setting her up for failure. Or perhaps putting pressure on her to do more than she is ready to do or capable of doing. Which is going to set her up for failure. You can sense the despiration in these articles. In the ramp up of appearances. In the bespoke clothing and hair. They have received the feedback and have evaluated their performance and are course correcting. Problem is that they can’t get by on PR alone. Their actions have to come first. Time will tell.

    1. That’s actually an interesting angle on articles like this. They may indeed be setting her up for failure because she really has to seriously step up her game if she is the live up to these glowing descriptions. We have yet to see anything of her supposed “intelligence”, passion, etc. – after years of being in the public eye. I remain highly sceptical.

      1. I agree with you and Switch. I do remain sceptical but I can see Kate changing some things if it’s in her best interest. Kate has shown herself to be quite driven and focused in her personal world – her social standings (elocution classes, ‘Wisteria Sisters’/dating and also marrying well), her appearance (teeth, post-baby body), winning William back and keeping him (the Glosse Posse didn’t make it easy, you’d have to be pretty self-assured, smart and cunning to get through some of the initial snobbery), captain of the hockey team. She is competitive, has said and shown herself to be. She definitely can stand up to William, I don’t think she’s a doormat at all, and can give as good as she gets – but unfortunately it’s mostly been in a mean girls context.

        I’m hoping that some things have happened behind the scenes to make her start caring about her public image (cause I think it will be that and not the well-bieng of the monarchy or others to motivate her).

    2. I agree Switch. That’s what I thought too when I saw this article. It’s a clumsy way to make Kate appear more able than she is. As KMR said so succinctly, instead of telling us about how able Kate is to give speeches, for Kate to give a professional speech. I think everyone on this blog has been very supportive of Kate possibly being speech-phobic, but there’s no excuse for her not to have a professional coach to get her prepped for a two-to-five minute speech. Two minutes is not that long. The constant babying that Kate has enjoyed because of Will’s “the press killed my mother” is ridiculous. Diana was an amazing woman, and the best tribute to her would be Kate getting out there and, not acting like Di because no one is ever going to take her place, but to give speeches like she did where the visit really gets the public behind the charity or event. Sophie does it and is awesome. But Sophie wasn’t molded by mommy to snag Edward, so there’s the rub. I honestly don’t think Kate has developed her own identity. It’s all about pleasing Will. Will’s showing some arrogance thinking that a puff-piece write-up will smooth everything.

        1. I was in academic decathlon in high school. Part of it, we gave a speech. We were grilled by Toastmasters. It was scary for a 17, 18 year old, especially for me as I have a very quiet voice, but it’s kept me in good stead all my adult life from college to employment and now to lecturing my toddler. 😉 I think learning to give speeches and do that sort of thing is SO important, especially for Kate’s job–but she doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t involve new clothes and hair flicking and heavy eye makeup.

    3. The only good take aways for me after reading this article was that wow, so the press and the palace actually are aware of the growing discontent, and wow, it’s finally being acknowledged, even if it is in a PR piece to say it’ll change.

      Now the best take away would be if this turns out to be for real and if this kind and caring Kate we’re yet to see after all these years, who’s well-briefed and interested in others, outside of her own social cliche, and the issues facing them makes an appearance.

      1. Yes, I think it is highly interesting that KP is finally acknowledging the criticisms of her.

  10. Can’t decide between tomfoolery or a bunch of malarkey to describe the article in the Express so I will settle with- yeah, right! If Kate wants to do more, then her aides should not be commenting on her, they should be helping her do all that research and cliff note her scientific papers. She’s going to be so busy with preparation for actually working, she might just need more help actually doing it.

  11. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. What are we at now? About 15 times of KP telling us that Kate is getting ready and is very keen to get to work. I’m with you KMR, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  12. Kensington Palace must really be desparate, then again are the sharing their strategies with Kate?
    Does she know or understand that she has to step up her game?
    It has looked since the wedding that Jason and Kate don’t work together. The pr-strategy is not coordinated. They put these fluff pieces out, but there is no real follow through. Kate is not expected to change her way.

    1. Larissa, I think a good question is does she care? She has the ring and all of the perks. Waitykatiewisteria Cambridge may feel that after capturing the ring and having the heir and the spare she’s entitled to sponge off the taxpayers and be universally adored from afar

  13. I love the part about Kate being impeccable well-mannered. Isn’t Kate the one who walks in front of senior royals in public and cannot give a decent curtsy to HM.

    1. from mooning boys in high school, being a booty call for 10 years, flashing her lady parts all over the world, well mannerd NOT!!

  14. KMR – I would like to know if she is one of the reporters invited to meet the children in exchange for writing positive articles. I’m with you – make speeches so the reporters can cover that – instead reporters are reporting that she might make more speeches. The point of the speech is to discuss the topic/cause. The point of talking about making speeches is to promote the individual – who is, in fact, not making any speeches at this time and doing very little public work. She’s schedule to appear five days in November – that is still 25 days of “me time”. She is the only person I know who “works” and manages 4 weeks vacation a MONTH.

    1. I don’t know for sure if Tominey was invited, but I do know Richard Palmer who also works at the Express was.

  15. Oh my, I can almost see North Korean flag behind W&K’s picture. Silencing media and critics after one visit to KP. Bravissima Will and Kate!! It took decades for Kim Jong Il to create a mute North Korea!

    Lets see if she really would speak up from now on. That is the least she should expect to give back to the British people for all the bespoke dresses and Chelsea blowdries she has been wearing for the past four years… say 300 appearances a year and 50 speeches in between? Then I may tolerate her bespoke McQueens.

      1. LOL Kim Jong Will!! Another name to add to the collection! Willnot Cannot, Duke and Duchess of Mustique, H&H Royal Laziness, you guys are geniuses for coming up with these!!

        1. Oh don’t worry. They will raise a guillotine outside BP to rid of people who criticize Queen Kate. Quoting HM Queen Kate, “Let them drink Anmer smoothies!”.

        2. This is why I am glad we don’t live in a time, say oh of, Henry VIII or earlier. William would have heads rolling and Kate would definitely be his Anne Boleyn.

  16. I read somewhere not long ago that Waity is fashioning herself after Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Of course I have no idea whether there’s any truth to this report. But I think in her warped little mind, the DOC thinks she’s doing just that and will continue the same. I believe SHE BELIEVES that all she has to d is be SEEN but not heard… that she will be beloved just like the nation’s (former) Granny. So I don’t expect any memorized speeches, or any extemporaneous from-the-heart ones either. I expect business as usual.

    Problem is, Waity is wrong on so many fronts. I’m sure she has no concept of history, and her impression of the Queen Mother is based on when Elizabeth was roughly 100 years old! Of course Elizabeth was mostly seen but not heard! She had fulfilled a LIFETIME of duty – and at 100, she wasn’t – nor should she have been – pulling 500+ engagements (including speeches) per year like the younger royals, including her daughter, the Queen. But this was because she EARNED it — after a lifetime of being Queen Consort and Queen Mother, she had fulfilled her duty REMARKABLY. At that point, it was up to her daughter and grandson and other royals to keep the royal boat afloat.

    I think Waity believes that the Queen Mother was a “be seen but not heard” Queen Consort for decades. But this was hardly the case! Waity is just selectively using her as the prototype because she’s L-A-Z-Y. Elizabeth had a backbone of steel, and always had the last word, trumping decisions made by her son-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh. Protocol and the Good of England came first. Jeez, I’m American, but even I know that during WWII it was the Queen Mother who refused to leave London and was all about supporting Great Britain and her people.

    She gave speeches, she had causes, she encouraged her husband (the stuttering King) to better himself.

