Are Prince William and Kate Middleton going to bring Prince George on public appearances?

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton going to bring Prince George on public appearances?

The Sunday Times has a new article claiming Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to make public appearances with Prince George over the next few months. According to an aide, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally realized there is interest in George so they are planning to make him more visible over the summer.

From the Sunday Times:

    THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning to make more public appearances with Prince George.
    The prince’s visit to his newborn sister, Princess Charlotte, last month was only the third sighting of the future king on British soil but sources say George, who will be two in July, will become “more visible over the next few months”.
    A royal aide said: “The duke and duchess feel most people have been very supportive of the measures they have taken to protect his privacy.
    “But they do realise there is a good-natured interest [in him] from people.”

[Sunday Times]

**There is more to the article, and more to the quote from the royal aide given that there is not a closing quotation mark following the word “people” in the actual article. But as the article is behind a paywall, I cannot view the rest of the article and therefore cannot share it. If anyone has a subscription to the Times and would be willing to share the remainder of the article, that would be great.**

This development is surprising for two reasons: 1) The Cambridges are taking our advice and showing off George even though William’s paranoia is stronger than The Force; 2) Kate is going to be making public appearances in the next few months.

I thought for sure William’s paranoia would grow exponentially given the birth of a daughter (William’s got to keep trying to save him mummy, amirite), so the fact that they would even consider bringing George to public appearances is shocking. We have been saying for months and months and months how great it is to see Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore out and about with their parents – not only because we get to see them, but they get to get used to being in front of the public and the press (which is especially important for Estelle who will be Queen one day). We have also been saying for months and months and months how we would love to see William and Kate do this with George, so it’s shocking yet awesome if they have decided to do that.

The other thing that is even more shocking than the Cambridges deciding to bring George on public appearances is the fact that if this is true, it means Kate will actually be making public appearances over the next few months. Given that KP said Kate would “focus… on her family over the summer”, and a source said Kate “felt she came back too soon last time”, I thought Kate would not be making any appearances this summer at all (with the possible exception of Trooping, but that has been looking less likely). If Kate actually makes appearances this summer, I’ll be shocked.

Of course this is still just lip service right now. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Switching gears, Prince Harry has reportedly finally met Princess Charlotte. Harry was spotted driving through Brandon en route to Norfolk on Friday (Express). And why yes, tacking this bit on is just an excuse to post a photo of Harry.

PS. Some funny results from the Caption This! contest:

“My Carole-shaped hemorrhoid is gone!” – Sugar

“So, there we are, driving away after the wedding, and I knew something wasn’t quite right aaaaaaand, sure nuff, I left the bloody ebrake on the whole way. Burnt that sucker right out of my dad’s car. Wonder if he ever got that fixed…” – Ray

“I’M FREEEEEE….oh, wait.” – Feeshalori

“I’m getting another 6 weeks of paid paternal leave!” – Lexistential

“Yes! Eleven more days and I go to work where I can get some real sleep!” – Lisa

“Two babies!!! Yes that means I don’t have to become King!” – Overit

“And there I was rushing to meet my mate, no, bro, Harry, to tell him, ‘Dude, I’m free, I’m free!’ And that’s when Carole came in with a cuppa and a cheese toast and asked, ‘you gettin’ out of bed or what?’” – Violet

“Jecca is on her way back to the UK!” – rhiannon

“No one ever listens to me!” – CrazyAMG

“The game changer! Yeehaw!” – MavenTheFirst

114 thoughts on “Are Prince William and Kate Middleton going to bring Prince George on public appearances?

  1. “I’ll believe it when I see it” – spot on

    Perhaps this article is to counter any growing awareness people (even fans) might have, that not only is George seemingly being kept away from the RF but he’s been hidden from public. All those AH safe baby bunker stories, the tinted windows (!!!!???) and the comments the press kept making during George’s appearance at the hospital.

    There’s no way anyone could miss ALL the British press commenting again and again that “this is only the SECOND time we, the British public, have seen George, the first was when he was born, coming out of those very same Lindo Wing hospital doors.”

    Read between the lines – we the British public that pay for his security, shelter and nanny.

    W&K know George is their draw card, they didn’t JUST have this epiphany – yes so they are lying to us once again.

