Prince William and Kate Middleton take Princess Charlotte to Anmer Hall

Prince William and Kate Middleton take Princess Charlotte to Anmer Hall

Prince William and Kate Middleton (yes, I’m still calling her that – go here to read why), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have left Kensington Palace for Anmer Hall with their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. William drove himself in his Range Rover with Kate in the front seat and presumably the babies in the back seat (though tinted windows prevents a glimpse of the babies). They drive themselves and everything. They are just so normal, you guys. William even wore his glasses – which brings up the fact that he shouldn’t be allowed to be a pilot since he wears corrective lenses, but whatever.

William is supposed to have several engagements later this month, though nothing has officially been announced. He is on paternity leave (unpaid) until June 1st when he starts his next round of air ambulance training. We should get a family photo in a month or so, and it’s possible Kate will attend Trooping the Color on June 13th, but other than that the next time we will see the Cambridges will be at the Christening – which will take place in three or four months, most likely in July before the Queen leaves for her Scotland summer break.

Prince Charles visited his granddaughter again yesterday to get one last visit in before she left for Anmer (and he won’t see her for a while). I love that Charles seems to be thrilled with his new granddaughter. He always wanted a daughter and Charlotte is like the daughter he never had. I hope William and Kate let Charles be a big part of Charlotte’s life (or as big a part as he wants to be).

William and Kate leave for Anmer

In the limited fashion that we can see in the photos, Kate wore her Annoushka pearl drop earrings and a Beulah London Brisa blue lip print scarf (Β£195.00).

Beulah London Brisa Blue Lip Print Scarf Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings

Kate leaves for Anmer

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97 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton take Princess Charlotte to Anmer Hall

  1. I have to say I’m kind glad they are getting out of town and back to the country. The whole whirl surrounding the birth was simply exhausting and I’m ready for life to get back to normal. And I’m really ready to start seeing the royal roundup again, can’t wait to discuss Max’s banana dress πŸ™‚ The next big royal event will be Sofia and Carl Phillip’s wedding next month, I wonder if she will wear a tiara? Maybe the Cameo Tiara?

    Anyhow, thanks KMR for all the hard work and long hours I’m sure you put in leading up to and after the birth! I bet you’re happy that things will slow down on the Cambridge front, at least until the Trooping.

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to writing about the other royals. I’ve sadly had to put them on the back burner because of the birth. Lots of things to talk about with them. I will most likely do several catch-up posts about them in the coming week. Plus I was going to do a royal wedding series to get ready for the Swedish wedding. I can’t wait to see what Sofia’s dress looks like and which tiara she will wear. I have doubts about the Cameo Tiara. I’m thinking she’ll go with a fringe or a new tiara.

      1. I can’t believe the Swedish wedding is happening. Hopefully they’ll buy her a tiara.

        Don’t forget the Monaco christening is this Sunday! I bet those babies are very cute and chunky these days πŸ™‚

        I am excited for the WAXMAX U.S. trip. It’s early, June correct?

        1. I forgot all about the Monaco christening, now I’m really excited!! I can’t wait to see the twins, I bet they are adorable πŸ™‚

        2. Completely forgot about the Monaco Christening in the Cambridge hullabaloo. Thanks for reminding me!

          Willem-Alexander and Max are making a State Visit to Canada May 27-29, and an official visit to the US June 1-3.

      2. KMR, can I make the most respectful of suggestions? (rhetorical question, I know) When a thread gets heavy with comments, have you considered creating an Open Thread? It would open up the topics and make the posts easier to load. Just an idea. Thanks.

      3. I think the Cameo Tiara is too much of a heavy hitter for a mere parvenu to wear, lol! I seriously doubt that’s Sofia’s style; she might go for a fringe or something more modern.

        And this wound up in the wrong thread!

        1. I think you might be right about the Cameo Tiara, big sigh. I wonder if the Queen would allow her to wear it, if she wanted too? It’s one of my favorites because it’s so different from any other royal tiara that I love getting a glimpse of it as often as possible.