    In contrast, Waity and her family are grasping social climbers, nothing more. No sense of noblesse oblige. Could you imagine if it had been Waity not the Queen Mother at the time of the bombings in London? She would have high-tailed it out of there so fast. HER priorities: James and Pippa, Mummy, Daddy and her little princes and princess and she’d have gotten herself on the first slow-boat to China… or Mustique.

    Maybe in 75 years or so, after MUCH evidence of her devotion to man and country should she expect the cushy (in her mind) lifestyle of the Queen Mother.


    1. I know, right? Maybe she was so embarrassed after her poor showings with small talk that she vowed to double down and improve her mind, but somehow I can’t picture Kate of the smelling-tea-and-making-Fabergé-eggs fame sitting down with a thick stack of articles on genetics, particle physics, or developmental psychology.

    2. The rest of the article is almost funny, but that line makes me particularly angry. How insulting and patronizing to the scientific world.

    3. How did Kate do at university? I am not aware of how the grading conversions worked, and I’ve never seen it explained for Americans. Can anyone offer insight?

      1. She earned a 2:1 degree, which I understand to mean between a B+ and A- average or a 3.3-3.7 GPA out of 4.0. It does vary quite a bit by university, though.

        1. It’s about a B average.

          I still can’t imagine how she did so well in school (A-Levels, too) when she is so unintelligent. Just well-educated and able to retain information if she wants to, I guess.

        1. I’m glad someone else mentioned it b/c I was going to. THIS sounds more like the Katie we have come to know over the years. Shy, awkward, self-centered, relying on stronger people (Pippa, Willy). It makes me wonder if she has some type of learning disability or even some form of autism. She seems to have trouble in social situations, which can be a sign of autism, she’s self-centered, struggles to maintain interest in things, but academically did well. All of those are traits of autism.

          1. I would be devastated to be thought of so poorly by so many over the years as that article suggests. To be groomed from an early age to see hooking a titled and wealthy husband as the goal in life is just pathetic. As you say, Kate depends on stronger wills, such as her mother, and adopts habits of those to whom she clings eg William was rude and entitled at St Andrews, so was she. She seems to be Kate-centric: driven by things that matter to her (exercise, looks, pleasurable activities, adopting an upper class accent) but there is no room for much else. As for education, perhaps there is a learning disability there. However, she was regarded as ‘unexceptional’ at both school and university, which makes the conferring of a 2:1 degree from the latter institution a curiously good attainment.

          2. Well somehow she got a 2:1, which is equivalent to a 3.4-3.7 in American GPA. Though educators have lamented the A-level exams in Britain as wholly too easy and non-rigorous. Maybe some of her lecturers felt sorry for her and gave her pity As.

          3. Oh come on. *I* have trouble in social situations and it is not because I have autism. I suffer from debilitating social anxiety – before, during, and after. Maybe Kate does too.

        2. I can’t believe I’m defending Kate here, but that post makes me want to. Warning, I’m about to get emotional.

          *I* would also be described that way by people from my past schools. Because I was a shy, introverted kid who didn’t have a ton of friends in school and was bullied by a lot of the kids in my class. Those a-holes who bullied me would probably say the exact same things about me (minus the mooning) – that is if they even remembered me, which I highly doubt – that Kate’s fellow classmates did about her.

          Honestly, most people I went to school with probably don’t remember me at all. And the ones who would be able to recall who I am would probably think of me poorly because of that. And I’m not just talking about a few years. I’m talking about two decades of my life that people would barely remember me and if they did, would think poorly of me because they would barely remember me.

          I have debilitating social anxiety. I get anxious before, during, and after social situations. Also, I suffer from depression. So making friends is very difficult for me and it always has been.

          Also, I have an actual learning disability: I’m dyslexic. But that didn’t stop me from getting good grades and graduating from college. Nor has it stopped me from learning computer programming.

          This does not mean I have autism and it does not mean that I am a dud.

          Also, just because one is not a charming person in school does not mean they can’t change into a charming person later in life if they work at it.

          1. I’m sorry KMR. I honestly didn’t mean to offend you. I didn’t post that Kate HAS autism, just that all of the characteristics she exhibits are traits of autism. She likely has severe social anxiety and depression. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this online to someone I’ve never met before, but so be it. I DO have a mild form of autism. I also was bullied, beat up, even stabbed with a closed X-ACTO knife in the back in high school and actually even into college (it mostly became emotional abuse in college rather than physical). I also have depression, anxiety and a learning disability as we’ve discussed with others on this site numerous times. That does not mean that I’m a dud as well. But if I had to be a dud, I’d rather be one with you and the rest of the people on this site than be with the “cool” kids. 🙂

          2. Seth and KMR

            My apologies if using the word ‘dud’ was used insensitively in a prior post. I was referring to an article on another site that Seth had also seen where there were questions about Kate’s (and William’s) work ethic at university. Studying is such a gift that it beggars belief that anyone would waste such an opportunity. To do anything but one’s best is disrespectful to those who have enabled you to attend, but ultimately, the person you cheat most is yourself.

            My observation of English public schools is that students are often ‘hot housed’ to gain very good A levels and hence entry to university. Parents pay considerable money for their children to attend such schools, with all the privileges that entails, including good results in external exams. All schools depend on ‘league tables’ to help recruit future students. Seth, I think you are right in your comment that A level standards may not be as rigorous as in the past. However, at university all students need to become more independent learners; many who have been spoon-fed at school find great difficulty achieving this and their results suffer accordingly. Numerous studies have shown that those who attended state schools tend to do better at university as they have more resilience. That said, standards are also under strain too. As students pay more as ‘customers’ they demand good grades and there is definite pressure to pass students. Also, much depends on assessment criteria in each course and where the bulk of marks go. Each country has its own issues so this is a general comment here and pertains to my experiences in a Commonwealth country.

            I have taught students with varying levels of learning disabilities on the autism spectrum. You might be surprised at how prevalent autism is these days, perhaps because of early diagnosis and intervention. In the past students have beaten themselves up because they feel stupid, embarrassed or because they have been victim to insensitive bullies over the years. But many students today – those in their late teens/early 20’s – feel quite relaxed about disclosing a learning problem. In fact, the university encourages them to do so in order to give the most appropriate assistance. Students realise it’s just something to deal with and is no reflection of their abilities. In my experience, none of these students were stupid; we just had to work through the learning problem so that they could shine. Fortunately, these days there is support in many ways such as extra time allowed for assignments, assistance from counsellors who specialise in a variety of learning issues, and even the use of particular typefaces designed to help a dyslexic read more fluently.

            As for bullies and unkind people, who needs ’em? Seth, I am appalled that you suffered such physical and emotional abuse and hope you received wholehearted support from both your school and college.

          3. I also read Lola’s post. And everything I said here I thought when I read her post. I did not comment over there because I knew I would just get sh-t on. No offense to Lola but I rarely comment over there anymore because for the last several months when I do I usually get sh-t for it.

          4. Fair enough KMR.

            As I see it, no-one should ask anyone to do more than their best; it’s not about grades. To use one’s education to ease the way for others, and with empathy, is the reward.

          5. The reason I feel that way I feel about Lola’s post has nothing to do with grades. It’s the way they claim that Kate sucks and can never amount to anything because her former classmates and teachers don’t remember her well because she wasn’t confident when she was in school. Who gives a rats behind if some dude remembers her teenage self as not charming. That doesn’t mean she can’t be charming now. Personally, I don’t see it from what we’ve seen of her. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t or can’t be if she worked at it. The person you are when in school is not the person you are later in life and using one’s former classmates and teachers to paint a current picture of them is not accurate and, in my opinion, can be quite damaging. They may be able to paint a picture of the person’s public side when they were that specific age but those people have no idea what the person is like 15-20 years later and anything they say cannot be counted as painting an accurate picture of the current person. Or even the real person at that time. Just because one’s classmates and teachers see one thing doesn’t mean they know the real person.