    William may be realising he can’t take for granted the good will of the people after the dismal attention he got this past week. He’s not the golden child anymore so it’s time to bring out the draw card, maybe baby #2 didn’t generate the level of good vibes they expected – enough to pacify or hush for a while those complaining about their royal privilege without duties lifestyle.

    If any epiphanies were had it might be that the rest of the media doesn’t have to play by the rules they set out for Fleet Street so more and more publications outside the UK are going to start publishing unauthorised of George like we’ve recently seen. (and no way they’ll want us see happy George with happy Maria all the time and confused/grumpy George with frazzled Kate)

    1. There’s no going backwards for the Cambridge’s. The world is so connected and news is immediate. There is no room for old world attitudes ( we won’t be presenting our children until they’re off to school and it can’t be helped).

      We’ve all agreed, they want to live a normal aristocratic, wealthy lifestyle, but they do not have the luxury of anonymity and privacy that many in that lifestyle do. It’s not the same when you’re somewhat considered “property” of the people. Their tax $ help fund that lavish life, and whether they like it or not, it will always be their “golden handcuff”. The people would really love to see more of the children, so why so stubborn in letting them? Security, maybe? But that’s a little weak, can’t hide your family away over what might happen.

      I fully believe W&K know exactly where they stand with the British public, especially since we know they can both read! They’re just trying to do it their way for as long as they can. Hopefully they don’t wait too long to blink first…

      1. I like the term “golden handcuff”. It kind of reminds me of the Genie from Aladdin: “Phenominal Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space”. The Cambridges have so much privilege and perks due to their role as royals, but they have strings, too, because their privilege and perks are funded by the taxpayer.

    2. My gut says they’re lying. Again. Yet another example of them making promises that they have no intention of keeping. I was going to list a few but there are so many. If this is coming from Jason it’s a mistake, a rare one. He’s been doing really well, all things considering. But I can see William saying, “Well, just tell them anything. *shrugs*”.

    3. Like it or not, they need positive PR. Even a modest amount of exposure to the children will do. We saw so many pics of PG, but I guess it wasn’t until the birth of The Unseen (MAN do I love your sobriquets, KMR!) that I realized He hadn’t been “officially” seen in the UK since his birth. That is a kick in the teeth to your employers. And another thing . . . Opening the front gates to Anmer then sneaking in the back entrance with the new baby was, as some of my contemporaries would say, a “dick” move.

      1. With that sneaky move, some would say they had something to hide. And, as always, I’ll believe this new strategy of bringing George out in public more often when I see a string of appearances. You can’t tell me that the shoe finally dropped that they suddenly realized now the public wants to see more of what they’re subsidizing.

  2. I’m in the seeing is believing camp. How could they not realize that the public was interested in George? Really…do they have special holes dug in the backyard that they stick their heads into?

    It will be nice to see, but I too thought Kate wasn’t for coming back too soon, so we’ll see what happens.

    I wonder if talks have been going on with the “prickly” Silent one and the Petulant about the fact that people are really, really getting fed up with them. You know they like to trot out the photos when things start to dip so it must be really low if they are bringing out the actual child. Will Grandma be in attendance as well. Because you know they can’t do anything without her.

    1. “You know they like to trot out the photos when things start to dip so it must be really low if they are bringing out the actual child.” – LOL

    2. PR George! this is to follow the Swede RF and the young princesses (even P’ess Madeline who is not very senior in Line yet continues to work/ perform duties and is ‘heavily pregnant’).

      Using PG to boost the very unpopular Petulant One*Waity km, with ever dropping favour with the British public – hold up in secluded bolt hole lifestyle from taxpayers -millions in palaces renovations – privileges due to senior Title, heir… and giving nothing back to the British people like our Prince (King) Harry.

      Reports state HM is furious – has ordered waity km back to work and PW*W kids to move back to KP. Let see if Petulant listens and AH is used for extended holidays as was the original intention of HM – in giving the AHl to Petulant family.

        1. I think I saw a “The Queen orders Kate back to work” cover of some tabloid while in the supermarket checkout line. Enquirer maybe. I don’t remember.