          1. I like the Cameo tiara because it is so different. Victoria looked amazing on her wedding day.

        1. Oh no! In all the mullabaloo surrounding the Great Kate Wait and the birth, I totally forgot. I’ll get on that.

    2. Yes! I too am glad this whole Kate-Wait is over and they are neatly tucked away in their fabulous country home. Looking forward to all the exciting events/news of the active royals.

      -Monaco Christening
      -Birth of Maddie’s #2
      -Swedish wedding!
      While I am not crazy about Sophia, can’t wait to see her that day… + her hottie.
      – Letizia busy every-single-day
      -Maxima’s US tour


      BTW—> Yikes, saw the video and William sure RAN OUT OF KP. Glad I wasn’t the distracted tourist around him. In his defense, I notice the officer stopping traffic, but what about the pedestrians???

        1. I embedded the Telegraph video of W&K leaving KP in the article above.

    1. Kate Middleton still calls herself Catherine Middleton: at least that’s what she called herself to sue Closer magazine… I remember seeing pictures of the legal documents and being surprised to see Kate using her maiden name. I can’t find the pictures, but will keep trying and post a link if I find one. I can’t remember if she used the HRH or Cambridge titles.

      1. I think that’s a thing with the French law. They force women to use their maiden names on court documents because they don’t like married names. There is a real reason, which I read at the time of the lawsuit, but I can’t remember it now. But the gist is that the French have women use their maiden names on court documents, so it would not have mattered what she calls herself now that she’s married, the French legal system forced her to use her maiden name.

  2. KMR, I support you in whatever decision you make concerning the name of your Blog. It’s the best out there so if it isn’t broken…..

  3. Long time lurker.. just wanted to comment on the “Kate Middleton” debate. I have been following KM since about 2006, around the time she started appearing regularly in Hello! Magazine. In the early days I was a huge Kate fan. I used to follow a blog called British Royal Wedding run by a guy called Stephen with some great contributors like rman, alsgal, ked and mapleleaf among others. Anyone here remember it/them? Anyway the site crashed and never got going again on the day of their engagement due to the level of excitement it created. Myself along with many on the blog were rooting for Kate for so long it was fantastic when she finally got the ring, unfortunately for the site!! Since then I have slowly become disappointed in KM although will always hope for the best. I have much less interest in her due to the very same reasons she is criticised here. But if I am curious as to what she is up to I always search for KATE MIDDLETON as that is what she was know as in the media for all those years and agree it will take a long time to change the for the general public. I would guess it will take double the time for KM to fall out if common usage. Plus, and this is my opinion only, the sense if mystery around who she was was so long gone by the time they married for a lot of people and because of that it is difficult to imagine her as a duchess/princess when she was so well known as “just” plain ole Kate Middleton beforehand. I don’t mean or see using KM as disrespectful, it’s just her maiden name. I don’t feel insulted if I am called by mine!! Really enjoy the blog and all the comments. X

    1. Hard to not think of her as Kate Middleton when always surrounded by a Middleton like Mom or Pips. If she wants to wear a Queen Consort crown someday without people eye rolling, she’s gotta keep hustling for it. She probably thought her hustling days were over. QE is a big figure to touch being up to–and think of the Queen Mother, and how hard she worked. Kate has previous role models to learn from. Time she showed her abilities (if she has any of note?).

      1. I think your hustling comment is spot on. Kate hustled for years to get the ring, and I think Kate and Carole thought that was it. They did not realize that Kate would have to hustle once she got the ring.

        1. Kate probably thought she was on Easy Street once she got the ring on her finger, but little did she know that the spotlight is really focused on her now and she really has to step up to the plate and perform. The same goes for William.

    2. That’s just it – isn’t it. Her name is going to keep on changing over time.
      She’ll eventually become the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, before she’ll become Queen Kate or Catherine. The same people who bitch about not calling her Duchess of Cambridge, will bitch when you do call her Duchess of Cambridge but now you aren’t calling her Princess of Wales… It’s a control tactic. You may as well just refer to her as Prince William’s wife – since that is where all her titles derive from… and give her no personal identity whatsoever.