            I did warn you I was going to get emotional with my initial response to you. I seem to be taking out my frustrations with Lola’s post and the comments on that post on you, which is wrong of me. Like I said, I did not air my frustrations over there because I knew I would only get sh-t for it. I’ve bottled up these feelings since I read that post four days ago and when you brought it up I let them out here. I’m sorry about that, Jen. It was wrong of me. I know better than that.

          6. I totally understand your point of view KMR. Clearly I struck a nerve mentioning that article and I am very sorry that by doing so I have unwittingly caused you distress.

            It’s no crime to be shy or awkward at any age, and yes, it is unfair to be given a character assessment from people who can barely recall your presence. With regard to Kate, it is disappointing that she appears not to have seized the challenges and opportunities that her role entails. She has an amazing platform. There may be gaffes here and there but no-one would care a jot if they felt her interest and sentiments were genuine and that she was trying her absolute best.

          7. As Taylor Swift would say KMR, sometimes the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, playas gonna play, play play, play, but ya just gotta shake it off! 🙂

          8. I had almost the same experience, although I am on the autism spectrum, although at the high functioning end. My best friend isn’t on the spectrum, but has massive social anxiety and our experiences are very similar. My heart goes out to any kid going through that because I know just what it feels like.

          9. @Jen: Thank you for your words. I must apologize again for my reaction to your initial statement. I knew before I even started writing it that it was coming from a place of pure emotion, yet I wrote it anyway. I’m sorry for that.

            @Seth: I am so sorry for the bullying and abuse you’ve suffered. Bullying and emotional abuse can leave longer lasting effects than physical abuse, but I hope you’ve healed from being stabbed (and I hope whoever did that got jail time). I did take issue with the autism label being tossed into the conversation about Kate because I know it is a serious issue that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. And BTW, I love you for quoting Taylor Swift. You’re awesome.

          10. Hey KMR, First I should say that I was “stuck” more than “stabbed” and the injury was a bruise that went away. Also I was a 7th grader. Jail time? My bully didn’t get prosecuted. He didn’t get expelled from school. He wasn’t suspended. He didn’t get in school suspension. He didn’t get detention. He didn’t get an administrative reprimand. Rather the art teacher (it happened in art class) told me that “There was nothing he could do” b/c he “didn’t see it,” and if I reported it to the dean of students, she would probably tell me “To get the hell out of her office. Now of course she won’t say it like that, but with no witnesses and no evidence, there’s nothing she can do.” So that’s what happened with that.
            The punches, kicks, spitting in my food, taking my food, verbal abuse, etc. continued the rest of that year (though he served several day long in-school suspensions). But that was the extent of it. B/c apparently he needed to be given a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, twentieth chance to bully me. Fortunately he moved away in 8th grade and I eventually learned to stand up for myself. Our school was very small, close-knit and even though there were bullies, I could handle them. But 7th grade was Hell on Earth. 🙂

          11. I’m sorry, KMR. I was bullied in school much in the same way, but for different reasons. Being small and an easy target. Any minute differences, in being ‘the other’ in school, is really difficult because kids latch onto that. Especially teenage girls. Holy crap.

            I do not know why people assume Kate has autism, social anxiety, whatever. She went about in that sheer dress just fine to catch William’s eye. Doesn’t indicate social anxiety to me! I think it’s just the result of living in a coddled, sheltered bubble.

            She has so much promise. Had such a wonderful education. An easy life. And can do so much for so others. It is frustrating to me that she chooses to do little unless forced or required. I see no passion or empathy in her for these issues. But at least she’s trying, even if it’s forced. I criticize her and dislike her and she frustrates me, but I don’t like the cattiness people throw at her as if she’s Satan incarnate. Reminds me just of those high school girls who turn on each other. That same behavior, and from adults!

          12. @Seth: That’s terrible. Teachers really need to be more diligent about noticing bullying and taking kids seriously when they say they’ve been bullied.

            @Ellie: Kids can be so cruel. I was bullied for the stupidest things, like having blonde hair, becoming red in the face during PE class, you name it. I went to a small school up until 7th grade when I moved states. And during elementary school I would talk to any other girl, then she would twist my words and tell the other girls that I said something I didn’t, and they would make fun of me. And of course when I said the girl was a liar the other girls took her side because she was popular and I wasn’t. It made me very wary of telling anyone anything. To the point that I became afraid to talk to people in general. Because of that, I didn’t talk to many people and it became very hard to make friends so I didn’t have many in school. Because I wasn’t talkative, was shy and introverted, most people thought I was rude, instead of realizing that I was shy and introverted. And so people didn’t like me even when I did talk to them because I was shy and the way I talked was very unconfident. All that developed into serious social anxiety and I still have a very hard time talking to people.

            “I don’t like the cattiness people throw at her as if she’s Satan incarnate” – that happens so much. I’ve seen it happen here, but not as much as on other sites. My god, the way people talk about her on other sites is just terrible. I can be critical and nitpicky, but some of the stuff leveled at her is just ridiculous.

          13. Ellie and KMR, The reason I keep thinking Kate has some type of autism or autistic-like condition is b/c I have mild Asperger’s. So I’ve become (ironically) quite adept at analyzing people’s behaviors. Of course the more likely is that she is just shy, awkward and depressed. We will likely never know.

          14. @KMR: I don’t like Kate, and feel like it’s free to criticize because God knows there is a lot to criticize, but some of it is pretty crazy. The worst is on royal forums where they talk about her like she’s evil, the children are fakes and they’ve duped the whole world, crazy things of that nature. It makes me shake my head. Mostly I was bullied because I was very small, I have a quiet voice, and so that made me quite an easy target for other girls and boys. Mostly girls. Women are the nastiest. I see this online in general a lot about various things–whether it be royals, celebrities, what have you. At least with celebrities they don’t owe you anything; the royals sort of do by nature of their funding being from the people.

            My son is 3.5 and cried when I picked him up from preschool the other day because the girls at school said they didn’t like him, and he couldn’t play with them, because he’s a yucky boy. It starts early. 🙁

            With Kate, part of me feels William is the one who calls the shots and God knows he would be a horrible educator on royal duty, etiquette, protocol, and the like; she follows him like a loyal puppy to be shoved off when it annoys him, quite literally. Not like I believe she wants it any differently, nor does she care about the things she does, but they can fake it. If they keep up this schedule, which I doubt, I would be impressed. At least they’d be out there regularly doing things.

            Gosh, this was all over the place. Sorry.

  17. I didn’t realise rolling eyes was being well mannered. My eldest niece does that when she is uncomfortable around people. Catherine also asked if they were still producing Faberge eggs and i expect kMR knows the answer to that. You can see when she clutches her bag in front Catherine is nervous and insecure. I try and always carry it at my side especially during interviews.

    1. *knows the answer to when they stopped producing Faberge eggs. It was to the Queen too. I think I will believe it when I see it. Sofia did a speech in a foreign tongue; I would like to see Kate do that on a tour. I have a friend whose sister has written and contributed to research on genetics. I am so proud of her.

    2. Faberge (the man) stopped because of the Russian Revolution, so 1917/1918.

      But if we want to get technical, Faberge (the company with the rights to the Faberge name) still make eggs: tiny egg charms.

  18. Greetings Everyone,

    Well very little to say on such a load of tripe.

    Her Laziness or middleton as I refer to this pampered, self centred and arrogant 33yr old child/woman just makes me sick. All the fawning, PR, BS and cr@p in the world is not and never will convince me of her willingness to serve anyone except herself.

    Speeches – no way. Dresses (hundreds of thousands of pounds worth….) to wear, her shoes, her god awful skinny jeans etc AGAIN just make my skin crawl. There is no substance to this person, a lightweight from the start EXCEPT when it came to her one directional pursuit, capture and nailing down of Bill. Well the UK is welcome to these leeches.