  3. This sounds very similar to all of the w&k will be upping their duties in the coming months article(S!), which always turns out to be utter bullshit.
    These are the people who ignored and bullied the press just three weeks ago. I doubt anything has changed.
    He’ll be at the christening, trooping is debatable. (FYI Trooping is on Sat 13/6/15)

    Has he really met her yet? Wouldn’t there would be yet another round fawning baby articles and the MoS isn’t crowing about it. If will was by himself in London, could they be ensconced in bucklebury palace?

    1. Or Carole is at Buckleberry 2.0 (aka AH) and Will is taking a breather.

      But if Harry going for his visit Will must be back in town. A while ago I remember reading that Middletons were a little too proper for Harry, he wasn’t their kind of houseguest.

      1. What does “the Middletons are a little too proper for Harry” mean?

        1. Basically, Harry is a motherless Neanderthal and Debretts is modeled after the behavior of the Middleton women. Legend has it, pippa wrote it herself ala little women.

          1. No, the Middletons want to BE in Debretts!
            “Legend has it, pippa wrote it herself ala little women.” – you are really funny Kip! Thanks for the laughs today 🙂

          2. Debrett’s Peerage outlines the British aristocracy by rank and title. They also have an online shop I was surprised to find.

          3. Bluhare – You are actually referring to Burke’s Peerage.
            Debrett’s is the “trusted source on British social skills, etiquette and style.”

          4. You’re right. I get the two of them mixed up all the time, and I even googled them both before I responded and still did it!

          5. Or does Ma Middleton think she can do better? Now Carole is writing for that baby magazine (website?) will we be treated to “Carole’s Guide to Manners”? Coming soon to remainder book stores and Party Pieces soon?
            With all the comments attributed to Carole about manners you would think she would have taught her daughter to wear underwear? Even Pippa can’t get it right – eg the outline of her lacy bra showing through that purple dress on the night of her book launch.

        2. “First, it must be said that he has long had a relaxed and friendly relationship with his sister-in-law Kate, and often makes her laugh. With her parents, however, he definitely has a less easy rapport.

          ‘The Middletons are incredibly nice,’ says a friend. ‘Carole is Carole — she is what she is. But they are a terribly well brought up, polite family — very charming, nice people. The only downside of Harry is he can be a bit rough around the edges, in a slightly unconventional way.”

          Maybe they are still close – who knows

          1. Harry is too good for them. I can see Carole throwing shade at Harry once she knew he and Pippa weren’t going to happen.

          2. The words out of his own mouth, just after the engagement, were that he was looking forward to getting to know her (Kate Middleton). They are not close, never have been. No matter what publications may make up about their relationship, they cannot erase the on-film comments he made.

          3. Agreed, My2Pence. Going by recent events, the Anmer visit was not at the top of his agenda when he returned, and he didn’t stay long. He’s playing polo in London today.

          4. Although, that may make the argument for the coolness between Carole and Harry. If she’s still supervising things down there, I guess he’d stay as long as politeness required and that would be it.

            But if she is still there….WHY??? She has her own country pile, flourishing business, husband, and 2 more potential royal spouses (teehee) to attend to. Kate is not recovering from a difficult birth, and she has ample domestic help, plus 2 dedicated to the kids. I just do not get it. And it’s alienating the rest of the fam, by the looks of it.

          5. I call BS on that Time article. I know it’s from a book on Harry, but it just does not seem like Harry is hanging with William, Kate, and George that much. Harry is busy doing his own thing, and William and Kate are often hold up at Anmer or Bucklebury.

        3. I can just imagine Carole looking down her nose at Harry. Reading between the lines after seeing the Tatler interview it appeared that Carole often thought she was better than the girls Kate was at school with and that Carole could always do better.
          As my grandmother used to saying “No dear, breeding will out!”
          (Translation – Proverb: one’s character or lack of it will become known)

      2. Prince Harry not too happy to pay any visit to AH -P Harry knows carol and the middletons hold up at AH; km carol middletons have accused P Harry of partying with Petulant – this allows P Will to escape the middletons hold (Carol the middletons are ‘three glued to PW marriage’ to keep the climbing contract alive); added bonus to the climb benefits – the young children.