    3. Shivs, I also was a Kate fan in the beginning. I started following her about the time you did and thought William and she were a great couple when they got engaged. I was even a supporter during the wedding. It was after that, when I expected to learn more about this young woman, that I began to be disappointed. I was slowly learning that there wasn’t anything more to learn about Kate. That was it…no interests beyond William, no social conscience, no personality, apparently no convictions. I became critical as I watched her waste a valuable opportunity to make a difference by not doing anything. I’ve heard a lot of other people on this site say the same thing. Kate has not earned our respect but she has earned our criticism.

      1. Dag, that’s pretty similar to my story as well. She seemed like an interesting down-to-earth individual who would bring personality and a voice. I was interested in them around the time of the wedding, but that has certainly faded now. Like you states, there is nothing there beyond her interest in William.

    4. I remember seeing the see-through dress photo in a British tabloid my mom brought back for me in 7th or 8th grade (I had a huge crush on William at the time – that was when he was still hot). And I remember the 2007 breakup. So I knew of her as Kate Middleton for years and years before the engagement. “Kate Middleton” is just more natural for me.

  4. There was something always bothering me about that photo of Charlotte that I couldn’t put my finger on and now I realize what it is. The blanket isn’t tucked securely around her as you would normally see a swaddled baby for warmth and security but is used as a drape to disguise Kate’s stomach. Now maybe she’s bundled better underneath, but it’s just such an odd image along with the baby’s awkward head angle.

          1. Of course, that goes without saying, the blanket was like a drape against which jewelry is displayed in a store. That sapphire was a standout against the white!

    1. I was really bothered about the way Kate was carrying/ Holding Charlotte too. That looks like such an uncomfortable position, well done to Charlotte for not crying! It also bothered me that Kate only held on to her with one hand most of the time, Kate seemed to be more interested in having her head up looking at the photographers or pushing back her hair. Surely her hair could have been styled so it falls back and not forward on to her face and in the way? I saw a side photo of when William had his arm around her, it looked (from that angle) like he was holding her in place, not giving a hug?

    2. For all the praise she got for showing her “mommy – tummy” (rolleyes), I’m sure she didn’t think about that/plan it, and obviously hated displaying that part of her body at that time. She was determined not to make the same mistake this time around. Covering herself was clearly more important than holding the newborn.

      Her hair color didn’t seem as perfect last time either, but she made sure to color it and have a few sausage-curls. Again, not making *that* mistake again.

      I also think her extra-made – up look had to do with looking pretty bad during the pregnancy – THE GORING HOTEL private luncheon pictures come to mind.

      Anyway, for all the time spent on making look “great”, I can only picture the Queen and my grandmother in that dress. Seriously, Carole Middleton wouldn’t be caught dead in that print.

      1. Kate looked more done up this time than last time. She wore a nicer dress, had nicer hair, wore nicer shoes, more makeup.

        1. I think she actually looked much better when she came out of the hospital with George. I think she looked too done up this time.

          1. Oh, without a doubt. She looked so much better physically and emotionally. Every move they made on the day they left Lindo with George seemed genuine and happy. I didn’t get that vibe (you know, from thousands of miles away!) this time. Both times, though, I’ve noticed her unguarded look at Will. It’s naked adoration; “please love me, look what I’ve done for you”. When he grasps her hand for literally 2 seconds, I think that was her happiest moment of her day. She looked so…grateful? What is going on with those two. You’re
            so right KMR, we need a day in the life- uncut! And PS- you use 2 hands to hold a brand new baby, you’re cuddling it. You don’t casually drape it across your arm like meh,whatever, been there done that. I really didn’t like that.

          2. Yes, she definitely looked better with Prince George. Genuinely happy, nervous with a bit of proud-mom to it. I think even grumpy William let his guard down a bit.