    I live in a Commonwealth Country, have always been a Royalist, totally proud to have been born while Her Majesty was on the throne, loved the Princess Royal, Diana for her faults and humanity, Prince Harry (always – never had a doubt in my mind about his duty and devotion to Country as well as his Sovereign), Sophie, Prince Philip etc (and Charles following an interview he did when The Queen was celebrating her Diamond Jubilee), that documentary made me realise the dynamic between Charles and his Parents. Most of all the sight of his face watching the brief moments in time when Her Majesty had the last few minutes in the Airplane before touching down in Britain as its Queen.

    In a nutshell bill and kate middleton are two very insular, self indulged and selfish people I’ve ever met (and I have). So my comments are actually drawn from experience.

    On another topic – I see there was a reference to the use of Capitals – please just to clarify my own use of them, it is only used to SEPARATE OUT the important areas (not to shout). So if anyone has seen it as shouting, I apologise however you are quite wrong in that assumption.

    At the moment I am in the process of nailing down my next long trip to Europe – 58 days of thorough, undiluted travel from half way around the world. I will be in Paris, as I have been many times, I will walk through the streets, go everywhere I want to go – stay at the Hotel Duminy Vendome as usual and from the roof tops hang over the edge like I always do and take photographs of the skyline of Paris.

    Those 58 days will give me more pleasure than I deserve however but that is what life is about. Caring enough about doing the things you love, helping others – ALWAYS, being thankful and grateful.

    Living my own brand of life which is basically summed up by a few little words:

    Kindness – A language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

    As for those in the BRF who lack the empathy, will and are too up themselves to realise that they are the problem not the critics, bill and kate middleton to be specific – waiting for these two to do anything that does not suit them, or revolve around them, or spending unlimited money on clothes, agriculture course, helicopter training, finger painting, portraits of children over the summer, now homemade organic whatever… I cannot stand and bear witness to this train wreck.

    This marriage will not stand the test of time, no matter how much they try and convince everyone that this is a good one, bill already shows his boredom with her now, children or not, this is forced and doomed. So we will all move on with our lives and in my lifetime I will never bow my head to bill middleton as King.

    Take care out there everyone. Again – my using of CAPITALS is not shouting but SEPARATING OUT the distinctive issues.

    The World has changed, I am choosing to stand my ground, in a world that I belong in, was born into and do not take for granted.

    Kindest regards and look forward to reading all the comments. Great job KMR.

      1. Greetings everyone,

        No problem – first met up with bill middleton prior to his wedding when he made a token visit to Christchurch when we were in the middle of the Earthquakes which felled the city. The first earthquake hit on Sept 4th 2010 the one that killed and injured many (including myself) was on Feb 22 2011. I was in a building that held an old mezzanine floor, which collapsed as the building came down. Managed to help a Grandmother, young mum, and her two children get out before the floor under me went. Believe me this is not by any means hero talk. Just fact. It is just what you do – help where and if you can. I was right at the back of the mezzanine floor, right on the edge of the support structure an the others were way ahead of me – when the building started collapsing with the aisles (unatached at ceiling height) caved in – I shoved the people through the gaps so they could crawl out, get to the stairs before the rest fell. I eventually came down with the roof, floor, outside wall and in my hand the tapestry silk that I was there purchasing…. just a moment in time .

        As a result bill middleton flew out for a big PR stunt went to Wellington, Auckland etc then headed for all of an hour to Christchurch (by Helicopter) – basically in and out – we were in Sumner the chopper landed, as we were cut off from the rest of Christchurch because our roads had collapsed and were not stable, long story short when he turned up, most of us were heading to get food from the gardens that still had stuff, sharing what we had etc – in the middle of this arrives bill. All his men, his protection officers, etc and again I was just in the right place (getting water as we had no water or power still a month later).

        He was very clean, tall, but he had no empathy in him. He could not relate to many people there that day because HIS safety was paramount so in that, he joked that he had to make sure he was back in one piece for his wedding. Can you imagine 185 people dead and that is his concern? A few hands were shaken but again all inane, stupid statements – nothing was real. He was literally metres away from where a massive rock had crushed a poor man in the local Returned Servieman’s Association Club – and it was a wedding he was more interested in than an old soldier who had passed away. What sort of person is that insensitive? If it had been Her Majesty or Prince Philip or even Harry (He was doing the walking with the wounded) then there would have been a real empathy. Many were very disappointed – only the idiots thinking kate was the greatest thing since sliced bread were totally blinded but the elderly, the battered the a hammered people were a step to far for him. I saw a vacant, vain, going through the motion and then get out ME out of here manchild. Sickening but never forgot it.

        Then they did a tour here in 2013 – again coming to Christchurch to see what progress (none of course or very little) – again wrong place, right time enough to see the and meet both of them. Again superficial, no real questions, nothing about the reality of living in a fallen city which still had no toilets. real roads except what was cleared to get supplies in and out of. They were at show pieces (they did not even stay in the City) George was at Government House they had other regions to visit but were only in Christchurch long enough to have madam attempt to play cricket in high heels, red suit and act like a child – around the corner from the buildings which claimed most of the peoples lives. It was insensitive.

        Again because of the geography of the inner city at the time streets were already shut off, we had limited foot access anywhere and as they lurched along the people that had bothered and (it was not as many as it looked) as we were more interested in looking at the ruins of our city itself because they were demolishing our heritage listed buildings – we came across the two lamebridges a third time. Again, the vacant eyes, empty words, no real eye contact, did not really want to shake hands or ask the questions of us who were hurting.

        Never forgot that. They were uncomfortable being around us.

        When Prince Harry was out here recently. He was totally engaged. Every step of the way. He had a charisma that you could not deny. He did not need he dresses, the high heels, the vanity – he had it all because it came from within. He spent hours with the broken – listening, engaging and having served for his Country he could understand what the loss of family, home and the years of trials still yet to go through.

        There is quite a bit more but suffice to say – for the photos that were taken at both vists (bill in 2011) and then later with his vain, vacant and uncomfortable mrs were quite telling. Long story short – they couldn’t wait to get out of here and away from the reality of people hurting.

        Australia was the first time you could see the relief of them not being here.

        Hope that sort of clears up what I mean. Was also in the UK and came across middleton at some engagement, the crowds were not as big as it was being portrayed and again the same “not wanting to get near anyone or really engage with anyone” was still evident. It was like that awkward moment when they were in Canada and had they were boat racing against each other and middleton decided to change positions on the boat – the poor guy that had to shift “did not know and was not allowed to touch her” All of it screams – keep away, keep away – I am this precious person, do not contaminate me.

        Sad but true.

        Again, I will never bow my head to bill and his mrs if they ever get to the throne as the damage has been done. No matter how much PR bull dust their is – their nature is one of hiding, withdrawal and no real connection with the harsh realities of life.

        One last thing – the Organic Drivel will be “handbags at Dawn” judging by the article written about the Duchy of Cornwall and Waitrose organic products a couple of days ago. It is all pretty scathing on both sides of the fence.

        My comment being “organics … sold from the Anmer Hall Bunker – the next headlines will be “OURS IS BETTER THAN YOURS” which about sums it up.

        Have a great day/evening wherever you are in the World. Look after yourselves and each other. Good work KMR!

        Kind regards from the Wildrose

        1. wildrose, I have to say you are so sweet the way you greet everyone and sign off with a positive word to all.

          W&K sound dreadful! How could anyone look around your stunningly beautiful city, the damaged buildings and people needing their basic needs met and not GET IT. I cannot respect this kind of behavior.