        King Harry knows carol the middletons take away his father POW and RF quality time (on HM estate), to visit and be present in the young P’ess C and PG lives.

      3. I remember a Daily Mail story years ago about how Carole didn’t care for Harry because he was the kind of man to flick food across the table at you with his spoon.

          1. The food at boarding school is usually so vile that it is better as ammo in a food fight. Which ex-boarding school boys would have done as boys or only as adults when dining with their mates and a bit drunk. I suspect if Harry had done that then it would have only been because Carole had annoyed him. I’d say it was a case of Ma Middleton drawing conclusions and being “grand”!

  4. Harry-yummness. I couldn’t stop laughing at this:

    “We’ll wait and see. That still hasn’t happened yet. I only got back yesterday afternoon. Time will tell when I have a chance.”

    Lol. It’s, like, not even in the works or being planned, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t – LOL

    1. His quote made it seem like he gave no shits about seeing Charlotte or his brother. I really don’t think Harry and Will are that close anymore.

      1. He has been oddly blasé about her. Almost annoyed by the baby attention during the Aus/NZ trip.

        And this is coming from the guy, who adores babies and children. Very strange.

        William is going to regret the distance that has come between them.

        1. Really sad because I remember Harry, in an interview with William when he took him to Sentebele, going on about being there for William, saying he knows William’s job will be tougher than his and it’s his role to be there for him and to support William and he wants to, very sincerely, William was a bit uncomfortable and shaking his head.

        2. Yeah. The press made a big deal of Harry’s Charlotte quotes from his NZ interviews, but he only gave a line or two and spent a lot of time talking about his own stuff.

      2. I know right. I was like, he’s just really chill… or [sad if true] the relationship has really chilled.

        Apparently Harry’s not the Middleton’s cup of tea (I remember an old article around the time of Penny Junor’s biography on Harry) so that would make sense – you know because William is engrossed in their world.

        I can’t imagine Harry’s loving the way William’s dissing his father and own family in favour of the in-laws.

        What do you think Prince Phillip thinks of Kate? I’ve never seen them together or interact… a few years ago I remember him loving Carole’s jokes, laughing away but it’s been a while and I’ve never ever seen him interacting with Kate so am wondering if he’s not keen.

        Sidetone: I like that Harry doesn’t BS us, he’s not even trying to be all ‘oh I can’t wait’.

        1. Has Philip ever publicly interacted with Kate? I actually can’t remember ever seeing photos of them talking to each other.

          1. The Queen was not feeling that moment! lol

            Interesting that the crowd is responds loudly to their emergence but by 2014 there’s not even a cheer.

            Okay, two things in this link, W&K are islands – they’re not engaging with anyone and no one’s engaging with them bar a few moments, they even stand together separate from any groups.

            second thing, I love that Harry waits, following protocol for C&C, W&K when he could have followed Prince Phillip since they were in conversation an the Queen discreetly tagged PP that it’s time to leave, really love Sophie and Edward’s little smile at that.


          2. W&K. In 2014 when W&K came onto the balcony they didn’t receive an extra cheer like in 2012.

            In 2012 the crowd went wild when K&W appeared on the balcony, Kate smiles real big, happy from their reaction. You can see the Queen notice the noise level being raised, looks out to the crowd then to her left, which by this time is when Waity is curtsying to Prince Phillip.

            The Queen doesn’t seem too pleased, I’m not sure if it’s the crowd’s reaction or Waity’s curtsy – I think it was the curtsy. Maybe the curtsy then coupled with the public being so enthusiastic about this girl who can’t be bothered to prepare for or pay attention to standard RF events.

            That curtsy makes me wonder if the first time she saw PP was then, on the balcony – because you only curtsy when greeting and when the sovereign/snr leaves. Maybe that’s what displeased the Queen, maybe Kate by then was already distancing herself and William from the RF?

          3. She is but why is this moment only taking place now on the balcony, no one else is doing it, I’m pretty sure after the Queen Prince Phillip is the most senior so they all would have had to.

          4. Yes, Kate is supposed to curtsy to Prince Philip. But as Gie said, I believe they only do that when greeting people, and when people leave. So a random curtsy on the balcony is a bit odd, unless Kate is only then greeting Philip for the first time that day.