            I hope they have cute and better pictures of her bonding and cuddling Princess Charlotte. I don’t know how I would feel in my adult years looking at those pictures, if I were that baby.
            I know that naked-adoration look you are referring to, Ray. We see it plenty at almost every single event. I want to think it is completely false and practiced. I want to believe it’s more of a manipulative love story PR thing vs a 33 yr old’s low self esteem and yearning for love + desire to please a petulant and entitled (not to mention unfortunate looking) prince.

            Unfortunately, given Kate’s history + personality + entire identity :(…

          3. I am disappointed in Kate for being so vain. The media understands that it takes time for a stomach to shrink back its normal size after birth, and Kate had just had Charlotte that day. The draping shawl was strategically placed, but Kate would have received some much needed good press if she had swaddled Charlotte properly.

            While I do think the marital problems of Will and Kate have worsened, I hope their strained expressions on the steps of the Lindo Wing last Saturday was due to fatigue from such a long day. Perhaps their happy faces in July 2013 were due to a good night’s sleep.

      2. When I looked at pictures of her holding George and then holding Charlotte the differences are so glaring. With George she held him close to her body, with both arms wrapped around him, clearly loving the constant contact with her new little baby. With Charlotte she is holding her farther away from her body, obviously to hide her still rounded belly and doesn’t appear to be too interested in maintaining the close contact she enjoyed with George. I wonder is she is subconsciously considering Charlotte to be a threat to her relationship with William? Now that William has a little girl to dote on and coddle will he still coddle Kate, will she still be the center of his world?

        1. I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s entirely possible that Kate is already envious of her daughter, especially if William showed her a ton of attention while in the hospital.

    3. I think it’s interesting if the Telegraph’s lip reader article was correct that Kate was worried that the baby might be cold, because Charlotte looked like she was less wrapped up in her blanket than George was in his in July 2013. I know she had a hat on, but the blanket was less tight. Or at least it looks to be less tight.

      1. Yes, because the blanket was more a prop to hide Kate’s tummy and to display her ring and not to keep the baby warm and secure. Charlotte should have been firmly swaddled and cuddled in both arms.

  5. I hope that this does down a bit. You’ve worked so hard for timely and well written updates. I will say this: I love Kate’s scarf.

    1. I love the scarf too!! Since I’ve cut my hair real short I wear scarves all the time. I would love to buy this one, but yikes what a price!!

  6. Replied to you twice Kip, two similar comments but they haven’t appeared, maybe still being moderated. They might show up in the morning, if so I will look like I am rambling on a lot lol.

    1. There’s nothing in moderation Shivs. I don’t know what happened to your comments.

      1. Ok thanks, will try again! Thanks for your comment Kip πŸ™‚ I haven’t much to say about William really, never really warmed to the guy and don’t think he has changed a whole lot. He *seems* to have a bitter / petulant /resentful streak as long as I have taken an interest. Of course I understand why he is the way he is, his formative years were far from ideal. He needs good guidance but who is there to give it? Who would he listen to?! Certainly Kate isn’t strong enough, pity, but he wouldn’t have married a dominant person anyway. I do feel sympathy for her in how she has been treated since their relationship began but wish she wasn’t so compliant, I know I couldn’t be! She wouldn’t have got the ring though then!! You would hope that if they do hide away for a few years it would give him space to sort his issues in a happy (hopefully) family setting but I doubt it now. On the other hand I am a definite Harry fan. He seems so much more resilient even though he grew up in the same situation. . What do you think, Kip? ☺

        1. I adore Harry, he is probably the only hope of the younger royals… A sense of duty and charisma can go far.

          More than anything, there is disappointment with kate and will. I followed them occasionally, prior to the wedding; enough to recognize the great whitewash that went on. These days they are simply excuses and pr whitewash.

          No shade against her, but she is absolutely wrong for the role. But it’s hard to feel bad for her, she chased this life. He treated her poorly and she was always there when he called.

          How much MORE time and hiding, does he need to do to solve his issues? People want to give the cambridge clan the benefit of the doubt, but they have pulled the same crap over and over now.