          Let us play devils advocate. If W&K have social anxiety, as some have speculated, how difficult is it to say I don’t have the words to soothe you, but my heart goes out to you. People just want to know you care.

          Harry sounds like a gem. Too bad we can’t change birth order by a show of hands.

        2. Thank-you for responding, and sorry about your bad experience. Do you know what their handlers are like? Were they empathetic, or were they just trying to hurry everything up?

  19. There’s nothing wrong with being nice, but Kate’s job calls for far more, and if “nice” is all she delivers, then she will have failed, period.

    1. There is nothing wrong with being nice, but I feel like the default comment on a woman is “nice”. Like, if you have nothing else to say about a woman you say she is nice. I’ve done that before. When asked to give my opinion on my friend’s girlfriend after meeting her once and only talking to her for a few sentences I said something along the lines of, “She’s nice, I guess. I don’t really have an opinion on her, but she seemed nice enough”. It’s not that actually being nice is bad, it’s that if a person has nothing else to say about you other than “nice”, it’s kind of an insult. Even saying “she’s kind” is better because it’s not the default phrase.

      1. Exactly! “She’s kind” or “she’s thoughtful” or “she’s compassionate” speak more than the default you mentioned.

        1. Even the simple change to “kind”, “thoughtful”, or “compassionate” is more descriptive. It’s not that being nice is a bad thing, it’s that the description of “nice” is so basic and non-descriptive.

        2. And has she ever shown she is any of these things? Nope. It’s just all PR fodder, said enough and loud enough that people believe it, when there is no evidence whatsoever.

  20. If Kate is “highly intelligent and well-briefed”, does that mean she is now smart enough to know she should always wear underwear?

    Will wait to see…if she begins acting appropriately and giving speeches. Not if she wears underwear.

  21. I think this is laughable, too. It’s funny how we keep getting articles telling us all of these great things about both Kate and Wills, but we haven’t actually seen any of it. And I’m sure you will all agree, that intellectual people (I will boldly claim to be one) need a high level of stimulation – usually from deep and complex topics. If I were stuck in a house with my 2 kids with only shopping and the OCCASIONAL charity visit for four years I would kill myself. If she were truly intellectual she couldn’t hide it behind kind looks and meaningless platitudes. She has the world at her feet so to speak and could choose any subject that she is passionate about. I would patronize the hell out of every historical society and the national trust if I were in her shoes. And I wouldn’t need a palace flunky to bribe a journalist to tell people how “intellectual” I was. You could tell in a minute.
    Kate should just be who she really is at this point. It’s insulting to keep claiming she’s this deep, smart person. Just be a silly clothes horse already. We are not fooled.

    1. We’ve gotten articles lauded Kate and William, and articles tearing Harry down. Clearly the Cambridges’ PR people are at work here. And while Jason is supposed to be for Harry, too, it seems like Harry is getting thrown under the bus to prop up the Cambs, again.

      1. If you only look good by creating a straw man opponent and tearing it down, you don’t have a leg to stand on. That only reveals it all the more.

    2. Maybe she feels that by keeping her well honed intellect confined to the walls of the various palaces she will better connect with her future subjects as they won’t feel inept in her presence if confronted by said intellect.

      You know, she’s just keeping it real for the group of “normal” people that she and Bill claim to be part of.

      If not for her dogged pursuit of the ring, I would think her dumb as a box of rocks. Actually I do think she’s not that bright, but she had to be able to think on her feet (I will not say what just came to mind, I won’t say it) to get his attention and keep it. Sure she had mom’s help, but mom couldn’t be there all the time.

      And I agree Amy. I consider myself to be a smart person. I wouldn’t say intellectual, but if I were in her situation, I would be clamoring to get into the archives and would be inviting all kinds of people over for lunch, tea, whatever just to pick their brains and learn the history. But I’m a history freak so that makes sense. We really don’t know what moves Kate (other than her shiny black Am Ex)

      1. Even snagging William wasn’t that hard I think. He tried to get an intelligent and engaging woman to marry him but his ever so generous offer kept being declined so I think Kate was the only option he had left and his interest in her was just as it is now…not much. I am with you guys in that if I had nothing to do all day I would be climbing the walls, but then again Kate has never had to do anything so maybe it’s all she knows. To me she is leading a totally empty and utterly boring life and either doesn’t want to leave or can’t. I sure don’t see a happy person in her pictures and I most assuredly do not see a great intellect. (That’s not a slam, intelligence is a gift. I also don’t slam her or anyone for her God given looks because that too is a given.) To me, she just plain threw her life away for a used ring, a bully with a title, and a whole lot of glitz that eventually starts to become dull. Very dull.

      2. I think in practical matters of life Lisa, she is dumber than a box of rocks. She has no actual life experience worth hearing about. She got a degree, broke up with a prince, worked a series of essentially paid internships then two days a week with her parents’ company–such a HARD worker she is–while waiting for Willy to put a ring on it.

        1. Seth, heaven forbid if something should happen to William and Carole that would leave Kate alone. She would completely and totally be at a loss. It would not be a pretty picture. Whereas most people when confronted with a scenario like that would lose it to a degree, they would still know how to navigate and work to pull themselves back up. Kate would have to be committed.

          1. Or she would have to embrace her grandmother-in-law (if she was still alive) her father-in-law, etc. In royal custody disputes, the monarch always retains guardianship of the children. The royals would be able to provide privacy for her at Windsor, Balmoral, etc. She wouldn’t be able to be on her own as the mother of the future King and/or Queen.

      3. I’m a history fan too, Lisa. Surely she’s in to something?? That’s the thing- she has seemingly no real interests. Which means she is not “intellectual”. What a colossal waste.

  22. ” … including reading scientific papers. She is very engaged with all the issues concerning young people and is at the heart of a great many conversations behind palace gates.”

    This is great!! So she really is thinking deeply when she absentmindedly twirls her hair about her index finger? Is she taking that stack of Lancets she’s been meaning to read and a yellow highlighter to Mustique this month? “Duchess, Mr Cameron on the telly wanting a debrief of your policy lunch with the Queen yesterday.”

  23. Waves to Jason. Hi Jason, It is nice to know that you read this blog! I feel for you in your current position, but just think of it this way, If you can cope with this job, then you can cope with anything.

    I had to wipe tears of laughter away when I read this story. Between the organic foods and the giving of speeches and the raising of her kids (Because you know that the Sugars think that she does it alone) and the shopping and the playing with her hair/extensions, and the endless exercising, there will be no time for duties.

    Now Jason, I don’t blame Kate for being nervous about giving speeches, it terrifies most of us BUT there are some organisations that can help, such as Toastmasters which can help you. Or since Kate likes to follow in her MIL’s steps, get an actor in to help her with her speeches and practice to the furniture stuffed animals, staff, kids or Wills when he is not pretending to fly helicopters. Yes, Kate will be nervous but if she is really serious about this ( and I for one, do not think she is for a moment) but I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt, then she will need help. Get her the help and get her practicing and for heavens sake, keep any shiny objects out of her eyesight.

    1. “and for heavens sake, keep any shiny objects out of her eyesight.”

      Haha. That’s true.

  24. Hi Jenny!
    I’ve been counting down the days and you must be getting very close now to having your baby.
    I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you, that all is going well and you will soon have your little one with you.
    Good luck and best wishes for the birth!

  25. First off, I highly doubt Kate has come 5 feet within a scientific paper. Secondly, this article just demeans the integrity of good journalism. Honestly, as an American I have no clue why these people insist on kissing up to her. Is she going to do something in return? Are they just trying to appease KP? What is the point of writing such useless articles? Everybody knows Kate is NOT a good public speaker, despite having all the resources at her disposal to at least try.