        2. W&K were just kind of out there on their own. When Philip was talking to Harry you could see them look over like they were trying to get in on the conversation. Set yourself apart continuously and that’s what you get.

      3. Not as close anymore. King (Prince) Harry must be appalled at the weakness of his Petulant brother – and the influence from carol km the middletons, which has ruin their closeness. Most recent as last Christmas invasion at AH (after the multi million dollar renovations) -entertaining just carol and the middletons.

        Petulant Will even skipped he and Harry’s holiday and royal traditions – where both brothers would play soccer with the locals on Christmas Eve. P Harry was by himself (the gross looking middleton brother was sent in PW place).

        1. I do not defend William often, but as to the Christmas football match, it was said he’d hurt his ankle a day or two earlier. If true, it makes sense he did not play. Football is not a good sport for someone with a sprained ankle.

          1. He looked fine on the walk to church.
            William is the boy who cried wolf. No one believes him now.

          2. Walking to church and playing soccer are two different ballgames. Maybe the ankle wasn’t bad enough for him to have a hard time walking, but if there were any possibility of him having an injury I can understand why he wouldn’t want to play a sport that involves kicking a ball, lots of running, and potentially kicking other players.

          3. Thank you, KMR. William might have not been truthful about his ankle; I don’t know. However, if he did injure it he might be able to walk with no problem but playing a game with lots of stops, starts, and twisting is another thing altogether.

  5. “William’s paranoia is stronger than the force.”. Omg. That’s spot on. I agree, I’ll wait and see.

    Harry, my sweet Harry. I would do anything to get a picture of him holding George and Charlotte.

    1. Yes, spot on!

      Prince Harry and PG P’ess C photo – when HM BP CH PR decide should happen, will be the mother of all … worth diamonds compared to the children with their parents.

      King Harry should raise the children allow PW to retire and live in his world of hiding – secret trips to Jecca in Africa(one reason carol km the middletons remain a decade glued to PW and ‘three in the marriage’ contract).

    2. I really want a pic of Harry with the kids! Sadly I kind of think that won’t happen. It would be too much good press for Harry and William wouldn’t want his brother getting better press than him.

  6. I think William is uncomfortable in front of the cameras for some reason. I think with the right person William’s phobia would be more manageable. Harry is naturally more confident even if he hides his nerves better. Harry probably wanted to visit his niece and nephew when William was there. I think Carole knows Harry doesn’t like her. William’s side is royalty where as Kate and her family still rankle at their inferiority. I apologise if I sound snobby. I am also in the believe it when I see it camp.

    1. If he is nervous, I wonder why. He’s been in front of the cameras his whole life, he should be used to it.

      1. William inherited his mother’s paranoia. Coupled with a huge need for privacy.
        I can understand it, but he deals with it like a madman. And he has gotten much worse after becoming mr. middleton.

        Like Diana did, William wants his own way 100% of the time. He is a total chip off of the old block.
        Except he didn’t inherit her compassion, charm, glamour, and pr savvy.

      2. I can think of a couple of reasons. Even seasoned stage actors, lecturers, celebs, public figures will admit to a case of nerves before being interviewed or speaking publicly. But they learn methods to get them past it and do their jobs.

        Secondly, William is trying to hide too much from everyone and is probably constantly in his head trying to edit what he says before he says it so he isn’t living in the moment and it comes off as being uncomfortable in front of the camera. If he’s reading off of a page, it’s fine, but something off the cuff is bad for him. There’s also the off chance that someone, be it a reporter or just a regular person, might challenge something he’s done or said (the elephant sanctuary episode comes to mind) and he just can’t think fast enough how to handle something like that unless he’s conferred with his staff. And there are a ton of things people would love to call him on.

        1. I totally agree with you, Lisa. William is so much in his own head that he cannot have a spontaneous moment to save his life. Kate is the same way. Everything she does is so controlled. The only spontaneous moment in recent memory was the eye roll on Harlem. Both of them need to lighten up.

  7. Just a thought that popped into my head. I think it’s pretty obvious Carole would have loved for Pippa and Harry to hook up, but it ain’t happening. Do you think that if Beatrice and Eugenie had not been in relationships she would’ve flung James at one of them?