          Bill’s latest gag…

        2. You’re quite right about Kate not getting the ring had she had any more of a backbone.

          1. If she had more of a backbone, it’s very possible she wouldn’t have wanted the ring. Would she have put up with Will for so many years, his indecisiveness, his wandering eye, his grumpiness, etc.?

  7. Interesting that they didn’t have to have tinted windows when they took George home from the hospital but now they must have black-out windows. God forbid the peasants get a peek of the royal children!

    I hope they hire a professional photographer for the family pictures this time. Nothing against Michael, his photos were fine for the family album, but I’d like to see more of the baby not just a blanket wrapped blob. And better lighting would be great too. Also, would love to see a picture of George holding Charlotte, that would be too precious! Are you taking this all down Jason??

    So who wants to bet that Kate won’t be at the Trooping? With two children she’ll always have the excuse that one of them has caught a cold or something along that line to get out of any royal events she doesn’t feel like attending.

    1. She’s going to surprise everyone and be there. Jason will make sure of it to ward off “Lazy Katie” PR (although she warrants a pass just having a baby). Besides, People and DM need another story of “Mother of the Year” Kate and how hardworking she is. “How does she do it?” When she starts giving public speeches that have some semblance of intelligence, I’ll give her more credit. Smile and wave? A puppet can do that.

    2. Were the kids even in the car? Colonel Privacy can’t take a chance with NewDiana!

      History has taught us that Bill and Kate love taking attention from other members of the BRF. I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up with the kids!

      Hopefully Camilla manages a waityless carriage this year – her discomfort with kate last June was palpable.

    3. I duly noted the new blackout windows on their car trip home from hospital as well. I don’t recall other member of BRF having special vehicles with blackouts, not even HM.

    4. Oh, she wasn’t at William’s beck and call all those years to MISS her place in a carriage at Trooping the Color. She’ll be there. THAT’s what they think being royal is – parading around and being cheered.

    5. My only surprise is William not getting tinted Windows before and not getting them on *all* Windows- I’m guessing it’s not legal πŸ˜›

    6. I really hope they get a real photographer to take the first family photos with Charlotte. And it would be so great to have a photo of George holding Charlotte – like the ones where Estelle is holding Leonore.

  8. After the whirlwind of the birth, and presentation I am pleased that Duchess Kate had a safe delivery. I wonder when we will get to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Trooping of the Colour with Kate twirling her hair yet again. I did love Kate’s scarf. Was Kate trying to give William a hint. William’s signature looked like he ate too much custard on the birth certificate. Which tiara did Kate wear for the wedding? I honesty think that Kate had done much to deserve it.

    1. George is almost two, so it is possible that they might bring him this year. I kind of doubt it because they are so “protective” of his “privacy”, but the royals usually start bringing the kids to Trooping when they are toddlers.

      I would love a pic of George holding Charlotte, that would be so cute!

      Kate wore the Halo Scroll Tiara for her wedding.

  9. After the whirlwind of the birth, and presentation I am pleased that Duchess Kate had a safe delivery. I wonder when we will get to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Trooping of the Colour with Kate twirling her hair yet again. I did love Kate’s scarf. Was Kate trying to give William a hint. William’s signature looked like he ate too much custard on the birth certificate. Which tiara did Kate wear for the wedding? I honesty think that Kate had not done much to deserve it.

  10. I hope that a photographer gets some pictures of them while living at AH just to piss Will off with his privacy issues. Long lenses exist royals, deal with it! πŸ™‚

  11. I’ll be interested to see the blogs about what the other royal family are doing. Princess Madeleine of Sweden is due in June, there is Carl Philip’s wedding too. And before that Harry will be in New Zealand soon! Yah!

  12. Re William wearing glasses. Are there any pilots out there who read this blog? Is there someone with some knowledge about sight requirements for pilots? I know that in New Zealand you had to have perfect vision if you wanted to join the NZRAF to be a pilot. I know this as my brother was turned down because he has an astigmatism but he could still get his private pilots licence even with this eye defect. I don’t know what the rules are for commercial pilots licence.
    So I went online and it seems the rules have changed and pilots can correct their vision by wearing glasses.