  26. This article is a hoot but has the effect of slapping Kate on the cheek with a glove.
    This should be quite an interesting time in the life of the hunter, since this article all but gives her credit for donating body organs and not wanting to take credit since she is so intent on not being the center of attention. I think, as others do, that this is a total set up and I love it!! Honestly, if this Kate of the last umpteen years has been ‘hiding her true self’ she deserves an academy award for some incredible acting, and the award should be given to her by Liz herself, with Liz doing a deep curtsy.

    And you are much kinder and generous than I. I do not wish this woman success, I would love to see her publicly humiliated right along with that odious leeching family of hers. I am hoping to witness her falling flat on her overly made up face and scratching those sparkling white veneers.

  27. Greetngs Everyone,
    Hope all is well in your lives – or if not remember there are people who do care. Just answered a question from Zeina about meeting the lamebridges.

    Apologise for its length and if I mixed up the year (2013 visit etc) it was because I was interrupted by the EQC (Earthquake Commission Persons) banging on the door and lost track of thought.

    I do realise that others who may be in this city and on this site may have a different experience of these two babied people but having the kind of career that I have, the charity work I do along with the various people/situations I have been in, you get a finely tuned sense of what is inside a person by looking into their eyes – the warmth, empathy and interest is not there. It is a going through the motions exercise from my own experience.

    One last thing – before I get pegged or described as and I or ME person, not true. These are my experiences only and can only describe them in the first person. Am in no way trying to place myself ahead of others.

    Have a great day/evening. Look forward to the next KMR updates.

    Kind regards.

    1. EQC still going door to door? Haven’t you been bothered enough by them?
      I read what happened to you in the second earthquake. I’m amazed that you survived and well done for getting the other people out too. I’m in Auckland and was in disbelief when I heard about the earthquake. Everyone I know had hoped there was going to be only one and when the second one happened and felled the cathedral there was a silence right through the building.
      I haven’t been to Christchurch since but have friends who have moved there to work on rebuilding the city and they describe Cantabs who have lived through the earthquakes as brave, strong and resilient.
      To live through two big earthquakes and the many after shocks and then get those token visits from William and Kate must have been very surreal. Remember that they are only playing at life whereas you are living it.
      Kia Kaha

    2. No way do I see I or Me in your posts. I have a deep respect for you and I totally devour your posts. The truth in all it’s ugliness is good to read and to me, at least, it’s informative and honest however it’s written. I don’t see anything remotely resembling ‘bragging’. You have simply been placed in situations where you are able to help and subjected to the utterly clueless **by choice** idiots who consider themselves above it all. While I think that attending the game in Paris is something I am not impressed with the dude with the ‘tude and title’ at all. First person is the only way to describe your experiences. You were there. You witnessed it. And I, for one, need to hear from those who were there as well as those who simply see thru the ‘fairy dust’ being blown from the PR machine.
      Please, when you are in Paris, say a prayer for the Nation on my behalf. We hosted a young woman from France years ago when my daughter was in high school. She became very much a part of our family and we were blessed to have her two years. Unfortunately, we have lost touch but her family lives near Paris or did. I believe her last name is very common in France and despite our best efforts over the last nearly 25 years we haven’t been able to reestablish communications. Thank you for your posts and as ‘sugary and syrupy’ as it might sound I am grateful to God for people like you.

  28. I keep thinking this is the second most idiotic thing I read the last couple of days.

    The only thing to beat this, is the DM article about one of the Duggar girls naming their infant Spurgeon Seewald. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    1. Poor kid! It is almost as bad as Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor. When these kids are grown, they are going to ask their parents “what oin earth were you thinking?”.

    2. Spurgen Seewald!?! That is enough to make a kid hate its parents. What were they thinking, other than free publicity…ugh!

      1. Some people just like weird names – too bad they inflict them on their children. I once read an article about naming traditions and those that really exist outside them. There was one man (non-famous) who loved musical instruments so he changed his last name to Sølvguitar, which Silverguitar. Then he named his daughter Zithar (Silverguitar). Needlees to say she couldn’t wait to turn 18 so she could legally change her name.

        I also loathe that people name their children after Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, etc. (even though I love fantasy). However, Legolas Jensen or Aragorn Nielsen just sound ridiculous. If you want to use that name, then use it as a middle name so the child can decide for itself if they want to use it.

        1. True but I do like the name Lyra or Hermione. Those are not too out there. I like Alice after Princess Alice, Queen Victoria’s daughter who nursed the soldiers or Elinor/Eleanor from Jane Austen.

          1. Laura, those names simply old fashioned names that have made their way back into popular usage due to being used for famous characters. I went to school with no less than 4 Hermoines and 3 Eleanors not to mention 2 Clementines and 5 Philipas, and that was more than 3 decades ago. My own name is pretty old fashioned too.

            There is a semi-famous actress in the UK who gained her fame before the HP books were published called Hermoine Morris.

            And Hermoine specifically is the female version of Hermes as far as entymology is concerned.

            Those names are usually found with pre-war generations. I’ll add Edith, Agatha, Augusta, Martha, Maud to the list of pre-war names.

  29. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for those speeches. And not to be cruel, but Kate’s previous speeches were so bad they were both comical and pathetic. Given Kate’s lengthy workshy history and Love Lola Heart’s last excerpt I find it hard to believe that this empty-headed woman is going to put more effort into her speech giving.

  30. Oh, my, with PR like this, who needs enemies? Maybe Poor Jason is accepting bribes to make Kate look bad. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems. If I were Kate, I’d be absolutely mortified that the world needs convincing that I was intelligent and the more her camp protests that she is, the more it leaves doubt that she is not. Coupled with a lazy, reluctant, work-shy attitude, it leaves a lot to be desired about this woman. Put the pedal to the metal, Kate, and step up your game; we’ll come to our own conclusions when we see your commitment and your actions, not by the lame excuses your PR is hoping we’ll believe.

    And this story made me LOL, which is exactly what I needed on a miserable Monday.

  31. I like this woman less and less every time I hear about her. It is clear that she can do nothing either her own accord or under her own steam. She needs a team of people to prop her up and defend her because she is so spoiled and lacking in self-understanding. But that is probably of no consequence to William. He has found someone to provide the heir and the spare. I am sure if he isn’t doing it now, it will be just a matter of time before he resumes his old ways of not being to commit to one woman, and from what I have seen and heard over the years, as long as Kate is reaping the benefits of a life of privilege, she isn’t bothered. For all the talk of them being this wonderful “modern” couple, their mutually-profitable relationship is reminiscent of an heir to the throne with his brood mare. “Vacuous” doesn’t even begin to describe her.

    1. Let’s what I’ve thought for years now. Willy and Waity are said by the sugar press to be “modern” royals but in reality they are going back to the 18th century. Royals doing “public engagements” only started with Prince Albert Edward (Edward VII) who took over being the face of the monarchy with Queen Victoria in deep mourning for so many years after Prince Albert’s death. Before, royals pretty much did whatever they pleased to pass the time (the male royals often having military appointments and commissions) and there were seldom accounts in newspapers day-to-day. The Court Circular was created by George III b/c he got annoyed with newspapers falsely reporting where members of the Family were.
      The problem with the Cambridges’ approach is that this is not the 18th or 19th century and the public expects a lot more out of them then they are currently getting. They will almost certainly be the end of the monarchy if they don’t shape up at some point in the near future.
      Also I’m sure William is with Jecca Craig from time to time. His father did it, there have been rumors for decades that his grandfather did it, his great-uncle did it, his great-great-grandfather was notorious for it. I’m sure he’s doing it too.