    Imagine if she got a trifecta – W&K, H&P and J&B or E. She’d have KP converted to Midds of London and she’d be living there as well.

    1. I am unsure which Wimbledon it was but Princess Beatrice found herself standing next to Carole. Bea steadily ignored her. I think there is a video of Eugenie at Sandringham shoving past Kate.

    2. It took a decade to wrangle a weak horse up the aisle at Westminster.
      Her other kids had no chance. One kid is dating a literal airhead and the other one has developed quite the reputation.

      1. “wrangle a weak horse up the aisle”
        Thank you Kip, just loving your comment!
        I’m still feeling queasy about the thought of Ma Middleton trying to match Harry with Pippip, as for James and a York girl? EEEEkkkkk!

  8. I must be the only one that thinks this just means George might be at Trooping the Color and Wimbledon. And that this isn’t “thanks to the press for their distance” but Prince William’s wife doing her usual summer outings. PW and his wife will end up taking George to some sporting events – so PW and his wife can go to some sporting events. George at the polo matches will become “engagements”. We always see lovely photos of the Phillip’s children at horse events – so perhaps George will be joining his cousins at Windsor Horse Show and Royal Ascot.

    So no, not more “engagements” but more socializing.

    1. Oh god taking George to Wimbledon would be a terrible idea. He’s not even two; he’d be so incredibly bored and would throw a tantrum.

        1. lol I’d be so bored and would most likely ask “When are we leaving” a million times.

      1. Is it bad for me to hope they bring him to Wimbledon just to see him throw a tantrum and how they handle it? What if I said pretty please.

  9. Also, I notice none of the royal family has anything interesting to say about Charlotte and the press keep asking them questions about her. And that’s because Charlotte is a boring 3 week old baby and there isn’t anything to say.

    1. It’s not the baby’s fault for being so boring. She is a baby, enough about the expectations.

      I’m thinking maybe the bland comments are because no one is particularly excited over another infant in the family. They had Mia and George before, and I suppose a lot of people in the RF’s social circle had new kiddies. Another baby is just meh to them.

      1. Lol, so very true. All infants are boring after the initial minute of “cute!”

  10. George will be at Fathers Day polo, same as last year. That’s that, just with a PR trumpet in advance.

    I’m way more interested in Harry than them.

  11. On a different note, there’s an interesting article from the Daily Beast about Ma Middleton staying on at Amner for an additional month. Guess that’s no big surprise. Wonder where Michael Middleton is these days…

    1. I read that article but dismissed it because it said William had gone back to his job “flying air ambulances” which is not true. William does not go back to that job until June 1 and even then he will still be in training.

      1. Do you think Ma Middleton will try to stick around AH for longer than a month? Seems like she’d be hesitant to head back home after lording over Amner for weeks. Not to mention the possible ongoing conflict with Pa Middleton in regards to her overstepping her boundaries. Oh to be a fly on the wall at Bucklebury!

        1. Probably. Kate and Will will probably want her there. She wants to be there. There is no reason for her to leave.

      2. How is this taking so long? He was trained to fly helicopters in the army, why is the training for this one so long? I’ve been hearing about this training for what it feels like about a year now??

        1. They announced he would be doing the air ambulance thing in August 2014. Said he would be studying and taking exams in the fall, then training, and would be starting the job officially in spring 2015. He didn’t finish his exams until Feb 26 2015. Then he finished his first round of training on April 20. And doesn’t start his next round until June 1. He won’t be officially doing that job until July at the earliest. Almost a year after they announced he would be taking that job. Geez.

          1. I love how the reason they gave for his unpaid leave is now also being revealed as a load of BS. KP said his next lot of training had to be done over three weeks continuous, hence why he didn’t start before the baby. Well in the last two days they have announced yet more engagements for him in mid June. Guess his three continuous weeks of training will be done after those engagements then. Can’t see him ever qualifying at this rate!

          2. Yes they set several engagements for June, which is odd. We’ll see whenever KP announces that he has finished his training. It will probably take even longer before he is done training and ready to really start. A whole damn year because William couldn’t get his act together… or because this whole job is just an excuse to not do royal duties so it doesn’t matter to him when he finishes training.