    United States Air Force
    To enter flight training, a candidate must pass a Flight Class I Flying Physical. To become a pilot, that means the candidates vision can be no worse than 20/70 (correctable with glasses to 20/20) in each eye.
    After flight school, the standards relax a little. Pilots and Navigators who have already graduated flight training, can remain fliers as long as their vision doesn’t deteriorate beyond 20/400 in each eye (correctable to 20/20).
    Normal depth perception and color vision is required.

    UK Pilot Eyesight Requirements
    The minimum standards for both uncorrected and corrected vision vary for different roles and are determined by RAF medical staff.
    Whatever role you’re applying for, your spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than -7 dioptres or +8 dioptres in any meridian. If you have impaired colour perception (colour blindness) it won’t prevent you from joining the RAF, but it may limit what roles you can choose.

      1. Hi Kip, I was surprised to see that pilots CAN wear glasses. There is just a limit as to how much the pilot’s sight varies from normal. Same in the US too. See post above.
        I just won’t be telling my brother about the changes though!

    1. My uncle is a pilot. He told me that you had to have 20/20 vision to get a license – which is where I’m getting that from. But that was several years ago; apparently it’s changed.

  13. Frequent reader but first time posting. My only comment on Will & Kate & the kids is actually an observation was sister astutely made: for all the side-eye and skepticism we have towards the parents, at least Charlotte and George will have each other now to rely on for comfort and support.

    Also, I’ve recently started a blog to share my novel on and I feel like this is the best place to ask for some constructive criticism since the novel was inspired in part by William and Kate. I’d appreciate it a bunch if people would take a look and give me their thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Whoops just posted this link up thread before I saw this post.

      He is obnoxious. Was this letter necessary? The british media will not print any private pictures of them.

      1. But the foreign press will if they get hold of photos, so William may as well be spitting in the wind. He can only ban one segment of the world media, and if photos are published that were taken in a public area he can’t do much about it. You can’t stop people with cell phones, either, who sell photos to press that can publish overseas.

        1. As well as posting their cell phone photos on social media. This would be out of William’s control. He needs to make some concessions and do some controlled photo calls, unless he lives to be litigious.

    2. Well, what little good will they got with the birth of CED has just been shot out the window. Way to get people to hold a grudge William!! Now compare his behavior with Harry meeting the people in Sydney. Night and day.

    3. Sometimes I get the feeling that Will would prefer to live as a hermit off the grid on the top of a mountain. I can just imagine the hand painted signs warning people to keep away.

  14. They might soon though as Harry has just left Australia. What is the bet that the first family pics of the Cambridges comes just as Harry arrives home or just before The Trooping of the Colour to direct attention back to them.

  15. Perhaps if they were not so stingy with pictures of George and Charlotte they could come to some sort of privacy agreement with the press. The public wants to see more than an ocassional photo once or twice a year. And now with the birth of Charlotte the attention will be tenfold.

    Hope this time around we’ll see some professional photos of Charlotte rather than those first amateurish ones of George.

  16. I am going to assume that if the children were in the back of the vehicle enroute to A Hall there was a nanny back there too. Moms typically travel in the back with newborns. But, who knows??

    Yes, the baby blanket was draped strategically over her belly outside of the hospital. I noted the new blackout windows and the vehicle was backed closer to the hospital side where KM was to get in. Last time, we could see how quickly she hopped in and sat down. There were lots of comments about that sight. This time you couldn’t see. Seems like they cleared away the ‘oddities’ this time round, including the fact that they didn’t speak.

    1. Yeah, it really did seem like they purposefully corrected things they got criticized for last time.

  17. The reason why Willie sent out that notice to the press is because Kate needs complete privacy now so she can get her face and body back into shape. As she starves herself down to her previous size, she’s going to need a tummy tuck and lots of botox.

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