      1. Seth, I wonder if it will ever dawn upon William that he has set in motion events that may result in the end of the monarchy in his time? I think it is a shame that he is second in line to the throne. He and Kate and totally unworthy. Yes, the entire bunch of male royals have been notorious philanderers. There is no disgrace for them in regard to that sort of behavior. I don’t see that changing any time soon. One of the reasons I believe he settled for the very bland and mundane Kate is that she was the only one who would tolerate his ways, and I am not just referring to his roving eye. Who was it that said, “Kate has been given the worst job in the world: She’s been put in charge of William.” I blame her conniving, social-climbing mother for the non-stop stalking of William. Now that she has landed the so-called prize – at the cost of not developing herself as a person for ten years, the Brits are stuck with this terribly one-dimensional woman whom I do not believe will ever be up to the task of being Princess of Wales or Queen Consort. Looking at Kate in the last year and how frail and hesitant she has become, I wonder if the lustre has worn off of the arrangement and the ugly reality of that four-letter word – work – has set in. But Ma Meddleton is probably very happy that her scheme to marry-up at least one of her offspring has come to fruition. I often wonder what H.M. really thinks of this young woman, who was described as “impeccably mannered” in this article, yet who repeatedly flashes throngs of crowds and photographers and appears to enjoy the attention. Really, I don’t envy those two children of W & K. What examples.

        1. Never. That would require he have self-awareness. I’ve never seen someone with less of it, except for perhaps his wife.

  32. Greetings Everyone,
    Thanks for the responses – and trust me the EQC (Earthquake Commission) is still doing the door to door stuff (no joke). Have another round of these people along the Insurance Company and the other Clowns who want to clear out of Christchurch by the end of the year and are trying force/rush people into bad decisions. Very few have turned out to be “on the side of the difficult situational people” – it was mainly the ones with the big money, lawyers and the like that got dealt with first. Many ordinary people, hard working, elderly etc got hammered and are still fighting for their basics. Five years later there are still major cracks in the whole process. The sorry sight is the destruction of the History, and the big Government wrecking ball.

    As for the bill and kate middleton roadshow – no it was not their minders that were an issue, the empathy was not there. Yes they had a private, hidden hour with the families etc of the 185 who lost their lives, they were never allowed to speak about it though. But an hour?

    Being totally honest the vacant, vapid, show up and be seen attitude just left me and others cold. You get a real feel for people when you are caught up in harsh situations, platitudes do not cover it and really could you imagine either of those two standing in the middle of Paris incognito? Without the fanfare, without the big deal around them like that famous photograph with Queen Rania in it after the January Paris attack? Not on your life. Prince Harry yes, but not these two.

    Sorry if I sound disillusioned – had really hoped that bill would turn into something or a person better than he has. However that ship sailed. Again I think it goes back to the resentment over his mother, he blames the blood royal side of his family, and also scapegoats the press.

    Prince Harry had his moments, a lot of his antics were actually set up by William especially that party where Harry got into trouble wearing that rather insensitive uniform (the African themed one for bill’s birthday). Prince Harry faced all the outrage – yet was put up to it by William. Widely reported at the time yet everyone was screaming at Harry without checking the facts.

    From there Prince Harry, finished school, no real gap year (went instead to set up Sentable, worked with Aids charities, Landmines and conservation) then entered Sandhurst and graduated with a higher rank than his brother who only went through the motions and is still totally jealous when it comes to the Service that Prince Harry has done. It is a case of always trying to outdo Harry and when he cannot stick with anything, another Gap year, or the tailor made 12 week agricultural course was set up especially for him (2 weeks of it he attended – sulking all the way), then another Gap year, then rescue helicopter before giving that up, then another long break, then Air Ambulance and has done very little since then.

    Prince Harry on the other hand – being younger and more sensitive when Diana died instead hauled himself up, made his mistake, took advice and has grown into a Royal Member of the Family in his own right. He has his own staff. No longer uses bill and kate middleton’s private secretary as have a lovely letter from his own Private Secretary to prove it. I wrote to him personally to thank him for coming to Christchurch and being real about it. Also thanked him for attending the Dawn Service at Chunak Bair in Turkey for Anzac Day – he was with Prince Charles and like all, the humility and tears that he shed that morning when the last traditional song/waiata “Now is the Hour” was sung – said it all. He got it. He knew.

    As a result I wrote to Her Majesty and Prince Harry to thank the Queen for sending the right one because originally it was going to be Bill, Kate and Harry – Her Majesty obviously thought differently and Prince Charles and Prince Harry went instead. Yes her laziness was pregnant but was fully capable of turning up at Wimbledon but not the 70th anniversary of VE day – so again I think the calibre of Prince Harry outstrips bill by a long shot.

    As for the next trip that the DM and other papers are raving about (India) well you can imagine the comments…. Taj Mahal – a Diana pose just rub salt in the wounds, a bespoke wardrobe costings hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is just being taken as another PR snow job to make the Lamebridges appear relevant.

    I am pretty tired of the bulldust surrounding these two. The world is a real place, People are hurting, whether it be war, famine, disease, acts of violence and terror and yet only the “fluff” pieces with pages of photographs and “friends” comments are shoved in our faces to try and counter all the critics.

    Middleton has hung around for almost 15 years, she had deportment training, makeup, clothing, speech, “Princess etiquette” if you like (well advertised), however once that wedding took place – nothing of substance has ever been seen. I doubt it ever will be.

    Well I will finish on this note:

    I like many others honoured that minutes silence for France. And so we should, and we did, now we have to live otherwise they have won and that will never be right.

    Take care out there in the world wherever you are, whether it be day or evening, end the day or begin the day just being grateful. If life teaches us anything – it is that we have to just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, keeping the loss in our hearts, our faces bear the scars (which are our tears) but I would not have life any other way.

    No I am not lecturing anyone, telling people what to do or even suggesting that the way I look at things is the right way for others – it is just my way of trying to contribute a little bit of joy among all the goodbyes we will ever hear.

    Have a great day/evening – and thanks for the great KMR community. It certainly gives many perspectives and well worth the time.

    Kindest regards.

    1. I have to admit, on the 13th in Paris, after hours of watching the news, I was full of sadness and horror for the people in Paris and the country of France. There was coverage of a man pulling a pregnant woman (who was hanging from the window ledge of a third story window) to safety. Much like you wildrose, who did the right thing, not caring about his safety, but the need of someone else in peril.

      Taking a break from the news, I came to KMR for a bit of diversion and could not help but think, Will and Kate would not be able to provide real sincere comfort to those who had gone through similar emotional and physical trauma.

      If Will is so angry about the death of Diana and blames the blood royals and the media, the best way to make a change would be to carry on her good work. Doing what he is doing and by marrying someone with the same bad attitude, only reflects upon himself.

  33. Guffaws when I read this article. I like to believe Jason and Waity herself are reading this blog. Then I recall a Daily Beast article about her silence due to fear of public speaking yada yada yada. Here is the link:


    So then I thought, maybe the author got his idea from this blog too,

    At any rate, the excuses for Waity’s silence are exasperating at this point. To see is to believe if she’s really sharpening her game to give speeches.

  34. Greetings Everyone,

    Well have jut read Jen’s comment and all the other descriptions/opinions/view etc of middleton and her attitude.

    To use a very basic yardstick – middleton measures herself as being ABOVE everyone. Selfish, self centred, vain, vacuous, vapid, entitled and could not care less about anyone or anything else EXCEPT her and bill’s comforts.

    I have long been sceptical about her. Not once in all the “clingon” 10 years and almost 5 years of marriage has she revealed anything other than her underwear or what she really thinks. This utter distaste and disrespect is written all over her face.

    When she did the “in your face” modelling thing at St Andrew’s – the dress was meant to be a skirt, what does middleton do? Without even talking to the designer, changes it, hauls it up and flashes her underwear beneath a sheer lace tent so bill’s eyeballs will be focused on that. Obviously it was her last desperate attempt to be considered as sexy, edgy and look at me, look at me.