        2. Willy the Wonderful loves to drag out stuff so he doesn’t have to do his royal duties.

          Any commoner who takes this long to show up fully trained ready to work would’ve been sacked a long time ago.

  12. I think the Petulant is depressed and hating life at the moment and is probably p-whipped to the nth degree. He has a lazy wife who at age 33 still can not cut the apron strings, a mother-in-law/warden who simply can not butt out, a colicky infant, not to mention George, who sounds like he is hyperactive. He probably doesn’t want to subject his blood relatives to “Amner Hell”

    1. Anmer Hell – I love that!!! I’m totally going to use that now.

      1. Can you imagine what it must be like there? Not only Waity lying on the sofa with green juice in one hand and a cigarette in the other, two kids under age 2 screaming, a dog barking, Carole the Conqueror calling the shots, while the assorted Middletons are coming in and out, in and out like patrons in a casino loo. Kate: “William? William? WILLIAM! Where are you GOING?”
        “I am going to go out to 300 appearances a year to get away from this middle-class paradise.”

        1. On the couch, Julia?? Oh no no, she’ll be on the treadclimber double fisting the green juice…and maybe sneak out the kitchen service door for a quick ciggy before her mom catches her…”Get back in here before the long range gets you, durr”

          1. lol No time for lounging on the couch, she’s got to get her pre-baby body back asap.

          2. Her figure is her top personal priority right now, going by past history. As another poster commented, I’m sure in a couple months we’ll see an “accidental” flash of well toned snapped back tummy. Just so we can all be reminded of how perfectly normal she is.

  13. Gosh, last week was a great week for royal watching!! Max and Mathilde wore the brightest, loudest most matching dresses together, bright orange and blue 🙂 These ladies can certainly carry off those loud colors with aplomb!! And Charlene looked stunning at the Monaco Grand Prix, motherhood had brought a look of contentment to her and Albert appears to be quite smitten with her. Leti’s eldest daughter had her confirmation and Leti wore clear, lucite heels, I’m am rather undecided on them as they kind of make me think of stripper shoes, but they would go with everything I guess. I love how Felipe and Leti include QM Sofia in all their family events, she always looks so happy to be with her family. I hope she is enjoying her life out of the spotlight and the glare of her husband’s bad press.

    I can see Kate bringing George to the Trooping of the Colors, not out of any sense of gratitude or duty, but simply to SWF Diana again. With William starting a new job in June, two kids under two at home and the fact that most of the royals take the summer off, I don’t believe that will be any kind of “increase of engagements” for the Cambridges with or without George in tow.

    1. I’m going to cover Max and Mathilde tomorrow. I’ve fallen so far behind with the other royals because the Brits keep cropping up. But I will get to the others. I talked about Leti’s vinyl heels in the latest post today. God those things were terrible.

  14. I will need to look those pictures up. I am no fan of the clear, lucite heels. Ot reeks of stripper to me. I agree about Queen Sofia. It is wonderful to see her so happy and content. I need to find the pics of Max and Mathilde. I am sure it was loud and wonderful at the same time.

    I agree that Kate would bring George. She’s very unoriginal at this point. I remember that she was papped reading the Tina Brown book about Diana. She probably uses it as a manual of what to do and not to do.

  15. I read that Carole sat down with Kate and showed her Panorama with the Late Princess Diana. That is possibly where Kate gets her ideas as well. As if William needed reminding of that.

      1. Kate was once papped with a copy of the diana biogrpahy by Tina Brown. This was during the break up of 2007. i think an article or could have been Tanna, said that Kate had studied tapes of Diana. There was no qualifier why she would do that. In her first couple of years as a royal, she mirrored Diana more closely than she does now. whether it was clothing or mannerisms. it was really creepy i thought.

          1. Oh, my gosh, that is creepy You know what is really sad?
            That William soon will know Carole longer than he knew his Mum.
            And, that fact is not lost on Carole. I am sure she will use mention that in a subtle way to him. Ugh!

            I don’t know if I buy the idea that PG will be going to events with his parents. Maybe, once. But, no more than that. Th trip to Australia was his big gift to the world.

    1. In Nicholl’s book, the press corps of BRF told Kate to watch tapes of Diana so she can study how to deal with the press.

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