    From this, yes he did look at her differently but then he was being carefully manipulated and drawn into a web from which he has never been able to or has been blackmailed into marrying the lazy hag.

    My reason behind this comment is that about half through maybe 6 years into it (their relationship) when she was throwing a tantrum, he called off the relationship by telephone in a carpark – their body language was pretty much as it is now but behind all of that there were many, many reports that she was pregnant. My mind turns to that period. It hit the newspapers, was squashed of course and I admit I always thought that she had a pregnancy scare, to force the issue but the price of that was marriage and her silence (along with her families silence on the matter). I have a copy of these headlines somewhere and they are still floating about on the internet if you check it out.

    Middleton has had every chance, opportunity, course, guidance etc but still thinks advice or help is beneath her. Again, a vain, self centred, arrogant woman/child (who believes that she is the be all and end all of the world). Not helped by the sycophants who continue to write “the Saviour of the British Royal Family. Well I am not buying or believing that tripe. Never have, never will.

    Now on to the next topic:

    KMR – have you seen the headline and it made my skin crawl by the way:-

    Prince William sending “Powerful Message to Terrorists” and what do you think this relates to?

    None other than him going to a football match that is being held in London in a couple of days.

    Walking the streets of Paris without his entourage would have been a “Powerful Message” but oh no, lip service yet again.

    This may sound harsh. Irrespective of whether he is second in line to the throne, has two kids and a lazy wife, a bully (by trying to control the critics of him and his bone idle mrs) whether it be on a website or printed article – this insipid man has no clout – he is grandstanding on the back of a horror that many cannot imagine. This is despicable. However very typical of bill when the lamebridge’s PR is in the toilet and running down the sewer.

    These two will destroy the monarchy, George, charlotte and any other kids they have will be bone idle, lazy and self important just like their parents are. They often say that the first 5 years of a child’s life determines the character they will develop later in life. Yes the kids will have all the security, bull dust normality they rave on about but do it behind High security fence and live out of a bunker), unlimited money, but will lack the basic tools we all need – good role models (normally a parent) if not a parent (a grandparent) but have the feeling that they will turn out just like their pampered, indulged parents. Thank goodness I will not be alive if this lot get anywhere near a throne.

    The only hope the BRF now have is really Prince Harry – and it may well come to pass that we end up with King Henry (a lot can happen if history has taught us anything).

    Had my rant for the day…

    Have a wonderful evening/day wherever you are. Smile, hug, laugh – enjoy!

    Kind regards.

  35. Greetings Again Everyone,

    Not trying to intrude but just had to give a heads up to a link that was attached to Jen’s post must have come through my email in the early hours of the morning…

    It was the site Love, Lola – musings about ….. & royalty.

    I laughed until I cried. It was absolutely straight down the middle, and read it 5 times – still laughing as it is like Lola had read and taken nearly every comment or view that KMR commenters and various other critics around the world (who actually dared to put it in writing like us) and put it all together.

    True comments, factual and supports what many more than the “sychophants” (by measure of people who love bill & kate) would like.

    It is a pity that our comments and the Love, Lola site could not be merged and printed as a Handbook for the bill & kate roadshow – Coffee table size of course, wrapped up and then one sent to Her Majesty, Prince Charles and of course bill middleton and his mrs.

    Now that would make our day!

    I will leave you to it – check it out if you can – I am still laughing only because no matter how much the two bullies and their PR have tried to squash the critics it has just come back to bite them.

    Like as say here (South Island of New Zealand) – “it is as fresh as wearing a t shirt in a southerly”

    Which is an ice cold wind, sub zero temperatures and with no escape, shelter or excuse.


    Have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are. Life is good even when its not.

    Kindest regards.

  36. Hey y’all. Well once more that black cloud that follows me around has poured again. My 92-year-old grandmother fell after her swimming class and has a hip fracture. She has surgery scheduled on it tomorrow. Fortunately it’s apparently the easiest type of hip surgery to do and she’s in good spirits; but alas with my Mom’ having cancer and my grandfather having died in the last three months, this is just one more bloody thing as the Brits would say. Thanks y’all for your support.

    1. Oh my goodness, Seth. That’s a lot to deal with in the span of a few months. Hopefully your grandmother can recover from her hip surgery quickly. Do you know what the surgery entails? Are they replacing the entire ball portion of the hip joint? Because if so that should be quicker to heal from.

      1. Hey KMR, Yeah the world’s greatest hits just keep playing for my family. 🙂 The ball is currently out of the socket. They’re going to put a rod and a series of pins in to re-attach and stabilize the hip. She already has rehab lined up and is planning Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂

    2. Once again Seth, my thoughts are with you and your family. May I also say that your grandmother sounds like a pretty incredible woman if she’s taking swimming classes at 92. It also sounds like she’s got a great attitude and I’m praying for a successful surgery and fast recovery.

      Unfortunately sometimes in life things come on in a series, but there is light at the end. Hang in there.

      1. Hey Lisa,
        Thanks. Yeah my grandmother is quite an interesting woman for 92. Up to now she did pool exercises twice a week, chair exercises twice a week, went to book club, church and took more plane trips to visit her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She travels more than I do and I’m 63 years younger than her. 🙂 Fortunately this type of hip injury is apparently one of the most common and thus relatively easy to repair. My grandmother already has rehab lined up and is talking about Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

    3. Seth, you may already know this, but someone who is 92 y/o does not always fracture their hip and then fall. Actually, their hip fractures first and the fall is secondary. It happens in a split second, so it is sometimes hard to tell. Just something I remember from nursing classes at university.

      I did read what you wrote. It does say she fell after swimming class, so I may be reading too much into the situation.

      I wish her the best post-op.

  37. I watched her speech at Place2B and she really had that accent working and it was hard to listen to not only because of that, but she keep shaking her head to keep her fur out of her face. I also totally don’t think for one nano second that she had an ‘awesome’ life growing up, at least not what I would consider an ‘awesome healthy upbringing’. To me, Kate is a mimic, a person who doesn’t have a clue as to how to act in situations that call for genuine emotions or at least the appearance of. She fakes it and it shows. One picture of her at the signing of the condolence book is bordering on insulting. She was attempting the somber and reverent look and she came off looking fake and phony. Had she just kept her head down and not gone into her act it would have been better than this act for the cameras. Just my thoughts. I don’t think that there’s anything ‘wrong’ with wasteofspace, I think she’s just a phony, fake, empty person who is now attempting to come across as others do. It’s not working. At least not for me.

  38. I hope that I have not managed to offend anyone here as I appear to have done in a different place. I’ve been thinking (not a lot) about that highly intelligent yada yada yada article and it seems to me that Jason himself is almost mocking Kate. Really, does she **need** to read scientific papers? That would seem to be flat out over kill to me, since most people in high profile positions depend on experts to gather information and besides, since it appears that ‘royalty’ these days is almost all glitz, glamour, image, and fairy dust why would they need to know much about anything outside of their ‘realms’? For someone who is so ‘well briefed’ that little fiasco with the dress mix up is inexcusable, and the blame was of course placed on everyone except the ‘well briefed, briefless bimbo’. Wonder how Jason would explain that. Would it be the old tired
    she’s new, adjusting, pressured, give her time line?

    And just for the record I have been bullied for my entire life. I’ve been called fat, ugly, dumb and this actually continues in my adult life. I hide. I fade into the background. Kate may be awkward and depressed but I can’t see her as shy. Or bullied. Ever. A shy person wouldn’t saunter down a catwalk half naked in an outfit that she altered to make it more revealing. Just my thoughts.

    1. That is true. Awkward and depressed, though she may have developed shyness since then. I also am bullied as fat, a moron, an idiot, etc., even to this day. I’m sorry it happens to you. People are stupid.

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